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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  February 20, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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this morning on "good day philadelphia," a final farewell. friends, family, gathering to say good bay to supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> filing your taxes, never fun. we can make that experience just a little bitter. coming up, tips to get you an even bigger refund back from uncle sam. >> and break out them golden slippers because the uummers are strutting once again. and why they are doing it. and good morning, to everybody. and good saturday morning. thank you for waking up early and joining us on that saturday.
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that camera came in really close! back it up. thank you. >> that was an interesting start to the show. >> good morning, bill anderson. >> good morning, karen hepp. >> good morning. had a lot of fun. went away with the kids. >> went away with the cold air. >> the changes today are amazing. it's like that ride we just came in on. >> we're going up and you don't need the umbrella either. it is just a windy day today. keep the coats in the closet. heading for the 60s, nice sunrise this morning. looking pretty good out there. much warmer today but there will be a gusty wind. about 20 mile an hour wind gusts. talking about a little rain that could be here by the end of the weekend. the home show, the last weekend. favorite part of working on the
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home is the demolition, that's why we have sue and weekendy. >> somebody gave weekend wendy a sledge hammer as big as she is. we might want to leave the demolition to the professionals. one of the features today is jason cameron. there's a lot of fun of course at the philly home show and the hours today are from 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. >> looking pretty good. 43 degrees. the wind will continue to increase and gust a little more. no rain today, the temperatures if you're heading out going from the 40s and the 50s and maybe some areas even touching 60 degrees. right now it's still a little cool. that warm out is out in pittsburgh. it's close to 50. 52 by noon, 57 by 3:00 and 54,
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just a gusty wind there, about 20, 25 miles per hour. here's bob with a look at your weekend traffic. >> hi r. hey, good morning, everybody. out and about look out. penn dot is out there as well, going to be working on 95 in both directions of the betsy ross bridge. looking for something to do with the kids later on today, grab your golden slippers and let's do some strutting up main street. the parade kicks off at 11:00, festivities 6:00 of course that will come with the shut down of main excrete in manyunk. crossing the schuykill river you'll have to use the city avenue bridge. the circus has been in town all weekend long, shows today and tomorrow. you'll see a lot of changeover
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in and out of the stadium area as well and septa kicks in a new spring schedule beginning tomorrow make sure you grab a new timetable or check out their website so you're in good shape for monday morning. enjoy the rest of the day we'll see you bright and early tomorrow here on "good day." we do have this breaking news coming in right now. the new york police department has confirmed two of their police officers have been shot. this happened overnight in brooklyn. one of those officers was a housing officer struck in the chest, the other in the back. it all happened a little before 3:30 a.m. the injured officers were following a suspicious car going the wrong way on lexington avenue and the officers were in an unmarked car. after crashing into another nypd vehicle, the occupants got out and opened fire on those
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officers. we'll continue to bring the details to you. also crews battled a large brush fire from gloucester, new jersey. officials were called into crown point road it was a very big one. 25 acres on fire. it took about four hours to be put down and put out completely. thankfully no injuries were reported. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >> and the sbca in delaware county is looking for a person who stuffed a dog in a suitcase and left it too die. it was found thursday on the 800 block of second street in chester. the dog had bitten into the inner fabric of the suitcase leading officers to believe it was alive when it was put in. it likely died weeks ago. and spca says the focus now is on finding the person who did this. >> we need the neighbors to be on the lookout. we need everybody else to be the eyes and ears for when we don't
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have responsible people. >> this is the second time in section months a dog was found this way in chester. last september a dog was pulled out of a zipped duffel bag just in time to save its life. >> according to police and surveillance camera, two men hot wired a security gate at the barsky's diamond. they swiped diamond rings and ears worth $400,000. the area needs a more permanent police presence and flis say they've got a tight budget which pryer tiizs them protecting people over property. >> you can't watch every store that may be targeted but we do have patrol throughout the entire city overnight. >> shops along jeweler's row have considered hiring private
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security. >> there is a woman who says her wallet was stolen at a grocery store but she's more worried about things that have a priceless value to her. police say there were security cameras from inside the whole foods and you can see it as it happens. a guy walks up to the woman's shopping cart, takes her wallet frommer h purse and there's another man who blocks the view of the other customers. the woman in this case -- we're showing you this picture, because that's her dad and his dog tags were in her wallet. >> i would see my dad's doing tags with his picture. to have him with me all the time is the best feeling and now i don't have it. >> she is hoping that someone sees it and returns those dog tags to her. they're trying to identify the four suspects involved but they want to remind everybody don't
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leave your purses or your wallet unattend in your shopping cart. >> two weeks after a brawl at an old city nightclub possibly voflg nfl players. one of the players on investigation is shawn mccoy. mccoy and three other men are still being investigated and despite pressure from the police yiin, the city's da says the goal is to get the case right, not to get it done fast. >> there would be people to say if there wasn't for the fact they were off duty police officers that we would be doing something, or if it was an nfl player we would be doing something else. again, my job is to get it right, not to get it fast. >> i think they're overlooking, they're overinvestigating, they're rethinking, double thinking, triple thinking, all because of who are involved
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here. >> investigators say the fight began with a dispute over a champagne bottle. >> one of the city's highly rated magnet schools was vandalized this week and now police are looking for whoever did this. let's take a look at some of the damage. investigators say they're searching for the people who drove 4-wheel-drive vehicles on the campus. they made this car and the kids worked so hard on it and these kids in atvs destroyed the whole thing. the student's garden. there was also a peace garden and a water garden crushed by those vandals. all the work had done had been by student volunteers. the supplies had been donated by local businesses. >> this didn't happen in minutes. it took hours you can see and it was deliberate and uncalled for.
