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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  WTXF  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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backing off just a little bit donald trump calls the pope, disgraceful, yesterday afternoon and then last night changes his tune at that town hall in south carolina the reaction around the world, this morning. i'm not sorry we shouldn't have cut off that lower part there. mother says the local daughter comes home with marks all over her face, what she says is happening, that the day care isn't doing enough about. and, a scam warning in camden county how police say potential thieves are targeting people, over the phone, you got to be careful. we made it to friday, somehow, good day everybody it is friday, february the 19th, 2016. >> we're so grateful. >> yes. >> happy friday.
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>> gratitude. it is certainly my attitude. >> great day. >> well, we see it evidence every day in your attitude. >> so nice to you today. >> so inspiring. >> we can't wait to see it. >> what is the number. >> we went up from yesterday's number to a lucky seven out of ten and then tomorrow, we will be a even higher number. we will show you the seven day forecast. cold start today. temps in the teens and 20's right now. these every actual temperatures. not too much win. the bus stop budd a pope eighthly bundled up, on what will be a short school week because of the holiday on monday. we have clear skies. we have got kind of cold. 24 degrees. it feels like 18, light breeze out there sunrise coming at 6:49 this morning. temperatures in the teens to the north of us, 18 reading, 17 lancaster. eighteen atlantic city and 18 in millville. yesterday's high was 37 degrees. we have closer to average today with a high of 42, increasing clouds during the day. wait until you see temperatures for the weekend, coming up in just a few
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minutes, hi there bob killie good morning. tgif. it is 6:02 on a friday. live look at route 100 and route 113. we do not have any reports of any black ice we are still below freezing mark. we saw what happened yesterday on the kelly drive with that nasty accident which caused a chain of events, throughout the the rest of the morning. no problems here downtown, we will go on the vine street expressway. we're starting to see the beginning of the rush hour here and already south on 295, an accident, right the here near the rancocas woods delran interchange, also a junkyard fire that is now under control, at 61st and passyunk, we will probably smell left over and maybe a delay as you roll out of the driveway this morning. delays on the broad street subway, septa running withe rip. problems on the southbound side. speaking of septa they will kick in their spring scheduled on sunday that will impact all of the bus, subway, trolley lines. so grab a new schedule today
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or down load one over the weekend. they have spring on their mind. watch for work on i-95 in both directions near betsy ross bridge. mike and alex, back to you. listen to this word play by alex holley, listen to this. >> the pope and donald trump are on opposite sides of the fence. >> do you see what she did there. >> yeah. >> this morning, how an exchange between the two leaders, could impact the election. i don't think i'm over state ago this. >> and republican voters, get to the polls in just a couple of days. >> yeah, tomorrow. >> here's steve keeley on the story. hi there steve. >> reporter: am i allowed to beg to differ with you. >> oh, come on, go ahead. >> well, it is not going to affect it the because is there only 7 percent of the election in south carolina that are roman catholic. i watched a lot of the coverage. i don't know, maybe they just got pro trump people but they were just talking to general voters and they were all trump side on this.
