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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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after he's followed by two men. police are worried they can strike again g evening i'm yann pa. >> i'm dawn timmeney. lucy noland is off tonight. those suspects followed the victim for more than 10 miles. fox 29's jennifer joyce is in bucks county where she talk to police about their concerns. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, dawn. police tell us that they are concerned because for one the suspects are still out there. also they say things like this don't typically happen in this area, and thirdly, they do believe that this was a random crime. >> it's scary, that's for sure. >> reporter: scary to hear that buck county man was followed home and august sauled at gun point last week. police say the 64 year old victim was returning from a business trip in the middle of the night. he drove from the hamilton train station to his lower makefield township home where he was met by a man with a gun. >> we think that he was chosen at random. he was followed at some point during his trip, that the actors followed him to his home in attempt to rob him inside of his
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garage. >> reporter: police say the victim put up a fight. at tack kerr ran off without stealing anything and hop flood a get away vehicle. police don't have a vehicle description. but they're looking into surveillance video to provide additional clues. while investigators aren't sure whether the victim was preyed upon at the train station, passengers say they'll be extra careful. >> you think someone is following you you should try to get a policeman. >> i always, you know, check my surveillance fifty oneings. look behind me, in front of me. >> joe of hamilton township says she avoids late night travel altogether. >> 3:00 in the morning and you're by yourself and going to a lonely parking garage, i don't know that i would do that. >> reporter: and police agree with all those safety tips and they say they would like to hear from you. if you have any information about this attempted robbery, call the lower makefield township police department. iain. >> jennifer, thank you scary moment foreman in north philadelphia this weekend when two people forced their way into his cambria street home.
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it happen friday morning around 1:30 when a woman knocked on his door asking to use his phone. she was using the phone works more men came inside one of them arm with baseball bat. victim was hit in the face. the suspect the got away with more than a thousand dollars. suspects are driving a red pick up with the word drywall on the back. a woman who once hell the title of miss new jersey has died from injuries she suffered in a bad car crash last week. her family and the television station where she work say kara mccollum died at cooper university hospital early this morning. police say the 24-year-old from margate was alone in her mustang and was not wearing her seat belt when her car spun off the roadway and hit thee trees. her family says in a facebook post she died with her family by her side in an operating room mccollum won the 2,013 miss new jersey pageant. the arkansas native went to prince top university and was an anchor on snj today a news show serving the southern new jersey area. we're told she donated her
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organs. police are looking for a second suspect in connection with a steadily crash that happened over the summer. 20-year-old ryan farrell raw allegedly drag racing against christopher bloom field. bloom field lost control of the car and hit a tree splitting that car in half and killing three passengers. police arrested bloom fold on saturday but say they have not been able to find farrell. if you know where he is, police would like to hear from you. it was another great day to get outside. for the third straight day temperatures hovering above average as we like to take a look right now in allentown, pennsylvania. temperatures in a lot of areas topping 50 degrees. almost feels like spring out there. am. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams outside our studios with a look how long it will last. scott? >> hi there, iain. certainly was a nice weekend and also a pretty nice monday across parts of our area. but let's talk a little bit about the change that is will be taking place over the next several days. take look at today's hoy temperatures. we were five to 10 degrees above
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normal. allentown 53 degrees. 53 was the high in philadelphia. wilmington hit 51. reading 50 degrees along with atlantic city. so right now, temperatures still not that bad. it will be comfortably cool if you're stepping outdoors. overnight low temperature that's city around 36 degrees. with increasing clouds. so, yes, we're dry, we're quiet now but take look at all of that moisture off to the south. that is tomorrow's system to bring us really round one of what will be several rounds of rain throughout the week. the first arrives tomorrow. the heaviest like the wednesday into thursday. and we could even hear a rumble of thunder. much more on the timing and amounts of the rainfall this week when i come inside. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. developing story tonight out of camden county. a local church deciding to hold meetings so the community can learn about the black lives matter movement. now they say science promoting those gatherings have been vandalized.
