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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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daycare four times. who is not at fault and who she wants ants them. >> thieves target your loved ones and using you as the bait. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ >> right now a mother outraged when she sees her baby come home from daycare. look at that one-year-old's face. her mom says those are bite marks surrounded by bruises and to make it worse, she said this isn't the first time her little
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girl has been hurt there. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. she wants something done to keep her baby girl safe. fox 29's shawnette wilson has been talking with that mom live in hunting park right now. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, so the first thing we did was we contacted the daycare. they referred us to their corporate offices. we left a message but have not heard back from them yet. in the meantime, this mom has taken her child out of the daycare. she says this is not the first time something like this has happen. >> you don't expect to pick up your kid from child care and see their face beat up like that. >> reporter: take a look what has this mother so upset. her one and a half-year-old daughter savannah's face bruised she says another child at the daycare bit her daughter repea repeatedly. >> as severe her bite marks are he bit her and latched on to her face. don't know exactly for how long but it wasn't like a close and open. >> veronica says staff at bright side academy on front and erie called her tuesday to tell her
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what happened. she says she was shocked to see the bruising when she pick up her daughter. >> i was already upset. i want an explanation. >> reporter: she claims it happened three other times over the past two months. >> she had one bite on her finger. one bite on her finger. one on her arm and one on her arm again. the last time was last week. >> reporter: this is an incident detailing the last incident. it states that savannah was bitten by another child when they were both reaching for the same toy. veronica doesn't feel the daycare is taking the issue seriously. >> the child is one years old. you know, i don't have an issue with the child. kids do bite. you know, i'm not upset with the mother neither. she's not the one watching my child. i'm upset that these people get paid to do their job, you know, and at the end of the day this is your job much this is your focus to watch these kids. i feel like my daughter wasn't being watched. >> reporter: and back here live again, we contacted the daycare. we're waiting to hear back from them with a response. we also called the state department of human services to
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check into this daycare's records. they tell us the only incident to note happened year ago when a child used scissors to cut another child's hair. lucy, puke. >> shawnette. toy sky fox over a fire still burning in upper darby tonight hours after it began from the air you can see flames and smoke pouring out of the this home. this was just past 6:00 tonight on over hill drive that fire then spread to second home. this was the scene less than an hour ago. you can see firefighters still very busy trying to get under of all of this under control. so far no reported injuries. septa's trenton shrine now back up and running after fire in holmesburg suspended service earlier tonight. skyfox again over this warehouse fire along the 7700 block of edmund street. it broke out just past 5:30 tonight. that building sits right next to the tracks. septa suspend service on the trenton line as firefighters put out those flames. no one is hurt. man waiting for women jogging in south jersey to run
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past then ex posing himself. new jersey state police releasing this sketch saying it's happened twice. the first time the suspect was park on the side of state highway 54 in wasn't in a vista when a woman ran by she saw him exposed performing a lewd act. then a few days later that same woman says she finished a run in the same area when the guy asked for directions then asked if she would watch him perform a sex act. she says, it was the same man. on your radar tonight get ready for a warmup. people are still layered up in university city tonight because it's kind of cold tonight. from heavy coats with hoods up and hats and scarves and mittens. let's take live look at wilmington. because you know what, you'll be able to leave all of that winter gear at home this weekend. so says miss kathy orr meteorologist extraordinary tracking the spike in temp. >> thank you lucy. it's cold out there right now. of course, we're watching the wind really below the flags outside our studios. on market street all is dry and temperatures are falling really fast. the temperature is 30 but the wind is out of the north at 10.
