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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> what happened on january 19th, we were together i'm presuming. it was just before the blizzard. >> sue remembers. you don't forget that kind of weather. >> there you you go. >> let's give you the actual date. >> yes. >> yes. >> it is your turn. >> now it is my turn. >> morning, sue. >> hi. >> do you want to get number of the day. >> let the me think, i will give it a five. >> lucky seven. >> lauren you have a beautiful necklace for that. >> thank you. >> oh, you already got one. lets look the at the wet they are morning. it the is clear. now clear skies at night usually mean radiational cooling. we have cold temperatures. but a bank of cloud headed our way for later on in the take should be just clouds though that we will get and that is all. 24 degrees, little bit of the breeze makes it feel like 17, so we still have a cold start, just like we did yesterday, so 6:49 is your sunrise time,
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we've got 8 degrees in mount pocono, a chilly 18, in reading, we have got 21 in wilmington and dover delaware and 25 in wildwood. so wind speed are not that high this morning but it is a cold start so you need winter gear, of course. it was a child thursday, yesterday's high was 37 degrees, yesterday's average was 44. now as of today our average, our normal high temperature is 45, and where are we going? just a little bit below average we will end up were 41, 42 degrees. it depend how long sun hangs around but we will have more cloud then sun. still chilly today but the weekend is a different story. we will have that forecast, the weekend, and beyond, bob kelly. >> there you go. >> is that better. >> yes. >> much better. >> 5:01. good morning. weekend is upon us and get ready kick those covers off and lets get started. live look at the schuylkill expressway, good morning to gulph mills, gulph mills
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interchange there between king of prussia and center city, in problems or delays at all. we are looking good on the bennie as well, no problems coming into downtown, all of the bridges off to a nice quiet start. rough ride on the way home last night for folks on amtrak and septa's trenton line because of the fire in holmesberg. good news everything is back to normal on the the rails and we expect normal rush hour here on the northeast corridor but septa, changing it up over weekend. they are bringing on that spring schedule and that begins on sunday and it will impact all of the bus, subway and trolley lines. so make sure you grab a new timetable today or log on to their web site over the weekend so you are good to go. work crews out not only, packing up today but they will be out the later on tonight if you are heading out for your friday night, parties here. ninety-five work zone right here near the betsy ross bridge interchange in both directions. they are working in wilmington. route 13 on the ramps to 295,
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and then they are also still working on the northeast extension, between lansdale, and q town, but they should be out of there about 5:30 or so and we will be good to go heading up to the poconos for the weekend. lauren, back over to you. the pope and donald trump are on opposite sides of the fence this morning. an exchange between two leaders could impact the election. steve keeley joins us live from the constitution center with more on this battle going on, hi there steve. >> reporter: headed to the white house exhibit here at the national constitution center but the first word in the name is national and donald trump's been fighting on the national campaign. yesterday's fight went international, when donald trump is attack, he counter attacks usually up until now only politicians, rosie o'donnell will and a certain "fox news" anchor but last night at a republican date's televised town hall on cnn, trump back off the pope, starting to day calling the pope's word disgraceful but then calling the pope himself
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wonderful last night as the topic was topic one as soon as trump walk out on stage. >> you have been in touch with a lot of people but with the pope. i mean does that give you pause. >> i don't like fighting with the pope. i don't think it is a fight. i think he said something much softer then originally reported by media. i think he heard one side of the story which is probably by the mexican government. he didn't see the tremendous strain that the border is causing us. >> reporter: a person who thinks only about building walls, where ever they may be and in the building bridges is in the the christian. >> well, south carolina residents, not many catholics down there as they go to the polls tomorrow in that primary on a saturday, by the way, and we will see how trump does. he has a big lead in the polls and chris, lauren, latest national poll came from cbs news last night which was way different from the earlier poll that had ted cruz in front. the latest poll has trum 27 to
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one over the guy in second place. >> wow. >> he was way ahead in new hampshire in the polls and that played itself out with him taking new hampshire so we will see if it follows suit on at day as well. steve, thank you, sir. a mysterious find all end up on annie young girl's face. >> this is what one young mother says her daughter looked like when she pick up this girl from day care. dave kinchen is live in hunting park with more on this dave, good morning to you and what are you hearing, from the parents here, there is so much concern. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. it is a terrifying ordeal this parent says it is last thing this that she ever expect to find on her daughter's face, when she pick her up from day care, and now take a look at why the mother is so angry. we will show you these pictures here. look at the bite marks on her one and a half year-old daughter savanna's face. veronica figueroa says another child at bright side academy bit her daughter repeatedly.
