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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 22, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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a local neighborhood a woman killed in the fire ape now her husband is fighting for his life. why denied for bill cosby's wife but what a judge now says that she must do. and, a new joe paterno stat the you in the making we will tell you where and when it is expect to be completed. good day, it is monday february 22nd, 2016. my co anchor lauren dawn johnson is on vacation. it has been a while since we have not been together. >> how are you doing. >> so pleasant over the weekend. >> it was. >> it was nice to have that little taste of the future springtime temperatures, of course, it is still winter and we're going to feel it again but for this morning we're seeing the last of the little bit of rain that came through, it started last night, if you
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were out and about, you probably noticed we will have left over clouds, this morning but we are expecting sunshine today. in southern delaware, salisbury, maryland, ocean city maryland just a few light showers insignificant but they are there. 42 degrees right the now. little bit of the wind chill, feels like 37, sunrise at 6:45. it is not the coldest morning we have seen. temperatures will drop to lower temperatures then that we had over weekend as we get through the day today but still not bad. thirty-one in mount pocono. thirty-seven in trenton. thirty-five in lancaster. forty-five in millville. we are in the mid 40's to start the your day in wildwood. not bad. wind shifted to the north woes in the the wake of the rain which was, of course, a associated with a cold front. so, through go, your northerly breeze out there we are off to a cool start. we will probably be at around 40 degrees as we walk out the door this morning. forty-five by lunchtime. reaching our high of 50 degrees by 3:00 p.m. and in
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the overnight hours we will be in the mid 40's once again. so if that is your planner for monday at least we will see, some sunshine, but boy do we have some rain the on the way, we will talk about our mid week storm coming up in just a few, bob kelly, happy monday. >> hey, good morning to you sue. good morning everybody. 4:02. that rain on the way hopefully will clean out the driveway and the the sidewalks and all that yucky dirty snow that has developed all over the left and right side of the roadways, but we're in good shape. hello to the the schuylkill expressway near montgomery drive. no problems or delays at all into or out of the city. we are looking good on the bennie from our camden toll plaza up and over good to go shot the there in the downtown. so we have some brand new septa schedules today, new spring schedule took effect yesterday across the board, for buses, subways and trolley lines so make sure if you don't already have the new schedule you can down load it by going to septa's web site septa a dot organize.
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minor change's cross the board though to, reflect some of the construction, and some of the new time changes coming our way. northbound, 202, watch for some construction right here near route 401 as you roll up through malvern there in the work zone on i-95, today, all through the week here right here near the betsy ross bridge. otherwise bridges looking good, mass transit, wait a minute, spring weather over weekend decide to go to the spring schedule. >> no, they have already planned. they are moving ahead just like the candy, easter candy is already out. septa is following the candy, guys. >> that is true. following a developing story at the 4:03. a man is in critical condition with devastating burns after he ran into a a burning home, trying to save his wife, but it was too late. neighbors supporting the man and trying to cope with the fact that the friend is gone. sad story dave kinchen, good morning to you from boothwyn. >> reporter: good morning to you. very sad story and very devastating here.
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investigators will be out this morning trying to figure out exactly what caused this house fire that killed a woman on sunday. there were many emotional moments where neighbors and friend who say brenda mckay was not able to get out of her house in the 2300 block of blue youball avenue just before the fire broke out at 5:00 p.m. we are told indeed her husband went back in an effort to rescue her but he was unable tragically. he was then rushed to the hospital with several burns. >> it is very painful especially when someone just a half an hour, prior to that, i saw her with her beautiful blonde hair, playing with her grandchild. >> husband did try to go in and he is a at crozer-chester burn unit. >> he is in the hospital right the now and in icu so we are praying for him. it is just hard. i have known her for over 20 years, you know, i have been her best friend. kind of like my son's family
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house as well. they grew up together. she will be missed. she will be missed. >> reporter: it took about 40 minutes to get the fire under control before it the body was found on the second floor. investigators say it took 75 fire fighters from as many as six companies to work on this very challenging situation. meantime, upper chichester police and fire investigators are asking anyone with any information, people who may have saw something to come forward. they say that will help them figure out what caused this tragic, tragic fire. chris? >> so sad, dave, thank you. 4:05. today bill cosby's wife is scheduled to give her out of court testimony regarding a lawsuit begins her husband. late last night a why denied a request by camille cosby a's lawyers to postpone her deposition. her lawyers claimed that quote, she has had no involvement with the facts or allegations underlying this case, end quote. now it goes on to say her public testimony would create a media circus and put her own
