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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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at crozer-chester burn unit. >> yeah, severely burn trying to save his wife. a devastating loss, in delaware county. his wife, died. a husband fighting for his life, after that deadly house fire. plus, bill cosby's wife is expected to be deposed today despite efforts from the comedian's lawyers to prevent it from happening. why the defense team says camille's testimony could put her safety at risk. and with only seven people left in the race for the white house, candidates, are going full speed ahead into this very crucial week. it begins tomorrow. good day everybody, it is monday february 22nd, 2016. hope your weekend was great. welcome to "good day philadelphia". >> it was great because we had beautiful weather. >> saturday. >> kiss me. >> i don't even know what that means. >> yes. >> kiss me i'm irish. >> there you go. >> yes. >> it was great.
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>> now it is cool tore day because we had rain last night but not that much cooler. we have a nice day ahead. >> fifty. >> how about eight out of ten. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> it is looking much better then it was last night, when the rain rolled in. we are off to a cool start with bus stop buddy. he still has winter jacket on but you don't need blanket coat today. we have got a few cloud left over but we do expect plenty of sunshine and sun will rise at 6:45. it is 40 degrees right now, we're heading to a high of 50 by even of the day, mostly sunny, not as mild as we can end but 50's still good. 35 degrees tonight, increasing cloud getting ready for mid week rain we will break that storm down for you coming up. so it is monday, bob kelly, how is everybody doing. >> that is case on monday 6:01. kick covers off and lets get to the sun beginning to rise over downingtown, a live look at 30 bypass, in problems, or delays at the moment, coming in from the suburbs, looking live, downtown on the vine street expressway, so far, so
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good, on a monday morning, with no construction left over. now septa kick in the new schedule over weekend, a new spring schedule they are calling it which is impacting all of the bus, subway and trolley lines. if you didn't grab a hard copy over weekend make sure you down load one for your particular bus route today. i put a link up on my facebook, twitter pages because you are good to go before you roll out of the driveway there schuylkill expressway, i-95 no problems coming in the city and no delays at the airport. mike and alex, back to you. investigators are trying to determine what caused a a deadly fire in delaware county >> dave kinchen is in boothwyn, dave, what happened. >> reporter: before we get to that just moments ago someone just dropped off some flowers and left them on the steps right there where a with man died in this fire, literally about 15 seconds ago those flyers were put there.
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investigators will be back at the scene to try to figure out exactly how this house fire started. a fire that killed a with man on sunday. there were many emotion aal moments where neighbors and friend who say brenda mccabe was not able to get out of her house here in the 2300 block of blueball avenue once the fire broke out just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. we were told her husband went back into the house after getting out to try to rescue her and he was then rush to the hospital with several burns. >> it is kind of hard, you know, left her grand kid, kids and shore family. >> i heard husband tried to get in there and get her husband out and he was unable to he suffered smoke inhalation. he is in the the hospital right now. i will pray for the family, the fat shore was taking care of their grandchildren and all. for them just to get through this and as a community to help them in anyway possible be it through prayer, financially, whatever it that
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is they need. >> reporter: authorities say there were at least 75 fire fighters from around six different companies out here and it took 40 minutes to get the fire under control before mccabe's body was found on the second floor. now investigators again are looking for the cause and they are asking anyone who may have seen anything before the fire to call them, as they tried to put together this investigation, but a very, very tragic situation, indeed. >> just when her son shows up in that red sweat shirt, it is horrible. >> 6:04. >> lets get to chris for more top stories. >> alex and mike, good morning. bill cosby's wife is scheduled to give her out of court testimony but not in the comedian's lawyers have their way. cosby's defense team filed a emergency motion trying to postpone camille's deposition. late last night a judge denied request to postpone that. her lawyers claimed that quote she has had, no involvement with the facts or allegations underlying this case. paperwork goes on to say her public testimony would only create a media circus putting
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her own safety at risk. one new jersey town is fighting to ensure drinking water is safe. people living in moorestown will rally with toy shut down contaminated well in north church plant. town leaders say water supply is safe but tests show higher traces of harmful chemicals in that water. engineers say the plant infrastructure and aging pipes are in need of repairs and, of course, upgrade. governor tom wolf back in montgomery county's josh shapiro for pennsylvania attorney general. the endorsement comes just two months before democrats must pick a nominee to replace embattled attorney general kathleen kane. shapiro is montgomery county's commissioner chairman and former state law maker. the four two-year old is facing two district attorneys in the the race for democratic party nomination northampton county josh morgan nellie and allegheny county steven is a pala. the that is your top stories on this monday, back to you. >> nice job, thank you. eight supreme court justice cyst return to work
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for the first time since the death of their collogue. >> now that the the late justice antonin scalia has been laid to rest over the weekend the focus shift over who will replace him. >> and there is in question president obama will nominate someone to replace justice scalia. he made that very clear. question is when. right now president obama is in the process of bringing down number of potential replacements. has been photographed carrying a thick boehner. >> look at the that homework. >> he is leader of the united states. are we to assume it business this or anything. >> it could be anything. >> but apparently it is about the resumes. i think his press secretary told the press that is what was in that binder. >> that is what is in his binder. >> that is what is in his binder. >> is what in your binder, folks. >> nothing that important. >> boy a rude, awakening, it has fanned again, northeast philadelphia neighbors fuming after finding more than a dozen cars busted into, in broad daylight.
