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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  WTXF  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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get the some weather but today, we are looking at a dry day. >> and if we haven't had the 60-degree temperatures over weekend we would be making a bigger deal about the 50 that we will of today but we will take 50 degrees. the it the is well above average and eight out of ten today. it is a morning where we are seeing very last of the rain, gone, clouds, a few of them left over. we had a little rain left, last time we looked to the south of us, and even that is gone. the it is dry in philadelphia. 40 degrees. feels like around freezing out there but not coldest morning we have had, lately. sunrise 6:45, and this morning, and all right, right now, it is 36 degrees in pottstown. we're below freezing in mount pocono but everybody else is above, slightly above in some case owes, well above, freezing in wildwood where it is 45 degrees to get you started and wind aren't that high this morning. but it does make you feel colder then it actually is. you still need your winter death this morning but we will reach 50 with a decent amount
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of sunshine today but not the as mild as it was over weekend with northerly breezes between five and 10 miles an hour. if only it the stays this tranquil all week. but no, we have some rain and lots of it on the way for middle of the week. we will talk bit coming up in a few minutes. at 5:01, let's say hi to bob kelly. hi bob kelly. >> good morning, monday morning kick these covers off, live look at 422 as you get ready to roll out of the bed and roll out of the driveway. no problems. light volume so far this morning. a you will that melting snow leaving behind clumps of dirt, leaves, and all kind of crazy stuff. i noticed that on my way in this morning. be ready for that through the neighborhood or big snow that they pushed off to the on and off ramps, out there like along 202, or 422, we will see a big pile of dirt out there this morning once the snow melts. vine street expressway, looking good, no problems at all, this morning coming in or out of the city but some changes over the weekend, septa rolling today with the
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brand new spring schedule, for all of the bus, subway, trolley lines so make sure you have the new schedule or get to their web site, posted a lincoln my facebook and twitter pages. you are good to go before you roll out on the buses there. i-95 the work zone all this week at betsy ross bridge, in addition to the the cottman avenue and girard avenue work zones. and on 422, later on today right after the rush hour we will work again between trooper road and valley forge road, otherwise, in south jersey coming down 295 we're looking good as we head into bellmawr and no problems yet at the the airport, chris, back over to you. 5:02. man is in critical condition this morning with horrible burns as he tried to save his wife from their burning home. this is in delaware county. dave kinchen is live in boothwyn with more on this. such a sad story, dave. >> reporter: it the is. we are told that man also had smoke inhalation that he is dealing with, according to friend, and possible witnesses to this incident and right
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now, of course, investigators will be out today trying to figure out the cause of this fire that killed a woman on sunday. there many were, many emotion aal moments for neighbors and friend who say brenda mccabe was not able to get out of her house here in the 2300 block of blueball avenue once the fire broke out just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. we're told that the husband went back into the house and in an effort to rescue her. he was tragically unable to. he was then rushed to the hospital with several burns. >> it is kind have of hard, you know. she loved her grand kids, her kids and her family. >> i heard husband tried to get in there to get his wife out and was unable to and he suffered smoke inhalation bay doing that. he is in the hospital now. i'm just praying for the family, the father, who was taking care of their grandchildren and all. for them to get through this. as a community for us to help them in anyway which way, via
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through prayer, financially, whatever it is that they need. >> reporter: the authorities managed to get the fire under control before mccabe's body was found on the second floor. fire investigators say it took about six fire companies out here to work on this fire. we have also learned from friends and neighbors that tragedy has struck this family before. the victim, who passed away, lost a child to a heroin overdose, so tragedy striking again for this family. within quick note investigators are looking for help from the public. if anybody saw anything, leading up to this fire, give upper chichester police a call, new back to you. >> of course, dave, thank you. today bill cosby a's wife camille is scheduled to give her out of court testimony regarding a lawsuit against her husband. late last night why denied request by camille cosby's lawyers to postpone her deposition. her lawyers claimed she quote has had no involvement with the facts or allegations underlying this case.