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safety at risk, a difference judge ruled on friday that deposition must, proceed. months after deadly crash that killed three people man behind the wheel is new behind bars. christopher bloomfield is charge with homicide by vehicle. police say he was speed nothing an acura the night of the july 29th when he lost control and hit a tree on sandmeyer lane in north philadelphia the car split in half as you can see. three people died. police are questioning three suspects in connection with the stabbing at kutztown university. the 22-year old victim was stabbed just before 1:00 o'clock saturday several blocks from kutztown university, which was shut down. he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. police say after releasing these surveillance photos people called in with information and helped them identify those suspects. their names have in the been released at this time from that overnight incident. and in northeast philadelphia neighborhood had a rude, awakening sunday after at least 16 cars vandalized
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-blocks in the castor neighborhood. people in the area say someone smashed car windows between glenn view and brighton street and stole items inside those vehicles. neighbors are mystified in one heard or saw anything before today break. >> it reached in, stupid chains, popped that opened and cigarettes were right there. >> but then we stopped it. broke our windows like you know what i mean? it was just a small area. someone seen one car they would call the cops. >> thieves got hundreds of dollars in damage and police are still investigating. clean water is something many of us take for granted, right? this morning one new jersey town battles to keep fresh water flowing and safe for drinking. steve keeley is live in moorestown where people in that area are taking action. >> reporter: well, everybody here, like everybody around the country, started wondering about their own tap water after seeing headlines about flint, michigan wondering how safe is their own water? here in moorestown where you
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can almost make out one of the two water towers in town here silhouette with the moon shine, for sure flint had many reminded of the issue of the contaminated off gannon again drinking water well. different type of contamination for flint but same concern for citizens and parents who packed that special meeting here two weeksing ago and plan to pack another tonight. they got some good news on friday, when the town leaders announce that had they were again, shutting down the contaminated well and going to buy water from an outside source. >> definitely don't feel safe drinking it. in fact today we have installed a very costly filtering system because we didn't feel right put ago this water in our bodies, or our children's bodies anymore. we feel like we are poisoning them. >> now, with that being said i was than the sure we have the best quality drinking water we can possibly have. >> we drink water, we have done so since griffin was a
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baby. we want to make sure that it is, good. >> reporter: katie, the first woman you heard there, proving you really can fight city hall, chris. she organized thanks to social media a lot of the citizens and got that meeting pack. she plans another for tonight's meeting. they got the good temporary news, they want good permanent news. will when you drive by the lush farm field is here you see these old rusty fences, hazardous waste sites and you wonder what was there, way back when and we have learn through history of the town, that it was an old business, old contamination that got in the ground and groundwater and caused contaminated well. how contaminated is it the? when you hear someone say well, these chemicals cause cancer but this is a safe level. no one wants any level of anything that causes cancer in their drinking water if they are going to feed their dogs or even their pets. >> certainly reminded
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reminding you of erin brookwitch. 4:10. two artists involved in the making of the joe paterno statue say they are working on two new statue of the former penn state football coach. the original statue was taken down in 2012 in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. artists have not contacted the paterno family or artist who holds the copy right on the original design. two new statues will take another four or five months, to complete. penn state's students, danced the weekend away to help children fighting cancer. penn state students raised more than 9.7 million-dollar for four diamond fund at this years's thon. the fund helps fight pediatric cancer at penn state hershey medical center. since 1977, penn state students have raised 136 million-dollar to support kid fighting cancer. do you hear that? that is a sound of gunshots
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but police are not worried, one local neighbor's fight to get this stopped, however.
