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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 23, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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z ♪ right now on fox 29 news at 10:00 a philadelphia cab driver says these three people nearly killed him tonight he describes only to fox 29 how the trio has put his whole familiar until jeopardy and left him with a constant reminder of a terrifying night this has police work to track these armed robbers down before they strike again. good evening, i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. the cab driver is recovering from several gunshot wounds. he talked only to fox 29's dave schratwieser. dave is joining us live from philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: dawn, this was a real close call. the cab driver telling us tonight that the two gunmen fired at him from just inches away inside his cab. somehow he managed to survive. >> gunshot wound to his upper arm is still visible and a bullet is still lodged in his side. but this 38-year-old cab driver
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who asked to us conceal his identity is grateful to be alive after being shot at close range inside his cab. >> i said thank god. i'm still here for my family. i'm not dead this time. >> reporter: police say these are the three suspects who shot the driver after they announced a robbery then shot him once in the forehead, then a second time in his arm. they were caught on septa surveillance cameras seconds before they left the broad street subway line and hailed down the cabby. >> you can identify these individuals. if you know them, that's what we're banking on someone to identify them for us. >> reporter: the driver us what stopped near the suspects by this gas station at wharton. one sat in the f front seat. the other two sat in the back. when they reached 28th and tasker, they shot him. he drove off with the gunmen still in the car he crashed at 23rd and morris. >> the cab driver actually gets out and flags down a patrol officer in that area. able to get him to the hospital.
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>> i can't go to work. >> reporter: the father of four who came here from haiti in 2008, has been out the hospital for about week now. recovering at home from the gunshot wounds. he's not well enough to return to work just yet. >> i'm not okay. i have nothing to pay my bills. >> we're lucky this guy was able to survive and not injured for fear severely. >> reporter: while he plans to get back behind the wheel of this cab. the driver is hoping the release of this surveillance video will help police nab the gunmen. who he believes tried to kill him. the driver tells us the suspect doctors not get away with any money. police tell us those three suspects may be from the same neighborhood where this shooting occurred. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. developing to night in camden county, police looking for a missing teenager. investigators think 16-year-old riley romano could be in danger. the girl has not been seen since about couldn't 30 last night at herber lynn township home. police think she ran away this
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morning but they did not say why they think she might be in danger. f. two is assisting in the search. on your radar, rain. looking live at the buffer parkway. beautiful night to head outside, and check out the full moon it's gorgeous out there. but, of course, kathy orr, changes are a coming. >> that's one thing that's constant, change. right? on our satellite/radar you can see the clouds rolling in. high clouds that will thicken during the overnight and the rain will be knocking at our door tomorrow mcby 7:00 a.m. it will be in south jersey and delaware but for most of us the morning rush will be dry. so it's a lot of rain moving up the eastern seaboard associated width an area of low pressure right now heavier showers through at land tan extending down through the panhandle of florida and this will be moving our way during the day and nighttime hours of tuesday. 40 degrees right now in philadelphia. mount pocono 30. 37 in reading. 39 degrees in wildwood and in lancaster it is 35. as we track the rain we'll be seeing the showers moving up from the south at 7:00 a.m. and then by noon, moving through
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philadelphia with some warmer temperatures in the 40s. but a potential icy mix in the lehigh valley reading berks county and even into the poconos by the noon hour. so please be air wear of that and then we'll warm it up as the day progresses much this is our first run of -- round of rain. the second round of rain comes midweek with thunder and concerns for flooding. more thon with your seven day. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> th today, thanks. happening now a council president accused of ripping off her own borough. president of upland borough council facing a list of charges to night. she's accused of of forging a signature and now detectives are trying to piece it altogether. let's get straight out to our chris o'connell whose live at upland borough tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, the small borough here in delaware county upland rocked by a big scandal tonight. borough president christine peterson is out of jail tonight released on her own recognizance after being arrested by the department she works for.
