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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 17, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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♪ >> we had shoot-out in allentown, murder investigation leads to police officer being shot. likely related to that dead woman found in a dumpster. >> i was literally sitting there, and like thinking about killing myself, and in the exact second like i'm nothing. >> emotional add midges from rhonda rouse bye reaching her lowest point. find out who she turned to, who inspired her, to keep living. >> daring rescue, woman trapped in a overturned car. how they were able to get her to safety. >> and it is probably the biggest game you'll see this year, in philadelphia. the number one villanova wildcats traveled to north broad to take on but five
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rivals, so live outside with preview every tonight's match up, will there be a big upset and will it hit close to home? i can see the way it will be hit close to home. all of philly. >> few blocks from here. >> i could walk there right now. >> i could be there before 8:00. don't have a particular, you can't get in. >> okay, well, there cents that things have improved quite a bit. it is driment it is chilly, but appropriately chilly for february. bus stop buddy bundle up, flyers cap on, make sure the kids wear their gloves, and winter coats, because it is in the 30's, this morning. little bit of cloud cover thereon radar, but no precipitation. almost sunrise time, 6:52, and actually, yes, just had sunrise time, we get to high of 44, seasonable high temperature for today, clouds, some sunshine, all day long,
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not much more to say. bob kelly, that's a good thing. >> you got it, sue. 7:02, call it, accident right in front of the diner, the collingswood diner, route 30, and collingswood circle, looks like t bone accident, right here, at the intersection, got police and fire crews on the scene, here is the collingswood diner in the background just to a locator there, watch for delays. hello villanova, live look at the blue route, this joint will be jumping here again with the student buses headed down into broad street for the big game later on tonight. starting to see delays between conshohocken and the schuylkill, normal delay south on 95 tonightly differ ren than what we had to deal with yesterday. nor on the new jersey turnpike just watch for crews, northbound snort on the 42 freeway, accident at the black horse pike, causing delay, for folks trying to get in toward
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philly, and then the northeast, roosevelt boulevard at southampton road, accident, right there in front of the armory, as you head north up toward the turnpike interchange. mass transit, bus and trains and trolleys all looking good. mike and alex back over to you. >> let's get back to up allentown now. police officer shot. investigating a murder, talking about the mutter of a woman found in a re singling bin, just couple of days ago. here ' steve. >> strange case, she was found sunday afternoon, and in the recycling bin, but not the larger trash dumpster, right next to it. maybe he was planning to put her in the dumpster and it was lock, looks like lock on one side. but for whatever reason, he pulled this woman's body only 5 feet tall 110-pound in that blue recycling bin. police did autopsy and found out she had been shot many times, and they made a public plea, just yesterday afternoon, because they had no idea who she was .
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>> , see police still on the scene, the lights against another apartment building, they go there, with a warrant they go there smartly with the swat team, they think this guy could be violent again, and they go to arrest him, he starts firing, shoots a detective until the left arm, they back off for three hours, they get on their bullhorns and say come out with your arms and hand up a.m. gun down, he refuses right around 1:00 going to the video see big holes in the windows of that apartment they go in, get almost, he is still alive. don't know if he was shot but they took him to the hospital around 1:00 all of the people that lived in that apartment
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complex also evacuated on local bus, they put those people back in their houses around 1:30 this morning police chief said definitely want it, still don't have any idea this woman was, which may be an indication they still don't know what the motive may have been, but something, told them, that this guy was responsible, and mike, alex, that guy acted quite responsible because when the police came knocking at your door, it is not custom to start shooting at them before you even know what they want. >> hey, good morning, mike and alex, judge denied appeal to throw out the sexual assault case against him. comedian accuses of drugging and assaulting a woman cheltenham home more than decade ago, earlier this month his attorneys argued there was an agreement made, back in 2005, that said cosby would not be charged. but judge ruled, there was no evidence of such agreement. cosby's lawyers appealed but the judge refused to dismiss the case.
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evidence hearing scheduled for march 8th. kathleen kane said she will not seek re-election, kane made announce until the her hometown of scranton yesterday, democrat faced pressure from her own party not to seek re-election, last year prosecutors montgomery county charged kane with perjury on other offenses leaked grand jury material to reporter and then lied about it, a trial is set to begin this summer. >> the clean up continues today in northeast philadelphia, after a storm caused major damage to the holmesburg boys club. parent volunteers spent the night cleaning up the mess after strong wind ripped a layer of the roof off the club on the 7700 block of bit ditman strewn. rain came pouring into the building, we learned the roof was replaced less than a year ago, now will have to be replaced again could cost up to $50,000. the club has shutdown all activities until repairs are made. hear stops, devastating, all of the time, volunteer work, nobody get paid here. >> go fun me site has been set
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up to help the club raise money for repairs. >> they moved in and out in minute, now police are looking for a daring group of teenagers that flagged dozen be ever pains of teenagers. nine teens wearing ski masks walked into the new bloom inning dale outlet store, liberty place, around 7:30, they grabbed at least 20 pairs of jeans and took off. they ran eason chestnut street, the high ticket denim worth about $2,000 in total. mike and alex? >> jeans that expense sniff. >> yep. >> it is bloom inning dale. >> nine kids in ski masks just go in there, flood in there. that was weird. 7:07. >> former miss new jersey in critical condition after serious car crash. >> show you a tweet, comes from tv show called southern new jersey today and car a motorcycle cull em is one of their anchor people. new jersey state police say she was on route 55 in pit grove township, that was
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monday night when her car spun out of control and hit two trace, investigators say she was not wearing a seatbelt. they do think drugs and alcohol not related to this at all. so, car a, represented new jersey in the 2014 miss america pageant. certainly out throughout with her family and boyfriend who works over at channel ten, keith jones. >> just graduated last year from princeton, from arkansas, very sweet. >> very sweet. keith, thinking about you, too. 7:08. >> reality star caitlin jenner will be in philly today. >> over on pen's campus, right? speaking at the university of pennsylvania later on tonight. it will be a conversation with author and pen alum miami self, buzz, who wrote the article about caitlin jenner's transition for vanity fair, also writing a book about her now. we will be talking about it. >> so won't get a chance.
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>> nope. she will have reality show camera with her i bet. >> have to wait and watch. >> okay, daring rescue unfolds in the icy waters of red clay creek in delaware after a teen's car goes off the road, overturns, in the icy water. >> it happened yesterday on creek road center ville think say the water 4 feet deep. fawn the driver clinic to go her seat holding her head above water filling up in the car. rescuers were able to break a window, cut the seatbelt and bring the 18 year old to safety. >> adrenyline kicks in, you know, you just do what you need to do. just our job. >> what i am paid to do. this is what i like to do, what i love. i wouldn't have it any other way. >> the victim treated at the hospital for exposure and head injury. she was also cited for careless driving.
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>> really a citation? 7:10. more details about how supreme court justice, anthony scalia, will be honored. >> his body will lie in repose in the court's great hall friday. the public sin cite today pay their respects. the courtroom chair now draped, his courtroom chair now draped in black to mark his death as part of school tradition, dates back to the 19th century. scale ya's family yet to release any funeral plans though. >> it will be soon. >> meanwhile, president barack obama reaffirming his plans yesterday to nominate the next supreme court justice, while he is still in office. before november, lateness the back and forth between he and republicans who feel that task should g left up to the next president. president obama believes in his heroing tiff, it is, did he to pick replacement judge, and expect fair senate hearing for his nomination.