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>> you see those kids riding around on the atvs in your neighborhood. this ruins the hard work of so many people. the school does not have any kind of security cameras though administrators say maybe they'll be getting them now especially since this is the second time someone was vandallized that property. >> and happening today the mummers are in manyunk. strutting the length of main street and playing their music. fox 29's jennifer joyce is on the scene. they're expecting a great day and they've got great weather for it. >> reporter: i was just going to say that. great weather. so everybody is invited to come down here for manyunk for this parade. organizers are calling it a family-friendly event. they invite everyone to come for music, dancing and of course philadelphia tradition. it is called the mummers mardi
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gras parade for a reason. all 17 mummer string band are set to perform in this event. it was created as a way to keep the city's mummers tradition alive. it's been hit hard in recent years with budget cuts and they received some criticism earlier this year where some strutted down broad street wearing black or brown faces and one group performed a ask it that mocked caitlyn jenner. organizers of today's events have gone to great lengths to make the parade an inclusive family event. the parade starts at 11:00 this morning. it's expected to go until 1:00
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this afternoon. >> here is something you may not realize, the average american -- we've got about $20,000 in credit card debt. their credit scores are lower than men. the reason why your score is lower and the five things you can do to increase your score. >> it's tax time. and while we have a little more time this year, the deadline this particular year is april 18th, not the 15th. it's not too early to talk about maximizing your refund, because that's what it's all about. coming up, to get the most money back from the government. >> it's national pet day. >> send us pictures of your pet. >> and also we'll tell you about
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sending pictures. we're going to have some fun today. use our hashtag #fox29goodday.
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marco rubio sits at 17% and governor jeb bush is at 10%.
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the polling locations there open from 7:00 this morning. so they've just opened already to 7:00 this evening. their democratic primary is slated for next saturday, february 27th. early polls put hillary clinton ahead of sanders in that state. joining us to talk about this we've got rich edson from lexington, south carolina. >> good morning. and what has featured a week of expectedly nasty politics here in south carolina. a fight with the pope with donald trump, there's great interest and great turnout expected at this south carolina primary. the polls have been open for about 20 minutes here. there have been a steady stream of people here since a little before 7:00. this is a saturday. you would think maybe on a tuesday people would be showing up before they had to go do work, but people are getting here to cast their ballots and it is open until 7:00 p.m. the
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history started in 1980. that was in the primary voting began in south carolina. it was the scene of a fire wall from the establishment to try to create a contest that was before the larger super tuesday contest. but after new hampshire and after iowa. in 1980 it was designed to get ronald reagan nominated and elected. that's what happened. back in 2000 george w. bush came here trying to recover from a significant loss to john mccain in the new hampshire primary he accomplished such a thing and went on to be president. south carolina has chosen every return nominee every year except for last time around. that's when newt gingrich was here. they're looking at the absentee
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ballots. so a spike in interest this year. >> quickly, a question. feuding with the pope can be a big deal but there's not a huge catholic voting block in south carolina. from the people that you've spoken to thus far, are you seeing or hearing any response to this yet? do you think it will linger or does south carolina kind of put it to bed? >> reporter: you know, the thing is you're not hearing all that much about it. of course there is a level of wanting for some people to see a respect for the pope. and some people have been perhaps offended or turned off by that. but again, this is nothing new from donald trump. if you were offended for donald trump for getting into this argument with the pope, you might have been offended by something donald trump has said over the last six months. he still has a very, very wide
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range of support here, as he does nationwide. >> all right. thank you so much. >> we appreciate that. a new name coined up there. the teflon don. >> look at reading, looks good. the day is starting off well. dave tells us it should be pretty nice. >> nice looking scale. the temperatures have been cold but nothing like that today. in fact we'll be going with a big warm-up, well above average today. philadelphia is all clear. had a little mix of precipitation come through last night, things coming through on the radar, very warm out west where it is close to 50. that warm air is coming here. we'll see the temperatures climb. still a little cold, that sunshine there still 39 degrees. up into the 50s this afternoon. a number of pictures coming in this morning. this is washington township looking nice there. and sunrise coming up here across lehigh avenue.
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it's a windy day. there it is 20, 25 mile an hour wind gusts. it calms down tomorrow night. at this time tomorrow we are looking at some wintry weather coming in. looking at that in the 7-day forecast. coming up later right now let's go to mike. >> well of course it's tax season. by now you should have gotten all your paperwork and you should be preparing to file that 1040. but there are some ways to save money. you may not have thought about. it's time to cash in. >> i don't want the boring information. >> how about this. you've got two kids. how about that summer canal, you may be able to deduct up to $2100 for your camp. >> what about overnight? >> that's not considered day
7:22 am
care. with student loans the size of wyoming, you may be able to detukt up to 2,500 bucks. >> so i try to give away the kids' stuff. like charitable places but my husband says you can't do that every year. >> you can do it every single year. keep a receipt and why not. you help someone else and you get a charitable deduction and put some more money in your packet. i've got good news for you, if things don't work out here at fox, you may be able to degukt your job searches expenses. what if i already have a job? >> yes you can and they may be tax ductable. >> the tips are good, but everyone hates doing their taxes in part because they're really hard. >> how about if i told you you can do them on your smart phone. there's now a couple of apps. you can file using your phone. >> it works.
7:23 am
>> it works and it's easy. >> those apps are good but i need help from the irs. >> they have a new app called irs to go. it's free. give you tips on how to file. you can look at your past filings and get free help locally. >> it's free? >> free. >> do you ever get one of those phone calls and you're thinking i'm not sure if this is real or not. they're asking for money. it's a scam. the irs will never call you and demand immediate payment nor will they ever ask for a credit card or bank account information over the phone. >> even if i'm really delayed. >> they will never do that. it's a scammer. hang up. >> i wasn't board and i feel like i can do a better job this year. >> we can make this easy. pay your taxes but not a penny more. we're cashing out.
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good morning. i'm sean bell. there are a ton of new faces. the team looked a lot different than it did just a year ago. most of the veterans have been traded, released, or just really mentally checked out. so the guys are now trying to find new guys that are going to step up and be leaders. >> i think you have to have a guy that the team can look up to. a guy that's going to handle the media and say it's on me. you know what i mean?
7:27 am
and i know it's kind of funny for somebody to say that, but it means a lot, especially for a younger guy that hasn't gone through it. >> the sixers are back in action for the first time since the all-star break taking on a team that has been disappointing. but davis is not disappointing today. he has 34 points mvp level this year hasn't come but it certainly will. they go down. 121-114. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> and our flyers played last night also. the game ended in a shootout with the flyers losing to the 3-2.
