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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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this fire looks like they have it income down under control in camden county. this was out of control. steve keeley is on the scene. we will take you their life. hail a cab, hail a bullet, three people wanted by police after a run in with a taxi cabdriver. what a cabby was left with after he says, they tried to rob him. plus mom behind bars, 27 year-old who a abandoned her young daughter at macy's have being caught shoplifting is finally in police custody. >> we were just going go to a concert. >> well, don't get so excited, unexpect surprise for a local military family, what singer carrie underwood gave them they will never for get this. we have that family here in our studio today. >> here. >> yes. >> was it more exciting then what we're showing right there. >> they were stunned.
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>> they were stunned. >> do we have that on tape. >> we will recreate it today. >> carrie underwood. >> that is what i would have done. >> or hi. >> sometimes you have to be cool. >> i bet there is a more exciting part of that tape. the it is tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. >> it is in the raining yet the. >> but it will be by noon. >> even earlier i think. i think before the end of this program we will see rain outside our door. it is a five out of ten. the bus stop buddy is red which his umbrella and make sure kid wear waterproof jack tote day because by the time they get home from school for sure it will be raining maybe even on the way. here's a look at the system, this is system number one out two systems heading our way. it will be today, all day tomorrow on and off rain and it is spreading from southern delaware, into southern new jersey now and we will see it the in the next couple of
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hours right here in philadelphia a a so lewis, bethenny beach, cape may, seaford delaware all getting rain. in the yet here in philadelphia a. 39 degrees. sunrise time 6:44 but very cloudy. we will not see sunshine. we have temperatures below freezing in allentown and mount pocono but 39 in the city and wilmington. wildwood is already in the mid 40's and that is where we are, 45 degrees, windy at times with on and off rain. we are down to 38. it stays rain. we will talk about how much it will get and coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly, dry roadways for now. >> dry roadways right here in philadelphia for new like i-95 behind me here dry and starting to see delays as we roll southbound past our camera into downtown philadelphia. the 42 freeway starting to see volume heading in towards center city we are starting to see delays on 422 and 202 but sliding down to rehoboth beach, there what he go wet roads, sprinkle on the camera
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there. it is coming our way, as roads become wet that will change things for our morning rush hour. rain will change the game for folks heading to the airport this morning. to check with the airlines. so far so good no delays at philly international. that will change in the next couple of hours or so. eastbound schuylkill so far so good little delay between conshohocken and belmont. we have delays south on i-95 from wood have men to center city. septa kicked in their new spring schedule over the weekend. i put a link up on both facebook and twitter so you are good to go for morning rush hour. they are still working on the atlantic city expressway leaving ac heading back toward philadelphia. all centered around that farly service place, mike and alex back over to you. we had a pretty big fire overnight in magnolia, new jersey. lets see what it looks like right now. >> steve keeley is there at the scene, steve. >> reporter: it looks worse then it turned out to be, five two-year old man home alone at the time. here's old adage that the fire departments tell you all the
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time never try to put out a home fire especially one in the kitchen by yourself. when there is a fire in your house get out of the house and call nine is 911 right away this fire wasn't even inside the house. we are here in magnolia right off the white horse pike in evesham road. lucky for him his house is just one door off evesham road which is a a main drag here in south jersey and three people driving by called 911 this guy never even called 911. when the fire department gets here he is in the backyard with his garden hose trying to put out a fire on his back porch. it is not a wood deck. if you think front of the house looks bad the back of the house looks way worse and it is amazing any of this house is left standing. the fire department got here pretty fast but this guy's kitchen spigot was running so main he used his kitchen spigot trying to put on you a fire because that was running and in the backyard with the garden hose. he said he was out, came home