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later hillary clinton scores a win over bernie sander in the nevada democratic caucus but is that enough to help her regain her footing on the path to the nomination.
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every three months. so this time a northeast philadelphia neighborhood, had a rude, awakening. >> this is after 16 cars were vandalized over four city blocks in the castor neighborhood. residents say someone smashed their car window between glenn view and brighton street and stole items inside. neighbors are just shocked that no one heard or saw a thing before the sun came up. >> they reached in, just scooped the change out, popped that open, grabbed two sunglasses and cigarettes were there and moved on. but then they stopped and broke other windows. you know what i mean, it was republican repetitious in the the small area. if someone seen one car they would call the cops. >> can you believe that? so i guess it must have happened... probably overnight, and people didn't realize it, until they woke up. >> sunday morning. >> this caused hundreds of dollars in damage there with all of those cars. >> with 16, it will be in the thousands of dollars.
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it just keeps happening. ridiculous. >> you have to account for stuff stolen inside the car. >> true. >> this is the wildest story over weekend out of kalamazoo, michigan, an uber driver is accused of killing six people during a shooting spree in michigan as he is driving around in his car. >> that suspect is expect to be this court today what authorities are assaying about a possible motive. good morning, everybody. 6:11. we are looking good on the pennsylvania turnpike we will go for a ride heading eastbound, just look out they have new traffic pattern with the the new toll plaza there. come on hand in the air, up and over the bridge, wow. >> let's go to the airport and check in with philly international on a machine morning, sue has the forecast and some rain on the seven day when we come right back. (vo) when i first took jake home
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we have our winners, donald trump and hillary clinton, cementing their status as presidential front runners. >> exit polls it was trump a's surprisingly strong performance among conservatives in south carolina that helped him score another double digit victory and sweep all 50 delegates. well, last night he showed that he can even spin technical difficulties to his advantage. >> they didn't pay the electric bill. i like that much better. those lights were brutal.
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they come from the dishonest press? >> always a chance to take a jab, donald's will solid win in south carolina combined with the exit shockingly of jeb bush, do you you remember year ago jeb bush was going to win it all. >> it is true. >> my how trump derailed him. marco rubio, ted cruz now jousting for position for best alternative to trump. donald's campaign has been largely about how bad things are. you can just say make america again again. you have to explain how you will do it. >> donald trump has demonstrated that he has a relatively high floor of support but i think he also has a ceiling. >> democrats though, hillary clinton's nevada caucus victory over bernie sanders shows her strength among non-white vote hours will may key rolls in the upcoming primaries. >> it was close. >> she's hoping she can have some momentum to push her through south carolina and super tuesday. sanders is showing no signs of slowing down.