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the mother says that the day care located on front and erie, called her, tuesday to let her know what happened and then she said she was shocked to see the bruising, which she picked up her daughter and, then get this, she claims it happened three other times, over the past two months. >> bite marks are, he bit her and left scars on her face. it was open and close. i saw that she screamed probably for help and she was ignored. she must have been ignored. they gave enough time for to it happen again. >> veronica filed this report detailing last incident that says savanna was bitten by another child when they both reached for the same toy but mother doesn't feel day carries taking matter seriously. we reached out, they referred us to their national office and we contacted, them for a statement, they have not yet responded. we also checked the record for the day care and there are
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violations, from the past, including one incident in which one child used scissors and cut another child's hair. so, this particular case is still, under investigation at the this time. >> i can't imagine how the mother feels. dave kinchen thanks very much. developing overnight fire erupting right outside a local cracker barrel this happened just before 11:30 on the 200 block of east lancaster avenue in downingtown. fire officials tell us that fox 29, that the fire started in a camper trailer right outside the building and it jumped over to the restaurant n1 was hurt though. the cause of the fire has not yet within determined. fire fighters also spent hours battling flames at a home on over hill drive-in upper darby last night. this one started just after 6:00 p.m. and spread to the second home. the flames were not put out will until just after 10:00. there are no reports of anyone being hurt in the the fire and so far in word on a possible cause. 5:07. police warning camden residents of the phone scam that has been circulating
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recently. the it is not new but the calls have happened more than a dozen times lately. police say scammers claim they have one of your loved ones and the release, them only if you pay up. calls are coming from an 856 area code. police know of at least 50 of these calls so far. scammers threaten whoever answerness to wiring money. >> don't shut off your phone because if you shut off your phone, but i hung up the phone. then i got on the phone and called my daughter to see over here in city hall and she answered the phone. >> in every case reported so far the relative turned out to be just fine. police say if you get one of these calls or text messages, do not answer, and then call police right away, lauren. a man in south jersey is waiting for woman to jog by and then he exposes himself. new jersey state police say that this has happened twice. the first time the suspect was park on the side of the state highway 54, in buena vista. one woman says that she saw him exposed performing a lewd
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act. a few days later the same woman said she just finish her run in the same area when the guy asked for directions and asked if she would watch him perform a sex act. she said it was the same man. the lehigh county coroner released the name of the victim pound inside a recycling win in allentown. authorities say she was 59 year-old rose shinvi thesky. she died after getting shot, multiple times before being stuffed in the recycling bin. she lived in an apartment complex where a man shot at police who are serving a warrant connect to the case, tuesday night. police say that man shot one detective, in the arm but he is out of the hospital tonight. this morning. prosecutors have still not charged anyone in her death. 5:09. search is on for an accused robber whom police say has struck in both fox chase and burholme sections of the city. here's a lot at guy right here january 5th. this is when the first incident happened. police say this guy walk in the galaxy smoke shop in the 7200 block of rising sun avenue and pulled a gun on
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that cashier. then on january 16th, police say he did the same thing, at the auto zone on action forward avenue. he got away with cash, both times. and thieves break into a discount luxury department store in center city. the alarm was triggered in the century 21 right there on market street just before 5:00 n someone smashed two front display windows, $2,000 of merchandise was taken right off of the manikin. the damage to the window is estimated to be $7,000. and, philadelphia police are trying to find a man they say had stolen thousands of dollars worth of cell phones and other electronics from the at&t store twice. the the suspect walk in the store on the 2500 block of grant avenue in northeast philadelphia on january 2nd and then again, on january the sixth. and he cut the security cords on numerous iphone, ipads and samsung phones and then just walked out of the phone. he was seen getting into a gold vehicle lauren. jahlil okafor did not get traded yesterday but did he get find for his reckless