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charged with forging another employees to beaus timecard. she's right there front and center welcoming visitors to the upland borough website. but tonight, borough president christine peterson is an accused felon. the 52-year-old is charged with forgery and theft from the borough where she works. >> miss peterson in? >> no. >> do you think you can give her my card? >> peterson didn't come to the front door when we wept to her upland home. according to the arrest affidavit, signatures for upland police detective were fraudulently placed on two timecards last july. allowing that detective to be paid $1,600 when he was actually on vacation. it's alleged peterson who also serves as the department's add stiff assistant forged the signature. the arresting officer the chief of police who wasn't talking about the arrest of one of his own. >> hey, chief, can you talk to us about why you made an arrest
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of your borough president? >> sorry new york comment. >> you made the arrest. don't you think your people -- >> excuse me, sir. excuse me, sir. >> don't you think your people need to know. >> excuse me, sir. >> what motive did peterson have to change an officer's timecard. that's what the delaware county district attorney wants to know. nearly a dozen da detectives spent the afternoon questioning employees inside of upland police headquarters. while upland residents wonder what's going on in their borough. >> very surprised. absolutely surprised. i would never have pinned her on n no. >> people that are supposed to be standing up for you, yeah, that's interesting. >> reporter: we tried contac contacting several upland borough officials tonight. only one of them got back to us. the mayor saying he has no comment. peterson is due back in court next week. dawn? >> thank you, chris. former miss new jersey who was critically injured in a bad car crash on a new jersey highway last week has died.
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kara mccollum's family say she passed away at cooper university hospital early this morning during surgery. the 24-year-old in margate was alone in her car and was not wearing her seat belt when her spun -- car spun off road and hit three trees monday night. she went to princeton university and was an anchor on snj today a news show that serves the southern new jersey area. fire investigators are trying to figure out what started a deadly house fire in delaware county. the fire marshal says 51-year-old beverly mccabe decide died inside her home in boothwyn after flames ripped through the place yesterday. neighbors say her husband tried running back inside to save her but could not reach her. he's now in critical condition at chose sorry chester medical center being treated for burns. >> a burglar uses a rock to break no several businesses in drexel hill. this man broke the glass to the front doors of three businesses at the drexel lion shopping center early this morning. once inside, the investigators
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say he ransacked cash registers. if you recognize him, call upper darby township police. police in bucks county trying to find two men accused following a man home and trying to rob him at gun point. it happened late thursday night. investigators say the 64-year-old was coming back from a business trip and got in his car at the train station in hamilton, new jersey. at some point according to police, two guys followed that man to his lower makefield township home. investigators say they wanted to confront the 64-year-old in his garage. >> we think that he was chosen at random. that he was followe followed ate point during his trip. black male rushed in behind him and pointed a gun at him. the homeowner struggled with the gunmen. they fought and the gunmen ran away to waiting vehicle. >> police are hoping to find surveillance video that cave caught the vehicle. two got away empty handed. if you've got any information call lower makefield police. bill cosby's wife camille is not done answering questions in
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a defamation lawsuit against her husband. she has agreed to be deposed for a second day. this comes after mrs. cosby answered questions for about 2.5 hours today. the deposition will couldn't next month for her. seven women filed a lawsuit in massachusetts claiming bill cosby defamed them by calling them liars after they came forward about alleged sexual assaults. lawyers for mrs. cosby had tried to block the hearing several times even as late as this past weekend saying she could not help in the lawsuit but the plaintiff's lawyers say since she's acted as her husband's business manager, she is valuable to the process. police looking for a second suspect in connection with a deadly crash that happened over the summer. 20-year-old ryan farrell was allegedly drag racing against christopher bloom field. bloom field lost control of the car and hit a tree splitting the car in half and killing three passengers. police arrested bloom field on saturday but they've not been able to catch up to farrell.