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>> of course, that is what i mean they are all on trump's side because there are a lot of conservativeness this country who are not fans of pope francis at all, and, you don't have to be catholic to be christian, remember that. >> yeah. >> reporter: so 93 percent of south carolina are christians. we do agree then. trump was winner of this debate at least publicly in south carolina it looks like. we're at a the constitution center simply because u.s. constitution separates church and state. that is in the government but not when you are running for the government and last night down in south carolina obviously the pope's story was the big story and it was the question, the first question, second, third, and fourth question, donald trump was asked by anderson cooper on this televised town hall. >> i have a lot of respect for the pope. i think he has got a lot of personality. he is very different. he is a very different kind of a guy and i think he is doing a lot of job. he has lot of energy but would i say that i think he was very
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much misinterpreted and i think he was given false information. if you would have heard our side, the side from people who live in the you had. >> would you like to meet with him to talk about it with him. >> i would meet with him anytime he wants. >> a person who thinks only about building walls where ever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. >> he has a awfully big wall at the vatican, i will tell you people do come and go through the the vatican. >> they will come and go through the wall but they will come and go through legally. they will do it legally. >> reporter: i love all of these people who cover politics for a living, who are blatantly so wrong and make themselves look more stupid with each passing week thinking everything trump says will hurt him. the latest national the poll has him almost double, ted cruz is in second place, trump according to the cbs national poll has trump getting 35 percent. that is not the just in south carolina that is all of the country and ted cruz second with 18 percent. now by the way alex and mike
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don't you wish the pope was so anti wall in philly when we had all of these walls in fill. >> we were nothing but the wall. >> all right, steve we will get back to you. there was a fire, erupted outside cracker barrel overnight. >> it happened just before 11:30 in the 1200 block of lancaster avenue in downingtown. the fire officials tell fox 29 that the fire started in the trailer right outside the building and then spread to the restaurant n1 was hurt. the cause has in the yet been determined. fire fighters spent hours battling flames in the home on over hill drive-in upper darby last night. it started just after 6:00 p.m. and spread to the second home. flames were not put out until after 10:00 o'clock last night. there are in report of anyone being hurt in the fire and no word on a possible cause. lehigh county coroner releasing new information about the body found inside a recycling bin inside allentown. that led to the shoot-out involving police that we now know the victim's name. authorities say she was 59 year-old rose, shin owsky.
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she died before being stuffed in that bin. she lived in the same apartment complex where a man shot at officers who were serving a warrant connect to the case on tuesday night. prosecutors have yet to file charges against anyone. police are looking for a man they say has been flashing female joggers in south jersey. new jersey state police released this sketch of the suspect. they say two incidents had been reported in the area of state highway, 54, in buena vista. the in the first incident a with man was jogging by and said that the man exposed himself performing a lewd act. a few days later the same woman says he stopped her and asked for directions and then asked if she would watch him perform a sex act. this woman says that was the same exact man. >> yikes. >> yes. 6:07. a warning from local police, thieves are targeting your loved ones, and they are using you, as bait. i will explain after the
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break. plus paying final respects, that is indeed a live look, at washington d.c., and -- that is not live i can tell that is not live that looks like videotape to me, of course, final respects paid to antonin scalia today start agent 0:30 his body will lie in repose at the supreme court. ♪
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i like this groove. >> you do like the groove because you are grooving. >> it is friday and time to groove. >> we're grooving. >> 6:11. we have something important to tell but in camden. >> police are warning camden residents of the phone scam that has been going around recently. it is nothing new but calls and texts have happened more than a dozen times in the past few weeks, so police want to you be aware of it. >> so police say scammers claim, that they have one of your loved ones and that they will only release them if you pay up and pay upright new but the calls are coming from a 856 area code, police know at least 15 of these calls, so far in the last couple weeks. the scammer tries to convince whom ever picks up the phone to wire money, and use the threats to try to scare people into complying. >> don't turn off your phone because you turn off your phone, and then you are scared but i hung up the phone.
6:12 am
then i got on the phone and called my daughter who was over here at city hall. she answered the phone. >> every case reported so far relatives turned out to be just fine. cops say if you get the a call or text just like that don't answer, and call police. they have had a tendency to try to get a hold of people who are somewhat elderly, or more susceptible to a call like that, believing something like that. no, alex, i have not received a call, leave me alone. >> what do you mean i didn't say anything. >> i necessity you. 6:12. paying final respects to a late supreme court justice antonin scalia. his body will lie in repose, it is already there at the supreme court the but doors will open up to the public at 10:30. i wand fur there is a line. >> probably. 6:12. good morning on a friday if you lost your mattress and box spring it could be here on i-95, off the back of some be's pickup truck on allegheny
6:13 am
avenue. the it is obviously chopped up, all over the roadway. we will check jam cams and say good morning to philly international who want to head out of the town for the weekend. we will meet you at terminal a will. we will grab a coffee and we are coming right back. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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public gets a chance to pay their final respects to supreme court justice antonin scale y his body will lie in repose ahead of the his funeral that will be tomorrow. thousands of mourners are expect to pay their last
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respects including the president, and first lady michelle obama. we will go live to washington d.c. where megan dice is there are people lining up at all, megan. >> reporter: not yet, actually, it is mostly just media here but good morning, alex. scalia served asiana associate justice of the supreme court from 1986 to february 13th when he died in texas at the age of 79. he was, appointed byron old reagan. now take a listen to the events happening over the next one days. a private ceremony will be held today like you said from 9:30 to 10:30. after that a public viewing will be opened from 10:30 to 8:00 o'clock tonight, tomorrow saturday february 20th there will be a funeral mass for scalia at 11:00 a.m. taking place at basilica of the national shine of the immaculate conception. the debate continues about how to replace the justice often called the court's conservative heavyweight wait.