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>> vacancy on the supreme court. the president of the united states is to nominate someone. the senate is to consider that nomination and either they disapprove of that nominee, or that nominee is elevated to the supreme court. >> of course he kept going, saying i'm going to pick someone who is so qualified, that you will have no choice but to approve who i pick. so he went onto talk about this at the press conference. >> republicans point out back when he was senator in 2006, then senator obama, filibuster president bush's nomination of samuel alioto. >> republicans say they want to pro event liberal activist judge being nominated plan to block any nomination that the president makes.
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>> all right, that will play out all year long. also, president obama also weighing in on the upcoming presidential election, yesterday. >> this is in the same press conference. >> asking a lot of questions. yesterday, specifically, donald trump was mentioned, and the president thinks donald trump certainly will not get the nomination, and absolutely won't be president. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american peoplement and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. >> president obama set jabs at trump's lack of political experience saying being president is not like hosting a reality tv show. >> yes, no love lost between those two, because remember, donald trump was on this campaign -- >> when he was running for president. >> and the president wasn't born in the united state, ya. so the apple people, computer people, say they plan to fight a judge's order to help the
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fbi unlock a cell phone owned by say he had faruke,. >> since deadly attack last december, the fbi has been trying to unlock his phone, but without any success. the phone has a feature that wipes out it data after ten incorrect password attempts. now the judge's order requires apple to disable that feature so they can move forward, try to get the password, but apple ceo tim cook said such a move is implication was privacy beyond this particular case. and he want there to be public discussion on this ruling. >> well, get on twitter, what do you think about that? i mean, they are trying to get this terror cell phone, get some information off of this phone. >> that could be, you know, help with everyone's safety. >> tim cook, oh, it is a slippery slope. then looking at all of our information. >> just about 7:14, none the weather dram that we had president's day and yesterday, but it is chilly again, you
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know yesterday, all of the drama, when the rain hadn't arrived yet. maybe few patches of ice but not much. sun returns, cloud around today, just breezy, but not too winnie. we will take that as well. here's what's happening. yesterday the cold front that brought those thunderstorms and the high wind and the heavy rain, that's off shore. secondary cold front, set to casino of slide through later on in the day, today, but only clouds expected with it. we'll notice difference though tomorrow, though, it will be chillier. so today, dry, but cloudy. we will take it, nothing to show you on radar, at least not in our area, stump to the south, little bit of snow to the north of us up in new york but that's not adding up to much either. up to 37 degrees in the city. still below freezing in mount pocono. degree above freezing in atlantic city, millville, wilmington. not too winnie but the winds we are getting starting to shift direction a little bit. but we get northwesterlies tomorrow. average hi, is 44 degrees, and we've been below average up
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until yesterday, for quite a while. today, how about this? just perfect for february 17th. 44 degrees. 38 degrees tomorrow, 43 on friday, and look at the weekend, warming up nicely, and i guess it will be nice to have a tran quill and above average weekend. >> aiming for above average anyway, aren't we, bob kelly? >> always striving to be above average. always tough there, sister laverne, but i always tried. >> 7:15, two separate accidents in south jersey one here north on the freeway, right at the black horse pike, route 168, that's slowing us down from the atlantic city expressway, trying to head in toward philadelphia. another accident, right here, this is right in front of the collingswood diner route 30 and the collingswood circle. the school buses involved, just stop therefore the traffic light. the actual accident, right here, at the intersection, first car up, on the flatbed there, but it is tying up traffic as you roll past the diner this morning and collingswood, then starting to see the first jammo in the on
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202, from the bypass, into route 401, headed up into malvern, delays on the schuylkill, real tight here from the boulevard interchange, out to belmont, south on 95, slow from the betsy on down to girard. then later on today, penndot has got to make up for all of the lost snow days here, they'll be working on 422, putting down the cones at around 99:00 between trooper road and valley forge road. so if you are head in the toward king of prussia, during the midday, look out, and roadway that's already a hot mess here, through delco, 322, they'll be working again today between route one and i-95, so you want to work your way around it maybe using 452 through as ten to get yourself down to access 95, and we still have a minor delay, north, on the new jersey turnpike, at exit number four, just north of exit number four, at the service plaza, from an earlier accident. mike and alex back to you. >> man, big basketball team tonight couple in philadelphia. of course temple will face-off
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against number one in the country, villanova. looking for another upset. because i remember when smu came in few weeks ago, they were ranked eighth at the liacouras sentiment temple out bees them. >> knock them down. >> can they knock off another top ten team? for goodness sake, they're number one. >> i would say they can. but i don't want to take sides. >> no, no, no. >> because this is like all philly right here, chris purr if i. >> that's right. no sides. >> either way we win, in a way. >> wait, alex, you are picking the owls? >> no, no, no, i didn't do that. >> no, i'm on both sides. >> go owls. at a girl. >> i'm wildcat owl, that's what i am. >> here is the thing, owls could pull this off very easily. here's why. they've won five straight, guys, playing really well. >> j. wright, villanova wildcats, been number one in the country now since february the eighth, that's according to the polls.
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so, here is the thing, temple not only 15 straight, won eight of their last nine. so owls are really hot. it is sole possession of first place, american with record of ten and three, talking about the owls. temple by the way, is taking on number one team for the 17th time in program history. with just two and 14 record. right? they started the season with north carolina, who is ranked number one at the time, and lost to north carolina handily. so as for villanova here, such impressive record. number one in the nation, by the way, little history here in philadelphia, loves it history, because we're so rich in it. this will be the nine owe time the owls and wildcats have played one another, dates back way back to the 1914, 1915 season, mike and alex. >> okay, during your next hit can you give me the record, if
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they've played 94 times, how many times is villanova won. how many times has temple won? >> who do you think has the upper hand here? >> i think i might go villanova. >> you would be right, sir. >> forty-six wins, to temple's 43 wins. >> wildcat owls. >> what about -- >> right, alex. >> wildcats. >> i can't see you right now, i don't have a monitor, but i'm guessing you're wearing red. >> that's what i'm saying! >> well, you are wearing blue, too. >> not taking sides. >> and don't forget about st. joe's, come on, now, having surprisingly good season here,
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already won 21 games, alex they have big match up tonight, hosting conference leading dayton flyers, that game will start at 6:00. then the temple villanova game start at 7:00. win would put st. joe's in a tie for first place in the atlantic ten, both st. joe's and temple trying to get into the big march madness tournament. come on, let's get three teams in there. >> tax filings release nfl commissioner roger goodel is very wealthy man to say the least. >> are you ready for this? the commissioner of the nfl made little more than $34 million. >> wow. >> that was in 2014. he made more than that last year. about 10% of that was his base salary. roughly another 10% was in pension and deferred benefits. biggest earnings, bonus of 26
7:21 am
and a half million dollars that's bone out us. >> what was your bonus last year? >> jane years since his salary has been did i closed roger goodel has more than $180 million. i know his wife. i used to work with her up in new york. >> yes? >> she was anchor woman. >> she is not an anchor woman any more. >> doesn't need to be. >> no, she is busy going like -- >> i can't imagine. >> counting the money. >> shocking admission from one of the toughest fighters in the world, and emotional randa rouse i breaks down on ellen's shows yesterday when talking about the lowest point of her life after she lost that bought to holly holmes. >> more than just dairy, the surprising product found in many popular graded parmesian cheese brands. you like eating parmesian cheese? >> ii have a splinter on my tongue. >> eating more than just cheese.