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let's see is what coming up this week so we can get you
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ready. a brief, brief, possibly, wintry mix, late in the day on tuesday but that is probably only north and west of the city. this is for the middle of the week. the it looks like it will be rain and some heavier rain as we get into wednesday, which means, of course, threat of flooding at the shore because is there a full moon, i believe, tonight. so we will still be under effects of that with slightly higher than normal high tides by middle of the week is what we're trying to get out the here, turning colder after that. you will will's see it all in the seven day forecast. it looks like this week we have a potential coastal storm. the brief mix is, getting more and more unlikely for philadelphia a, probably northern suburbs and won't last long even there. so we are watching area of rain in the gulf of mexico that will start making its way toward the coast and then become a coastal storm but what we had yesterday was this cold front coming through this portion of it, and it is still, raining a little bit,
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down in salisbury, maryland, parts of the sussex county in delaware, millsboro and ocean city maryland is getting rain this morning but very little. here's what we have as we look to tuesday morning. we will see some rain moving into southern delaware. it looks like it arrives here by noon time here in philadelphia we will see heavy rain to the south. this is first phase of this storm. so it is tuesday, the the rest of the the day, into tuesday night. we will get a break on wednesday morning it looks like and then when we see this rain moving in it is in the afternoon gannon wednesday, and from west to east with this cold front it is definitely going to be heavy rain at times and that will be late, wednesday night into thursday morning, so this could be an event that lasts, late in the the day tuesday, all day wednesday, and then into thursday morning. so that is what we're preparing you for this morning. 42 degrees in philadelphia prepare for that. chillier to the north.
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it is below freezing in mount pocono. thirty-five in lancaster. forty-three in dover. 45 degrees in wildwood. wind are now coming out of the north in the wake of the front that came through with the rain last night. mild temperatures over weekend were indeed delightful have after roller coaster ride after last week. the we had 60 degrees sat the day. sixty-one yesterday. cold front takes temperatures down to 50 today and that is still quite pleasant. we will have a in mix of sun and cloud. today the rape arrives late in the day, well, by noon would i say tomorrow, and so it is afternoon, through the day on and off on wednesday, into thursday morning and then it is outta here in time for the weekend, we will have chillier but more seasonal temperatures by then. another little roller coaster ride, just kiddy ride for this week. >> kiddy ride, two tickets. >> yes. >> as opposed to the seven or eight ticket ride. >> good morning, everybody. 4:16. live look at the blue route 476, after all that melt down over weekend you will notice
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the clumps of leaves, dirt off to the side and big mound which was covered up by all of the snow that we had. this morning, we have in problems rolling out of the driveway. we're in good shape on the 42 freeway for the gang coming from south jersey in, problems at all heading up and over walt whitman, ben franklin. we have a construction zone on 295 in bellmawr but nothing out of the ordinary. roads are damp from all of that melt down over last couple of days. fire location up here in ambler, morris road and mount pleasant avenue. just watch for local detours. springing ahead, septa a kick nothing their new spring schedule on all of its bus, subway and trolley lines. if you didn't grab within on friday or over weekend i suggest you hit up i will put up links on both my facebook and twitter page so you know you have the the right schedule, a few extra minutes in, major changes but a few minutes either way on all of the subway, and the buses and the trolleys.
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the falls bridge, still closed to vehicle traffic folks using city avenue to get across the old schuylkill river. >> mr. kelly, thank you sir. >> 4:18. in wilmington police want to find this guy. they say he attack two store employees at the target on the 1,000 block of brandywine parkway as employees confronted him about shoplifting friday night. police say he got a away, and then before he did so, he pulled out a knife. security officers in fact suffered some minor injuries in this. so some neighbors in northeast philadelphia crying foul over loud noises coming from the union league country club. how would you like to wake up to that? they have been driving neighbors mad with that constant firing, coming, of course, from guns. union league bought this proper about a year ago and neighbors were warned trap shooting would be allowed from october through march, right?
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you cannot golf, so you shoot, but some say loud blasts is a noise pollution. >> we have lived here since 1999 and we have never heard noises like this before, ever, you know, we have within small video clip that there is 150 shots inside of eight minutes. >> it is a negative impact on the quality of life, you want to sit outside, relax, read the newspaper, play with the grand kind and in the distance you hear war sound. >> we reached out to the union league for comment on this but so far have in the heard back. we will keep you posted for sure. meantime at 4:19 the search for a gunman who opened fire on a car killing one person inside police found two people inside the car in the 3800 block of north park avenue saturday night. a 20 year-old man in the driver's seat was shot in the chest, arm, hip, he died, his passenger a teenage girl was shot the in the legs and back. she's in critical condition this morning. so far no arrests have been
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made. just last year 159 police officers nationwide were killed in the line of duty and yesterday, family and friend came out to show their respects. james of paulsboro new jersey is a former corrections officer. he is running 159 miles during moth of february to honor those 159 police officers and k-9's kill in the line of duty, five in pennsylvania. he is supported by the philadelphia police department and fellow officers ran to honor sergeant robert wilson, the third, of course killed march 5th, 2015. >> it is great for moral, it is great to bring the police department together and, of course, great to keep sergeant wilson's memory. >> it is hard just dealing with it coming up on the one year anniversary. i'm out here just to support my friend. >> reporter: as for the runner hees posting updates on the social media and has a fallen heroes go fund me page in case you want to get involved. we will share that on our web site the which is fox
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4:20. lets turn to this. a 45 year-old father of two due in court accused of going on a shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. jason dalton who worked as an uber driver killed six people and injured two others saturday night. the authorities say ate appears dalton chose his victims who range in age from 14 to 47 at random. four people were gunned down outside a cracker barrel while a father and son were killed in the car dealer ship. dalton has had no criminal record prior to this coming up next hour we will learn more about the allege gunman and how the community is trying to heel after what happen over the weekend. victims of the san bernardino masser kerr are joining forces with the federal g in its effort to get april toll cooperate in the investigation. some of them will will file a legal brief in support of the fbi to force april toll unlock a encrypted iphone. the group of victims says that they were target by terrorists and need to know why and how this could have happened.
