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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 19, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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good morning at 4:00 he clock from overnight a local cracker barrel damaged door a fire. what officials say started this. religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> the pope verse donald trump two making headlines after the pope commented on trump's ideas to build a wall along u.s. mexico border. this morning the donald reacts to the story. little will girl bitten on the face, her mom says it happened at her day care four times, whom she says is not at fault and who she wants answer from his. good day it is friday, even if 19th, 2016. i don't feel like myself today. >> really. >> i think because i snoozed too many times and had to get up in a frantic rush and hurry. i'm not all here.
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>> okay, we will wake you up. six hours of "good day philadelphia" ahead of you girl. >> hey,. >> sometimes that is news that can really get you up. >> happy friday. clear skies, throughout the region, some cloud out the to the west, and they will be coming in later on but we do have a cold start to the day, once again. and, our next weather system is way in the the middle of the country. we will talk about that later on and it is not what we're thinking about for next week. that will start come through maybe sunday night. 23 degrees the current temperature about with hardly any win it actually hardly feels like 23 degrees but that is cold out. sunrise is 6:49. other temperatures in the region it is only eight in mount pocono. nineteen in reading. eighteen in lancaster. we have 19 in wrightstown. seventeen in millville. and 25 degrees, seems to be a warm spot, in wildwood, yeah. wind chills are not that much
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different then actual temperatures. that will be much of a issue this morning because as you can see wind are relatively calm. at least that parties better than yesterday where the wind have have calmed down but still a very cold start with temperatures in the mid 20's. we will get close to 40 degrees, but it the dehe pend when those cloud roll will in by lunchtime people get a sunny start to the day but still chilly out there that will not be the case this weekend and we do have an interesting storm scheduled for middle will of next week. we will have that all that coming up in the seven day forecast but bob kelly, yah, it is friday. >> tgif, good morning, everybody. 4:02. up and adam. a live look at i-95. this is i-95 right here near broad street interchange of the stadium area, they were working here yesterday during midday. they will come back, right around 9:00 o'clock or so to tie you up heading down toward the airport during midday. looking good at bennie no problems at the all up and over the bridges this morning and downtown we will go, no
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closure on the vine and we're opened for business coming into center city. the south jersey, kind of quiet, sue mentioned chilly just watch it there could be a slick i don't want to say black ice because we haven't had any reports of that just yet this morning but those on and off ramps could be slippery. we had problems yesterday at the end of our rush hour where icy conditions, on the kelly drive caused an accident, shut down and then another accident later on in the morning on the martin luther king drive. there is ice out there in certain spots. the mass transit, paoli thorndale, new jersey transit, path the co everybody off to a good start. ready for issues? they have midday show today, tomorrow and throughout the weekend in south philadelphia. we will have some change over in the traffic patterns there along i-95 at broad street. the chris and lauren, back over to you. just before the next round republican primaries the focus turns to catholic voters and pope's recent remarks about donald trump. >> so, donald trump says he is
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not worried. steve keeley is live at the constitution center with more on the pope's potential impact on 20916 race, hi there, steve. >> reporter: we're here appropriate thely because in the constitution the one thing we all remember calls for separation of church and state. that means in the government. it does not mean in the race for running the government. so we have the leader of the church and a hopeful leader of the united states, debating things yesterday, and the latest on this, last night, during a town hall televised by cnn, anderson cooper asked donald trump what is this with the the pope now. >> i don't like like fighting with the pope. i don't think it is a fight. he said something that was much softer then was reported by media he heard one side of the story which is probably by the mexican government. >> reporter: person who thinks only about building walls where ever they may be and in the building bridges is not the christian.
