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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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gentlemen, to tell us about this very slick. unusual drug bust on the local college campus why school officials were surprised, by what one villanova freshman was allegedly selling to his peers. plus, you know i love him, ken trick lemar and take already swift wins big and first for the tool, justin beiber, he comes up big, great performance and got himself a grammy. >> did you think he was a tool last night. >> no, he was really good last night, i have to say that was a great performance. >> february 16th. we have surveillance footage of bob kelly, shoveling yesterday afternoon just in front of his house. >> oh, no. >> bob okay. >> he did not go down. >> last night i was walking around center city and i have never had such a hard time
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walking around yesterday. >> yes. >> this morning, walking in to work. >> you are doing that snow shuffle. >> like you are 80 years old. >> i have to say temperature 50 degrees you have to be careful will because in the all of the isis gone. >> the ground is still cold because of the weekend and it got so frigid over weekend. you have that warmer air moving over it. >> we need the name for this dance that we are all diagnosis today. >> put it out on twitter. >> folks are very creative out there. >> we will start off with a number of the the day, low number because we are getting warmer, it will be a new set of challenges when the rain comes through and still icy right now. we will go with a a two out of ten. it is raining a a little bit out there but a lot of rain by the even of the morning. temperatures ranged from the 30's to the 50's.
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we are seeing rain in berks county, part of the lehigh valley and pocono mountains and things are changing over to all rain. look at the temperatures. this is crazy. it is 55 degrees. sunrise at 6:53. we have a winter weather advisory for carbon and monroe counties, lancaster county has a winter storm warning and they are in effect until 7:00. look at this range of temperatures. thirty-seven lancaster. forty-three mount pocono. forty-four in wilmington. we are at the 55 in philadelphia 50 in wildwood. just crazy. that means it is creating fog north and west of the city especially, allentown, mount pocono really sock in right new with that fog. we have got slick spots out there this morning but it is a lot milder. windy through lunchtime when that heavy rain moves in, so it is win driven rain even with that high of 56, 57 degrees, rain tapers off by the evening and that is your crazy, tuesday, weather, things will calm down we will tell you when, coming up, so
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bob kelly. >> sue just wanted to use every icon in her graphic package there she has it all going on. this morning at 2:30 when we started our morning we were scraping ice off our windshield. the cars were coated. it was 27 degrees, yep, it is 51 right now here in center city. the here's a live look the a the blue route northbound right here near the schuylkill expressway but don't let warmer air that hits your face fool you because the ground is still cold. we still have have left overs from the snow, the ice, it is slushy, we're also throwing some fog at you. hello, allentown. here's a live look at route 309 near allentown interchange. so poor visibility, little bit of everything this morning. the as mike mentioned slippery on the sidewalks. little ones are getting ready to head out that front door, delay, delay, delay, if you can delay your trip this morning, the later, the better and allow all of that ice to turn to liquid form and hopefully give you some traction walking to the bus stop. 45 miles an hour on all of the
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major roadways and that is really just as a precaution as we heard from brad rodolph and penndot a few moments ago watch out for slippery conditions on september, new jersey transit, patco. a lot of the platforms are metal so it could take longer for that temp of 51 to melt that ice out there. expect some minor delays this morning as well at the airport, mike and alex, back over to you. the dance can be call the slushy. >> the slushy okay. >> come on baby. >> sue you say i had is 55. double nickels. you have to be careful walking. >> dave kinchen live in kick of prussia with what we can expect out there. >> 202 can be a mess today, hi there dave. >> reporter: 202 is clearing up. it is in the looking so bad. talk about a slushy dance how about the twist. listen to this here. >> crunchy. >> yes. >> it is like the cereals i had had this morning. sidewalk here in kop are very
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crunchy, very icy but the temperatures essentially 42 degrees right now. we're starting to see a little bit of melting, in the side streets here. the you can sea water rushing into the drains right there. it is starting to melt a bit but look at the road. don't let that fool you. slick spots out there you can see as streetlights shine on the road where all that is. right there. salt trucks have been coming through. we saw earlier this morning was the main routes like 202 cleared. then we saw business parking lots getting plowed by independent contractors. then the side streets will likely be treated where we are right now but making your way out watch your feet on the sidewalks even in areas not lit up, it can be slippery. early this morning leaving olde city, i almost fell twice. luckily i didn't. i did my bad dancing and i didn't fall. a a lot of miracles at work
