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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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its there was a nasty squall line that just really raked through parts of the area. we're talking about winds gusting tropical storm force cause something damage across parts of area. so take look at the numerous win gust reports. also, trees down. some wires down across parts of area as we move around philadelphia moving into camden county, gloucester county, numerous trees along with wires down. take a look at some of those peak wind gusts. pitts grove, 65-mile per hour withins. west deptford 57-mile per hour winds. in around philadelphia around 50. wilmington 41. the rain it has moved out, but we still have some run you've and also flood warnings north and west. we'll be watching the perkiomen creek, the brandywine creek along with the krum creek into the evening for potential concerns. now, temperatures today believe it or not made it to 60 degrees around noon. dropping into the 40s now and then overnight tonight, we'll have to watch out perhaps for a little bit of patchy black ice
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north and west. temperatures below freezing in the burbs. right around 33 degrees in the city. the roller coaster ride will continue. we'll talk about the details with the seven day coming up. back to you. >> all right, talk to you very soon, scott. and as he mentioned, some of those storms packed damaging winds. >> we're just starting to get a look at the damage left behind now that that severe weather has moved out of here. let's get right out to chris o'connell live outside the holmesburg boys club. chris? >> reporter: iain, kids who were planning on hockey practice tonight at the holme burg boys club are being turned away tonight because of this. major damage to their club here in northeast philadelphia. entire section i would say at least a half a football field worth of a rubber lining of the roof ripped off this causing major damage to this club. take look at the video we shot right after sky fox was over the scene on ditman street after one of those squall lines like scott was just talking about tour the
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thick rubber layer of this roofing right off the building. most of it coming to rest behind the building where i stand now. this is a new roof. they put it on about a year ago. they say five years -- saved five years of fundraising for the $15,000 roof and now it all needs to be replaced. inside the club floor hockey ring that's now covered in water because of the new holes in the roof. club officials here say hundreds of kids a* use this place won't be allowed in at least for a couple of days. >> what are you looking at now, what's going through your mind now that you're looking at it? >> now? what am i going to do with all the kids i have in in here. all my volunteers that help me out to do what i got to do here. start all over again. i mean we're in the middle of you'll program hockey season. we still got i think another month left of the season left. i don't know what i'm going to do with that many now. >> reporter: right now the group is just trying to assess the damage. you see more of it here behind me. another big tree branch came
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down breaking the fence. just really just a mess out here. they have no idea how fast these winds were. but they had to be february rowers to rip this roof right off the club. right now, again, trying to repair the damage. this could be tens of thousands of dollars. the group has started a gofundme page we've posted that on our website guys. hopefully these guys can get back and running soon get these kids back to playing hockey. >> absolute. chris o'connell, thank you so much. suburbs are seeing storm damage as well this picture from matt henry shows a sunoco sun that blew over on route 352 in glenns mills delaware county. to buck county and look a that right there. strong wind tore off the roof of one of the buildings at the tanner brothers dairy farm in richboro. you can see inside there are c cows. we don't know if any were hurt. live look in delaware right now. this is wilmington. very pretty. look at that. the skies all clear out. remember you can get weather alerts and forecasts 24/7 right at your fingertips.