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driving incident on the ben franklin bridge. okafor will to have pay $439 for driving 108 miles an hour, across that bridge, back in october. some people wanted community service, but this is the standard penalty, lawyers for okafor says he had learned his lesson and now it is time for the team to put the problems from the first half of the season sort of behind them and pick up their pace for the final stretch. what they have, like 29 games left. >> doesn't matter. they have a bad record. i mean with okafor, just glad to see that we have in the seen anything else happen off the court with him. he is such a young guy and so talented, we need someone like him to build this team because it is all about building this team going to these big draft picks. they got rid of michael carter williams who won rookie of the the year. we need some talent. let's hope all that is behind him for good. >> let's hope so. >> fingers crossed. still ahead body of the u.s. supreme court justice
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antonin scalia is set to lie in repose today but questions over president's decision not to attend his funeral are adding to the political fire storm over this. and the race to the white house, it is heating up what the republican and democratic candidates had to say as they took part in separate town hall events last night.
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nasa find a galaxy home to one of the biggest black holes ever discover. >> this is what you are seeing taken by hubbell space
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telescope. galaxy located is more than 300 million light years away. wrap your head around. that black hole measures 130 billion kilometers in and its mathis greater than 1 million suns combined. you cannot see the black hole because they are invisible since light cannot escape their gravitational pull. at 5:15 in the morning if you wrapped your head around that, my hats off to you. >> i was never a big nasa nerd. i lived in orlando. i was in orlando, and the kennedy space center is not far away, and you know, you cover those things. i have covered a rocket launch. i was just always like, um. i cannot wrap my head around it. it is just too much. >> i have never seen launch but would i love to see it. >> it is gra it to watch. >> like there atco co beach. >> brighter then a million suns. >> that is you. >> it was poetic really. >> i was thinking.
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>> getting a little ridiculous. anyway, 24 degrees in philadelphia it is cold in the entire northeastern part of the country but check this out 61 degrees in st. louis. fifty-eight in memphis. and 66 in wichita. sixty-three in dallas. the these are current temperatures. it is a february morning. that is the mild air that is heading our way, just in time for the weekend. so, it is chilly right new but it is not going to stay that way. we do not think this lit ale use of snow will hold together. we will keep an eye on it but we don't have any precipitation to show you at all. we talk about the coastal storm, possibility next week with the le pressure system arriving. it looks like at this point and this is really early because it is friday and this is not until tuesday into wednesday, at the earliest, you could get some snow, you could get some rain. it all depend on the temperature and track of the storm, timing, temperature and track, the 3t's are always the things we watch with these coastal storms. just alert you of the
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possibility right now. mid 20's, teens, single digits, it all depend on where you live this morning. we don't have much of a wind chill f we get that kessal storm tuesday into thursday we will have to keep in mind that is there a full moon, next week and that could increase the possibility of tidal flooding. so things start to get interesting, after the weekend. lets look at the weekend. 59 degrees on saturday. 57 degrees on sunday. chilling out, by monday, and with that colder air in place that is why it is going to be trick toy predict the type of precipitation at this point, but it looks like something will happen, probably tuesday, into wednesday, bob kelly, to get your self ready. >> get ready, find shovel and umbrella and have them both standing by. good morning, everybody. hello delco, live look at delaware county near highland avenue. kind of quiet no problems for gang heading up towards the airport. out to the limerick outlets, sue's favorite home on the weekend in the background there, in problems on 422,
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between the two, and royersford. they are going to be working later on today, although that stretch on 422, it is between cooper, and valley forge road. getting word of a, fire in southwest philadelphia at the a junkyard at 61st and passyunk. so if you are hearing the fire engines roll through the neighborhood that is where they are going. we are going to try to get a camera shot to see what is going on there septa changing it up this weekend, rolling out their spring schedule, so pushing winter behind us, getting ready for sunday. that will impact all of the bus, subway and trolley line. grab a new schedule, or go on line through the weekend so you are ready to go for machine morning. septa's transit line was suspended last night because of the big fire in holmesberg. but for the morning rush hour we are good to go, all of the trains are rolling out of the gate with no delays and amtrak is also, back to a normal schedule this he were impacted by that fire last night as well. and then if you are getting out of the town for the