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welcome back to "good day" right now. it is exactly 7:30 straight up. the montgomery district or attorney is opposing the latest bid from cosby to have his case dismissed before trial. cosby is arguing he had an agreement with the past district attorney that he would never be charged and is appealing the judge's ruling that rejected that argument. but the current district
7:31 am
attorney says cosby can appeal later. he's acharged with drugging and sexually asaumenting former temple employee back in 2004. >> and new jersey lawmakers are considering a bill that would raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour. under the proposed plan the rate would go up under a 5-year period. currently it's $8.38. chris christie says the idea is economically irresponsible. >> jefferson hospital announced last night that it is suspending heart transplants for patients for at least six months. the hospital says they are working to redesign their program in order to keep up with the changing transplant care. we have one of the biggest areas for transplants. jefferson says it wants to ensure patients on the list get placed to other heart transplant programs. >> weekend wendy is channelling her inner disney princess.
7:32 am
because beauty and the beast is happening this weekend at the academy of amusic. lots of opportunities today, two shows. and tomorrow you can go 1:00 or 6:30. and it is, dave, a tale as old as time. >> a song as old as rhyme. >> oh, look at you. >> beauty and the beast. >> we can tell you've got daughters. >> oh, yes. daughters. it looks like a great event. the temperatures are upper 50s, down to 52 tonight. we have to put a little rain in there. rain is coming in late tomorrow evening. so that's the one area to watch. nothing on the radar right now. in fact the warm-up is on its way here. we're talking about the warmer weather today. it comes with a bit of a breeze. the temperatures are off to a chilly start in allentown, we're heading for the 50s this afternoon, 40s in the city, a little warmer to the south as we go near 60. that will take a while though. and then tomorrow as we see this
7:33 am
warm air in place we'll say mostly rain and it will be moving into the area by tomorrow night. but north and west this could see a little change over to snow. this could cause a problem for the monday morning commute. look at that, the 7-day forecast. that will be coming up a little later with more temperatures. right now let's go over to chris. >> this morning we celebrate a true pioneer in the arts. henry lewis was born in 1932 in los angeles and from the age of 5 he began studying the piano. he later learned several string instruments. he joined the fill harmonic. after gaining national recognition, lewis as the assistant conductor wowing crowds. he moved to newark, new jersey. in 1968 he became conducting and music director of the new jersey symphony.
7:34 am
he transformed it into a nationally recognized orchestra. after retiring in 1976 he continued to tour until his death from a heart attack at just the age of 63. he was the first black person to become a regular conductor of a major symphony orchestra. >> coming up a major setback from kesha. >> a judge has ruled she cannot break her contract with sony music for now. she had sued a producer there of sexual, emotional and verbal assault. she asked for an injunction to keep sony from working with that contracts. a judge has denied her requests. demonstrators say they will continue to rally until she gets justice. >> we're hoping that she wins
7:35 am
obviously because that would mean she could have her own music career. also to set a precedent for many women. >> granting the request would undermine the state's law regarding contracts. she also noted that sony had offered to let her work with another producer. >> they gave you an out, you just ignored it. >> one of our greatest events in our whole area. >> they are dancing. more than 700 students will spend the weekend on their feet dancing to raise money to help fight pediatric cancer. since 1977, thon has raised more than $127 million for the four diamonds fund at penn state hershey children's hospital. so dance away. speaking of dancing, dancing like a star fund raiser was
7:36 am
helded last night to support the delco -- there she is. >> she's not dancing. she emceed the dance-off between eight pairs of dancers who were randomly selected. hundreds attended the event of course in the largest group in all of pennsylvania. >> this could be 500 or 600. it is 7:36, valentine's day is supposed to be a day you spend with your loved one. >> that was not the case for everyone. because you weren't here. >> oh, yes. i heard you had another girlfriend. there certainly are a lot of people who spend the day alone. our heartfelt message, went viral. >> i know this message. it's it was one of my girlfriend's from last weekend.
7:37 am
>> oh. >> are you planning to go out tonight, you need someone to watch your kids, you better be prepared to pay up. babysitting rates are on the rise. the reason. >> i'm staying in. i know how much it is.
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welcome back. >> look at that. >> it looks like a day to get out there and enjoy yours. >> we've got baseball down in florida. it's going to be spring temperatures today. >> i love it. >> maybe you're trying to get out and you're trying to get out maybe without the kids. >> good luck. >> good luck because they're going to be paying a fortune. you have to plop down all this money and you have dinner and the movie and you're like stay home. >> the going rate for babysitters is going up. the pay is so good that more full-time professionals are actually picking up babysitting as a side gig. >> according to a new survey, babysitters charge an avrnltion of $15 an hour for one child. two kids cost more. that's 5% more than last year. the higher rates are due to a higher cost of living.
7:41 am
>> they're not going to work for it. and if you have three kids like i do and one of them happens to be two years old, you can well imagine he's 20 bucks an hour. >> what happened to the neighborhood kid who just wanted to earn some extra money because you trust because you raise them with your kids? >> that happens when they get older. you can't leave them in charge of 2 and 3-year-olds. no one's diapers will get changed. >> that's why we don't get out. >> i can imagine. i'm going to get a side kid as a baby sitter. >> a friend discount for you. >> great idea. >> you guys have like 15 kids. >> let's talk about dating right now. >> finding a date can be a little bit difficult. it can be hard to meet someone. but there are all kinds of dating services available. >> yeah. the one we're talking about may gross you out just a little bit. how one company plans to use your body odor to match you up.
7:42 am
it's science.
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head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. welcome back. this is a funky story. >> it is. >> see what i did right there? there is a new dating service out there that sets people up based on their scent. it's actually called smell dating. >> for $25 you sign up for the service. the company will send you a shirt you wear it for three days and three nights without deodorant. mail it back and the service will ship you a potential mate's
7:46 am
used shirt. based on pheromones. because of the smell you can pick out your mate as they put it. >> they say it's pheromones. the scent that you're attracted to will draw you naturally to the. >> no. i can get up on someone on the dance floor. >> send it to me. >> send me $25. i will wear the shirt for a couple of days, send it back. problem solved. so we're clear this wouldn't work for anyone of us. >> i'm not married but i have someone happily in my life who smells good. but are you drawn to the scent of your husband and wife? >> yeah, but i'm not going out
7:47 am
of my way. >> that's why i buy her nice perfume. >> how about the weather. >> nice weather to put on your shirt. a little cool in atlantic county. skies are clear, we're getting a little sunshine but we need the temperatures to warm up there into the 40s right now, into the 50s and 60s this afternoon. that's why our scale goes up. not a great day. the wind will be gusting just a bit. still a nice day tomorrow morning at least. tomorrow evening we could look at some of this rain coming in. but for right now we are clear. the temperatures are slowly starting to climb. it will be jumping up into the 50s and 60s, even a little warmer to the south. wait a while still cold in mount pocono, allentown you may not need the coat this afternoon. mostly rain is what we're talking about with this next fast-moving storm. it's not today, it's not tomorrow morning.
