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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> she went to washington dc today to do a special. what is it? >> it's friday, february 19th, 2016. >> love you. >> hi, car he end. >> good morning, guys. getting all ready for tomorrow's show, something special coming up tomorrow on good day philadelphia. watch for t paltro's parenting. how much is gwyneth paltrow paying for her daughter's facials? now her daughter, man, is she starting to look just like her mommy. >> i know, so beautiful. >> she is gorgeous she is 11 years old. how much would you pay your 11 year old to get a facial? >> they get facials at 11 in. >> hot or not. ladies, listen up. how updated is your closet these days? the age women are the most stylish, and when it all just goes downhill. >> this is according to a website, you hit certain age,
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then your style, you just forget about it, and you go blah. >> we've got a number for the men, too, don't wore. >> i okay. karen? >> and also oh, i saw this one, i'm so happy he's on the show, from our area, he won that show, chop, you know it, he just won this week, he's from south jersey. he is a teacher. his name is timothy. so we said let's set up little contest. let's go head-to-head with our own jenn fred in the kitchen this morning. >> he will blow her out of the kitchen. >> no competition. >> does she even cook? >> i don't think so. steve cooks. >> ya, good luck, jen. >> she knows how to order out, though. very good. >> yes. i have a personal question for all of you out there, for you, for you. >> and all of you. >> and all of you. are you in love? and keith in the studio, i don't want to leave you out. are you in love? >> yes. >> he's in love. >> he's happily married, you know. >> i know. yes, but are you in love? >> he's great husband. he is the one that goes and like does the extra above and
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beyond and shames the rest of us, ya. >> oh, i don't like that. >> take notes. >> you may want to thank your ex lovers for being in love. let me explain this. >> yes? >> you ever see that show breaking bad? >> yes. >> actor aaron paul is on there, thanking his girlfriend, his exgirlfriends for ending up with his current flame. >> okay? >> the post reads this: this is on twitter. look at this angelic goddess lauren paul his wife on my arm at the triple nine movie premiere last night. i just want to give a shout out to all of my ex's, right now, some of you were incredible women, and it was just never the right fit for us. some of were you pretty crazy. it is not like i was losing my minds, but i wish you all the best. but all of you have something incredible in common.
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you all led me to his wife. thank you for that. >> now, that is classy. >> it is not. >> it is. >> it is a true dig. you were not good enough. were you not important enough. were you not the right ones. >> but that happens in life. it is real life. it happens. >> you don't say you weren't good enough or i didn't love you enough. >> i don't mean he didn't mean it good enough. we didn't fit t wasn't the right time. we weren't a perfect match. but because of all of the failures i'm led to her. >> you don't think he is putting theming down? >> no, so happy and proudest's with this woman, nothing else worked out before and i wouldn't have met her if i hadn't. >> are you taking it as blaming the other women? >> i don't think blaming, i think it is a dig, and i think it is being tone deaf. i think it is one of those things, remember when brad and angelina did the spread in the vanity fair magazine like they were a couple and had been treating on each other but pretending they didn't? tone deaf f you are the ex like some of were you crazy.