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>> somehow the government of mexico, spoke with the pope, they spent a lot of time with the pope and by the time they left he made a statement. >> do you think government of mexico got the pope to say that. >> i think they talk about isn't it terrible mr. trump wants that border security, et cetera, et cetera, the pope made the statement. it was little bit nicer statement then what was reported by you folks in the media because after i read it, it was a little bit softer. >> reporter: he was correct on that one, when the pope does his little back and forth with the reporters in a casual way on the plane back to the vatican. the it wasn't anything planned, but the thing that was planned was the pope having a big function on the border. that is politics pure and simple, from him and his handlers for sure, and as far as whether or not this will help or hurt donald trump for tomorrow's primary, well, while catholics are a extreme minority in south carolina and chris and lauren listening to the reaction of the voters
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networked news last night this i thought helped trump because people were all in his corner when this he were being interest rude last night on television. >> no matter what he says it always helps him in the poles. steve, thanks. developing overnight fire erupts on you the side a local cracker barrel. it happened just before 11:30 on the 1200 block of east lancaster avenue in downingtown. fire officials tell fox 29 that the fire started in a camper trailer right outside of the building and then traveled over to the restaurant n1 was hurt in the the fire. the cause has in the the yet been determine. and fire fighters spent hours battling flames at a home on over hill drive-in upper darby last night this one started just after 6:00 p.m. and spread to the second home. the films weren't put out until just after 10:00 o'clock last night. there are no reports of any injuries from the the fire, but so far no word on a possible cause. police are warning camden residents of the phone scam that has been circulating recently which is not the new but calls and text messages
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have happened more often lately and police are warning them. >> those scammers claim that they have one of your loved ones and they will only release him or her if you pay up. calls are coming from an 856 area code. now police know after least 15 of these calls so far, they threaten whoever answers into wiring money. >> okay. dave kinchen, we see you, sir, can you hear us? you are talking about a real troubling store friday a day care where we understand a girl may have been injured inside that day care? what are you hearing? >> reporter: exactly right. it is a situation that would alarm any parent especially when they drop their child off at a day care. the here's why the mother is so angry, what she tells us is if you look at these bite marks on your one and a half year oath daughter's face veronica says that another child at the bright side academy bit her daughter repeat thely.
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now mother says day carries located right here at front and erie and she says that they called her to let her know that this took place on tuesday and she was shocked when she saw the bruising, after she pick up her daughter. get this she said it happened three times over the past two months. >> the child is one years old, i don't have an issue with the child. kids do bite. i'm not upset about the mother either. the she's not the one watching my child. i'm upset these people get paid to do their jobs. the at the end of the day thinks your job, this is your focus to watch these kids, you know, and i feel like my daughter was not being watched. >> reporter: veronica filed this report detailing last incident and says savanna was bitten by another child with the both reached for same toy but mother feels the day carries not taking it seriously. we reached out to the day care who referred us to their national office. we contacted them for a
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statement but we have not the yet gotten a response. we have also checked state record and we are getting this in now, they were flag in the past for a incident in which one kid got scissors and cut another child's hair. so, another incident that happened there in a different case. this is continuing to be investigated. >> those cases both troubling. dave kinchen live for us. at 4:09. a chain reaction crash leaves a mess in center city yesterday. school bus, taxi cab, suv and septa bus all involved in this. several people were hurt, and left a giant hole in the side of the bank, td bank, right there near city hall. look at the ines there. witnesses say cab may have clipped that september bus and veered left in the school bus which then hit a suv sending it the right through the bank window. >> we were just praying that in one got hurt. we were just praying that in one got hurt. we were just scared. >> major chaos people were every where, people were concerned, people were trying go to see if there were any kids on the bus and to they
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were none. i thought it was very nice with the assistance. >> sixteen people were taken to the hospitals, all with minor injuries. in one inside the bangor on the street, luckily, were hurt. this morning an investigation into what started a warehouse fire in paulsboro. sky fox over this warehouse fire on the 7700 block of edmonds street the that broke out just after 5:30 last night. that building sits right next to the track. so septa was forced to suspend service on the trenton line as fire fighters put the out those flames. no one was hurt in that big blaze. 4:10. a pennsylvania woman behind bars accused offsetting an apartment fire but it is why the the fire was start that had has a lot of people talking this morning. get ready for an upgrade for your taste beds at reading terminal market. why one of the favorite hot spots will have just about everything you need when it comes to food.
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a new merchant coming to the reading terminal market to up great your taste buds. >> there are so many to pick from but condiment will offer freshly made condiments such as butter sauces, whipped to order mayonnaise and whole lot more. all creations are hand made every day. store will offer recipes.