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>> the fightings on, the future that we want is within our grasp. >> so the wind is at our backs, we have the momentum. >> the democrats running in south caroline next saturday. republicans have a nevada a caucus tomorrow. big week as everything rushes toward super tuesday on march 1st. >> march 1st is rapidly approaching. only governor left in the race john kasich of ohio, all but sending out this weeks nevada caucus. he is not even flying out to nevada. so john kasich was in ohio, signed a bill banning a state from doing business with any health organization that performs or promote is a portions. that of course blocks government fund to planned parenthood. john kasich sticking in the race though. 6:16. well, sue, please tell me there will be more warmer weather coming. >> well, not as warm as yesterday but still above average today but then a late
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day tomorrow, some places north and west could see a brief wintry mix but mostly this is a rain event we have coming for middle of the week which means a threat of flooding because of the full moon, that is tonight, the higher than average high tides. it will be told by the time we get to the weekend. that is a brief preview of coming attraction. our cold front came through last night with some rain and then now we will watch that system down in texas, that makes its way up the coast, tomorrow. so for us right now it is dry. we are looking forward to some sunshine and real quick look the at when that rain begins. it looks like it will be about noon time tomorrow, and then there will be a brief period north and west of the city where it could get a little slippery and icy, and that is not going to last very long but we will watch out late in the day, tomorrow, for that. then rain will continue into wednesday, even into early thursday, before we get it out of here, so 50 degrees today, 44 tomorrow, and then above
6:18 am
freezing and above average on wednesday and thursday. we will cool down back down to the seasonal 40's. so at least for this one, bob kelly, it is, rain that we're talking about and mostly rain, and if we were talking about snow it will be a lot of it. but we're not. >> we will take the rain like free car wash and a free squirt down of the front step from mother nature after that melting from over the weekend. 6:18. hello fishtown live look at headlight southbound past our camera at girard. beginning of the monday morning rush hour beginning to shape up live look at bennie, in problems up and over in towards downtown. we're off to a good start there disabled tractor trailer on the the westbound, schuylkill right here near conshohocken curve. he is hug ago this right shoulder, and right on the line of that right lane, so if you are heading west, this morning just beware of that out toward conshohocken. they will work all this week on i-95 near betsy ross
6:19 am
bridge. that will impact your trip, after 9:00 o'clock this both directions, all the way through end of the week. in delays up and down the blue route for gang saint david villanova heading down to the the airport you are in good shape. roosevelt boulevard a at pratt street, traffic lights are out, and fire locations, up in ambler at morris and mount pleasant avenue and some changes over the weekend, septa kicked in a brand new spring schedule for all of the bus, subway and trolley lines. i put a lincoln both my facebook and twitter page. make sure you check with the correct timetables so you are good to go for the morning rush hour, mike and alex, back over to you. all right, chris, your turn. >> lets look at lawyers for company that made the rifle used to kill 20, first graders and six educators in the connecticut school in 2012. they are due in court today, guys. they are expect to ask a judge to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit filed by families of some of the victims of the mass shooting in sandy hook will school. the the 45 year-old father of two, due in court this morning accused of going on a
6:20 am
shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan over the weekend. jason dalton who worked as an uber driver killed six people and injured two others saturday night. the authorities say it appears that dalton chose his victims at random. mourners pack a kalamazoo church last night grieving for the victims. now sources say that he also picked up people, in between attacks. man who had been an uber pass he canner of daltons that night just hours before the shooting said he could tell something was wrong. >> we got maybe a mile from my house, got a telephone call and then after that telephone call he started driving erratically. we were running stop signs. >> officials say that there is in connection between the people targeted in that attack. dalton by the way had no criminal record prior to that shooting: that is a look at your national news, alex and mike, back to you. >> what do you suppose that phone call was about that he took that set him off. 6:20.
6:21 am
lack of diversity in hollywood has been a hot button issue but now is there a new study to backup a a claim that there is a problem in hollywood especially among major media company. >> as academy awards are this sunday. >> true. >> new study released by a california university gave a failing grade to every movie studio, and most tv makers out in hollywood. study showed female characters filled just over 28 percent of all speaking rolls in films and for minorities. only 2 percent of speaking rolls were identified as lgbt. 87 percent of directors are white, all together the study examined 105 films, 305 tv series. the words whitewashed and epidemic of inn visibility were used as titles in that report. so, people were saying about the a academy award backup by this study. coming up at 6:22.