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one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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>> lauren, i found termites on my parm shane cheese. now i know why. >> you're not alone. those termites like to eat wood. that's wood in your parmesian cheese. what are we talking about? sell ooh lows, sell ooh lows is a additive, and extend err, if you will, it is meant to do couple of things, extend the shelf life of some products, it does have fiber in it, it often acts also as a fat to make you feel less full. the negative is it contains wood pulp. and that ingredient is in cheese that you by at whole foods, cheese that you buy at wal-mart, cheese that you by at your local grocery store including craft round green bottle, not a lot, but does have some cellulos. >> maybe between two to 4%, but some of the cheese haves
7:26 am
8%. >> 8%, well, wood? >> wood. >> that's a lot. >> famous cheer toes here in philadelphia, the bruno brother, i wonder if theirs -- i love their cheese. i wonder if theirs has wood in it? >> i would imagine, probably almost all parmesian cheese would have little bit. >> maybe great taste? cheese stores probably not concerned about the chef life? maybe they don't use any additives. >> we should do taste test. >> you heard of something called the cheese board, right? >> oh. >> good one. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> that's why they pay you the big bucks, mike, that's why they pay you the big bucks. >> okay, okay, so, listen to this, there is something called a boot camp for cash. do you need to go? are you having trouble saving money new series teachings you the things no one has ever
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told you about when it comes to managing your money. boy, that is a lofty goal, isn't it? jen, what are you doing. >> county court, it doesn't matter, check it out, all gal inning, here with the delco games, a great great sporting club. we're kicking off a big irish month, we have the parade on fox 29. and i can't wait to introduce you to this great great club. it is gael football of course.
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it is he can actually 7:30, look at that rhonda rousey breaks down the mma star ghetto lohse until, she talks about reaching her lowest point, after she lost a match to holly home. this is on ellen's show yesterday. >> how he was post as a doctor in florida, even at his own medical facility. >> that's pretty cool. >> all right, let's get to. >> this the decision, not to conduct an autopsy, on the body of supreme court justice, anthony scalia, has the minds of the conspiracy theory, you know, people have conspiracy theories in their head, man, they're working over time on the internet. let me just read some of
7:31 am
these, they're unbelievable. decision may seem strange to folks at home, and upper darby superintendent, mike chitwood; here to talk about this with me. mike, before we get started in our conversation, let's look at some of these theories. here is a tweet, alone tehran. in texas, no security peeps, scalia murdered? benefits liberals, and president obama progressive movement and political class, obvious, somebody killed him. here is another one. justice scalia found with pillow over his face on top after clean made bed covers, no one investigation, no autopsy, sounds like murder to me. and then another blogger we found said did scalia make a stray comment about the hillary e-mail investigation? is the supreme court going to have to make a ruling in that investigation? you just know that scalia would have voted to fry her.
7:32 am
sorry but. he also wrote this, perhaps dick cheney and his crew were hunting down scalia. there is no way for scalia to have known that he was the prey, none the animals on this big ran every he was visiting. look at that. i also red another one that said that hillary clinton and her folks, you know, thought that dick cheney might do this because of the situation with her emails, and also the situation with the war in iraq. i mean, theory after theory after theory. this is why a the love people wanted to have an autopsy. let's say that the justice died in the state of pennsylvania. mike, are you with me? there you are. finally i get to see you. glad you made it in from upper darby. let's say that he was on a hunting trip in pennsylvania. what is the procedure? who trumps whom, who decides if an autopsy will be done or
7:33 am
not? >> basically the medical examiner is the one that makes the determination whether they're going to do an autopsy or not. i think when you look at this particular case, 79 years old people die of heart attacks, natural causes, that's the first thing, the second thing is if there are no suspicious activities, and they have the fact, we don't have the fact, then a such a is he really not warranted. however, in this case, knowing full well that conspirator their orest cents are going to be all over it, i personally would have tried to push the family into doing an autopsy, just to find out the manner of death and the cause of death and make it official. >> well, he has such an important position in our country that it seems to me it would be automatic for me to conduct an autopsy. so you can't insist on that though as a public official
7:34 am
over a family's decision. >> the medical examiner can. law enforcement communities cannot. however, if there is suspicion, or suspicious death, then obviously, you can push the medical examiner, and they can overrule the family. regardless whether they have moral or religious convictions of autopsy. but in this particular case, because of the high profile of the individual who is deceased i personally would want to know why. i would want to know the manner of death and the cause of death and have that be, you know, part of the record. >> yes, well, this whole thing started when information came out that possibly there was a pillow over his face when they found him. >> again, it is going to take a life of it own. there will be books written about this, there will be tv shows about it, i mean, it will just create a life of it own. and that's why i think even, even with a autopsy, you are still going to have those people saying well that's not right, this happened, that
7:35 am
happened. but, you know, right now they have all of the facts, they made a decision based on the fact, and obviously family supported that. and there will be no autopsy. superintendent, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> we'll see this weekend on good day philadelphia, i bet. >> thank you. >> you got it. 7:35. sue? >> checking in with bus stop buddy. it is dry, and chilly to get started this morning. and we've got quite a few clouds out there. eventually we see sunshine, but what a difference from yesterday. and weather drama has passed. so make sure the kids are bundle up today with the gloves and the winter code. >> 378 degrees, feels like temperature three; light breeze 8 miles an hour, and we're going to head to a high of 44 degrees today. exactly right for this time of year. sun and clouds, some light
7:36 am
breezes as we mention, tonight skies will clear, as the clouds clear, the temperature will drop lower. so we won't have much colder night tonight, as we will talk about a warm up, for the weekend, coming up in just a few minute. so, bob kelly, where is our latest issue? >> well, issue here, on 422 this time around, sue, 7:36. live look at the eastbound lanes of 422, right near the oaks interchange, right when we started to sigh that bumper to bumper slow down, folks trying to avoid this big pothole here. we get little fender bender another one north on the freeway right at the black horse pike for folks coming in from south jersey in toward the city. south on i95, disable right at allegheny. good morning port richmond there. that's causing extra delay for everyone headed south into the city. otherwise, delays on the turnpike, from willow grove in toward mid-county, your normal slow down on the schuylkill expressway, going to ride on up to the lehigh valley, no problems in allentown, at the turnpike interchange, looking good there.
7:37 am
and get ready for the delays on 422, penndot's got to make up some time for their lost snow days here. they'll be working eastbound on 422 today at trooper road. mike and alex back to you. >> hey, anybody watch ellen yesterday afternoon? rhonda roundsy opens to up ellen, admission of her state every mind following her lost in the ring to holly holmes. we'll play it for you.