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you can look at all of the ingredients for within the market. >> the owner says it is one stop shopping at its best. >> we plan to showcase the best our merchants have to offer and to help, help reading terminal market customers become great chefs at home while making it easier to accomplish. >> the stories set to open in late may or early june, just in time for your summer barbecues. the with the addition of condiment reading terminal market will reach full capacity which is kind of cool. sue, you may be their special event over weekend. >> this is called party at the market or party for the market, i believe, but anyway it is a fund raise tore refurbish this historical treasure in our town and it will be tomorrow night february 20th at reading terminal market. it is a dress up day. we will have a great time. i will post all of the information. actually, i already did on my facebook page, sue serio fox 29 and i will repost it so you
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can get all of the tea tails because tickets are still available, that is tomorrow night. so for your weather today and tomorrow it is looking good for the weekend, we have a cold morning out there with some temperatures in the teens and some in the zero. part thely sunny and it will stay chilly, breezy yesterday and now it will be just plane chilly, milder breeze at 60 degrees tomorrow. that is right. it will be a quick warm up as we get into tomorrow. as we look at radar today, little chilly air moving over the great lakes but nothing to show you here, no precipitation here. we had a couple flurries around yesterday at this time but we do not even have that today. in our future cast we are jumping to sunday afternoon. you see it is still cloudy. we will still be on the mild side but we have some rain moving in with the cold front and that rain will probably be well after dark. we will get all of anywhere you want to be outdoors. that will happen over the weekend. 9:00 o'clock sunday night we
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have got to see some rain around and snow, sunday night into monday morning when we're talking about. that is as far as as this computer model goes. we will come into some rain on monday morning back together again at this this very same time. right now 23 degrees in philadelphia, and in the teens to the north of us, 20's to the the south of us, winds are not that impressive this morning. we don't have wind chills that are that different from the actual temperatures. our average high has increased to 45 degrees as we get closer to spring. roller coaster ride of temperatures was yesterday's high of 37 degrees, today we will be in the lower 40's, close to 60 tomorrow and 58 on sunday before those showers move in at night and that sets cooler air in place as we get toward middle will of that week even, that storm system. so temperatures will be, of course, critical in determining what kind of precipitation we will get. so we will put both kind right
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there, for wednesday, rain/snow question mark. >> when in doubt put it up there. >> 4:17. good looking forecast for tomorrow's, mummers in manayunk. we will strut up main street tomorrow. eleven to 1:00. we will see you out there the string band in manayunk. live look the a the schuylkill expressway nice and dry and quite it this morning as we pass our camera at montgomery drive. in problems here on the 42 freeway coming in toward the the city. we are looking good, quiet here. we have a water main break in toms river, beachwood boulevard just off of route 166, just off of the garden state parkway. so watch out for local detours. crews are still working on the northeast extension between lansdale and quakertown until about 5:00 or 5:30 or so. wrinkling brothers, circumstance news town, chris is down there yesterday. looking for something to do with the the kid for the weekend. they have two shows today. three shows both saturday and
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sunday. this will leave us in the the changeover in the stadium. keep that in mind when are going to the show or not just rolling through that stretch of south philadelphia we can see jammos around the show time. the falls bridge closed to vehicle traffic. again, use city avenue bridge. keep that in mind heading to the mummers in manayunk tomorrow along main street. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. lets get to this story. our prompter is in the raining place. i want to give you the entire story. okay. we have new information this morning, lehigh coroner has released name of the victim found inside a recycling bin. authorities say she was 59 year-old rose, they say she died after getting the shot multiple times before being stuffed in that recycling bin. she lived in the apartment complex where a man shot at police serving a warrant connect to the case tuesday night. police say that man, shot one detective in the arm bye he is out of the hospital. the prosecutors have still not charged anyone in her death.
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this is scary stuff here at 4:19. a man in south jersey this guy evidently is waiting for woman to jog by, and then he exposes himself, yeah, new jersey state police released this sketch saying this has now happened twice. the first time the suspect was parked on the side of state highway 54 in buena vista. one said she saw him exposed performing a lewd act. same women said she just finish ray run when the guy asked for directions and asked if she would watch him perform a sex act. she says, it was the same guy. yuck. all right. search is on for accused robber who police say have hit in both the fox chase, and burholme sections of the city. first january 5th, police say this guy walk in the galaxy smoke shop on the 7200 block of rising sun avenue and then pulled a gun on that cashier. then he did the same thing at the auto zone on oxford avenue. he got the away with cash both
4:20 am
times, lauren. a pennsylvania woman stands accused offsetting a deadly fire and it may have started over a loud radio. police arrested 42 year-old woman saying she admitted starting the fire in pittsburgh early yesterday morning. when fire fighters arrived, first and second floors of the home were burning inside. they found bodies of the three people. >> i heard a lot of noise this morning. so i got up, and i looked out of the window, out in my bathroom window and i saw smoke coming out of the house. >> witnesses say woman argued with the home owner over how loud the radio was the previous night. she faces three counts of homicide and charges of arson and risking a catastrophe. thieves break in the discount luxury department store in center city, the alarm was triggered at century 21 just before 5:00 yesterday morning when someone smashed two display windows two. thousand dollars of merchandise was stolen.
