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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 23, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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good morning a at 4:00 o'clock police say she ditched her daughter while trying to steel from the local macy a's and now this mother is behind bars. we will tell you where police found her. also developing overnight a home catches on fire what one of the people inside had to to to escape flames. three people wanted by police after a run in with the taxi driver. what the cabby was left with after he says they tried to rob him. good day it is tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. >> well, didn't you wear the right boots today. >> i did. >> watch her approved booths at that. >> seriously i remember it was going to rain all day. >> you listened to sue. >> yes, and she wasn't even hear. >> i still heard what you said. >> you have the fox 29 app. >> no, i just tuned in. >> hi sue. >> she watched us, streaming
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on line. >> thank you. you can do that too when you are not around your tv, and you do have your phone or lap top or your tablet you can watch us on line too, fox, hook you all up. here it comes. round one of the rain that we did tell but yesterday and it is now starting to edge into the southern part of delaware, salisbury, maryland getting some rain. here it comes. the it the is rain for most, unless you are in the higher elevation where temperatures are lower but we're well above freezing here in philadelphia a 39 degrees so when it arrives in philadelphia in a couple hours it will feel like rain. the feels like 33. sunrise time 6:44. not expecting sunshine today or tomorrow for that matter. so 25 degrees is the current temperature in mount pocono. this is where we will have to have watch once that rain moves in from south to north. thirty-two in allentown. thirty-nine as we mentioned here, 39 in millville, 43 in
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wildwood. wind coming out of the north east, that is springing the clouds, which is good because that is keeping us a above freezing. so today's high temperature should be around 45 degrees on and off rain throughout the day a as we said moving from south to north, throughout the morning, 37 degrees tonight will keep us with rain and only rain. we will talk about when the rain ends and who might get slippery, before the morning is through, it the is all coming up in your seven day forecast. 4:02 is the time, tuesday bob kelly, how are you doing. >> we've got some construction crew is still out here from the overnight, and as sue mentioned the road conditions will change, as we move through the morning. the here's a live look bucks county good morning route one near business route one, the bright white lights are on, cones are still down, they are also still working in bellmawr, new jersey on 295, right at the 42 freeway interchange normal spots working your way toward the
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city. we will go for a ride westbound on the schuylkill expressway coming toward the city. watch for disabled at south street at the south street off ramp and then northbound i-95, we even have have the motorcycle, look at this bobby, our floor director there, pose for the map, we have a disable on i-95 northbound right near the bridge street interchange. they are working outside on the turnpike between morgan town and dunk town until five or 5:30 or so. otherwise looking good on i-95 out of northeast philadelphia a, in problems on the the blue route from saint david down to the airport. we're in good shape on 422 coming out of the royersford. septa kicked in their new spring schedule yesterday so if you haven't already done so make sure you have the new schedule that affects buses, subways and trolley lines. back over to you. >> we're following developing news a mother is in custody after leaving her young daughter behind as she shoplifted in a local department store. >> fox 29's dave kinchen live
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at central detectives with more on this story, hi there dave. >> reporter: good morning lauren and chris. the that is where everything is happening right behind me at central detective. that is where this mother a accused of defending her four year-old daughter was getting busted for allegedly shop lifting and being processed by officers at the central detective division. the police say mahogany ashley terry was arrested by 22nd district police officer outside her home and being booked on several charges. you will recall that fox 29 was the only station there aster i a's four year-old daughter left macy's in center city with a police officer a after investigators say terry left her behind. mahogany perry tried to reeve the exit of macy's with $1,500 worth of stolen merchandise. but she was caught the by security. she had one handcuffed to the bench at security office while staff removed stolen goods when somehow police say she broke free and took off leaving her little girl
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behind. officers raced to the store. they tried to find the mom but they were unable to. they found the girl. they talk to her. they say the girl was able to give her, her name and say where she lived. the girl was taken to dhs and reunited with her mother. now police have been looking for the mother up until now. they did arrest her. she's being book at central detectives. remember, septa's police chief actually tweeted out that the little girl said why did my mommy leave me. very devastating case, just a a few days ago. so right the now this case is still being investigated and mom facing charges at the this time. back to you. >> that breaks your heart why did my mommy leave you. >> just devastating. more developing news this morning this time in camden county merchantville police investigating a homicide that just happened just after 9:00 last night onerous he will avenue. slick tim a man was taken to kennedy hospital where he later died. anyone with any information has been asked to call police.