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>> rhonda rousey talks about her mindset after her lost. >> in the medical room, down in the corner, was sitting in the corner like what am i any more if i'm not this. and i was literally sitting there thinking about killing myself, and in the exact second like i'm nothing, what do i do any more. >> because she lost that
7:41 am
bought. she's nothing now? so, rhonda said that was the first time she had ever told anybody about, you know, thinking about killing herself. except she toll her boyfriend, of course, months ago. she actually said her boyfriend and her future with him was the motivation that kept her alive. >> more than just that. she said she look up at him and said you know what i want to give him babies one day so i want to be alive. >> well end went onto praise her for opening up about it on her show saying rhonda overcoming those thoughts sends a strong message to women who look to up her and have suicidal thoughts. i guess. i don't get it. i mean, skee she loses a bought, has a setback in her life, first thing she sits of is killing herself? that's strong message for women who look to up her, especially young women? the only reason she wanted to stay alive was for a man? >> you never know what people are going through, so mable
7:42 am
send focusing on the fact that you had those thoughts but you over came them, awe life, here, still fighting. literally and figure tiffly and emotionally. >> how about staying alive for yourself, not for a guy? >> good point. >> goodness. that just reminded me that rhonda was on the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit edition. i changed my mind about that. >> what? >> three different covers they have? >> i would say on the other day sport illustrate haded such courage to have, you know, a woman with curves, you know, if they had real courage, why did they have three covers? why not just choose ashley there in the middle with her purple bathing sioux on and go with that? >> well, maybe they thought three is better than one? >> what are you doing? maybe they throughout three is better than one? >> , no they are covering their back side. because they really, really want the young woman on the left the skinny one to be the cover. so let's just give couple of more out. >> there are a loft magazines who do there is multiple covers, remember when the us women's soccer team won the
7:43 am
world cup? they each got a cover? >> yes. >> sometimes it works out. >> no, no. >> okay. >> no. >> just say bahumbug. >> bahumbug. if you had any courage would you have stuck with ashley the curvey model and said she is the mod they will year on the cover. berks oh, no, they really wanted that one on the left. >> you threat snout. >> i'm done. >> is age just a number when it comes to dating? let's have this discussion again, new discussion starts about dating age differences after 32 year old actor apps up about dating a 19 year old. here's jen. >> mike, let the countdown begin, it is february 17th, march 17th, you know it, you love it, saint patrick's day. so let's get started with one of my favorite group of people in delaware county, it is delco gael. come on back, i'll tell you what they are doing.
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>> ♪ >> a little bit frozen, bush kill falls, but not the entire thing. we've seen it that bad. that was last winter. >> this has been very weird winter. when he really weird weather day yesterday after the snow and then the ice of president's day, we ended up with thunderstorms yesterday. because of the unusually mild temperatures, that came ahead of this cold front. once that started to come
7:47 am
through, it touched off the high wind, and the heavy downpours, and we had that brief period of weather drama. well, everything's calmed down since then, and we are happy to say, little cold front coming through later on that will make it little chillier tomorrow. but that won't be a trend that will continue over the weekend. eventually high pressure will build in. and we get southwest winds in here for saturday, sunday, and it will be in the fabulous 50's, both days of the weekend. so for right now, nothing to show you on radar around here some lake effect snow up to the north of us, and inbetween with nothing, thank goodness, so we look at temperatures this morning, it is 29 degrees in mount pocono, bethlehem, pa, 38, 36 degrees in allentown. 37 degrees in bensalem. and 37 degrees in limerick. everybody is above freezing, we're at 37 in cape may, and 36 degrees in ocean city, new jersey. to start your wednesday.
7:48 am
>> a lot of days below average, and yesterday's weird high of 60 degrees, today, we are right where we are supposed to be with 44. cooler tomorrow. warming up in time for the weekend, looks great both days of the weekends with highs in the 50's, fabulous 50's, bob kelly. >> poodle skirt, get them out. clock 48. good morning, couple every accidents, 422 eastbound right at the oaks interchange. everybody's all offer to the shoulder there. i don't know about you, but i notice yesterday the potholes starting to pop up like here along 422 stretches at 202, so the winter, already having it effect on the road. ninety-five delay betsy into girard, schuylkill, running slow, nothing out of the ordinary there. over in new jersey southbound 295, accident 541 the mt. holly interchange, and coming in on the freeway, northbound, watch for delays from the atlantic city expressway, in through the black horse pike, all because after crash. then south on i95, accident at
7:49 am
allegheny, and just look out through the construction zone. yesterday, our floor director, lauren johnson, said they saw the construction signs, and a port a potty on 95. from the high winds. so, just be aware, all of those work zones, those guys don't throw those heavy sandbags down, those signs have a tendency to flip on to the roadway, i can't imagine seeing the port a potty coming up and over the guards railment imagine if somebody was in there? like one of those, candid camera scenes. cone zone, eastbound, 422 down to one lane at trooper road starting at around 9:00. mike and alex back to you. >> watch out for the port a potty hole. >> have i told you, alex holley. >> what, mike? >> that i get to host it the saint patrick's day parade because -- >> really? >> yes. >> congratulations. >> thank you, along with kathy orr and one bob kelly. >> oh, i know you are so excited. >> i'm pumped, month from
7:50 am
today. >> it will be a fun time. >> march 15th, less than a month. parade march 15th, sunday, always on a sunday, so that will be fun. so jenn fred, kicking off our coverage, month in advance here, she's in havertown. now, listen to this, though. >> so she has hosed great dancing event that benefit the delaware county. >> sure, the gaels club. this is her at last year's event with some of the lads there. >> well, today is she back in havertown, giving us a taste. >> gael football. >> let's kick things off. >> it is really cool. by the way if you have been to the parade in years past, we want you to use the hashtag fox 29 irish send us pictures of you and your family, the president of the club, good morning. >> good morning. >> so talk to us a little bit. we've seen gaelic football. >> going since 1994. >> wow, how many kids are in the club. >> well, about 300, but active members about 200.
7:51 am
>> can start as young as four years old. >> we have the program just fun games more of coordination, just getting them going, but there is under 18. >> we are outside. this is really your indoor season. >> it is. >> so the outdoor season, you're pretty sensitivement not going to interfere with anyone else in sports. you want kids to play this and things like baseball? >> i do. the season starts may, right through the end of july. we have indoor season for six weeks at the maple zone. under 14 training to go to the island, for national competition, they do train outside. >> so the dancing with the stars, this friday night. >> yes. >> i have hosted it couple of years. i mess it up every year, yet you insight me back. what's the nearly? >> dancing with the stars or inch shooting you back? >> inviting me back. >> entertainment factor. >> so i talk to my other friend. come on back, again, i just had to ask the question, you know i messed the whole dancing with the star things, i mess it up every year yet they invite me back.