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the damage to the windows and mankins estimated at $7,000. anyone with any information should call police. philadelphia police are trying to find a man they say has stole thousands of dollars worth of cell phones and other electronics from the at&t store twice. this is on the 2500 block of grant avenue in northeast philadelphia thinks on january . then it happened on january 6th. he cut the security cord on numerous iphone and ipads and samsung phones and then just walked out. you can see him evident thely from other surveillance video getting into a gold vehicle. if you recognize him give police a call. elderly woman in mount pocono was not about to let you getaway after you stole her purse. pocono mountain regional police say the 81 year-old chased down two robbers who stole her purse ramming their car with hers. damage eventually helped, nab william ayers and a short time later police say they
4:22 am
targeted the woman after seeing her with cash at a local pharmacy. phillies getting on the field for day two of the spring training, howard eskin talked with the new manager hoist getting his first crack at the full season for will phillies. >> but first your lottery numbers.
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i'm sean bell. phillies hit the field in spring training and pete mackanin starts his first full year as manager. he is looking to draw from any past experience to help him as phillies new man in charge. >> i took a course, i was a motivational -- course in motivation in college. ii don't know. a lot of guys are happy. they are in good frame of mind. >> in the nba trade deadline has passed and sixers are basically the same team. they pick up detroit center joel anthony and released jacar samson. sixers are back in action tonight and coach brett brown talks about what needs to be done the rest of the way. >> you have to be highly competitive. you have to be great day to day. so let's gettinging. we have got 29 games left. that is our marching orders.
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>> that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. and, battle over apple should help fbi crack the san bernardino suspects phone. now two other big name companies are jumping right in the fray.
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what officials say started those flames. sixers player jahlil okafor receives his penalty for driving recklessly on the ben franklin why some say his penalty is not enough. a pennsylvania senator is speaking out about replacing just to advertise scalia, who he says should make that decision. the constitution says the of the united states makes a recommendation to congress who would approve that recommendation. >> some republicans are saying, no, no, no let the next president, do it. but first lets in the get too far ahead of ourselves because it is friday. >> i know. >> finally friday. date is february 19th, 2016 and sue serio is looking at a warm up for us, the 20th, right. >> yeah, it will be an amazing warm up considering colder weather we have had this week and it is really cold this morning with clear skies, we were able to get that
4:30 am
radiational cooling. we will see cloud in the western part of the state. they will roll in later in the day. it is 23 degrees, not much wind, 6:49 is your sunrise time and we will start the day with sunshine, the clouds will roll in later in the afternoon. 22 degrees in trenton. eighteen in allentown. teens in reading and lancaster as well. 19 degrees in atlantic city and 22 in wilmington. the these are low temperatures on their own. we don't need wind chill and we don't have much of one with calm wind but they are coming out of the north with the breeze, so it is chilly, so mid 20's throughout the rest of the morning. make sure kid are bundled up. more cloud then sunshine by lunchtime and a high temperature of 41 degrees today but we may be 20 degrees warmer than that tomorrow. we will show that to you coming up in a few minutes. 4:30 bob kelly, friday. >> it is tgif, good morning, getting up and out, live look at the roosevelt boulevard, no problems from northeast
4:31 am
philadelphia, all the way down through the skew you kill expressway, looking good downtown, through vine street expressway. friday morning we are off to a good start. we have talk bit earlier. mummers mardi gras parade on main street tomorrow. seventeen string band kicking off at 11:00. some to do with the kid on main street in manayunk. then party goes until 6:00 o'clock. it looks like we will have a good forecast for that. we had a water main break, beachwood abe route 166, is there still work on the the northeast extension between lansdale and quakertown. with the circumstance news town through the weekend, we will see delays up and down i-95 through the stadium there we are off to a good start not only on the major roadways but on mass transit. head up for that trenton line that was suspended last night on the way home, everything is back to normal for normal rush hour. on the eve of the next round of the republican primary focus turns to the the potential fall out from the pope's comments about donald
4:32 am
trump. >> presidential candidate trump says he is not concern. steve keeley live at the constitution center with more on this, hi steve. >> reporter: look the a the latest exhibit at the constitution center titled headed to the white house. maybe it could be forshadowing donald trump heading to the white house but who knows so far so good for donald trump. we have had, let me see mohammed ali, we had ali frazier, we had tyson holyfield and now we have got trump/pope. >> i have a lot of respect for the pope. i think he has a lot of personality, very different kind of a guy and he is doing a very good job a lot of energy. but i would say i think he was very much misinterpreted and i think he was given false information. if you would have heard our side, side from people live with the united states. >> would you like to meet with him. >> i will meet with him