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creating wind chill around 21 degrees. so almost 10 degrees colder than the temperature. 15 in the poconos. 27 in dover. 27 in trenton and 25 in pottstown but add that 10 miles an hour wind it feels like the single numbers in the poconos. 16 in allentown. 19 in wilmington and 18 degrees at the airport in atlantic city. so when we wake up tomorrow morning temperatures will be falling fast with those clear skies in the city the temperature will only be at 22. 17 in the poconos. 19 in pottstown. 26 in millville. so a cold start to the weekend or end of the work week but this weekend a huge surge in warmth from the south as temperatures swing about 10 to 15 degrees above normal for a change. and then all eyes on a developing east coast storm for next week. we'll talk about the details as they unfold with that coming up later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right, kathy. thank you. you decide 2016 donald trump has new critic. pope francis slamming the gop front runner today for his stance on immigration. specifically the wall trump
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wants to build. >> this all comes two days before the south carolina republican primary. tonight donald trump says he's not worried about potentially losing any catholic supporters. fox 29's chris o'connell went out to talk to voters to see what they think life at the national constitution sent tonight. guessing you're getting an earful there, chris. >> reporter: lucy, it's being call the holy war over words. whether he wanted to or not, pope francis stepped front and center into the presidential campaign. >> religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. >> reporter: republican presidential front runner on the offensive against no other than pope francis. >> a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. >> reporter: on the papal plain leaving mexico the pope was told about trump's plans to build a wall along the mexican border. >> they're using the pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed
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of themselves. that's the mexican government. >> reporter: thank god he said i was a politician because arrow stott tell defines a human person as animal politic cuss at least i am human person and that i am a pawn well maybe i will leave that up to your judgment. >> this was not a sort of direct calling out of donald trump and. >> villanova theology professor kevin hughes isn't surprised the pobb tiff is speaking his minder but seriously doubts if he wants to dive into american politics. >> clearly an issue he's very concerned about. not necessarily for this election cycle but just as a matter of public policy. >> reporter: the feud was trending on twitter all day and had everyone talking. >> if you're going to be segment yours up as the president of the united states you have to have a certain amount of rapport i think, you know, at the moment he's not really showing that. >> he has already demonstrated that he's not the least bit concerned about that kind of conduct. >> reporter: pope says not having heard trump's plans
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personally he did offer a concession that he would give trump a presbyterian the benefit of the doubt. as forgetting involved in endorsing candidates -- >> what would i advise to vote or not to vote? i would not get mixed up in that. >> reporter: well the big question now is will this feud have any impact on the polls in november? well, consider this. estimated 20% of americans are voting public are catholics and now the catholic majorities have picked the winner in the presidential election, the past four elections, iain. >> interesting. chris, thank you. philadelphia police are trying to find a man they say has stolen thousands of dollars worth of cell phones and other electronics from an at&t store. twice the suspect walked into the store on the 2500 block of grant avenue in northeast philly on january 2nd again on january 6th. he cut the security cords on numerous i phones, i pads and samsung phones and walked out.
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he was seen getting into a gold vehicle. if you recognize him, give police a call. the lehigh county coroner releasing new information today about the body found inside a recycling bin in allentown. >> we now know the woman's name authorities say she was 59-year-old rose shin i don't have ski she died after getting shot over and over then stuffed into that recycling bin. she lived in the apartment complex where a man shot at police serving a warrant connected to the case tuesday night. police say that man shot one to detective in the arm but he's out of the hospital tonight. prosecutors have yet to file charges against anyone. a chain reaction crash leaves this mess in center city. a schoolbus, taxi, suv and septa bus just a few of the many factors involved left behind a gaping hole in the td bang near city hall with several people hurt. fox 29's bruce gordon breaks down exactly what happened. >> reporter: midday madness in center city ends with three vehicles mashed together
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outside -- make that partly uninside a td bank branch at 15th and jfk. spectators could hardly believe the site. >> first thing your reaction when you saw this? >> wow! i just hope no one was hurt. >> reporter: eyewitness accounts suggest a taxi cab may have slipped a septa bus the right lanes of westbound jfk right across from city hall. the cab careened through the intersection at 15th street, veered left into a schoolbus. the bus then veered into a black lincoln suv and all three vehicles plowed through a traffic light with the suv demolishing the bank window. >> what went through your mind when you heard and saw this? >> we was just praying no one got hurt. we just was praying no one got hurt. so we was just scared. >> major chaos. people were everywhere. people were concerned. people was trying to see if there were any kids on the bus. there were none. just trying to go to people's assistance which i felt was very nice. >> reporter: there may have been no children aboard that schoolbus, but there were plenty of passengers i was bore the