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well, he is calling me crazy. he thinks i'm crazy. >> but you know when you have been craze nay relationship, too. >> but you don't need to be called that. >> why not? it is what it is. >> why doesn't he call himself crazy? >> he could call himself crazy. i think he wanted all of the attention on her, because of all of the other women that's how i got her. >> they always want the new one. i think you just think -- >> some guy has a third wife oh, my third wife is the best. >> right. >> you have done this twice before. now you're going to try to act like -- >> that's a lifetime movie, you know, i like those lifetime movies. >> the third wife? >> had they are leading two lives two separate cities, like a sales guy or something, flying all over. >> oh, a lot of people are doing that in the same city. >> what? >> ya. >> you know people living double lives? >> yes. >> not just having affairs, i mean -- >> no, like you think that you have two completely different worlds going on and people don't know. but one day guess what happens? >> what? >> they coincide. >> always. >> a bun of of people from this area, stories i will not tell, because they still live
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here, but they always find out event. >> i always blows up. >> how come i don't know these people? >> because you are too busy doing other stuff. >> being one of them probably? no, of course not. but lifetime they do these movies, they have a competition, have you seen hallmark channel litany. >> yes. >> it is one chick flick after another, all weekends. >> it is. >> and it is normally oh, i went back to my hometown for a wedding and my ex-boyfriends from high school. >> high school. >> is marrying someone else. and we reconnected. >> and broke up the wed, all of these feelings came back up to the top. >> as long as we have the reception hall, let's just go ahead and get married now. >> you know thousand will happen, but just watching it like -- >> and then there is the old guy has an affair with a high school girl and his wife finds out. >> yes. >> he gets arrested, stuff. okay, most women like to make a fashion statement. i think guys do too. but at what age are they most
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fabulous? >> tell you? >> most fashionable. well, i'm guessing probably in their 40's? >> oh, you think 40. karen, do you have a guess? >> i think little higher than this one. so i would say i actually think it is like 34, 35. >> oh, that's me right now. but guess what the make i can age is? >> first tell me who did the studdie? >> british financial services company. >> okay, the brits, the brits. >> yep, so they researched 30 year old women. that's the age where you own an average of 212 style items that's roughly worse -- report $11,000 in your closet? so they're seeing your peak fashion sense time in your life is the age of 30? >> thirty. so you have about 166 high fashion outfits, all this fancy jewelry, designer shoes, then they look at the men, mike jerek is. >> men reach the fashion evening of their life at what age? >> six years later at 36. unfortunately, for you, it is all downhill from there. because as we age --
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>> i can see that. >> we stop spending less money on like clothes and fashion, stylish things. >> we spend less monday. >> i yes. >> yes. >> i feel like you don't even make that kind of money. they're saying $11,000 worth of clothes at 30? that doesn't ring true to me. i don't think you start making the money. that's why i think it is like your 30's, i even think 37, 38. you have the money, be willing to spend it on yourself, not waiting for someone to buy it for you. because you don't have that kind of money when you are in your 20's. i didn't have any monday. >> i you can't buy a designer bag or 600-dollar shoes when you're in your -- right at the end of your 20's, your ride is here. >> hi, fell a's, ladies. >> we're supposed to tell, when it goes by our windows upstairs, firetrucks, we know there is a big fire up the street. >> there is? >> we have to call out to the rest of the news room. >> oh, because we're by the windows. could you just get on the phone. >> those firefighters, they watch "good day" live philadelphia every day. they've invited us over for
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lunch. >> really? >> yes. >> yesterday i was in bensalem at the out back, oh, there is the truck. >> there they go. >> and everyone in bensalem watches the show. because i had to field live questions for you last night. >> the whole town? >> yes, well, at least the whole out back last night did. out back. >> out back steak house. >> did you getting a blooming onion? >> , no i got a piece of salmon though. >> i knew you would say that. i've done that, gone to the steak house. >> you know i don't eat steak, right? so what do i get? >> salmon. >> so tell me about mike jerrick. okay, next question? i was holding court. >> yes. >> steak house. >> at the steak house. alex, tell me something about alex. oh, and i've been watching karen, yes, and she -- >> yes. >> my salmon was colds by the time i ate it, but i answered all their questions. >> what were the questions asked? >> about you. >> basically they want to know how you are off camera. i'm like when the lights go off, just as crazy. >> i'm afraid this is it.