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bill anderson joining us from our newsroom with the details. bill. >> dawn, the black lives matter movement as we all know has been a rallying cry to some and offensive to others. oh local church thought it was time to bring everyone together to discuss the movement and try to find some common ground. unfortunately, vandals apparently don't want that discussion to happen. ♪ >> reporter: to the second time in two weeks a local church has been vandalized seeming for trying to organize a discussion over the impact of the black lives matter movement. >> because of our history being involved with the civil rights movement here at our church, it was time for us to stand up and say, you know, what can we do about this issue? >> reporter: unitarian universal lift church here in cherry hill is hosting a forum on thursday entitled why black lives matter in south jersey. >> to promote the forum they posted banners and signs on their church grounds but each time they post them someone cuts them down and this time they
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damaged the wooden structure that the signs were damaged to. >> we're trig to promote discussion and these kind of actions do the exact opposite. but the fact of the matter is, they can't stop the discussion by stealing signs. by destroying property. >> reporter: forum is scheduled to include community, government and representatives from the police. it's also noteworthy that the congregation here is 90% white and they feel that the black lives matter movement should not be dividing us by race. >> racism, economic justice, these things are all tied together. we need to begin the discussion to untangle this knot and try to figure out together how we can do better. >> reporter: the forum will go on as schedule. because church representatives tell me the vandalism that they face just proves that this forum needs to happen. >> they can rip down signs. we'll put them back up. it costs us money but that doesn't make any difference. the fact is this conversation
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needs to take place and it will. >> reporter: now, police report about the vandalism has been filed. more importantly, church leaders are putting up even more signs and they want to spread their message. they believe we need these for forums to better our communities and they won't be intimidated. iain. >> all right, bill, thank you. tmz sports has and a an exclusive first look at dam cam video of jalel okr okafor clockt doing more than 100 miles an hour on the ben franklin office on october 19th. the rookie center was pulled over for going 108 miles an hour in a 45 miles an hour zone over that bridge last week. he was fined $439. >> happening now, taxis and nerving enough without con artists making it worse. big bucks are flowing into the hands of crooks these days thanks to pair of scams targeting individual taxpayers. thieves are actually coming at us from both directions these
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days. >> con us into giving them money and grabbing our refunds right out from under us. bruce gordon joins us with a story, bruce, this brand of thievery is just exploding. >> irs reports the incidents of scamming folks into paying them and stealing refund out from under the taxpayers themselves well they're through the roof. this is information you need to know. bella got a phone message several weeks ago that sounded a little like this one. >> irs is filing lawsuit against you. >> they said we were in trouble because of something and, yeah, there was money involved. >> reporter: what goes through your mind when you saw that originally? >> when it first came up on the screen it's unnerving, right, because you think, that's scary. law enforcement. >> reporter: i don't think i've done anything wrong but somebody seems to thing i have. >> somebody thinks i have. >> reporter: bella ignore the call and dodged a bullet but nicole cassidy wasn't so lucky. she filed her income taxes through turbo tax earlier this month expecting a nice big refund.
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>> then i went to submit it, it bounced back at me and said, you've already submitted it. >> reporter: your reaction when you see that? >> that doesn't sound right. >> reporter: identity thief had already submitted a return in nicole's name for her refund. weeks later, nicole's case is still being investigated by turbo tax and by law enforcement. >> you're still going to get your refund. i'm going to get. i'll have to wait three to six months. >> scammers are nailing tax tax from both ends. sealing their identity and refunds to the tune of $20 million a year and says congressman pat meehan, using e-mail and phones to con victims into willingly paying off non existent debts. >> in the last season it was estimated by the irs that some $25 million worth of dollars were paid by individuals who falsely believed that they had obligations to the irs. meehan joined police officials in ridley township to
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warn consumers about these irs scams. both of our having timms live in ridley and over the past month or sing. >> , we've taken upwards of 50 or 60 calls from concerned residents of our municipality dealing with this irs exam. >> reporter: go to we will link you to the information you need to avoid being ripped off. we do not need my more reasons to hate tax season. dawn. >> no, we don't, bruce. thank you. more people in pennsylvania have tested positive for the zika virus. why that number may sky rocket soon. >> and could the flooring in your home be giving you cancer why the cdc says the flooring sold at lumber liquidators is more dangerous than previously thought. howard? down here in clearwater, florida, the phillies veterans are supposed to report but not all of them are here. we'll talk about it coming up in sports.