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septa bus. a total of 14 accident victims were rushed to jefferson hospital's emergency room with minor injuries. >> back pain, some neck sprains, some contusions, some hip pain n kind of thing really few headaches,. >> reporter: nothing life threatening. >> not at this point. >> reporter: the schoolbus driver and cab driver were treated at the hospital. no life threatening injuries. no one was injured inside that td bank branch and miraculously no pedestrians injured either. in center city, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. ♪ a scary site when this tourist helicopter goes down hard in hawaii. people nearby jump into the water to save those inside. what witnesses heard just before the crash. >> a mom holding her baby after a car wreck fighting with officers on scene. her two other children still in the suv. what that mom does next police never expected. plus thieves targeting your loved ones and they're using you as the bait. it happened to this local man. the threat crooks used in the
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grandma scam. >> transgender rights is an issue facing local schools. >> everybody needs to use the bathroom. and transgender people are simply trying to use the bathroom where they feel safer. >> we want to make sure we protect every student. >> the local kids caught in the middle of this growing discussion.
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♪ search is on for accused of robber who police say struck in
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both the fox chase and burholme sections of the city. the first january 5th police say this guy walked into the galaxy smoke shop along the 7200 block of rising sun avenue and pulled a gun on the cashier. then on january 16th, police say he did it same exact thing at auto zone on oxford avenue got away with cash both times. police have a warning tonight for the residents of camden. investigators say someone is calling or texting people telling whomever answers that their loved one is in danger. >> and then police say that caller demands cash but they say all of this is a scam. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in camden. dave, authorities say this has happened more than a dozen tim times. >> reporter: lucy, police tell us they're actually working on about 15 cases. they're tracking multiple suspects in those cases, and they tell us tonight these calls are being made randomly. robinson was sitting on his front porch two weeks ago working on his computer when he got an unusual text message. it said someone he knew was in
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an accident and urged him to call back the number. so he did. and that's when strange thing started to happen. >> they said do you have any family that lives here in camden? i said yeah i got plenty live here in camden. >> caller told him his relative got in a car accident and he needed money to take a crash victim to the hospital. robinson asked to talk to the relative but the caller refused. then he told robinson he was wanted for murder in columbia and was holding robinson's daughter hostage. he also had a warning. >> don't turn off your phone because you turn off your phone we'll put a bullet in her head. >> the caller demanded 2,000 bucks. robinson told him he only had $500. when he refused to let him with his daughter he sense add scam and hung up. >> scared but i hung up the phone. i got on the phone to call my daughter she works over here at city hall and she answered the phone. >> reporter: robinson called police to report what happened. police now say they're investigating 15 similar incidents commonly referred to
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as the grandma exam with a similar call. >> informing them they do have family members, kidnapped or held and they're asking them to pay moneys. >> reporter: police say the call are being made randomly from an 856 area code. they're tracking melt multiple suspects in the meantime they're warning folks to beware. >> obviously they do not pay that money. >> if you're not sure, hang up the phone. >> reporter: now police... >> that was fox 29's dave schratwieser reporting. philadelphia police are questioning several witnesse wis and reviewing surveillance video in the area where a man was gunned down last night in west philadelphia. it happened just after 11:00. 300 block of south soon street. a 31-year-old man was shot in the legs and back. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the mayor of chester laid out his plans for the city over the next four years. it was standing room only for
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thaddeus kirk lap first town hall meeting big part of tonight' meeting unveiling avenue 59 page document the mayoral transition report out linings kirkland' plan for chester during his time in office. >> i'm proud to say that this type of report, this type of comprehensive report has never, ever been presented to the chester general public by any prior administration. >> kirkland won the mayoral election in november. have you ever sent the wrong attachment, major oops by a delaware elementary school employee accidentally e mailed sarcastic letter to all parents about hurt feelings and whiners. it was actually labeled hurt feelings report and you can bet a lot of people found it offensive and troubling. fox 29's karen hepp explains. >> reporter: whiners age, which feelings were hurt? did you require a tissue for tears? i am a cry baby. i was told that i am not a hero.
