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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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with some snow, sleet and freezing rain. come on everybody. just hold until friday it could get up in the upper 50's. i'm going for 60. let's go for it, what do you say. and then there is this. >> i'm quite confident that law students will be reading justice scalia opinions a century from now. >> supreme court justice dies unexpectly as people remembered justice scalia. debate started in washington d.c. about how to fill the vacancy. and it is back to class today, yeah, ursinus college after 200 students got so sick. what officials are saying about that fast spreading, mystery big. it had them running for the rest rooms. horrible. good day everybody it is monday, february 15th. most people of today off, national holiday. >> yes. >> except for big college kids there is in such thing as a off day in college.
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>> i'm stuck, i have three individual gloves. >> they are all different. >> yes, all different. >> i got the same issue. >> but i started the trend earlier in the season where i just wear mismatch gloves. >> as long as you are warm. >> that is what matters. >> that is the key. yesterday was just ridiculous. >> oh, my god. >> i didn't leave the house. >> i didn't. >> neither did we. it was good snug he will weather for valentines day if you were with somebody. >> anybody get engaged over the weekend on the staff here, on the panel. >> staff. >> we all good. >> we're all good. >> okay. we will go with the two out of ten. bitter cold to start with bus stop buddy, snow showers around in some parts of our viewing area, single digit wind chills for just about everybody. look at this storm, just stream from the southwest, and it is rain, and parts of the tennessee, and then it changes
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to snow, sleet, freezing rain. for us it is mostly affecting kent county a and sussex county in delaware, cumberland, cape may, atlantic counties in new jersey but everybody pretty much under a winter wet ther advisory until 10:00 o'clock tonight, one to 2 inches of snow changes over to rain. 19 degrees right now feels like 11 and your sunrise time is 6:54, this morning so again temperatures in the the teens, wind chills in the single digits this morning but it is a holiday that will change a lot with precipitation and with temperatures, because we do expect to warm up into the mid 30's by the end of the day, which means the snow changes over to rain. that will be adventurous travel for the afternoon, bob kelly. >> the tough part today is that a lot of folks are off from work, all of the kid are off from school. we will get cabin fever, lets get out of the house and here's what is ahead of you heading out. a live look at our traffic camera down the shore, good
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morning, to ocean city, new jersey. this is right above the garden state parkway where we have a good burst of snow here and that is starting to stick to the road surface in the only down the shore but southern portion of the new jersey turnpike. a lot of the roads were treated last night, so hopefully we're in good shape there but as day moves on the road conditions will change. live look at i-95 northbound some police activity in the area of cottman avenue. north on the freeway light volume this morning. we will not see that grid lock morning rush hour like we would on a regular workday, and if we are using mass transit everybody is operating on a modified or holiday schedule. today is first weekday that dart has service changes and that fare increase in effect. i just check with the airport no problems at the moment but if you are flying out of philadelphia later today would i check with the airline before you head on down there. mike and alex, back over to you. frigid temperatures this
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morning, many people staying indoors because it is a national the holiday but bitter cold, dangerous, and then we will get snow, sleet, freezing rain. >> where snow will first hit, it is expect to hit wilmington. >> south to the north east. >> that is where dave kinchen is right now, lets check on him. >> reporter: we had a couple flakes coming in here and there over last hour and a half. right new they have stopped but wind is blowing. that is the big story, weather story in wilmington. you can see flags blowing right there. a pretty good chill, in fact, it is so chilly, it makes you think about chicago. oh, look at that chicago is playing at the playhouse here in wilmington delaware. so, maybe me being from the the midwest and snow coming later today it will feel like chicago, out here. i hat to get that in there. that is one of my favorite musical, mrs. cellophane, mrs. . would you rather be out in the cold then listen to my sing but i will spare you. by the way, you should get all