7:48 am
but by tomorrow night there's the time at 6:00. some rain moves in, could be cold enough where overnight comes down it's a little bit of snow. this is a concern here because it's overnight, untreated surfaces might be a little slick. we're very slow on the snow accumulation scale here, it's mostly north of allentown, but that's what we're watching here. whoever night, mixing with snow, maybe a little accumulation north and west before sunrise on monday so some slippery spots there on those roadways. 57 today and down to 51 tomorrow with that light rain. a cooler breeze on monday. another storm comes in tuesday and wednesday and this looks like it's rain coming in. very warm temperature as it really warms up to about 60 degrees and then we have the temperatures dropping into the 40s. a little colder there on friday. so that's a look at our weather coming up this week. let's look at some silly science. here's sue. >> we've made it our mission to find the silliest study in
7:49 am
scientific research and this week we've got a doozy. researchers at the university of cornell veterinary school set out to gauge your cat's mood if you have to put him on a diet. it sounds trivial unless of course you have one of the nearly 60% of american cats who needs to watch his waist lines. new research published in the journal of veterinary behavior vets looked at how cats acted before dinner was served and after. there was plenty of meowing, after they ate the cats were more affectionate and playful. it should be noted that a representative from the hill's pet food company was named in the study. higher fiber food helped them diet plus sticking to a set feed
7:50 am
can time rather than an all-day buffet helps them manage their weight.
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♪ it's a beautiful morning >> a beautiful morning as we look at the scenic trenton. beautiful shot. >> let us know what you're doing this morning. we're doing a bit of weekend jukebox. let's find some kids that are doing a really great job that we're proud of. >> reporter: there are so many high schools in our area and everyone of those schools has talented students, no question about it, really making names for themselves in the sports world. we're so proud to feature these athletes here on "good day philadelphia." and who better to do it than our fox 29 junior reporters. here's richie raspa here with our at least of the week. >> chris cane from gloucester catholic high school. senior forward chris kane is
7:54 am
known as one of goes ter catholic's hardest working players. the coaches have seen him grow throughout the high school career. >> chris is the ultimate program kid. chris is somebody who's come up the ranks chris is a captain, he is your typical basketball player. place hard, smart, absolutely a pleasure to coach. >> he knew this was his team. he was making sure all the other guys are falling in line as well. >> kane place hard and hopes his passion is recognized and shared with his teammates. >> i like throwing things out, get off and get rebounds. just play hard, make a statement. for my own team. >> as a captain he has learned from his previous experiences and has allowed those
7:55 am
experiences to shape his leadership and playing styles. >> he's one of the most coachable kids you can ever expect to have. he does what you ask him to do. there's never any complaining. never any anger or anything like that. >> he's a leader in practice, getting the guys into the drills, doing the little things that captains should do where the coach doesn't have to police them as much. he's a natural leader and he's relished his role. he's got a team with five new starters and he's doing everything possible to make sure this team can be successful even though we had a big turnsover. >> every yoor goes ter catholic meets gloucester high. kane has been able to help those teammates play in front of those fans. >> last year i had a lot of playing time. i just try to help them with
7:56 am
that and make them comfortable with it. >> the bleacher creaturers, they're the sixth man. they will us to win and our teams love to come play here because of this atmosphere. >> it's an atmosphere that you don't really see in high school sports that often. it puts a whole other feeling on it for you and everybody else in that gym. >> chris, on behalf of fox 29, i would like to congratulate you fob being named our fox 29 athlete of the week. >> thank you, fox 29. >> do you have someone you would like to nominate as our high school athlete of the week? simply tweet us or post it on our fox 29 facebook page. just use the hashtag #fox29goodday. >> we are so excited for the wild cats today. they are top in the land. we're talking about villa nova
7:57 am
of course. they're playing butler this afternoon right here on fox 29. coming up what host had to say about being the top dog in the ncaa. good morning. >> good morning. main street in manyunk is going to be turned into mardi gras with mummers coming up at 11:00 there will be a parade. ♪
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this hour on good day, the average american has more than $20,000 in credit card debt and especially women. it turns out we have more problems with our credit but we're going to help you this morning. the five things you can do to increase your credit score. >> it might be fixable. maybe there's an easy fix you can do yourself. coming up tips to help you unclog your drains around the house. >> and saying buy to benjamins. why some people are calling for an end to the $100 bill. >> as a prop i was about to reach into my pocket not a chance. >> that won't work. i have $7. >> good morning bill, good morning to all of you.
8:01 am
i don't even carry cash anymore. we're getting to that cashless society. also because we have kids we don't have cash at all. >> that's true. >> but we have sunshine. >> we will have warmer weather. it's a nice change today. it's been so cold and we're starting off with a little chill in the air. here's that sunshine we're talking about. that will help and the wind, that picks up as well. that brings in the warmer air. so step outside right now. might need a light coat later. the headlines show we have that warmer weather today. wind could be gusting over 20 miles per hour. rain comes in tomorrow and it could mix with a little snow. have a big event happening today out in oaks and we have a summertime friend joining us for weekend wendy. >> yes, it is a rare winter appearance for muggy the dog and it's only because the family pet show is happening this weekend at the greater philadelphia expo center out there in oaks. and it is going to be an animal lover pallooza with pet
8:02 am
expositions. >> i'm not even sure what muggy is. we don't need them today. it's not muggy out there. it's 44 degrees. it will be warming up into the 50s this afternoon and a bit windy as well. radar is all clear. ultimate dop lar tracked a little bit of wintry weather moving through. the temperatures you have to wait for them to warm up. a little warmer in allentown. jumped up to about 38. 44 in philadelphia, mid 40s to the south. 50s and 60s later today. so the warmer weather comes in, and look at that rain coming in tomorrow night in the complete 7-day forecast coming up. >> we're following this breaking news that is coming in right now. this morning the new york police department is confirming that two of its officers have been shot. this all happened overnight in brooklyn at about 3:30. we know one of them was a housing officer struck in the chest. the other officer was struck in the back.