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out here through this wild weather. >> dave kinchen doing the elaine of seinfeld as he makes his way through olde city. >> i did the thumbs. >> yes, it is all over the place. >> that is how it fools you because you think it the is just water because it is warm out. no, that is ice. >> be honest on twitter, did you fall last night or this morning. >> this is my rule, my goal, to not fall. >> okay. this happened at 15th and locust overnight. police are investigating a shooting that happened just before 1:00 o'clock in center city. they say two men were walking right here near 15th's locust near that bar called fado when one man attempted to rob the men. the as 29 guys ran away one of the men was shot in the arm. that guy is in critical condition but is expect to be okay. the shooter, took off, and then they can't find him. there air lieutenant of cameras on that corner. police will use them later
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today to try to find this guy. >> especially because we have a kimmel center right there. >> hey lauren what else is going on. >> authorities in lehigh county will conduct an autopsy on that with man allentown police said was found dead inside a recycling been. the body was inside a container in a parking lot on sunday. police are calling perfect death a suspicious. she's a 18 to 30 year-old asian woman. in delaware county a man has been killed after being pulled from the burning home this happened on the 500 block of strathmere road in havertown around 10:00 o'clock yesterday morning. fire fighters found the man on the first floor of that home. he was unresponsive. authorities have not yet released his identity. a series of lsd overdoses at villanova over the weekend lead to the arrest of two students, radnor police say 18 year-old justin yim, a freshman, was dealing with the drugs. the drugs and a large amount of cash were discovered inside his dorm room after one student was arrested for assaulting police, while on the drug. two other students, also overdose that had night, yim now facing a long list of
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charges. villanova released a statement saying the university is fully cooperating with the police and quote, those found responsible will be held accountable. villanova holds all of the students to the high standard and have a deep, continuing commitment to achieving an educational community, free of substance abuse. that is a a look at your top stories, mike and alex. >> we have to talk about that in decades. >> 6:08. >> montgomery county officials say they know what is behind that out break that sickened, so many people, over 200 students, at a local school. it is like that cruise ship virus, we will explain and how do you contain it. so many people are waiting to hear her sing but was adele's performance a disappointment. hear what grammy organizers say is to blame for the criticism for her performance last night. remarkable things are happening
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why don't you call the dance we're doing today and last night the serio slide. >> ahh, okay. >> sue serio slide. >> well, i don't know if i want to be associated with falling down. i do that all on my own. >> true. >> 6:11. what about adele last night, alex. >> what should have been her triumphant return to the grammys but mega selling singer's performance proved to be a disappointment to tv viewers. it was sound. it started off kind of bad.
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>> and then went downhill. >> let's listen. >> here we go. >> ♪ >> but officials a at the grammys say, adele was hit by sound problems, that they were having throughout the night, causing her to cause a little bit off. social media exploded with complaints about the quality. cbs spokesperson confirmed there was a five to 82nd technical issue with the broadcast. with all that going on adele still finished to a standing ovation. >> well, the beginning, she started singing and you could not even hear, and then it came back and maybe that threw her off a little bit. >> there is no question that the woman is an unbelievable
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great singer and when justin beiber performed there was a off too, a glitch. people were just thrown off with their pitch. >> were they pitchy, pitchy. >> never make it in the business. >> from snow and ice to tornadoes there, were tornadoes yesterday afternoon. >> the same storm system giving us winter weather turns destructive in the south. >> hey bob. >> sometimes we have problems with our microphones here in the studio. >> what? >> bob. >> route 29 right here at 202, closed in both directions like no sooner, then mentioned a few moments ago that 202 will be treacherous and already an accident. i think we have down wires across the roadway, we will get scoop and lets go to the airport a windy shot, looking live at philly international. we will check road accounts sue with the forecast and that more when we come right back.