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of the good weather items you need to stay warm like gloves. me, i'm going in michael jack son mode. lost my other gloves which was a center city coffee shop. it is there but for right now i got the michael jackson mode going on there. >> you are not there but your glove is there, but at least you know where it is. >> bob kelly is here, he said he was looking at south jersey, and we have snow on the radar. >> yes. >> 6:05. take extra precautions battling a house fire in norristown. >> flames erupted inside this three story home on powell street just before midnight. can you imagine trying to fight this thing. fire fighters put it out pretty quickly but had to call on public works trucks to lay down amount to keep the area from freezing over, even though it did. they also used septa buses after a place for crews and
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residents to jump on and stay warm. the causes under investigation. coming up at 6:06. lets get to lauren janssen for top stories. >> allentown authorities are trying to identify a woman's body found stuffed in the recycling container yesterday afternoon. homicide detectives say she was asian between 18 and 30 years old, 5 feet tall and 119-k hair. if you can help call lehigh county coroner oral even town police department. governor wolf has ordered u.s. and commonwealth flags at all state facilities at half staff to honor late supreme court justice, antonin scalia. justice scalia's body was moved from texas to virginia overnight. he was found dead on the west texas ranch saturday morning. he was there on a hunting trip. officials say the 79 year-old appears to have died from natural causes. the white house says president obama will many in nate a successor in due time. leading republican lawmakers and presidential candidates insisted that the president leave the job of naming a successor to the next
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president. back to clash at ursinus college today after more than 200 students became sick, since last week. ten new reports of illness came in over weekend but frequency of students showing symptoms has decreased. ursinus is continuing to work with montgomery county health officials to figure out where this illness started. in most cases those who did become sick said they were feeling better within 24 hours. that is a look at your top stories, mike and alex. >> do you remember that runaway blimp last year, man, fascinating story but it was a costly mistake what officials say cause that had military problem top break free and cause serious damage here in pennsylvania last year. and saturday night showdown in south carolina. heated exchanges getting personal in the most recent republican debate. >> do you want to do it. >> it was hot.
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that is one fun town right there, i recognize this. maybe in the so fun today though. do you remember that weird looking runaway military problem that caused problems across maryland and pennsylvania last year. it looked like something would you get at a south street -- well, never mind, shop. >> apparently missing batteries may be to blame. >> what? >> "fox news" is report ago this someone failed to put batteries in the automatic deflation device inside the blimp and that would have stopped it. it got loose from the military facility last october, and
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dangling tether caused power outageness pennsylvania before it was shot down by police after it broke free. military officials are not saying who is responsible for oversight. >> but tom brady was mentioned, yeah. well, 6:11 on this monday. >> the supreme court justice death of the sparked a brand new debate in washington. why democrats and republicans are fighting over how the vacant seat should be filled. >> it could be one of the biggest fights we have seen in decade, bob kelly. >> we are starting to see snow moving in, dover, dover air force base, speed way, snow covered, even folks in south jersey as we go for a ride up 295, we will check with mass transit and airport when we come right back.