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two separate fires keeping first responders busy. we will begin in the mayfair section where a person jumped from the third story, sky fox over 2800 block of frankford avenue just moment after reports of the fire. one people were taken to aria torresdale hospital. person who jumped did suffer leg injuries. the other was treated for smoke inhalation, in word what start that had fire. lets go to port richmond where reports of the flames coming from the second floor of the home in the the 2200 block of tie ohio street. fire started around midnight. there is extensive tam age to that row home. l and i is on the scene to determine if the home is safe, there are in reports of any injuries, from this fire. delaware county officials facing charges including theft the and forgery. christine peterson, president of the up land boro council ace accused of forging a police detective's time card. peterson, who serves as the department's administrative assistant is charged with eight count of theft and forgery. police say she changed the time card of the detective allowing him to be paid
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$1,600, while he was on vacation. taxpayers there are concerned. >> very surprised. absolutely surprised. i would have never seen that. >> people should be standing up for you. that is interesting. >> the police officer involved has in the been charged no ward if peterson is still employed this morning. the she's due back in court next week. terrifying ordeal for a local cabdriver just trying to do his job. >> not only was the cabby robbed but he was shot, several times and then left for dead. >> let's turn to steve keeley in central detectives with more on this story, steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: this happened overnight 3:00 a.m. sat the day february 6th but it took a couple weeks for all detectives here to pour through hours of septa surveillance. the here's what they found and released yesterday morning shots of the three people, two men and one woman both guys had guns who robbed and shot while he was still driving their cab. they hailed down this cabby after coming up from the septa broad street subway at pass kerr and morris street.
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>> they shoot me in my head and they shoot me. i thank god i still have my life and my family. >> we're just out here trying to make a honest living, transporting people from one destination to another. it is unfortunate when you have, people looking to rob you and get a quick dollar. we're luck that i this guy was able to survive. we have obtain video from septa a they have good individual from individuals riding on the broad street line. hopefully somebody can identify one of these three, give us a tip to get us one of them in and hopefully we can bring in all three for this robbery and shooting. >> reporter: detective say two things show how ruthless and stupid they are. they tried to kill the cabby while still in the moving cab that they crash. one guy shooting him, the the or guy shooting him through opened partition and back window. the chris and lauren, secondly other thing that makes them not too bright the they didn't
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get anything out of this. >> how much can a cabdriver really have. >> that is just the thing, you wonder how much cash they have, i always pay with credit card. >> all right, steve keeley, thanks very much. police looking for second person in connection with the deadly crash that happened over the summer, 28 year-old ryan farrow was allegedly street racing against christopher bloomfeel. he hit a tree and killed three passengers. police arrested bloomfield saturday but they have not been able to find ferrell. and every year senator bob case holds a day of tribute to make contributions to the society and black community in pennsylvania. this year casey pick former philadelphia a mayor wilson good, senior honored yesterday on the senate floor in harrisburg. reception and discussion forum followed. that portion of the event was mced by our very own fox 29's joyce evans. >> good to see the former mayor again. 4:09. a local church, vandalized twice in two weeks church leaders say criminals are
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trying to silence an important message. why they believe this is about to backfire. we will explain.
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welshing we have coming up at this week two round of rain
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we told but yesterday. round number one is rolling in this morning, and then the heaviest rain will probably come wednesday night, in the overnight hours, rumble of thunder, possible tomorrow as well, and not even out of the question today but there you can see round number one, to our south, starting to edge into southern delaware right now, the rain will continue to move south to north. as we look towards higher elevations in virginia you can see a little bit of pink and that indicates possibility of frozen precipitation and that could happen north and west of the city is where we're expecting that, temperatures will be crucial but around bethenny beach, seaford delaware, georgetown you where to get some rain. here are temperatures looking at lewis, delaware. it is 41 degrees. the that is why we are looking at even rain. forty in dover. thirty-eight in medford lakes, new jersey. thirty-nine in philadelphia. thirty-eight down south in southern new jersey. thirty-four in reading. twenty-seven up in hazelton. so these places are where we have to look for possibility of some slippery conditions.