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who did you go with is. >> marshall. >> oh, yes, marshall harris. love him. he is great. >> is that a thing? i saw a picture on valentine day. >> yes. >> he is pretty cute. >> oh, he is cute. >> ya. >> and he is single, and they spent a lot of time together. >> i've known marshall for 12 years now, he is just my friends. >> did you ever kiss? >> no. >> okay. >> wait so here is the question. the person you're with on valentine's day, that kind of tips a little bit. >> it does not. >> any other day of the week i wouldn't have thought anything. >> everyone is making it a big deal. later in the day, i went out, why are you by yourself why did you have to buy jewelry by yourself is this your gift to yourself. >> they call it single appreciation day? >> yes. >> which is sad. >> (laughing). >> no, you're fine. gwyneth paltrow, you know her, you hate her, you love her. she spares no expense when it comes to getting her 11 year old daughter apple's facials.
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so a tsarnaevly pap he will gets a lot of facials. >> right? >> eleven years old. guess how much each one of them costs? >> tell me. >> $200. >> that's crazy. >> here's the thing. i sort of do think that. but maybe, i mean, they are such stars. you see all of the tarps, all of their kids wearing all of this designer stuff. at least apple is fresh faced, not one of those kids all heavily made up, not like doing a story about her getting, you know, cosmetic surgery or breast implants. it is like she is really fresh face, and into health. so if i was to make a defense for her, and i remember back in the day, if you had a big function for a prom, you would get your nails done, and that was a huge, huge deal. i remembering in high school, well, nowadays everyone get their nails day, the price has come down, not that big a deal. maybe it won't be that big a deal in the future. >> i can see that. probably fair. >> i got it tell you something. i don't care. >> you don't? >> no. >> but if teddy came up to you, grand dad, what does she
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call you? >> pappa mike. >> pappa mike, i want a facial. at what age would you be like what? >> she is five almost. >> so what age would it be like okay? >> i think maybe 11. i don't know that i have any problem with it. >> that's middle school age. but it seems young. >> but starting to get zits and stuff, right? >> all change. if you go to any of these water parks, which i do, i'm nut, you may know that if you go up to the poconos, water zones in the thing, they have all of the little spa's for the moms and daughters to go to. they have like little strawberry spots, girls get their nails done, pretty pink, strawberry treatments. >> get ready. coming soon. >> if she asks i probably would do it. everybody stop right now. >> all right. >> at 11 minutes past 9:00 on a friday, we need your thing in on this story. go, lauren. >> rachael, remember, former ncaap, exposed white woman, posting as black woman, she has given birth to her third
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child. >> yes. >> yes, she tweeted the picture of the baby's footprints. so she named him langston, after hughes, and chris, black man who is considered the first american casualty in american revolution. she has not, though, revealed the identity or the ethnicity of the baby's father. what do you think? >> well -- >> looks like footprints. >> seriously? >> all babies footprints are black. >> that's ink. >> it is just ink. >> maybe they used colored ink. >> pink ink? so langston for langston hughes. well -- >> i think she did it on purpose though. >> oh, ya. >> she wants to -- >> we haven't seen the kid yet? >> no picture. >> oh, we have a picture of the kid? awe. >> so this picture is from instagram. >> can't tell there.
9:13 am
>> you can't. >> hi, langston. 's cute kid, tell that you. >> super cute. and sleep. >> i sleepy. >> bundled up. >> i like the name. you know you admire your heroes, name your children, supposed to be aspirational, people that change, create, do things, you know, that are successful in history. >> and don't you know it, maclin, i can never get them -- >> quinn and kalin. >> the people my children are named for football players, so that's one thing. >> oh, shallow. >> but meaningful to you. >> it is not like they're great, you know, like langston hughes, you know? >> didn't name them shady? he was playing well then, too. >> true. could you have done that. >> who else would have been a good name? >> vick. >> we were going to do shackle ton initially. >> what? >> shackleton? >> sounds like somebody's being arrested. >> my mom hated it. that's what happened to that.