8:03 am
the injured officers followed a suspicious car going the wrong way on lexington avenue before the shooting and officers say they were in an unmarked vehicle after crashing into another police cruiser. the new york post says police did find a gun at the scene and we're going to stay on top of this developing story. >> crews battered a large brush fire last night in gloucester, new jersey. officials were called out around 9:00 when they found a 25-acre brush fire. it took them over four hours to put it out completely. thankfulfully no injuries have been reported. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. we will let you know as we have more information. >> the time right now is 8:03 and we're going tell about a story right no that some of the details are disturbing. it's about a dog. we do want to warn you first. the spca in delaware county is looking for a person who stuffed a dog in a suitcase and left that animal to die.
8:04 am
the dog had been bitten into the interior of the suitcase which makes the officers think the pet was alive when this all happened. likely that this all happened a number of weeks ago. the spca is trying to figure out the person who did this. >> we need the neighbors to be on the lookout. we need everybody else to be the eyes and ears for when we don't have responsible people. >> this is the second time in six months that a pet has been found this way and that's one of the reasons why we want to bring attention to this because this is part of the pattern now. last september a dog was pulled out of a zipped duffel back just in time to save its life. >> at 8:04, the search is on for two men accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a center city jewelry store. according to police and surveillance cameras you're seeing what happened. two men hot wired the security gate at barsky's diamonds. they may their way inside the store before swiping diamond rings and anotherings worth $400,000. the store says the area needs a
8:05 am
more permanent police presence but police say a tight budget forces them to pryer tiiz protecting people over protecting property. >> the overnight hours you can't watch every single business and know what store may be targeted but we do have patrol that's taking place throughout the course of the entire city overnight. >> and approximate good splens surveillance video. the shops have considered hiring private security but that comes with a large price tag. and a woman says her wallet was stolen at the grocery store, but she's worried more about the cash and the credit cards that were inside of it. a woman's shopping cart, a man comes up takes her wallet from her purse. it appears that another man possibly working with them is blocking the view of other customers. her father's dog tags were in
8:06 am
her wallet. there was sentimental value. >> i would see my dad's dog tags with his picture also in there. you know, to have him with me all the time is just the best feeling. and now i don't have that. >> she's hoping someone returns them to her or the police. police are trying to identify the suspects that you're seeing on the screen, but in the meantime they want to remind shoppers not to leave your purses or wallets unattended in shopping carts. >> it's been two weeks since a big brawl in a city nightclub possibly involving nfl players. no one has been charged. the police union wonders if this is because of star treatment. two off duty officers were badly injured in the fight. mccoy and three other men are being investigated.
8:07 am
the city's district attorney says his goal is to get the case right make the charges stick, not to make sure it gets done fast. >> there are people that would say if it wasn't for the there was off duty police officers we would do something, or if there was an nfl player that we would be doing something else. you can argue that both ways again. my job is to get it right, not to get it fast. >> i think they're overlooking, they're overinvestigating. they're rethinking, trim thinking because who are involved here. >> take a look at the scene right there. we've got some arrows on some of the people involved. a dispute apparently over a champagne bottle but mccoy's attorney says the running back was sober and did nothing wrong. the time right now just clicked over to 8:07 exactly, a lot of fun if you want to take the family out on a gorgeous day and enjoy it with your kids. go down to manyunk. >> the mummers will lead a mardi
8:08 am
gras celebration strutting main street. jennifer joyce is live. >> not without some controversy. they had a hard time raising money. >> reporter: good morning, karen and bill. the parade kicks off here at 11:00. the mummers are involved in this mardi gras parade down here. all are invited. organizers tell us they want this to be a family-friendly event. they want the family to come down for music, dancing and of course philadelphia tradition. we say philadelphia tradition because those mummers are involved in this parade. we typically see the mummers on new year's day and it's nice to see them in another opportunity as well. all 17 string bands are set to perform in this event. the family focus of celebration was created as a way to keep the city's mummers tradition alive. the association says it has been hit hard in recent years with
8:09 am
budget cuts and new year's day parade changes and they received criticism at this year's parade where some straighted on black and brown face. the executive director of the manyunk made a statement regarding what she called those unfortunate sensitive incidents and said organizers have gone to great lengths to make the parade an inclusive family parade. the parade starts at 11:00 this morning and the event will go until 1:00. so we said it's great weather, it's a great family day. it's a break from the cold so you can come down here to manyunk and enjoy the day with your family. >> thank you there. we appreciate it. it is 8:09. this is interesting. a popular destination could soon be going smoke free. >> we'll tell you where some lawmakers say you may no longer be able to light up a cigarette. >> plus, how much money do you think we owe on our credit cards, the average american? it turns out about $20,000 in
8:10 am
debt. but there's a big gender difference on this one. this is important. women, our credit scores are not as good as men. why is that? and we've got the five things you can do to change that and make your credit score a lot better. >> i'll be listening closely as well. >> why are we sharing our ears? >> there is an event. if you tweet a picture of yourself in your disney ears, disney will donate money to the make-a-wish foundation for everyone who tweets a picture.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
taking a look at the airport. a beautiful day to stay in philadelphia. but i guess some people are still on their way out of town. i guess if you're going to a beach, that's okay. >> we're jealous about that. >> you just got back. >> all right. it is 8:13. we do have some big news that is
8:14 am
going to be happening on this day. it will be a final farewell. >> funeral services planned today for supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> scalia's own son is a catholic priest and said a prayer in honor of his dad as the other justices looked on. scalia's clerks took turns standing vigil for the time. >> the country is marking the passing of an influential figure. an american life and american jurisprudence. >> there will be a funeral mass celebrated by that same son at the basilica of the national shrine in washington. vice president and mrs. biden will be attending those services. >> and megan dice is outside the
8:15 am
supreme court with details on the events to honor justice scalia. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, guys. just as you said father paul scalia, the justice's son and the catholic priest himself will be heading the mass this morning at 11:00 a.m. here at the basilica which holds 3,500 people. it's the final farewell in a weekend-long mourning for the justice. yet the justice's visitation saw 3,000 people. like you said the president and first lady attended that. father paul scalia providing traditional prayers at a private ceremony. scalia's case ket lay in an area where president lincoln lay before him. scalia a supreme court justice from 1986 to february 13th where he died in texas at the age of 79. and he was appointed by ronald reagan. the white house announced vice president biden and dr. jill
8:16 am
biden will be in attendance today. the president will not be. we'll send it back to you. >> there was some controversy surrounding all this. you just mentioned the president will not be there. there was discussions about appointing another supreme court justice. does it feel like people have put all that aside so they can pay proper respects today? >> reporter: absolutely. you know, i said it yesterday, the white house press secretary saying the president will not be here they were citing security details but it really does seem like they put all this aside today and focus on the weekend of mourning. >> we'll be covering that all morning long. let's take a look at our forecast for this day. oh, the sun is coming up. that is a gorgeous shot. sea isle city. is it beach weather? >> maybe. >> that was a no. >> that wind is going to be coming out of the south.