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if you know where he is police want to hear from you. if you plan on driving through bridesburg don't be surprised when you see some detours signs. starting tonight penndot is closing the intersection of juniata street and almond street for two months to install a new storm sewer. it's all part of storm water management system improvement plan associated with penndot's $160 million project to install new ramps between i-95 aramingo avenue and the betsy ross brid bridge. this guy says he's running a nice place for folks to rent in philadelphia but his history tells a different story. >> reporter: your records are horrific. >> that's a false lie report roar your records are horrific g tuberculosis. >> people can't contract them. i didn't give it to him. you said like i gave it to him. >> fox 29 investigates goes undercover. it's a story that may haunt you. personalized license plate that reads, f muslims. how it end ended on the back of
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a pickup truck and what the state that issue it has to say about the hateful message. >> if you use union we are this one might give you chills. a driver accused of in a deadly shooting rampage. how he put 10 customers right in the middle of his violent crime spree. incredible evening for a local military family. first a visit from cary underwood then a high seas adventure with the american idol they never saw coming the surpri
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♪ thousands crowded the wells fargo center tonight to see country super star cary underwood. one lucky family got up close and personal with the star. >> special meeting was with a
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military family and shawnette wilson was there for the surprise moment. you spoke with cary and the family, shawnette. >> reporter: i did tonight and you know the family thought that they were just going to the concert and let's be honest, that is awesome enough, so they were totally caught off guard and surprised when cary underwood walk in and there was more good news. >> we really thought we were just going to the concert. >> the martin family got unexpected surprise tonight waiting to attend the carrie underwood concert at wells fargo center. >> we appreciate you joining us. >> hi. >> how are you guying. >> good. >> great. nice to meet you they were caught off guard when carrie under wooder walked in to personally meet them. >> it is nice to be able to say thank you for -- your whole family really. because they're your support unit but for what you do for us. >> the meet and greet was a ranged by operation home front
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an organization that helps military families and wounded warriors. they are working with underwood and carnival cruise line to give selected military families a cruise to see underwood perform again. jonathan is in the army and has served three tours in iraq and afghanistan his wife kara was also in the army. >> i've been able to sink songs like see you again where people are kind of like, man, my husband just left or, you know, just came back or whatever, and that song like means a lot just to kind of help get them throu through. >> the surprise comes just in time for the couple's tenth anniversary. >> we've never been given an opportunity anything like before. >> we never had honeymoon. >> their daughters are also fa fans. >> very exciting. >> this is incredible opportunity and we are extremely thankful. >> reporter: and back here live, that cruise ship concert will happen this coming november.
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it will be peer side at the port of new york. dawn. >> what great night. thank you so much, shawnette. well, atlantic city officials are using some harsh words to describe a state takeover plan of the cash strapped shore town. mayor don guardian gathering with other government officials promising to fight the state' plan to take over the city's finances. critics say that plan removes power from elected city officials. guardian telling the media the city is willing to work with the state in achieving a financial recovery, however, he says the state plan is a complete takeover of the local governme government. >> in the end, all of our concerns fell on deaf ears. the final piece of legislation that the state presented to us was far from a partnership, it was much worse. it was absolutely a dictatorsh dictatorship. >> the mayor and council members want a plan that will set goals and bench marks for the city to meet so they can get out of
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debt. they say that sort of outlying went nowhere in past negotiations with the state. apple and fbi are still at odds over an order to help unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple says it's not budging much the maker of the iphone is continuing to fight a court order to recover data from the phone of syed foo rook. the families of the some of the victims have filed briefs on behalf of the government in hopes of getting apple to turn over the data. experts say apple is digging in for the long haul and it won't be easy for the government to get everything it wants. to a developing story now. con are a fists making tax season open season on unsuspecting victims and there are literally billions of dollars at stake. fox 29's bruce gordon with a look now at the exams that seem to be gaining steam. >> reporter: bella, got a phone message several weeks ago that sounded a little like this one. >> irs is filing lawsuit against you. >> they said we were in trouble
