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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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how they were tipped off to lsd. listen to this. >> ♪ >> were you loving the grammys last night? who stole the show, there were so many performances. >> we will play a lot of them before 10:00 o'clock this morning. again, we have more footage of bob kelly, from yesterday afternoon. it is very icy out there. i had hardest time just walking around olde city, center city almost falling many times f we had footage of bob, well, no. >> that was earlier. >> that is horrible. >> if i knew they were females i would have used alex or sue. >> here comes sue serio. >> oh, yeah, right.
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>> here's the message we're trying to get across. >> it is really slippery even though temperatures 55 a at the airport, it is still cold in a lot of areas. >> yes, it will fool you, because we say it is puddle of water, but ice. >> let's see, she gets right backup and keep going. >> you have to keep going. >> show must go on today and for a lot of will folks it is back to will school and back to work for the holiday weekend but we have many delays. look the bottom of the screen a lot of schools go in two hours late. we have two out of ten. travel is not only difficult this morning but it will be more difficult because of heavy rain later on in the day. temperatures range from the 30's to the 50's but bus stop buddy has the best advice which is, rain gear. you will need it. maybe in the right now but you will, you see, look out to the west of us on this map of ultimate doppler radar and you can see precipitation closing in. it will be here in the next hour or so, 57 degrees in
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philadelphia right now. incredible jump in temperature just from a couple hours ago. when i drove in at 2:00 this morning, it was 34. not just -- >> hold on when who drove in. >> i'm sorry, when my husband drove in. >> yes. >> when billy drove new this morning, just making sure. >> i was looking at thermometer, he was watching the roads. >> here's a live look at route 202, over it looks like they just started to allow traffic to squeeze on through here. it had been closed because of a tow truck or a plow truck with the back end in the upright position pulled down some of the overhead power lines. the let's bring in gene blum from penndot. gene good morning. >> good morning, bob. >> what can you tell us about the situation here first of all on 202 as we look live at the that 29 interchange. >> well, bob it has been there since 6:00 this morning route 202 has been closed in both
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directions as you have been reporting between route 29 at the south end and route 252 from the north side. a contractor salting the highway, the bed caught a power line and that power line came down. and for safety reasons the highway has closed. >> what we're looking at right now is the headlights coming southbound on the left. it looks like traffic is moving. i'm trying to see, it looks like brakes are easing, it looks like traffic is starting to get through can we confirm we're getting back to normal. >> it appears that way, bob. i had to call your station a few minutes ago and we had known peco had been notified they are on the way and it looks like they are reaching a point where traffic can go through so that is positive news. >> is anybody hurt. >> no injuries that have been reported. we think everybody is fine. the obviously with such a prolonged period of icing, an uneventful until right new but
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hopefully we will get 202 opened rather soon. >> there is a live shot from one of our cameras now. now gene, lets go back to the situation at hand that put 202 aside for the moment. what are the conditions of the roadways as your guys are experiencing this morning. >> bob, major highways primarily wet. there may be some slush on the roads. other heavily traveled state road, slushy, maybe icy spots, we are continuing to treat those roads. and just peach i. and. >> on and off ramps, steve keeley mentioned that you are in a good lane, you go to change lanes and you pick up all that slush that is gathered up in the middle there. >> that is right. we will continue to work the plow, that slush off the roadways, but you just to have use extra care, caution, speed limit restrictions are still in place on the the expressway at 45 miles an hour. we're coming off a major icing
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storm. we will stint continue to treat roads and motorist to have drive with extra care and caution. >> thank you so much. jelly doughnuts you the for the gang there keeping the roads clear for us this morning. come on, temperature gauge, we're up to 55 already this morning. the best bet as you step out the route 30 lancaster avenue to avoid that backup on 202, but as we showed you at least traffic is moving again. opening up that front door getting out of your parking spot, a secondary roads an inside streets are the toughest part until the temperatures really get the to the point where any of that icing just turns to a wet surface. a live look here at i-95 backed up in the city and backed up on the bennie and vine street expressway coming into downtown. mike and alex, as you know first day back after a three day holiday is always a rough one to begin with. >> because everybody is going back in. we have found somebody stuck in the 202 traffic. >> talking about our own dave kinchen. >> he drove to it. hey, dave. >> hi guys, we're still trying to get to it. we are back away southbound
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202 is what you are looking at. nothing but taillights. we can the not even get close to this whole situation right now. you may not be able to see over this dump truck just yet but northbound side of are 202, just reopened for bob kill bring we went to traffic but a lot of people voicing frustration as they are trying to make their way in to work. again southbound side 202 we are safe on the side of the road and shoulder and we can show you you cannot get anywhere. we're trying to get to that scene right here, hopefully we will have an update for you at 8:00 with a lot of people backup quite a bitten though northbound side literally just opened. let me send it the right back inside to you. >> thanks, dave. let's check on bucks county this morning. >> that is where steve keeley is. >> hi, steve. >> reporter: we are approaching the burlington bristol bridge, we are on the bristol side and look at the headlights coming. we are seeing deep puddles forming. do you see that big truck big splash, so you are driving, you will hydro plane. even on i-95, remember they
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plowed the snow against medians on the highways. and now with the temperature approaching 60 those medians have water running off all that old snow. you could be going very fast in the left lane on the highway and it looks awfully clear with nothing falling from the the sky and then hit a deep puddle and lose control of your car. if you are in the left lane and not a lot of space there you can hit the median. so, take it easy. i mean you do not see these puddles. people coming around a curve and that is why that trucker hit it because he had no warning sign that he would see a big puddal head. i like to use english version of the broadcaster, i have never seen anybody watch out for that pond ahead. we are a approaching the burlington bristol bridge one lane in each direction. we will go over to new jersey, this will take to us 130, and 130 is always treacherous too for puddles and that is only way to get down to philadelphia right now because i-95 southbound by it looked wars then it normally does g thing this bridge isn't opened normally but we will go very slow.
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my way in today, 25 miles an hour was posted speed limit with lights on all of the delaware river bridges, however, people normally do like 70 over there and i have people flying by me going what are you doing 25 for? there was still frozen stuff on the road in the middle of the the night and stuff falling from the sky. do you see this metal grates here, also very slippery whenever it is wet, you want to believe these people when they know what they are doing when they reduce these speed limits on bridges. good thing we don't have fog today because who would have thought when temperature rose this much with all of this moisture on the ground we wouldn't have fog to throw another wrench in the morning commute, but no fog from our drive from philadelphia up through bucks county. here we are entering new jersey. we will get back on our trip down 130 southbound when we talk to you next, alex and mike, back to you. we have just got this in 302nd ago both directions on route 202, both side are
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opened but it will be a crawl on that one side southbound for quite a while. >> hopefully things will get moving. >> let's go, let's go. police are investigating a shooting that happened just before 1:00 this morning they say two men were walking near 15th and locust when another man approached them, and attempted to rob them. the as two ran away one of the men was shot the in the arm. one man is in critical condition but is expect to be okay. police are hoping nearby cameras in the area will help in their investigation. 7:09. now that he is out of the race for president chris christie is focused on state business and will give a budget address today. >> this will mark governor christie's second to last budget address before he leaves the governor's office. he will be facing a democratic opposition, and some of the contentious issues continues to be pensions, taxes, education, and the transportation trust fund in new jersey. governor christie delivered his budget address at 2:00 this afternoon.