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coming up on 4:22. sixers in action against the mavericks and the old man dirk nowittsky does something five other players in nba history has done. all that and more in sports in one minute. but first here's your winning lottery numbers.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. it is officially the second half of the season, most teams are fighting for a playoff spot but the sixers are just looking to see how many real nba players they have on the roster. the last night they took on the mavericks. second will half, the old man dirk nowittski pump fake nerlens necessity he will and then hit the three. that made him only one of only six players in nba history to reach 29,000 points, for a career, the sixers lose 129-103. in college, 25 seconds left, tied at 64, they take to it devon coleman and he hits the clutch 36789 houston with get one last shot but it would not go in. temple escapes with the victory 69-66. to nascar the daytona 500 was closest finish i have, dennie hamlin goes right by martin truex junior for finish, he wins.
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that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. i will sleep with one of you tonight if you
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tragedy, a local neighborhood, a woman killed in the fire and new her husband is fighting for his life. clean drinking water has
4:29 am
been making headlines in flint, michigan and now that same subject is heating up in one local town. the what resident plan to do tonight to make sure their drinking water is, in fact, safe. and taking a stand, with atlantic city lawmakers are doing to keep control of their city. good day it is monday, february 22nd, 2016. lauren dawn johnson has a three day weekend just to rest your bones. sue serio, good morning to you n rest for you because you have a weather event coming. >> yes, we do. it is on kind of a, well, two hole day event but it takes up portions of three days, we will explain. but in the meantime we will talk about right now just a few cloud around and the last gasp of the rain that came through last night. it wasn't buckets of rain but there was rain in southern delaware. we still have more but for us in philadelphia we're dry, 42 degrees, sunrise time is now 6:45 as we get closer to springtime. less than a month away. thirty-three in allentown. 35 degrees in lancaster.
4:30 am
forty-two in at atlantic city. forty-five in wildwood with a bit of the breeze out of the north and northwest thanks to the cold front that came through. it won't be as warm as it was over weekend when we were in the 60's both dates but 50 degrees our high temperature. we will call that a is in day anyway. we will talk about when rain arrives, and more importantly when it leaves our mid week storm we will have details in a few minutes but for right the now it is traffic time if there is any in early in the morning bob kelly. >> kind of quiet, off to a quiet start, 4:30 as we say good morning to i-95 right here near girard point double decker bridge. this is broad street camera, circus was in town through yesterday, the elephants, lions, tigers and bears all rolled out of town. we will get back to sporting events this week. in problems at all heading down toward the airport via i-95 and delaware memorial bridge there, double decker bridge there. forty-two looking good on the new jersey side, in problems coming up 295, 42 or 55, we
4:31 am
have that fire location in ambler at morris and mount pleasant avenue and septa made some changes over the weekend. i have put a link to the new change up on my facebook and twitter page. make sure you check in there before you step outside the front door. otherwise looking good the at the airport. chris, back over to you. 4:31. lets get to this developing story, investigators trying to determine what caused a deadly fire in delaware county. dave kinchen live in boothwyn where this all happened, dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris, good morning to you. a very tragic story investigators will be out trying to figure out exactly what caused this deadly fire that killed a woman on sunday, there were many, many emotional moments for neighbors, and friend who say that brenda mccabe was not able to get out of her house in the 2300 block of blueball avenue once the fire broke out just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. we are told that her husband in fact went back into the
4:32 am
house after getting out the to try to rescue her but was unable. he was then rush to the hospital, with several burns. it took 40 minutes to get the fire under control before the body was found on the second floor. fire investigators say 57 to a hundred fire fighters were called out to knock this fire down and get it under control. we are told that the victim was playing with her grandchild, in the the backyard, a little bit before this fire happened, and a tragic, tragic ending again, investigators will be out working on the cause and upper chichester police are asking anyone with any information or saw anything to come forward and that will help figure out the cause of the fire, back to you, chris. dave kinchen, thank you. 4:32 is the time. let's turn to our top story on this monday. ac leaders make their stand on the plan that would give state sweeping power. council will respond to the take over plan during a special hearing this afternoon, the new jersey
4:33 am