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i want my mommy. tell us in your own sissy words how you're feelings were hurt as if anyone cares. what the heck? parents were stunned and confused by the hurt feelings report accidentally sent home asp e-mail attachment from lombardi elementary in wilmington tuesday. >> i think it was appropriate for young children. the letter should never have been written and sent home clearly the report is satire. if you don't have someone that can give you a hug and make things all better, please let us know and we will promptly dispatch a hugger to you asap. offended parents worry about this mocking tone. >> especially now a days what's going on with kids and, you know, not really taking bullying seriously but it is a serious, you know, and it doesn't really kind of matter to age either. >> officials from the brandywine school district say the attachment was embarrassing mistake that came from a source
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external to the school and not an official do you mean in any way. several parents who didn't want to go on camera say lombardi is a great school and accepted numerous apologies from the principal and the district. >> delaware is one of the states that actually has a bullying ombudsman. i reached to their attorney generals office and they weren't going to comment on this case it's not a criminal matter. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. special screening. new movie race graced center city's prince theater this evening. movie is based on the life of jesse owens and is mazing journey into the history books. the actor instead of fan james portrays owens attended tonight's premier along with jesse owens granddaughter. they a part of a panel discussion prior to the screening. the film premieres nationwide tomorrow. veteran attacked outside mcdonald's punched and kick on the sidewalk. what he says they asked him inside before they pounced. >> pete mackanin the manager of baseball team for the first time in spring training is having f
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fun. you can tell and you'll see what i mean coming up in sports. >> a husband is suing his wife, you heard about this one, iain? >> i haven't heard this. >> he says she doesn't cook or clean enough. so he's suing her and she could actually land in jail? >> uh-huh. >> yeah. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. lots of work crews out here. a new project southbound lanes of 295 approaching the delaware memorial bridge. that will be with us through the weekend. another day of construction along 322 between route 1 and i-95 there in delaware county. and get ready for the work crews out through the day and the weekend along i-95. you know the normal spots. girard avenue, cottman avenue and near the betsy ross bridge.
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tgi friday. we'll kick it off with a jam cams and the weekend forecast when we see you bright and early tomorrow morning at 4:00. ♪
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ watch your screen here. tourist helicopter goes down hard off the coast of hawaii.
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you can see it flips upside down at the joint base pearl harbor this morning. five people were on that helicopter much witnesses nearby jumped in to save them. they even needed a knife to cut someone seat belt off. 16-year-old is in critical condition tonight. witnesses say they heard the helicopter sputtering just before the crash. tense moments on the campus of umass amhurst this evening after reports of a gunman on campus. students and staff had to shelter in place just past 6:00 tonight. the university sent out several text alerts and posted warnings on social media about a hostile person with a gun and a freshman dorm. the shelter in mace lifted just past 7:00 with no injuries reported. at this time, no word of any arrests. shocking death in reality tv world mob wife star angela raioli died. she passed away at a manhattan hospital early this morning. she was diagnosed with throat cancer back in april and in december she learn the cancer had returned and spread to her brain and lungs.
10:25 pm
she is survived by her two children and six grandchildren. she was 55 years old. the iraq war veteran beaten outside a washington, d.c. mcdonald's is talking tonight. meanwhile police released surveillance video of the whole ordeal. the surveillance video from late friday night shows someone attacking sergeant chris marques knocking him to the ground as he walk out of the restaurant. the video then shows second person walked up to marques, police say that person took marques' wallet while a third person attacked him. all three then ran off. the veteran is now describing what happened right before the attack. >> they were asking me if i believe that black lives matter. asked me that a few times, and i was ignoring them at first because i felt they were intimidating me. they were being hostile. how they proved me and how they were talking to me then they started calling me a racist. >> police are still trying to track those three men down.