4:33 am
anytime he wants. >> reporter: a person who thinks only about building walls where ever they may be and in the building bridges is not the christian. >> he has a awfully big wall at the vat the can so it is an interesting debate. >> people do come and go through the vatican. >> they will come and go through the wall but they will come and get through legally. >> reporter: say what you want about donald trump but he has set the not just the tone and scheduled for this campaign but even for pope's schedule because the pope decided to go to the border of mexico and make that visit, likely because of donald trump has brought this whole immigration wall issue, for the presidential campaign and so the pope making his comments to reporters casually on the ride back to the vatican, and in back of the plane. wow, pope verse trump? who can he take on next. >> he kind of went to the pinnacle there, right. >> i'm surprised it took this long. >> yes, steve keeley, thanks very much. developing overnight fire
4:34 am
erupts right outside a local cracker barrel restaurant this happened just before 11:30 on the the 1200 block of east lancaster avenue in downingtown. fire officials telling fox 29 that the fire started in a camper trailer right outside of the building and then traveled over to the restaurant. no one was hurt in the fire and the cause hawes not yet been determined. 4:34 is the time. jahlil okafor did not get traded but did he get find for his reckless driving incident on the ben franklin bridge. okafor will have to pay $439 for driving, 108 miles an hour over ben franklin bridge. this happened in october. some people wanted to hear him do community services but this is a standard penalty. lawyers for okafor says he has learn his lesson. a victory for a bucks county mother who lost her son. bristol township agreed to maintaining a future stretch of sidewalk along new falls road, her son john was hit and killed as he walk down that road in levittown in 2012. she has been fighting for
4:35 am
sidewalks ever since. penndot is agreeing to pay 1.7 million-dollar to install them. sunday night, middletown township board of supervisors voted unanimously to support the wall but surrounding townships did not agree to maintain them. that agreement came very late last night. holmesberg boys club is trying to raise money for a new roof after strong storms ripped off part of the roof tuesday. go fund me page is helping money raise to fix it. water leak through the hole and puddling inside the floor of the non-profit. people donated more than $8,000 on go fund me. we will have a link to the web site at fox check your medicine cabinet a popular cold and cough medicine being recalled from packages are being mislabeled. it ace tolt robitussin, peak cold cough and chest congestion. the recall effects medicine with the expiration date of october 2017. the lot number on your screen, if you have bought any recently check the label, on the bottle or the bottom of the box get a refund from the
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store you bought tonight and apparently it was sold in wegmans in our area robitussin. they do have long names. >> gentlemen, cold cough and chest congestion. battle over whether apple should help fbi to crack the the case is heating up this morning two. other big name companies are jumping right in the controversy.
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4:39 is the time. more tech giants are standing
4:39 am
behind apple begins the federal government. they are supporting apple's refusal to hack in the terror suspect's iphone this stems from the fbi investigation surrounding the san bernardino massacre the apple is vowing to fight the federal judge's order to unlock encrypted data on the gunman's i phone, facebook, twitter, google have publicly sided with apple saying it sets a troubling precedence. the social media giant says complying would weaken the security of tech products and compromise consumer privacy. public is getting a chance to pay final respects to antonin scalia. his bod which ill lie in repose at the supreme court ahead of his funeral tomorrow. president obama elect not to attend the funeral but instead vice-president joe biden will take his place. the controversy is brewing over whether or not the president should pick his replacement. republican pennsylvania senator patrick toomey speaking out on who should pick the next supreme court justice. toomey is saying he is unlikely or senate majority
4:40 am
would support president barack obama's supreme court vacancy and might not be better to hold election year confirmation hearings. toomey is running reelection to his seat. road to the white house is heating up. we will talk about the republican side, here. so candidates took part in a separate town hall events. john kasich, jeb bush and donald trump took the stage after ben carson, and others had their turn yesterday. focus was on donald trump's war of word with none other than the pope, pope francis who said trump wasn't a christian for wanting to build a wall at the mexican border. listen to this the bottom line is we have got to have a border, we have to have security. we have tremendous illegal immigration in the country. >> i don't think it is appropriate to question donald trump's faith. he knows what his faith is and he has, if he has a relationship with the lord, fantastic. if he doesn't, it is none of my business. >> as for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders took part in their own
4:41 am
town hall. both candidates pushing back against one another. >> is there one of the two democratic candidates here who actually ran begins barack obama. it wasn't me. >> i have a number of differences with senator sanders. we have been laying them out in the campaign. we will continue to do that. >> democrats face off in the nevada caucus while republicans are focused on tomorrow's south carolina primary, lauren. many still have winter boots out but did you know those uggs or fury boots could be harmful tour health. um-hmm.