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when this rain moves in. here it comes south to north by 7:00 it is edging in the philadelphia area and you can see pink possible, just all depend on the temperature at the time the precipitation arrives. we expect to be in the upper 30's all morning here but you see below freezing in mount pocono and possibility of some snow, wintry mix, early afternoon is when that could happen, and then we do expect all rain to take over eventually, pocono mountains is where travel could be slippery this morning and this afternoon. we will get a break between systems but not for too long, because by tomorrow afternoon it is spotty rain and tomorrow evening it is heavy rain moving through just in time for evening rush hour. and then into the overnight hours. we could get, when all is said and done, one to 2 inches on have rain out of this system over the next two days. average high temperature, 46 degrees. we were above average, we have been there since the weekend,
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53 was our high yesterday, today we expect to be in the mid 40's and both days we could see wind driven rain as well. 57 degrees tomorrow and lower 50's, by thursday. friday, saturday, sunday we will see a bit of the warming trend but by friday we're back to seasonal temperatures that will be in the 40's. so today and tomorrow bob kelly, those are rainy days. >> rainy days, i'm smelling grilled cheese and soup over those next two days, yeah, baby. 4:15 on a tuesday. we're looking live i-95 northbound at bridge street interchange in the brideberg section of the city. good morning to the family waking up there in northeast philadelphia, watching, as you work your way northbound there. downtown we have a couple construction penndot guys changing light bulbs here on the vine street expressway coming westbound off of the schuylkill, for the most part as sue mentioned dry right new but you we're starting to see that rain rolling through.
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so the road conditions and morning rush hour will change, as we move through the the rest of the morning. we will slide on down to cherry hill, new jersey westbound lanes of route 70 right here near i295, left over work crew as we plopped right there in cherry hill. they will be out there until 6:00 o'clock or so. could be a rough travel day especially later in the morning once that rain moves through so be ready to check with the airline and of course yesterday was septa a's first workday, that they kick in that new spring schedule. it effects buses, subways and the trolley lines. count down is on, less than a month until st. patrick's day and we are looking for your favorite spot to take the kids, to celebrate the irish heritage, your favorite irish pub and restaurant. how are you getting ready. send us your pictures. make sure you use that hashtag fox 29 irish and it all lead up to the st. patrick's day parade which is right here on fox 29 on sunday, march the
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13th, 12 to 3:00. we'd love for to you come down and join us on the the parkway, myself, kathy orr, mike jerrick will be out there with the rest of the gang and then we will rebroadcast the parade on saint pennsylvania patrick's day itself beginning at 12:00 noon. the chris murphy will be there. >> well, i'm irish. i'm a murphy. >> thanks, sir. >> you got it. >> all righty. a burglar uses a rock to break in several businessness drexel hill this morning police are asking for your he to help catch him. police say this man broke the glass to the front doors of the three businesses, at the drexel line shopping center early yesterday morning. the once inside the stores they say he ransack cash registers. in word how much money he got away with. police in bucks county are trying to find two men of following a man home and trying to rob him at gunpoint this happened late thursday night. investigators say 64 year-old was returning from the business trip at the train station in hamilton, new jersey. at some point according to police two guys followed that
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man from the station to the lower makefield township home. investigators say man confronted the 64 year-old inside his garage. >> we think that he was chosen at random, that he he was followed at some point during his trip, and black male rushed behind him and point aid gun at him. home owner struggled with the gunman they for the and gunman ran away to the waiting vehicle. >> reporter: police are hoping to find a surveillance vehicle. the two got away empty handed. coming up at 7:30 the warning police have for others and what you should do if you find yourself in a similar situation. first at 4:18 the church you see here is target of vandals for second time in two weeks. cherry hill search says signs promote black lives matter forum has been destroyed. unit tear yan universallist church has a meeting scheduled for why black lives math inner south jersey. church leaders say it is way to discuss impact of the movement but banners and signs put up on their church ground have been torn down.