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64:00. flags all across the country have been flying at half staff honoring supreme court justice antonin scalia. he passed away unexpectly over the weekend on a hunting trip in texas. his death leaves an opening in the supreme court and politicians already fighting over how it should be filled. it more than just an opening but a very big opening. at this point we have four liberals, four conservatives and major topics that need to be discussed when it comes to the supreme court. >> good morning, alex. the supreme court will return to work next week, one seat, of course, will be empty and question now for how long? a car in texas carries bod irv justice antonin scalia before a plane was to take him back
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to virginia. scalia's death has been a shock. mourners leaving candles, flowers and card at the steps of the supreme court with questions now about what will happen next. >> i plan to fulfill will my constitutional responsibility. >> reporter: president obama has promised to appoint a replacement in what would be his third selection for the court leaving a lasting imprint but that requires approval from the g.o.p. controlled senate where republicans say they will not sign off during a presidential election year. >> the person who wins that will have to right to replace just advertise scalia whether democrat or republican. >> reporter: all of this has caused more consternation out on the campaign trail. >> we are moth nothing forward on the supreme court nominee until after this election. >> i believe that the next president the should fill this vacant see. >> reporter: republicans lining up behind the delay, democrats arguing that the president and the senate should move forward. >> president makes the appointment, senate confirms, let's get on with that
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business. >> reporter: court meantime will continue to function but with just eight justices, ties could leave important decisionness limbo where they would refer to lower court rulings ranging from immigration, to political power in the future to borings rights and obama care. now, the president could simply choose to circumvent congress and do a recess appointment, unilaterally appoint someone to fill scalia's seat on a temporary basis. that would be an explosive thing to do, republicans would howell it doesn't look like the president will take that step but we're still very early on in this process, alex. >> it sound like they are howell anyway but do they have a time limit when they need to figure out hot next justice will be or can they extend this for as long as they want to. >> reporter: they can trag their feet effectively on this constitution spells out the process with you but not a time line here. >> we will see, thanks very much, doug. 6:16. remaining candidates for
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president, saturday night but felt like a saturday night fight then anything else there were several heated exchanges between candidates. especially donald trump and jeb bush. trump getting personal, over bush's family, and you know what he got booed for it. >> my daddies the greatest man alive in my mind. while donald trump was building a reality tv show my brother was building a security april rat to us keep us safe and i'm proud of what he did. >> has gall -- >> world trade center came down during your brother's watch. >> he has had gall to go after my mother south carolina primary thinks saturday and democratic caucus in nevada at day as well. 6:17. sue, we are seeing snow coming down but it will not be a big snowstorm. >> not a big snow but could make a big messes specially once we're in the change over medicine but winter weather
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advisory for the entire area from one to 2 inches of snow before we change over to the freezing rain, wintry mix and then all rain for tomorrow. then we have a different set of problems for tomorrow. heavier snow is not here in the metro area. we might see a flurry or two but in kent county delaware, dover, milford and then we have seen it gather some strength in cape may county in new jersey, and cumberland county so that is where we have seen a coating on the ground so far. here we at 11:00 in the morning temperatures in the upper 20's. we're in the teens right now. we have away to go before we get to freezing. we will there been by three or 4:00 o'clock at least in philadelphia and then see this precipitation changing over from snow to rain. just this tricky area in between where it could be slippery on untreated surfaces this afternoon and this evening. so the evening commute, what we will have with the holiday, could be very tricky travel. we will switch over to rain, light rain for early hours of
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tomorrow, after 12:00 noon is when heavy stuff comes through and maybe thunderstorm or two. look at the temperature by tomorrow afternoon 53 degrees. we only got to 20 for a high temperature yesterday. so, a big swing in temperatures in 24 hours and changing precipitation. a as far as how much snow, one of our models that predicts over an inch, two and a half where they would have the snow in the poconos mountains. we are at in the teens right new with quite away to go with temperature before we get a above the freezing mark and that is where we will see snow changing over to rain today. we think weak get to a high of 35 degrees, 56 for a high tomorrow, heavy rain at times, clearing out on wednesday and then thursday, it is chillier then we will start to get in the 50's by the time we will get to the weekend. friday's high in the 40's and saturday and sunday we're talking mid 50's and we will be grateful for that because it will be a messes specially
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later on bob kelly. >> i said wouldn't it be early to bureau those mid 50's, take 10 degrees and move it over like a shell game and move us into this morning. 6:20. good monday morning. a lot of folks off from work, kid are off from school. here's what is ahead of you heading out later this morning. this is a live look down the shore route nine where again snow is starting to move through dover, south, heading north up into wilmington. starting to coat some of the secondary an inside streets road surfaces. it will be slippery. here's i-95 near commodore barry in, flakes yet. penndot, new jersey death, dell did the were all all last night putting down that salt solution to help that snow from sticking once it starts falling on to the road surface. here's a live look at 42 freeway, so far light volume. here's a shot of route one down in delaware. you can see from the two lanes that far left one starting to see snow cover, all of the
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mass transit systems are running on a modified or a holiday schedule and i talk to september the market frankford line is operating past saturday's fire scene. there is in problem there. but bus routes in the area of orthodox and griscom are on a local detour. just be aware of that. so far so good at philly international but i think that is all going to change as we move through the morning. if you are heading to the airport i'd check with the airline before you put those bags in the trunk. mike and alex, back over to you. >> thanks, been. 6:21. back at sea after a rough ride in the atlantic, the fix made to the anthem of the seas before it will set sail again. did you go to bed before the all-star ended? wait until you hear what the final score was. the scoreboard could not even handle it: no defense. lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. flyers coming off a tough loss against new jersey need wins if they have any chance of making playoffs. they have to start looking at those numbers now last night, a tough game against rangers, madison square gar even, the score was one to nothing, rangers, and kerr i can step an makes it two to nothing. he had to goals. rangers win three-one.