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i'm sure we will have that at fox coming up at 7:10. campaign trail is heating up in south carolina as candidates try to win over voters ahead of the south carolina's primary. donald trump is, threatening to say that the republican national committee poorly managed, managing the debate a saturday night resulting in his getting booed. >> i signed a pledge but it is a double edged pledge and as far as i'm concerned they are in default good trump is also threatening to sue ted cruz because he said cruz is a canadian running for president. >> threatening to sue him yesterday afternoon. after the democrats, their focus is on the state of nevada, when the next caucus will take place. the not taking their eyes off of south carolina on saturday. hillary clinton may be feeling the heat after bernie sanders big win in new hampshire. she canceled a trip to florida, to hold another rally in nevada. >> at that rally hillary got animated when discussing her
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reprievals, by actually barking like a dog at their talk. >> we need to get that dog to follow him around and every time they say these things, like oh, you know, the great recession was caused by too much regulation, you you know. i think we could cut right through a lot of their, you you know, claims. >> i don't think i have ever heard anything like it. >> it was a cute dog bark. >> yeah, yeah. >> it wasn't like a pit bull. >> or rottweiler. >> radio ads that aired in arkansas when bill clinton was running for president it mentioned training a dog to detect lies from political candidates. >> i do remember that way back. is 11 past 7:00 o'clock. the lets get a quick look at the weather. unbelievable temperatures, sue. the it will hit 60, no question bit. come on, that is my prediction.
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>> well, i think you are probably right because we are getting close that right now. we will check the current temperature in just a moment. we will look at the what we can expect from the rain that will return, in the afternoon. moderate to heavy rain as wind pick up. so the ground is still going to be frozen for a while. we've got a couple more hours until it really plays catch up with the air that is so mild. we could even get a thunderstorm this afternoon because now we have warm front already through, warm air in place, cold front coming, later on this morning. we have had some rain from it in the pocono mountains but light rain and only rain but again, the ground is pretty cold. now we will see scattered showers throughout the southern delaware this will all fill in, still foggy in mount pocono this morning. look at these temperatures, crazy. we have showed you last time we check this map we were in the mid 30's in lancaster reading and pottstown with just 10 degrees in less than an hour. 57 degrees in philadelphia
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right now and that by noon time today we are in the middle of the very heavy rain. we will make it to 60 today. very good chance of that happening but then tonight, temperatures dip to below freezing in the suburbs to about 32 in the city. so we can see a lot of black ice when that happens overnight tonight. temperatures in the the 20's during the day from thursday, through sunday. we will inch up to 33 degrees yesterday. look where we are headed today, 57 for a high, maybe in other, 46 degrees on wednesday, 40 on thursday, and a nice warming trend as we get into the weekend, bob kelly because we will be in the 50's by then. i guess things are improving a little bit out there. >> get out your poodle skirt. >> good morning everybody. here's a live look at 309 right here near paper mill. an accident off to the side there we're dealing with a couple of factors. again, it feels super warm out. when you step outside the front door but the road surface hasn't quite the caught up to that 55 you see on the screen there. we're still dealing with the chunky ice, and puddles as
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just showed us there we have little bit of everything and then some fog thrown in there. the good news is 202 is opened in both directions as you roll through chester county. just expect maybe another 20 minutes of the jammo in both directions until all of that clears out. no problems at the moment coming over ben franklin bridge. we are looking live there, wet roads on the 42 freeway. first day back after a holiday is always a rough one. we had a transformer fire this last night in sicklerville, williamstown aerial roadblocked this morning. the septa says they are running with some delays on the paoli thorndale line but that is your latest amtrak signal problems which is related to the down wires along 202. so kind of a domino effect there but platforms are slippery, the bus steps are slippery and pack your patients and pack a few extra pennies for dart buses, today is first official workday since they hike the fare up and change services over weekend so be ready for that as you get ready to board the
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bus, mike, back over to you. 7:15 on this tuesday. bad day for payton manning. football hero yesterday. fresh off his super bowl win, payton is named in a sexual harassment lawsuit from his college days back in the the late 90's. it was filed by six women who accused the university of tennessee of violating, title nine rules. accusing the school saying the school didn't respond appropriately to allegations of sexual misconduct creating a hostile work environment. the suit states that the university of tennessee interfere with the disciplinary process to favor male a athletes. here to talk about this lawsuit fox 29 legal analysis ken rottweiler. >> good to see you and from 94 wip mark farseta. >> ken, let's start with you what is the allegation that goes back to 1996. that would have made him a sophomore at the university of tennessee. >> he would have been 19 years
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old at the time. he wasn't name in the the lawsuit but mentioned in the lawsuit because the circumstances they are talking about goes back to 1996. of course, statute of limitations would be gone by then. so they have sued the university of tennessee based on this title nine violation. what you are talking about it goes back to 196. supposedly when payton manning had an incident with a doctor jamie norwright who was a trainer at the time. it was alleged that payton manning exposed himself and had genitals in the face of doctor jamie norwright who was the team trainer at the time. she brought an action against the university of tennessee and it was settled for $300,000. but the story goes on, mike because in 2002, payton manning and his father, put out a book, autobiography and they said derogatory things about doctor jamie norwright. she then sued him for defamation. that case was settled in 2003. the they then violated
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supposedly violated that confidential settlement. she then sued doctor payton manning again in 2005. that lawsuit was settled sometime thereafter. there has been two lawsuits against payton manning for this incident that goes back to 196. >> mark, what are you hearing? did you talk about it yesterday on the radio. >> we talk bit a a great deal. payton manning coming off another career high, winning the super bowl. i thought originally it was somebody trying to rain on payton manning's parade. after all of the criticism cam newton took before and shortly after the super bowl this was something that happened almost 20 years ago, and people really didn't even talk bit then. it took a second lawsuit and it took another article from the new york daily news for people to start talking about this. it is an outrage. >> sports reporters have known about this. wasn't there an issue as a freshman as well. here's what this woman says happened. she was working on his angle or something or his leg. >> stress fracture in his foot. >> and he says that he tried
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to moon across the training room one of his teammates, tried to pull down his pant and mooned him when he slipped off the table ending with his genitals in the the face is that what you you are hearing. >> although that teammate they talk to him and he disa vowed that whole episode. it is report that had he went to payton manning and said what you did was shameful and he said that payton manning's story wasn't the real story. it seems to me that incident did happen. by the way all those records from 1996, they have been destroyed. we can't even take a look at the exactly what happened. >> what goes on from here? what were they saying on the radio. payton has had a squeaky clean reputation. >> he has all these endorsement deals, this was talk about as much and about 13 years ago the u.s.a. today, printed two articles on this story, talk about it the twice and it never got legs. no one ever talk about it or ran with it the but for whatever reason it just never got legs. when you look at this situation what does it mean
7:19 am
for payton manning. his legacy takes a hit of this. this is just the tip of the iceberg. when you read head line yes, it is sexual assault but there are racial things that get brought up in this story. it is a smudge on payton manning's perfect record. >> he has not had a good six months here because you there were other allegation that is aljazeera network that he had performance a enhancing drugs delivered to his home. he came out the next day and got in everybody face and said i will prove that wrong. we have not heard from him. >> but we have heard from ryan howard who was mentioned in the same report. ryan howard seems to be really attacking this case the way payton manning was originally. >> not the sexual case, the hgh situation. >> yes, that is what ryan howard came out w same thing as payton manning. payton manning hasn't been as aggressive as ryan howard which is interesting after all of these years what can you done. >> i think what will happies this lawsuit will continue against the university of tennessee. there will be discovery,
7:20 am
depositions will be taken. payton manning will be deposed in this lawsuit. fact that what happened in 1996 will come out. we will get more about payton manning's actions back in 1996. it will not good for him. >> dep killings could take place in the private room. >> it will take place in a private room but it will probably become public at some point in time just like the cosby depositions became public years later. i think this isn't the even of the story for payton manning. >> what would percentage of the people supporting payton on the radio, yesterday mark. >> not many. i was on for four hours yesterday. first hour people had payton's back. the as i started to break down the details of this case and racial things that get mentioned with archie manning and payton manning attacking this woman's character, the more people started to get off the payton manning band wagon. >> why go out of your way to do that in your book with your dad. >> all right mark, thank you. we will talk bit the later this week. >> ken, thanks as well. eagles have a big decision to make during this off season what do you do with
7:21 am
quarterback sam bradford. today is the day that you can franchise him. it stops him from becoming a free agent but it gives him a big day, if the eagles tag bradford they would have to pay him around 20 million-dollar next season. the deadline to use the franchise tag for sam is march o it as early as today. we will see what happens. 7:21. if you loved to shop is there great news, why experts say you can expect to see more sales, in the near future. surprising arrest over at villanova a student accused of selling lsd, a member of the radnor police department joins us in just a few minutes to talk bit.