7:52 am
crazy? >> fantastic. >> what other sport are these kids playing? that helps them get good at this? it is football? >> soccer, basketball, mainly. >> why basketball? >> the hands-coordination, eye-hand coordination, catching movement. >> up put these girls up to something, they request that dow didder. >> goal keeper. try and score a goal. >> so you guys will hit -- oh, it is perfect that it is you. by the way this girl apparently was so shy he didn't want to say hi, then she said can i beam a ball at your head? true or false? >> true. >> any tips come with you me, any tips? for me? >> keep your eyes on the ball. make yourself big. ready? >> here we go. >> okay. i think that's a winner, that will be the win, again, fox 29 irishment thank you delaware county, gael. thank you for letting me come back to your event year after year. i'll see you friday. mike, i mess the thing up every year, i mess up the
7:53 am
names, i mess up the whole thing. >> i don't know why they can't find somebody else then who doesn't screw this thing up. it is her personality, of course. reminder march 15th, sunday did i get to tell you i host with bob kelly and kathy orr? >> and hashtag fox 29 irish. >> saint patrick's day parade march 13th, 12:00 to 3:00. noon to 3:00. on the parkway basically, right? it will be fun. >> well, will he's get to the showdown on north broad. >> the game starts at 7:00 tonight. the whole country will be watching this game. alex holey? >> specially here if philly, we will be watching the temple owls look to go beat the top team in the country. the villanova wildcats. >> we will take you to the liacouras sent after we take you to the lottery numbers.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
>> thirty-two year old, k bill, he played superman, right? thirty-two years old, dating 19 year old young lady, what does that make you think of? is that cool with you? and preston, let's start with you, what's the biggest age difference you've ever dated someone? >> dated or had relations with? >> well, two categories here, mike? >> that's true. >> let me go with the relations first. the relations, okay, so i think i was 20 and she was 27, or something like that? >> not bad. >> she was receptionist it the broadcasting school. maggie. >> that you how you got in? >> business in the business. and dated, i never had a big age gap, when dating somebody. >> did i. >> yes, 20 years. >> twenty years? >> twenty-one. >> oh, tell more. >> and she was 41, and she was
7:58 am
wonderful. it was great. >> nice. >> you know, dating age, the way henry cable is doing it, there is an advantage, because the children's menu is much less expensive. >> oh, my gosh. >> kids eat for free. >> yes, and the gogurt and chicken nuggets, always money saver. >> what do you talk about is what i want to know? >> is that booster seat comfortable in. >> good one, good one. >> let's whip around the room. let's start with kathy. what's the biggest age difference? >> you know, for me, not much. same like preston, just few years, i'll probably get tons of emails but for me it is creepy. ii really don't think it stud happen. you see it, it is awkward, people talk about you, and in my experience most times the girls will just play around with the guy for little while. if the girl is that much younger and move onto somebody their own age and then this person will be heart broken? that sounds fun. that's terrible. that one year together,
7:59 am
fantastic. >> steve how long are you with the woman you said 20 year difference? >> about a year and a half. >> oh, yes? until she died? >> oh, mike! that's terrible. >> okay, real quickly. >> at the home, ya. >> dropped dead at the home. nick, how about you? >> sixteen year difference. i was 40, and she was 24. oh, wait i am 40. she is still 24. >> oh. >> it is happening now? >> how long have you been together? >> you know how kathy feels. >> oh, thanks a lot, kathy. >> how long have you been together? >> we're not together. but it happens. yes, but mike you're right, man, it is awkward, and difficult and katie is right, too. >> what did you guys talk about? did you talk at all? >> mostly about her. >> not much after loser. >> very face, casey boy? >> one year, sore. >> i that's boring. >> that doubt count. mike what about you, your fiancee? >> i can't get into that now
8:00 am
because of kathy. >> oh, mike? >> sorry, mike. >> she is very, very young. and people do look at us. this is what i get. like we're at wawa or something? and we will be buying stuff together. and they won't think we're together. you snow. >> oh,. >> we'll separate our items. >> then what do you say? >> no, i'm with her. >> if you guys have a fight in public, do you say she's getting fussy? >> 7-eleven, do you say oh, okay, you're with that old man? >> i drive her back to the middle school and drop her off. >> oh, mike. say hi to marissa, i was out with her last night, we a lot up from. >> that's why you came in like that, oh, okay. >> there go. >> oh, that's nice picture. >> look how oily my face is. >> march ace looks good. >> she looks good. >> we can't see it. >> we shouldn't do that on radio, you me? >> do you have tweet it out. thanks, guys, sorry for that mistake.
8:01 am
>> they get mad what we put up pictures because their radio awed kens can't see it. >> not fair to melissa. can't talk about something they can't see. >> good day, it is wednesday, february 17th, 2016. here we go. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". >> blue means bandit. how about this, nine teenagers wearing ski masks, march into the new center city store, with one mission: what they took before taking off. >> north broad bound. villanova wildcats take on the temple owls tonight. how fans are getting pumped up before the philadelphia face-off. >> new bill foremen hoping to by vie agorae don't ask your doctor for that prescription. who you may need to get a note from before the buy the blue pill. >> up fire.
8:02 am
vanessa sparks criminal investigation? why she may be in big trouble after a valentine day get away . >> 8:02. >> we have a seven out of ten today. remember yesterday was only a two, and deserved that, too, two. here is bus stop buddy with his nice warm winter coat on. it is chillier than it was 24 hours ago, when we were marveling at the mild temperature. well, now it is back in the more february-ish 30's, to start the day. we've got few clouds around this morning, little shortage every sunday shine? spots, but see it eventually, 38 degrees, feels like 31, and get to go high of 44, later on, and just saw breeze really boring, bob kelly, this forecast for today. and we have been rejoicing and boring because of it, so weird yesterday. >> we'll take it, a wednesday boring rush hour, all the snow is gone. and a curve check, live look at the schuylkill expressway, right near the conshy curve, not bad at all. little delay west out toward
8:03 am
king of prussia, normal brake tap inch board, normal delays along 202, and the blue route, going to slight on down to wilmington, delaware, north on 95, jammed up from that 495 split, heading into the town of wilmington, east on the schuylkill, put about 20 minutes on, 26 minutes on the clock, and just under half hour, south, on 95. now, penndot, they got couple of days they got to work to make up for the snow days here. so they'll be working east on 422, beginning at 9:00 down to one lane, trooper, in toward valley forge, and also later on today they'll be working along 322, through delaware county, here between route one, and i95. and then watch for delays coming in from south jersey on the freeway, bridges, mass transit, looking good. mike and alex back over to you. >> pretty good update on story of allentown, allentown police officer is out of the hospital, thank goodness, and doing well this morning, after being shot in the arm last night. >> he was serving search warrant last night foreman want in the connection with a
8:04 am
murder, talking about the murder we reported on just couple of days ago. where a woman's body was found over the weekend stuffed inside large recycling bin. that was actually near where the warrant was served, across the street. after an hour long stand-off, the suspect was taken into custody but we're relieved to hear the police officer has been released from the hospital. >> former miss new jersey there she is in critical condition this morning after a serious car accident. this tweet coming from her television show, the show called southern new jersey today. she is 24 years old, and she is one of the anchor people on that show. cara, that's her name, new jersey state police say she was on route 55 in pit grove township monday night when her convertible spun out of control, hit two trees, investigators say she was not wearing a seatbelt. they do not think drugs or alcohol was a factor in this at all. cara represented new jersey in the 2014 miss america pageant.
8:05 am
representing new jersey. >> we are hoping she has a good recovery. >> let's hope so. just minutes, thieves, swipe dozens of pairs of high end jeans at liberty place. nine teens got together put on ski masks and they ran into a store, around 7:30 last night, and they grabbed all of the jeans they could get, it was about 20 pairs, and they just took off. they ran eason chestnut street. investigators say, those jeans are worth about $2,000 total. >> wow. >> all right, here we go. it is tonight. 7:00. philadelphia college basketball, local country will be watching this game. >> all of philly because it is philly against philly here. temple will face number one villanova. and they are looking for another upset tonight. they've already knocked off one top ten team this year. now the question is can they do it again? >> yep, they beat smu few weeks ago, chris, out in front of the liacouras center where it will all go down. >> well look, temple, the
8:06 am
owls, they're good, won five straight. won nine out of the last ten, it will be pack here in 11 hours from now, guys. tip-off at 7:00. the owls now 16 and eight. they're ten and three the american conference. they're taking on the wildcats, as you know, are really good. twenty-two and three, makes them the best team according to the polls in the entire nation. they became the best team on february 8th. and they got re-up, you could say again, when the new pole came out yesterday again retaining that title. >> the owls prowess has put them in first position, with the records every ten and three, temple as you mention, they've played well against some big teams. now they took on number one north carolina to open the season, two and 14 against number one teams, so, you know, that does not bode well for them tonight necessarily. but with the win against
8:07 am
villanova tell wobble clinch share of its 28 philadelphia big five titles. so a lot going on against j. wright's wildcats. and here is the thing. temple and villanova, this will be the 90th time that they've played each other in this storied rivalry. run down here, villanova 46 wins to temple 43. >> very tight. >> close enough. >> oh, boy, i would like to find a ticket to that. also, don't sleep on st. joe's. look at the back cover of the daily news today, dick girard when he was there, one the reporters, has pick his field for march madness. he thinks all three teams will get in to march madness. >> wouldn't that being? >> yes, phil martelli has real good record going, won 21 games st. joe hawks, have big game tonight at home in philadelphia against number one team in their league that's the dayton flyers. >> also we should get excited about this, think about it, the eagles, and we have phillies, ugh, flyers, ugh.