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now it goes on to say her public testimony, would only create, a media circus and put her own safety at risk. a different judge ruled on friday that the deposition must proceed. many of taken clean drinking water for granted but for residents of one new jersey town they are fight to go keep their fresh water flowing and mess importantly, safe. steve keeley is live in moorestown with more on this, hi there, steve. >> reporter: chris, you can see moon shining on the water tower, within of the two water towers in moorestown and it was flint michigan that shined the light on everybody's water system wondering what happened there, can happen to their town's water system. well, here in moorestown long before the news about flint they had problems with a contaminated well. the residents over the weekend got what they were fighting for, that contaminated well used to supply their drinking water is being shut down, again, for a second time. that news announced by the mayor before a likely packed council meeting tonight. the well was shut down two
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years ago after the state environmental protection department says a likely cancer causing chemical once made by man and used to remove paint was found in the water but then it was put back, that well that is, back into service last summer and water was pumped out of it even though that cancer causing chemical was detect again in july and testing of the water. well, fast forward to the national headlines out of flint, michigan this year and story that cities tap what the their got everyone here in moorestown wondering how safe their own the water is. here in moorestown different danger in the water got same high level of concern from homeowners and this emergency meeting you're looking at standing room only only two weeks ago. >> definitely don't feel safe drinking it. in fact we have justin stalled a very costly filtering system because we could not, we didn't feel right putting that water in our bodies or children's bodies anymore. we feel like we're poisoning them. >> i'm truly relieved.
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new that being said i want to make sure we have the best quality drinking water we can probably have. >> we drink the water. we have didn't so since griffin was a baby. absolutely. we want to make sure that it is good. >> reporter: mayor says moorestown will buy water in the meantime from new jersey american water, until a new filtering and treatment plant is built. residents plan a clean water rally at the quarter of 7:00 at town hall tonight the just before the mayor and council meet again and resident have named their growing gathering, moorestown water group, that is urged the town's leaders to shut down that well. the chris, we always see those water main break in philly. we learned how old those pipes are, over a hundred years. same goes here in moorestown, century old water system. marries telling everybody in the letter over the weekend thaw will see a lot of streets dug up because we will replace those new old pipes with new modern pipes and make sure the water is safe to drink.
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>> upgrading infrastructure isn't cheap and that is one of the biggest issues, of course. 5:08. police questioning three suspects in connection with the stabbing at kutztown university. the 22 user old victim was stabbed just before 1:00 in the morning saturday, several blocks of kutztown university in the area, were the concern here, and he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. police say after releasing these surveillance photos people called in with information, that helped them identify the suspects. their names have in the been released right new. months after a deadly crash that killed three people a man behind the wheel is behind bars, christopher bloomfield charged with homicide by vehicle. police say he was speeding, in an acura the night of july 29th when he lost control and hit a tree on sandmeyer lane in north philadelphia the car split in half, two, 17 year-old girl and 20 year-old man all died. hunting park someone opens fire on a car hitting two people inside, several times, killing one of the people. now the hunt is on for that
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shooter, police found a pair inside car in the 3800 block of north park avenue. this happened late sat the day night. a 20 year-old man in the driver's seat was shot in the chest, arm and hip and died. the his passenger a teenage girl was shot in the legs and back. that 17 year-old is in critical condition. so far no arrests. in the city's logan neighborhood, a man is shot by a would be robber yesterday morning, the victim says the guy walk up to him along old york road but when he tried to rob the man the suspect's gun fired. police say that the bullet hit the ground and then ricocheted, hitting the victim in the ankle. the would be robber then took off. northeast philadelphia neighborhood had a rude, wakening sunday morning at least 16 cars vandalized on four blocks in the city's castor neighborhood. someone smashed car window between glenn view and break street and stole all of the stuff inside those cars. neighbors are mystified that no one saw or heard anything before today break. >> he reached in, just popped the change out, grabbed a few
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sunglasses and cigarettes were there and just moved on. but then they stopped, broken windows. you know what i mean? it was real republican tish news a small area. if someone seen one car they would call the cops. >> the thieves caused thousands of dollars in damage and police are still investigating. some neighbors in northeast fill crying foul over loud noises coming from all things that the union league country club... skeet shoot are have been driving neighbors mad with the constant firing from the funds. union league bought that property years ago but they warned trap shooting would be allowed from october through march. you cannot golf you have to use the land for something. so they shoot skeet but some say the loud blasts amount to noise pollution. >> we have lived here since
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1999, and we have never heard noises like this before, ever. we have one small video clip that there is 150 shots inside of eight minutes. >> it has a negative impact on the quality of life, you want to sit out back, relax, read the newspaper, play with the grand kid and in the distance you hear war sounds. >> fox 29 reached out to the union league for comment, so far, we have not heard back. penn state fans and joe paterno's family may soon see a new republican make statue of the late coach, not just one but two artists involved in making the original statute say they are working on two new statues of him. in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal the original statue was taken down in 2012 from outside beaver stadium. the artists has not contacted the paterno statue or the artist who holds the copy right on the original design. two new statues will take four to five months to finish. a $50,000 piece of artist not being sponsored but the artists say it is in the about
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the money but it is about making a a statement. when you can't just say you will make american great again you have to explain how you you will do it. >> presidential candidates going full speed ahead into a crucial week, coming up, how members have the g.o.p. are making a clear case for why they are the best option. violence in kalamazoo, we're thinking of michigan where a man is accused of killing at least six people and injuring two others in the the shooting spree.