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>> she's right. >> shackleton? >> we almost named him, then he came out and he was so tiny, no way this little tiny thing can carry a name like that, which baby was this? >> my first one quinn. >> that's better. >> your boys are wonderful. how are they? >> one is almost nine, six, and two. and they're great. >> i didn't ask their age but how are they? >> sick. >> sick and miserable. >> have you done this on a plane, to go down to florida. >> we would love this. >> we had to go down to florida. >> no, one of the theme parks. >> oh, were you at disney. >> yes. >> universal instead. go see harry potter. >> way better. >> little magic. >> kevin mccarthy, i would rather cut my leg off. our movie critic standing by. i want to hear his response, the star of the new movie race, the guy that place jesse owens, in philadelphia even as we speak. screening last night, he took some questions. here is a clip from race. i really want to see it. >> win a gold medal.
9:15 am
want to do it in berlin? >> you have chance to strike a powerful blow. under the regime, we must not go to these olympic games to show our solidarity with the owe pros dollars people of germany. >> no color, not money ... >> (movie clip). >> can you imagine if we had television, kevin mccarthy, back in 1936? we would be hopping up and down because he shoved it right down hitler's throat. hi, deaf inch -- kevin. >> good morning, mike and, yes, you are 100% right. this is story of jesse owens, won four gold medals at the olympic games in 1936 in berlin, phenominal story, really is what you just said it was, mike, interesting to watch him go in there and do that. and it is a really crane
9:16 am
edible performance from stefan james, who really really became jesse owens on camera. i also love jason, who we know from s&l and horrible losses, comedic actor who has comedic role hear but very dramatic. place the coach of jesse owens in the fillment. my only problem with the film i felt like it was almost too long at times, but overall i think it is a very important film. and i think everybody should see, it is a very great story. incredible story of good movie i gave it a three and a half out of five. i had a chance to speak to stefan james. what blew my mind, see the name stefan for a serbs before i go to the sounds bite, what's the first thing you think about? >> the fact you don't have your mike on? let's see, stefan is that correct from saturday night live? >> basketball? >> no, no. very, very close though. let's hear what he says about his name stefan. check it out. >> okay, so, family matters, we all know family matters, and when steve irk he will goes into a little machine, you know, he gets into the cooler version, the cooler
9:17 am
version of himself is actually stefan. >> right? >> that's who my aunt gave my mother the permission to name me stefan. >> jesse, he is store of standing like this, you got to be very, very ready, very prepared. you know, sort of like this on your toast. and as soon as you hear that gun go off, oh, like that. down pretty low, sort of rocking back and forth. >> left leg out? >> left leg out like you're propose ago little bit. and then we sort of three, two, one, go. >> did i get it? >> got it. >> tips in the long jump? right, i nailed it, i nailed it. >> i was going say i was sitting in for alex this morning, i ran track, that's the hardest thing to get that start down. so i'm sure not even just playing the role, but having to learn the whole like acting part of being an athlete. >> plus he has to run in a upright. because jesse didn't run real low. he ran with his sternum up almost. >> yes, he really nailed the running, that was one of the things very important to him,
9:18 am
to get the look down the way he ran that. i mean, obviously he wasn't able to really run jesse's times, the times were incredible. but they really do real good job of making it look like he actually does the running, the editing and the shooting of it. amazing scene where he walks into the stadium for the first time, and he sees these crowds, all done with cgi. looks so good. really a film that a lot of people should see because it is an incredible story. the beauty of it all, mike and alex, what jesse went through back then, then you see a major hollywood production telling his incredible story in major theatres this weekend, so really worth seeing, because the story is so great. >> real quickly, alex is on an amtrak train, i'm sitting here with lauren and karen. so coming in the door behind in you about an hour and a half. >> hey, can i ask? >> what did you say? >> easter season, len ton season there is movie i've been hearing the ads for, risen. have you seen that one? >> yes, risen really, this film really blew me away.