10:26 pm
a mom holding her baby after a car wreck fighting with officers on the scene. her two other kids still in the suv. what that mom does next police never expected. kathy? >> we're tracking a major warmup across the region with some wild winds and then an east coast storm with rain and some snow. we'll talk about the possibilities coming up in the seven day. >> and caught again. the so-called serial stowaway arrested calf whose zen times trying to sneak on to planes. well she even made it a few times w police say they found her back to her old tricks. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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>> right now at 10:30 mom pulled over by police takes off inside her suv. her three children including a one-year-old in the front seat. but this, this is only just the beginning what police say her very bad decisions. officers near detroit first pull over the mom for speeding saying she was going 10 miles over the
10:30 pm
speed limit. >> they took off. police right behind her. within few minutes they called the chase off knowing kids were in the car. but half mile down the road they pulled up on this crash caused they say by that mom. she was standing outside her suv holding her baby when officers walked up she started fighting with them. she jumped in another car who had pulled over to help and then sped away leaving her kids. she crashed nearby and is now in custody. her kids were not hurt. she's now being held on $500,000 bon. a pennsylvania woman stands accused of of setting a deadly fire may have all started over a loud radio. police arrested the 4284 old woman saying she admitted starting the fire in pittsburgh early this morning. when firefighters arrived the first and second floors of the home were a blaze. inside they found the bodies of three people. >> i heard a lot of noise this morning so i got up, and i look out the window out of my bathroom window and i saw smoke
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coming out of the house. >> witnesses say the woman argued witness homeowner over how loud the radio was the previous night. she now faces three counts of homicide and charges of arson and causing or risking a catastrophe. thieves break into discount luxury department store in center city. the alarm was triggered at century 21 on market street just before 5:00 this morning when someone smashed two front display windows. $2,000 in merchandise was stolen from man knack and damage to the windows is estimated at $7,000. anyone with information about the incident should call police. >> an elderly woman in mount pocono wasn't about to let two guys get away after she says they stole her purse. pocono police say the 81-year-old chased down the two robbers who stole her purse ramming their cars with hers. the damage helped officers nab the two short time later in grocery store parking lot.
10:32 pm
they targeted the woman after seeing her with cash at a local pharmacy. well, a victory tonight for a bucks county mom who lost her son. >> that victory is being celebrated by the entire community. bristol township has agreed to maintaining a future stretch of the sidewalk along new falls road. sharon's son john was hit and killed as he walk down that road in 2012. she's been fitting for sidewalks ever since. penndot agreeing to pay $1.7 million to install them sunday night the middletown township board of supervisors voted unanimous toll support the walks but surrounding townships had to agree to maintain them. that agreement came tonight. we're about ready to have a huge warmup. very spring like. miss kathy orr. >> it will come at a price and that will be the wind. this weekend we'll be on the windy side but if it hits 60 degrees you really mind a little wind or a lot of wind? take a look at stats for today.
10:33 pm
the high 37. the normal 44. the record 69 set back in 2011. it wasn't that long ago. right now in the city it's 30. 28 in wilmington 24 in millville and atlantic city with the win it is making it feel little bit colder. we'll watch two areas of high pressure dominate overnight tonight. they will give way to some clouds with an area of low pressure approaching the center of the low will be over the great lakes. so we are not going to see any precipitation out of this. we'll watch this warm front pass through late friday into saturday and that will open up the flood gates to warmer weather especially saturday. this front moves through late saturday and temperatures will still be mild on sunday but not quite as warm as saturday afternoon. so here's a look at tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the 20s throughout most of the region at 8:00 a.m. winds out of the north little bit on the breezy side. the clouds will be rolling in ahead of that frontal boundary. high temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees in the city. but elsewhere, mainly in the 30s so another day with below average temperatures. tonight 22 in the city.