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weekend, lucky you, no problems at the moment at philly international, chris and lauren, back over to you. body of the u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia is set to lie in repose today for members of the public to say good bye in the supreme court building. >> the president and first lady will pay their respects but questions continue about obama's decision not to attend scalia's funeral tomorrow. >> it is symbolic, he should be there and it looks like he didn't feel like he had to go. >> vice-president biden, who is somebody had his own personal relationship with justin scalia and his family, will be representing the administration at the funeral. >> josh ernest went on to say that some people actually want to use the funeral of the supreme court justice as a political weapon and that the president doesn't think that is appropriate. in the meantime political battle continues over whether the president should be the one to nominate a new supreme court justice to fill scalia's vacant seat. democrats think that president obama should be able to make a many in nation because is
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there more than enough time left before his term is up, what about 11 months. the most republicans feel the nomination should wait until the next president gets into office. the political battle is set. final push for presidential hopeful in what is shaping up to be a key weekend. republicans john kasich, jeb bush, donald trump took to the stage last night in a town hall after ben carson, ted cruz and marco rubio had their turn on wednesday. trump was asked about his former comment that george w. bush lied to get the united states to go to war with iraq. >> i will tell you very simply it may have been the worst decision going into iraq, may have been the worst decision anybody has made, any president has made in the history of this country that is how bad it is, okay. >> john kasich was asked about trump's feud with pope francis. he said trump was anti christian for wanting to build a wall at mexican border. the kasich laid in on the
5:21 am
issue. >> there are too many walls, we need bridges between fuss we will fix the problems in washington because all they do is have walls and i think we need to get the problem solved. >> republican primary in south carolina and democratic caulk news south carolina will be both held tomorrow. >> get your mind off of all of that we will get to things like sports and how about a nice warm place like florida. yeah, phillies getting on the field for day two of the spring training, hear from the new manager who is getting his first crack at a full season for the phillies. >> in clearwater. >> in clearwater. >> members of the harlem globetrotter tried a 100-foot trick shot from the roof of the staples center. we froze it. it was it a slam dunk or did he miss it. >> and here are your winning lottery numbers.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ good morning, i'm sean bell. jahlil okafor was given a fine for driving 108, on the ben franklin. now he cast finally put all of the off season issues, behind him. coach brett brown talks about what he needs to see it in against the pelicans and for the rest of this season. >> we've got to be highly competitive, and you've got
5:25 am
the to be a great day to take we've got 29 games left. that is our marching order. >> spring training for first day the guys hit the field and it was the first spring training for pete mackanin as phillies manager. he is hoping his day in school can help him with these guys. >> i took a course, i was a motivational, a course in motivational, motivation in college. i don't know, i mean i don't know. a lot of guys are happy. they are in good frame of mind. >> that is sports in the minute. i'm sean bell. >> a member of the harlem globetrotters attempted quite a trick shot the from the roof of the staples center in los angeles. watch this. >> this is scooter from the world famous harlem globetrotters. i'm here at staples center, among legend, right above me, magic johnson. right over here we have kareem
5:26 am
abdul jabber. we will take a shot at 100 feet away from over here. get in the hole. >> is that right. >> no way. >> or was that cgi. >> did you hear it. >> yeah. >> that is awesome. >> yes. you would have been no where close to that goal. >> that is a hundred feet. >> that is 100 feet. >> you would have had any luck with that. >> wow. >> my amies way better. >> that is in the the most difficult shot anyone on that team ever attempted. >> was that the first take or did he try it 88 times and the 881 came in. >> we do not necessity how many times he did that. i heard 27 takes. >> a lot. >> it was one. >> seriously. >> yes.