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let's see what we have coming up this week. the it is dry for now. we have a cold front coming through last night with a little bit of rain and then we're going to see a couple of storms, actually head our way, number one, number two, and, one hits us probably in the afternoon tomorrow, and then number two, it comes along right after that. high pressure will to have wait a while before that takes over for the weekend so rain as far as we're concerned is about it. we're done, even in southern delaware and eastern shore of maryland, that is it we had rain earlier. new we are watching tuesday a afternoon by noon we will see a temperature in the 40's, and rain rolling in. now, we're watching closely, the temperatures to the north of us because that is where we could see a little bit of snow or wintry mix on tuesday afternoon in allentown, mount pocono, even as far south as pottstown, but this is going to be brief but it could make things slippery, with these temperatures, closer to
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freezing there, it looks like to the south and east it will be a rain event, for most of us in the metro area along i-95. so you see by 9:00 o'clock maybe a little will icy up in the mountains but for rest of us, it is rain. on and off, lighter on wednesday morning but it comes back with the vengeance by wednesday night. you'll see on and off rain throughout the day on wednesday, heavier rain wednesday night that lingering in the early hours of thursday and then by then we will have temperatures in the 50's. so it is this were colder, temperatures we were talking about, we would be talking about a lot of snow. we're not. it is a rain event. 40 degrees in philadelphia 37 in wilmington. we're in the lower 40's in wildwood. 36 degrees in lancaster, and wind are not a big issue today at all. it looks like a press any is start weather-wise, anyway and eight out of ten. 44 degrees tomorrow with the rain rolling in the afternoon. on and off rain on wednesday, perhaps into thursday morning. by friday, saturday, sunday we
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are talking about a decent week of weather for last weekend of february and then monday a week from today been kelly is our leap year day, february 29th. >> love it, extra day, 5:17, good morning. this monday, today though getting up and out good morning to northeast philadelphia harbison and torresdale avenue, maybe that rain, we will get in the next day or two will wash away all of the dirty snow, and all of the yuck that you'll find on the pavement, sidewalk but in problems or delays out of the neighborhood this morning in northeast philadelphia, i-95 we are looking good between academy and cottman avenue down through center city. we are seeing beginning of the morning rush hour. the roosevelt boulevard at the pratt up in northeast philadelphia here, traffic lights are out rolling down the boulevard, and fire location, and, and, and, and,
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hot mess on saturday, and, in manayunk. and a new spring schedule on tap for all of the septa, bus, subway and trolleys, some minor adjustments on either side of the clock but to be sure, make sure you have a new schedule before you roll out of the driveway, i put links on both my facebook and twitter pages to make it nice and easy, chris, back to you. 5:18 is the time. let turn to the top national headlines. jason dalton the man accused of going over a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan and killing several people is expected to go before a judge. the 45 year-old man, work as an uber driver gunned down six people, and injured two others on the saturday at a cracker barrel restaurant. car deal are ship and then, at an apartment complex. mourners pack the kalamazoo church last night for prayers and support of the victims. a man who had been a uber passenger, just hours before the shooting says he could tell something was wrong. >> he got maybe a mile from my
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house, he got a telephone call and then after that tell even if call he started driving really erratically, running stop signs. >> investigators say there is no connection between people who were targeted in the a attack. turning now to you decide 2016 with only seven candidates left for race for white house candidates are full speed ahead in the crucial week. trump's solid win in south carolina primary over the weekend has marco rubio and ted cruz pushing for why they are their best alternative to trump. >> donald's campaign has been about how you can make america great again you have to explain how you will do it. >> donald trump has demonstrated that he has a relatively high floor of support but he has also gotti think a ceiling. >> elsewhere among g.o.p. candidate john kasich and ben carson are ram pink up efforts to keep their campaign alive. kasich will focus his attention on key southern states and although many
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expect a concession speech from carson over the weekend he said this is just a beginning. different story from jeb bush though, who made the decision to suspend, his campaign, so he is out. as for democratic candidates, hillary clinton is hoping she can keep momentum from heroin in the nevada caucus but bernie sanders is showing no signs of slowing down. >> the fightings on, the future that we want is within our grasp. >> the wind is at our backs. we have the momentum. >> with democrats voting in south carolina medication saturday, republicans, focusing on the nevada caucus tomorrow. this is a big week for the candidates. then affect us rushes toward super tuesday march 1st when several states are slated to hold their primaries. eight supreme court justices return to work today for the first time since the death of their collogue the late justice antonin scalia. focus shifts to the contentious battle over who should replace them.