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so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ many back roads and sidewalks. be careful walking and driving. temperatures on the rise. precipitation when it returns will be all rain. we're in the lull right now but by late morning heavy rain could move in and we could get an inch out of this system. mild air in place right now colder air moving in that could touch off some thunderstorm. around midday today. so ice changes over to rain,
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again, we're seeing mostly in the lull right new we are seeing light rain, lehigh valley, pocono mountains not much though and it is rain at this point but keep in mind the ground is still cold, from the weekend. so bitter cold it will take a while for surface to catch up with the air. winter weather advisory to the north of us, lancaster county still under that winter storm warning and as we look at visability it is very foggy to the north in the higher elevations around pottstown and getting better in lancaster county, so fog and icy conditions in many places. 55 degrees in the city, only 37 in lancaster. thirty-six in reading. the 44 degrees in wilmington. that temperature jumped up 10 degrees in an hour so things are changing quickly but again it will take the surface a little while to catch up. by even of the morning or by 9h we should be in the mid 50's every where where that heavy rain is rolling in, nine, ten, 11, noon,
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2:00 o'clock it will will take a few hours to come through but it looks like it will escape evening rush by 4:00 we will see beginning of the end of all that rain but in the meantime flooding problems as a result. heavy rain, 57 degrees, crazy have after yesterday's high just a above freezing. 46 degrees thomas we clear out but it will be very windy on wednesday. we will get to windy wednesday, oh boy. 40 degrees on thursday. mid 40's on friday. then we will get warmer over weekend, it looks excellent, much milder, 57 degrees on saturday. mid 50's on sunday. ways to go before we can get there work are are we looking right now. >> this is a i problem on route 202. 202 shut down in both directions, between paoli and route 29 in chester county. the brake lights are southbound 202, and i can tell both sides are blocked because there is in traffic but that
6:19 am
is a sign that there is down wires across the roadway and this happened a couple months ago when the plow guy in the parking lot off of route 202. i think that is great valley shopping plaza, in plowing the parking lot knocked the pole over and it pulled the wire down from the star bucks and barnes and noble all the way across 202. so that is a possibility, plus an accident in here on the southbound side. bottom line, 202 right now closed in both directions, and the stretch here between 252 paoli and route 401. your best bet would be the turnpike or use route 30, business route 30, to get your self from one end to the other. this could be with us for a little while especially with those down wires. if you can tell we don't have any daylight to see a better idea of what is going on. ninety-five southbound jammo, first day back after a three day weekend.
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always crazy, throw in some ice, slush, captain crunch and some fog in there as well. here's a live look at i-95 in delaware county, mass transit, they are trying their best, expect some delays, scattered delays even on the buses in the neighborhood and all of the platforms will be slippery this morning. mike and alex, back over to you. 6:20. same storm system that brought snow and freezing rain to our area brought severe weather to the south east. this is video of the tornado in florida where several homes were damage. another tornado was reported in mississippi. other areas suffer damage from very strong wind. shelters were opened in one florida town where people whose homes were damaged or destroyed that time of the year already. 6:28. >> hi mike. >> change of heart for texas judge in a deis for an autopsy on supreme court justice antonin scalia. the judge changed her mind after talking to with scalia's doctor who confirmed the justice had a history of heart trouble and other illnesses.
6:21 am
judge decided based on medical history and lack of signs of foul play she felt the justice died of natural causes so an autopsy would not be necessary. all in the family for jeb bush, president george w. bush and first lady laura bush were at the event in north charleston, showing their support. the forty-third president talked to voters urging them to throw their support behind his baby brother. >> we need somebody who can take a positive message across the entire country. someone who can inspire and appeal to people from all walks of life. not the just one party or one class of people. >> so we will see what happens. republican voters in south carolina head to the polls on saturday, mike and alex. >> maybe not so veiled references to donald trump last night. bush 41, bush 43 will we have a bush 45. >> we shall see. >> spring training is almost here are ladies and gentlemen.
6:22 am
>> later this week but will you recognize these phillies? eel a look the at new faces you will a's see in red this spring. and similar changes could becoming this week by friday for the sixers. why they could be more likely to make a big move as trade deadline approaches. get rid of our big guys. really.
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phillies spring training is here. pitchers and catchers report tomorrow in clearwater. this team is so new, i don't have a include, who most of the players are on the phillies. in talking to bench coach larry bowa yesterday on 94 wip, i'm not the only one who doesn't know these players. >> guys are walking in today, i had to introduce myself. i have no idea who they are. i'm serious. >> did they know who you were. >> yeah, they came up to me. i said sorry, don't recognize you. we have a whole new roster. there is guys, it is unbelievable how many guys you do not know. >> villanova at the top this week at number one in college basketball. the first of two games this week at temple, not big on villanova's city series big five title but with a win they have won the city series. >> anytime you have all this going on around you, it really tests your team. what you are made of. you know coming out right before tournament time and before the big east tournament.