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despite the hateful act the for will continue as scheduled. >> we're trying to promote discussion and these kind of actions do the exact opposite. the fact of the matter is they cannot stop the discussion by stealing signs or destroying property. >> the church filed a report with the police. they say they will continue to put these signs up promote ago this forum, lauren. dhs has been contacted about a day care incident involving a baby being bitten. we told but a baby that bit her daughter at a bright side academy in kensington. mother says similar incident happened there before. right now the day carries in the saying what it is doing to prevent children from hurting each other in the future but they do say they are conducting an internal investigation. atlantic city officials using harsh word to describe take over plan of the cash strapped shore town. don guardian gathering with other governmental officials promised to go fight the state's plan to take over cities financing. guard yan telling media
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yesterday the city is willing to work with the state in achieving financial recovery, however he says the state plan is a complete take over, of the local government. >> in the end, all of our concerns felon deaf ears. the final piece of legislation that the state presented to us was from a partnership, it was much worse, it was absolutely a dictator ship. >> strong word from mayor don guardian. he and members of the council want a plan that will set goal and bench marks for city to meet so they can get out of debt. he said that sort of plan went in where in past negotiations with the state. lansdale family had a huge unexpected surprise before the carrie underwood concert last night. >> we really appreciate you joining us. >> nice to meet you. >> the martin's got the to meet the singing superstar in
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person, millionry family of four got backstage passes and tickets to underwood's concert at the wells fargo center as part of the operation home front a group that helps military family and wounded soldiers. the jonathan martin served three tourness iraq and afghanistan in the army. underwood said she wanted to say thank you. >> it is nice to be able to say thank you for, mean your whole family really because they are your support for what you do for us. it is an incredible opportunity and we are extremely thankful. >> wife cara martin also served in the arm. they will see underwood perform again in nova board the port of new york pier side cruise ship and that family will join us around 1:30. drama down in spring training for the phillies. another veteran was supposed to be there was a no show. who was absent and when he might check in, that is next in sports in a minute.
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good morning i'm tom sredenschek, the phillies will have their first full squad work out the later this morning in clear the water, florida. only one veteran did not report third base man miguel franco but he expects franco in today. ryan howard took some fielding
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and took batting practice. pete mackanin realistic about what will be ryan howard's final season here in philadelphia. >> he knows that he has a challenge ahead of him and he had has got to compete for that little bit of extra at bats against left handers. i think he is ready for it. i think he is willing to show he deserves to be in there every day. >> safety malcolm jenkins will be an eagle through 2020 season. malcolm jenkins and eagles a agreeing to the five-year extension, two interceptions and career high 120 tackles for malcolm jenkins last season. flyers will play carolina hurricanes tonight without this guy captain claude giroux, giroux suffered what our howard eskin is reporting is a concussion on this brutal hit on pk suban on saturday night. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom had sredenschek. video that shows why a innings isers star is paying about 87 times the usual toll to pay the ben franklin bridge, we've got it right here and we will show it to you after the break.
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a mother is behind bars after leaving her child mountain local department store. where police finally caught up with her after days on the run. search for these three, after the run in with a taxi driver, what the cabby still had has after he says a group tried to rob him.