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there is no question president obama will nominate someone to replace justice scalia. the question now is when. right new president obama is bringing down the number of potential replacement toy short list. he has been photographed at the white house carrying a thick binder, inside are resumes and record of people whom the white house says quote may be worthy of consideration. the eight justice cyst well begin hearing oral arguments this morning by the way. victims of the the san bernardino massacre joined forces with the federal government to give people, or i should say get april toll cooperate. some of them will file a legal brief in support of the fbi to force april toll unlock encrypted i phone long go to one of those shooters. group of victims say they were target by terrorist and they need to know why, and how this happened. apple has said it would not work to unlock that found, citing private thecy concerns for all customers. it wasn't a record break but still a ton of money, penn
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good morning, welcome back at 5:00 256789 during black history month we will continue to honor achievements of african americans and big name philadelphians are making the list, this month. including, some great athletes, how about, doctor j. julius irving better known as the guy who just flies through the air, right. he changed the way the game was played. wizard with the ball, doing things no one had seen before like this. this was on every highlight real as well as it should be. we remember that slam dunk from the free throw line. he played with the sixers for 11 full seasons.
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doctor judge is 66 years old today. >> ♪ >> on this date in 1989, two philadelphians win the first ever rap, grammy award, will smith and dj jazzy jeff won for parents just don't understand. the song was second single will from the fresh prince album, the song was actually released year before in 1988 and won grammy the following year. still ahead a battle over clean water is heating up, how one new jersey town is taking action to keep fresh water flowing, and, keep you safe. plus deciding future of atlantic city we will tell you what is next in the the battle over gambling town's financial troubles.
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good morning at 5:30 this monday morning. tragedy at a local neighborhood a fire killed one woman and leaves another fighting for his life. plus a request denied for
5:30 am
bill cosby's wife what a judge says she must do today as part of her husband's sex assault case. good day everyone it is, february 22nd, 2016, lauren dawn johnson enjoying a three day weekend. i'm chris movie any with sue serio and one kelly. let's turn our attention to sue and her new dress. you look beautiful. >> well, you know, there was a big sale over the weekend. nothing more exciting to me. now, very exciting to you, of course is the fact that we will have a decent weather day because rain is gone. bus stop buddy headed for school and he has winter coat on and gloves but you really only need them this morning. we are off to a cool start this morning. we will give you, an eight, there it is, eight out of ten for your weather by the numbers because these cloud will clear, the rain as we mentioned is over. we did have a few left overs to the south of us, even they are gone. it is dry here in philadelphia we will see things get busier in our neighborhood. 40 degrees with 10-mile an
5:31 am
hour wind. feels like 33. sunrise 6:45 as days get even longer getting closer to springtime, which is new less than a month away, we have 36 degrees in trenton. we're below freezing in mount pocono but that is in the only place. forty-one at atlantic city 467893 in wildwood. wilmington delaware is a at 37 walking out the door. 50 degrees should be the high. that is in the as warm as it was in the 60's both days of the weekend but still, pretty nice, especially with the sunshine, including up tonight the as we get ready for mid week storm. will it be only rain? we will answer that question, coming up in just a few minutes but bob kelly is here right the now, how is monday looking so far. >> actually not that bad, sue. good morning 567:89:31. the weekend is over. lets get kick started. live lot the a the blue route, 476, no problems or delays at all heading out the front door. lets go to delco, live look at i-95, at delaware county old
5:32 am