6:26 am
so it is a big game for us too. >> all right. sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. i wanting to that game, liacouras center, hot ticket. >> big. >> villanova temple. do you know who the number two team in the country is. >> my alma matter, kansas jayhawks. >> not important. i went to mizzou. i don't care. sixers roster could look much different come thursday evening. >> trade deadline is thursday and now that jerry coangelo is helping to run the show for the sixers our howard eskin said they can make a move to bring in the player instead of just draft picks. few players howard says sixers are gauging interest for are, or interest in for possible deal are their two big guys nerlens noel and jahlil okafor no move reported just yet but we will stay tune. >> if howard eskin, howard. >> yes. >> very possessive of howard. >> every time we put his name in we put our in front of it.
6:27 am
>> we want to claim in. >> our mike jerrick. >> please do, from now on. >> okay. the warm air is here, it is 55 , right now, and much cooler in other parts of our viewing area what to expect on our this mess. slow down there, be careful. keep those bags there. hang in there everybody. it is slippery. watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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a center city shooting victim at 15th and locust overnight. cops are looking for a guy. paying tribute at grammys, a look at memorable performances from last night honoring artist that is we lost this year. good day it is february 162,016th. it would be 2/16/16. >> that is right. >> look at you. >> yeah. >> a all about numbers. >> i'm a number expert. >> sweet 16? pretty much. >> something like that. >> so sweet every day. >> rainy, milder today, bus stop buddy has best advice for all, wear your rain gear even though it is not raining right now. the it is just cloudy. temperatures range from the 30's to the 50's, everybody is above freezing, but when the
6:31 am
rain is coming back an you can start to see it filling in from the west. it will will take a few you more hours but by eight or 9:00 o'clock rain will be back in our area if not sooner. roads are still wet and in some cases, still icy believe it or not even with 55 degrees out there, sunrise time 6:53. that is because ground is still so cold from the weekend, it will take a while to catch up, with the air temperature but got above freezing in lancaster 37, 36 reading. fifty-five in philadelphia. this is crazy. forty-four in wilmington. fifty in wildwood. right now. that warmer a air moving in from south to north and it is, causing some fog, just to the north of us especially mount pocono and lehigh valley. we have slick spots out there still this morning. but it is milder, wind which heavy downpours today but probably right around middle of the day around lunchtime on either side of lunchtime and then rain tapers off by evening commute but we will
6:32 am
have a mess today. just a different kind of mess bob kelly then what we had yesterday what a mess out there right now. >> definitely a big old mess good do you have something here. >> somebody on twitter is saying that the power is out in paoli. don't we have a wreck in paoli. >> that sold ab associated here. the here's what happened. >> good tip there, mike. >> i got word that a plow truck with the bed in the upright position pulled down overhead power lines just as i thought here in paoli. that is the reason for closure in both directions here on 202. i mentioned the last time this happened, a plow truck actually hit an overhead pole in a parking lot and pulled down the wires. this is a live look at route 202 north bound. this is the 29 interchange right where big wawa is. look at this here folks are going up on the shoulder, coming across three lanes of traffic. they will turnaround and they are coming back down the on
6:33 am
watch seven. the problem though is that any one who is not aware that this is closed and comes out of that 29 interchange we have have an accident here waiting to happen. bottom line, 202 closed in both directions between the two and paoli interchange. this is a live look here. the lets get to a still camera that i grabbed a shot here's that fellow coming down the ramp going wrong way. if you are getting ready to leave the house, right now 202 avoid it by aliments from 401 up to paoli. use business route 30 which is lancaster avenue. anyone in the road in that stretch right now, they are dead in the water. hopefully police make it more organized in trying to get those guys back off of there getting out of your driveway the parking lot is the toughest spot this morning. it that is chunky ice but once you get dot the majors like i-95, you will be in good shape. a jam this morning but at
6:34 am
