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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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warm temperatures are gone, too, but that's okay, it is february, it feels more like february out there. it is a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. and there you see blessed nothing, at least not in our area, on radar. we do see some light snow around new york and long island, the showers down to our south are breaking up, so we don't even need to watch that any more. 35 degrees our current temperature, feels like 30, light winds at 6 miles an hour, 6:52, your sunrise time, on this tran will morning. things are drying out. winds took care of that yesterday. after the rain ended, there was still enough wind around to dry out most of our roadways, and most of our temperatures are above freezing this morning, so, thankfully, not seeing the issues with black ice, that we could have, had things stayed wet, and it got too cold. so, mostly mid 30's, 29 up in mount pocono, 32 in wildwood, 35 degrees in wilmington. and those breezes are mostly coming out of the northwest
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but not too winnie, just golds i locks day, not too hot, not too cold, just right. >> mix of sun and clouds thousand dollars the day. tonight skies will clear, temperatures will get a lot lower than they are right now. we take up tomorrow to temperatures in the 20's, talk about what happens over the weekends coming up in just a few minutes, never too early to look at the weekends, bob kelly. >> never too early. you got t halfway there. good morning, 50:00; heads up, getting ready for a bridge opening at the talcony palmyra bridge. when the bridge is open, it is actually closed. 5:05 is the set time for here. so if you are getting ready to grab your coffee and keys and headed out the front door, head for the betsy ross bridge, to avoid a delay. otherwise, come on down. let's go, kick the covers off. let's do it. >> what a difference 24 hours can make. no issues, no wipers, no fog, no icy roadways, at least no icy spots reported, especially, in 38 degrees. but anything that did not dry up or make it into the drain last night, could still and little wet out there.
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maybe puddle, puddle or two for the kids to jump over as they try to get to the bus stop this morning. looking good here on the 42 freeway, the work crews just pick up the cones, and through them in the back of the truck. they've been working all night right on 95, right near the betsy ross bridge, good to go. an accident, changed the direction, when they showed up, realized the accident was on the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike, at route 73. nonetheless, it is all at that mt. laurel exit number four interchange over there, on the new jersey turnpike. so just look out there. 35-mile per hour speed restriction, on the walt whitman bridge. so both hands on the wheel when you are coming across the whitman this morning, and, 422, going to be the hot bed of construction today, you know the work crews have lost couple of days because of the weather, last week, and the last two days. so, they're going to get back at t eastbound lanes, 422, beginning at 9:00 a.m. down to one lane at trooper
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road. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, we are following developing news this morning, in allentown, police officer was shot last night, this is video, officers were investigating a murder, steve keeley is live in allentown, steve, the question this morning, what do we know so far about what happened last night? >> well, i can tell you, the road still blocked off. police are still on the scene. and that is about all i can tell you first-hand. we've learned other information from our colleagues up here in allentown with both the morning call newspaper and the local tv station, wfmz, where allentown police investigating the murder of a woman, found in a recycling bin, close by, on sunday, came to an apartment here where we are, last night, with a warrant. a man inside did not come out peacefully. allentown police chief, keith morris, told the reporters overnight here, that as his officers were following up that homicide investigation here, they were met with gunfire where one of the police officers were hit in the arm and is okay. police fired back, then back
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off for about three hours, that initial confrontation after 9:00 p.m. that's why you see the big holes in the window, because after bullhorns telling him to come out peacefully, he did not, so they shot in a flash grenade, and then went in with a stretcher. we don't know if they shot the guy or he was just hurt. they had to pull him out on the stretcher, but they took him to lehigh valley hospital, coincidentally, where the police officer was getting treated. meantime, why they had this stand-off going on, they had evacuated all of the other resident, close by in the apartments here, put them on lehigh and northampton transit authority buses, and brought them back shortly before 2:00 a.m. now the morning call's frank warner report that after 1:00 when police through the flash explosive in, went in, took the guy to the lehigh valley hospital. resident have been allowed to since return. so that's about it, looks like all has ended peacefully, no updates, at least since all of