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because of something and, yeah, there was money involved. >> reporter: what goes through your mind when you saw that originally? >> well when it first came up on the screen it's unnerving, right? because you think that's scary. law enforcement. >> reporter: i don't think i've done anything but somebody thinks have i. >> yeah. >> bella ignore the call and dodged a bullet but nicole cassidy wasn't so lucky. she filed her income taxes through turbo tax earlier this month expecting a nice big refund. >> i went to submit it, it bounced back at me and said, you've already submitted it. >> reporter: your reaction when you see that? >> that doesn't sound right. >> reporter: identity thief had already submitted a return in nicole' name for her refund. weeks later, nicole's case is still being investigated by turbo tax and by law enforceme enforcement. >> you're still going to get your refund. >> i'll have you have to wait three to six months. >> scammers are nailing taxpayers for both ends. stealing their identity and refunds to the tune of $20 billion a year and says
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congressman pat meehan had a sits on the committee to oversees irs using e-mails and phones to con victims to pay off non exist 10 debts. >> in the last season it was estimated by the irs that some $25 million worth of dollars were paid by individuals who falsely believed that they had obligations to the irs. >> reporter: meehan joined police officials in ridley township to warn consumers about these irs exams. both of our victim live in ridley and over the past month or so -- >> we've taken upwards of 50 or 60 calls from concern residents of our municipality dealing with this irs exam. >> reporter: go fox we will link to you the information you need to avoid being ripped off in one of these irs scams. we don't need any more reasons to hate tax season. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. we're following breaking news right now out of the city's mayfair section.
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skyfox is live over the 8200 block of frankford avenue. that's where dispatchers are telling us fire crews just got this house fire under control. it broke out about half app hour ago. we're told two people were taken to aria torresdale hospital. we don't yet know their condition. as soon as we get any updates we'll bring them out on air and online at a teenager is locked in a closet for three days. you won't believe who put her there. how she managed to get away next. starbucks is making some major changes to its reward program why it's not sitting well with some of the coffee giant's most loyal customers. >> one veteran arrives and one is still missing. but not who you think it is. we'll have more coming up in sports. now, with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for the work crews out and about all day tomorrow. mainly 95. they'll be working northbound at grant of a till lunch time and then flip the u turn laverne and
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come southbound after 12 noon. they'll be working north on the boulevard tomorrow as well. from the schuylkill expressway up to ninth street and if you thought your bus was a little early or late today, could have been because of the new spring schedule. septa kicked in. make sure you download the new schedule. i put links on my facebook and twitter page to make it real easy. have great night. we'll see you bright and early. we kick it off tomorrow morning at 4:00.
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>> teenager injured when this helicopter crash landed near pearl harbor has passed away. the tour company chopper went down last week and tourist caught it on cell phone camera video. pilot 13 other passengers were not seriously injured. the national transportation safety board is investigating. prosecutors say uber driver accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage in between fares admitted to the shootings. jason dalton appearing in court for the first time today. now charged with six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. dalton was denied bail. prosecutors say he went on a seven-hour rampage they say daal tan randomly shot unsuspecting victims at several locations saturday in kalamazoo and that he continued to pick up and drop off passengers in between those shootings. in missouri teenager escapes captivity after being locked in closet for though days. >> deputes say her own parents put her in there. the girl was kept in 10 by eight
3:24 am
closeted area in the back porch the door only opened from the outside so the girl had to jump about 10 feet to get through a window. once she was out she ran to an off duty depth pee who called for help. her parents james and rebecca hughes are now facing various abuse charges, neighbors are shocked. >> i mean, like really hurts my heart. i cannot imagine, you know, somebody doing that to their own child. that's just unbelievable to me. >> investigators say once the mom found out her daughter escaped she tried to get away with her two other kids. but was arrested by missouri trooper. the father was later arrested when he returned home. signs at a local church vandalized twice in two weeks. church leaders say criminals are trying to silence an important message. why they believe it's about to back fire. >> you probably have seen this viral video. 10 sick-year-old woman dances with the president. why she says the once in
3:25 am
lifetime encounter now costing her sleep and a few meals that's coming up next. kathy? that's great. in weather we're talking about rain moving in. here's one storm that will be moving in tomorrow with about a third of an inch of rain but the big still is hanging over texas. we'll show was that means for
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♪ right now at 10:30, the search is on for this philadelphia mother who police say left her four-year-old daughter at the center city macy's after she was caught shoplifting. police say 27-year-old mahogany terry tried to leave the store with $1,500 worth of merchandise earlier this month. welling when security brought her into an office they say terry ran off and just left the little girl behind. she is now in the care of her father. a church in camden county is the target of some vandals. for the second time in two weeks, that cherry hill church says signs promoting a black lives matter forum has been destroyed. the unitarian june verse sal church has meeting planned for thursday titled why black lives matter in south jersey.