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welcome back. those warm winter boots we see behind you could be causing a few feet problems. >> i want to go down here, if you will. those fur lined boots can make your feet feel more, come down here with if you can. >> it looks like you are propose to go me. >> can we put the camera down. >> we will do that. >> okay. >> well, okay good these are lauren's feet right now. >> well, i was hoping to show the feet down there but they are warm, right. >> they are warm. >> yes. >> but guess what. >> yeah. >> is what wrong. >> what is wrong is you can be growing some bacteria right now. >> oh. >> doctor at cleveland clinic say many people are surprised when they come down with athlete's foot the in the middle will of winter. listen to this.
4:45 am
>> my patients come in with seasonal boots on and that especially are fur lined or fake fur lined, often times we see athletes foot infections surprisingly because patients feet tend to sweat in those boots. >> see lauren. >> yes. >> all types of foot fungus can be treated with over the counter medications and most of them are a trip to see the doctor for a prescription. >> all for keeping my feet warm, sue you serio. >> well, there is an upside, down side to anything. they are cute. you look adorable. >> thank you. >> we have high pressure in control today. we will have sun to start today, not yet the but it is coming and then some clouds on the increase a little later this afternoon. that is what is heading our way. we will get to a high of 40, 41 degrees. then this cold front set to arrive on sunday night. we don't have any precipitation at the moment. nothing in the area not even flurries that we saw yesterday.
4:46 am
it is not as windy as it was yesterday. we will jump ahead in our future cast to unday afternoon where it is pretty cloudy but after dark, is when we expect rain to roll role from that cold front. the it looks like a rainy night sunday night but bulk of your weekend will be dry and pretty pleasant with the temperatures. sunday night we could get snow in the poconos mountains but some heavy rain possible as we head into monday morning and that is the next chance of precipitation, we have temperatures in the teens, and 20's this morning and we're not talking about wind chills because wind are calm, so that is a good thing too. not quite as windy. here's what we're watching tuesday through thursday, of next week, we have heard about a possible storm but there is a lot of different factors into what it will be. the track of the the low which is trending east at the moment. speed and strength of the storm and the amount of cold air in place because that cold front we just showed you is sunday night will cool things down from the weekend and we will cool things down one more
4:47 am
time before that precipitation arrives. that is why it is getting iffy with what kind of precipitation we will get. yesterday we got to 37. we will beat that today were 41, 42, 59 degrees tomorrow, 58 on sunday in the 40's on monday and tuesday, and then you you see, with things chilling out especially at night is when we have to change perhaps the type of precipitation and we have a good weekend head. >> we have a weekend in between that to figure that all out. 4:47. live look the a the blue route, 476 coming out of the villanova by the way villanova jay wright will join us later this morning on good day philadelphia a live look at the 42 freeway, headlights coming in toward philadelphia, kind of quiet so far on a friday morning but it is friday. last night we had problems on the trent than line because of the fire up here in holmesberg. good news for morning rush hour, everything is back to
4:48 am
normal, trains are running, and amtrak is also back to normal here on that stretch of the northeast corridor. speaking of septa spring is in the the air, i know that because septa spring schedule is beginning on sunday, so make sure you are ready to go this weekend, grab a new timetable or log on to septa's web site and it impact all of the bus, subway and trolley lines, that begins sunday so make sure you are ready for monday morning. the route 13 north bound good morning to wilmington have we have crews working out here on the ramps to 295, they are also working on 295 south as you approach the delaware memorial bridge and they are still working on both directions of the northeast extension, lansdale up to q town, chris and lauren back to you. during the month of february we celebrate black history month. >> this morning we will spotlight three really big events. i will say in 1942, army air core all african-american 100 squad ron better known as tuskegee air men was activated
4:49 am