commodore barry bridge there soccer stadium in the background. we are off to a good start on the major roadways, 422 coming from lawyers for, collegeville looking good, and in problems on the schuylkill expressway. we will zoom into traffic lights are defective on the roosevelt boulevard, the boulevard at pratt street right there, in northeast philadelphia. no problems coming down i i-95. look out in the construction zones. roads are damp. we don't have take light up. it is tough to see lane markers. i came up i-95 over the weekend through girard avenue. is there old lane markers, new ones, it is really confusing coming northbound leaving center city. out here in ambler a fire location at morris road and mount pleasant avenue. we have changes over week toned greet you on the septa system. is there a new spring schedule that they are running with this morning which impacts all of the buses, subways and trolley lines. so, make sure you didn't get one, one of the printed ones
5:33 am
on, friday that you down load and check out new timetable before you step out of the front door. i put links up on both my facebook and twitter pages so you are good to go for mass transit crowd this morning. the chris, back to you. lets turn to this story. it is a sad scene as you you can see here investigators working to find out what happened in this fatal fire out of put win, delaware county. dave kinchen is live there to tell us more about this true tragedy, dave. >> reporter: it is a tragedy, good morning, chris. we are understanding that investigators will likely be back out at the scene here on blueball avenue to find out exactly what caused this house fire that killed a woman on sunday. there were many, many emotional moments when neighbors and friend who say brenda mccabe was not able to get out of her house in the 2300 block of blueball avenue, once the fire broke out, just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. we are told her husband went back inside the house in an effort to rescue her. he was then rush to the
5:34 am
hospital, suffering from burns. >> it is very painful. especially when someone just a half an hour prior to that i saw her with her beautiful blonde hair out in the backyard playing with her grandchild. >> the husband did try to go in and he is at crozer-chester burn unit. >> he is, in the hospital right now in icu. just keep praying for him. it is just really hard. i have men her for many years, and it is like my son's, family house as well. they grew up together. she is just, i don't know, but she will be missed. she will be missed. >> reporter: it took 40 minutes for fire fighters to get the fire under control before mccabe's body was found on the second floor. fire fighters say as many as six different companies were out here with 75 personnel, minimum, to get this fire under control. now investigators will be back out likely today looking for clue toss find out exactly how
5:35 am
this started and if you saw anything or if you saw anything related to what might have caused this fire give fire investigators a call, back to you. >> dave kinchen thank you. bill cosby's wife is scheduled to give her out of court testimony regarding a lawsuit begins her husband bill cosby. late last night a judge denied a request by her lawyers to postpone her deposition. her lawyers claim that she quote has had no involvement with the facts or allegations underlying this case. the it goes on to say that her public testimony would only create a media circus and put her own safety at risk. a different judge ruled friday that the deposition must proceed. atlantic city leaders will make their stand on a state giving them sweeping power over their finances. the council will respond to the take over plan during a special hearing this afternoon. new jersey lawmakers introduced legislation last week that would pull atlantic city from the brink of bankruptcy but strip local officials of their authority.
5:36 am
let's stay in new jersey, clean water did something many of us take for granted, this morning one new jersey town battles to keep the water safe for drinking. steve keeley live with more, steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: it is fun any that previous story in atlantic city the water company there municipal utility authority is considered a diamond, and everybody fighting over that. here in moorestown the diamond is very rough, you would say, contaminated well here in question, that was shut down, two years ago when cancer causing chemicals were found in the water coming from it, has been shut down again after it was put back on line over the summer, but all of those stories out of flint, michigan recently had everybody mild concern when this well went back on line in the summer, becoming major concerns, and had everybody packed as this meeting two weeks ago and a lot of residents were like why is this well back on if you are finding these cancer chemicals in it.