9:19 am
and the film that really tells unique perspective. story told through the perspective of a non-believer played by joseph fine in the movie. and his character, the roman military tribune, actually fictional. his character. and it is set during the resurrection. so it starts as crucifixion, then it is told through the resurrection. and you actually get this amazing perspective of a non-believer. and seeing how everything went down, and the disciples, like a detective, a really well done movie. and i saw it with my fiancee, as we left the theater we were having great conversations about religion, the topics that are discussed in the film. i think it is a real good eye opener for that aspect of just religion. really well done movie. i gave it four out of five, highly recommend seeing it again, pg13, some violent images but no where near as violent as passion of the christ. more found down and good for families. >> kevin, five stars, you give that 14. what did you say you gave race? >> three and a half.
9:20 am
>> this move a four, and the best move any theatres right now mike is dead pull, i have seen it four times. go see dead pool. it is awesome. it is so awesome. >> okay. i'll tell you what's awesome is that you guys will do a special a/k/a special this time right your wheel house my man. the movie. >> yes. i can't wait. mike i'm so jealous every you, get to work with alex every day she is so incredible, i know she on her way down to the train here, do whole oscar special, talk about everything from the oscars, diversity element in the oscars, but also some of the biggest names, stallone will be on the show, dicaprio, real big names, and alex on her way down here, we will do the show today will air next friday. can i not wait to do it. anal sex so awesome. thank you for letting us use alex today in d.c. so thank you for that. >> don't think you can keep her, all right? kevin, we'll see you next week. >> by the way that special will air next friday, a week from tonight, it will be on at 10:30. do about a half hour of
9:21 am
10:00 news and then do the special. so you got a pop princess? >> yes? >> and a presidential hopeful, right, karen? >> they're together. talking britney spears. we are talking hillary clinton and they go one-on-one, why the singer's actually complimenting clinton's voice. plus, story of the day, jen is with the chopped champ right now from our area. hey, jen. >> he was the champ. but he's going down. good morning. >> good morning. >> okay, here's what i brought in this basket. fake peanut butter, i've got some soup that can be either like roasted tomato or like roasted pepper, black beans, and my favorite, see that pair in there, chef, has been sitting in there three, four weeks at my house, kids won't eat it. >> i can handle that. after today they'll eat it. >> come on back, having fun. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ good morning, absecon, dill will bob kelly this. >> yes. >> well, a dream come true for
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britney spears. she got the chance to shake hands with hillary clinton, in vegas last night, you know, they have that caucus out there. the two met back stage at brittany's show, at planet "plat hollywood". the singer gushed all overhill hill and called her an inspiration, and she thought hillary clinton has a beautiful voice for women around the world. and what she meant was not singing voice. >> yep. >> but a voice for women. >> so fun when you see celebrities when they meet other celebrities, they take pictures, that casino of thing. >> if they took pictures why didn't they post the pictures? >> they did actually post them on stain gram. not sure where the pictures are. >> well, we will put it up. >> there was one imposing, uncandid one every them talking. >> avenue good idea. couple of guys in philadelphia written a song basically for our show, we should roll it on friday. it is happy friday.
9:26 am
>> it is a happy friday. >> why don't we do that? we'll finds brittany and hillary clinton. >> okay. >> ♪ happy friday ♪ happy friday ♪ >> maybe irish feel? >> it is fun, they play all over the place, local band, they got a lot of great songs. this is one of their newer ones. >> that's neat. we'll play that on friday's. let's get back to vegas, we found the picture every britney spears. good pick of by the of them. >> well, i think also because hillary is concerned about the younger people that are going to bernie sander. so this is directly to count their to bring in a young person, hey, young women, remember me? >> good analysis son your part, political analysis. >> look at her. >> brittany 34? >> she is 34. >> yes, new pole came out last night. oh, it is a good looking
9:27 am
photo. that bernie sanders is leading nationally. oh, only one point or something, but still. what the heck is bob doing today? it is friday. >> oh, irish potatoes, right, bob? >> oh, you know what, a little secret, you know with saint patrick's day less than a month away, we have to have the little treats we call irish potatoes t all starts right here at the potato shack. >> oh, we're going to make irish potatoes whether we come right back. come on, into the potato shack. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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we're making changes, and we're getting better every day.