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one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want.
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it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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look at the this shot, from retailers are forced to pull prices, cut prices on a millions of items. and that can do well for us. >> lauren, we should get ready for sales? why is this. >> i think so, i think so, i think sales will get bigger especially at department
7:25 am
stores and brick and mortar stores. is there just so much inventory, at these retailers. if you look at levels of inventory what they have on stock we are seeing highest numbers in six and a half years. you have to get winter gear off the store shelves to make room for spring gear. it shows we are not spending enough money. maybe on line but not necessarily at brick and mortar. you can expect department stores to start slashing prices. >> that is all items, clothing, anything in the department store. >> i think most items. i wouldn't say all items but most items. >> okay. this is how lazy we have become in the world. nissan, the car maker, has made a self parking chair, please explain what that is. >> reporter: you clap your hand and chair goes in the table. it might seem silly for a lot of people but let the me explain why this is cool. nissan is using their autonomous driving technology to park a car to park a chair. but how lazy can you be but
7:26 am
when you go lake this in your home, all of a sudden is everything is miraclely cleaned up for you. >> it could be cool. >> but why. >> growing up i was always taught to push your chair back in. >> because we're laysy we're lazy. >> i would love to see this malfunction and everything goes all over the place, chairs in the the dining room move to the basement or something like that and walk in and go what, what happened. >> we have kind of the same thing in the studio. we got rid of the people behind cameras so we will punch up camera three over there. that is camera pointing at one of the other camera. joe, can you trust that camera one. you you can pan, have it go across the studio by itself. >> mike are you directing from the anchor chair. >> who else will do it. >> he is so bad.
7:27 am
>> yes. >> just demonstrating. >> demonstrating what, technology. >> we have robotic camera. we fired everybody. >> so did we. >> "fox news" channel, fox business networks has robotics now. >> i have been talking to a robot since we have been speaking. >> wow, that is too bad. >> no need. >> close-up of me i have to make a phone call to get that close-up. >> she has to call a control room and get a close-up. >> all right, lauren. >> if i wanted to show you something on my paper here, zoom in it will take a little bit of time. >> you have to call the pope to get a tight shot. >> that is what mike says. >> putting people out of work. >> it stinks. >> all right lauren, we will see you tomorrow. >> isn't she great. >> lets get into this case at villanova. would i rather be talking about the the number one basketball team in the country
7:28 am
but now a student under arrest. police surprised by drugs they say. he was dealing out of his dorm room. member of the radnor police department will join us next to talk about this arrest. >> lsd, really. ♪ think about it about tha. ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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look at stevey there, wonderful tribute at the grammys last night for a
7:31 am
number of people, as a matter of fact. stevey was honoring maurice white of earth, wind and fire whom we lost a couple weeks ago. taylor swift gets last word in this one, the slight jab, to kanye west last night when she accepted her grammy. >> she got three last night, didn't she. >> kendrick with five. >> kendrick was a big winner last night. >> sue, you are a big winner every day. >> winner in our hearts. >> my favorite group was singing with stevey wonder last night. >> yes. >> he was so good. >> yes, you could tell how thrilled they were with stevey wonder. anyway, is there bus stop buddy, yes, back to school but for a lot of folks it is two hours late back to school. you can see the list at the bottom of the screen and fox temperatures from the 30's to the the 50's depending on where you are. here's a look at radar. we are seeing rain, heavier rain starting to move into lancaster county. temperatures have warmed up enough so it is just rain and that is all we're expecting
7:32 am
from this. 21-mile an hour wind. they are picking upright the now. it is 57 degrees. yes, 57 degrees. with snow on the ground. the crazy. forty-four in pottstown. 45 degrees in allentown. it is 48 in wilmington. so these temperatures have warmed up dramatically since we got started at 4:00 o'clock this morning when just about everybody was the in the 30's. the fog is getting a little better except for mount pocono, zero visibility. so here's the deal, we will get up to 57, where we are by the end of the day, down powers, heavy downpours by midday, papers off tonight and then we have a problem with black ice. that is what we have talking about tomorrow morning, bob kelly, pick your poison. >> little bit of everything, with that up and down roller coaster ride. 7:02. you are right, wipe your eyes out, it is 57 degrees already this morning but everything that was left over from last night, the snow, freezing
7:33 am
rain, sleet, slush, still out there because the ground surface has in the caught up to the 57 yet in the air. so we are slow go on the schuylkill expressway, westbound a delay there, southbound i-95 heavy from cottman avenue down to the the betsy ross. steve keeley mentioned that the puddles will come into play here. all that snow that has been push off to the left and right side melting quickly and causing some major puddles on our roadway. slippery platforms for september, new jersey transit, patco, zero minute delays on the paoli line. also amtrak because of the same signal problems running with some delays and chestnut hill line also running with delays, expect delays at the airport, miami and fort later tail up to one hour delay because of wicked thunderstorms and that will have a domino effect for flights in and out of philadelphia here for rest of the morning. there is a live look at i the five southbound, heavy from academy down through girard. mike and alex, back over to you.