6:25 am
the flyers score with less than ten seconds left. temple make a late push for tournament bid. liacouras center. game was tougher then it should have been begins south florida. quinton decozy will hit the three. temple wins 77-65. at&t pebble beach at the pro am down to the final shot but vaughn taylor on 16, 28 feet away this birdie put t the puts him 17 under. mickelson fell apart but still has a chance to tie at 17 with a 5.5-inch putt. he missed a putt from 7 feet and in. it was 23 feet. twenty-three times, that is one he missed. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. he hasn't won in 11 years. he just cried for like ten minutes straight. >> emotional. >> well, yeah. >> a lot of money too. kobe bryant played his 18th and final nba all-star game up in toronto.
6:26 am
>> speaking of getting emotional i was emotional watching tributes, in his career. they were greeted with a hero's welcome in toronto. game started with kobe and lebron james facing off in the opening tip off. kobe would i score ten pointses he and his western conference teammate won big. >> final score. >> lay it on me. >> 196-173. >> they said scoreboard could not go to the 200 so they stopped. >> best of the best together. >> russell westbrook was name mvp for second straight year. >> it was just a show, no defense of course. game capped off a thrilling weekend in trent the toe. saturday night players showed off their skills. three-point shooting contest always fun. dunk competition. teammates step curry, clay thompson were in the showdown for three-point shooting title. yeah, teammates. thompson beat steph. >> yes. >> there was that dunk, my my goodness. >> look at those dunks.
6:27 am
>> that was the timber wolves aaron gordon of the magic, and that comes out on top of the second straight year. >> that guy can dunk, man. >> yes. through the legs. >> he took his feet in the air, it was amazing. >> yes. >> wow. >> very cool. >> you saw the huge six alarm fire over weekend here in philadelphia. this got national attention because now it is an ice palace in frank for. we will take you their life. cars frozen solid. music: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian ♪
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6:30. it will be a messy monday life lah at sea isle city and parts of the shore already seeing snow flakes this morning but a lot of our area by the time you get to this afternoon we will be seeing flakes. >> um-hmm. >> i tried to fight him. i tried to grab his gun, try to break his finger. >> a woman and her sick mother attack inside her own home look at those scars what the suspect said to make their victims answer the door in the first place. and is kanye west broke. >> in. >> see the reference tweets about his financial problems following release of his brand new album. >> should we start a go fund me page. good day it is machine, february 15th. >> it is presidents day. >> yeah, holiday for the presidents good by staying
6:31 am
inside. >> it started with washington, lincoln right. >> um-hmm. >> should we expand to it all presidents. >> that is what we decided to do because we used to have lincoln birthday was the 12th, and then washington was on the 22nd, and then just said let's celebrate every president. >> anyway, there is some snow flakes flying in the area not every where just yet but we do have cold temperatures, single digits wind chills. we make buddy come in even though it is the holiday. we will give you two for travel later today and that was good advice. if you don't have to go out later this afternoon don't. conditions will be changeable. you see snow, freezing rain, wintry mix and then some rain all that in various forms is heading our way but it is in the southern portion of the viewing area right now. although in montgomery, bucks county we will see light snow as that area expand ape we start to fill in. we have winter weather advisory every where, until 10:00 o'clock tonight.