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>> we are gearing up for march y to celebrate, then with a special dessert, that cremes st. patrick's day. >> we have our own bob kelly right now in port richmond this morning finding out how they are make. i love them. one of the best things ever. explain and show us, one. >> you just can't eat just one. you have to keep going, right, ladies. we are here in port richmond at the home of the l.a. oh87 where their biggest fundraiser kicks off today, the irish potatoes. the guy from shamrock foods is here. they have been bringing in the flour, the cream cheese, and all of the special ingredients. marie, what is an irish potato. >> well, irish potato is not irish or a potato. they are made here in philadelphia. and when they are rolled they look like a potato. so it starts in the shack here with our --
9:32 am
>> not the love shack. check this out. the potato shack. the mixture has a name, it is what. >> betsy. >> now little secret bet thecy was donated. of course, the ladies say sure, we will take it. you come get it, you can have have it. you went, got it, ape wow, there goes an amtrak train. you could not get it in the building there. >> no. >> so you built a per tait owe shack, absolutely to make the irish powe tait the owe mix. >> yes. >> this is your big fundraiser for the year. >> we make 2300-pound and put them in containers, and we sell them, and, we sell them to our members, and, everybody else gets a chance to taste the delicious potatoes good lets get these delivery guys out of the way. you guys are doing a good job. shamrock foods bright and early. come on over here. show me how we get this thing started. george will come will in here with his camera as well. >> dawn is our seasoned mixer here. we have secret ingredients
9:33 am
here. can you tell them the recipe. >> in, we cannot tell you the recipe but that is cream cheese. >> a whole block of cream cheese. >> yes, it is and then what else. >> we have our coconut. >> okay, okay. >> that is a special recipe. >> yes. >> there are some ingredients we will not tell you. >> brown sugar comes in. >> confectioner sugar. >> yes. >> how long do we mix. >> well, we have to watch the mixer, and it tells us when it is done. >> it looks like, this is what it looks like when it is done. >> what happens from there. >> after that we go in that building and we have laid that is roll it up, put tonight cinnamon, bag it, and that is when we package it and sell it. >> so all this bagging, packaging will happen during the week. >> yes. >> we'd like you to invite to you come roll, pack with us this week, if it is okay with carrie, can you come out monday, tuesday, wednesday night, as well as all of us,
9:34 am
absolutely. >> honey, i'm still in the powe tait he shack through wednesday. this is a great fundraiser. you have to have one, two, three you just keep ongoing. >> yes good this makes millions of little potatoes, and money goes to charity. we gave 26 you this dollars out last year, providence house for domestic abuse families. so we have nine other divisions who do the same thing. >> so we are getting ready for st. patrick's day, what are you doing for st. patrick's day? how are you getting ready? just hit me up on instagram, facebook, twitter, use that hashtag fox 29 irish and, of course, it all happens right here on fox 29, the brand new home of the st. patrick's day parade, you'll see live on fox from 12:00 to 3:00 on sunday, march the 13th, on the parkway with the ladies from the laoh division 87. >> yes. >> thanks for coming.
9:35 am
>> if i'm missing until wednesday night, you know judge. >> yes. >> i'm here in port richmond. >> we know where to find you, three ladies inside of a hut, by the tracks in port richmond. >> that is a weekend there. >> aren't you leading the paradey host witt kathy orr and bob kelly. >> that is my son's birthday march 13th. >> we will all be out there the sullivans. >> okay. >> have you seen this app, i need to down load it right after the show. it is basically live filters for yourselfe, it is call mass raid. >> i will show you my leonardo dicaprio face. massacre raid.