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>> megan has no idea, don't listen to that if you don't know. still ahead, calling on fans, one of our favorite spots will include just about everything you can think about. we will tell you what your taste buds can experience an upgrade. new jersey lawmakers are working to restore a battle over bill that could help thousands of people coming up after a quick break.
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developing from overnight a local cracker barrel was up in flames, but it didn't start in the restaurant, where this fire started burning. plus, donald trump takes on the pope after the pope commented on trump idea to build a wall to separate u.s. and mexico. now hear from the donald. a rescue in pearl harbor how people in the ground sprung into action to help when a helicopter goes down look at this dramatic video this in hawaii. it is january 19th. >> february 19th. >> that is wrong prompter. >> february 19th, 2016. speaking out, that did you see sue warming up. >> yes. >> stretching. >> a little stretch good a little preshow stretch. >> we will not do it again.
5:31 am
>> no, one more time. >> nobody wants to see that. >> you are flexible girl. >> i can still touch the floor with my palm. >> i was about 13. >> well, you know, there is a lot i can't do, believe me. we are off to a cold start, we will see sunshine, sunrise time not yet but instead of wind chills in the teens and 20's our actual temperatures are in the teens and 20's this morning. people get to a seven out of ten today. the it will be a tiny bit milder, even with a cloud coming, we are still going with the seven because it is friday. so yeah, this area of cloud cover is expected to head our way by the end of the the day but it is clear right new with 24 degrees. feels like 17. this is your sunrise time. about an hour and 20 minutes from now. we have other temperatures that are in the single digits in the mountains, teens in allentown, reading lancaster and pottstown. teens in atlantic city and millville. 21 degrees in wilmington delaware with calm wind for the most part.
5:32 am
we're not talk about extreme wind chills. it was a chill thursday though with the average high in the mid 40's. we only got to 37 degrees. we will beat that today with a high of 42. still chilly, but more seasonal, we will have an increase in clouds during the day but an increase in temperature over the weekend we will tell you how high those temperatures will go and what is in store for that storm next week. all coming up in the seven day forecast, good morning bob kelly. >> good morning. it is friday. wawa has two for $5 boxes of tastykakes. it does president get any better than. that sue, can you grab my clicker there so i can advance the maps there i will tell but the broad street subway running with some delays this morning because of some equipment problems right out of the gate. that will cause some problems for folks early this morning. the good news west trenton line was suspended, last night because of that fire, thanks, keith at holmesberg station.
5:33 am
trenton line back to normal this morning as well as amtrak on the northeast cover do but some septa spring schedules come into play, they are changing it up on sunday. today grab a new one. you are ready to go for bus, subway and trolley lines. trenton line as i mentioned back in business this morning. fire location in southwest philadelphia. getting word of the junkyard fire here at 61st and passyunk. we will keep an eye on that one for local detours. good morning to wilmington route 13 northbound construction on the ramp to 295 and lets go outside, curb side to 42 freeway here. here are headlights coming toward the city, in problems or delays, at least at the moment, coming from south jersey and good morning to downtown downingtown route 30 bypass coming around that curve there, as you work your way in towards king of prussia looking good on the rails and in problems at the airport. the chris and lauren, back to you. on the eve of more republican primaries the focus turns to catholic voters and the pope's recent remarks about candidate donald trump.
5:34 am
>> donald trump says he is not worried about losing support. steve keeley joins us live from the constitution center with more on this, hi there, steve. >> reporter: right across the street here is a familiar sight from way back in september and still sticking around. to you remember these metal barricade. we all remember the temporary walls that went up, and shut down, so much of philadelphia in september for the pope's visit. he didn't mention those metal and conn screen barricade walls then but when asked about trump's wall on the mexican border the pope got political. the presidential can pain went from national to international and donald trump got hit with pope questions right away in last night's televised town hall. >> i don't like fighting with the pope. i don't think this is a fight. i think he saiding something much softer then was originally reported by the media i think he heard one side of the story which was probably by the mexican government. >> reporter: a person who spies only about building walls and in the building bridges is in the christian.