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a missing teenager is helping camden county police try to find her. good day everyone it is tuesday february 23rd, 2016, promising to be a wet the day at that. >> do you have your glushes, you do not want your shoes soggy. >> i don't need them in the studio necessarily. >> you are going out somewhere i saw it in the note. >> don't you read ahead, always prepared. >> hi, sue. >> it is usually a good idea and that is what we're here for to prepare you for the day ahead. now way up to the north lets say lehigh valley, pocono mountains in northern new jersey you are under a winter weather advisory but as we mentioned temperatures low enough when that precipitation hits northern zones it could be in the form of a wintry mix or maybe even some snow. so here's what we got the rain is moving into southern delaware right now, big a a area of rain and thinks round number one. round number two arrives tomorrow. this will be spread nothing from south to north throughout
4:30 am
the morning and again, once it gets to the north of us, it could be turning into frozen precipitation but temperatures are too mild to the south of that to happen. in fact here in philadelphia we are well above freezing with 39 degrees, add in the wind it feels like 33 out there. 6:44 is your sunrise time but best advice toys wear a waterproof, warm coat today because it is going to be raining on and off throughout the day. right at freezing in allentown. 25 degrees in mount pocono. that is what we're talking about. it is well above freezing in the 40's at jersey shore. northeasterly winds at nine, ten, 13 miles an hour depending where you are and today's high temperature will make to it 45 degrees, warmer air moving in along with the rain and eventually, in the northern zones we will chain over to rain. that is the deal for today. then for tonight we are down to 37 degrees. the it stays showery. we will talk about round number two tomorrow and how much rain we will get out of this, maybe even a thunderstorm coming up in the
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seven day forecast. the that is your weather authority forecast. it is time for traffic with bob kelly. road dry for now. >> dry for now but a free car wash compliments of mother nature later today. road conditions will change as we move through the morning. it will be ayuky misses through the construction zones like up here, business route one at route one in bucks county. left over crew looks like they are getting ready to pick cones up a as we are looking live. live look at ben franklin bridge, hopefully this rain will clear out the guck and brine on the road surface from the last snowstorm or two but no problems at all coming into philadelphia on the bennie. work crew is still out here in delaware, 495, from that i-95 split all the way up through the claymont interchange. as sue mentioned rain coming from the south and slowly creeping it way up in toward that wilmington area. be ready rolling out of the driveway this morning, the conditions will change. they are still working on the turnpike between downingtown and morgan town.
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they are working in cherry hill on route 70 at i295 for another half an hour or so and remember until about 5:00 o'clock the off ramp from i-95 to cottman avenue that is closed due to construction. mass transit, at the airport so far so good. chris and lauren back over to you. we're following a developing story a mother is in custody after days on the run. >> she took off from a local macy an "s" store leaving her four year-old behind, after being caught shoplifting, dave kinchen live in center city with more, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. a are devastating story. i check in with detective here at central detectives and they are still processing the mother accused of ditching her four year-old daughter, once again busted for allegedly shoplifting, now. sometimes it takes a while to do this processing and book it. it can take several hours. that is what is happening here at central detective division. police say mahogany ashley terry was arrested by between the second district police officers outside of her home.
4:33 am
she's currently being booked on several charges. you will recall only fox 29 was there aster i a's four year-old daughter left macy's in center city with the police officer after investigators say terry left her behind. police say mahogany terry tried to leave macy's through exit to chestnut street with over $1,500 worth of stolen merchandise but she was caught the by security. she had one handcuffed to a bench at a security office while staff removed stolen goods, but somehow police say she broke free and took off, leaving her little girl behind. officers raced and then tried to find a mother. they were unsuccessful there. the they found the girl at the store, talk with the girl and say that the girl told police her name and where she lived, the girl was taken to dhs where she was reunited with her grandmother while police searched for the mother but they have since found her, the mother again being booked, here in central detectives who could forget septa police