3:29 am
church leaders say it's a way of discuss the impact of the movement but banners and signs they put up on their church grounds have been torn down. despite the hateful act the forum will continue on as schedule. >> we're trying to promote discussion, and these kind of actions do the exact opposite. but the fact of the matter is, they can't stop the discussion by stealing signs by destroying property. >> the church has filed report with the police. they'll continue to put up signs promoting the forum. a local contractor comes to the rescue of a homeowner who she says was stiffed by another business. workers from j and k roofing showing up at regina gardner's north philadelphia home today to begin repairing her front porch. free of charge. the company owner says he saw gardner's story on fox 29 and just wanted to help after she lost all her money. we told you last week gardner paid two installments payments to another company last june and then the contractor just stopped
3:30 am
taking her calls and didn't do the work. so for months now she has lived in fear of her front porch collapsing. >> i just felt bad. it could have been my mother. i just felt it was a way to give back to the community. to come out and take care of it for her. >> nothing never did this huge for meme okay much it's really nice to see there are beautiful people in the world. self fess people, they know who they are. but there's still good people in the world and that makes me want to look at people and look at live differently. >> john ricketts one of those good people he says he's been blessed so he wanted to share it with someone else. well a dream comes true for a 106-year-old woman and everyone is talking about it. >> the woman meeting president obama and the first lady inside the white house and she even showed the first family how she can still bust a move.
3:31 am
>> that was 106-year-old virginia mclaurin getting a chance to visit the white house for the first time during a black history month event the white house released the video over the weekend mclaurin chatting it with the obamas much the video has gone viral and virginia getting pretty popular. >> my telephone been ringing ever since 5:00 o'clock this morning. you know i didn't a have chance to eat breakfast or lunch. >> she's going to have to deal with that for a little while. it wasn't easy for to get exclusive invite it took a 14 month petition campaign with thousands of signatures to support her chance to meet the president and first lady. >> she'll remember that. >> on your radar gorgeous evening out there, kathy. >> just beautiful and gorgeous full moon as well if you didn't have chance to see that, get out after the newscast and take a peek. at the airport a beautiful evening and there's the full moon above it. you can see jupiter right about 7:00 o'clock if you step.
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the moon of the clock 7:00 o'clock blow it you'll see a bright object that looks like a star and that's jupiter. thanks very much to our crew forgetting that shot tonight. temperatures are still mild out there. the temperature 40 degrees in philadelphia. the dew point is 30. that's the true amount of moisture in the atmosphere. 30 is a low reading still the air is dry. the rain still hours away and the wind is calm. so it's comfortable. by the time we make it to tomorrow morning for the morning rush cloudy skies and temperatures in the 30s. pretty much everywhere but 40s through south jersey and also delaware and you can see the rain beginning to lift up from the south. by noon, we have rain everywhe everywhere. and a wintry mix to the north and we have. by the afternoon, we see a lot of rain but the poconos still could see some snow. maybe some sleet and then we'll move it out by tomorrow evening. we catch a break in the action after midnight and then it's dry through early morning hours of wednesday. but after 6am on wednesday, the rain moves back in with our second storm.