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about midnight, went to bed and woke up by smoke alarms. the fire marshals tell us that he was probably drunk. he was in the coherent in the 100 percent were the word being used to describe himself. the guy is okay. he has adult children in the home at the time and they're labeling this suspicious because they don't necessity how this fire started and it is a strange story but here's your lesson learn f is there any fire in your house even if it is outside don't try to put it out yourself call 911 because your house and your life would be saved. >> keep having to remind people, go for the phone not garden hose. >> important lesson. lets get to lauren with more top stories. >> police are looking for three people who held up a cabdriver and repeat thely shot him in point breeze. investigators say two men and with man got in the cab asking for a ride to 28th and tasker streets on february 6th. the suspect pulled out guns demanded money and then fired several shots. the cabby was hit in the shoulder trying to drive away,
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the crash of his car, three suspects got out of the car and escape. the driver survived and then continued to recover from the gunshot wound to his right shoulder. local mothers is in custody this morning. they left her four year-old daughter in the center city macy's have being caught shoplift, mahogany ashley terry tried to leave the store with $1,500 worth of merchandise earlier this month. when store security brought her into the office terry ran off and then left her daughter behind. little will girl is being cared for by her father. delaware county official is facing charges including sex and forgery christine peterson, the president of the up land boro council is accused of forging a a police detective's time card this happened last summer that allowed him to be paid $1,600 when he was on vacation. peterson who served as a department's administrative assistant is charged with eight count of theft, forgery. peterson is due back in court next week. mike and alex. thank you, lauren. 6:06 on this tuesday.
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former pennsylvania governor. >> that is right, tom ridge, who was a jeb bush supporters, is now endorsing, the ohio governor. he will serve as a national co chair of according to report. tom ridge, who is also a former director of home land security says john kasich quote unquote has both strong command of the national security and policy issues that a president needs. he is ready to be president on day one. >> one governor to another. last december at a bush campaign event ridge blasted g.o.p. front runner donald trump as an advancement to my country. we have wrong video there. we are going to talk about bill gates. >> let's do it right now. >> we have video, ready to go let's just talk about him. >> he is a big name in the tech industry. >> but he is weighing in on the the phone unlock debate. >> um-hmm. >> what facebook has weighed in, google has been talking about this. >> this is interesting, whose
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side would he be on, apple's or the fbi. >> by the way there will be a rally in front of the walnut street apple store this afternoon. >> we will tell you about it in a bit. it has been a month since charlie sheen bravely a announced he was hiv positive on tv what a new study suggest about his revelation. >> bill gates, apple or fbi.
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she looked great last night at the wells fargo seventh. >> she did a great thing. she surprise aid local military family. >> just like in that music video. big strong supporter of the military here in the united states. one lansdale family got a huge surprise, before the concert, they got to meet up with carrie. >> really appreciate you joining us. >> s awe can tell, he is a military guy, keeps his cool. inside i bet his hearties pounding. girls were sure excited. martin's family, military family 406 were given backstage concert ticket. it is all part of the operation home front a group that helps military families and wounded soldiers. jonathan martin, the dad, they is served three tourness iraq and afghanistan in the army. so carrie says she just wanted
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to say thanks. >> it is nice to be able to say thank you, for really your whole family because they are your support and for what you do for us, it is an incredible opportunity and we're extremely thankful. >> that is his wife, cara. >> yes. >> she also served in the army, and family will get a chance to see her perform again in november, aboard the pier side cruise ship at the port of new york. >> how fun will that be. >> that whole martin family, they are coming down from lansdale to sit right here with us. >> they will talk to about that surprise. >> who would you like to meet carrie underwood. >> we know you would be. >> well, 6:12. uber says. >> we will just go to bob here. >> yes. >> we will talk about the traffic. >> that is not me there. >> is there bob. >> two of a kind. >> north bound i-95, disable right in that girard avenue construction zone and to the
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airport we will go where right now everything is looking good on the tote board, but as that rain moved closer to our area we will see delays at philly international. let's grab a coffee and meet you back here in two and a half. car reunder wood. car re. underwood. enamel is your teeth's first line of defense.