lawmakers introduced legislation last week that will pull atlantic city from the brink of bankruptcy but strip local officials of their authority. late last night a why denied request by camille cosby's lawyers to postpone her deposition in the defamation lawsuit brought by seven women who claim the comedian sexually assaulted them. her lawyers claim that she get has had no involvement with the fact or allegations underlying this case. it goes on to say that her public testimony would only create a media circus and put her own safety at risk. the she's scheduled to give that deposition later today. residents in one new jersey town are in a fight for something we all take for granted, clean drinking water. a well that supplies their water is contaminated and they want to be certain it does not threaten their house. steve kentuckyly is on this one from moorestown, steve. >> reporter: two tall water to youers in moorestown. we are above the one where the questionable tap water is coming from. the contaminated well here at church and new albany road and
4:34 am
everybody chris, started rethinking about ever taking their tap water for granted again after seeing those horrible store business what was going on in flint, michigan. separate issue but same worry. moorestown mayor here on friday gave residents here that were concerned some good news telling everybody that he requested that they shut down the contaminated well here in the plan and get ready for installation of the interim filtration treatment system. but until then they will buy their water from american water company. when you learn that a chemical so long, 16 letters you need five tries just to pronounce it, and another 15 letter chemical are both in your drinking water, and both known to cause cancer it doesn't just make you stop and think it makes most stop drinking the water. even when town leaders try to assure residents that the water meets state and federal safety standard, well, most homeowners will tell you that any amount of any cancer
4:35 am
causing chemical in their water does not meet mom and dad standard and moorestown residents reading and watching those stories in flint michigan tap water dangers rethought their own water situation her because this contaminated well was off again and on again and now appears to be off again. they had an emergency special meeting two weeks ago that you are looking at the video of. they have another meeting tonight. all of the residents they got to go and packed that standing room only meeting and decided to have a rally with bring tonight a's meeting. they will get good news tonight but the good news they really want is that there is in chemical, in any of their tap water and they are probably not going to hear that. >> they want peace of mind, of course, steve keeley live for us. at 4:35. a meg bus burst into flames. passengers getting off in a nick of time, what they heard, just before it erupted.
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are you busy? i'm just day-dreaming. about your dream trip to italy?
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yeah. with your sisters, to shop and see the sights. is it that obvious? you've been staring at that new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, it's the price is right. with top prizes of $300,000. is that painting crooked, or is it just me? [announcer] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. good morning welcome back at 4:38. a 45 year-old father of two, uber driver is accused of going on a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. a as fox's kelly wright reports it appears that the gunman chose his victims at random. >> reporter: michigan community is grieving, after a gunman goes on a shooting spree. killing at least six people and injuring two others. the violence breaking out saturday night in the city of kalamazoo. >> there is no connection that we're aware of between the three different sets of
4:39 am
victims, to each other, or any of the victims to mr. dalton. >> reporter: according to officials, 45 year-old jason dalton shot five people outside a cracker barrel restaurant, including a 14 year-old girl, before killing a father and son, outside of a kia dealership. woman was also shot outside in an apartment complex. >> a bunch of people, just came out and started like helping her and i was like oh, gee, like this lady got shot. >> reporter: dalton who was taken in custody sunday morning had in criminal record and work as a uber driver. man had been a passenger in dalton's reek will hours before the shooting says he could tell something was wrong. >> he got maybe a mile from a house, he got telephone call, and then after that telephone call, he started driving really erratically, running stop signs. >> reporter: many thought people in kalamazoo come together for a prayer vigil sunday night. the those at the event causing
4:40 am
to remember the victims, while others say the incident has left them shaken. >> there is an underlying fear, you know, feeling of fear, and there is kids that don't wanting to outside. >> reporter: jason dalton is expected to be arraigned on monday on multiple counts of first degree murder and attempted murder. in new york, kelly wright, "fox news". of course, fox 29 will have more on that arraignment. meantime flames, thick black smokey rupert on the side of the busy chicago road. mega bus full of passengers caught fire, take a look the at move math. the bus was heading from chicago to minneapolis yesterday afternoon. the passengers on board say they heard a boom say they saw clouds of smoke. seconds after everyone got off the bus some heard another boom and then saw the fire. everyone on board was, able to get off safely, many lost everything that they were traveling w investigators are still trying to figure out what started this. lights out for donald trump, no, not in that way but
4:41 am
what happened at a rally that caused a building to go dark. ♪ >> the teen anthem, that made history, we will talk to the fresh prince and dy jazzy jeff, next.