least you will be in good shape. lets get out to king of prussia where dave kinchen has been hanging out all morning long. how is it looking at kop. >> reporter: it is looking better, minute by minute. we're here in an apartment complex. take a look at the this car here getting out ready to go to work, snow covered but every now and then and it may happen right now you might hear a chunk or see a chunk fall off because we are at 42, 43 degrees where we are right now making a major difference as greg clears this vehicle and i will help out as well. back part of it here. it is still a little bit hard. community service we do here at fox 29. we try to help out here and clear some of this off. that is what is happening. we are seeing some of the ice falling off these cars right here but as you take a look at the side streets and the roads, it is already melting
6:35 am
and water running down, the way there. mother nature is helping people out as folks get up and ready to go to school or to work. the by the way, there are some delays for schools, we should pass along including phoenixville area school district a two hour delay because of icing road but again, the temperature is coming up. we are seeing all that ice really start to disappear, back to you guys. >> good reminder to chick the bottom of the screen there for delays. >> reporter: yep. >> they will be running up there all during the show. let's check i-95 on this slushy morning. steve is in the mobile unit. >> yes, let's check on him. >> what do you see, steve. >> reporter: we're seeing people on both side of i can't drive 55. you got people that are going super slow and cautious out there, emergency flashers doing about 35 on the highway. then you have guys with the big trucks who think it is warm and nothing slippery on the road doing about 85, passing us on the the left. so both of those extremes are
6:36 am
dangerous because everybody else has to work around them. you have people trying to pass the guy in the middle lane doing 35 with his flashers on and then you have got people passing on both side, doing 80 it the looks like because we're trying to drive the speed limit, and it is toughen just going 55 in spots because of the morning rush hour. ninety-five southbound that we passed. it looked like backed up for miles. that might be a normal day since we're not usually on the road at this time but that was slow driving. so i guess when you are forced to go slow you will be safe. what we have is a light drizzle. here's a reminder of the day. make sure you have windshield wiper flute. there is so much salt on the ground when it stops raining you will need something to clean your windshield off because it kicks off real quick. we were in a previous vehicle before we switched and in the morning we fill fluid up and then night guy use fluid and then don't leave any to have us.
6:37 am
we had it looks like we took vanilla frosting from a wedding cake and smeared it all over and could not sianni so we got wiper fluid. is there your reminder of the day. as we make our way to bucks county here we are just passing the street road exit and we are trying to get up to bristol and see how those people are coping but it is a long commute and different conditions. when i drove in from new jersey this morning very treacherous out there because a lot of the streets before you got to the main road definitely fully covered and then some of the main road still had slush on them especially in between the lanes which means when you are switching lanes and hit a pile of slush we would normally just drive over dodded line. sometimes you can lose control in the certain angle and maybe turning at that point. just be careful and again make sure you have something to clean your windshield off because there is so much junk on the road, being splashed up on your windshield you you are always using your wipers and a lot of times you are dry for a while and if nothing is falling from the the sky to help you clean your wipers you
6:38 am
will need that blue fluid in your car. alex and mike. >> especially when tanker trucks go by you just like what happened to you. he will be out and about all morning long. we heard somebody from yardley saying they had a lot of snow yesterday afternoon. police are investigating a shooting that just happened after 1:00 o'clock this morning. two guys were walking near that bar fado at 15th and locust when another man approached them attempting to rob them. two guys ran away. didn't want to give up anything. one of the guys was shot in the arm. shoot are ran down locust street and got the away. man who was shot is in critical condition but he is expect to be okay. cops say there are a lot of cameras in the area so that should help. we now know why more than 200 students became so sick, at ursinus college. >> montgomery county health department says that the noro virus was the cause of the illness that sick is end students and staff at ursinus, and in their release health department pointed on the noro virus is fairly common, offered referred to as food poisoning or stomach flu.