6:32 am
it is 19 degrees right the now. we are approaching yesterday's high temperature yesterday, we got to 20 officially. feels like 12. layer it up for sure. for your presidents day, eventually we will make it above freezing and that is when the snow will eventually change over to rain but one to 2 inches before that happens, we will break that down for you, for today and for tomorrow, because by this time tomorrow bob kelly we will talk about a whole new set of problems with flooding. >> well, this morning we are seeing light volume so far. that will be call as far as rush hour goes with the holiday and kid off from school. watching us down the shore looking out your front window camera pointing up to the overhead street lamps to give you an idea of the snow falling down the shore. this is a live look in ocean city somers point, new jersey. depending upon where you begin and end we are seeing flakes out here in the king of prussia interchange. this is schuylkill expressway with the king of prussia mall
6:33 am
there in the background. road conditions will start to change as we move through second half of our morning here. here's a live look at route three down in delaware, we have road surface wet but left to right turning lanes start to get snow covered. they will become slippery. north we are seeing volume toward city. septa having problems, amtrak switch problems, services suspended on the cynwyd line. they are using shuttle buses to get folks in overbrook and from there they can use paoli thorndale line into downtown. everybody running on a modified holiday schedule, in the a regular machine morning schedule so keep that in mind before you stand outside the bus corner. dart made service changes over weekend and those icy conditions from saturday's fire have six bus routes on a detour in the neighborhood this morning. mike and alex, back over to you. storm moving southwest to north east and see fit is coming in the viewing area in wilmington. >> that is where davis right
6:34 am
now, dave kinchen, what are you seeing. >> reporter: we have emergency vehicles moving through here. we will find out what that is moving true downtown wilmington but we are seeing light snow flakes at this time. we will show you a better look in the light right there but should be able to see them coming in. really small flakes, but snow making its way up from the d.c., baltimore area to where we are and at this point really we are just dealing with the wind you can see flags there blowing and it is probably just one key reason to have a good layer, good jacket on and we are seeing folks at the bus station down there having their hand in their pockets with what looks like thick coats on that they are wearing. it is covered in white down here kind of the like last day in wilmington. inferring rodney square was covered in white. that is the case in a few hours when this system moves in, in the south and continues north east and enters the
6:35 am
philadelphia area. these folks here go to work on the bus, everybody who is out and about by the time they come home from work it will be a different story, not just little flakes you will be dealing with snow, slick road perhaps and slushy conditions too. that is latest right here from wilmington back to you good watch the five, six and 10:00 o'clock news tonight. huge fire in frankford got up to 56 alarms at one point. >> emergency officials still on the scene there this morning as jenny joyce is. >> what a scene it is, whole area covered in ice. >> reporter: all covered in ice spanning from obviously debris here with six properties burn by a fire on saturday, all across the street it looks like an ice skating rink and then sidewalks also covered in ice. those ice sickles dripping from the building, fire still on the scene. we have hoses going an active scene because fire fighters here tell me they are still
6:36 am
hot spots but there was a collapse as a result of this fire on saturday morning and there were hot spots trapped underneath the collapse and with the weather it has been just so difficult and such a challenge for fire fighters to get in here and finish battling this blaze so they do have that water dousing these structures earlier this morning. you could still see that smoke that was raised from the roof of these buildings because of those hot spots. we do know that there are, there is heavy machinery around the corner. we have backhoes on the scene. in a little while hopefully today they will get in here and start removing this debris and moving it out of the way. fire marshall has this is the been able to access the scene yet to begin his own investigation because clearly the ice, snow covered properties, as well as hot spots still waiting for all of those to get out mike and alex. >> my goodness. amaze to go see. >> get above 32 degrees,
6:37 am
folks. lets get to lauren for top stories. >> developing in allentown authorities are trying to identify a with man found yesterday afternoon stuffed in the recycling container in the parking lot. homicide detective say she was an asian woman between 18 and 30, 5 feet tall, 119-pound with short black hair. if you can help call lehigh county coroner oral even town police. back to clarks at ursinus college after more than 200 students became sick, ten new reports of illness came in over weekend but frequency of students showing symptoms showing has decreased. ursinus us continuing to work with the montgomery county health officials to figure out where illness all started, in most cases those who became sick said they were feeling better within 24 hearst. this morning police are looking for two men who pretended to be utility work are and broke in the south philadelphia home. they knock on the the door on mole street sunday morning. when woman wouldn't let them in they forced their way inside. both woman and mother battling pancreatic canser were injury.