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>> we have breaking news this morning in camden. sky fox is live here over a row home fire along thurmond street. you can see fire fighters still on the scene. they have ladders up. there must be -- there is something on the top floor. >> i see no flames, no smoke. >> little smoke but not the a lot of smoke. >> doing a nice job there. lets talk about the sixers. sixers in a action in dallas texas against those mavericks. sports in a minute coming up next. dirk nowitzki did something that only five other players have ever done last night. lottery numbers.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. it is officially the second half of the season, most teams are fighting for playoff spot but the sixers they are just looking to see how many real nba players, they have, on the roster, last night they took on the mavericks, second half, the old man dirk nowitzki always getting it done. pump fake nerlens noel and then he hit the three. that mid him one of only six
6:26 am
players in nba history to reach 9,000 points, for a career, the sixers lose, 129-103. in college, temple in houston. less than 25 seconds left. tied at six 46789 they give to it devon coleman and he hits the clutch three. houston would get one last shot but it would not go in. temple escapes with a victory 69-66. to nascar super bowl daytona 500 was closest finish, ever, dennie hamlin, pulls right past martin truex junior for finish. he wins. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> i was rooting formatter inn truex junior because he was porn in trenton and went to south regional high school. >> big flyers fan as a matter of fact. it was less than a inch. we would be talking about him this morning. it is a white house meeting more than 100 years in the making how a 106 year-old woman had a dance party with the president and his wife. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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clean water is something many of us take for granted but one new jersey's fight to keep fresh h20 flowing and safe for drinking. plus, burn, trying to save
6:30 am
his wife. what a loss in delaware county. a husband fight forgo his life right now, after his wife died in that fire. it is great for moral, it is great to bring the police department together and, of course, great to keep sergeant wilson's memorandum willry alive. >> miles on their feet means money for law enforcement charities. touching tribute for five local police officers killed in the line of duty. >> good day, it is monday, february 22nd. we will get through this. it is a monday. 016. >> you know who will help us get through it. >> sue serio, ladies and gentlemen. >> look at our beautiful sunrise, just beginning. it never looked so good. >> i think that might be the moon going down. >> all right, moon set. >> i think so. >> i think that might be what that is. >> you know what, i believe tonight is the full moon so it looks almost full there and we are looking ahead to sunshine today. we have had some rain set
6:31 am
overnight and, temperatures in the 30's and 40's with bus stop buddy as wait for the school bus this morning. you still need winter gear but won't need to bundle up later in the day. we are at 40 degrees but feels like 33. little breeze out there. sunrise at 6:45 coming up officially almost these days are getting longer. 34 degrees in lancaster. thirty-three in pottstown. forty-three in millville. thirty-eight in wilmington. 43 degrees in wildwood. heading to a a high of 50 with mix of sun and clouds throughout the day, it is going be rainy middle of the week once again and we will talk about that timing of the rain and how much we think we will get and all that stuff in a few minutes. bob kelly. >> you know you are working crazy hours when you don't know whether it is sun coming up or moon going back down. 6:31. good morning everyone. live lot a the blue route no problems a at all between saint david and villanova. folks heading down toward the airport as they tap the breaks heading in to that southbound side, good morning to the
6:32 am
bennie live from our center city cameras all four lanes opened this morning, schuylkill expressway, not bad on the eastbound side this morning starting to see delays south on i-95 woodhaven to downtown. septa made some changes over weekend, this is first morning rush hour, for this new spring schedule. they made adjustments to the buses, subway and trolley lines. i have put a lincoln both my facebook and twitter pages. make sure you have right timetable for today. right after the rush hour here comes the roving crews working on the boulevard hear between the schuylkill expressway up to ninth street from about 9:00 to 3:00 and westbound on the schuylkill there is a disable tractor trailer right here near conshohocken curve. he is hugging that right shoulder but right on the right line there. watch yourself heading westbound out to conshohocken. mike and alex back to you. >> with all of the talk of clean water in this country, moorestown is getting in on the act. many of us take clean water for granted, i guess.