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the reporters left here, around 2:00 a.m., lauren, on the condition of the man that they went in looking for, for the murder of the woman found in the resigning link container. >> all right, we will wait to see what happens, steve keeley, thanks for the update. investigators are looking for the person who left a body after young woman along busy bucks county road. police believe 25 year old stephanie matchen died of drug overdose, driver discovered her body around 10:00 yesterday morning, along mill road near the i95 overpass. when investigators do not believe the woman died there. if you have nevers about the suspicious death, please call police. philadelphia police trying to find the guy shown on surveillance video robbing a woman at gunpoint inside an olney store. take a look. police say, this guy walks into the angel spirit deli, it is on rising sun avenue, this happened earlier this month, well, the video shows him right there, he approaches a woman inside the store from behind, forces her to the ground. she drops her bag, and her keys, and investigators say that's when the man just simply picked them up, ran out of the store, and drove off in
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the victim's car. authority now looking for that black honda accord, the license plate number: jzg1179. if you can locate the car, you have helpful information, call police. a high ends heist at center city department store. police say nine teenagers wearing skis masks walked into the bloom inning dale outlet around 7:30 last night, grabbed at least 20 pairs of jeans and took off, ran eason chestnut street. investigators say those jeans worth about $2,000. >> bill cosby's latest effort to have his sexual assault charges against him thrown out is denied. the comedian is accused of drugging and assaulting a woman at his cheltenham home more than a decade ago. he was charge in december, but earlier this month, his attorneys argued there was an agreement made in 2005 that cosby would not be charged. a judge ruled there was no such evidence. cosby's lawyers appealed, but the judge refused to dismiss the case. it is not clear if they will
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now try to appeal to the state supreme court. >> after a stormy two years, filled with scandal and criminal charges, pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, says she will not seek re-election. kane made the announcement in her hometown of scranton this afternoon. actually it was yesterday. the democrat, who faces charges of perjury, faced pressure from her own party. during the news conference, kane spoke about her office fighting corruption and drug-related crimes. and she says she gave her all to the job while raising her children, as a single mother. >> while this was not an easy decision for me, while i love pennsylvania, i love my sons first. i am a mother first and for most. because at the end of my life, i hope that history judges me well. but that's the time to tell. i hope more that god and my sons judge me well. >> kane did not mention the charges against her, last year prosecutors montgomery county
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charged her with perjury and other offenses, they say she leaked grand jury material to a reporter and later lied about it, a trial set to begin this summer. >> a bucks county mother is a step closer to winning her fight to have sidewalks installed along a stretch of road where her son was killed. sharon's son john was hit and killed as he walk down that road back in 2012. the driver just kept going. sunday night the middletown township board of supervisors voted unanimously to support sidewalks being installed along new falls road in levittown and agreed help maintain them. penndot has also agreed pay $1.7 million to install the sidewalks. and several townships surrounding the stretch has have agreed maintain them before they could be put in. vote encouraging to the victim's family. >> i couldn't have done any of it without my friends, and the community support. >> one more township to go. and she even lied. >> one more township to go and a lot of more sidewalks to put
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in. >> the project still needs a commitment from bristol township to help maintain the situation before they can be installed, but that vote could commas early as tomorrow. >> strong winds, during a storm yesterday, ripped a roof apart at the holmesburg boys and girls club. the organization just spent years fundraising to get that new roof. rain came pouring in, flooding the hockey floor, shutting the club down, it is located on the 7700 block every ditman street. it shutdown until further notice right now. community members, saddened this morning, with damage reaching in the tens of thousands of dollars. leaving those kids without a place to play. volunteers say the roof was barely a year old, but took years for them to raise the money to buy it. >> what am i going do with all of the kids that i have in here? all of my volunteers that helped me out to do what i got to do here. it is like starting all over again. >> well, the clubs now scrambling to make temporary repairs before scheduled tournament this weekend. we're told insurance will not cover those repairs. >> a big showdown tonight,
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philadelphia college basketball fans. tell will be face number one villanova for shot at the philadelphia big five title. chris murphy at the liacouras center where the game will happen tonight. murph it, is sold out. >> reporter: sold out yet again, liacouras center sold out. why not? what a marquis match up this is. the best college team in the country. villanova wildcats taking on the temple owls. now, temple's won eight of their last nine games, including a season best streak of five in a row. so, this is not going to be just, you know, walk out of the court and win for the wildcats by any means. the owls february 14th win put them in soul possession of first place, the american with a record every ten and three by the way, so temple will play the number one team for the 17th time in program history. and has a two and 14 record in those contests. the owls already played the number one team this season, falling short against north carolina, earlier this season. of course north carolina bumped out of the number one