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you're taking a live look at people gathered at the supreme court, antonin scalia supreme court just advertise passed away saturday at the age of 79 years old. his funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. we are taking a live look now at everyone gathered there. >> they expect thousands to lie by that casket there. >> we know that the president will be coming through today, and here's a prayer. >> all right. >> it is 9:39 this morning. is there a new app that people are having fun with including karen hepp. it is called masquerade and it
9:40 am
is a live filter for selfies, check this out. >> party, party, watch the bus stop, see you tomorrow, it is the sun. >> so let's do this live. what do you say. so, just use my regular face, okay. >> i can't do regular. it can only be frequent. >> so, look at that, look at my eyes. i simply look. >> give me some leo. >> yes. >> i want to thank the academy, my mom and dad for this award, i hope you you enjoyed my film the revenant, thank you, academy. >> what in the joker, joker. this is weird. >> yes. >> back to the joker. >> who is that. >> what is this app call.
9:41 am
>> masquerade, masqrd. >> follow the instructions. >> ahh. >> and then one of my favorites because we have lots of conversation about, completely politically incorrect about our -- >> i'm a big pile of poo. >> and it is so much fun. >> what is that supposed to be. >> i think william shatner. >> that looks like me on saturday morning. >> maybe that is donald trump. >> he doesn't have squinty eyes like this. >> you can be a woman. >> look at that i'm a tiger. >> you got an idea there. >> what is that. >> it is a little uni corn. >> let me give you a good woman one. you could be a playboy bunny. >> look at the that. >> that was real playboy bunny. >> look at the mirror, kiss
9:42 am
up. >> ahh. >> it is your friday, love. >> creep. >> okay. >> i bet your son love this. >> this is great. >> help me down load that, later. >> we will do that, jen, take it away. >> it is going down, okay, chef doesn't even know. i may be small but i am mouthy and i know how to cook. >> it is going down. >> oh, my god i'm bringing my a game right here, right now. >> i brought my chopping block. >> you the winner of one show and teacher of the year. come on back we are having fun.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
bush kill falls in the poconos. people will be going up there. >> music is on, you are dancing, always. when we worked together on the weekend girl we used to have my little dance party. >> yes. >> it is a wonderful success. there was a person who was teacher of the year and now he is a winner from the food network show, chopped. he won. the lets take a look. >> take it easy. >> oh, no. >> i think of my fva a beans
9:46 am
and then i pour this beautiful soup around it. >> yes. >> that clock is just as cruel as you will remember, chef. >> ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one... time is up. please step back. >> he is south jersey's timothy and he is getting ready to take on our very own jen fred. >> he is going down. mike, might as well get a space for his face because he will have a black eye when i'm ton with him. >> we will bring it. this is my home. we will will bring this this. >> this is camden county technical school, gloucester campus. we are doing my thing here. culinary arts program. we bring love in the kitchen. >> you won chop. >> i one chop. >> you filmed it all in one day. >> it was actually the second one called redemption. i lost first one. i came very close. went back in training.
9:47 am
i came here. my students helped me train. i went in there. and i did my thingy heard you had people, friend, student bringing you back so you could practice how to use weird ingredients. >> my best friend kevin sprague hooked me up and we would get times and would i go to work. >> i brought in, brought some cans have of trout. >> yes. >> black beans, some really old fruit from my fruit basket. >> i can handle old fruit. >> my fake peanut butter. >> yes. >> and, okay, we will make three things. we have judges over there. the judges are going to go two ways. they will vote is it chef or is it jen to see if they necessity your cooking. then they will vote winner or loser. because over here, there is no second place, baby. there is in second place. >> i give good hugs. when you lose, i will give you a hug. >> i will give you the best
9:48 am
hug you ever had. so you do your thing. and we will make three things. >> three dishes so they can taste. you do that and we will watch what you do. >> all right. so today we picked tangerines, we have sun up butter, we also have some old fruit here, old pairs and i took clementine and we will do sun up butter and trout vinaigrette, slaw with the pairs and we are do kerry shrimp and pairs. >> come over here, this is what i'm doing. we used the soup, right. >> yes. >> you can help him right here. >> jonas brothers. >> so we use clementine because we know difference between clementine and a tangerine and we will put in a little bit of apple side air vinegar. >> yes. >> little bit of that. >> and then what i did with the trout is different then
9:49 am
what he did. i used the trout, i used some sour cream and then we will put tonight here. we can start doing the rest. you will put some bacon on there go check with chef, see how he is doing. chef, are you okay over there. >> they have the pairs, arugul thea and trout, sun up butter and clementine and vinaigrette. >> are they ready we're ready. >> the not only do i have to cook but turf produce the tv segment. so you have chef jen. >> oh, no. >> one of each. >> first thing i want to you do, you don't have paper for it. when food comes out first you tell me fit is chef food or jen food and you can just say. that come on back.