5:35 am
>> somehow the government of mexico spoke would the pope. they spent a lot of time with the pope. by the time he left he made a statement. >> you think government of mexico got the pope to say that. >> i don't think they said that it way but they talk about isn't it terrible that mr. trump wants to have border security, et cetera, et cetera. the the pope made the statement and i think it was probably little bit nicer statement then was reported by you folks in the media because after i read it, it was a little bit softer. >> reporter: so donald trump's anti pope first speech in the afternoon likely, chris and lauren will in the hurt him at all tomorrow because south carolina one of the least catholic states in the country. the percentage of the catholics in south carolina just 7 percent. >> steve, you know your history. i know john f. kennedy was first catholic president, is he the only one we have had. >> reporter: yes, yes, the only one and bernie sanders is now claiming he will be the first jewish president if he is elect. so, when they counter him with
5:36 am
like you are trying to stop the first female president. i'm making history myself too if i'm elect so leave me alone. >> there you go, steve keeley, interesting, thank you, sir. fire erupts outside a local cracker barrel restaurant this happened just before 11:30 in the 1200 block of east lancaster avenue in downingtown. fire officials telling fox 29 that fire started in a camper trailer outside of the building and then traveled over to the restaurant n1 was hurt in the fire. the cause has yet to be determined. meantime new jersey state lawmakers have approved a bill that would restore food stamps to help thousands of unemployment people, the democratic led legislature pass that had bill to restore a food stamps wafer that the the christie administration recently stopped applying for. some 11,000 people, lost their benefits. that bill now heads to governor chris christie's desk but it is unlikely the governor will support it. time right now 5:36. we will continue to honor achievements of african americans during black history
5:37 am
month. how john singleton made a huge impact in hollywood.
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new merchant coming to the reading to terminal market a tasty addition to your shopping experience. condiment will offer freshly made butter, sauces, whipped to order mayonnaise, lots of things. it will make all of the creations by hand every single day. store will offer recipes, you can take a look at and buy ingredient for within the market. the owner says it is one stop
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shopping at its best. >> we plan to showcase the best our merchants have to offer and help reading terminal market customers become great chefs at home while making it easier to accomplish. >> what does that mean? i don't get it. >> just buy all your stuff in within place. i don't know. >> so in other words if you have a cheese stake and you want to put sirac ha sauce you can get your cheese stake somewhere else and go to that cobbed. and get that sauce. >> everything is there if you want to buy some stuff there. >> that stories set to open up late may, early june in time for summer barbecues. now the reading terminal market is at full capacity there. during the in of february we celebrate black history month. >> this morning we will spotlight three big, big events. on this day in 942 the arm i have air core all african-american 100 squad ron better none as tuskegee air men was was activated at
5:41 am
tuskegee air men. they gave u.s. armed forces, flying with distinction, during world war to. those subject to racial discrimination at home and abroad, the success of the 996 pilots and more than 15 you this ground personnel, helped pave the way for the eventual integration of the u.s. armed es: >> it just goes on and on, you know. they don't know. they don't care about is what going on in the hood. >> and object this day in 1992, john singleton became first african-american director to be nominated for his movie boys in the hood. not only was the nominated for best director but also nominated for best screen play. singleton direct other well known movies like janet jackson in that and more recently fast and furious two starring paul walker and vin diesel. >> third person we are honoring will save for big daddy gram. i wanted to weigh in on this person.
5:42 am
>> okay. >> hold on after just a minute but first a big weekend for college basketball here in philadelphia, how the number one team in the country is keeping busy, big daddy graham is next.