10:34 pm
17 in the suburbs. cold but clear overnight. the clouds will be rolling in especially tomorrow afternoon the high 40 which is about 4 degrees below normal. then all eyes will be on a developing area of low pressure monday night. and both of our computer models that are very good in the long range suggest the storm will be in the deep south. we call this a miller a storm because it rides right up the east coast. it doesn't redevelop. it's one big storm and east coast storm that could bring rain to start and some snow to the north and west. we have to watch the track. it will determine the precipitation type, how much we get and also how strong the winds are. the trend has been eastward with this particular system. we'll continues to see if that is the case. we're also watching for the speed and the strength of the storm obviously that will be determined by the track and the amount of cold air in place to sustain snow in the philadelphia area. so a lot of variables we're watching and we'll get more information the next couple of days as we get closer to let you
10:35 pm
know exactly what you should expect next week. in the meantime, enjoy the weekend. chilly for your friday. saturday really pleasant and breezy. a shower possible late sunday the temperatures still warm. 57. 48 monday. and really tuesday is not a bad day. some showers possibly late. it's really late tuesday into wednesday. wednesday some rain, some snow, and then a few showers could linger thursday with temperatures in the 40s. so we'll keep an eye on this. otherwise it's on the quiet side until late tuesday. >> sounds good. >> i would just like to apologize for sounding terrible. i don't know. i got hit like a brick wall this afternoon. i'm not feeling well. i blame you. >> all right. i'll take the blame. >> take care of her. >> it happens. >> get her loss sevens and tea. >> that's right. >> send lucy well wishes. >> i'm sorry if i sound annoying. >> you sound good. i sound pretty annoying. look at the damage after a car crashed into this front lawn the driver took off running but what is stunning here just how old
10:36 pm
that driver is. >> and room service like you've never seen. not who but what could soon be delivering food to your door on your next trip. >> yup. the offer for philadelphia police to help kanye west get out of debt. ♪
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♪ american idol alumni jordin sparks singing die wet were wi h contestant manner torres. you can watch american idol every wednesday and thursday. >> caitlyn jenner starting her own cosmetics line. the 66-year-old filed a trademark for the line in her name i would give her exclusive rights to sell makeup fragrances make up remover, nail care and skin care products. she says the line is more than just fun. she told time magazine she hopes it can help trance woman and men present themselves to the world the way they see themselves. >> hotel in los angeles getting great reviews after the debut of its newest employee.
10:40 pm
wally is a 3-foot robot that delivers room service right to your door at the residence inn marriott. when the guest calls the front desk and asks for something they punch in the room number and off wally goes. since wally can't talk or knock on the door he calls the guest when he arrives. >> i loved it. it was like being in star wars like rd2d coming to your door. >> what was mind blowing he knew where how to get an elevator. where to go. we were told he could get a starbucks. >> it looks like a portable cooler. the general manager says they've had a spike in room service deliveries because people want to check out wally. >> kanye west tweeted out he's more than 50 million bucks in debt. well the philadelphia police department has an idea to help him pay his bills. >> they say why not join the force? the police department posting this picture on their facebook page all in good fun. they edited kanye's face on to philadelphia police officer. the post receipts reads in part
10:41 pm
starting salary of 47,000 bucks officer west could be debt free by the year 3122. >> you know how time flys. >> that's right. join the force, kanye. >> there you go. >> a husband suing his wife. he says she doesn't cook or clean enough so he's suing her he really is. why it could actually planned her in jail. and just look at the damage after a car comes crashing into this front lawn much the driver on the run but what is stunning just how old cops say that driver is. >> and transgender rights is an issue facing local schools. >> everybody needs to use the bathroom. and transgender people are simply trying to use bathroom where they feel safer. >> we want to make sure we protect every student. >> the local children caught in the middle of this growing discussion.