8:08 am
sixers. gh. well, at least we have this. >> i will tell you, did you see the flyers team last night? they scored four goals in the last seven minutes there was seven minute, last seven minute of the game, to win. >> great victory. all right, usually, to get a prescription, for viagra, what you need is a doctor's note, right? >> is that what you snead. >> that's what i -- i mean, that's what i heard. but one lawmakers want people who are interested in get that blue pill to have another note, this time, from the man's wife. >> really? >> lauren, explain this. >> okay, so the issue recovers around that little blue pill. yes, want a wife's note for a man to get viagra. she said it is only to prove a point. kentucky representative, a democrat, from louisville, san she is the one sponsoring this bill. she says she's so tire of laws that prevent a woman's right to choose what's best for her own body, so she want to make sure men are completely informed about a drug with
8:09 am
potentially dangerous side effect the l bill is to quote illustrate the absurd at this of government encroachment into women's personal and medical decisions currently running mock in the kentucky general assembly. bill would require men to make a sworn statement with his hand on a bible, that he will only use a prescription for a drug for erect tile dysfunction when having sexual relations with his current spouse. basically saying this is only for married men, only trial trying to make a statement, but according to her a nurse, this is about family values. >> interesting. >> it is going no where, right? >> going no where. just to prove a point. >> what would it be like? if men this to get a note? >> not going to happen. >> ruin their lives. >> she don't think -- >> i think maybe, let me fill it out right now for you. >> here, it is my idea, i'll take the note outside and deliver it. >> but then on the honor
8:10 am
system you will only use the little blue pill when you are having sexual relations with your wife. >> true. >> you can get her permission. >> hine, you need some help. >> but she saying -- saying might be with other women. >> of course. >> well why did you jump top that conclusion, simply because he wants the vie rag. >> not, just exploring all of the situations out there, i got you, lauren. >> i will look it up and tell you at 99:00 if she ' married. >> let's check in with quincy. la up until yesterday, but naught we are putting him to work. he is back in town. >> quincy do my job. area row i can instructor in the water. >> aquatics area robe innings instructor with these seasoned young ladies right here, jane an instructor, will tech me how to do it, but eights -- let's dance. let's do it. >> ♪ more after the break. >> hilarious.
8:11 am
>> spend less, earn more, it is possible, but you likely don't know how to do that. do you? next, what you are supposed to know about money, that no one has ever taught you before. boy, that's a big tease right there. i better come through. >> you better live up to it. >> all right. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
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so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> mother nature random act every kindness is giving us a brake from the weather mess we had, president's day and yesterday, it is tran will today. cold front, from yesterday, is gone. the one that's coming in today is hardly anything, so, it is cloudy out there with that cold front on the way, but that's about it. no precipitation, yeah. thirty-eight in the city. twenty-nine mount pocono, 35 wilmington. everybody is above freezing even though all in the 30's, so, we don't have to worry about that black ice or anything like that. 44 degrees is the average high. guess where we're going today?
8:15 am
forty-three for friday. now, friday begins warming trend. by the weekend, it is 58 degrees, on saturday. with few clouds, 55 degrees, on sunday. and then our next chance of rain is not until tuesday of next week. >> crazy, but all of the snow gone. everybody dried up on the overnight, haven't had any report of black ice, or icy situations this morning. so we will take it. live look at the blue route, gang coming out of mid-county headed down toward the schuylkill expressway. south on 95, heavy from pretty much academy road, through cottman avenue, that stop and go construction zone. the benny looking good. >> maybe later rush hour, but no problems at all, coming in over the ben franklin bridge, at the moment, in to downtown, but looking good up and down route 202, no problems along
8:16 am
i-95 roll through delaware county, media, northbound side of route one, right at route 252, that's the off ramp therefore rose tree park, mass transit looking good. mike and alex being back to you. >> alex, sing it. >> fear not, consumer reporter steve is here to save us some money. help us manage our money, it is kind of money 101, steve? >> reporter: good morning to you guys, you know, the parallel situation i would like to draw like when you meet somebody but never learn their name. then all the sudden it is too late in the relationship to ask. what do you do? you fake it, fine for social situation, but now when it comes to managing your money. that will ache look at the video, we fake it all the time, home buying, car buying, even something we think should be simple like buying a television, maybe new credit card, planning for retirement, there is this idea that we're supposed to intuitively know how to navigate each one of these situations like a pro, but here is the problem,
8:17 am
nobody ever taught us. i can't tell you how many times i'll be on the phone or talking with a viewer, to counsel them through some sort of money problem, and it becomes quite clear that they've no idea what i am talking about, but even worse, they're too embarrased to tell me. >> you know i wish there was like a pod cast coy go to on my computer and learn about money matters, you know, crops up in my life. >> free pod cast at that. >> even better. >> some of you should -- funny you should mention. that will launching basic training my new pod cast, comes out today on itunes, this is a 101 level look at managing your money, that casino every entry level idea is incredibly important, and i think what will make it so successful, because really them bars dollars factor i remember ex quit i, pmi, escrow, in a situation where it seems that everybody in the room new what these people were talking about, and i should probably know also. so i never asked that's not
8:18 am
great idea. here is the drill, basic change boot camp for your cash, new pod cast launches today, 101 entry level look at all of these different things of the here is the neat part about it, i get to conduct interviews with our pod cast guest as if i know absolutely nothing about these topics. so when we are talking about an i will be talk wack tax advisor, telling us credit, deductions, hey, wait a second. let's stop and do some defining of terms. so all of the things, we tell you step-by-step how to go through it, and here is a nice thing, comes with new format for us, right? so the idea here we launch these in series of four at a time, we try it make them as differs as possible maybe buy new car, maybe more worried about retirement planning, so there is really always something for everybody, and
8:19 am
each one of the series and the best part about it is that the 100% free and of course portable. so put it on your iphone, put it in your car, where ever else it is that you are and go ahead and listen, they run 20, 30 minute each one, beyond the treadmill, be on your morning commute. i can guarantee you this: you will leave smarter than you showed, give you basic set of tools which you can manage your financial life whole lot better and i am help. >> i i wish they had when i bought my first house, first car, all of that. >> i love he breaks it down. >> we have good one on both of those top glick it is like having a friends who knows about monday any your pocket. >> and steve is your friend. >> you are our friend, steve. >> there go. >> see ya. >> so it happened again last night, episode of the people versus o.j. simpson. >> did you watch? tweet us your thought. do you have any questions? you know we have to talk to harvey from "tmz" about it. >> because he covered it for four and a half years in los angeles, he'll help us, truth
8:20 am
and defense, the third episode, of the people versus o.j. simpson. harley leaf principal "tmz" joins us next. >> i want to know how much of it is real? >> i no, sir. >> an extrordinary result, new cancer treatment appears to be working. the impressive outcome after new study. ♪ trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation.