7:34 am
coming up at 7:34. twoville know of university students are in jail this morning after police found drugs or lsd and thousands of dollars in cash and in a campus dorm room and this was over the weekend. >> radnor police say 18 year-old justin yim a freshman was dealing the lsd out of the dorm room. the drugs, large amount of cash, as much as 0,000 you dollars, discovered inside his dorm room after one student was arrested for assaulting police, while on the drugs. two other students also over toes that had same night. >> lieutenant christopher flannigan with the radnor police is joining us with more on this good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thank you very much. >> we found out about this because students were overdosing. >> correct, friday night overnight sat the day morning we experienced four incident, three with transports to the the hospital with people displaying very bizarre behavior, hallucinating, and acting very violently. several people had to be
7:35 am
handcuffed. obviously we took them to the hospital to find out what is going on. one of the subjects screamed i'm taking lsd, multiple times so that put office are on alert to what we were dealing w we have not had this in over ten years at villanova. >> it sound like a story we used to do in the 70's and 80's, lsd. >> even the public safety director said he said he has in the heard of a lsd related incident happening on campus . >> correct work that knowledge we began started backing up. once we got those people to the hospital and made sure they were safe. one individual was charged for felony assault and young female student. we started working backwards with villanova to figure out who or if there is any other leads. >> so you go from the the emergency room and go backwards to this kids dorm room. >> correct. >> one of the people who was overdosing was his roommate. >> once we started to go backwards we realized first person arrested was the roommate of the subject mr. yim. >> he was using his own
7:36 am
roommate's product not just selling it. >> correct, he was clinting it and large amount of cash, several other products, marijuana in packaged form and different drug paraphernalia as well. >> do we believe that mr. yim is only person who was exhibit distributing this lsd. >> as we basically arrested mr. yim we will work out and spread the investigation out to make sure there isn't anybody else. >> even though this was a surprise to the public safety director, is this something thaw are hearing about popping up with college students and young kids. >> we at this again. >> is there times when college people are experimenting. colleges do pro active things from the beginning of the school to try to tell them not to experiment with drugs and other things because you never know where they are coming from but lsd we have not heard of in a long time. >> these kid taking it for the first time, don't realize how powerful that drug is. it makes you do crazy things. you see weird stuff, you do crazy things, like attack a
7:37 am
cop. >> one of the most powerful mood changing drugs is there, each person's reaction is different, there is not one size fits all. you can do some very dangerous things. your perception is off. you have a strong par any level, jump out a window, run out in the middle of the street. >> i would be concerned about, the fact that he had so much cash, it would indicate that he is sold a lot of it. >> if you have it, kid, if you have it, don't take it. >> don't take it. >> we did ask as a pro ago i have measure to let the people know of villanova know or anybody in the area we would ask you to turn it over. if you came upon it or even found it in the street it can be dangerous. it can get transmitted just by holding it, depending on the a attack. we will ask to you turn it in, give it back to us. >> tell them what it looks like, sometimes it looks like a little orange pill. >> is there a gelatin tab, what we saw what we call window payne which is something that falls apart, something that falls apart.
7:38 am
some have cartoon characters on the top of them, it looks like mini mouse and colorful things on that particular one. also, in the book they had different all clear. it comes in different forms. >> it looks like little list reen tablets. >> that melt in your mouth, the strips. >> yes, stay on it g to meet you. >> have a good day. one music legend honoring another, the touching tribute by stevey wonder and his friend last night, for maurice white of the earth, wind and fire. >> ♪ want a different way to cleanse?
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at as you know maurice white, one of the founders of earth, wind and fire died a few days ago. >> last night's grammys stevey wander with the acapella a group, performed an emotional tribute. >> ♪
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>> really nice. that was great. >> you know that song was recorded by earth, wind and fire in 1975. >> still amazing. hearing them do it was amazing there. all right. 7:42. here's an age old question did you eat your breakfast this morning? it is the debate that goes on and on, a new research study that we found says it might be okay to skip what people call the most pop meal of the day. >> i don't need to have breakfast. >> that is what this new research says. >> less work for me in the morning. football season, does it ever end. >> not when you are an eagles fan. >> eagles are busy today, jen. >> they are very busy, cover re, mexico, we will tell you why the girls are here and what they have been up to even
7:43 am
on super bowl sunday, keep it up.
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7:45. real cold in the poconos mountains on the cold. warm air moving across that snow pack and we have fog up
7:46 am
there. it is tough to travel around. especially in the mountains and valleys up in the poconos mountains. we have been seeing fog all morning. is what going on? we have warm air, or at least mild air thanks to the warm front that came through and made yesterday's mess. today's mess will be courtesy of the cold front about to come through our area, and touch off, heavy rain, and possible then are storms. right around the middle of the day is timing of this and you can see rain moving even closer, now that we have got rain in lancaster and berks counties, closing in on baltimore, washington area, it is moments away from entering our area. so do not the leave the house without that rain gear today and allow yourself lots of time because ground is still slippery. we will see scattered showers in kent, sussex counties where we saw accumulating snow at this time yesterday. so crazy. there is your poor visibility in the mountains. temperatures in the 30's a couple hours ago and now up to 57 degrees in philadelphia and
7:47 am
then by 10:00 o'clock this morning more than of that heavy rain moving n continues through lunchtime and beyond. should be out of here that rain by the time the evening rush hour gets here and then it gets cold again tonight. we could talk about black ice. fifty-seven where we are right now. that may be our high. we may get warmer. 46 degrees, for tomorrow, 40 on thursday. chilly on friday as well but then in the weekend we are in the 50's, chance of rain on machine. so, heavy rain has yet to come bob kelly but we are seeing problems and flurries. >> heavier rain to get rid of the ice and snow we have but it brings that black ice but don't let that temperature gauge fool you. it is 57 outside. but that 57 hasn't caught up to the ground surface just yet. everything is still out there, little icy, slushy, windy as well as the cameras rocking on i-95 at allegheny. the accident south on 295 right here near route 30 which is white horse pike getting out, will be the tough part
7:48 am
this morning. you may have to use that ice scrape tore get the ice coating on your windshield and door handle lock. the front steps, the driveway, the sidewalk that the kid are walking to get to the bus still could bized over. fifty-seven is the air temperature but the ground is still cold from the overnight. is there your speed meter readings for majors, slippery platforms on the mass transit lines. paoli thorndale line running with delays as well as chestnut hill doylestown and cut all of the bus drivers a break too because they are dealing with the slower then normal conditions, delays possible at philly international, not the just because of our weather here but miami is getting whacked with thunder boomers. they have over one hour delays at miami, miami and fort lauderdale. that will have a domino effect here in philadelphia and good morning northeast philadelphia, is there a live look at i-95 heading southbound, academy in through girard.
7:49 am
j-e-n-n than nice, bob kelly. >> something else that might cause a few delays is when you see who is visiting this morning. two of my friend from the philadelphia eagles cheerleaders. good morning, ladies. we will talk burfield trips in a second but tonight is there a cool free audition workshop what is that. >> tonight is audition workshop held at lincoln financial field. it fridays 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. it is a great opportunity for women to come out, and contestants who learn a dance that will be at holding call saturday march the fifth. >> so you just said big word there, audition time is up for you guys. >> that is right. >> but everyone is eligible. >> every year we have to retry out because it gives every girl an equal opportunity to make the team. you put yourself out there which is amazing for us. we push ourselves so much. >> you recently put yourself out there on a plane, in hotels. we have pictures of your trip. you went to four countries including korea. >> well, not the four countries but i went to four different cities within south korea.
7:50 am
>> we started off in soul, we traveled to five different military basis which was absolutely incredible. yes, it is pretty cool. >> yes, you performed during super bowl sunday there. >> yes, we had the opportunity, me and five others from different teams across the country had an opportunity to perform super bowl sunday and spend the day with the troops in the military. not only to perform for them but to spend a take that is filled with family tradition is so she was over there but you had your own field trip going on in mexico. >> we went, five of my teammates the and myself went over to nfl mexico, mexico city to promote the nfl. it was a great opportunity. we could in the believe the amount of eagles fans in mexico city. really exciting time for everyone in mexico because nfl just said they will have three games there over the next three years. it will be great to have the opportunity to experience nfl out in mexico. >> so you guys are not worried about auditions because you
7:51 am
have all of your moves down. >> oh, yeah. >> you have been trying their moves. i like the hair flip. >> yes it is a critical part would you agree. >> yes, yes. >> okay. so we tried a couple things. i will put this right here. actually, you hold this we should dot walk first because that is what i'm better at. >> yes. >> we will start with this foot. >> which foot right foot. >> yes. >> that is good now mike i know you want to see my hair flip, a couple times, what happened was i fell over but here we go, i'm right here, here i go, i get the my spot, my spot to the front. >> i'll give it the to you again because i don't know if you have the right thing. do i need to do more flip,
7:52 am
more head. >> wow. >> thinks sexy right here. >> this says i will sign my calendar. >> cockatu. >> thanks for coming in. >> good luck. >> hopefully we will see all of the woman out there tonight. >> and tomorrow night. >> what do we wear. >> what should mike jerrick wear on his audition. >> we prefer two piece danza tire, shorts, some tights, make sure they are nice hosery and just some dance sneakers. >> i love her. >> don't wear your boots because only cheerleaders in the business wearing sneakers. >> mike. >> try to beat that. >> i can't. >> we have to come back with weather and traffic. we have an update on the traffic. is this a breakfast discussion or sugar discussion.