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we have two round of rain. first arrives this morning. heaviest rain tomorrow night and that is when we he could
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get rumble of thunder especially this system and this one in texas coming tomorrow. but you can see northern edge of system number one, is already spread nothing to central delaware. and down around hageers town maryland along this maryland/pennsylvania line. we are seeing snow mixed in and that is why we're going to watch pocono mountains carefully because temperatures are well below freezing there you can see rain along delaware beaches and edging into the new jersey shore. we have a winter weather advisory for this morning for carbon monroe counties and northampton counties in the northern part of our viewing area for the possibility of the wintry mix. but for the rest of us, it is a rainy day and rain arrives soon, probably before the morning is through, 45 degrees our high today, even milder air rolls in tomorrow with a high of 56, and it is windy at times with the possible thunderstorm, clearing and breezy with temperatures dropping throughout the day on thursday. friday, and saturday we're in the 40's and we will get back in the 50's, by sunday and monday of next week, monday,
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of course is leap day, only once every four years bob kelly. >> you got it, 6:17. good morning, a live look here at i-95 a advertise able northbound at girard avenue, in the work zone here. anyone leaving center city, heading north bound this morning and this is a hot mess. i came up this way yesterday, heading up, to visit my parents up in the northeast and man you come up girard avenue, there is lines painted, is there old lines on top of the new lines. it is really confusing in the day light. i can imagine how confusing it is before we get daylight out there on the bennie into downtown starting to see volume here in through center city philadelphia. delays on 422, and 202, again beginning of the rush hour. sue mentioned about the rain coming through, here's a look between dewey a and row rebeach this delaware. it is certainly on the way. that will be a game changer and also probably change some travel plans down at philly international. mike and alex, back to you.
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>> 6:18. >> he believes the uber driver accused of killing six people and wounding two others shot his victims randomly. >> unreal. >> jason dalton whom authorities say gave several ride as a uber driver in between shootings was in court yesterday. there he is, he was denied bail. officials a say dalton called the woman by a different name to get her attention saturday evening before shooting her several times. people were also shot outside a restaurant, cracker barrel and a car dealership in kalamazoo. >> uber got complaints about the alleged shoot are on that night. lets turn to chris movie which more on why they didn't do anything bit. >> reporter: scary details. uber received complaints about jason dalton from several passengers last saturday night but the company's a security chief says before saturday uber had in reason to believe anything was questionable about dalton. the 45 year-old is charged with killing six people over a nearly five hour rampage.
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uber security chief says that the company immediately suspended drivers who are accused of violent acts but in the case of eradic driving, typically contact the driver first to make sure it hears both side. one passenger matt million even said he called police to report dalton was driving erratically more than an hour before the shootings began. >> maybe a mile from my house, we got a phone call and after that telephone call he started driving erratically. we were running stop signs. the finally once he came to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran a away. >> so uber says dalton cleared background check and approved to be a driver on january 25th. so in the the long ago. he had given slightly more than 100 rides in that time. meantime dalton's parent his wife and two kids say they intend to fully cooperate to help determine why this happened. police say a search warrant was executed at dalton's house and many guns were seized,
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guys. >> this dalton dude, he is married right with kids. >> absolutely. the here's the scary part with no background. he passed a background check, in criminal record. he just snapped. as you mentioned yesterday, what did that person on the other end of the phone say where that passenger said he then change his demeanor entirely i want to say snapped. evidently did he with the shooting rampage. >> young man with the beard interviewed there he was in the back of the car when this guy took this cell phone call. i got somebody in the back seat i will call you back. >> then he find out, can you imagine being him to find out what happened with that driver. >> having to jump out of the car. >> it got heated between the driver and the young man with the beard, and finally stop, he got out and ran. >> maybe his family can shed light on what in fact happened and who he talk to on the phone. >> thanks. >> lets get to lauren. >> apple and fbi still at odds over orders to help unlock i phone used by one of the san
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bernardino shooters. apple is not budging. maker of the i phonies continuing to fight a court order from the data of the said farouk. some families of the victims have filed briefs on behalf of the government in hopes of getting a apple to turn over that date a experts say apple is fighting this for the long hall and it will not be easy for the government to get everything it wants. amid the back and forth protests are planned in more than 30 cities outside apple stores across the country. activist are protesting against the fbi's in support of the tech company. the protests being organized by a group called fight for the future, they are expect to start at 5:30. big name in the tech industry weighing in on the the phone unlock debate. microsoft co founder bill gates deis siding with the fbi. gates is unsuede by fears of compromised security in the potential legal precedent. he said this is a specific case, and where the government is asking for access to information, and it just simply should be given to them, mike and alex. >> interesting. >> bill gates, big time. drama a down at spring
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training for the phillies. >> another veteran was supposed to be there was a no show, who was absent and when he might check in next in sports in a minute. i'm guessing ryan howard? >> how do you know that. >> he was there. >> some who else could it be, um, we don't have any vets left. here's a look at the lottery numbers.