6:38 am
>> i said look you think we have much money. my mommies sick, you know, we will go through chemo, i don't understand why you are doing this. >> the man ransack an upstairs bedroom before leaving without taking anything. the doubt are needed three stitch necessary her head. they a say they never saw man before and they don't know why they were the targets. woman is hospitalized in critical condition after a bar fight. this happened in the holmesberg neighborhood just before 2:00 yesterday morning. victim was dabsing when woman hit her with the beer bottle and swung cutting her face and neck. police have yet to make an arrest in that case. chaka fattah will make his reelection bid official today. he is traveling to harrisburg to hand deliver his petitions. a according to fattah he collect triple number of signatures required to run for a congressional seat. eleven term congressman is facing federal corruption and bribery charges, mike and alex. >> but still running. >> yep. >> 6:38. just days after pulling into
6:39 am
port, we were their life in north jersey the cruise ship anthem of the seas, they are back out on the seas. >> they are. new set of passengers boarded shape ship this weekend and they are hoping for smoother ride. last week royal caribbean, headed to the bohamas when this happened, encountered a nasty storm off the carolinas. hurricane strength win gusts at 75 miles an hour and waves at 30 feet high, people boarded this weekend they weren't worried though. >> lightening doesn't strike twice. >> got through it last week can get through it again good good point. the storm did damage that ship's propulsion system, boy they fix that quickly didn't they. money talks along with the full coastguard inspection before the anthem of the sea, set sail again they are back out on open sea. well, michigan governor rick snyder is pushing the federal government to expand insurance coverage for people exposed to people exposed to bad water in flint, michigan
6:40 am
in a statement governor asked medicare coverage be increase todd people under 21 and pregnant with man exposed to the toxic water. he says 15,000 more people in flint would benefit if the government approves this request. people drank water from the flint river for more than a year before it was proven unsafe. u.s. attorney general plans to talk to residents. people are so scared for their children. pope francis celebrated an open air mass, to hundreds of thousands oz have people in, mexico city yesterday. i was watching this live, remind meade of philadelphia. less security that is for sure. pope condemn the drug trade in that country and violence that comes along with it. calling drug money, wealth that tastes of pain. pope francis will visit u.s. mexico board sore time this week possibly later today to bring attention to the conditions of migrants both in mexico and u.s. of a. >> lets get to australia where there was a drug busts.