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8:23 am
>> i had an avacado yesterday. >> i love them. >> i used to eat them every day. >> cancer researchers claim extroidinaire result, say a treatment that use immune cells to target certain types of cancer appears to be working. >> and in this study 94% of participant suffering from a certain form every leukemia said their symptoms vanished completely. in another study 80% of patient with non-hodgkins lymphoma responded positively to the treatment. >> it turns out that eating after kad owes could save your live in the longrun. that's because eating avacado significantly reduces cholesterol levels. >> yes. this is so good. having high levels of bad
8:24 am
cholesterol known to be major risk factor for heart disease. card vaux yays already disease responsible for one out of every four deaths, the number one killer of minaj women. so i guess we should eating more after kad/'s. i love them. coy eat them with a spoon. >> dow that many times, yes. >> on salads. >> a florida teenager is in a lot of trouble. police say he posed as a doctor, and he even pretended to found a hospital. >> well, this is not a case every doogie howser m.d. at least 'd medical degree. fictional character, that, too, instead 18 year old whose fake career came to end when he treated an undercover cop. >> yes. >> there he is. malikai love robinson respect that's his name, set up a website i guess, set up website for the new birth new
8:25 am
life holic is and alternative medical center that he said he founded, it was also an urgent care facility. this is in west palm beach. he listed his age at 25. but he's really 18. and claimed to treat people with natural medical and healing techniques. well, the cops found him. >> the palm beach county sheriff's offers weren't having any of. that will he is now under arrest and charged with practicing medicine without a license. >> i wonder how long he had a practice for? how long was he treating people? >> we have to look up that. but quite a few people got suck neared it. >> here is the thing, go to the doctor, you trust them to know what they are doing, so if they tell you things -- >> that's something. >> i just wonder how much money he made before they caught him. >> true. >> another one of those additions of quincy q do my job, right. >> i'm real excited about this one, water aerobics instructor? oh, my goodness. >> guys, we are here in the
8:26 am
northeast, at the ymca, we thank you, 78 year old james will teach me how to be at cat innings aerobics instructor. how do you guys think i'm doing so far? yes, pretty bad. i have equipment on. we'll come back in a second. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
8:27 am
you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death. stop taking januvia and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area which may be pancreatitis. tell your doctor right away and stop taking januvia if you have an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives.
8:28 am
kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia.
8:29 am
>> i think most people watch the grammys, love lady gaga's tribute to david bowie. >> not everyone, mike. >> the very important viewer who appears to be less than impressed. >> hey, making out is one thing. but, sex on the first date, is it a no-no? how many women would actually consider it a new survey is out, sue, what say you? >> way to put her on the spot,
8:30 am
mike. >> first date? i haven't been on a first date in 25 years. >> what happened after tgi friday's? >> that did not happen. all right? fine. dry in philly, temperatures are in the 30's. not bad anyway. all right, we've got a look at our cloud cover. for those of how missed the earlier portion of the program, alex told us what a boom boom room was. >> oh, no. >> i had no idea. anyway, 38 degrees, right now, feels like 31, and we will get to high of 44, later on today. sunset time 5:39. as those days start to get little bit longer now that we've into the middle of february. so it is seasonable certainly not a loft action like yesterday, but that's relief after 65-mile an hour wind in part of new jersey yesterday. bob kelly?
8:31 am
>> boom boom. >> what do we serve? >> in the boom boom room? >> grilled cheese. >> oh, grilled cheese room, there go. >> why while you watch net flex. >> netflix and chill. live on the vine expressway coming into downtown, lighter volume this morning, i don't know what happened. we really didn't have the big rush hour like we typically see on a wednesday, looking good up and over the ben any toward downtown, delays though on the schuylkill, normal spot between city avenue and montgomery drive northbound 95 up to route one, the accident in media delaware county northbound lanes of route one, at 252. mike and alex back over to you. >> time for another edition of q do my job. this time aquatics aerobics instructor. >> so, he's -- the thing is the current aerobics instructor at the ymca, she 78 years old. >> probably knowles, has a loft experience, and can be a good teacher to q. good morning, q. >> hey, how are you doing. >> doing fine, thank you.
8:32 am
>> let's fix that audio. hard to get good sound out after pool. 8:32, plus you have to have the music so you can do your aerobics. >> we'll get it to you. emotional admission from rhonda rousey. what do you say? >> we're going to rhonda rousey. >> breaks down big time on the ellen show yesterday. what she says lowest point in her life and why she wanted to kill herself. >> yes, really emotional interview, a lot of people are shock to see this side of her, we usually see her in the ring. and we haven't really seen her outside of that. and plus, a lot of people when it happened were so shock about her lost they wanted to hear from her. >> also un fire, vanessa, sparking criminal investigation, why she may be in big trouble after a valentine day get away to arizona. >> oh, a no no. really? mike went on rant after hearing about that store. >> i and i'll do it again. >> yes. >> netflix and chill. >> so people, like sue
8:33 am
mentioned, little second ago, little while ago in her weather about the boom boom room? >> right? >> this is what got that information going. >> netflix and chill now becoming more than just popular phrase on social media. netflix is now involved. >> so, if you don't know what it is, of course, it is basically an invitation for someone to come over, you may think you'll watch netflix, end up not watching netflix. why, mike? >> you're getting it on. >> yes, so now, netflix and chill, become common thing people are saying, it is now a theme room, that's available on the rental website air b and b. yes, netflix and chill room. so, it is a one bedroom new york city apartment goes for about $400 a night. can't you get a hole tell for that? >> that's cheap. >> comes with fully stock mini bar. oh, there is that. and you get a bed with netflix branded sheets and blanket, so netflix everywhere. but here is the key. for netflix and chill you have to have netflix, right? well, you get access to netflix account if you don't have one. >> actually pretty good deal.
8:34 am
had 400 you are get the them application and the beautiful comforter. >> beautiful all right. >> so the other day jeb bush, running for president of course, hey, which one you want to do first milky way? okay, so, jeb bush's official website if you want to go and learn about his campaign, is what is it jeb -- >> jeb bush 2016. but if you go to google looking for it and punch in, do it live on the air here. >> some people may think oh, i want to look up about jeb bush, they just put jeb bushes. com. that's what you type? >> and what? >> it goes immediately to donald trump's campaign. >> oh, my goodness. >> his website. >> look at that? i wonder if trump did that on purpose? >> of course. yes. some smart kid probably millennial said i got an idea. we will get it so if you google jeb bush whatever. com trump's website comes up. >> i'll put in donald trump. com and see if it goes to jeb bush. >> no, goes to done al trump.
8:35 am
even though his official website is donald j drum up. >> how would they fix that, computer people? >> jeb bush better do something. >> speaking every jeb bush, what did you think of this? the whole, i mean, a lot of people are talking about there is i hate that cliche, sorry. i take it back. speaking of jeb bush, he visited gunman ooh fact during plant in south carolina because the primary is saturday. >> do we know what part of south carolina. >> i can sure fine out for you. >> i'll look it up. >> so they made him a gun. and it is on the cover of the daily news here, well, there is the -- he tweeted this out yesterday. >> a picture of the handgun they made for him, give it to him, he simply puts the word america. what's he trying to say there? >> a big thing, a loft people talking about there is and a lot of response. >> pro and con?