6:17 am
obama promised to nominate a successor soon. that person would be confirmed by the senate but mitch mcconnell said no one should be appointed until after the inauguration of the next president. the president is not attending the funeral. the white house press secretary citing the reasons, extensive for extension presidential detail. >> even though he is not attending the funeral we are assuming he will attend the private ceremony at 9:30. >> he will be here today but we're not sure of the the time when he will be here. >> thanks very much. we will check back with you in a little will bit. >> thank you. 6:17. sue, lets get to you. i want good weekend weather can we make that happen, please. >> you will get my wish, my darling. >> yeah. >> 60 degrees tomorrow. >> yes. >> spoil era leather, mike. >> i'm sorry. >> it is coal right new but look at the temperature in st. louis. it is 61. now it is 57 in memphis. now, it is 62 in wichita.
6:18 am
right now. that is the warm air that is moving in time for the weekend. so it is cold at the moment but it is not going to stay that way. we do not have have any precipitation to show you, on ultimate doppler radar. let's get the to the the future cast where we jump to sunday evening. it is cloudy on sunday evening. rain moves in on sunday night and it will probably rain through the night for most of us unless we're in the mountains we're going to get the some snow, where you welcome it. is what significant about that rain coming with the cold front and that means temperatures will be chilling out by the end of the weekend and that is important to the storm that is coming after that. but right now, playing for cold temperatures out there, teens and 20's and that coastal storm, you see it moves in tuesday night into wednesday, and rain, possible, snow possible, and it depend on the temperature and the track of the storm, this is very early but i wanted you to be prepared for at least the possibility so we are watching the track of the low, we're watching the speed and strength of the storm and the amount of cold air that will
6:19 am
be in place when it gets here. so it may not be an entirely rainy event, we will see, 42 degrees today, 59 for tomorrow and a nine out of ten and then looking pretty good on sunday, we will see some cloud building in and shower at night as we just showed you but still get to 57 degrees on sunday. forty-eight on monday, 45 on tuesday, and then possibility of that storm tuesday night into wednesday. so is there your seven day forecast, i guess volleys starting to build out there bob kelly. >> on a friday always stag going on at 6:19 on a friday morning a live look at the vine street expressway, no problems or delays, just yet, into or out of the city. starting to see that increased volume though in the last ten or 15 minutes. an accident out here in glenside limekiln pike at mount carmel avenue. we have talk about that box spring that fell out of the back of someone's pickup truck being chopped all over the roadway here. north bound lanes of i-95 near
6:20 am
allegheny avenue. if you are leaving center city heading north bound look out it is out there in the left lane in the construction zone. we have a penndot crew on the way to pick it all up and south on 295 and new jersian accident right at rancocas wood, delran, get your golden slippers and come on let go the mummers parade in manayunk. they will all 17 of the string band kick it off at 11:00 and big old party on main street until 6:00 o'clock. if you are going to the event tomorrow, the falls bridge is closed. all that extra traffic is using city avenue bridge to close over into manayunk there. looking for something to do with the kid, the weekend, circus is in town, two shows today, both saturday and sunday and that will cause a lot of change over in and out of the stadium complex, along i-95 there at broad street and septa kick nothing their new septa spring schedule, on sunday, and impacts all of the bus subway and trolley lines.