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♪ >> if you can see in the studio right now sue serio, big daddy graham, lauren dawn
5:45 am
johnson are snapping our fingers and moving our hipps. smokey robinson turns 76 years old today. along with the miracles he helped define the motown sound. he also played with the from 1927 ape had a solo career, robinson was the vice-president of the motown record from 1961 to 1988. >> ♪ >> kiss from a rose ♪ >> it was seal's birthday. he is 53 years old today. >> very popular song, kiss from a rose, he appeared on the batman forever sound track and seal was married to one of the most beautiful woman in the world at one point. >> what was her name. >> heidi klum. >> the german model. >> they had a baby, didn't they. >> they had multiple children. >> sue serio, good morning to
5:46 am
you. >> again, talking when it is not my turn. >> obviously, i don't care. we have high pressure in control for today. it looks like a decent day but we will see cloud moving in later in the afternoon. even with that though it will be a little bit milder then it was, yesterday and then we have this cold front coming through, by the end of the weekend. i don't think it will mess up your weekend. we will start with 42 degrees today, no precipitation to show on our radar in our area at all so we will look ahead in the future cast, to sunday evening, and that is when we will see rain moving in from that cold front that we just showed you. it looks like it will rain sunday night. reason this is significant not only is that it may mess up the end of the weekend and could snow in the poconos mountains it wilt put colder air in place when we start talking about the coastal storm next week. we have temperatures walking outside the door right now. it is pretty cold.
5:47 am
twenty-four in the city. teens to the north of us even down in millville it is only 14 degrees. we don't need to talk about wind chills. actual temperature is cold enough. this is possibility for tuesday, wednesday and maybe even into thursday morning. it looks like right now we could see rain in some parts of the viewing area, snow in other parts but this is a really early call on this coastal storm. it just depend on the timing and track of the storm and, of course, temperatures in place when it gets here. that is what is significant about that cold front it will be chillier. so we are watching the track of that low which is trending east. more about that through the weekend and beyond but enjoy the weekend, 59 degrees tomorrow, 57 degrees on sunday and then we're in the the 40's during the day. the seasonal 40's on monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. we will see what happens with that coastal storm tuesday and wednesday, are the days we will be watching, bob kelly. >> got you covered, sue, good morning 567:89:47. tgi friday, hello 309, fort washington interchange, kind of quiet but watch it,
5:48 am
temperatures still low enough that anything that looks wet could bized over and any of that left over melting snow we saw that happen yesterday. we had ice on the kelly drive that got shut down because of an accident. everybody started to use the martin luther king drive and ahead on crash hain that turned out to be a fatal accident. so just a lot of craziness all starting with anized over kelly drive during the morning rush hour. it is opened this morning and we're opened here on the freeway as you work towards philadelphia, no problems there, and that junkyard fire, i keep thinking of junkyard dog the restaurant when i say that at 61st and passyunk avenue. it is under control. that is good news for the gang in the neighborhood. broad street subway is running with delays southbound this morning because of early morning's quip. problems and speaking of mass transit, septa kick nothing their spring schedule on sunday that will impact bus, subway and trolley lines, chris and lauren, back over to
5:49 am
you. she's always looking. i was trying to google, but you beat me to it. >> what did i do, i just showed up. >> trying to answer big daddy's question. >> yes. >> big week for college basketball. ville know of, number one team in the country. he is trying to do all this research. >> yes. >> this is what we have learn. villanova those wildcats, jay wright's team number one in the nation. first pole february 8th. >> two weeks now. >> two polls in a row. >> they are taking on butler bulldogs who are 18-eight in villanova, on fox, at 2:30 tomorrow and i say this, fully expect villanova to win that game. we are starting off with that, villanova's big win over temple. i fully expect villanova to win that game on sat the day which means three weeks, of being number one in the country which is pretty darn cool. >> yes. >> it is cool leading up to march massness. >> number one in the country. >> can i tell you something
5:50 am