7:53 am
>> let's do both. >> they say you are not to have breakfast anymore. it used to be called one of the most important meals of the day. >> you need to pay attention in the food thaw are eating, it is shocking.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
we have within about been told for years most important meal is breakfast, do not skip it. >> not the just any kind of breakfast a well balanced breakfast. but new is there another debate over whether skipping breakfast helps you to lose weight. >> i don't believe this study doctor, mike. it is still the most important meal of the day isn't it. >> if you want to did better in school, if you want to have more activity, and if you want to be overall healthier, then of breakfast. >> so why are they saying we may not need it then.
7:57 am
>> well, if you look at the science, the data, what happens is that you don't see a lot of difference in weight loss. in the number of total calories. the so what they did was they took people that didn't eat breakfast and compared them to people who did eat breakfast. they found that the total number of calories consumed was not any greater. we used to tell people hey, if you don't eat breakfast you will eat more at lunch and dinner and you you will gain weight. if you are looking at it strictly from that point of the view the information and data is mixed. my point of contention, however is that then look, you should have breakfast, you should do better in school and you'll have more activity and energy and that will make you live long he and have a healthier life. >> some people in the study, if they ate the breakfast, consume more calories over the whole day then the people that skipped breakfast they were
7:58 am
lethargic. >> they had less energy. now, let's look at a typical breakfast, all right. i watch people. i go to wawas. i see what they are eating. you have a sugar coated doughnut, you have a cup of coffee with a lot of sugar in there and throw in the cigarette and then you get on the schuylkill and you cut them off. you are in big trouble. >> heart attack. >> it is a nightmare. >> what kind of breakfast should you be having. >> when i'm short of time i always have a kashi bar, something low in fat that has grains you want to have a little bit of fat, complex carbohydrates, and you want to have a little protein. if you do that it will allow you to stay full, until lunch. you won't snack. are there people that benefit from frequent small meals every day, sure. should we say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no. every meal is important but
7:59 am
listen to me, eat your breakfast a lot of people don't eat breakfast because they are sleep deprived. >> that is me right here good they get up late they want to sleep, they don't want to eat. >> wake up earlier and more effort to put it all together. >> then you are in big trouble because that effects your brain awe will never lose weight. >> i'm missing a lot of lepton. >> yes. >> five seconds, iowas in washington over the weekend. i am at the white house store. who do i see? >> president obama. >> no, mike jerrick. >> michael jerrick, called presidential bloopers. >> i produced and starred in a tape called presidential bloopers. >> you are every where. >> i could not believe it. i went, looked, that was mike jerrick. >> he goes to the white house and he sees me. i love it. >> i love you good to see you. >> you are the best man i have
8:00 am
ever met. >> such a great the guy. >> you are such a talent. >> let's make out. >> it is tuesday, february 16th, 2016. it is a mess this morning. watch out from snow to rain to fog, the warm up affecting your drive. hidden sugar and so-called healthy foods is more common then you think. what you need to know before your next meal. hey everybody get up, the office is no longer an excuse to skip a work out. chef robert irvine with moves you can do at your desk. man, he is fit. and there will be people along the way who will try to under cut your success. >> what the singer calling out kanye? we will recap best and worst moments from your grammys.
8:01 am
>> gaga, nice little tribute to david last night. >> now we have surveillance footage of sue serio coming into work. she happened to be at penns landing on her way in. >> yes, and then she came across penns landing. >> here she is. >> friday night at 7:30 at wachovia center, thanks for coming out this morning it was really good, i didn't fall yet, dorothy. >> sue as someone who has watched your skating career very closely you are making serious practicing gress. >> i have not seen dorothy in a while. i miss her. >> what about the timing just ahead. >> yes. >> don't ever say that. it never gets old. >> never. >> that scene is played out all last night over olde city. >> yes. >> people trying to get to
8:02 am
work. >> face plant. >> you need ice skates. >> you may still have a problem north and west of the city where the temperature of the ground which was frozen over weekend hasn't caught up with the air temperature which is way milder. we are two out of ten because of the problems we will have later on when the rain starts and it is heavy rain that is heading our way. temperatures range from the 30's to the 50's out there this morning but bus stop buddy has the right the idea. rain gear. you can see rain closing in on it. it is in berks, lancaster county. it is only rain but you still to have watch it. so we have, 58 degrees today, with 18-mile an hour wind. the that is the other thing, wind are starting to pick up and we will see that on bob kelly's trash camera in just a few minutes. the these temperatures zooming up 45 in mount pocono. fifty-five in millville. fifty-one in wilmington. visibility is not good in the mountains. every where else the fog has improved. so, upper 50's throughout the morning, and then once the rain tapers off we will get
8:03 am
chilly once again. we will break it all down coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly, you see cameras moving out there. >> yes, dorothy was just in town over the week toned see bruce, she sent me a message, traffic question, so good morning to dorothy out there. good morning, everybody. live look, we're shaking, rocking and rolling, a little win north on i-95, an accident right here between allegheny a and girard and then southbound we're dealing with that jam from the betsy on into downtown. again, we have talked about this melting, it is 57 right now, and all that snow, ice, all melting it is creating a slushy, sloppy mess this morning on the roads, the sidewalks, front steps, when you step out the front door, slipping and sliding. and big puddles, quickly for our morning rush hour. southbound 295, two separate accidents here at route 30. look out at work zones where that melting snow is creating
8:04 am
big puddles, getting drainage grates. and 55 an accident in glassboro, and platforms and delays on septa's paoli thorndale line. watch for domino delays at the airport because of big storms coming through miami. mike and alex, back to you. boy, two hours ago, up to an hour ago, man did we have a mess on 202. in paoli. power went out. one of the plow trucks had their back load, what dough they call them, dump truck area part, hit power lines and cause a massive traffic jam on 202. >> it was shut down for a while but since then things have reopened. dave kinchen is there checking out how things are looking right now. >> how is it looking right now. >> reporter: we were in the mid of the shut down trying to get to that scene. much improved right now. traffic is moving quite smoothly here. you can see road are cleared, as well. everything much better at this point both sides, reopened
8:05 am
quite a bit ago a. but as we talked there is still areas that need improvement especially parking areas where along 202 this one mostly cleared. some areas still need to be cleared up a little will bit but we are still feeling the warm up here. we have been seeing ice, snow melting and making a big, big difference. so it will look different in the next couple of hours, especially back to you. >> i think we should check out new jersey to see how south jersey is doing. >> that is where steve keeley is. >> last time we saw him, anyway, steve. >> reporter: well, no problems at all. we saw puddles in the the left lane of route 130 where we warned people about on the highways, that is where we are seeing puddles form in the fast passing lane. one thing you can tell people get the life scared out of them once they hit the a life scared out of them and get right out of the left lane. not many people traveling in the left lane doing 07 like they normally would because one of the those puddles that will scar you. no accidents from the burlington bristol bridge down
8:06 am
here to the ben franklin bridge. smart driving and worst of the morning commute is over and big problems will will come later as sue says worse range coming later with the rain and maybe problems on the road just from flooding from all of the water, falling in every kind of way precipitation wise and maybe some blocked drains. you will see drains cleared that had trash and leaves or still left over getting dragged down to them overnight. here's the other good news. we just got off ben franklin bridge and noticed speed limit is back up to 45. it had been 25. penndot the put out a press release, penndot says speed limit restrictionness place on several expressways around too. but you can tell during the a.m. rush hour even though speed limit might be high as we sitting on the vine street expressway we are not moving. so i guess that is a good sign that the morning rush hour is back to a typical morning rush hour and you you notice we have wipers on intermittent
8:07 am
but we don't need them. it is only stuff flying off cars, nothing falling from the sky right new but such a warm temperature you you can keep your window down. you don't need the defroster and enjoy the warm weather while we have it. >> i think we made it. i hope i didn't say that too soon. 8:07. >> i take that back. if you have a taylor swift's house do you think she has a whole room just for her awards. >> probably. >> because she got three more last night. >> she has so many. >> grammys. >> that is right, here we go. yeah, taylor, opened the show, and then won three award including album of the year. and big bones of the night, kendrick lemar was a big winner, he took home five including best rap artificial island album and a couple of the acceptance speeches have people wand fairing there are hidden messages in them. >> oh, bill, you watched this. >> i did watch this. the the hidden message is in the really not so hidden.