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period of rain and before it ends, a strong southerly surge will rise our temperatures this computer model is indicating temperatures in the 60s. someone could make it in the 60s. here's the setup fort next couple of days. high pressure slides off the coast and allows this area of low pressure to provide us some rain during the day tomorrow. then we see a break during the early morning hours of wednesday. while we're sleeping, and then a bigger storm moves out of texas, up the to tennessee valley noon the midwest. we stay on the warm side of this storm. a lot like the early winter storms and this will be moving out by thursday. so how much rain? well, when you add it you will all up an inch to an inch and a half of rain throughout most of the ar area. a pretty uniform spread from north to south. overnight 36 in the city. suburbs 30 with increasing clouds over unite night. the high foam 45 with a brief mix to rain especially in the lehigh valley could linger longer in the poconos. please beware of icy conditions. on the exclusive fox 29 seven day forecast, pretty warm for
3:34 am
your wednesday. staying mild early thursday but then those temperatures will be falling. sky will clear. we keep it cool but sunny for fry daring saturday and sunday. monday back in the 50s. it's staying mild. soon, spring will be here. >> yeah, not soon enough. all right, kathy, thank you. >> he says he's proud of a rental he runs in north philadelphia but not proud enough to let fox 29 investigates inside. >> reporter: give me a tour, man. >> take a tour -- >> come on now. come on. anthony, give me a tour. >> our camera does get inside the disturbing seen fox 29 investigates found. >> plus a personalized license plate creating a social media fire storm. what one state has to si about this hateful message how about it ended up on the back of a truck.
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choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, all beds on sale. right now find our c2 queen mattress starting at only $599.99. know better sleep with sleep number. ♪ minnesota vanity license plate raising a lot of questions tonight. the plate scene in this picture that was taken by a young somali
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high school student reads f muslims. it's led to disappointment in the local muslim commune n the state agency that issues license plate requests said the plate shouldn't have been issue it called it offensive and dee tasteful. they are in the process of revoking that plate. in your money tonight, some bad news for penny pinchers. starbucks is making changes to its rewards program basically you'll have to spend more money to get morey ward points. starting in april, customers will no longer receive one point or star per visit. instead customers will receive two stars for each dollar spent. right now it takes 12 stars to get free drink but under the new point system, customers will have to earn 125 stars for frue product. some customers say the new program penalizes people who spend less per visit. giant food stores are recalling a brand of cheese because of listeria. the food and drug administration says maytag dare row farms voluntarily recalling its blue
3:39 am
cheese wedges and wheels as well as their blue cheese crumbles for risk of listeria contamination. that organism can cause serious sometimes fatal infections. the fda says no illnesses have been reported so far in connection with the recall. for a full list of products affected just head over to fox a bare mattress, cold air blowing under a door and hunger. that's what this man says he faced in a philadelphia rental with a history. see what happens when fox 29 investigates comes calling.
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♪ bare mattress sleep on, cold air blowing into a bedroom and hunger. that's what fox 29 investigates found when they took an undercover camera inside a city rental to meet a frail elderly man. >> tonight his story and the controversial history of his former landlord. here's jeff cole.