6:33 am
>> but for residents in moorestown they are trying to keep their fresh water flowing and also safe. >> that is where steve lives in moorestown, new jersey. hi there, steve. >> reporter: we have two big water towers that rise over moorestown and this one is over the contaminated well. a contaminated well shut down by the town back in 204. when they found cancer causing chemicals in it. the dep, the state department of environmental protection recommended that they shut it down, it never recommended that they turn it back on and that is what moorestown did last july and that got residents real worried and real concerned. then with all of the headlines in flint, michigan had everybody rethinking about how safe is my water, the town's resident really got to questioning the town's leaders, and the town's residents got what they wanted, late last week we got a letter from the mayor telling them that yes, after the residents packed this meeting two weeks ago demanding that well be shut
6:34 am
down again, the mayor announced they will shut down this well, by their water from an outside source and everybody is at least relieved for the moment. >> definitely don't feel safe drinking it. in fact we have justin stalled a very costly filtration system because we could not, we didn't feel right put ago this water in our bodies or children's bodies anymore and we feel like we are poisoning them. >> i truly believe we're safe. now with that being said i want to make sure we have the best quality drinking water we can possibly have. >> we drink water, we have done so since griffin was a baby. we want to make sure that it is good. >> reporter: residents plan a clean water rally at quarter of 7:00 at town hall tonight just before new moorestown mayor and council meeting tonight. you can bet water will be back on the agenda and why they have this contaminated well shut down, they will be buying water, so the price is how
6:35 am
much will that cost. they are replacing the century old water pipes, that was the problem up in flint, michigan those old pipes, where lead was leaching into in michigan, not the the case here, but still, the case in philadelphia, and moorestown, everybody has got these pipes that are super old, lieutenant of times water mains are breaking. we have 50 water main breaks just last year. believe it the or not when they buy water from this outside source america water, town leader say that water is heavier than the water here in moorestown and that is causing water main breaks. i laughed out loud water outside is heavier then water here. >> heavier water. >> how long has moorestown been around. >> reporter: we have been around for hundreds of years, mike. we were part of the quakers. they call the high school team the quakers. we know william penn pen was a quaker. we have been around as long as rest of the philadelphia. >> according to the sign on the tower, 1682. >> you cannot blame people there for being upset.
6:36 am
>> all right chris murphy, your turn. >> mike and alex, ac leaders will make their stand on the plans to give state sweeping powers over the cities finances. the council will formally respond to the take over plan during a special hearing this have afternoon. new jersey lawmakers introduced legislation, last week that will pull the state from the bankruptcy and strip local officials of their authorities. we will keep an eye on. that southern new jersey school district has temporarily tabled a proposed policy that will allow transgender opportunities to allow which rest rooms and locker rooms which to use. toms river district introduce that had policy in december and was planning to adopt it in the near future but it is now been tabled for quote, additional discussion and review. some parents of religious officials raised objections. some neighbors in northeast philadelphia are crying foul, over loud noises coming from all places, the union league's country club.
6:37 am
do you hear that? well, people living near here, skeet shooters have been driving neighbors mad with the constant firing sound from guns. union league bought that property about a year ago and neighbors were warned that shooting would be allowed from october all the way through march, so if they cannot use the golf course for golf in the winter they will use it for guns. some say loud blasts amount to nothing short of noise pollution. we have reached out to the union league for comment and so far have not heard back. light out for crash for killed three people, man behind the wheel is now behind bars. christopher bloomfield is charged with homicide by vehicle. police say he was speeding in an acura on the night of the july 29th when he lost control hit a tree on sandmeyer lane in north philadelphia and that car split in half. 217 year-old girls and 20 year-old man died. that is your top stories on this monday morning. mike and alex, back to you. we have more bad news here, a man is in critical condition this morning, with burns over a lot of his body.
6:38 am
he tried to save his own wife from that burning home. she died. the lets get to dave kinchen live from boothwyn with more on this story, cave. >> reporter: good morning to you, as that husband recovers from his injuries, while trying to save his wife a lot of people here are starting to express emotion and one man dropped off flowers here left on the steps here, of this house, where a woman died, investigators will likely be out today trying to figure out how this fire that started that killed this woman on monday. there were many emotional moments where neighbors and friend who say brenda mccabe was not able to get out of her house in the 2300 block of blueball avenue, once the fire broke out, just were 5:00 p.m. yesterday. we were told husband went back in he got out but went back in trying to rescue her. he was tragically unable to, and he was rush to the hospital with several burns. >> it is very painful especially when someone just a
6:39 am