8:08 am
it is not grammys. is there not some sort of drama. over the year artists have used music as a platform for self expression to talk about issues and occasionally to address foods with other artists. this year a few stars had interesting things to say as they accepted their award. taylor swift accepted the award for album of the year. it seems like she took a thinly veiled jab at kanye west. the last week he released a new song called famous and in that song he claim responsibility for making taylor swift famous because he cut her off during her acceptance speech at 2009vma's. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to under cut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. some day when you are getting where you are going you will look around and you will know it was you and people that love you, who put you there and that will be the greatest
8:09 am
feeling in the world. >> kanye. >> she could have said. >> beyonce seemed to make a statement when she presented the final award for record of the year. >> artist a culture and self expression. it can impact people in a variety of ways, for different reasons at different times. some will react, some will respond and some will be moved. these are the record of the year. >> speaking to those critical of the political nature of her super bowl half time show, when she performed formation. getting back to kanye. it didn't take long for him to respond. he didn't specifically address taylor swift but he went on twitter, continued his rant about being in debt and how society needs to open up and see his struggles, guys. don't be so hard on kanye, don't criticize him so much, he has pain too.
8:10 am
>> i thought those two taylor and kanye had buried the hatchet. >> that is how he made it theme. i had a conversation with it, we talk about the line he had in that song. >> yes. >> he just said it was in it. >> interesting, he said, she said thing. >> yes. well, i went on instagram. i follow quincy harris. >> he has been having a a night. >> it looks lake he has been over to tyreese house. they are having fun. are you okay, convince any los angeles? >> we will talk with him to see if he is okay. >> wait a second, we can't fine him. >> last time i check he was hanging out with snoop dog. we will see what he is doing now. but actor luke kirby is here, he stars in touched with fire with katie holmes. >> i know this guy. >> we will talk about this movie getting great reviews. >> it looks good. >> but first there is hidden sugar in the so-called healthy
8:11 am
foods. hi, welcome back to good day philadelphia it is more common then you think. that blueberry muffin looks real good. is that full of sugar. yeah. hopefully she speaks.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
it is 8:15. looking at ultimate doppler radar shows a complex storm system heading our way but what we're anticipating right new is rain but cannot rule out slippery surfaces as the ground is still cold from the weekend. there is rain edge nothing to lancaster, berks county. it is getting heavier. look at how our temperatures zoomed up just a couple hours ago we were mostly in the the 30's. now we're up to 58 in philadelphia 52 wildwood. 45 degrees in the mountains and lancaster is up to 46. so we have had that change with milder air but ground is still cold but heavy rain will cause a new set of problems. the it is win driven heavy rain set to move through the middle of the day. let's say either side of
8:15 am
lunchtime. so by nine or 10:00 o'clock we will notice on this program that the rain is getting heavier. 60 degrees we have gone to for our high today but that by tomorrow we have child out a little bit. still windy on wednesday and then thursday and friday on the chilly side, seasonal really but bob kelly, up to the 50's by week even. >> you got it. >> good morning. live look, jumping around here at 422 eastbound major roadways are okay but getting to the majors where it will be most tricky. there could be some ice left over on the car, windshield overnight. it is a slushy, slippery start on the on and off ramps, sidewalks are still slippery are. here's i-95 southbound from cottman to girard. freeway jamming from atlantic city expressway all the way in. two separate accidents on 295 south in the construction zone. in the work zone all this melting snow causing big puddles especially where there is a little bit of the tight narrow squeeze in the work zone, slippery platforms and
8:16 am
delays on septa's paoli thorndale line, is there a handful of lines that are running with some minor delays because of the weather and minor delays at philly international. mike and alex, back over to you good is there new diet guidelines out. >> and may have you rethinking what you buy when it comes to eating and drinking. here to tell us why is a registered dietition from cooper university health care. >> hi there, shelly will you make us feel bad. >> i hopefully will let you know some other choices to have. >> first thing we put in our mouth every day, some kind of coffee. that is a vanilla a latte i got. >> for mostly deprived new parent like myself we need our coffee but we don't need that extra sugar that comes with the vanilla latte. it is more sugar then a can of pepsi. >> let's show the demonstration then. >> we will pour in about 55 grams of sugar.