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>> cdc says there's three times more cancer risk using lumber liquidators floors than previously reported. it contains forma al did he hide linked to cancer. they said there was no increased risk of cancer but corrected themselves after it turns out they used incorrect ceiling heights in their testing. dhs now been contacted about a daycare incident involving a baby being bitten. >> we told you last week that a mother says another baby bit her daughter at the bright side academy in kensington. the mother says similar incidents have happened like this before. but right now, the daycare is not saying what it's doing prevent kids from hurting each
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other in the future. but says they are conducting an internal investigation. police are looking for three people they say robbed and shot a cabby early in the morning on supper bowl sunday. two men and a woman seen in this surveillance video leaving a subway on broad street when employees say they waived down cab, arriving at their destination, and then pointing a gun at the driver and demanding money. investigators say both men then fired at the cab driver hitting him once in the shoulder and causing him to crash. now that cab driver is okay and is recovering. if you recognize any of the people in that video give police a call. in feltonville police looking for the men who walk into the finest cuts barbershop pointing guns at the victim and then stealing his money. this happened on saturday night at 9:00 o'clock on the 600 block of east wyoming half. suspects getting away with $170 in cash. >> the pennsylvania department of health confirming two new cases of zika virus ba today that brings the total number of people in pennsylvania infected
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with zika to four. the health department is not releasing patient names or how they contracted the virus but the number could be growing. officials are waiting for test results from 124 others who may be infected. all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it's not so much -- it's still winter wet authority but it kind of felt like spring today. >> you must be loving this. >> great winter for me. >> i mean, the last several days beautiful weather much the weekend was nice. today was really kind of a taste of spring. but take look behind me. satellite/radar showing you thicker clouds off to the south along with a slug of moisture and really right now, toward the deep south, that's round one that will be moving in early tomorrow morning. so as we look at temperatures, look at this. 48 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the south southeast at about 3 miles per hour. the normal high is frick. we made it to 53 degrees earlier in the day. so here's the setup as we gip tomorrow. high pressure still to the north. so a little bit of cold air far
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north and west. the onset of this moisture moving in tomorrow morning could be a little bit of a wintry mix and then we'll continue to watch for that rainfall throughout the day tomorrow so grab the umbrellas but then off to the south, that will be the second wave that will be moving in for the middle of the week. so we'll take you hour by hour. a little closer here looking at the time and the temperatures here's tomorrow 8:00 a.m. watching that rainfall move in to central delaware, south jersey and then continue to overtake the area really by lunch time into the afternoon. there could be a little bit of sleet a wintry mick as you move toward the lehigh valley and the poconos as those temperatures rise well above freezing and then as we continue into the overnight, early wednesday morning, that's round one it's moving out of here we'll get a little bit of a lull by the wednesday morning commute and then once again that heavier rain will be moving in wednesday afternoon and evening. so here's the setup again. high pressure off to the north. watching wave one move through
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tomorrow. mainly rain and then that heavier rain the instead yesterday rain really not until wednesday into wednesday night. there could be a rumble of thunder and then behind it colder air and look at that. accumulating snowfall but not for us. we're talking about that rain it's really going to be adding up. take a look at four cost rainfall as we move through tomorrow morning. not a whole lot of rain but then watch what happens. as we advance the clock, through thursday at 2:00 in the afternoon an inch an inch and a half is definitely likely widespread across the area with this system. so just be mindful of that. so tonight, it's dry, but it's chilly increasing clouds. temperatures in the 30s. mid 40s for highs tomorrow. and then once again, the onset of that could be a brief wintry mick but changing over to rain. and look at the seven day forecast, we keep things really wet as we move toward wednesday. 57 degrees. and then take look at thursday. morning clouds, morning rain clearing, 55.