9:50 am
i'm producing and cooking. >> are you ready to do this. >> yes. >> we will bring all three things out at ones. >> no, you did three bowls. we did three different things. >> see, that is what i do. >> we won't judge you. >> we will be fine. >> come over here we don't want to know who is who. we did one of these. i need two students. come over here, students because you will walk it over. so bring over that. ninety seconds. you bring over that. >> they all go together. >> i need one more set offhanded. >> i like this bacon. >> grab the last one. >> it is obvious who is who. >> so go. >> do you have a soon for these people. >> somebody grab spoons right
9:51 am
there. >> we have one minute left. >> so. he cheated. he played by the rules. so basically, should we tell them what it is, you present it. >> this is an amazing trout dip with potato chips because you guys are students and you are his wife so you are used to eating good stuff. this is a salad of yumminess. and this is this. so you try this. you try that. and you try that. >> okay, go. >> then we have a trout and smoke kerry soup with fruit slaw on top. >> we have some freshness, fresh herbs and it comes out wonderful. >> first of all, have you ever had trout dip before with spicy stuff, would you eat it again. >> yes. >> ladies and gentlemen, now is the time lets see who the winner is. >> taste the soup. >> taste the soup.
9:52 am
hurry up. we have 30 seconds. got to go. >> who is the winner. >> chef jen is the winner. >> that is his wife, by the way. >> she ain't eating tonight. don't worry about it here. >> we have chevies the winner, jen is the winner. ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i am the judge, and the jury, and the executioner. i love you, dude. >> seriously. >> okay. more reason to love adele her hilarious prank on unsuspecting jumpba juice workers. >> but first, lottery numbers. your daughter wants to stay organic.
9:53 am
your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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9:56. so this is what we're organizing my friend at st. christopher's hospital for children, lisa cherry and her friend katie, hi katie, lisa, we are planning this big program. saint chris prom, cancer prom, we will make it bigger. it will look like this. we will go to the ritz carlton hotel later this year. the these teenagers dealing with cancer. we will give them a prom. we want to give them free tuxedos, free limo rides, free prom dresses, we have to rent out the venue at all that. we have to make some money. let's do it tomorrow night. it is called fiesta. chris murphy and i will be guest bartenders at the 34th and chestnut and it the is tomorrow evening. i will get there around 8:00 o'clock tomorrow evening. come out and i will make you a margarita.
9:57 am
>> wahoo's taco's and more, 34th and chestnut. lets get into this adele thing now. you know adele. she could not be hotter, right, right. >> right. >> right. >> yes, welshing ellen at it again and she send adele to jumpba juice. >> wheat grass. >> wheat grass. >> yes. >> okay. >> make up, and a pair of scissors. i would just like to start chopping some. >> it is one of the best thing ellen does. >> it is good. >> i have an idea let's all meet back here tomorrow at 7:00 o'clock. >> let's do it, good day continues at weekend. we have a lot of fun as well.
9:58 am
>> plus... >> your after the show, show. >> facebook, go to facebook right now, fox 29 facebook page.
9:59 am
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live from new york city. it's the wendy williams show. . my girls have always2pjz turned. ♪ now, here is wendy. [ applause ] [ applause [ applause ] ♪ >> thank you so much


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