8:17 am
>> so much it is flying all over place. >> is that how much you you are drinking. >> that is how much you are getting. if you add more in, that is way more. you are drinking two pepsis. >> i remember back in the day i would have a muffin until everybody said there is sugar in there. >> whenever you get the a store bought muffin you will get about 8 teaspoons of added suing. that is just not good. >> wake up your day with extra sugar. >> does that go directly to the belly. >> what about protein bars. sometimes i think this is healthy. >> always check label. you won't know unless you look and see how much sugar is in every protein bar this one has about 9 teaspoons of added sugar. it is no the that big of a bar. it is pretty much all sugar. >> now we are in the middle of the day and we need an energy boost. >> right, a lot of times peel will just have something to drink during the day that
8:18 am
tastes good, gets them a little bit of energy and they have about 32 grams of sugar. >> yes. >> not at all. >> so that doesn't pick you up. >> what about a different kind of sports drink. one of the sport drinks in these large bottles people think this will be my drink for the day. but this is three and a half serving in here and one serving alone is there 21 grams of sugar. you you are getting a couple cans of pepsi by drinking that. >> a smoothie drink. >> i see them. >> people want to get their vegetables, their fruit, drink them and go but you also get a ton of sugar too. so about 55 grams or 14
8:19 am
teaspoon of sugar alone. >> my granddaughter, teddy, i have a granddaughter. >> yes, we know. >> she constantly had apple juice in her hand. >> your serving size is only 4-s much. what people usually have of apple juice is pretty much something like this size. and this will have about 31 grams of sugar. >> because sometimes i check and i say it is 100 percent juice, not from concentrate. >> even it is 100 percent juice is there 16 to 20 apples stuffed in one little thing of apple juice. >> cranberry juice. >> a lot of times we put more sugar in it to make it sweet. it is tart. if you had hundred percent cranberry juice you could not tolerate it. how much sugar is in this? this has about 37 grams. >> it is a lot. >> like we said, can of soda is about 40. we are right up there. >> what about ice tease. >> they can be sweeten with
8:20 am
anything like splenda or monk fruit but if you getting one sweet went regular sugar it will be around 20 grams of sugar. so you are looking at something like this. >> already put together ones. >> right. >> ready to go, you can grab and go and drink sugar along the way good how is your baby doing. >> five months. loving life, every minute, all night. >> just drinking water all the time. >> yes. >> thank you. >> 8:20. >> well, she calls out singer did you see this on the red carpet before the grammys. he calls her out for valentines day fans and now, fans are coming to the defense. >> just what lauren was talking about yesterday. reality star opens up about the fight of perfect life. a source of hope while she battles brain and lung cancer.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
8:24 am
you know ryan reynold was named sexiest dad alive. >> that is right, he was. >> well, he is also a hero. he has a philadelphia connection here. he has come to the rescue of this teenage boy, seeking treatment, over at chop, children's hospital of philadelphia. >> he is making a plea on social media to raise 800 you this dollars for a 13 year-old conn an mcgraph who is fighting rare type of leukemia and need experimental t cell treatment. reynolds traveled to the teen's home to meet his number within fan. >> the t cell treatments over at chop are famous new around the world. they are an amazing things and ryan wants to get that man from alberta to philadelphia as soon as possible. >> that is wonderful. >> i think he will get it done too. >> you know, the star, big ange from mob wife's, boy, she gave a heartfelt plea to
8:25 am
doctor oz. whole a audience was crying. >> people are upset about what she's going through. she said if you are a smoker you need to quit. she's battling stage four brain and lung cancer. the she's 55 years old. she will open up more about her ordeal on the the doctor oz show later today. >> mob wife's star big ange. >> they found stage four brain cancer. >> you have never seen her before. >> we will go inside her fight to stay alive. >> getting better it is getting worse good do you have any chance of surviving. >> i was watching this tape yesterday because it is all, on tape, and big ange said her children and grandchildren are source for hope for her now. hear her entire interview today, that is 1:00 o'clock on doctor oz right here on fox. yeah, whole audience very touched by that. 8:25. well, jen fred first she was working with the eagles cheerleaders and now she's working out with chef robert
8:26 am
irvine. >> i know you love him, for dining but here's the thing, there is no excuse to not look like this. it is tight t-shirt. >> baby gap t-shirt. >> we will take you to getting fit, on the run, kid in your face, whatever is happening no excuses, come on back. >> let's go.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ >> now, that is a moment i enjoyed. >> it was a nice moment. >> moving tributes and then there were the mean, from fashion to fopa s. >> as a matter on have fact, get on twitter and facebook and tell us who you thought had the best outfit on and maybe the worst. >> okay. >> that is more fun.
8:30 am
>> so, young actor his name is luke dish hoy happens to be in philadelphia today. he stars in the the new film called touch with fire. man, katie holmes is in this. it is about a couple of poet thes who are by polar and it is a true story. >> okay, he's here. >> of course, one of our favorite chefs, big friend of the she but his new tv project premiered last night. >> here's a bit. >> it the is back. >> best home cook in america will be mentored by four of the best chefs in the world, curtis stone. >> if i tell you it, listen to me. >> robert irvine. >> alex. >> $50,000 dinner. >> and andrew simmer. >> yes. >> this is a good show. >> he got a temper there. >> he doesn't mess around. it is tight t-shirt tuesday. thanks for coming back. >> i love being with you.
8:31 am
you guys are off the charts. >> doctor mike is yelling from los angeles as we speak. that is how our world works. we are multi tasking doing crazy stuff. the first question i want to ask you before the work out. the chefs that we are seeing, me i'm a rookie. i took every night for my family. what is the biggest mistake someone like me is making. >> it is really important. if you want to stay healthy you have to use fresh juices, vegetables abe and herbs and get rid of the salt and sugar. when we eat healthy we think rabbit food and who want to eat rabbit food seven days a week. the it is not cool. use lemon juice, lime juice, fresh herbs, low sodium, soy sauce, you don't need fancy tools you have two hand. >> so talk to me about this book. i know you are republishing it. >> rereleasing it the. >> this came out august 1st.
8:32 am
we're on the fifth printing right now. people will say we want to get healthy. it is funny it is females that are driving that healthy fan malls. it is way to go females good we have a lot of excuses. we have to take kid to the dentist, he need lacrosse practice. i have to go to work, i have a party later. >> all of you out there there is no such thing. we are here in fox 29 office upstairs, okay, great. we all have a bench somewhere. i want to you do and i just showed you a press, triceps press. that is all triceps. >> it does you do three sets of ten you know you are working out. >> i think people are used to it. >> they want to put their fancy pants on but you literally can do this while you are sitting around. >> here's something, look at this, great stop, grab that bottle of water. people say you don't use water. >> yes, do. >> people don't think there is weight in this. if you you grip it tightly and
8:33 am
grip it at the top. >> is this an excuse to see your muscles. >> no, i'm showing you. >> but gripping it is key. >> grip it tight, slow and grip it right. >> i'm going to the gun show pretty soon. >> oh, yeah. >> you can feel it, but you have to pin much. anybody can do that. >> you have to work out with intention. >> push-ups. >> so triceps, biceps and back to the triceps. put your hand like this. >> right. >> nice and tight. i want you to go down. >> wow. >> is this what you do in hotel rooms. >> so that is a triceps and then get on your knees and do a push up. >> you can stay down. >> keep your knees down people
8:34 am
think you have to follow rules. there is no such rules in fitness. you have got kid, babies, all these things in your life. there is no excuse. you can do 20 minutes in your home. >> just do it. >> will you stay until 9:20ish and show you you some more. >> we will get a real work out >> yes. >> i cannot really tell. >> you no he what will happen in a minute. >> please, please. >> super fit. >> real quickly i want to say hello to my aunt, watching from texas and laughing at you, mike. >> hi, felicia. >> madison, and my uncle sonny and h2. >> he is the junior, so he is h2. >> yes. >> yes. >> he is a swimmer. >> if you were here he would be slipping and sliding, sue. >> yes. >> that is frozen h20 out
8:35 am
there this morning. it is raining, it is milder then it was, just an hour ago. things are still frozen on the ground in many places. do you you see how rain is closing in on us. now it is starting to edge into chester county, new castle county delaware. temperatures are so mild that it is only rain. don't let this 58 degrees fool you, some surfaces are still ice think morning from the weekend the ground was really cold. look at how the temperatures have jumped up a couple hours ago. it is 50 in reading. fifty-one pottstown. forty-five mount pocono 567892 wildwood. it is just crazy how warm it has gotten and we will stay in the upper 50's, maybe hit 60 degrees before the day is through but those downpours, we will get heavy wind, will pick up gusting to 30 miles an hour. we will to have deal with flooding, as the midday hours is when we expect that to be an issue. rain will taper off, via
8:36 am
evening rush will be better then it is right now. >> evening rush will melt more but then create puddles and that is really all that will lead to that icing on the overnight. right now an accident north on the freeway at creek briefed got delays on 295, in both directions, because of the crash, here's 42 freeway jam from the walt whitman all the way into the eye should say from the expressway all the way into the walt whitman, two up is rate accidents on 295, within the work zone here, and in those work zones, heavy rain, big old puddles are created in the travel lanes. in problems on the bennie coming up and over downtown, one of those light morning rush hours there but there is a live look at the blue route from villanova down to i-95 and running with delays on both mass transit, scattered delays and minor delays at the airport. mike and alex, back to you over to you. a tail as old as time. >> he knows the words.