4:34 am
chief tweeting out that the little girl told officers why did my mommy leave me. just such a heart breaking case for a four year-old girl, caught in the middle of all of this, guys. >> that is the worst part of the story, the poor kid. >> thanks, dave. fire overnight in the cities mayfair section forced a person to jump from the third story. sky fox over 8200 block of frankford avenue moments after reports of the the fire. two people were taken to the hospital. person who jumped broke their leg, other was treated for smoke inhalation in, word as to what started the fire. police are looking for three people who held up a cabdriver and repeat thely shot him in point breeze. authorities are looking for two men and one woman whose image was captured by security cameras. investigators say three suspects got in the cab, wanting a ride, 28th and tasker streets on february 6th. once they got the there the two men pulled out guns demanded money and then, fired several shots, the cabby was hit in the shoulder, and then tried to drive away but crashed his car, that is when the three suspects got out of
4:35 am
the cab and escaped. the driver survived and continues to recover from those gunshot wound to his right shoulder. camden county police are looking for a missing teen, investigators say 16 year-old brian, might endanger. girl has in the been scenes since 10:30 sunday night when she was at her home in berlin township. police think she ran away yesterday morning but did not the say why they think she might be in danger. fbi is helping in the coast. camille is not done answering questions in the defamation lawsuit. she agreed to be deposed for a second day. this comes after mrs. cosby answered questions for two and a half hours yesterday. deposition will continue next month for her. seven women filed a lawsuit in that massachusetts claiming bill cosby defame them by calling them liars after they came forward about alleged sexual assaults. 4:35. tmz sports has exclusive first look at dash cam video of sixers star gentleman league okafor clock down hundred miles an hour over ben franklin bridge. this is from the october 19th
4:36 am
as officers trailed okafor's mercedes's cross the bridge. rookie center was pulled over for going 108, speed limit over the bridge is 45 by the way. last week, he was find $439. >> just glad nobody was hurt. a day in court for michigan man charged this is deadly shooting spree, what prosecutors say he admitted to them.
4:37 am
grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill.
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authorities say this uber driver confessed to taking people live on a deadly shooting rampage sat the day. prosecutors say 45 year-old jayson dalton waved his right against self incrimination and confessed to investigators. dalton said little yesterday at his first court appearance. he is accused of carrying out three seemingly random shooting acts one at an apartment complex, another at a car dealership and then in a restaurant parking lot. he was denied bail. if he is found guilty each murder charge against dalton carries a mandatory life sentence. a new study from the national academy of ain'tes reveal sea levels around the world rose faster in the past century then in the previous 3,000 years. scientists say sea rose half foot from the year 1900 to 2,000 which is a significant increase. president obama has a plan to shut down guantanamo bay, white house officials will smith outline to congress later today. president obama has vowed to close prison facility.
4:40 am
he says it is used as a recruiting tool aster wrist and too costly to maintain. congress opposed previous plans to shut it down. the current proposal involves transferring most of the detainees to other countries. those deemed too dangerous for travel will be sent to a detention facility here in the u.s. 4:40 is the time. lets turn to you decide coverage. all eyes turns to the silver state as republican caucus gets underway in a few hours. there are 30 republican delegates up for grab in nevada a the silver state. turnout is low i should say. donald trump is leading polls with marco rubio and ted cruz in a tight race for second. ohio governor john kasich, put in very little effort in nevada, instead stumping in states of virginia focusing on the contests in march. a as for democratic candidates they are focusing their efforts on south carolina ahead of saturday's primary. polls are tipping in hillary clinton's favor at the that point. we will see how that plays out. meanwhile could the floor
4:41 am
in your home be giving you cancer? why the cdc says that flooring sold at lumber liquidator is more dangerous then they previously thought, after the break.