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spot when villanova over took that number one ranking on february 8th in the polls. the wildcats are 22 and three overall with 12 and one mark in the biggies. now, temple and villanova, this is going to be the 90th time that these two teams have met up. the 90th time. i love the history in philadelphia. by the way, the matchups, the very first one, going back to the 1914-1915 season, lauren dawn johnson. >> at least you can say you were the first person at the arena today, even though not at the game? >> i'm 14 hours early at this point. >> all right, thank you so much. 5:11 this morning, let's talk politics. the gop candidates are in south carolina trying to swing the military population. why trump says he can help the military better than the other candidates, and the president announces his plans on replacing supreme court justice antonin scalia.
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why republicans are not happy with his decision.
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>> in case were you wondering hour high the winds got yesterday, 56-mile per hour winds in pittsgrove, new jersey, west depford got 57-mile per hour wind gust, and in the northeast, 50 miles an hour, philadelphia
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international airport, 47 miles per hour, wilmington, the airport, 41 mile per hour gust, that's tropical storm force and everything above, that as well. so it was pretty windy, pretty rainy, a lot of drama there, luckily it, didn't last too long. and the other drama was the temperature, and the meteoric rise of the temperature during the day, midnight, only degree above freezing, by noon up to 60 degrees yesterday. than was our high temperature. so, the last that far cold front making it way off shore. another weak one, supposed to come through today with some clouds only. no precipitation. but what that means is there will be a little chillier tonight, and a little chillier tomorrow outside. so, appropriate for wintertime, of course, we're at 32 degrees in wildwood. and 29 degrees in mount pocono. the opposite end north and south of our viewing area, in the middle, in the mid 30's, 35 degrees in philly, in trenton, in wilmington, delaware, 34 in lancaster, so things are pretty quiet this morning, wind are calm, or the rate of about 6 miles an hour,
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very light winds, and precipitation, well, there is not much to look at. that is little bit of snow up by lake erie, little rain just to the south. but that seems to be drying out. little area of snow around new york city, and long island, and that's all we got to show you there. so, let's talk about the average high temperature, which is 44 degrees, we were way, way below average for days and days, starting thursday of last week, all the way through the weekend 33 high monday, yesterday we zoomed to up 60 in that really weird day. now back to average or so, 44 degrees, as our high today. chillier tomorrow, but then warming trends, just in time for the weekend. so, we get into the 50's, both saturday and sunday, and no precipitation in the forecast, back to average by tuesday of next week. so, there is something to look forward to, bob kelly. >> yes, definitely. what a difference a day makes, going to be much easier ride for not only for the adult but also the kids this morning, headed to school, almost back to normal. there is the talcony palmyra
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bridge, almost completed with a opening there. just got to push the ramp back together. and we should be good to go. the next five minute or so. by the way, right now headed out the front door, head for the betsy ross, jumbo coffee, be ready to sit on either side. not big after delay this early at 5:17, on a wednesday. good morning, northeast philly. woodhaven road, up by knights road, everything looking good, no report of any left over construction, no report of any accidents, at least at the moment. so that's good. the benny looking good coming into downtown. they just lifted the speed restriction on the walt whitman bridgement back to normal as far as speed wise across all of the area bridges. no problems on the schuylkill expressway. you are going to find some debris. we talked about it earlier. some of the construction signs that were knocked over onto 95, a port a potty, got knock onto 95 yesterday. everything is all tidied up, hopefully put back where it belongs, but can you never rule out a sign being knocked
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into a roadway, they got to put the big sandbags on there. so just be look out for the obstacles, all of the dirty snow that melted, left behind, all of the stones, the gravel that penndot used to get you some traction during the ice storms. so you will hear that kicking up under your tires there. ninety-five north and southbound, just watch for the construction zones, girard avenue, the betsy ross bridge, also up at cottman avenue. and there is one accident on the new jersey turnpike, it is northbound, at exit number four, which is route 73, looking good at the airport, and no delays on mass transit. lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. republican presidential candidate zeroing in on the vaux on south carolina active and military. trump attended an elite military prep school, said he is the most qualified in the field and can help the military better than anyone else, also taking shot at challenger senator ted cruz. >> you know there is guy ted cruz, he stands -- (boo's).