8:17 am
may be gusting 20, 25 miles an hour. no coastal problems. ultimate doppler is clear. a few showers last night, things are dry today. just kind of wait for this warm-up that's still into the 40s and 30s. just a little chill in the air especially up north. but by this afternoon, 50s and close to 60. so a big, nice warm-up. but it does come with a price. that warm air has to get here somehow and it's coming in with a gusty wind. it really increases tonight so if you're out this evening it will be warm, you may not need the coat but the wind could be gusting over 25 miles per hour. it will start to calm by the end of the weekend. a nice change here it's warm and comfortable without that gusty wind but showers are moving in by late tomorrow night. we'll say mostly rain because by tonight it's clear, tomorrow we'll see the clouds increase. here comes a little bit of rain
8:18 am
late tomorrow night and if it's cold enough, especially north, there's a little sliver of snow and it will be coming down overnight. so without that sunshine through the clouds, giving us a little melt factor there we won't have that. maybe a little coating of snow in the north and western suburbs. >> thank you so much. in your money news right now we want you to have more of it and we want to improve your credit score. this is so important for women according to a new report women have lower credit scores than men. the average score for women is 621, it's 630 for men. men's scores could be boosted because typically they still have higher paychecks and higher credit limits. what can we do to boost our credit scores, joining us we've got an expert. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's look at our credit scores. explain this to me. what's this? >> this is actually how your credit score is calculated.
8:19 am
this is really important. so really if we break it down, 80% of the score is based on really just three things. your payment history, how much you owe and the length of time that you've had credit. so you can get the biggest bang for your buck if you focus on those three things. >> let's look at some of the tips right now. first up, care about your credit score before you need to use it. >> 60% of americans don't even know what their credit score. you know what that means? they're not even thinking about it until they're sitting at the desk at the care dealership trying to get a loan. at that point it's too late. you have to think about it ahead of time. go to and you can get a totally free credit score. and that way you'll know what your score is. and if you want to get it straight from the horse's mouth, you're entitled by law for one free credit report every year. >> the reason why it's a problem, if you don't have good credit, you're paying more for
8:20 am
the same car everybody else. >> if you're incurring debt, it probably means you're not making enough money. i know some people may have issue addiction, here's what i would like for women to do here. first of all, you've got to shoot for hiig paying jobs. so think about technology, think about finance or law and professionings that are higher paid. you've got to negotiate your salary. men are four times more likely to negotiate their salaries than women. don't concentrate yourself in some called pink color jobs where it might be a little less paid. >> don't close accounts out of spite. sometimes i do that. >> we hate the credit card company, don't close the cards. if you cut them, if you don't use them anymore, you can still have the credit extended to you and it won't look like you're just using up all of your
8:21 am
credit. if you close the account it's going to be negative as far as your credit score. >> last one, use discretion when considering new accounts. >> i know you go to the mall and the person is going to ask you do you want 15% off it might sound good, but adding cards haphazardly could be bad for your score. use discretion and get the ones that you only really need. >> amazing tips. and it's so good to think about in advance and also when you're young. >> absolutely. the more time you have to manage your credit, the better off you are. >> you can come back any time. >> speaking of money bill, a handsome human and he's got money. >> i think he also might have a wife or a girlfriend. >> i have a fiancee. >> good man. congratulations. >> a former treasury secretary
8:22 am
has his way, coming up why some people are advocating getting rid of the $100 bill. i thought i already did that. plus, have you noticed a lot of people are getting sick recently. there's something going around. coming up what's making everyone ill we'll tell you about it.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> before you call in a plumber, there may be something you can do to fix it yourself. karen, take us around the house and save us from our clogged pipes. >> for today's around the house, we're going to help you. good morning, beth allen. >> the other day my son flushed a truck into the toilet and flushed and flushed and flushed. i had a mess all over. what should i do? >> when you have clogs in the toilets, you want to make sure you have a good plunger on hand. a plunger with a flange on the
8:26 am
bottom that is designed for the toilet and make sure that everybody knows how to use it. plunge with power. the other thing is when you have sink clogs, even a sink plunger. the kids love it because it's like a joy stick. but when it comes to other clogs in the sink, because that's a big problem people, especially long-haired women like ourselves, there is a great tool. and i'll have you hold the drain. this is called the zip-it stick. it's 3 bucks. you drop it down into your drain and it will pull out your clogs. >> i pulled out it was so gross and so disgusting. tons of hair. >> this is thread. >> it's disgusting pu it pulls it out. but once you use it, sinks, showers and tubs, you clean your drain with vinegar and baking
8:27 am
soda. >> is it really better than the commercial stuff? >> yes, it's so much better. it's nontoxic, it's not hazardous to your family if it comes back and splashes, and it's cheap. so what you do is you dump some baking soda into your drain, you dump vinegar on top of it and close it. then you dump a kettle of hot water in about 10 minutes and it cleans that clean as a whistle. that's a good maintenance tip once a month. >> amazing tips. we really appreciate and hopefully that will unclog your pipes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
gorgeous day. bucks county and all over our greater delaware valley. >> 8:30. let's take a look at some of the top stories this morning. the bucks county department of consumer protection says it's received reports of next generation skimmers at local gas stations. those are devices that steal your credit card information and
8:31 am
those thieves aren't targeting the outside of the card scanner anymore. now officials tell us the crooks are actually opening up the gas pump -- i actually did this story yesterday. i was out with them. what they're doing is opening up the pump, installing things on the inside so you can't even see it. but they did give you some tips, use a pump that's in clear view of the gas attendant because then they can't install the skimmer and always check your credit card statements as you just said for unusual charges. but it is happening. these are the ways to protect yourself. >> i want your opinion on this one because we always have strong feelings on one side or the other. new jersey lawmakers are taking it up once again considering having no smoking on the beaches. should our beaches be smoke-free, what do you think? this is a bill to ban smoking at public beaches and parks. chris christie vetoed a similar bill when it was brought up back