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miguel franco is expected today. ryan howard checked in on monday, took some batting practice as well. pete mackanin realistic about what will be ryan hour's final season here in philadelphia. >> he knows that he has got a challenge ahead of him and he has to compete for that little bit of those extra at bats against left handers. i think he is ready for it the and willing to show that he deserves to be there every day. >> all right. malcolm jenkins will be an eagle through 2020 season. malcolm jenkins and eag also greek to the five-year extension, two interceptions
6:26 am
and career high 120 tackles for malcolm jenkins last season. flyers will play carolina hurricanes tonight and without this guy, captain claude giroux, he suffered what our howard eskin is reporting on this concussion from this hit from pk subban saturday night. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> really got smacked there. bill gates, and his wife, melinda want young people to get involved in solving major world problems. the pressing issues the power couple wants to us pay attention to. we are get gooding news out of this video.
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three people wanted by police after a run in with the taxi driver. what the cabby was left with after he says he tried to rob them. >> left with bullet. plus mom, in jail, the 27 year-old there she is who abandoned their young daughter at a macy's have being caught shoplifting and running away leaving their daughter behind, she's in custody. >> irs is filing a lawsuit against you. >> conn artists are making tax season open season on unsuspecting victims, scam that seems to be gaining steam as billions of dollars are at stake here. >> man, i still haven't gotten my w2. >> you might want to check on that. >> i should have had them weeks ago. >> i check it last night. i don't know where they are.
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i got to go back to the source, sue. >> taxes, taxes. >> i need help. >> a lot of people do. >> bus stop buddy, he is here to help you, know what to wear today. bring your umbrella, waterproof jacket, make sure you are warm too rain is in the on the way. temperatures in the 30's and 40 a's, and most of us are above freezing but we will get rain. and for most of us, it is only rain but look out here around hageers town, maryland there is a little bit of snow. higher elevation, letter temperature but for us rain is now spreading from kent county, delaware in new castle county and then into lancaster and chester counties. it is almost here. new jersey shore getting rain as well. still dry for now in philadelphia, and sunrise time coming up in a few minutes. 6:44. but don't expect to see sunshine today. 39 degrees right the now. we're in the lower 30's, in allentown, we're just above freezing in reading but well
6:31 am
below in mount pocono and that is where we will have slippery travel. thirty-nine in wilmington. forty-five in wildwood. heading to 45 degrees today with on and off rain throughout the entire day, showers around this evening, as well, and how long this will last? we will a answer that question and bring us the seven day forecast, coming up, bob kelly. >> 6:31. couple things going on i-95 northbound leaving center city a disable right in the work zone at girard avenue. they have it zoom in tight here. it would be in what would be the right lane, there is in shoulder in the construction zone so leaving center city, everybody pushed over to the left there causing a backup on the vine and heading north on i-95 out of the center city. forty-two freeway starting to see volume in towards philadelphia a from atlantic city expressway through bellmawr, crash in conshohocken crawford and front street. we are starting to see delays on 202 and i-95, as we roll through wilmington.