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>> i've never seen a human being lie so much. he lies about everything. >> following trump's comments cruz went to the u.s. yorktown to detail his defense in secretary strategies, he fired back later in the day at a stop in columbia. >> marco rubio vote today confirm john kerry as secretary of state. i voted against john kerry. and done al trump supported john carry, not only, that he gave money to him ran supported him to be president against george w. bush. >> trump has a double digit lead in most south carolina polls over cruz who is in tight battle with rubio, and jeb bush gaining momentum after his brother took some pipes atrium up. >> reaffirming plans to nominate the next supreme court justice, he says he's not backing down from the fight to replace supreme court justice antonin scalia after his death. the republicans say they plan to block any nomination obama makes, they believe the next president should pick the nominee. the president believes it is his prerogative to pick a replacement.
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and, expects a fair senate hearing for his nomination. >> the constitution is pretty clear about what's supposed to happen now. >> adds there is more than enough time to fill the vick anti before his term is up. the bod i have justice scalia will lie in repose on the great hall friday. the public sin cite today pay respects. his courtroom chair is now draped in black to mark his death. as part of a supreme court tradition, dates back to the 19 century. family has yet to release funeral plans. died saturday while on hunting trip. he was appointed to the court in 1986. and was it longest serving member. apple's ceo says his company will fight the judge's order to unlock the cell phone of one of one every san bernardino shooters, iphone in
5:21 am
question was used by farook, he and his wife opened fire at a holiday party in san bernardino in december killing 14 people. the two were later killed in a shoot-out with police. apple will have to supply software so the fbi can bypass self destruct feature inch farook's work issued phone. the ruling is the first of it kinds and apple says they plan to fight the judge's order. >> 5:21, straight ahead, are you looking for a morning pick me up? a latte may do the trick. we'll tell you the new flavor starbucks added to the menu just for you. plus: how would you like this rock on your finger? we'll tell you where miners found this rare record breaking diamond. but first here are your winning lottery numbers.