6:21 am
just some minor adjustment along the way but minor adjustment can be a pain in the neck if you have to stand out there on a monday morning. so grab a schedule today, so you are good to go next week. mike and alex, back to you. okay, jahlil, nerlens are still in philadelphia, the trade deadline came, went, sixers barely make a move, but some off the court news regarding jahlil okafor. and a frank particular scene in center city, a crash send three cars through a building. hear from those who saw it happen. >> including a school bus with kids on it.
6:22 am
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i'm sean bell. phillies hit the field in spring training and pete mackanin starts his first full year as manager and hoping to draw from any past experience to help him as phillies new man in charge. >> i took a course, i was a motivational, a course in motivational, motivation in college for one semester. i mean, i don't know a lot of guys are happy. they are in a good frame of mind. >> in the nba the trade deadline has passed and the sixers are basically the same team. they have pick up joel anthony and released forward j acar samson. sixers back in action tonight.
6:25 am
coach brett brown talks about what need to be done the rest of the way. >> you got to be highly competitive, and you better be a great day to day, so that is what we're going to try to work out. we've got 29 days left. that is our marching orders. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm shawn bell. >> jahlil didn't get traded but did he get find for reckless driving. the incident happened on the bennie. >> so, he will to have pay $439 for driving, 108 on the ben franklin bridge this was back in october. some people wanted him to have community services too but the 439 ticket will, that is part of the fine. >> people wanted him to have community service, name one. >> there were some people. >> two or three people in the news room. bernie sanders picks up momentum where i will tell you a new national poll, that is where, has him ranked verse hillary clinton just one day
6:26 am
ahead of the primary. the poll in south carolina, certainly.
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one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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pep francis comments on trump's ideas on the u.s. mexico wall and we have new reaction this morning. a mother is now outrage. marks now cover her one
6:29 am
year-old's face. this is not the first time this has happened, she says. what she says she want from a day care center in her area. terrifying scene for tourist caught on cameras their helicopter look at this it goes down in the water in hey which. how rescuers got everyone out of the wreck and the water. >> my god. >> they had to use a knife to cut 115 year-old kid out. good day, it is friday, february 19th, 2016. lets get right to weather. >> it the is friday, we have good news, one, it is friday. two, we have good weather coming up. >> right, it will get a lot milder tomorrow, not yet though, we're off to a cold start, buddy is still bundled up, barely recognizable but that is good because his ears are covered. teens and 20's are our actual temperatures. they were wind chills yesterday. so we got a seven out of ten. it is friday, it will be a little bit milder but not much, then yesterday, we're watching a bank of clouds, heading our way, it will only be cloud when it gets here later this afternoon but we will be off to a sunny start.
6:30 am
sunrise is official in 6:49. right now it is 24 degrees but it feels like 18, out there and these are actual temperatures. fifteen pottstown. seventeen lancaster. eighteen millville. and 21 degrees in wilmington. yesterday's high was officially, 37 degrees, i think we're headed to about 42 with an increase in clouds as the day goes along but it is still friday and decent weekend, weather on the way, we will give you numbers coming up and we will talk about the the potential for a coastal storm, next week, and winter's not over just yet, bob kelly, no way. >> no way, jose, 6:30. we have a problem on i-95 an accident involving a tractor trailer, just happened, just looking at this guy kissing the concrete barrier. we have minivan t boned in front of him here, this is i-95 northbound right here at packer avenue at the packer avenue, walt whitman bridge interchange and this is going to impact anybody coming from say the airport area, trying to work their way in to center
6:31 am
city and it looks like it is right before, the packer avenue off ramp, so it will impact everyone trying to get on to that walt whitman bridge. police just pulled up here and even though they pulled up to the scene, folks are still kind of squeezing through the accident scene, rolling over some of the debris, and, nobody is hurt north bound i-95 jammed upcoming in toward the walt whitman bridge, and heading in toward center city. another accident on 295 at 41 here at ball maranatha is causing delays both on the 42 freeway and also, on 295, a crash in glenside, long the limekiln pike at mount carmel avenue and then south on 295, a crash at rancocas woods no reports of any black ice but remember what happened yesterday? we had icy conditions on the kelly drive, that came out of no where, so just be aware of that rolling out of the driveway this morning, mike and alex, back over to you. >> we have headlines on my phone here from nude papers