at tuskegee institute. the tuskegee air men were first black servicemen to serve as military aviators in the u.s. armed forces flying with distinction during world war two. the those subject to racial discrimination at home and broad, the success of the 996 pilots and more than 15,000 ground personnel, have helped pave the way for integration of the u.s. armed forces. >> it just goes on and on, you know, they don't know don't care about what is going on in the hood. >> on this day in 1992, john single will ton became first african-american director to be nominated for his movie boyz in the hood. not only was movie nominated for best director but best screen play. singleton also direct other well known movies like poetic justice and, fast and furious
4:50 am
starring paul walker and vin diesel. >> ♪ >> what a voice. >> today the king of motown smokey robinson celebrates a birthday. born in michigan, robinson began singing with the group miracles which he founded in 1955 while still in high school the smokey delivered 37, top 40 hits for me town. he turns 76 years old today. i got the a chance to interview him in person in san francisco about 12 years ago. >> really. >> turf say living legend, right. what a sweetest people i have ever met. so much time to say hello, shake everyone's hand, took pictures. great guy. happy birth the day, smokey. the pope says, the zika virus is church's ban on use birth control. returning to italy from his
4:51 am
trip to mexico. pontiff said it would be permsible for woman at risk to use contraceptives. pope francis says preventing pregnancy is not an absolute evil, in some cases certain as zika cases. he urged doctors to find a vaccine. the going rate for baby-sitting is going up. >> um-hmm. >> it is already so expensive, right according to a new survey baby-sitters can charge $15 an hour for one single bratty kid two. more can cost more, 18 bucks an hour. that is 5 percent more than last year. higher rates are due to a higher cost of living. yeah, right. the survey also found more full-time professionals, particularly young adults are picking up baby-sitting gigs. >> wow. >> here's the deal, you go out to dinner, and you have 90 bucks or a lot more and then you got to pay a baby-sitter another 80 to 90 bucks. the it is in the worth going out the anymore it is so
4:52 am
expense i have cook that chicken parmesan at home. >> pay neighbor kid like three bucks. >> that is it. >> other parents had it so easy. beyonce may encounter serious problems when she head down to florida. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
4:53 am
4:54 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
4:55 am
reading, pennsylvania, from our camera atop red be, pennsylvania. courtesy of beyonce knowles. she just goes bye-bye beyonce or queen bae. >> or beyonce carters if she goes by her last married name. beyonce, may in the get a warm welcome when she starts her world tour in florida. >> why is that? what is going on in florida. >> the city's border police say they will boycott her concert. police union are boycotting following her super bowl half time performance because union said she used this years super bowl to divide americans by promoting black panthers and her anti police message. beyonce has not commented on this decision. let's turn to caitlin jenner starting her own cosmetics line. sixty-six year-old filed a trademark for a line in her name in her filing would it give caitlin exclusive rights to sell make up, fragrance, nail care, skin products, and she says the line is more than just fun, she's telling time
4:56 am
magazine she hopes it can train women and men, present themselves to the world the way that they see themselves. >> 4:56. member of the harlem globe trot's tempts a 100 the foot trick shot from the roof of the staples center in los angeles. it was it a slam dunk or major bust. >> wow. >> you have to wait to find out.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
a local cracker barrel goes up in flames and officials say it start that had huge fire. a mother, outraged, marks all over her child's face, this isn't the first time evident thely. what she says happened while that baby was in day care. donald trump takes on the pope, this is after the pope commented on trump's idea to build wall along u.s./mexico border. donald will react to the pope. should he do that? he did. good day, everybody. it is not january 19th but february 192,016th.
5:00 am
>> what happened on january 19th, we were together i'm presuming. it was just before the blizzard. >> sue remembers. you don't forget that kind of weather. >> there you you go. >> let's give you the actual date. >> yes. >> yes. >> it is your turn. >> now it is my turn. >> morning, sue. >> hi. >> do you want to get number of the day. >> let the me think, i will give it a five. >> lucky seven. >> lauren you have a beautiful necklace for that. >> thank you. >> oh, you already got one. lets look the at the wet they are morning. it the is clear. now clear skies at night usually mean radiational cooling. we have cold temperatures. but a bank of cloud headed our way for later on in the take should be just clouds though that we will get and that is all. 24 degrees, little bit of the breeze makes it feel like 17, so we still have a cold start, just like we did yesterday, so 6:49 is


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