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all right. weekend is over, now we are starting to get some questions now that we're getting further
4:44 am
inner to february is when is the time change? when does spring start. well, here we go, we spring ahead, sunday march 13th. that is coming up in just a couple weeks and then first day of spring is sunday, march the 20th, but the first time we will have the average high above 60 degrees will be tuesday, april 5th. so, over the weekend we were already well a above average. we had april temperatures both saturday and sunday. hope any you enjoyed it. now we are back to reality and we are watching a cold front draped across the southern tear of states and the part of it that is then in our neck of the wood already came through, at least most of it, just a couple left over showers, down in the eastern cher around ocean city maryland and that is it for that. next system comes in the afternoon on tuesday, at right here in philadelphia tuesday morning is when you get tonight southern delaware this first system is a warm front and coastal system as well, that will come through to tuesday afternoon. we will see rain heavier at
4:45 am
times south and east of the city and that will last through tuesday night. little break in the action as our next one comes through right on the heels and that means on and off rain throughout the day on wednesday, which we will also get rain heavy at times wednesday night into thursday morning. so, we can see this last through the better portion of, almost three days worth of rain. so on and off but it will be rainy, middle of the week, and then we will be fine for weekend. 42 degrees in philadelphia 35 in lancaster. thirty-one mount pocono. forty-three in dover. 45 degrees in wildwood. wind coming out of the north but not excessive speed, so lets talk about temperature as we dip so low, last week, not horribly low but we got up to 60 degrees on saturday. sixty-one even with all those cloud we had yesterday. today sun comes out but cooler air is moving in, with that cold front that came through last night. we have got 50 degrees today. eight out of ten.
4:46 am
looks good. tomorrow will look like it comes by noon if not earlier, 44 degrees our high then. we will get 54 on wednesday, rain into thursday morning, and then, by friday, saturday, and sunday things should dry out, nicely for what will be the last weekend of february. we will get ready for that leap year day as well, bob kelly. >> that is right it is leap year day. >> it is. >> 4:46, off to a good start, in the background here north on i-95 you see blinking lights. an accident north on i-95 at girard point double decker bridge. traffic still gets through. light volume at least at this hour but head up if you are traveling from the airport into the city in the next 15 or 20 minutes or so. looking live downtown charlie brown a live look at the vine street expressway n problems or delays at all coming into, or out of the city. there will be work crews out, all day to day, all this week actually on i-95 in the area of the betsy ross bridge in
4:47 am
addition to that cottman avenue work zone. i went up i-95 over the weekend and boy you have to pay attention from center city up through girard. i know they painted lines but is there lines on top of old lines. it is confusing as to is what the new lines verse the old painted lines. just be careful as you roll through work zones. 422, in problems coming out of the royersford at collegeville. they will work later today near trooper road, and looking good, coming down that i-95 corridor. no problems on the the schuylkill. south injuries any good shape. we only have that one fire location to talk about here in ambler, morris road, and mount pleasant avenue with some local detours, chris, back over to you. let's turn to politics, shall we. you decide coverage begins with candidates vying for president. all eyes turned into nevada for g.o.p. caucus tomorrow. coming off back to back wins in south carolina and new hampshire donald trump is
4:48 am
candidate to beat. jeb bush dropped out over the weekend. contest remains tight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. sander congratulated clinton and said that he is looking forward to this saturday's primary in south carolina. the stage, suddenly went during trump's campaign rally in atlanta last night. just as he began to speak, the lights went out. >> oh, i like that much better. >> a protester managed to sneak in the lighting booth and pulled an electrical wire. has this campaign season been nothing short of crazy. trump didn't panic, instead he insisted the lights remain off because spotlight was too bright for his eyes. 4:48. we will continue, to honor collection of african americans and big name philadelphians, and sixers great are making the spotlight this morning. yeah, very happy birthday to julius irving better known as doctor j, nba hall of famer
4:49 am