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winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! all right. in case you haven't heard there is rain on the way but far to the north in carbon, monroe and northampton counties we have a winter weather advisory in effect because temperatures are low enough because when that rain arrives it could be in the form at least up there of wintry precipitation, let's just say, freezing rain,
4:44 am
sleet, or snow, or a combination of all of that. here's round number one of the rain that is heading our way and here's round number two in texas. you can see this storm is more potent with the yellow and orange there and heavier rain. that one set to arrive tomorrow. today's rain, begins, soon, as you can see it is starting to spread in southern delaware. look back to the west of us, higher elevations where temperatures are lower is where we are seeing frozen precipitation in the mountains of west virginia and virginia and we will talk about maybe frozen precipitation in our mountains, pocono mountains but for delaware beaches rain starting to move in. it is light but it is here and again, progress is expect to be from south to north. we will look at future cast and watch hour by hour, by 7:00 o'clock, you see it moving in the entire state of delaware, southern new jersey, and edging into philadelphia a. the rain is here for rest of the morning and rest of the early afternoon as well but you can see a little bit of snow possible northern new
4:45 am
jersey, pocono mountains, we will watch that for you a and that round of rain is over by about 10:00 o'clock tonight. it is on and off throughout the day. you'll need that umbrella for sure. you'll get a lull and then by noon at the latest, on wednesday, tomorrow, more rain starts to move in and then it the gets heavy towards evening and could mess up evening rush hour and possibility there of thunderstorm before it the is all out by very early on thursday morning. so that is the timing of the rain, here is temperatures as we walk out the door well above freezing in philadelphia but it gets tricky moving to the north, it is only 25 in mount pocono. thirty-two in allentown but 39 in wilmington. forty down in dover, delaware. our average high is 46 degrees. we have been above average for past couple days and we expect to stay there. warmer air moving in with that rain so it is 45 degrees for today, 57 for tomorrow, and then mid 50's but the temperatures will probably drop throughout the day, that is an early high of 55 on
4:46 am
thursday as chilly air moves in for friday and saturday but we will begin another warming trend as we end february with the leap day on monday of next week, bob? >> bonus day there. >> yeah. >> good morning everybody. 4:46. we got what started out as a vehicle fire quickly extinguished i think with fire extinguishers. this is westbound 422 right her near egypt road interchange. we have a couple police here and this is that stretch of 422 where they dent have overhead street lamps. be careful there. ninety-five looking good. they have picked up cones near bridge street. we are ready for morning rush hour as we are looking live at cottman avenue. this rain is starting to creep up through delaware, eventually coming into wilmington and as it rolls through our area it will impact road throughout the morning rush hour. so depending upon where you you begin and end your trip, things could be a hit will messy. the right now 495 they are still working from exit number one here that split a at i-95
4:47 am
all the way up through exit number five and they should be out of there by 5:30 or so. blue route southbound, in problems, from saint david villanova a down through the airport we are looking good, 422, again westbound we have had that vehicle fire but eastbound in problems coming into king of prussia remember septa a's new spring schedule in play now, yesterday was the first morning rush hour, so maybe if you thought your bus was late, trains came early, get to our web site where i put links up on my facebook and twitter page so you can grab new updated schedule and i-95 north bound another 15 or 20 minutes this off ramp close another to cottman avenue, so far so good the at the the airport but if you have a flight scheduled in or out of philadelphia today would i watch the forecast and check with the airline before you head down to the airport, chris and lauren back over to you. during month of february we celebrate black history month and this morninges black history spotlight we are celebrating birthday of
4:48 am
weddubo is who was born this day in massachusetts. educator and civil rights advocate he was within of the mess important african-american act wrist in the first half of the 20th century. >> co founded national association for advancement of color people also men as naacp. he became first african-american to earn a ph.d. from harvard. >> cool. >> yeah. >> in honor of black history month, american girl debut melody he will olson a african-american character who grew up in detroit during the civil rights movement. cot will release it the as part of the be forever collection this upcoming sum inner celebration of the company's 30th anniversary. let's turn to your health. the pennsylvania department of health, confirmed two new cases of the zika virus that brings the total number of people affected with zika to four. health department isn't releasing patient names or how they contracted the virus but that number could be growing. officials are waiting for test results from 124 others who
4:49 am