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♪ a man in italy suing his wife saying she doesn't do enough cleaning and cooking. and she could face time in prison there's actually a law in italy that punishes whoever miss treats a person in their family. the woman being sued could get up to six years in jail. the husband claims for past two years he's been chronically neglected by his wife she's not been cleaning, refuses to cook for him and kick him out of the bedroom. the case will go to trail trial
10:45 pm
in in october in front of a female judge. >> you know we'll be following that way. >> a driver stole a mini van and ran from the cops. that driver 13 years old. that's it. it happened last night. investigators say an officer saw a person driving a honda mini van recklessly including running a red light. when the officer turned on his lights and sirens the driver turned off her lights. cops later found the stolen van it had a brick -- it had brick wall and ended up in somebody's yard. the driver wasn't very far from the crash scene and that 13-year-old now facing charges of grand left auto and leaving the seep of a crash. woman with a history of stowing away on commercial airliners has done it again. marilyn hartman a rested yesterday at o'hare international airport fortress passing of the 64-year-old has been trying for years to sneak on planes. just last year she got arrested four times for trying to get past security at o'hare. she's managed to get on at least
10:46 pm
one flight. last august she slipped past ticketing agent in san jose and flew to los angeles. hartman has never offered an explanation for her behavior. >> middle school and high school they are hard enough for so many it's a constant battle for acceptance and understanding from peers, friends and teachers. it can be even tougher for the growing number of transgender teens. >> south jersey school district about ready to move forward with ground breaking changes to help trance jent students but as fox 29's bill anderson explains doing what may seem like the right thing is not easy on anyone. >> report roar discussions surrounding the lgbt community and particularly transgender experiences are all-time high. >> trance people deserve something vital. >> reporter: whether it's the high profile transition of caitlyn jenner -- >> they deserve your respect. >> reporter: or the views of well-known politicians, how to defy fair treatment of trance subsequent people is a major topic of discussion.
10:47 pm
locally in cherry hill -- >> may i have a motion. >> reporter: pending school board policy is the latest attempts to address how transgender people should be treated in public facilities. >> basically what the policy states the trance jent students that is students who identify with a gender other than the one that they've been assigned at birth have the right to choose what restroom they use. so they identify, f i was a trance jent student i was born mail, i identify as foe mail i would have the right to use the faux male locker room, female bathroom. >> reporter: the process of transgender students changing how their identified in schools requires parental involvement, is in line with new jersey's anti discrimination laws and similar to policies in other states. >> there's need because of the discussion and the reality world in which we live. >> reporter: superintendent explained why policy like this was necessary now. >> there are children that identify as transgender and we want to make sure we protect every student and we protect all of the children that come to us here in the district.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: although the superintendent emphasized that the policy is to protect all children against discrimination, and said there's very little opposition to the policy here in cherry hill, there is some general opposition. >> the policy unfortunately we really not ought to be discussing. >> the pennsylvania pastor network says simply this policy is wrong. >> we as a nation are suffering a cross the board as we have set aside moral salutes of any type under political correctness and say well anything goes. >> reporter: they also believe that society is making this a much more complicated issue than it should be. >> god made mail and female. that's where it starts and we get into trouble when we move away from that recognition for whatever reason, for whatever reason, and choose to say that male is not male and female is not female under certain circumstances under certain times under certain days. >> reporter: even with minimal parental opposition in cherry hill, parents from surrounding
10:49 pm
area would far from united in support of the policy and some had some pretty serious concer concerns. >> i have a six-year-old. i don't want her in the bathroom with someone who has anatomy that's different. >> i say you're trance jent phobic much that's probable people will call me. i don't want my daughter in the bathroom with someone who's not female. >> reporter: debating near owe is one thing but a local trance woman current until college shared her first hand experience with me. robin says that people who oppose these policies they just don't understand the challenges that the trance jent community is going through. >> if i were compelled to use a men's room now and people saw what i look like, it would be -- i'd be extremely out of place. and effectiv effectively eitherd as trance jent anywhere that i went and for trance people who are, you know, even further along or, you know, even more feminine presentation than i do that could lead to risks of violence. >> reporter: robin is clearly
10:50 pm
aware of the concerns of the opposition but told mow that people who think her and other trance jent individuals have negative up tensions are not only missing the mark but they're ignoring evidence. >> everybody needs to use the bathroom. and transgender people are simply trying to use the bathroom where they feel safer. they're not putting anyone at risk and there's no evidence that they're doing that. so these bills are necessary. >> reporter: the policy here in cherry hill is awaiting final approval and other districts in the area and considering similar policies. meanwhile, several states across the country are actually considering policies that do the exact opposite. they ban transgender people from using any bathroom other than the sex that they were born. so this discussion is far from over. here in cherry hill, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. >> all right. interesting stuff. here's sean building now with a look what's coming up in sports. >> that's right. the sixers jahlil okafor receives a penalty for driving recklessly on the ben franklin
10:51 pm
it was actually a little less than people hoped for and the phillies getting on the field for spring training. new manager, new players, new a lot of things. first season as manager pete mackanin, howard eskin on day two in clearwater next in sports.