6:32 am
here's a look in front of the dover speed way just a light drizzle and as that rain starts to move north that will change the road conditions for the morning rush hour. east on the schuylkill already about a 20 minute trip, southbound i-95 about 21 minutes out of the north east. over here in magnolia where steve has been hanging out, hollywood drive and evesham road the scene of the fire with local detours in the neighborhood. if you are expect to go fly out of philly international i just check with the airlines there could be delays once that rain starts to hit the airport area mike and alex, back to you. mother is now in custody after leaving her young daughter behind as she shoplifted from a department store. >> she was just four years old, right. >> yes. >> dave kinchen, central detectives, tell us more about this weird story. >> reporter: mother is in line to be booked, we spoke with folks, investigators inside central detectives. she's in line to be booked after being a a accused of leaving her four year-old
6:33 am
daughter while getting busted for shoplifting. this is taking place at central detective here in spring garden. police say mahogany ashley terry was arrested by 22nd police detectives, outside her home. only fox 29 was there aster i's four year-old daughter left the macy's in center city with the police officer after investigators say terry left her behind. police say mahogany terry tried to leave macy an "s" through the exit through chestnut street with over $1,500 worth of the merchandise but she was caught by security. police say she had one handcuffed to a bench at the security desk with staff removing stolen goods but somehow she was able to break free and took off leaving her little girl behind. officers raced to the store. they tried to find the mother. they were unable to find her. they found the girl and police say luck there i girl was able to tell the cops her name, and where she lives. police took her to dhs headquarters where she was
6:34 am
reunited with her grandmother but police continued to search for the the mother this took place about 11 days ago. now the mother is in custody being charged and at this time the sadest part was septa police chief tweeting out what this little girl told officers, saying why did my mommy leave me. just a tragic situation. >> oh, no. >> reporter: absolutely. so look forward to those charges coming at some point this morning or this afternoon, guys. back to you. >> 6:34. lets get to lauren. >> police are looking for three people who held up a cabdriver and then shot him in point breeze. authorities are looking for two men, one woman. their images captured by security cameras. the three suspects got in the car, they asked for a ride to 28th street and tasker street. once they got there they pulled out guns, demanded money and fired several shots. cabby was hit in the shoulder. tried to drive away and crash his car. that is when they got out of the cab and escape. the driver survived and continues to recover from that
6:35 am
wound to his right shoulder. camden county police investigating a homicide that happened just after 9:00 onerous he will avenue in merchantville. victim a man was taken to kennedy hospital where he later died. anyone with any information is asked to call police. delaware county official facing a lit of charges including theft and forgery. christine peterson, president of the up land boro council ace accused of forge ago a police detective time card allowing him to be paid $1,600 while he was on vacation. peterson, who also served as a department administrative assistant is now charged with eight counts of theft and forgery. she's due back in court next week. prosecutors want to be allowed to present e-mails in an ethics case against pennsylvania supreme court justice even if they cannot prove he read them. judicial conduct board attorneys say the e-mails are a pattern because their content is similar the two salacious, objectionable e-mails they necessity justice michael egan open. he is suspended with pay while awaiting a march trial in
6:36 am
philadelphia on ethics charge that he is could result from his removal from the bench by the court of judicial discipline. that is a look at your top stories, mike and alex. >> layer even, thank you for that. bill to raise smoking age from 19 to 21 in new jersey has once again advanced. >> okay. the legislation is now approved. a little more than a month after republican governor chris christie vetoed the measure. the the bill would fine retailers up to $1,000 if they sell to any body, who is not 21 years of age. yeah. under age buyers, not getting a way with cigarette purchases. ac mayor said pre posed take over on the cities is a dictator ship. he is lining up other state law make tours introduce a different financing recovery bill that would be a true partnership between the cash strapped city and the state. a bill was introduced giving new jersey vast control over atlantic city a's finances including a right to cancel union contracts, city assets and land and declare
6:37 am