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breezy for friday. the upcoming weekend, not that bad. we're looking at temperatures topping out in the mid fours. so a little bit of roller coaster ride. we had nice weekend. now get ready tore that rain. it's going to be a lot. >> it doesn't feel like february. >> no. >> it doesn't feel like winter. >> i know it doesn't. >> it's been a roller coaster. real quick i got facebook viewer angelique chapman can you wish my grandma happy birthday. her grandmother who's a fox 29 viewer miss arlene in a smith is 108 today. happy birthday. >> i want to be like you when i grow up. >> let's get down to clearwater with howard. >> iain, i got a birthday list. can i do some, too. >> when year 108 you can. >> a dog day afternoon here in clearwater. and the veterans were supposed to report for vehicles. one guy didn't show. we'll talk about that coming up in sports. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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♪ the veterans here in phillies training cam weren't scheduled to report today. all of them for physical if nothing else. but maikel franco is not here yet.
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now, pete mackanin says and he gives him a pass, he says as long as he's here for the first workout tomorrow and i think he's supposed to come in tonig tonight. so, all right, but there is a veteran that did show up and that was not a surprise but the surprise was he work out, too. the wait for the guy to fill this locker, yes, it's over. ryan howard arrived this morning at about 7:40am for his physic physical. but he actually worked out with the team. took batting practice. yeah, he took some swings for about 20 minutes. took infield, yeah, he did that, too, for about 10 minutes. he would not talk much today. actual only a couple of times. this one coming offer field. >> would i like to say anything? >> yes. >> you guys talk to greg. >> you guys talk to greg. >> i know it's tomorrow. i don't know. i thought it was today. >> reporter: in baseball some teams have actually named their opening day starter. manager pete mackanin well he's not there yet.
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>> it's all about who we think is the best man for the job whether we lean on experience or we lean on, you know, geek like nola who we think a lot of, who we think can handle it a lot of can you handle it? you have the stuff to be that guy. do you want to be that guy? we have to find out. >> larry anderson the phillies broadcaster knows pitchers. >> i love the kid. i think he's got great stuff. he might be become another doc holiday. we haven't seen it to put those labels on kids early, i think can be -- can force them to put more pressure on themselves as. these guys -- let these guys relax. let them be comfortable where they're. somebody has to pitch opening and it looks like it would be aaron. >> all right. the first official workout for everybody tomorrow and iain, i'm going delay my trip for dinner because i'm going tout to get some birthday candles and we'll all have a party. back to you in the studio. >> all right. (laughter).
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>> all right. keep us laughing. >> i'm 108 deserves a shout out. >> i agree with you thon. >> salute. >> god bless her. if i get to 108 you bet give me a shout out. >> bare mattress, cold air blowing under a door and hunger this man faced in philadelphia rental with a history. see what happens when fox 29 investigates comes calling tonight at 10:00. >> all right. how about final look at weather. >> clouds rolling in. grab the rain gear for tuesday really through thursday. one to 2-inches of rainfall expected out of this and some temperatures changes, too. >> all right. thank you, scott. that will do it right here for us at 6:00 tonight. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition is up next. thanks for watching. ♪
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you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. first video. the uber driver accused of opening fire on six total strangers. blow by blow, what happened. >> dispatch all units. >> and the warning that went out on social media just 30 minutes before the rampage began. >> it's hard to believe that the guy was sitting just one foot away from us. then, it was sabotage. >> they didn't pay the electric bit. oh, i like that much better. who pulled the plug at the big donald trump rally? >> turn off the lights! turn off the lights! >> and, exclusive, the accused phony kid doctor speaks to "inside edition." >> how many patients has the clinic treated? then, meanest hoax ever. >> imagine having the world think that you had 14


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