3:43 am
>> what's that that. >> jesse bowden spends his days in this small room in north philly. he sleeps on a bare mattress. there's a table arc tv but no bureau. a portable heater stands near an objection jenn machine. his belongings ring the floor. a door leading outside on this cool december day is rimmed in sunlight. it doesn't fit well within its frame allowing cold air in. there's a bucket on the floor where this fragile, 69-year-old, throws up. he speaks to his social worker about killing himself. >> what makes you want to do it? >> i feel i have nowhere to go up beau up. ground zero here. >> jesse bowden lives at 1382, 1382,-1320 west comer land it's a multi story building where rooms are rented but it's also something else. a former state license personal care home with a record so troubled pennsylvania shut it
3:44 am
down. >> are you here to take these people's money. >> hell new york city. >> you're not. >> absolute not. >> anthony shields is the owner. >> your records are horrific. >> that's a falls lie. >> your records are horrific. >> that's a terrible lie. >> tuberculosis. >> people can't contract things. i didn't give it to him. you said like i gave it to him. >> reporter: that's right. tuberculosis. a serious infectious disease attacking the lungs. according to 78 licensing records inspectors on two days in november of 2011 found multiple residents of the facility had contracted tuberculosis. the records state shields was aware of the outbreak but failed to inform residents or the residents did he say knee of the potential harm of an active tuberculosis outbreak. and there's more. inspectors also found a severe infestation of bed bugs which mr. shields admitted to be uncontrollable despite numerous attempts at eradication.
3:45 am
horrific outbreak of bed bugs. >> you will all over the city. >> that you said you couldn't eradicate. >> shields personal home care license was revoked for gross incompetence. >> mr. shields, they shut you down because you had tuberculosis outbreak in here, right? >> in 2011? >> no. >> there was no tuberculosis outbreak? >> there was. >> and they shut you down. >> not because of that. >> what did they tut shut you down for? >> um there was false accusations made. >> reporter: but that's not what the records say. personal care homes are residences that feed, house and provide services to four or more unrelated individuals. state law requires they provide safe, humane, comfortable and supportive settings for aged, blind, disable, dependent adults like jeff jesse bowden. the residents also pay for their care with their social security benefits. that's how bowden is paying.
3:46 am
1318-1322 west cumberland was run for yours as a personal care home by anthony shields grandmother fanny wilson who died in 2011. inspection documents show wilson had an uneven record with regulators. some times operating on a provisional licenses because of violations. she also failed to pay thousands of dollars in real estate taxes to philadelphia. city solicitors repeatedly placed leans on the property trying to get the money. >> anthony shields took over the home after his grandmother passed and eventually won back his state personal care home license after that 2011 revocation but in january of 2013, the state did an emergency removal of residents after conditions represented a serious and immediate danger. shields no longer has a personal care home license. but that doesn't mean he's out of business. >> are you running a quality facility in here. >> of course.
3:47 am
listen i'm running unlicensed home. i'm allowed to have three people. >> right. >> three people under the state. >> he's right. under state law, which critics have argued is open to abuse, if there are fewer than four residents needing personal care services in a house, it doesn't require a license or receive state inspections. that is what anthony shields is running. >> and you went to three people because if you had four or more, you'd need a state license. >> of course. >> you don't have a state license. >> yes. >> you need the regulation that comes with it. >> that's why i only have three. >> fox 29 investigates was urged to meet jesse bowden late last year by his social worker. she asked us not to identify h her. the social worker says he was unkept and often hungry. >> with his permission in early december we entered bowden's room with his social worker and a camera. there was the bear bed, limited furniture, ill fitting back door
3:48 am
and the bucket. bowden complained he wasn't getting enough to eat. >> you're always hungry. >> they don't feed you that much? >> no. nothing significant. >> the social worker gave us these photos of a largely empty dirty rei fridge of fridge rater. she scholl show a hole in the ceiling. eating area with a bucket below. >> the photos depict an orderly kitchen but it appeared in need of cleaning and the sink was clog. >> i'm uncomfortable. >> sorry worker says a complaint about jesse bowden's living conditions was made in early october to philadelphia's corporation for aging. the county advocate fort elderly. the social worker says she accompanied an inspector with the group in a late november visit to bowden when he was pulled out. he later returned op his own and couldn't explain why to the social worker.
3:49 am
a spokesperson for the corporation said it could not comment due to privacy concerns. we asked shields bow den. >> i cared about him a lot. >> his social worker who we met said did you not take care of him. >> that's not true. >> did you not give him money. >> that's not true. >> that did you not give his meds. okay. >> it's now january 28th, 2 months after we visited bowden. four investigators with the pennsylvania department of human services have just completed an inspection of west comer land. they did not meet jesse bowden. he was found dead in his room on december 14th of natural causes. investigators say shields operation will remain unlicens unlicensed. he still has only three personal care residents inside along with 10 other renters. conditions adequate say inspectors with food, heat and bedding.