bankruptcy. >> that fight is just heating up. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney is throwing his support behind hillary clinton. >> he decide that had yesterday. he is endorsing her for president of the you had. he is making a formal announcement to day. mayor says he is backing hillary clinton because she shares, his progressive vision in tearing down barriers, of exclusion. right now, she's slight thely leads polls over bernie sanders in the south carolina primary which, of course, is this saturday for the democrats. senator ted cruz has asked that the chief campaign spokesmen to resign. >> communications director was his job. he has been in politics a long time. move comes amid a now disputed report by the university of pennsylvania's student newspaper about senator marco rubio. >> so, he has accepted responsibility for pushing out a video of rubio talking about a bible in hotel lobby. the aid is a fall guy, and for
6:38 am
executing a culture of dishonesty by cruz camp. >> meantime, nevada a, for the republicans, it is a big day for them today. their caucus is today good there are 30 republican delegates up for grabs there, so they will turnout, is low. donald trump leading the polls with senators rubio and cruz in the the tight match for second. ohio governor john kasich put in little effort in nevada. he is already in states like virginia focusing on the contests coming up next month in march. >> especially super tuesday march 1st. charlie sheen's revelation that he has hiv had a major impact all over the country. >> he made the announcement in november you will remember and it got a lot of people talking. >> doctor oz it opened up a dialogue about the virus on social media. according to the study from the san diego state university, sheen's public disclosures may have saved lives. researchers analyzed internet search trend after sheen's story aired and they found that there were almost
6:39 am
3 million more searches about hiv then usual. it also triggered a flurry of important public health messages about prevention as well. >> hopefully a bunch of screenings followed those google searches. now to a consumer alert to taxpayers, i know you are doing your taxes right now. >> conn artists are making tax season open season on unsuspecting victims and they are literally billions of dollars at stake. >> nationwide there has been a surge of scammers calling consumers on the phone and attempting to get personal information by claiming that they are irs employees. that would scare you. irs will pay out an estimated $20 billion in fraudulent claims made by identity thieves. and individuals, will shell out 25 million-dollar to conn artists posing as the government over the telephone. pennsylvania sits on the congressional committee that oversees the irs. he said some of the conn artistry is high tech.
6:40 am
>> frequently on phones today we will see people that will have a caller id, and you you are seeing the scammers, knowing how to all the aer their own phone to make it look as if it comes from the irs. >> and in ridley township a alone police there have reported 60 calls from would be victims of irs phone scams. this past month alone. you can get to fox and we have a link there, for more information, you need to know to a avoid being the victim of the scam. don't give out your info over the phone to anybody. cost of getting your college education continues to rise, and now as a result some american students they are getting free education abroad. >> a according to the washington post newspaper, universities in germany are offering free education to all students. bernie zapped aers a alert, including americans. enrollment the is on the rise. why wouldn't it be. they say 10,000 u.s. citizens are studying at german
6:41 am
colleges and universities and almost all of them for free. taxpayers pay for the cost in order to attract skilled workers to germany. interesting idea, isn't it. >> it is. >> 6:41. bill and melinda gates want young people to be involved in solving major world problems. the pressing issues the power couple will participate in. how about that demi lovato >> she's clearing the air about her latest comment about kiesh, situation with take already swift donating money. what the singer is new saying about that donation, $250,000 donation that taylor swift gave.
6:42 am
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sonny james died. he ruled the country charts for nearly 20 years. he died yesterday. >> according to a statement on his web site he passed away yesterday at nashville at the age of 87. he was inducted in the country music hall of fame back in 2006. his biggest hits were young love. >> young love. >> during his career, he hit number one on the country
6:45 am
chart, 23 times. >> wow. >> that is big. >> let's talk about bill gates and role footage again. >> he wants young people to get involved in solving major world problems. >> they is, and his pockets. >> he and his wife melynn a released their annual letter on philanthropy and he called for young people to be driving force of innovation and change. especially when it comes to clean energy and gender equality. among men and with men inside the home, and she said young people can help change those social settings. >> do you get their philanthropy letter every year. >> no is there a mailing list. >> i'm on it. >> later on in the program we will speak to a young man that bill and melinda are talking about. he is very young. by the time he was 13, he had created 40 apps. >> wow he is the dude that created the flashlight app for apple. >> really. >> he is in our studio. >> forty apps by 13, sue.