8:36 am
>> yes. >> second amendment, all of that, right to bear arm t made the cover of the daily news today, i'll tell that you. >> sure did. >> jeb's little friend. say hello to my little friend. get on twitter, facebook, tell us what you think, 8:36. coming back in about two minutes. >> trying to find out what part of south carolina.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> ♪ >> well, they are attempting something that never has been done for them. after 27 seasons, homer will appear live for the last three minute of an all new episode. oh, my goodness. this is going to air may 15th, of course will happen here on fox. for both the east coast and west coast broadways cents. wait, so we will be watching the cartoon then live human homer is going to walk on to
8:40 am
the show? >> no, i would imagine simply the voice will be live. >> oh,. >> it will soon be animated. >> our friends wendy came out of the graphic for that. >> well, we have to wait and see. >> exciting. if we can just hear somebody talking live. okay. >> shitted look it up some more. it is cool. watching the cartoon, hey, someone doing this right now. (laughing). >> maybe expectations are really hi, we have grease live, gwen stefani did live music video, if you do something life, you can't just talk life. we do that every day. >> i don't know exactly, i would doubt that they have a big stuffed and malcolm out of homer? >> i'm not saying stuffed
8:41 am
animal. a real person who looks like a real life homer, a man walk in with the belly. >> really? if they do that i'll watch. >> what did you do last night? >> what did you do? >> someone tweeted me saying you're in a mood. don't be coming at me. >> i'm in no mood. >> really, really just the voice? >> i don't -- >> no, i know, look, said no, it is a cartoon. >> just i'm sure all of the characters will be live, but you won't see humans doing the voices, because it is animated thing. oh, let's just wait and see. when is the stinking thing air? the 15th of may? >> oh, we have to wait. >> oh, three months away? >> very exciting. >> you'll never get that three minute back. ryan reynolds recently crashed the eagle interview to talk to hugh jackman. whatever the heck that is. before he started firing away, he admitted that he made up the questions before, actually
8:42 am
seeing the movie. >> so you play eddie. >> no. >> you did see it? >> oh, no, i did, yes. i mean, ya. >> come on, man. >> many actors enjoy performing their own stunts. >> do you do all of your own acting? >> sex scenes, dow them, yes. that's where the crash is. >> yes. >> key to good marriage. >> do you ever age? not since 2008. >> gorgeous. >> you're two time tony winner, oscar nominated actor. >> oh, when it wrapped up, ryan declared honestly my favorite interview, i've ever given. it is the only one you've ever given. >> jackman said -- >> yes. >> oh, it is just two handsome men being coy and cute. >> we love it. >> all right. i believe quincy is back in the water, with a good microphone. >> okay? >> hey. >> one, two, yes, i'm back,
8:43 am
that's the issue, we are in the water, sometimes you have technical issues, that's me mom, 78 years old, going to have some fun coming back. >> one, two, one, two. diabetes, steady is exciting.
8:44 am
only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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8:46 am
>> in a couple of moments, camelback will become camel beach. know that's what they do, in the upper time, doesn't it seem so far away, but spring and summer will be here eventually, today though we just nothing to show you on ultimate doppler radar, up to the north and west, weak cold front, little built of snow, we do not expect that to reach here. we expect it to be cloudy, temperatures walking out the door mid to up 30th's just about everywhere. 38 degrees in philadelphia. average hi, 44, guess where we're head in the to high of 44 today. 38 degrees tomorrow. chillier day, then the warming trend in time for the weekend by saturday alex, up to 58 degrees. quincy harris in the pool this morning, and doing water aerobics, doing someone else's
8:47 am
job. quincy, i want to see more of this. >> jane, turn around, how long have you been cooking to the y and teaching this class, for free? that's called a volunteer. >> about 13 years. >> since you retired? >> i started coming when i retired 15 years ago. >> and when i start doing this class about 13 years ago. >> what's the class? >> it is water aerobics class. >> now, i'll say there is i see a lot of sees orthopedics young ladies; there age requirement? >> no, no age, we have young girl, she not here today, and she is only about 20 years old. >> do you it every monday, wednesday and friday? >> monday, wednesday, friday, 10:30 to 11:30. >> at the northeast ymca, great sponsor. now, we want to get at work
8:48 am
out, show us some of the workouts we would do if we come to your class. >> we do all kinds of things, first of all we start out stretching stretching exercises, hoe down, jumping jacks, and all kind of crazy things. sometimes we even dance. you were showing me a work out with dumbells, go in, can woe get the class ready? are you ladies ready? >> i can do that. yes. >> what's another move? >> rocking horse. >> this just helps you, helps
8:49 am
move you have the blood flowing? >> yes. >> guys, next hour, me and jay, i call her jp, will do some workouts, do some more work out here in the wait i. jane, are you okay with that next hour, do some more? >> that's fine. >> she is 78 years young. mo excuse. >> very nice, 8:29. >> talking jeb bush does come, it takes to you donald trump's website. people are saying it is not an accident just that donald trump bought the domain right. that's what happened. >> smart. >> guess what happens, loser. com. >> my picture comes up. >> no. >> loser. com. >> takes to you kanye west's page. >> oh. really need thing to do. i'm scared to put in alex holley dot column or mike jerrick. com. >> do alex holley. >> oh, i had a website. >> you had a website at one
8:50 am
point. >> yes. did you you didn't have a website? >> oh, gone now, just goes to my twitter and facebook page. >> cute. >> avenue new tool, forget justin bieber, vanessa hutchins, who i met many times, she is lovely, made a big mistake on valentine day, sparking criminal investigation. why she play be in big trouble after a valentine day get away to arizona. look what she did.
8:51 am
8:52 am
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and friendlier service. acme. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ accident southbound on the boulevard right between the ridge avenue kelly drive ramp and the schuylkill expressway, philly firefighters, the hook
8:54 am
and ladder here across the lanes except for the far left one. so watch for back up, from fox, down through the schuylkill. got some work coming our way today. >> this stretch, is a hot mess to begin with. 322, the conchester highway, going to be working today from route one all the way down to 95. they're also going to be working along i59 from like the airport, down to the delaware state line. penndot's going to be line painting today, so, watch out, normally not a problem. except if you decide to change lane heinz the line painting truck back to you. >> cool. >> then they veer off. >> story one more time, i promise, the last time, okay, today? >> but a lot of people, you know, they were surprise today see her, this side of her, rhonda rousey, broke down on the ellen show.
8:55 am
>> the ellen interview, first, actress vanessa hutchins, she's in trouble, and you know what? there may be legal action against her. so, there she is, with her boyfriend, he's an actor, his name austin butler. and they're visiting arizona. so, she -- sed own a, arizona, beautiful, red rocks there. they carve their name into one of the beautiful red rocks. the heart with their names on it. keeps everyone from defacing, so they could face a fine of up to $5,000. or six months in jail. >> how could you not know that that is wrong? >> do you think that maybe there wasn't a sign that said
8:56 am
please don't up? >> who needs stinking sign, you know you're on beautiful national parkment and you go up and scratch your name into the side of the mountain. oh, you're so important. oh. not that i want to see her go to jail. >> okay. >> but i would love to see her go to jail. >> oh, mike, i mean, some people don't know. >> oh,. >> big forest, big, you know? it is a national fogless then deport her then if she is that stupid. >> mike? >> let her bus up some rocks, and then jail. >> but the it in the wall there -- >> car after calendar in. five more days to go. >> express this. okay, so let's get back to this emotional admission byron did a rousey. said the lowest point in their life, wanted to kill herselfment we'll play the tape for you.
8:57 am
8:58 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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good day, it is wednesday, february 17th, 2016. my sister joanne's birthday. >> she lives in martinsville, virginia, way down there in southern virginia. >> coming to visit soon. >> on her way to new york to see a broadway play. so they get to stay with me for couple every days. >> hard to get ticket to hamilton. >> it is hard, yes. >> making out is one thing, ladies and gentlemen. boy, really matchy matchy today. >> all kind of blue. >> blue on blue. making/one thing, but sex on the first date. >> whole different thing. >> really is. you what what do you think about that? we fawn survey, how many women would consider sex on the first day in


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