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10:54 pm
♪ the boys are back together the phillies hit the field for the first time in spring training. new manager, new faces and our howard eskin has it all from clearwater, florida. >> reporter: it was fun today for the phillies manager pete mackanin much it's his first spring training as the manager of a baseball team. although he has been interim manager. now today the first of the workouts. it look like a football team out there. with 60, over 60 of the 66 players in camp right now. veterans are not due until monday but most were here except ryan howard outfielder peter bore jess and the third businessman miguel franco. it clearly is a little different
10:55 pm
this year and players feel an energy from the manager pete mackanin. he also had an energy when speaking to the media and what about that energy in the clubhouse? >> i took a course in motivation in college one semester. (laughter). >> i don't know. i mean, i don't know. (laughter). >> i don't know. they're just a lot of guys are happy. when i played all the players came to spring training to get in shape. everybody was over shape. most 60% of the guys all smoked. you know, you were here to get into shape over the course of time it's changed quite a bit. i'm trying to put a name to the face and that's why we had everybody wear their uniforms with the names on their back because, well, we don't really know everybody. i posed this question to larry bowa and mike schmidt. i said, when you guys played and you were successful, did you need somebody to be your leader did you need somebody to tell you how to play and what to do? and to a man they all said no
10:56 pm
because that was -- they're makeup. i think it will breed lot of excitement and vise versa. we're looking good so far. everything is going great so far. (laughter). >> from phillies spring training in clearwater, florida, howard eskin, fox 29 news. >> to the sixers jahlil okafor just have to pay fine of 108 for driving recklessly on the ben franklin. 108 miles per hour. some people wanted him to do community service but that's usually the standard penalty now it's time for the team to put all those problems to the past and look ahead to the next stretch. final stretch of the season. >> you got to be highly competitive. and you better be great day to day. let's get going. that's what we're trying to walk down. we got 29 games left. and that's our marching orders. >> 29 games left to try to get ben simmons. thankfully that's what it is. trying get someone else. the team they have right now
10:57 pm
isn't going to do anything. >> right. absolutely. >> building year. >> another one. >> i was going to say that. >> full hour of entertainment news next tmz followed by dish nation chasing news and the simpsons. >> like legos. we're back here at 4am for your fox 29 morning news and good day physical. sue serio and bob kelly got you covered all morning. pet moments are beautiful,
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> we got kanye west yesterday. and i don't care what this guy says, there's war going on in the kardashian family. >> do you feel betrayed kylie signed with puma? >> kim, kanye, and kris jenner all live in the same house. they kept kim/kanye on the outside of that deal. harvey: you're kanye west and it's like kanye, i have to take a call for a second. i just told puma i'd take the deal. i said i'd cook turkey tonight. >> ashley graham. she's killing the game right now. she's wearing this tight white dress in miami. then she turns around, and it is all ass. >> she's beautiful and she cooks you a cheeseburger afterwards. >> because she looks like that, she's going to cook you a cheeseburger. >> jax taylor, from "vanderpump rules." remember got caught stealing sula


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