about smokey robinson real fast. i opened up for smokey a couple times. >> did you. >> difficult. first time i opened up with smokey, i was now trying to explain the importance of smokey robinson to my younger daughter, okay. seventy-six years old today. >> been around for decades. i was trying to explain the importance of him and having a hard time explaining because she was like 12 at the times. and then, he wrote, my girl. i said to my daughter, i got sunshine, and at two guess what she did, on a cloudy day. >> and it was such a great moment. will companyes guy in the world too. >> yes, maybe we can find that song and play it, underneath. >> talking basketball, yes. i expect villanova to win, on saturday, and they will be number one for another week because the polls come out monday. they don't play again. meanwhile st. joes, how about them, okay. there is a chance that when
5:51 am
they have that next ranking, i expect them to win on at day also, st. joes, they are playing davidson. is there a chance they sneak into the the top 25. so we are looking at two teams in the top 25 in the country, right here from our area in philadelphia which would be really cool. >> let's not get too far ahead of ourselves but just saying as march mackness could it be jay verse phil at some point. >> they have done that before in the past. i hope they don't do that. i want to see them both move on. i don't want to see them play each other and knock one another out. villanova has had a tough time in the tournament. >> income out in the second round last couple years. >> yes. >> they will be the number one team. that is almost guarantied. >> yes, jahlil okafor staying, he had to pay a fine. >> yes he is staying with us. >> he is staying with us which is very good news, okay. i'm a okafor guy. i'm not a fan of the coach but i'm a okafor guy. i'm glad he is staying here.
5:52 am
hinkie has got a little bit of the track record. he is not big, big boss of this team anymore but he has a little bit of the track record of moving guys. i wanted okafor to stay. i have seen enough to know i want him staying around in this town. i'm a fan of jahlil okafor. >> we talk about michael carter williams being shown the door, after being shown the door. he hasn't played that great good let's hold on to jahlil, for sure. >> lets go down to florida, and spring training. >> clearwater. >> here's the deal, pitchers and catchers reported. it the is just so right. it is not the a right of spring since we're in the anywhere near spring. i just came in from wip. it is cold out there. but it means it is around the corner, all right. you got to love that. and phillies will be interesting this year a lot of new faces, a lot to keep an eye on. >> we have 30 seconds, we have to touch on shady mccoy. any word you are hearing whether he will face some ward
5:53 am
of charges. >> i don't expect word to come out today or over the weekend. >> it has been two weeks. >> we're talking about bar at recess lounge. >> my guess is they don't have anything on him concrete, would i think. >> you have something going on. >> i do. >> yes, at day night march 19th at colonial theater in phoenixville with the the great joe conklin, one of the two funny philly guy shows, we just sold a thousand seats saturday night at broadway theater in pitman. don't miss out on this show, see you sat day night, march 19th. >> my girl, my girl. >> cammal back mountain in the poconos, we will take a peak but we will be right back.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
we want to show you dramatic video from hawaii. a rescue when a helicopter goes down in the waters off of pearl harbor this drama continue scene played out before hundreds of tourist visiting the memorial there. many recorded it on their cell phones. you can see the moments that the helicopter just struggled and then splashed right down in the pacific. it flips over, trapping the five people on board, that is when good samaritans jumped in to action.
5:57 am
>> so i jumped in and tried to extract him and one of the navy policeman brian had a knife, and we took turns cutting on the seat belt and finally got him out. >> unbelievable. >> everyone managed to get to safety and survive. one passenger is being treated for pretty serious injuries. what a scene. next on good day paying final respects to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia who will lie in repose today. we will go live. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above
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hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above two words: it heals.e different? ♪ bring me a higher love how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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backing off just a little bit donald trump calls the pope, disgraceful, yesterday afternoon and then last night changes his tune at that town hall in south carolina the reaction around the world, this morning. i'm not sorry we shouldn't have cut off that lower part there. mother says the local daughter comes home with marks all over her face, what she says is happening, that the day care isn't doing enough about. and, a scam warning in camden county how police say potential thieves are targeting people, over the phone, you got to be careful. we made it to friday, somehow, good day everybody it is friday, february the 19th, 2016. >> we're so grateful. >> yes. >> happy friday.


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