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download the fox 29 weather authority app on the apple and google play store. developing story right now out of center city philadelphia. 38-year-old man is shot early this morning on the street at 15th lone cut. he's now in critical condition. >> tonight a lot of questions surround what happened. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us live from the scene. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, the concern among at least some folks in question in terms of this incident not only why it happened but where it happened. right here in the middle of a vibrant center city neighborhood known for its bars and restaurants and theaters. certainly not known for gunfire. many hours after the shooting the rain swept intersection of 15th and locust was still buzzing. about the violence that played out in this unlikely place. chris is in town working stage crew for beauty and the beast just down the block. >> kind of scary. we'll be walk aig round at night. nobody wants to hear pow that happening so close to them. >> reporter: it happened just before 1:00 a.m. police say a 38-year-old south philadelphia man and his
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50-year-old friend were standing out front of the kosi restaurant when a masked gunman approached, fired a single shot from a semi-automatic handgun striking the 38 eighty three old in the right arm. bleeding profusely the victim ran and was scooped up by philadelphia police on broad street and rushed to hahnemann hospital. there were plenty of stunned witnesses in the area. >> it's known for businesses. it's known for theaters. it's a very safe area. this type of thing very rare for someone to get shot in this neighborhood. >> reporter: security camera footage from a 15th street business shows what appears to be two men running from the scene. it's not clear whether they were victims or bystanders. the incident was first reported as an itemed robbery. a stranger shoot tag random victim. but police source tells fox 29 that the shooting victim and his friend each had 19 prior arres arrests. offenses ranging from drugs to theft to assault. says police spokesman lieutenant john stanford -- >> still not clear whether or not this was a robbery or this is something from a previous
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dispute or something along those lines much that's all things central detectives are looking into at this point in time to see what the actual motive is behind this incident. >> reporter: the shooting victim while in critical condition is expected to make it. not much of a description on that gunman, masked as he was. but police have collected some of the best of the security camera footage from this block. obviously they'll be taking a look at that and see if it can give them some idea of what happened in the moments leading up to this shooting, lucy. >> thank you bruce. child who police say ended up all by herself at a center city department store after her mother tried to shoplift then ran off is now with her dad. only fox 29 was there last thursday night as police left the macy's in center city with the four-year-old girl. sources are telling us department of human services has play the child with her dad. police say the 27-year-old mother tried to leave the store with more than $1,500 worth of goods. authorities say when store security brought her into an office the mom ran off leaving the little girl behind. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says she
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will not seek re-election. kane making the announcement in her hometown of scranton this afternoon. the announce many follows two years of scandal in her office. kane facing charges of perjury and related offenses in montgomery county. prosecutors are accusing kane of leaking secret grand jury material to a reporter and then lying about it. her trial is scheduled to begin this summer. chester county man facing charges after cops say he got out of his car with a baton to confront another driver. west white field township police arrested 49-year-old scott sanford of exton. police cezanne forward tailgated a car with a father and his wasn't eight-year-old son insi inside. they cezanne forward pulled in front of the car, stopped, got out holding a baton then walked over to the father and son's c car. they sped off but the son recorded what happened on his phone capturing the license plate number as well which helped officers track him down. authorities in northampton county, pennsylvania, are trying to track down two men wanted for assaulting a woman on her way
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home from work. easton police released these sketches of the wanted men. authorities say on february 6th, a 36-year-old woman was walking along the 1400 block of spruce street when two men came up from behind her and knocked her out. police say they sexually assaulted her. then ran off when she regained consciousness. investigators say the two may have driven off in a newer white chevy malibu or impala. almost a week after dropping out of the race for president new jersey governor chris christie unveils his 2017 spending plan for the garden state. the budget projects $800 million surplus revenue growth is expected to come from growing income and state sales tax revenues. today presentation was the governor's first public appearance since dropping out of the race for the white house. he thanked the people of new jersey for allowing him the quote great privilege of running for the president of united states. >> it was the governing experience i've had here in this
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great state the reforms we tackled here in new jersey, the bipartisan hard choices we made and the recovery for from one of the largest natural disasters in our nation's history, that i felt prepared me for higher office. >> democratic lawmakers say they're disappoint the his budget doesn't address the state's transportion fund which is slated to run out of money in june. a huge birthday bash today for one bucks county woman. >> she turned 109 years old. rose esposito at the holy redeemer manor in yardley. she loves to sing and dance. even with her walker she says the secret to a long live everything in moderation. >> my motto, too. >> i love that. >> severe storms in alabama and florida leave homes destroyed. why one county sheriff is calling it the worst storm he's ever seen. a car goes into icy water in
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delaware with the driver trapped inside. what two firemen did to get her out. >> pitchers and catchers due in clearwater florida for spring training tomorrow. mind boggling numbers on the salary of nfl commissioner rager goodell. it's all ahead in sports.