6:46 am
>> i'm an under a achiever. >> me too. >> yeah. >> wow. storm number one is here. we told but two storms yesterday. storm number two is in dallas texas headed our way. so this is going to be quite a soaker for us, between two days, super soaker, yeah, so the first storm is starting to spread into our area and you see it is mostly rain but you go out toward hageers town maryland and cold enough for snow there and that is where it will get tricky, bethenny beach getting rain, lewis delaware and new jersey shore. winter weather advisory for carbon, monroe, northampton counties with the possibility of slippery travel in that rain. how much will we get? by end of the day to day it will be a half inch to maybe close to an inch and then by the even of the the day tomorrow, we will be talking about 2 inches of rain and because of the full moon yesterday tidal flooding, wind, beach erosion possible with both of these storms. we will have to watch out because high tides is higher
6:47 am
then normal already. recent full moon. 45 degrees today, 57 degrees tomorrow, and 55, on thursday, and then we're clearing out by thursday afternoon. but temperatures will drop throughout the day, cool tore start the weekend but we are back in the 50's by sunday and monday, that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. 6:47 on this tuesday, getting up, getting out, live look at i-95. we are dry right here in the neighborhoods. this is the example of the lines i was telling you about. i went up here yesterday to visit the my dad. look at these different sets of lines. they have old lines, new lines, very confusing as you head north bound in toward girard avenue. we had an earlier accident there as well. we have bumper to bumper from columbus boulevard up into fishtown. good morning to the bennie. two right lanes backup here coming into downtown. an accident on 295 northbound right here their that florence columbus interchange. the count down is on.
6:48 am
we are getting ready for st. patrick's day. we are looking for your favorite spot, your favorite irish pub and restaurant. what are you doing with the kids. send us some pictures and use the hashtag fox 29 irish in all that you to. it all leads up to the big st. patrick's day parade right here on fox 29, the parade itself is march 13th on a sunday from 12 to 3:00 and then we will rebroadcast it. yesterday i went up to port richmond l.a.oh division will seven i helped them roll irish per tait owe. this is their biggest fundraiser. >> lady of ancient order of hibernians. >> yes. >> and i was in the shed on friday. i was rolling all day yesterday. i want to show you something, my first irish potato i made. look at the size. they said bobby, this is a fundraiser, we need to work on the profit good okay. >> that is a big potato. >> so this is their biggest
6:49 am
fundraiser. >> they look like tatter tots. >> they are really sweet. >> it is counter intuitive you think you will taste potatoes and it is cinnamon and sweet inside. >> is it creamy inside. >> yes. >> we were rolling all day yesterday. >> these are homemade and fresh. >> bob, you have the the biggest potatoes in the city. >> do you like them. >> we will see you at the parade. >> you are pretty good at this. >> remember it is always on a sunday, it is march 13th. >> it will air gannon sunday. >> it will air again on the 17th, st. patrick's day. we told you about how taylor swift donated quarter million-dollar to that singer kesha to support her ongoing legal battle with a producer doctor luke that she has been working with over the years. >> once demi lovato heard about the donation she had some word for it.