8:37 am
>> beauty and the beast. >> classic is coming to life, that is right beauty and beast is in philadelphia and we will have mrs. pots there she is, she will be here to perform. >> mrs. pots in the studio. >> yes. waiting to listen to kanye's new album instead of mike, well, the wait is not going to end anytime soon, only way you will hear his new sound. >> really. >> making money for his friend.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
we have some breaking news out of the city's kensington neighborhood. crews called out to this fire at a home in the 3,000 block of north water street knocking down some of the building. the it looks like a porch. we necessity two people have been taken to the hospital. but don't know their
8:41 am
condition. i don't know why we have a tight shot right now but this is a row home, trying to knock down part of the porch. >> yes. >> it looks like it is out. we don't see much smoke at all. they have it under control. north water street in kensington. kanye released his much talked about album during his season three fashion show in new york last week. if you didn't spend last week enlist evening to the life of pablo because you were not on tidal. waiting for kanye's new sound to be a available every where you can get music, well, you will wait forever. >> this is his fashion show from madison square garden. >> but he was playing his new music during the fashion show. >> he did perform it on saturday night live. >> did he. >> yes. >> so, kanye west recently revealed his latest album will only be available on tidal. you know that digital music streaming service started by jay-z and other artists. >> jay-z said can you put it
8:42 am
on tidal, help meet out. >> they say that tidal, a lot of people are subscribing to it just to get to it. >> it is actually pretty good. >> i'm still looking for quincy harris, he has been partying all night in los angeles. we have in the been able to find him. >> he posted another video with a celebrity. >> there he is. >> last time i saw you on instagram were you at the a tyreese's house with a lot of people. >> it is still going on right now, guys. i have been up for about 20 hours but you who is counting, not me. guys, we will talk bit, the parties, the celebrities all coming up next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:45. we are keeping a close eye on conditions, and in allentown where the temperature has listen above freezing but ground is still cold but there could be slippery spots walking and driving just don't let your guard down this morning even though things every so much different. we have had 30-degree temperature difference from yesterday. in other word it is 30 or more degrees warmer then it was yesterday at this time. look at this mess heading our way. rain heavier in lancaster county. that heavier rain will be moving in here. before too long really. berks county, lehigh valley,
8:46 am
pocono mountains heading in to delaware it is on the doorsteps. it is in the raining where you are right new it will be grab the rain gear before you hit the the house. we will were only in the lower 20's at this time yesterday. it is 45 in mount pocono. fifty-two in wildwood. as we mentioned it is still frozen on the ground in some places. moderate to heavier rain moving in now. wind picking up, between let's say 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and with the ground still frozen we will see some of that rain, kind of cause the ice to run off ponding on road, reduced visibility. mike and alex, we could even hear a rumble of thunder this afternoon, this goofy weather, so cold yesterday. >> really weird. >> so we all watched grammys, a lot of us did but somebody experienced up close and personal, in los angeles. >> that is because quincy, he has the key to the city. >> and there are a bunch of parties, legendary parties follow the grammys. how was it. >> it is great. i have been up for about 20
8:47 am
hours. we had a lot of fun. tyreese, i don't know if you know, he is from the urban area close to where kendrick lemar does. he has a house in the valley, mike, you you know about the valley, he has a big backyard. in his backyard he has a club, he has built an indoor club in his backyard. he has gibson hanna's and he has a studio. people were watching straight out of the comp ton on the movie screen outside in the club djing, snoop was there, wiz and then you have people eating shrimp all in tyreese backyard. it is still going on right now. we caught up with snoop dog. we had a little fun in the club.
8:48 am
>> ♪ >> that is me and snoop and we are rapping l.l. cool j. if you don't know who that is, he is dry guy that hosted the grammys. >> he is a manager, he is a manager. there was a love celebrities there. >> marcia rosen. >> i know you love marcia. >> local philly group. >> just a bunch of people there. >> dougie fresh, rebel run, he got nominated. well, not nominated he got honored, for empire. lifetime achievement award. it was fun. guys, i'm tired but it was fun. it is just fun. parties still going on right now. can i tell you this, we had to sign a confidentiality agreement before we came to the party which kind of scared me. i said wow what is happening here but it was all fun.
8:49 am
>> will you go back now that you are done with this report. >> i'm looking at the clock as you can see my eyes trailing up, but i would but i have a plane to catch. i have to come back home. i want to be where it is cold. i want to be where my hearties. >> sure. >> yeah. >> but, of course, at 9:00 o'clock we have to talk, i don't like to growth, people but some of my predictions for the grammys were really spot on. they were really, spot on. >> yes y want to know your opinions overall too about the grammys. >> okay. >> next hour, guys. >> i will take a little nap in between. >> it is ten minutes until 6:00 in california where he is and everyone of his predictions came will through. we will see them. it was very is ad to see this yesterday, vanity died
8:50 am
yesterday. >> her name is denise katrina matthews. >> she passed away yesterday. she has been battling kidney failure and more recently an abdominal illness. >> stomach illness. >> she gained net right in the lead singer of the 80's group vanity and she was prince pro se. >> for years. >> only 57 years old. >> the song nasty girl. >> that was her biggest hit. >> and is she the one that went on to find the lord and got out of the music industry. >> yes, she did. >> she became very religious. i think, oh, my gosh, hammer time. >> mc hammer. >> there we go. >> he tweeted and said i was just with her at church this past weekend and now i'm sad to hear about this. >> gorgeous, gorge us would man. >> yes. >> a group of skiers, man did they get a big surprise. what is lurking in the snow that stopped them in their track. they took off.
8:51 am
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whoo! i mean, whoo. i made a mistake of walking in the green room. >> right the. >> with robert irvine in there. dropped down and give me 20 or ten or what are it was. two, four or two. >> are you all right. >> i'm good. >> a live look at tacony palmyra bridge. just gone back to normal have after a quick opening here. betsy ross will be your best bet. you saw the camera shaking there. that is what sue said when she said that wind driven rain is what we have to deal with the rest of the the day. the delays on the freeway north bound coming in towards the city an accident at creek road. two separate accidents on 295 in the work zone look, we're
8:55 am
up to 58 now. that is melting the snow and that is creating, huge puddles, especially in the work zones, like here on i-95, 202, a and out on the northeast extension. mike and alex, back over to you. do you want to see a snow leopard. >> they are pretty some american tourist were on a ski trip in india. a snow leopard popped out. >> they all ran over it because there was the snow. look at this. >> look at that. >> are they on a snowmobile. >> would i head right to the lodge. >> i'm done. >> hot toti. >> they are beautiful but they got spooked, but then they went after it. >> it is kind of cool. >> lets talk about the
8:56 am
grammys. >> well, for a lot of people it is most talk about performance on the night, how did she do? what adele said went wrong during her big moment her big return to the grammys. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
8:57 am
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8:59 am
kendrick lemar shined last night. we will talk about all of the performances as well, hits, misses on the stage and who should have been there. >> good day, it is tuesday february 16th, 2016 to make this more hour more interesting we should set this set on fire just like last night. >> yes. >> burn it down. >> yes, start over.
9:00 am
>> grammys, hi sue. >> hi sue. >> the grammys may focus on music but you fashion also took center stage last night. >> did you see this. >> look at sees era. >> wow. >> wait until she turns to the side. >> is there a side. >> now we have our typical "good day philadelphia", fashion panel, all ready to go but get on twitter and facebook. did you like that outfit? what were hits and misses from last night. we have just been looking at movie trailers for a new film, called touched with fire, katie holmes is in this and a young man who was in this philadelphia as well. the it is about a bipolar set, this young man luke kirby is in our studio. it is intense, man. and a classic coming to life, beauty and beast is in philadelphia, mrs. pots is here to perform. >> this is an animated film, you mean they will be on stage, live characters.


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