6:39 am
highly contagious but to the not last very long. one student explained how she felt. >> weak, dehydrated a lit built. i didn't feel well at all. even at the happy was feeling like, it went so quickly, they should have done more earlier. >> officials now believe that the out break, at ursinus college is under control. >> let's hope so. the it comes on so fast the student said like in the middle of the night. you get up and have to run to the bathroom. >> scary for them. authorities in lehigh county will conduct an autopsy on the woman who allentown police said was found dead in the recycling bin. rehigh valley coroner's office said that body was inside a container found in the parking lot on sunday. police are calling the death suspicious. she's 18 to 30 years old and she's asian. days after a massive fire in frankford we now know where the fire started. officials say that they think the fire started in an auto body shop. owner of joe's auto body said
6:40 am
he heard a circuit breaker pop and then saw smoke and flames. not only did he lose his business of 26 years but he also lost his dog in that fire. everyone says this is a big loss for that community. >> it is if your car need fixing and you don't have money, you work things out, you short a couple dollars, he would help you out with that. whatever he can do for you, he would do for you. >> owners of the neighboring businesses have been hoping they can get inside to see what they can salvage if anything. is there no word how long it will take that ice to thaw out, at least six businesses were destroyed by that fire. this morning we are waiting to hear what caused a fire at an apartment building in newark, delaware. fire displaced 30 people, the emergency call came in around 4:30 yesterday afternoon at autumn park apartments on winter haven drive. when fire fighters arrived fire was coming from the back of one of those buildings. today is last day for candidates to file for prim rye election.
6:41 am
voters signature are due if the hopefuls want to appear on the april 26th ballot. question of who delivers and who does not, will in the just impact state and local races but national races as well because it is a presidential election year. deadline to file signatures is 5:00 p.m. today. speaking of politics representative chaka fattah continues to drum up support for his reelection bid. service employees international union will officially even doors fattah this morning. the union represents 80,000 work's cross the state. the 11 term congressman to continues to fight corruption charges, from his philadelphia mayoral campaign. that is your top stories. >> he will run by office, do it by 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. come on, run. >> he's encouraging you, lauren. >> no, no. >> she doesn't want any part of it. >> touching tributes last night at grammys. here's some of the performances meant to honor music icon whose passed away last month.
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so what will happen after things warm up. we will get moderate to heavy rain late morning earl a have noon and win will pick up gusting to 30 miles an hour at times. so run off from snow that fell yesterday, even though a little bit and ground stays frozen. that has been our problem this morning. pond going on roads with maybe an inch or two of rain falling. reduced visibility for that reason and then can't rule out the a rumble of thunder. we will get everything today and here it comes. you can see it on ultimate doppler radar, heavier rain just set to move into washington d.c. essentially coming our way. we're in a lull, a dry spell, if you will, light rain around
6:46 am
mount pocono this morning, and another parts of the mountains area. and, and not getting any rain or anything. visibility is very poor in the higher elevations. so we have crazy temperatures this morning. we're up to 55 degrees in philadelphia go further north in pottstown it is 37. but everybody over the last few hours, has, listen above freezing. we should be in the 50's every where by 10:00 o'clock and here comes that heavy rain from west to east moving in through 12:00, and through 2:00 in the afternoon and by four or five it will be out so may not have that impact on the evening commute but then tonight when temperatures drop below freezing north and west of the city anything that didn't dry out after the rain ended will be frozen and we will talk about black ice, this time tomorrow morning. just a variety pack of precipitation and problems. yesterday we got to 33 degrees. today how about 57 for a high.