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>> in your money, general motors recalling sobs and sat earns because the driver side airbag could explode. said it needs to replace the inflaters, they can fail in a crash, and send metal shrapnel flying through the vehicle, the recall includes, the saab 93 from are from 2003 to 2011. the saab 95 from 2010 and 2011 and the saturday your honor
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from 2008 and 2009. truffles may be off the menu but new drinks on the menu. coffee chain released two limited edition flavors, butter scotch latte, and citrus green tea latte. two specials created at the starbucks reserve rosary in seattle. that's where the popular coffee chain spear minutes, and creates new drinks, both are available now, in the u.s. and canada. it is not clear how long they'll stay on the menu. so, get one while you can. there is now a pizza that is so extravagant it, comes with red carpet delivery, and abut letter service. the uk pizza chain pizza go-go is offering a pizza topped with shrimp, lobster, carviar, and 23 karat gold flakes, to anyone who is willing to shell out $700. the promotion includes red carpet delivery and butler to serve the pie. custom letters also be shadowed by paparazzi, they can take photos of people stuffing their faces, and they can be circulated on the internet. >> this pie may be the perfect excuse for american pizza
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lovers, to book a vacation across the pond. >> hey, good luck getting this rock on an engagement ring. this is a 404 karat diamond, that was recently mine dollars in and goal a diamond measures about 7 centimeters according to the experts, it is virtually flawless, in terms of both color and clarity. this is the biggest diamond ever found in and goal, a and the fourth largest ever on record. the single stone could be worth more than $20 million. that's a lot of money. >> caitlin jenner makes her way to philadelphia. what she will be doing at the university of pennsylvania, later today. >> i was like what am i any more if i am not. >> this i was litter lit sitting there. >> rhonda opens up about her devastating loss to holly holmes. what she said she contemplated after the knock out that left her hospitalized.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes.
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because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. (police officer shot while serving search warrant connected to a murder, live report this morning from the crime scene. >> and, it is the owls versus the wildcats tonight on the hard wood. the college will call it out in front of sold out crowd. we have live preview of the
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big game. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, february 17th, 2016. the weather, sort of calmed down finally. we had snow, freezing cold, rain, winds, and now what, sue? >> nothing? >> not much. just regular old february weather. look who is smiling about it, bus stop buddy, flyers won last night, happy about that, too, it is dry, it is chilly, our temperatures are in the 30's, but as you'll see in a moment, most of them are above freezing, so not seeing the problems with black ice, that we thought could have happened this morning, so we will gave you a seven out of ten today. clouds around, and they probably will be for awhile. because we have another weak system coming through, shouldn't see any precipitation with it, but, clouds mixed with our sunshine, at least the sun returns, did you see the sunset last night? gorgeous. 35 degrees, right now, with 6-mile per hour wind, that means, it feels like 30 outside. so the windchill is a little bit below freezing, but the
5:31 am
temperature, not, sunrise 6:52, going to sneeze any second now, i feel it coming. i know, now, of course, now that i said that, it will go away. batten down the hatches. 44 degrees our high today. mix of clouds and sun, and thanks, yes, you know, it now went away. they say look up to the light. >> look up to the light. >> so i kind of look up to the light and there you go, i'm done. forty-four, great day, bob? >> sister laverne would say that, look at the light, look at the light. >> yes. >> not an excuse to get out of class, just look at the light. good morning, everybody, look at these lights here. rolling again. headlights, brake light, across the talcony palmyra bridge. quick opening this morning, back to normal here. but copycat burlington bristol now set for an opening at 6:10 this morning. so if you are getting ready to head out the front door, that's the time to beat, the burlington, will have that opening, so use the talcony, the connector bridge or the betsy ross, otherwise, accident northbound on the new
5:32 am
jersey turnpike, it is just north of exit four, which is route 73, that service plaza, all centered around that interchange there. so anyone getting on in mt. laurel, and headed north this morning, just be ready to hit the brakes until you pass the accident scene. hello ft. washington, live look, at route 309, near the turnpike, no problems or delays at all. hopefully everything is called dried out. any of the precipitation, water, melted snow, didn't make it into the drain or dry out, could still be a little wet there this morning, but what a difference a day can make, no reports of any black ice, looking good up and over the ben franklin bridge. and get ready for the cone zone. here come the penndot crews, headed back to work, 422, later today, eastbound, beginning 9:00 a.m. they set up the cones near trooper road. lauren, back to you. >> following developing news this morning, allentown police officer shot last night while officers were investigating a murder, steve keeley live in allentown, with a look into