5:37 am
well, they say that the traces of the chemicals weren't bad enough to make water not so safe. well, a lot of people here think any trace of any chemical will that causes cancer is in the safe and mayor over the weekend sent out a letter telling everybody we will shut this well down, again. >> definitely don't feel safe drinking it, in fact we have installed a very costly filtering system because we could not, we did not feel right putting that water in our bodies or children's body anymore. i feel like we're poisoning them. >> i truly believe we are safe. now that being said i want to make sure that we have the best quality drinking water we can probably have. >> we drink the water. we have done so since griffin was a baby. so, absolutely, we want to make sure that it is, it is good. >> reporter: katie angelo there said her family bought a filtration system has led this group. they have name themselves
5:38 am
moorestown water group and they got some action going. you really can fight city hall, chris. the as you can see they will rally again at the town hall in moorestown's case quarter to 7:00 before the town and council's latest meeting and you can bet meeting top inning a will be about the water and drinking supply. the mayor says you will start sying us dig up all of the street and pipes and just like over in philadelphia when we sea water mains burst, the pipes also here 100 years old in moorestown. >> just a matter of time all over the delaware val which such old infrastructure. steve, thanks very much. sixers in action against the mavericks. our producer, megan just turned 26, she wrote this tease. the old man, dirk inwittsky, i mentioned megan's age because dirk is only 37. she's calling him an old man. it is all perspective. dirk, the old guy, did something that made history, that story is next.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. temple is on the bubble, battling for a ncaa bid. they have a great strength of schedule but they still have plenty of work to do, everyone count and they needed one, again, huge finish. less than 25 seconds left tied at 64. devon coleman gets it in the corner, lease it the in the eye and nails the three. houston will get one last shot but it would not go.
5:42 am
temple survives 69-66. temple new 17-nine. to the nba sixers and mavericks second half old man dirk nowittsky always getting it done, pump fake, hits the free. he is only sixth player in nba history to reach 29 you this points for a nba career. sixers lose 129-103. closest finish in the day tone a 500. dennie hamlin makes a big time move on the last lap, just edged martin truex junior just inch toes get the win. that is sports in the minute. i'm sean bell.
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♪ >> he is not beautiful look at that hair, his voice is worse. i cannot stand this guy. this is james blunt. so what he is 42. there are some famous birthdays today, megan pascalone the birthday girl from yesterday, how about george washington. >> oh, him. >> there is a birthday for him. true barrymore i love. >> oh, yeah. >> she's also turning 41 today. >> my goodness. >> do you remember her in et. i saw that when it came out. i will never forget et. my dad took us to the theater, it was still such a great film. great thing as a parent, sue
5:46 am
you play movie like et that for your kids. >> it is true. >> and i cried again. >> yes. >> right now, why do you make me watch this movie, i'm crying. she never forgot either. all right. so, here's is what coming up this week. there could be just a couple of us getting a tiny bit of the brief wintry mix late in the day tomorrow before we get some heavier rain moving in but for most of us this mid week storm this week, because we had one last week too, it will be a rain event. it means that flooding threat and it will be turning colder after that as we head into the weekend. our cold front came through last night, and here's some rain kind of draped across the southern tear, it is this low in texas that we will be watching for some of the rain that we will get, this middle of the week but nothing to show you on ultimate doppler right now. we will head in the future cast about 7:00 in the morning on tuesday, tomorrow, when we will see rain to the south of us, it starts to move in here
5:47 am
around noon or 1:00 o'clock in the metro area rain heavy at times mountain south and east and takes a break for a little bit until a secondary lull and another frontal system comes through. here's a cold front coming will through on wednesday night, that could touch off some rain, maybe even a thunderstorm because cooler air, can move in after that. between the two systems we're talking tuesday afternoon all day wednesday on and off and into early part of thursday. 40 degrees in philadelphia we think with sunshine we will make to it 50 even with cooler air, that moved in, along with the cold front last night. there is rain, rain, rain and for weekend, it looks cooler but pretty nice for last weekend of february, temperatures, back into the seasonal, 40's. so that is a look at your seven day forecast, bob kelly has a look at the roads which at least they are dry, bob kelly. >> good morning, 5:47. we are looking live here at the schuylkill right here near conshohocken, we have a
5:48 am
disable tractor trailer westbound right here near conshohocken curve there in the background. he has blinkers on, look at how close he is hovering the shoulder here, the shoulder is not big enough here in the stretch and remember hearing that idea they will were going to allow traffic to use the shoulders of the the schuylkill to get rid of some of the volume. never going to happen. you know how much junkies on these shoulders on have the the schuylkill expressway every single morning. that means they have to get crews out there to clean it up every night. that is not happening anytime soon. westbound on the schuylkill expressway between belmont and conshohocken, just heads up that disabled off to the shoulder there, with the flares down. hello to bellmawr, new jersey, a live look at headlights begin to make that trip in toward philadelphia, starting to see volume pop, roads are still damp, sue mentioned we will get rain on the way later this week. hopefully, like hosing down the front sidewalks but no problems the blue route out of saint david, villanova and
5:49 am
lights are out on the boulevard at pratt street so look out in northeast philadelphia. >> mr. kelly, thank you, sir. concerns over the zika virus growing in columbia, nearly 37,000 people now infect with that virus there. that is more than a 17 percent jump in just the last week, 6,000 of those infect are pregnant woman. the mosquito born disease has been linked to birth defectness brazil, the disease is believed to cause microcephaly which impairs brain development in new borns. the international health community is working very quickly to try to develop a vaccine for this but it could be nearly two years off, before it brace you the to market. penn state students danced to fight cancer this weeks thon raised 9.7 million-dollar for four diamond fund. the fund helps fight pediatric cancer, penn state hershey medical center. since 1977, penn state students have raised 136 million-dollar to support kid fighting cancer.