6:32 am
around the world about the donald trump/pope dust up a little bit. the pontiff and the pontificator, the pope and the pompador. >> did you see the one on the one, pope busting trump's wall. the pope's recent remarks about donald trump. we're right before the the south carolina primary tomorrow. >> certainly much more than catholic voters. presidential candidate says he is not the worried about losing support because of the pope's comment. steve is on it, at an appropriate place, the constitution center, one of our most beautiful buildings. >> mike, i can guarantee you people behind the new exhibit here headed to the white house who are talking about the history of all presidential campaigns in the past never in their mind could have ever imagined that we would have a presidential candidate doing battle with the pope while running for office. but here it goes, yesterday, if you didn't hear bit or see
6:33 am
it, somehow, you must have been on mars. >> he has been in touch with a lot of people but with the the pope does that give you pause. >> i don't like fighting with the pope actually. i don't think it is a fight. i think he said something much softer then was originally reported by the media i think he heard one side of the story which is probably by the mexican government. he didn't see the tremendous problem the border is causing us. >> a person thinks only about building walls where ever they may be and in the building bridges is in the the christian. >> reporter: sad part about yesterday's coverage that dominated the coverage but alex and mike, highlight have the the day important sure was that college kid, talking to john kasich at the that town hall, telling that story and getting that hug. everybody is watching said it brings tears to your eyes. it is a shame positive side of the campaign that kasich has been talking about that we saw yesterday with our own eyes,
6:34 am
really, didn't get played as much, as the pope verse trump but how can you you ignored donald trump verse the pope. >> yes. >> we will have to show that wonderful moment with john kasich and that young man, hugging, crying. i actually cried when i watched it, even a guy like me, a horrible human being. 6:34. meanwhile for democrats did you see this a new "fox news" poll just out shows bernie sanders leading hillary clinton own a national level but very close. >> just three percentage points separate the two, sanders with 47 percent of the vote and clinton is close behind were 44 percent among democratic voters. last night both sanders and clinton took part in nevada where democratic caucus will be held tomorrow. what else is going on in the world. >> lehigh county coroner releasing victim's name. her body was found inside a recycle been in allentown. authorities say she was 59 year-old rose shinowsky.
6:35 am
she died after getting shot multiple times before being stuffed inside that bin. she lived in the same apartment complex where a man shot at officers serving a search warrant connect to the case on tuesday night. the prosecutors have yet to file charges against anyone. fire officials are still looking for a cause of the fire that temporarily delayed service on septa's trenton line last night. sky fox capture the intense flames from the warehouse fire on the 7700 block of edmonds street. this started around 5:30. that building sits right next to the train track. septa was forced to suspend service on the trenton line as fire fighters put out those flames. no one was injury. the philadelphia police say they are still questioning several witnesses and reviewing surveillance video in the area where a man was fun down wednesday need in west philadelphia this happened just after 11:00 p.m. in the 300 block of south 52nd street. a 31 year-old man was shot in the legs and back. he was pronounced dead right there on the scene. a chain reaction crash leaves a big mess in center city yesterday a school bus, taxi cab, suv and september
6:36 am
bus just a few of the vehicles involve in the crash. several people were hurt, and it left a giant hole in the side of the td bank. right here near city hall. witnesses say the cab may have clipped a bus and then veered left into a school bus which hit an suv and that went right through the bank's window. >> we were just praying that no one got hurt. we were just praying that no one got hurt. we were just scared. >> major chaos. people were every where. people were concern. people were trying to see if there was any kids that weres on the the bus, and there were none. you know, just trying to go to people assistance which i thought was very nice. >> sixteen people were taken to the hospital, all of them had minor injuries and amazingly nobody inside of that bangor pedestrians on the roadways were hurt, mike and alex. >> i made a mistake when i was talking about that story earlier. i said there were people on the school bus. no, people were on the septa bus, the septa bus, including two kids. 6:36. how about this, the mother expresses outrage after picking her daughter up from day care in hunting park.