5:33 am
exactly what happened. hi, steve. >> reporter: well, it all starts sunday, a woman's body found in that blue recycling bin behind this apartment building here, and the police do an autopsy, they finds out she had been shot to death. so, yesterday, they released the autopsy results, and they released what the woman looked like and what she was wearing, and they make a public plea for anybody who knows who she is, because they didn't even have her identification at that point. well, since that public plea, lauren, they must have learned a whole lot. because by 9:00 last night, right as we spin around, across this football field here, through that fence, they have an armed team with the swat team here with a warrant and they go knocking on another apartment door over there where you see the police are still there now. and that's when the shooting start. here's our video that the police kindly let us get close to and shoot. you see the big holes in the window. therefore concussion grenades that police fired in there, after waiting for the guy for three hours when they first show up around 9:30, he starts
5:34 am
shooting at them, and allentown police officer is wounded in the arm, they pulled back, and they asked the guy to surrender bullhorns, they evacuate other resident, finally they go in with the concussion grenade and stretcher and get the guy out of there. they don't know if they had to shoot him or not but he was at hospital at last check, the police officer will be okay. so that solves a lot of residents' minds what happened to the woman here. so somehow they learned that this guy was connected and wanted for the murder sunday, lauren, and frank morris the police chief talked to reporters overnight. we didn't hear what he had to say. we weren't here. but other reporters say he said that this was connected to the woman's homicide here, and will probably learn whole lot later, later today, here in allentown. lauren? >> all right, we will wait for that update, steve keeley, thanks so much. new jersey governor chris christie talks about his run for the white house just before unveiling his 2017 spending plan for the garden state. the budget, $800 million
5:35 am
surplus. the revenue grows expected to come from grogan come and state sales tax revenues. yesterday, presentation, was the governor's first public appearance since dropping out of the race for president. he thanked the people of new jersey, for allowing him to, quote, great privilege of running. >> well the result was not what i had hoped for. maybe some of you, too. the experience has made me a better governor, it has made me a better american, and it has made me a better person. >> as for the budget, democratic lawmakers say they're disappointed christie's plan didn't address the state's transportation fund. that fund is on track to run out of money in june. >> and state of new jersey's fight to legalize sports bet something entering into its next phase today. this morning, at 11:00 new jersey and sports betting leagues will argue in front of us third circuit court of appeals in philadelphia. the garden state has been trying since 2009 to offer legal sport betting at its
5:36 am
casinos and racetracks, to help both struggling industries, a ruling is not expected until later this year. >> a big show-down is happening tonight. the philadelphia college basketball tell will be face number one villanova for a shot at the philadelphia big five title. the owls are two and one in the big five. and would get share of the title if they win over the wildcats. their season record, 16 and eight, while the wildcats are 22 and three. nova earned first ever number one ranking in the country, when the polls released on february 8th. this is the 90th time the two teams will meet in a series that date all the way back to 1914. so we will see what happens tonight on the hard wood. >> reality star cat lynn jenner will be in philadelphia today speaking at the university of pennsylvania. later tonight, it will be a conversation with author and pen alum, who wrote the article, about jenner's transition for vanity fair. >> still ahead: roger goodel,
5:37 am
he cleans up a lot of messes in the nfl, right? well, those housekeeping duties, they pay him pretty well to do. that will we'll tell you how much money made -- how much money he made back in 2013.
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5:39 am
>> phillies and pitchers reporting to clearwater florida today. phillies have new president, new gm, pete mccann on takes
5:40 am
over as first full season as manager, all told, 66 players in cam only 16 were at spring training last year. lots every questions, lot of new faces, howard eskin live reports from clearwater start today on the "fox 29 news at 5:00". college basketball tonight, fran dunphy and the owls hosting number one team in college basketball, villanova wildcats, goes back to 1915, villanova has won the last two games, only get one chance in life. shear one chance for us to this year play villanova, the number one ranked team in the country. we got to do a good job on wednesday night between 7:00 and 9:00. that's what we are talking about. >> all right, fran, flyers, hockey last night against the devils in north jersey tied at two in the third, until braydon, feeds wayne simmons for the game winner. burr tickets flyers with four in the third, win six to three, that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. okay, get this. new tax filing shows nfl commissioner roger goodel took a pay cut, but still made more than all but 1nfl player, during 2013-2014 season.