3:50 am
but they're watching. shields says he's proud of his business but not enough to let us in. >> give me a tour. >> go take a tour driving down the street. >> come on now. come on anthony give me a tour. >> shields says he's tried trying to improve the place to win back his state license. last month, the philadelphia sheriff was going to sell off the property for back taxes. shields forked over nearly $54,000 to keep it. jeff cole, fox 29 news. of course jeff is staying on top of this story and bring us updates as he gets them. >> tom what's coming in sports. >> good evening. eagles keep dishing out the dollars and just ahead another veteran is cashing in. and ryan howard reports for work down in clearwater today but another veteran who was supposed to be there was a no show. who is absent and when he might
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ phillies with a whole new look for 2016. team ripped up after the national league ripped them up for 99 losses last year. all but one player now in camp
3:54 am
down in clearwater, florida. how war eskin with more tonight on the absentee and an anticipated arrival. >> reporter: the veterans were due to report to phillies training camp today for physic physicals. one player is still not here. maikel franco. pete mackanin says i really don't care as long as he's here for the first workout on tuesd tuesday. okay. but there was one veteran here and he got more than his physical. the wait for the guy to fill this locker, yes, it's over. ryan howard arrived this morning at about 7:40am for his physic physical. but he actually worked out with the team. took batting practice. he took some swings for about 20 minutes. took infield, yeah, he did that too for about 10 minutes. he would not talk much today. actually only couple of times. this one coming off of the fie field. >> hi, everybody. hi, guys. >> yeah, i know it's not much but after infield we got more, well, sort of because the
3:55 am
phillies wouldn't set him up to talk to us today. >> would you like to say anything to any of us. >> would you i like to say anything? you guys talked to greg. >> you guys talked to greg. >> i know it's tomorrow. >> i don't know. i thought it was today. >> reporter: pete mackanin is clearly not ready to pencil in ryan howard to the lineup every day. >> i think he knows what -- you know, he's read and heard and scene what i've said, and he knows that he's got a challenge ahead of him and that he's got to compete nor little bit -- for those extra at bats against left hander. >> big day for ryan howard to speak it's now tuesday. from clearwater, florida, with the phillies, howard eskin fox 29 news. >> all right. howard, thank you. eagles and malcolm jenkins agreeing today on new contract that keeps him here threw 2020. in 2015, two enter september as career high 120 tackles and now a reason to stay. >> ever since i got here to philly, um, i've had two best
3:56 am
seasons of my life personally. it's been the healthiest i've been in my career. and it's really started to -- my career has started to take off. all right. flyers may the carolina hurricane tomorrow night down in raleigh without captain claude giroux. giroux suffered what howard eskin is reporting is a concussion. look at this hit saturday night in montreal. it is a concussion forger row. he will not play tomorrow night hard to believe no penalty caw call on the play. get back to ryan howard tough to see him go. this is probably his last year here in philadelphia. great guy. classy athlete a lot of respect for him. >> thank you tom. tmz followed by dish nation and
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4:00 am
good morning a at 4:00 o'clock police say she ditched her daughter while trying to steel from the local macy a's and now this mother is behind bars. we will tell you where police found her. also developing overnight a home catches on fire what one of the people inside had to to to escape flames. three people wanted by police after a run in with the taxi driver. what the cabby was left with after he says they tried to rob him. good day it is tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. >> well, didn't you wear the right boots today. >> i did. >> watch her approved booths at that. >> seriously i remember it was going to rain all day. >> you listened to sue. >> yes, and she wasn't even hear. >> i still heard what you said. >> you have the fox 29 app. >> no, i just tuned in. >> hi sue. >> she


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