was a innovator who change the way the game was played. just a business air with the ball. all of those slam dunks. i loved this one boom, that is legendary. all the of the highlight reels. do you remember that slam dunk from the free throw line he played for 11 years. doctor j is 66 years old today. >> ♪ >> that was from 1989, two philadelphians win the first ever rap grammy award, of course, we're talking about will smith and dj jazzy jeff and parents just don't understand. song was second single from the fresh prince album, the song was released in 1988, and won a grammy the following year. 4:49. photos of the president obama playing with little kid blew up on twitter over the weekend. the it started when activist called for the president, and the fans, to post feel good
4:50 am
picks to celebrate black history movement parents dug out their favorite photos with their kids using the hashtag obama and kids. cute. they may soon get hit with recalls if they don't get their act together. that is warning from the consume are products safety commission. is there concern that lithium i on batteries could spark a fire that led to bans by several airlines and universities. they are in the permitted on public streets and sidewalks in london either. and, new york city has banned them all together. traveling for some passengers in philadelphia international got a little more fancy. american airlines is debuting flagship lounges for first and business class international customers, upgrades include more space, better furniture and more charging stations for all of the devices. american says thinks all part of the project to invest in the quote, customer experience. she was in our area for a wedding and donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to another artist this morning
4:51 am
taylor swift definitely making headlines, and live look at the ben franklin parkway. the united way building. and good machine morning, thanks for waking up with us. we will take a quick break and we will be right back.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
4:54 am
♪ >> all right. live picture from atop reading, pennsylvania where taylor swift was for the weekend, for her best friend's wedding. she was the maid of honor. we know she's from reading. 4:54. taylor swift is standing by fellow pop star keisha during her legal battle with sony music. representatives for swift says that taylor donated, $250,000 to keisha to help with any of her financial need. keisha sued sony music and accused producer doctor luke for sexual, emotional and verbal assault. she asked the judge to cancel her contract but her request was denied. keisha got a lot of support from fellow artists on social media but demi lovato said she wants them to take math tours capitol hill. rapper 50cent will to have explain his instagram pictures to a bankruptcy judge. he filed for bankruptcy, last
4:55 am
year, as we have reported but later posted pictures of himself with piles of cash, do you remember that photo. one photo shows him with stacks of hundred dollars bills that could easily add up to 50 grand. a judge told his attorneys he must come to court and explain that picture. the rapper is facing financial claims by his ex-girlfriend as well as sun trust bank, and head phone company sleek audio. claims add up to 29 million-dollar. carrie underwoodies coming to philadelphia tonight, and fans are sure to get in the experience. underwood will perform in the round in the first time ever for her tour. that means the stage at wells fargo will be situated in the middle of the floor, it is a 360-degree set ago this will give people a more
4:56 am
international concert experience. that makes sense, right. maybe she will set the stage for other artists. you never have a bad seat. it wasn't a record breaker but it is still a ton of money, penn state's thon raises nine million-dollar for four diamonds fund. where that money is going to help.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
tragedy at a local neighborhood a fire kills one woman and leaves a woman fighting for his life. how one new jersey town is taking action to keep fresh water flowing, and, for save drinking. and could a legendary salt you make a come back. we will tell but plans to bring joe paterno back to beaver stadium. good morning everybody, lauren dawn johnson is enjoying this three day weekend. why wouldn't she. good morning to you.
5:00 am
so, tuesday, we're going to get the some weather but today, we are looking at a dry day. >> and if we haven't had the 60-degree temperatures over weekend we would be making a bigger deal about the 50 that we will of today but we will take 50 degrees. the it the is well above average and eight out of ten today. it is a morning where we are seeing very last of the rain, gone, clouds, a few of them left over. we had a little rain left, last time we looked to the south of us, and even that is gone. the it is dry in philadelphia. 40 degrees. feels like around freezing out there but not coldest morning we have had, lately. sunrise 6:45, and this morning, and all right, right now, it is 36 degrees in pottstown. we're below freezing in mount pocono but everybody else is above, slightly above in some case owes, well above, freezing in wildwood where it is 45 degrees to get you started and wind aren't that high this morning. but it does make you feel colder then it actually is. you still need your winter death this morning but we will


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