5:41 am
you want to know how much he made? $34 million. so here's the deal. his salary was only about three and a half million dollars. but once you add in the pension benefits, and then his bonus, that's how you get to that number. the bonus, 26 and a half million dollars. we don't have any numbers on his salary last year. but those numbers are large enough, right? a stunning confession from usc woman's champ rhonda, on the ellen show yesterday, talk about her 2015 lost to holly holmes which put end to her undefeated record. >> in the medical room like down in the corner, sitting in the corner, and i was like what am i any more if i am not this? and i was literally sitting there, and like thinking about killing myself, and in the exact second i'm like nothing, what do i do any more? >> there you heard t telling degeneres she took the loss so hard she thought about killing herself. also admitted she felt like she, quote, amounted to
5:42 am
nothing. >> including having kids is what pulled her out that far slum. the champ said she still considers herself undefeated because being defeat sad choice, and she is looking forward rematch with holmes sometime in the future. >> all right, straight ahead, big tease for star wars fans. your first look at episode eight, plus, find out who is joining the cast.
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>> this earned him song of the year at the grammys, so sue, not just a happy birthday ed sheeran, now awards to take home for that, the best ever. >> his speech was so charming when he talk about how his parent flew from grand, he didn't win, they said that's okay, maybe next year. and you know what?
5:46 am
previous appearance on fox 29, 2013, i'm sure. >> pretty mild yesterday in the morning, few patches of ice here and there. temperatures bit above freezing, sunshine will return today. quite a few clouds and with with us, secondary front moving through. breezy, with westerlies, between ten to 15 miles an hour. today. so there is yesterday's culprit. >> storms came through right in the middle of the day being secondary front won't be nearly as dramatic, barely notice it except for few clouds around so dry today, cloudy at times, will see sunshine but not every minute. i think we'll take it, it will be quite boring compared to the past two days, so with last renmant that far cold front coming through, just saw few flurries and snow showers up toward new york. some rain, down to the south around virginia, and nothing for us, inbetween, both of those two system. so let's talk temperature,
5:47 am
35 degrees in philadelphia we have dropped below freezing, just before sunrise, 29 degrees in point pocono, everybody else mid 30's this morning. wind not big issue either. they're very light. temperatures will be going up from where we were over the weekend. but not from yesterday when we hit the freak i high of 06 degrees. actually we will be close to that freak i high again on saturday high of 58. gets chillier tomorrow, we start the warming trend on friday, that will last through the weekend. and the weekend weather wise looks excellent. the rest of course, bob kelly, is up to you. >> 5:47. we don't have any fog, we don't have any flakes. we don't have any ice, but you will hear, you will hear the stones and the gravel that the dot's were used to give you some traction during the ice and the snow. all of that snow melt, then
5:48 am
all of that junk is all over the roadway, so you will hear it kicking up under your tires specially on some of the secondary roads and side streetment downtown we go, live look at the vine street expressway common, in roam for business. burlington business toll bridge has zombies, 6:00, so bridge opening schedule, be ready for that if you are ready to grab your keys and step out the front door, that's the time to beat. circus coming to town through sunday setting up at the wells fargo center. will have shows all during the day and night. there will be a lot of change-over, looking for something to do with the kids other next couple of days, there you go, in south philadelphia. then, if you like a race g stripe on your car, lauren, maybe you can ride down 95 and change lanes, right after the line painting crew comes through, they'll shall painting lines today, in delco, north and south on i-95
5:49 am
. i think your car would look good, new battery, and nice white stripe down the side? >> i'll try that out. would you believe there is more in your cheese than just milk? a chance you have been eating wood. a new report by bloomberg news found what you thought was 100% harm sean cheese may in fact be wood. the f d.a. says companies like pennsylvania based castle cheese, parmesian cheese, containing a lot of fillers and cheaper cheddar cheese. the fda believes other grated parmesian flyers have been filling products with too much sell ooh lows. a common anti-crumb g agent made from wood pulp. yuck. >> can i have some see weed on the side? restaurant and cooks taking cues from japanese chefs and adding see weeds to the menusment many businesses now harvesting see wood off the coast of california and maine, health perts say great source of nutrients. >> very rich and various minerals.