half an hour prior to that i saw her with her beautiful blonde hair out in the backyard playing with her grand child. >> the husband did try to go in and he is at crozer-chester burn unit. >> he is, in the hospital right now and in icu. >> in the yard. >> i have been on her for over 20 years, you know, my son and her son are best friend and become inseparable. it is coined of like my son's family house as well. so now they grew up together. she will be missed. she will be missed. >> it took about 40 minutes get the fire under control, the victim's body was found on the second floor, fire investigators are looking for anyone who may have seen anything before, this fire to give them a call if they have any information, to assist in the investigation and one more tragic note, we have learn that the family has been through difficult times before, the family lost their daughter to a heroin overdose. so tragedy striking yet again
6:40 am
for this family. back to you. >> he went back in just trying to save her. >> that is what you do when you love somebody. two artists involved in making of the joe paterno's statue says they are working on two new statues of the former penn state football coach. >> well, they say they are working on replica an "s" 70 miles outside philadelphia original statue was taken down four years ago now, 2012, in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandallal. after advertisements have not contacted the paterno family yet though or the artist who holds the copy right on the original design. twenty-nine new statues will take another four or five months, to finish when they are done, we will go videotape them and show them to you. just last year, 159 police officers in our country were killed in the line of duty. >> and yesterday family and friend came out to show their respects. >> um-hmm. >> james sizzler of paulsboro, new jersey is a former
6:41 am
corrections officer and he is running with the flag there. he is running 159 miles during the in of february, to honor those 159 police officers, and k-9's killed in the line of duty. five in pennsylvania, he supported by the philadelphia police department fellow officers, ran to honor sergeant robert wilson the third who was killed march 5th, 2015. organize the whole thing. >> and more than 9.5 million-dollar raised. >> this year thon raised 9.7 million-dollar, for the four diamond fund. the fund helps fight pediatric cancer at penn state hershey medical center. since 1977 penn state students have raised more than 136 million-dollar to support kid with cancer. so one year report of over 13 million still stand but not almost ten million-dollar. >> that is still amazing fantastic. is a white house meeting more than 100 years in the making? yes, indeed, how a 106
6:42 am
year-old woman got to have a dance party, look at this. in the oval office. >> how cute. >> and did you miss the destiny child reunion over the weekend. >> i did good picture that has beehive buzzing. >> i am ready for that jelly. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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president owe bam and obama and first lady michelle obama a hosted a meeting at the white house more than a year after a petition was launched to get the her there. >> so why don't you watch this. this is what happened when she got there.
6:46 am
>> because that is me, michelle owe bam. virginia mcclaren was her name was so excited when she met first couple that they busted out some dance moves with the two, during her visit yesterday. >> will we see dance moves. >> here it comes. >> she's so excited. my goodness. she got the holy ghost. >> i hope you can see them dancing, maybe a little bit later. >> all a of the teases that we did. >> true. >> she's really inner get i can. >> 106. >> she looks good. >> there she goes, now she started to dance, maybe. >> there we go. >> all right, sue. >> that was really moving. she's 106.
6:47 am
>> yes. >> 106. it is incredible. lets look at radar because we don't have anymore rain here, cold front came through last night and new we are watching a system to the southwest of us moving out of texas. that will be our weather maker for middle of the week. dry for rest of the the day-to-day, enjoy it because by noon tomorrow the rain will be moving into our area, and we expect it to rain on and off for the next day and a half. we have a tiny chance of frozen precipitation to the north of us, late in the day tomorrow we will watch very carefully especially up in let's say bucks county and heading up toward new york, for that one but mostly just a rain event. it takes a break, it comes back on wednesday, it rains heavily wednesday night into thursday morning. we could get one to 2 inches of rain out of this storm which means possibility of some flooding. this is a mid week event from about noonan tuesday, all day wednesday, into the early part
6:48 am
of thursday morning. 50 degrees is our high temperature today and after that rain is finished with us it looks like we have a tease event weekend coming up with temperatures in the 40's and maybe inching in the 50's by the end of the day on sunday, and sunday will not be the last day of february, this year, because, leap day, bob kelly is a week from to i day. >> everybody gets to celebrate the birthdays once every four years that goes like that yeah. 6:48. good morning everybody. here's an accident of course here at route one in bucks county. it looks like an overturn vehicle here. this is southbound side, right here near rock hill road. so anyone heading southbound only that far left lane is opened, and little bit of sun glare popping here on the ben franklin bridge, sun at your back coming into downtown philadelphia but we will deal with that sun glare on all of the normal spots like the schuylkill expressway where is there already an accident now, eastbound on the schuylkill, right here near belmont avenue that is causing a delay. twenty-five minutes the trip