5:50 am
penn state's thon is the student run student run philanthropy in the world. in your money, traveling for some passengers at philadelphia international airport just got a little bit more fancy. american airlines say they are debuting luxury flagship lounges, for first and business class international customers, upgrade including more space, better furniture and more charging stations for all of those devices. american says thinks part of the project to invest in the quote customer experience. a lock of john lenon's hair sold at auction for $35,000, over the weekend. the 4-inch lock was trimmed and kept by a german barber back in 1966 as lenon was preparing for a movie role, beatles had just released their revolver album month before and lenon was about to czar in the black comedy film how i won the war. the lock was purchased by paul frazier, collector of beatles
5:51 am
memorabilia based in the uk. lock of hair was within of several beatles-related items up for auction. >> wow. celebrities fired up over court decision that keisha's legal battle against doctor luke and sony. manhattan supreme court judge decided friday that keisha cannot be let out of her six album contract deal with sony despite the fact that she will have to work with doctor luke. the singer claims that doctor luke drugged, raped her shortly after she turn 18 but he was never criminally charged. although keisha can record without the producer she believes the label won't promote her music as well. court's decision isn't sitting well with other female artists, demi lovato backed up keisha, she tweeted frustrating to see women come forward with their past only to be shot down, not believed and disrespected for their bravery in taking action. added i'm also ready for self proclaim feminist to start speaking out or taking action
5:52 am
for women's rights. 5:52. also showing support, for keisha, taylor swift, she donated a quarter million-dollar to keisha to help with any financial need during her legal fight dead pool is king of the box office yet again. marvel's anti super hero rake in another 55 million-dollar over the weekend to keep the top spot, at the box office, ryan reynolds led comedy made 152 million-dollar during its debut last week even. movie past 200 million mark in north america faster than any other in history. kung fu panda three, came in second. the drama risen debuted in third. sue saw this dead pool and loved it. she said it is about super heroes but don't take the kid. still ahead, remembering officer killed in the line of duty how one man hopes running
5:53 am
159 miles will honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. a live look at poconos after the break.
5:54 am
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doorrie underwood is perform live at the wells fargo certainty. just last year 159 police officers nationwide were killed in the line of duty and yesterday family and friend came out to show their respects. james sizzler of paulsboro, new jersey is a former corrections officer. he is running 159 miles during the month of february to honor those 159 police officers and k-9's killed in the line of duty. five in pennsylvania. he is supported by the philadelphia police department, officers ran to honor sergeant robert wilson the third who was killed last march. >> it is great for moral, it is great to bring the police department together and, of course, it is great to keep sergeant wilson's memory. >> it is hard just dealing witt coming up on the one year anniversary. that is why i'm out here just to support my friend. >> sizzler is posting updates on the run in social media.
5:57 am
he has a fallen hero's go fund me page. if you'd lake to donate we have a link at fox next up could a legendary statue be making a come back. we will tell but the plans to bring joe paterno back to beaver stadium.
5:58 am
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we try to go in and he is at crozer-chester burn unit.
6:00 am
>> yeah, severely burn trying to save his wife. a devastating loss, in delaware county. his wife, died. a husband fighting for his life, after that deadly house fire. plus, bill cosby's wife is expected to be deposed today despite efforts from the comedian's lawyers to prevent it from happening. why the defense team says camille's testimony could put her safety at risk. and with only seven people left in the race for the white house, candidates, are going full speed ahead into this very crucial week. it begins tomorrow. good day everybody, it is monday february 22nd, 2016. hope your weekend was great. welcome to "good day philadelphia". >> it was great because we had beautiful weather. >> saturday. >> kiss me. >> i don't even know what that means. >> yes. >> kiss me i'm irish. >> there you go. >> yes. >> it was great. >> now it i


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