6:37 am
>> she says, that big purple bruises that you are about to see covered this young girl's face. the all right, dave, give us details on this one. >> reporter: it is unbelievable and it is really not anything a parent would ever expect when they go to pick up their child, from day care, but take a look, at why this mother is so upset, really, any parent would be, just take a look, look at the bite marks, on her one and a half year-old daughter's face. veronica figueroa says another child at bright side academy bit her daughter repeat thely. now the mother says that the day care located on front and erie, called her tuesday to let her know what happened. she said that she was shocked when she pick up her daughter and saw bruising and get this she claims that it happened, three other times, over the past two months. >> the child is one years old, you you know, i don't have a issue with the child. kid do bite, you know, i'm not upset with the mother neither. she's not the one watching my child. i'm upset that these people who get paid to do their jobs,
6:38 am
you know, and at the end of the day thinks your job. this is your focus to watch these kid, you know, and i feel like my daughter wasn't being watched. >> reporter: veronica filed this report, detailing last incident that said savanna was bitten by another child they both reached for the same toy at the same time but mother doesn't feel like the day carries taking it seriously. we did reached out to the day care who referred us to the national office. we contacted them for a statement but we have not received one just yet. we also checked state record and there are previous complaints including one in a different case where a child, grabs scissors and cut another child's hair, and so, investigation on this current incident is ongoing. back to you you. >> wow. >> all right, dave, thanks, we will check back with you when we get more information on that. >> yep good 6:38. iraq war veteran beaten outside of a washington d.c. mcdonald's hamburger place is speaking out. >> the surveillance video from late friday night shows someone attacking, sergeant chris marquez, knocking him to the ground as he walked out
6:39 am
of the restaurant. you can see it here. the video shows a second person walk up to marquez and take his wallet. the veteran says the attack may have been racially motivated. >> and they were out, i believe, that black lives matter, you know, that happened a few times and i was ignoring it at first because i thought they were instigating me, they were being hostile, and they approached me and how they were talking to me. then they started to call me a racist. >> police are still trying to track down the men who were involved in the a attack. months after being sentenced to 15 years in prison on child pornography charges, jared fogle is facing a legal deadline today. >> oh, yes. his attorneys must filed his appeal by the end of today. they have called his sentence excessive, and sentence handed down by a federal judge last year was longer than the maximum term prosecutors agreed to, to pursue.
6:40 am
as part of the plea deal jared pleaded guilty to one count of distributing and receiving child pornography. he also admitted paying for sex with under age girls. they have to get it done by 5:00 o'clock. 6:40. the so-called affluenta teen is back in court today. a judge will decide if ethan couch will be transferred from juvenile to adult court. the 18 year-old has been held in a maximum security adult facility since a february 5th hearing and a judge will decide if his case should be turned over to an adult court after he turns 19 and that will be in april, april 11th. couch was sentenced to probation for killing four people, while driving drunk back in 2013. authorities say that he and his mother, this they fled to mexico after video surfaced allegedly showing couch at a party with alcohol, which would have violated his probation. >> remember the judge said he was so rich, and spoiled he didn't necessity any better. >> he didn't know what he was doing. >> yeah, um-hmm. a woman with a history
6:41 am
of stowing away on commercial airlines, is back. this woman is something. >> you may recall her a serial stowe away. >> we have seen her so many times. >> marilyn hartman was arrested at o'hare international airport in chicago for transpassing. she has been trying for years to sneak on board planes and just last year she was arrested four times for trying to get past security at o'hare. she has managed to get on at least one flight, last august she skipped past ticketing agent to san jose and flew to los angeles. she has never offered any explanation for his behavior, just trying to sneak on. >> she'sing having some problems, upstairs, i have a feeling. a helicopter turning tourist over pearl harbor monuments there goes down in the water right there in the harbor and bystanders had to jump out of the way. bunch of videotape. we will tell you what happened and how they got them out of the helicopter and the water. we know beyonce is going out on formation tour but she may encounter a serious
6:42 am
problem when she goes down to florida, we will tell you why. >> the humidity. >> well, that is always a problem. >> um-hmm. >> hair problem, you know. >> oh, yeah.