6:49 am
there southbound i-95 just about 25 minutes from wood have men to downtown. the septa a kicked in their new spring schedule, today is first monday morning rush hour where that adjustments on all buses, subway and trolley lines. i put an update on my facebook, twitter page and north on the boulevard watch for delays today between the schuylkill and ninth street but the roving penndot crews coming our way at 9:00 o'clock. did you see this over the weekend? >> paid for the whole thing. >> first grammys, beginning of the week and now at the this beautiful wedding. >> more than at wedding she was maid of honor. this is a friend she has known since birth. it is first time she has ever been a maid of honor. >> boy they had a beautiful day though, didn't they. >> true. >> wedding took place in reading. >> the recession was at berkshire country club bern township, wow. >> very nice. >> they have known each other
6:50 am
instant they were little. >> they were able to keep their friendship. >> she popped out, and this other would map was in the crib next to her, in the hospital. >> hey nice to meet you. >> they started talking back and forth. >> through the plexiglas little cribs. >> yeah. >> since birth they have known each other. >> wow. >> that is why i said since they were little. they weren't aware when they were born. >> i'm going with what the copy says, since birth. >> okay. >> right there in the hospital. >> they actually ate in the cafeteria together. it was a nursery rhyme. new other singer, that used to be big time famous, keisha. >> she still has fans. >> he does. she's in the court battle with her producer doctor luke for sexual and emotional abuse, along with sony was also involved, for it's a alleged negligence of the whole thing. >> here's what happened on friday a judge denied singer's
6:51 am
request to be released from her contract with sony and now, other big name celebrities along with taylor swift they are trying to show their support. >> in fact taylor donated a quarter million-dollar to keisha to help with her financial need during this court battle. >> miley cyrus had shared this image of fiona april that he will read i'm so angry for you. this he were wrong. i'm's so sorry. kelly clarkson chimed in trying not to say anything because i can't say anything nice about a person so this is me not talking about doctor luke. >> gaga got involved. >> there are people all over the world that have love you, keisha and i can say i'm's truly in awe of your bravery. >> so what did this judge decide they didn't have enough evident that she was sexually assaulted by this guy. >> plus the fact that sony had made decision they don't to have work directly together anymore. so judge was saying do you have to get out of your contract if you are not directly working with this contract. >> he still gets to be paid.
6:52 am
>> that i do not know. >> yeah. >> well, a a big reunion over weekend for a very famous, group. >> so destiny's child came together to celebrate kelly rowland's 35th birthday. kelly posted this picture on instagram, of course, she sees gang all back together again. this is in a photo booth. it looks like an unofficial reunion have the private one let us know that we are settle friend. >> one of the war pictures have beyonce i have ever seen. >> it is a photo booth you are supposed to be silly. you can always give face. >> always give face. >> what exactly is that. >> you know, give a sexy face. >> duck lips or whatever. >> they are fun, mike. >> let them be them. i love them. in the next hour, getting paid, i'm getting paid, just to live, there are some places in the united states that
6:53 am
offer incentives, for doing nothing more than living in that town. this is perfect for kid trying on get their first jobs out of college. delaware i want to move. >> one of them is nice.
6:54 am
6:55 am
well, we are continuing to honor the myth of african americans. >> and some big name philadelphians, and a sixers great are making this morning's spotlight because of her birth the day. >> a very happy birth the day to julius irving, better known as doctor j, the nba hall of famer, wow, was an innovator
6:56 am
who change the way that the game was played. he was a wizard with that basketball, performing feat never before seen, crunch. i'm talking about midair spins and whirls punk wait by powerful slam dunks. we remember that slam dunk from the free throw line. he played with the sixers for 11 years. doctor j is 66 today. ♪ >> and on this date in 1989, two philadelphians win the first ever rap grammy awards, of course we're talking about will smith and dj jazzy jeff for their hit single parents just don't understand. song was second single from the the fresh prince album called he is dj i'm the rapper. >> my daughter's favorite cd that year. >> did she feel like you didn't understand. >> probably in the but we heard it 165,000 times in my
6:57 am
house. see that robot right there, we now have robots that will do just about anything in your house, including well, hiring people
6:58 am
6:59 am
a husband returns in the burning home to save his wife what happened inside and the
7:00 am
shock the community is dealing with this morning. i said you are not here are you. >> an uber driver accused in a deadly shooting spree. the warning one of his passengers put out on social media right before he started shooting. and, donald trump marches on. the big win for the donald this weekend, so why is he worried about the light. >> turn off the lights, turn off the lights. we will go one on one with the philly police officer who leaves you laughing on social media. >> he is responsible for that kanye post, tweet whatever he did. >> hot line bling, did he that too. he is with the times, man. >> i saw it on tmz. now he is on "good day philadelphia". >> lets the get to weather and traffic because we have to get out to boothwyn.


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