6:47 am
could even be warmer. forty-six tomorrow. we will get chilly gannon thursday. we will climb friday, saturday, sunday we're in the 50's by week even, chance of rain on monday. the that is your seven day forecast, from the winter weather authorities which winter weather cause ago lot of problems this morning. we will still look at route 202 bob kelly. >> 202 sue, closed in both directions and here's the deal looking live at 202 at 29 interchange, the wawa, big wawa, off behind me here, we had a parking lot, northbound lanes of 202, some folks are turning around here. here comes emergency crews that will stop anyone from getting on 202 creating a bigger backup. this all started about a half an hour ago when a plow truck with its back end in the upright position pulled down the overhead power lines and thus, those power lines have gonna cross both the north and
6:48 am
southbound lanes of route 202, between the two and that paoli chesterbrook interchange. so right the now, coming north on 202, a parking lot from route 41, here that is 29 interchange going off to the big wawa and target there. southbound also jammed as well from chesterbrook on down. so, bumper to bumper, grid lock in both directions, if you are heading out, the front door use business route 30 which is lancaster avenue that will get you from malvern to great valley, roll through paoli and can get back on near chesterbrook interchange. this will be with us a while, again, wires not only a across the roadway but those down wires are impacting a power outage locally in paoli. some will folks are without power. septa just told me paoli thorndale line is running with delays because of the amtrak signal problems, um-hmm, i wand fur all that is connected, everything is plug
6:49 am
in the same outlet there, speaking of outlets a transform are fire over here in sicklerville has williamstown road belong with local detour as well. so a crazy start to our morning here, mike and alex, back over to you. ♪ taylor swift was a big winner. taylor swift opened up the show with the new song out of the woods. she won three award last night including a billing, big one album of the year for 1989. >> the other big winners mark ronson and alex holley for record of the year, for uptown funk. >> you mean my dance animal spirit animal bruno lemar. >> ed sheeran won for the song
6:50 am
of the year thinking out loud. >> biggest winner of the night definitely was kendrick lemar he racked up several. >> he had 11 nominations. >> he only had one short off the record set by michael jordan. >> he got six, in 1948. >> kendrick lemar won best rap album, first award that was on tv for the night. >> then the the set burned down. >> no, no. >> in total the 28 year-old artist, received five award. the most of any other artist last night and people are talking about his performance that he did because there was build up leading up to it, and folks were saying it would be controversial, get ready, get ready and it certainly was an interesting performance. >> it sure was. >> he trumped beyonce's half time show. >> yes. >> he also, i think yesterday morning got the key to the city of come ton, california. >> the evening was filled with touching tributes to artists,
6:51 am
both alive and those we lost last night. many of them recently. >> lets get to chris movie which more on this. my favorite was lady gaga. >> she did a great tribute to bowie. but from john legend, honoring lonnie richie, and six string solute to blues great bb king a big part of last night as we said were honoring legend and these who passed on but it seems no performer was quite as committed as alex said as lady gaga. >> ♪ >> gaga performed david bowie's greatest hits and paid
6:52 am
tribute to his iconic looks and flamboyant gender bending perform a answers. boy did she embody bowie. eagles member don henley, joe walsh and timothy schmidt join jackson brown for a heartfelt tribute to glenn fry, listen to this. >> ♪ >> of course, the great song take it easy, both bowie and fry died in january. both in their 60's, guys. >> yes. >> bonnie rait playing that tribute to bb king. the i forget that she plays guitar so well. >> great tribute to maurice white with stevey wonder, that was very good. >> you wonder why uptown funk
6:53 am
is recognized in 2016, it was released in november 2014 but very popular in 2015. >> yes, number one for months. >> okay, thanks, chris. pope francis continues to visit mexico. >> when he stopped at a hospital the halls went silent at one point. a ahead the performance that captured everyone's attention.
6:54 am
6:55 am
pope francis is currently visiting mexico where he stopped at a pediatric hospital. >> a wonderful moment happened, crowded halls of the hospital went silent to hear this patient. >> ♪
6:56 am
>> how great is that. >> she's 15 years old fighting bone cancer. she stopped pope francis so she could sing that song for him. he stood next to the girl as she sang. as you can see this isn't radio. he bent down and kissed her cheek after she finish the song and spoke to her a couple minutes. a very special moment in mexico. >> that was a special moment. beautiful voice. lets get back to the roads. >> it will be a messy commute because ice, snow from yesterday's storm is melting, it is melting, but it is not melting fast enough. you will be dealing witt. we are live with the latest. >> including the wizard of oz. >> yes.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
it is up one to 55 degrees but look at the traffic accident on the left. it is caused by a plow truck. the power is out in paoli. it is a mess on 202. look at that storm system, very complicated, what the day has in store. well, shots overnight in the heart of the center city. one man rush to the hospital, what police say happened, and who they are looking for this morning. and a big drug bust at villanova, drugs, cash found in a student's dorm room. how far does this go?
7:00 am
what police say happened and how they were tipped off to lsd. listen to this. >> ♪ >> were you loving the grammys last night? who stole the show, there were so many performances. >> we will play a lot of them before 10:00 o'clock this morning. again, we have more footage of bob kelly, from yesterday afternoon. it is very icy out there. i had hardest time just walking around olde city, center city almost falling many times f we had footage of bob, well, no. >> that was earlier. >> that is horrible. >> if i knew they were females i would have used alex or sue. >> here comes sue serio. >> oh, yeah


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