6:50 am
now she wants to clarify what she said. >> the words were quite unsavory i don't know what was wrong with her yesterday. >> she posted this picture on instagram that i was about to show you. >> here it comes. >> look at all of those littlee maine gis. >> she said everyone has their own way of giving support to others and at the end of the day helping victims is all that matters. ultimately message i want people to hear is it is okay to come forward with your a a abuse and if you decide to take action you are not len. she went on to say she wants woman to come together make a difference. >> sometimes we need to think before we post. kim. >> kardashian. >> because i cannot the say. >> you remember this time. >> i cannot say kardashian. >> until lent is over. >> she shares the first photo of her son saint west on her web site, yesterday. look at him. he a appears to be sound asleep. the in the photo caption she explains that yesterday was her father rob kardashian's birthday and she said quote i
6:51 am
necessity there is nothing more in the world he would have wanted to meet his grandchildren. so i will share him with you. saint was been december 5th. >> december 5th, so saint is coming up on three months old. >> first time we have seen saint. >> well, i have to say it is one cute kid. >> they make beautiful babies. >> the gall of naming your child saint. >> it is why, they could have sold the photo, to all these magazines and instead she said i'm thinking of dad and i will share with you. >> yeah, that is nice. >> yes, that is nice. rock and roll hall of famer is making a stop in philadelphia a, this summer. >> oh. >> ♪ >> not the their biggest hit, certainly not. >> paul simon of simon and garfunkel are coming to philadelphia grammy award win are will be playing the mann saturday june 25th and it is one of the many stops on his
6:52 am
north american tour. simon has in the played in the united states on his own since 201 and we're told it is to promote his upcoming album stranger to stranger. >> paul simon. in the next hour of this program, we call "good day philadelphia", a scary trip home and a warning police want you to hear, in fact they will be in the studio to do that warning. what they say happened to one man after returning from a business trip and why they want you to be on alert.
6:53 am
♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:55 am
6:54. we are celebrating a birthday of doctor william duboys. >> a lot of people don't know what web stand for. >> why don't you tell them, mike. >> okay. >> doctor william edward berkheart duboise was born in this day in massachusetts, educator, civil rights advocate, and he was one of the most important african-american activist during first half of the 20th century. he co founded national association for advancement of colored people and that also is the naacp. >> he also began his first african-american to earn a ph.d. from harvard. >> and spent a lot of time in philadelphia, that should have been in the copy, i bet. >> true. >> but it is also important to note that there is going to be a very big ceremony, tomorrow night, and guess who is getting webduboise award.
6:56 am
>> our very own mike jerrick. >> that is quite an honor. >> congratulations. >> very honored. >> wonderful. >> look at that. >> everyone is applauding. >> yes. >> now, no i was thrilled when i heard would i get this a award tomorrow night. >> you do so much for the community. >> that is what they say. >> we will see you at the african-american museum tomorrow. >> hopefully we will have the camera and people will take picks. >> i will take picks if i have to. >> okay. >> hopefully we will, at the station. >> we will send a camera. >> in honor of black history month, american girl, the doll company, has debuted their new historic doll. that is melody ellison. >> african-american character who grew up in detroit during the civil rights movement. they will be part of the be forever collection in celebration of the company's 30th anniversary. she's cute. >> yes. >> i used to love addie.
6:57 am
>> but it is good, to have another african-american doll in a different setting not one that was a slave or on a plantation. >> exactly she grew up in detroit. in the next hour replacing your pass word with your face. how selfies may soon replace pin numbers at the check out counter, wouldn't that be great, you walk up, and you don't have to get your wallet you just put your face autopsy begins the cash register. your face, and it involves winking.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
grab the umbrella and get ready we are tracking wet stretch of weather and chance have of thunderstorms. when we will dry out and warm up. thankful to be alive, a philadelphia cabdriver the shot several times in his own car. >> it is thank god i still have my life, and my family. >> we will search for three this morning and how he a says the trio put his whole family in yep difficult. this is scary, a trip on the escalator turns into panic, what happens that sent everyone tumbling down. >> expects big crowds today, and no, no it is not a new iphone why people are planning a protest. that escalate or footage is nuts, like sue serio, she hates escalators. >> i have been trying to get over my fear and take escalators, no more. i'm done. >> stairs for eve


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