5:50 am
calcium, for example. magnesium, you will add a lot of minerals to your diet if you eat it two, three times a week. >> steamed vegtables have been found in recent studies to be promising source of the protein, have cancer-causing antioxidants, also showing farming see weed low impact on aquatic echo systems. >> let's take a look at the black history month spotlight. celebrate two great men starting with michael jordan. today is the nba legend's birthday, former pro-basketball player turns 53 years old. he's considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time. he's a six time nba champion. a six time nba finals mvp. and a five time nbamvp. we also celebrate albert richardson on this day in 198 -- 1891, invited the butter children, allowed for easy twi make butter and forever change the food
5:51 am
industry. among other things, device helped lower caskets into the ground, credited as being one of those invent tore, not only created a number of different devices but all completely unrelated to the other. >> star wars episode eight officially in production now. >> beautiful. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode eight. >> all right, disney released this teaser video for die lard fans, the film continues the story lines from star wars the force awakens, group of stars have already been confirmed including mark hammill, carry fisher, lou pete owe long owe. deltoro, laura turn, will also be at dollars to the cast,
5:52 am
scheduled to hit theatres in december of 2017. >> red carpet look looked for crowded. one of the favorites is back. fuller house spin off before the popular 90's citcom full house. and it will soon be available on netflix. the show bridges back all of the original cast, minus mary kate and ashley olson, the show's stars talk about returning to the set two decades later, and what to expect from this tv family get together. >> first time i walk on the set i kind of freaked out. it was so beautiful. then when we started doing it it just, very natural, it was interesting to know that i was playing a charge their i was acting. because people would go why don't you act like danny? odont. that will why are you doing comedy? because did i it then. you know, the character, which i love.
5:53 am
did you notice anything unique here? bamm a dan err, using prosthetic leg, after the break, how one man's vision helped make her dream come true.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> fourteen year old gabby suffered form of bone cancer in her knee, which led to the partial amputation back in 2011. after the surgery, gabby says, she was motivated to get back on the stage. and with some hard work, she did just that. but, she still couldn't get back on point. soy her doctor took on the challenge every figuring out how to get back that to happen for her. through it all, gabby has learned a very important lesson. >> i have learned not to judge people by how they look, or what's different about them. because you don't really know what their situation was, or what they've been through. >> as gabby continues to throw, her prosthesis will be adjust today her changing knees, good for her. next on good day, severe weather rips the roof off local boy's club, with a rich history, why there is extra
5:57 am
pressure to to reopen quickly. >> and new details in the allentown police officer shooting. we continue to follow this story. police still on the scene. we'll have a live report from the crime scene coming up next. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare.
5:58 am
the proof that it heals is you. only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
5:59 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> boy, shoot-out in allentown, a murder investigation, underway, there. it leads to a police officer being shot, likely related to
6:00 am
a dead woman found in a dumpster. >> plus, with a share of the philadelphia big five title on the line, the face-offer between temple men's basketball villanova later today. >> and what president obama is saying about who he is going to nominate to fill the position after the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> good morning, everybody, it is a wednesday, it feels like a wednesday, doesn't it? mike, mike, mike, mike, because it is wednesday. >> i think it feels like it has been friday because there has been so much drama. >> it is my sister joanne's birthday. >> you have a loft birthdays. >> i have a lot of sisters. >> i'm going to call her today. i will call her. she coming to visit this week. >> oh, that's nice. >> yes. >> so going to bring her? >> no. >> you have to clean the joint up? >> actually. >> you seem so excited.


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