8:32 am
in 2014. >> it's interesting they're going to ban smoking outside. one of the city's highly rated magnet high schools was vandalized this week. investigators say they're looking for the people who drove 4-wheel drive vehicles on the campus. they destroyed the students' gardens where they grew flowers, plants and vegetables. there was also a peace garden and water garden that was crushed by the vandals. all the work to create the garden had been done by student volunteers and most of the supplies had been donated by local businesses. and we are sitting there looking at some of the damage that was done. they point out that the school does not have any kind of security cameras, though administrators say they would like to get some, especially since this is the second time that someone has decided to vandalize the property. they also pointed out to us that it should be a little easier to
8:33 am
catch someone, because this is not the damage that you did in just a few minutes. if you look at that. >> i can see the kids out there on the atvs all over. call the police when you see them it's not just fun and games when they're destroying stuff like that. let's get a check of our forecast today because lots of people will be heading outside. we're so excited about it, dave. >> pretty good out there. temperatures will be warming up. you just have to wait for it a little bit. right now it's still a little cool, but we're into the 40s heading for the 50s. humidity is at 51%. wind is at about 10 miles per hour. if you have an event this afternoon, here's one that's in camden county. >> hi, dave. we're here in downtown haddonfield, new jersey. >> shoppers will be able to sample while shopping our amazing town and listening to live entertainment. so what's the weather going to be like? >> looks pretty good. wine and shopping.
8:34 am
keep my wife away from that one. that could be dangerous. haddonfield, 12, 3 and 5. no rain though. so looking pretty good. a little bit of a gusty wind there. 20, 25 miles per hour. ultimate doppler clear but that could change. a little bit of rain coming in tomorrow. then tomorrow night. temperatures are into the 40s except for allen tount and mount pocono, a little chilly but heading for the 50s and near 60 this afternoon. we will look at what is coming in tomorrow night with the complete 7-day forecast. here's a hint though. it's mostly rain, a little bit of snow up north. the timing is key with this this is overnight tomorrow night and it will be on the ground, if any, by monday morning. here's dr. mike. >> okay, dr. mike. everyone on the wall on this side is we all have to get up in the middle night. >> they're not alone. one out of three americans is
8:35 am
sleep deprived. and it's a problem because it increases your risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes. but you know what's even worse? getting too much sleep. if you sleep more than eight hours a night, this new data shows that it dramatically increases your risk of stroke. >> wow. okay. so if i'm sleep deprived, you know what i have to turn to, coffee. >> oh, yes. coffee, juan valdez should get the nobel prize. coffee is a great thing. because if you like to drink alcohol it reduces your risk of cirrhosis by about 44%. >> great news. if you want to keep your liver in good shape, drink two or three cups of coffee a day. >> the sick list here has been growing and growing what's going around? >> well, viruses are always trying to eke out a living and when the weather gets cold, what do people do? they go indoors.
8:36 am
when we're indoors i may cough and sneeze and give you a big hug and i give the virus to you. lots of people with upper respiratory problems and one of those gi bugs that causes diarrhea. >> we're not getting a cold or sick from being cold? >> no. old wife's tale. what you need to do is remember things are called by microorganisms like a virus. so wash your hands. if you sneeze, go like this. proper sneeze hygiene, that's what it's called. and happy birthday. celebrity birthdays there is actor sidney potier. 89 years old. >> cindy crawford 50 years old.
8:37 am
>> little rihanna. >> i just love rihanna. she turns 28 today. happy birthday to all of them.
8:38 am
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i'm going to go with name that song in two notes. i'm going to go with animals. >> it sounds like somebody is taking picture. >> you weigh in and if you think what that song was. name that tune as we take a live look at the ben franklin bridge. i've got a segue here from one ben to another one. we may not she you the benjamins anymore. there's an idea floating around to get rid of the $100 bill. >> it comes following a survey done by harvard university that linked america's largest bill to criminal organizations. it may be a symbol of wealth and power and success, but former treasury secretary says it's used for illegal purposes. >> it's called the bin laden bill because it's the preferred tool for all unsavory things around the world. something $263 billion between
8:41 am
2003 and 2009. it's a huge amount of money that uses cash and chiefly the $100 bill. >> so the hundred is the largest bill in circulation but that wasn't always the case. the u.s. used to have bills going up to $100,000. featured on that note was woodrow wilson. i don't mean to slam this idea, but the thought process behind this is if you get rid of the $100 bill, then people will stop buying things illegally that they have to pay cash for. >> it's so much easier to track -- i don't have any cash anymore. the only time i have cash is when i have to tip people. >> they don't care, they'll do it in 20s or 50s. >> but it's a lot harder. >> you need suitcases of 20s and hundreds and if you're doing it legitimately, what's the problem. let's ask you. what do you think about this idea? would you favor getting rid of the $100 bill.
8:42 am
vote yes or no. or come to our facebook page and vote there. we'll be right back. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? ♪ bring me a higher love head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. >> here we go, hot off their win over temple earlier this week, number one. the villa nova wildcats getting
8:45 am
ready to take on butler in a big east conference game this afternoon at 2:30 right here on fox. >> and we're all looking forward to this one, highly anticipated game. the number one coach in the entire country. >> he's coaching the number one team. >> i'm going to call him number one. i'm going to go with it. he talks about the pros and the cons of being the number one team in the country. >> there are challenges because it's the first time for us. and a lot more attention, a lot more everywhere you can go you can tell it's the biggest crowd, it's the biggest game. and our guys are only 18-22 years old. they want to enjoy the hype. but the way you stay there is by staying focused on the task at hand, what's right in front of you. getting better every day. it's always a balance. you want to enjoy it but you want to keep getting better every day also.