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6:45 am
is that what you have to do. find you another lover. >> i will do whatever uncle charlie says, i love my uncle carly real early in the morning to do that. >> this is wild video, out of hawaii, off the coast there right there in the pearl harbor. a tourist helicopter captured that video. there were at least five people on board and they had to cut the seat belts off of a 16 year-old boy. they took him to the hospital. he is in critical condition. look at how close it came to the person with the cell phone. listen to this. >> so, i jumped in and tried to extract him and one of the navy divers, or navy
6:46 am
policeman, brian, he had a knife and we took turns cutting out the seat belt and finally got him out. >> of course, big plan there is to figure out why it went down in the first place. that is close. 6:46. >> lets get to sue and get some weather. >> we have milder temperatures on the way but not yet. it is appropriately chilly in the north east with temperatures in the 20's but these are current temperatures in memphis, st. louis, dallas, wichita, in the 50's and 60's, yes, that is the unusually mild air for february, and that will be coming our way, for tomorrow. not yet, but eventually, and first we have to get to some clouds moving through later on in the day but we will start off with plenty of sunshine. we were cloud free last night. then we will move to sunday. we have a cold front coming through with rain sunday night. the it will not mess up your weekend daytime events. we will be left with chillier temperatures. the that is important as we look ahead to the potential, the potential of the coastal storm and that would happen
6:47 am
for us, on tuesday, into wednesday, and then maybe even into a little bit of thursday. we will break it down here in the seven day forecast. we have sun giving way to cloud later on, 42 degrees today. tomorrow we are up to 59, much milder, a late shower on sunday as we just showed you and 57 degrees. we are at in the 40's during the day on monday and tuesday. we will get down close to freezing on tuesday, night, so if that storm comes in tuesday night, we could see a mix with some snow and we will get more on that over the weekend and, of course, next week but in the meantime we have a huge problem on i-95, bob kelly. >> yeah, sue, 6:47. tractor trailer accident on i-95 in south philadelphia. here's a live look at the the northbound lanes of i-95, all blocked right now temporarily. it all started at an accident with at least two vehicles. look at this fellow sideways across what would be the right
6:48 am
lane, the tractor trailer and another vehicle in what would be the left lane, plowed in the concrete barrier, and then now police are also blocking this southbound left lane, it was all taking place, on i-95, northbound, accident between the walt whitman bridge and columbus boulevard. so we're jammed up as we are coming from say the stadium area, airport. the as you try to go northbound. jump off at broad street. that is how awe void that delay. is there the backup already from broad street all the way up through the walt whitman bridge. and then in new jersian accident, northbound lanes of the 42 freeway, slow go approaching 295 because of an accident there, in bellmawr, and a crash in glenside, limekiln pike at mount carmel avenue. also 295 south crash south of the rancocas wood. we will start to see that sun glare popping up again just like we did yesterday, some sun glare, some black ice, really gets in there on the
6:49 am
kelly drive there yesterday. septa says trenton line, was shut down last night because of that fire in holmesberg but everything is back to normal this morning for the morning rush hour. and in the just trenton line but also on amtrak's northeast corridor everything is good to go, mike and alex, back to you. let's talk about beyonce here. beyonce may not the get the a warm welcome by everybody down in miami when she takes her world tour there. >> the fraternal order of police say it will boycott her concert in april. police union voted to boycott following her super bowl half time performance. head of the union says beyonce quote, used this years super bowl to divide americans by promoting black panthers and her anti police message. beyonce has in the commented on her perform answer. >> yes, she did. >> not directly. >> but artist expression. >> indirectly at the grammys. >> people react and interpret in their own different ways. >> that is what artist supposed to be, push society forward or backward, i don't know. six there 49.