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>> this billboard right there most definitely not where the folks at geico wanted. fell victim to the storm that moved through this afternoon. scott williams has your full forecast in just a little bit. down south residents along the alabama bam florida border are cleaning up now. this video from century florida yesterday. so far the national weather service has confirmed one tornado touched down in alabama. it is still investigating whether more may have also touched down. the sheriff says he's never seen
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a storm as big and as fast as the one that he saw monday. he says he saw an entypy tire uprooted pine tree just fly past his car. >> young woman is trapped in a freezing cold creek this morning after she lost control of her car on a delaware road. >> police say she basically hit a patch of ice. dawn timmeney live in hokessin dawn you've been talking with the men who rescued the driver. >> reporter: i did talk to those two firefighters, lucy. of course they don't consider themselves heroes as a matter of fact they don't even know what all the fuss is about. thanks to air actions an 18-year-old girl is alive tonight. >> she was hysterical. she wanted out of the car. she was scared. >> firefighter and emt matt bird describing this rescue of 18-year-old driver who's car veered off creek road in centreville after hitting a pass of ice just before 7:30. her honda over turning and landing in red clay creek filling with water. >> the seat of her car was in the air so she was actually
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holding up -- hold herself up above the water. >> reporter: firefighter george lamb born believes that helped save her life. young woman up to her neck in the freezing cold water for 15 minutes before rescuers arrived on the scene. >> the water and us was about, you know, chest high. so 4.5 feet, easily she could have drowned. >> reporter: hokessin was first on the scene. the two firefighters knew they didn't have much time jumping into the water breaking a car window cut the seat belt and freeing the driver. >> it was freezing temperatures. you know, the water had ice in it. i mean it was extreme cold. adrenaline kicks in and then, you know, you just do what you need to do. >> reporter: both men are downplaying their heroic efforts saying it's all in a day's work. >> it was just our job. >> it's what i'm paid to do. this is what i like to do. this is what i love. i wouldn't have it any other w way. >> reporter: now that 18-year-old driver is identified as emily earnest from hokessin.
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she suffered exposure to the cold an head injury and was taken to christiana hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police did cite her with careless driving but all things considered, iain, i would say she's one very lucky young lady. >> lucky indeed. what a story, dawn. thank you. all right. we have scott williams talking about some crazy weather we've had but no complaints as far as the warmness. >> incredible. it's really been bizarre. a roller coaster ride. i mean we went from winter to spring in a matter of hours today iain and lucy. look at the temperature around midnight in philadelphia. 33 degrees. we were 47 at 4am. 58 at 8:00 a.m. by lunch time, 60 degrees. so really a temperature turn around now for the overnight, temperatures north and west will dip below freezing. in could be a little bit of patchy ice but we still have the wind so a lot of evaporating will take place. now take a look at tomorrow's forecast. drying out. a mixture of sun and clouds. then as we move toward the
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whipped direction it will be out of the west, not as gusty as today 10 to 15 miles per hour. but take a look at this nasty squall line that just moved through parts of the area. you can see it kind of bowing out. that is indicative of some strong gusty winds and that certainly was the case across parts of the area around lunch time moving toward the 2:00 o'clock time frame as that system rapidly raced on off to the north and east. we saw an average about half an inch to an inch the highest number right here around the allentown area earlier today. but take a look at the temperatures starting to cool off a bit. the pocono mountains already 34 degrees. we have 39 in lancaster. 43 wilmington and 49 degrees currently in atlantic city. so here's the front. the system that brought us the heavy rain lifting on ought to the north and east. so for tomorrow, the sun will return. we will see some clouds moving through. so kind of filtered sunshine partly sunny skies out there but we will stay dry and quiet. now, a little cooler as we move
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toward tomorrow and then especially thursday but by the upcoming weekend, temperatures will be right back up into the mid to even upper 50's well above the average for this time of year. so for tonight, low 30s in the city. 29 degrees in the colder suburbs once again there could be some patches of ice. but otherwise, continuing to dry out for tomorrow. not as blustery still a little bit of a breeze though with that west wind. you can see temperatures top out around 45 degrees. so that weather authority seven day forecast will show you a cold start tomorrow. a mixture of sun and clouds. mid fours several degrees above the average and slightly cooler or colder as we move toward thursday upper 30s. that's it for highs. the recovery friday mid 40s and then look at the upcoming weekend. certainly not feeling like winter last sun day's low temperature was 8 degrees in philadelphia. high temperature was only 20. take a look at this sunday fosses forecast. morning lows in the upper 30s
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afternoon high temperatures in the mid maybe upper 50s and we keep pretty mild conditions into early next week with chances for rain. right now it doesn't look like we'll be looking at any snow in that seven day forecast. but i mean this month has just been a roller coaster. >> it has been. >> bizarre. >> no snow. >> where do i sign? (laughter). >> i'm holding to you it. >> he just said for this week. we still got a ways to go. >> never let the facts get in the way of a good story. >> so true. baseball, the phillies pitchers and catchers due to report to spring training tomorrow. howard he is can nine clearwater tonight with what to expect this spring. if you're a football fan and tired of hearing about the greg hardies, ray right rice of the world wait until you hear the salary of the guy who has to deal with them. goodell's draw dropping numbers are next in sports.