6:41 am
office are seized 700 million-dollar of met am fit means hidden side gel bra inserts. >> yes. >> officials say ship. of the the liquid drug came from china four hong kong nationals are under arrest in australia each potentially faces life in prison. drug bust was made with the help of the china's national narcotics control commission. >> the busts you say. >> in more ways then one. >> keep me abreast of that. a cliff falls in the ocean, what caused this collapse, i'll tell you where it collapsed look at it the go down.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
this is blowing my mind, baby. >> look at that. >> let's go down where it is warm right now, okay. >> okay i'm down for had. >> in the southern hemisphere this is amateur video that captures a cliff collapsing in the sea after an earthquake in new seal land. it happened yesterday. experts say that the quake has a magnitude of 5.7 and set off
6:45 am
about 40 after shocks. >> there were in reports of major damage or serious injuries, the city council says cliff collapsed in several places around the surrounding coast spreading large clouds of dust in the air. >> and then into the sea. >> wow. >> i'll trade an earthquake for their temperatures is that too drastic. >> quite a trade off. >> a smidge extreme but i'll tell you what, we have tricky travel in store for today, maybe not as much right now depending on where you are. in southern delaware it is already slippery but it is later on when we start to see that transition from snow to rain and again we will just to have take it easy, all day long, for today it is kent and sussex counties, cape may county, atlantic county, we have already seen a little bit of snow, but now we are seeing pop up in montgomery and bucks county this morning. so just depend on where you
6:46 am
are maybe a flurry or two in the city, but it hasn't filled in yet. we have been seeing snow all morning in dover, light snow not amounting to much but doesn't take much to make a mess. cape may county as well. as we watch the less of the the day we are not only watching where precipitation is, by 2:00 noon it should be here starting to accumulate. we are watching temperatures because as temperature rises and it will with warm air coming from the south we will see snow change over to rain and in between there will be a period of ice, that doesn't look like the ice will last too long in the city, change over will happen quickly but that probably won't be the case north and west of the city, especially tricky for folks coming home from the pocono mountains after a very popular ski weekend. we will come back tonight, school starts tomorrow and then could be slippery through seven or 8:00 in the evening. that is what we noon by tricky travel. now it is rain but now it is tomorrow morning. it is not a lot rain in the
6:47 am
morning. wait until you see afternoon right after 12:00 noon buckets of rain moving through an we are in the the 50's. we could be as high as 58 degrees tomorrow so big swing in temperatures between today and tomorrow and different precipitation. it is an adventure. we will think an inch or so most places more than that, before the change over up in the poconos mountains where teens are where their actual temperature. we have aways to go before we get above freezing. our wind chills are in the single digits this morning. average high temperature is 44. we won't be there today. we will be below average. we won't there been tomorrow because we will be above average. yesterday we got the to 20 degrees. we're almost there right now. is 35 our high today. fifty-six tomorrow. lots of heavy rain and this will be tricky travel for whole different reason maybe flooded roadways and then we're talking about drying out, clearing out on wednesday, back to seasonal temperatures. chilly chillier then that on thursday but we will start a temperature climb as we get in
6:48 am
the weekend. is there your seven day forecast but anticipation of the storm bob kelly, it seems like roadways were pretreated. >> ones that weren't will be in good shape but again road conditions will change as we move through the morning. here's a live look at route nine down the shore you can see even if the roadway is treated through that intersection here. as that snow begins to fall just a light coating can make things slippery as you roll out of the driveway. here's a live look at route 13 down in delaware where that left lane is snow covered. this guy here decided to make the u turn coming from the angle here we have snow covered roadway crossing over what is probably treated road surface. little bit of everything this morning. we are seeing flakes role a across villanova interchange here. will you can see snow starting to stick to the change over lanes here. the as you move through the morning watch for those conditions to change depending
6:49 am
upon where you begin and even your trip. bennie looking good, no problems up and over into downtown. septa suspended services on the cynwyd line. they are using shuttle buses to cynwyd to overbrook and that will give you a chance to pick up paoli thorndale line. rest is running on a maryland fight filed or holiday schedule. make sure you have the right day and right schedule. you do in the want to be standing outside on that bus corner any long then you have to. >> it is fcc regulation. anytime there is an award show out in hollywood you have to call it, whatever the biggest night. >> like tonight, it is music's biggest night. >> yes. >> it is requirement we have to say that it way. >> like movies biggest night, tv's biggest night. >> are you going to go say it. >> today is music's biggest night, the grammys. >> through go. >> so kendrick lemar leads the pack with 11 many in nations. taylor swift and weekend are tied with each. grammy officials are making