6:50 am
caitlin jenner, who was just in philadelphia what 36 hours ago. >> yes. >> starting her own cosmetics line. so she filed a trademark whatever that is, trademark paperwork and the line will have her name. >> so this filing would give her exclusive rights to sell make up, fragrance, nail care and skin care product. she said the line is more than just fine. she he told time magazine she hopes it can help trans women and men, relate themselves to the world the way they see themselves. >> no more secrets. >> ♪ >> i have have always like her the best. >> yes. >> jordan sparks, singing a due it with contestant manny perez last night. you said, being on idol was a
6:51 am
experience of a lifetime. >> i would think. >> your talent, you you know you are up there doing you and you are being your sound and your style and how are as a person and artist, that shows, and america sees that. >> how many are left. >> down to the final 14. watch the final season of american idol right here on fox nine every wednesday and thursday night. mike, you were commenting on jordan sparks and how good she looks. she was in the the news because she was dating a rapper gemini and they broke up recently. and i guess when you date jordan sparks you just can't leave you. he posted this really long post on social media saying please, call me back, i miss you, i have been a good boy. all i want is a hug. >> he started begging. >> she wouldn't pick up the phone. >> she put it all wait out there. >> that is embarrassing, isn't it. >> sometimes you have to to drastic things when people are not the listening to you. >> big cry baby he sign with the government name not the just his rapper name.
6:52 am
>> that is really serious. another big break through for a local mother fighting to make her streets safer after lose herring son in the accident an update on her battle to bring sidewalks to her town, she's keeps fighting.
6:53 am
6:54 am
we have some breaking news, a top united states official says that american war planes struck targets against isis, in libya overnight. >> they were hitting isis training camps, in word on the damage or if any top isis
6:55 am
targets were killed, in the bombing. but at least we know that this happened last night, so when we get more information and we will continue to follow this story. >> reason why that is news, first time we have hit isis targets in the country of libya, of course, we have been striking them in iraq and syria for months. all right. victory for a bucks county moth her lost her son. >> bristol township, and, has agreed to maintain, a stretch of sidewalk on new falls road. >> good. >> without my friend, and the community support. >> that was sharon, earlier this week after middletown township board of supervisors voted to support the sidewalks. her son john was hit and killed as he walk down that road in levittown back in 2012. since then, she has been fighting for the sidewalk. the township had to agree to maintain them and that agreement came last night. >> all right.
6:56 am
>> good for her. >> 6:55. well, he coaches top ranked college basketball team in the country, and he is going to join us live who would that be. >> we're talking about villanova coach jay wright. >> just a few minutes. >> do you want to see what the mountains look like just for fun. >> oh, yeah.
6:57 am
6:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at to get a guaranteed discount.
6:59 am
i see that like that. >> how did this happen. >> the little girl's mother says this is not the first time, either. who she's demanding answers from. >> let's get ready to rumble. >> the pontiff taking on the pompador all over a wall. >> he also talked about having a wall is no the christian. he has a awful wilfully big wall at the vatican. >> why pope francis is calling the presidential hopeful anti christian. and a terrifying end to to a sight seeing trip. >> started screaming, like everyone get down. >> we will take to you pearl harbor. >> and they are tops in the land, villanova wildcats head
7:00 am
coach jay wright joining us live on good day fail this morning. the team's win over temple this week and tomorrow's big game at home against butler. >> how about to change this a little bit, it is friday, february 19th, 2016. welcome to good day philadelphia great weekend. >> yes, it is friday. >> it is going to be maybe 60 degrees tomorrow. >> yes. >> sunshine. >> a lot to look forward to this weekend. >> sunshine even to start today. it is chillier, new then it will be tomorrow but we will give you a seven out of ten. cold start. bus stop buddy as bundled up as he was yesterday at this time. your actual temperatures are in the teens and 20's. those were wind chills yesterday. so it is not quite as windy and we are looking ahead to cloud building in from the west but right now it is sunny start, still a pretty sunrise that happened at 6:49 this morning. 23 degrees, feels like 16 out there teens and 20's, that is what you dress for.


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