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trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ ♪ hope does spring eternal. it has to after you lose 99 games like the phillies did last season. this year spring training starts with a new president, a new general manager and pete mackanin first full year as the full-time manager. pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. howard eskin already there. >> reporter: oh, what a different year this is going to be. 66 players coming to phillies camp starts with pitchers and
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catchers on wednesday. now you see this roster right here? they didn't have enough room to fit all the players on the roster. there's only 16 players from camp last year that will be in camp this year. so it will be a different phillies season. now, they have 37 pitchers. you see all these fields? all these fields will be used, will be used because you got to get all these guys to practice. so that's going to be a little bit of a challenge. but maybe the bigger challenge with the 37 pitchers is to have enough pitchers mounds to get the guys to warm up and to be able to pitch. so you got four fields, carlton, robs, ashburn, schmidt, those are the names of the fields and they will be practicing on all the fields. this year, i think they're going to use more than just the four fields. this is the ballpark the phillies play spring training game normally during spring training other than the games you won't see much activity here. however, this year because the phillies have so many players, i'm sure they're going to
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utilize the stadium here bright house networks field in clearwater. there you go at little mini tour a lot of new players, new general manager, new president, new way to run this baseball team. it will be different this year in spring training but one little complaint it's only hitting about 70 degrees here in clearwater and i know you guys have great weather back -- you don't have great weather back in philadelphia. whatever. we'll have more over the next week. pitchers and catchers report on wednesday. from clearwater, florida, yeah, that's where i am, howard eskin for fox 29 news. >> sunglasses search. guys. if that didn't warm your heart maybe this will. nfl commissioner roger goodell made are you ready $34.1 million in 2014. 3.4 in base, 3.7 in pension and deferred benefits and how about this guys a bonus of $26.5 million in nine years since his salary has been
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disclosed roger goodell has gotten by on $180.5 million. roger if you need a few more, you know -- >> how does he manage? >> hold on a second. >> he's getting by. >> he's getting by. >> struggling by. >> he's had a few wishes on his platter to deal with. i'm sure the owners are appreciative the way he dealt with them. but are you kidding me? >> i know. i got a bonus once. i got a dvd. >> you got to come back at 10:00 o'clock tonight. >> that's bonus. >> what's a transition. >> speaking of that be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00 sparks are flying as deputes chase the stolen backhoe. the driver dumping boulders as he drives back and forth on this bridge even damaging a squad car. how they final hal to stop him. that's all coming up tonight. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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taylor swift. >> swift revenge. >> there will be people along the way who take credit for your accomplishments. >> and beyonce's defiant message to america after her controversial super bowl appearance. >> some will react, some will respond and some will be moved. >> and natalie cole's grieving family. why they are so upset with this grammy contribute. >> it's really insulting. >> inside the grammys. >> what you didn't see on tv. >> then. [barking]. >> barking hillary clinton. >> she is barking like a dog. >> and here she is. the beauty the certain of the -- at the


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