8:46 am
>> sean bell hasn't nova played butler this year? >> they've played butler they've already beaten butler. >> any team can get it done. you remember last year we had kentucky, we had duke, we had guys that had three, four players in the lottery. they're a very solid team, they have some veterans, but anyone can get beat. butler is 18 and 8. they're also a tournament team and the thing that scarce villa nova, they need to get into the tournament. right now they're on the boat. last four in, last four out. if they beat villa nova, they're in. >> butler won the national championshipon not that long ago. >> listen villa nova, they're a very good team. and when you have not that much pari t -- parity, anyone can
8:47 am
win. right now it's whoever is hot. they're doing what they need to do to get "w"s. >> it's jay wright said yesterday said he cries every year when he has to say good-bye to the teams and two of the seniors have started since the freshman year. >> you watch them grow. >> that's why it's such a good team this year. you've hammered it in their heads. they're smart. they're an extension of jay wright. they're going to play like that today. you're not going to have games when you're down because you have a bench of freshmen, they're going to play jay wright's way every time. >> i've talked to a bunch of college coaches, they don't like to be number one because you've got a target on your back.
8:48 am
so we ask you, how do you get your kids to play when you're number one. >> all this excitement can only distract you. being number one does not help you in any way in the butler game on saturday. not in any way. if anything it hurts you because butler is more fired up to play you. they've got nothing to lose. it's a constant challenge. but that's what makes good teams, they can handle those things. >> oh, first world problems. stop complaining. i don't like to be number one. who likes to be the best in the world? come on, jay. stop it. you want to be number one, okay? >> you don't want to believe your own hype and get distracted. >> i want to say i'm number one and i'm beating you while i'm doing it. come on jay, enjoy that number one status. >> we'll see what happens early this afternoon. you're not going to want to miss any of the action.
8:49 am
it all starts at 2:30 right here on fox 29. >> and it will be a full day of basketball here on fox 29. beautiful day for taking a look. enjoy the morning, maybe go have brunch after the show and then come back home, stay inside on the gorgeous day. >> it's a little sensitive subject right now because it is going to be gorgeous. not going to be cold. it's warming up nicely and the live picture shows we have people out this morning. temperatures into the 40s and there's a light breeze out of the southwest. that will be increasing so activities today, well, you might want to factor in that wind. here's one of them. this from andrew. >> good morning, everyone at fox 29 "good day" weekend. >> are you coming? >> that's all right, wendy. have fun and wear a helmet.
8:50 am
>> so dave, how is the weather looking as the wind whips through their face? >> don't keep that bike out too long guys. bill is very sensitive about that. but the wind is picking up. it will be increasing and this is the timeline here. about 12:00, look how it starts to increase and it picks up briefly by this evening. say about 5:00 to 7:00. it's warm but it's windy. that wind gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. calms down a bit overnight to tomorrow but by tomorrow night we'll keep an eye on ultimate doppler because there's a storm coming in that could bring a little bit of rain. we'll say mainly rain throughout the night tomorrow but by the time you wake up monday morning, especially these north and western suburbs, a little bit of snow could be on the ground there. so just a little coating. the temperatures are certainly warm enough to be untreated surface. another storm later in the week
8:51 am
here. for monday it's a cooler breeze, look how it warms up tuesday, wednesday and thursday, that's some rain coming in as the highs go near 60 on thursday. that will be the day with the heaviest rain. it will clear out by friday with a cooler breeze. >> i'll take it because it's going to be such a nice day today through the weekend. as you know, last sunday was valentine's day and one member of our staff posted a heartfelt message about being single. >> alex holly talks to our own lauren johnson. it is our fox unfiltered. >> we take on your comments, complaints and even your compliments. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> you've got a lot of people talking. you kind of touched a nerve with a lot of our viewers. you opened up on social media and that post went everywhere and it was about being single. >> i know. so on valentine's day i was out and about and everybody kept
8:52 am
asking why are you by yourself, why are you buying yourself gifts i was like when i go home i'm going to write a post out that being single is not a punishment. that's kind of what i said. >> we're going to look at part of what you said. it was really honest. you said yes i'm single, no i'm not mad, sad sometimes, disappointed, depends on the day. accepted it? absolutely. so to answer your continued questions about why i'm alone today not spending the day with my guy or spending my own money on myself today, it's because i choose this life. i love honesty, i like honor, i require faith, i admire hustle, i demand respect, i hate drama. anything less is settling and unworthy of my time. one day somebody will be able to embody all of these qualities and live this life beside me. are you single, yes i'm sad. it just came to my naturally but i wanted people to know it's not
8:53 am
a death sentence. i'm okay being single. i'm okay with my life and when i meet the person who can walk alongside me i'm fine. >> it's interesting people think it's such a negative thing. we love ourselves, it's not a problem. a lot of people are quick to say make sure you love yourself, but when someone is actually alone, why are you alone? >> or they interpret your independence for man bashing. i'm just happy and single. >> so thank you for sharing that. >> and our viewers were really moved by what you said. you go girl manifesto for every courageous independent woman. exactly how i feel when people say that to me. and you really gave me hope on a day when i really needed some hope. you, alex and jen are my favorite. beautiful, smart, amazing phenomenal women.
8:54 am
there were some fellows who wrote in too. >> i was excited to see that because i thought it was going to be an anthem to women. i was happy to see the men chiming in too. >> speaks volumes about your character. don't settle for anything less. >> we will not settle. i'm just glad it hit just the right nerve and that people could feel what i was saying and kind of relate to it. >> because i feel like valentine's day shouldn't just be about love you have with your lover. you also have friends that you love, just about love in general and why shouldn't it also include loving yourself. >> love is not just romantic love. it's other stuff. >> thank you, lauren. we're feeling the love, guys. back to you.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
people want to keep the $100 bill. simple as that. go me. there you go. >> i love it when you're so
8:58 am
humble. thank you for spending your saturday with us. have a wonderful day. go
8:59 am
9:00 am
alex: coming next, saving orphan bears. plus, helping orangutans in a forest fire. and trying to save two small kitties. this is "animal rescue."


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