may be infect with zika. cdc says there is three times more cancer risk using lumber liquidator floors then previously reported. it contains the chemical formaldehyde which has been linked to cancer. the cdc says first there was no increased risk of cancer but then correct themselves after it turns out they used incorrect ceiling heights in its testing. giant food stores are testing a brand of cheese because of listeria. f.d.a. says may tag dairy farms has voluntarily recalled some of the blue cheese wedges and wheels and crumbles for listeria contamination. that organize miss many can cause serious and face will infections. f.d.a. says none has been reported so far in connection with the recall, however. new study from wallet hub shows that female entrepreneurs may have a hard time in philadelphia philadelphia region which included camden and wilmington was rang 90th out of hundred city for women owned businesses. factors included things like the growth of business,
4:50 am
employees, revenue and support system. they say that the number one thing for women entrepreneurs is nashville, tennessee. free shipping just got harder to come by for amazon's non-prime member, company just raised minimum amount for free shipping from $35 up to $49, so a 14-dollar jump. it is not clear when amazon made that change. amazon prime membership which cost $99 a year are not affect by . facebook unveils the a addition of the birthday cam, instead of reading happy time line post you will be a able to watch video of your pal wishing you well on your special day. it is as simple as reporting a video of yourself with your phone and posting it on your friend's wall. so you know whenever you have all of those posts coming up on your birthday. >> yeah. >> happy birth the day, happy birthday. >> you feel obligated to reply to all of them so oner if you can make your own video post back tour friend, thanking
4:51 am
them all in one swoop. >> they don't feel special. >> because you want individual ones. >> individually said happy birthday to you. >> that is true. >> you are so kind and polite. >> are you that gifted. >> do you reply to all of those folks. >> never. >> exactly. >> it takes way too long. >> they never reply to me. well, sometimes they do. >> they do. >> people love you on taste book i have seen comments. >> you have two little kid who are crazy and a dog and you're trying to learn how to golf. >> and you are going to sleep ape waking up in the middle have the night. >> a facebook mentioning, every day. charlie sheen is winning, winning, on line, and it is you will because of his announce. that he has hiv, really. my goodness. what has the worldcom to lauren dawn johnson. >> i don't know. >> lets look live at our camera, look at ben franklin parkway. i love this john mayor song.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
good morning to reading, pennsylvania. we always say that for reading. >> wake up. charlie sheen's revelation that he had hiv had a major impact on line.
4:55 am
>> his announce. on doctor oz got people talking and opened up dialogue about the the fire storm on social media. >> this is according to san diego state university. the study analyzed google trend and said there are 3 million more searches about hiv than usual. it triggered important topic of public health messages about having safe sex. >> ♪ >> that is rihanna and new video to that song work featuring drake as part of her highly anticipated eighth album. it hit number one on billboard charts after its first week. >> how many artists has drake collaborated with. >> everybody wants drake. >> that is what it seems like these days. >> kim kardashian, how many has she collaborated with? she had shared first photo of her son saint west, on her
4:56 am
app, web site yesterday. >> ahh. >> so cute. >> i love that when their hand are up in the air. >> in the photo caption kim explains that yesterday was also her father rob kardashian's birthday saying quote i know there is nothing more in the world he would have wanted more then to meet his grandchildren. saint was born on december 5th. >> a lot of people are talking and i was watching tmz live yesterday and they were saying they were surprised kanye didn't try to charge someone 53 however millions he is in debt for picture. >> is i 63 or 53. at some point it the ace lieutenant of money. >> 53 million. >> but isn't he cute. >> who, kanye. >> no, baby west. >> adorable. >> he looks just like kanye. >> yes. >> harvey from tmz was saying kanye makes some cute babies. >> good looking guy. star bucks is making major changes to the reward program. why it is not sitting well with some of the coffee
4:57 am
giant's mess loyal customers.
4:58 am
4:59 am
a mother is behind bars as police say she ditched her daughter while trying to steel from a local macy's. how police caught up for her. horrible moment for a cabdriver shot, left for dead. right now search is on for three people wanted in this.
5:00 am
and all eyes turned to the silver state as republican caucus gets underway in a few hours. who is expected to win and will lakely be battling it the out for second place. you know why they call it the silver state. >> why, because they have silver there on the ground and they wanted that silver, for the fight in the civil war, so they brought nevada in the union. >> i lovelies evening to all of the shows yesterday and everybody called it nevada a. i said nevada a. is that just southern girl in me or me in the knowing how to pronounce it. >> i always called it nevada as well being from massachusetts and moved to nevada. everybody there say don't say nevada we will be very upset. >> i say nevada. >> well, i have said nevada too but i'm a nevada girl. >> yes, what happens in nevada stays in nevada. well, not really because we will be talking about it. we are off to a cool start and rain on the


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