6:50 am
sure in one goes home empty handed. the stars will walk away with gift bags worth $25,000. >> well, they are all poor they need that benefit. >> wonder if quincy harris will get one because he is in l.a. he has been there since over weekend and will be on the show to tell us what we can expect tonight. the he will be behind the scenes getting all of the gossip. >> he want within of those swag bags, let's be ones wouldn't you want one. >> 25,000 you dollars. >> this kanye west guy -- he drops his much anticipated cd, the life of pablo and then he had this big fashion show with his third line of clothing, that went out last week. >> fashion show was first and delaying and coming back and forth but now his music is out. but now he is saying he needs to add more tracks. >> he is broke. >> apparently he said he need loan and our prayers. what? over weekend. he wrote i write this to you
6:51 am
my brothers while still 53 million-dollar in personal debt the please pray we overcome. this is my true heart. >> why don't he ask his wife for a loan. >> he went on this rant, tweeting all sorts of stuff. that was within of the things he tweeted. he this sent saturday night while waiting to go on saturday night life. his wife tried to help urging folks to go on twit the tore buy his album. the it remains in clear if he is seriously in this much debt. >> it is a hoax. >> yesterday he tweeted facebook found are mark zuckerberg saying mark zuckerberg invest $1 billion into kanye west ideas. >> is that a statement or is he asking him too. >> he is asking because then mark zuckerberg i know it is your birthday but please call me by tomorrow. >> i necessity you are busy can you please call me by tommy need 53 million-dollar stat. >> or maybe he wanted to invest in another season line or something. i don't know. >> i think he will be just
6:52 am
fine. >> a special celebration at franklin institute over weekend, honoring a special group of people who are thriving after getting a second chance to live. so important. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
6:53 am
6:54 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
6:55 am
was that song written in philadelphia. could you look that up. >> yes. >> i don't know you have anything to do. >> no, nothing. >> we were saying about the the snow this morning have you seen it. tell me have you seen it. >> from one mark to another, thousands of volunteers across the nation, use yesterday valentines day, to spotlight need for organ donations. >> our area franklin institute and gift of life organizations, teamed up for a special event sharing stories of lives shared by someone's decision toss give. >> it is every single day, waiting for valuable organs. >> you can be a hero, save a life so i hope you will consider it. >> there was a woman who received four transplants, for the same person donated. >> woman you just spoke to she was the daughter of the transplant and she is a doctor and runs 10k's. if you want to be a organ donor check out our web site if we all signed up there would be no waiting lists.
6:56 am
>> is there so many myths about organ donors. >> one after another. >> more students are sick but it is back to class today at ursinus college. what officials are saying now about that fast spreading mystery bug. and then there is jenny. >> good morning mike and alex, six alarm fire here in frankford on saturday, still smoldering, you can see fire hoses are going on these properties as fire fighters have tried to battle the snow and ice.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
we're tracking another storm here coming from the southwest, up to the north east. what are we go to go get. we're already seeing snow, sleet, freezing rain? just another day at the office here. okay. he was intellectually one of the most powerful justices in history. >> unexpect death of supreme court justice antonin scalia how his passing has touched off what could be a political war to replace him. class is back in session this morning and ursinus college, what officials are assaying about that mystery bug that sickened american 200 students. yuck. also say same thing about the weather. >> is this the matching glove.
7:00 am
>> well, no but at least it is in the same color area. >> lost and found department. >> as long as you can find right and left. >> going out, dig your hand in the bucket, first you two find is good. >> this weekend, sue i had one glove. i was walking around like michael jack son. >> yeah. >> you will need that plus your snow boots at some point and just take your time because we have an adventure in precipitation, snow changing over to milk precipitation, changing over to rain, two out of ten for later on. bitter cold, still inning is will digits for many places, so we brought bus stop buddy in on a holiday to let you know, that you do need to bundle up, and boots are a good idea. here comes the snow. it is snow first because temperatures are so low, cold came in over weekend as you well know. it looks like southern new jersey, southern delaware gettinit


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