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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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grab the umbrella and get ready we are tracking wet stretch of weather and chance have of thunderstorms. when we will dry out and warm up. thankful to be alive, a philadelphia cabdriver the shot several times in his own car. >> it is thank god i still have my life, and my family. >> we will search for three this morning and how he a says the trio put his whole family in yep difficult. this is scary, a trip on the escalator turns into panic, what happens that sent everyone tumbling down. >> expects big crowds today, and no, no it is not a new iphone why people are planning a protest. that escalate or footage is nuts, like sue serio, she hates escalators. >> i have been trying to get over my fear and take escalators, no more. i'm done. >> stairs for everybody.
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>> where is elevator. >> elevators or stairs. >> yes. >> interesting, bob, i'm glad you are here. i know were you late coming in today. we have surveillance footage of you driving over ben franklin bridge. >> yes. >> hold on. >> i came through toll plaza, and then how fast are you going here. >> about a 100, 108. >> interesting. >> early morning meeting, there was no traffic. >> by the way, that is exclusive footage. >> exclusive. >> that was of jahlil okafor's car from the 76ers being followed by a police cruiser pulled over doing 108. he got find. >> $439 or somewhere around there. >> i saw people on twitter saying leave him alone there is nobody on the bridge. >> when he got into philadelphia a a, those tractor trailers pull over. luckily nobody was hurt. >> good morning, it is february 23rd, 2016. lets get right to the weather. it will be raining.
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>> it is rolling from south to north and giving us a five out of ten in weather by the numbers today. bus stop buddy is ready with the umbrella, waterproof jacket, dress warmly for kid because temperatures in the 30's ape 40's out there. you can see almost the entire state of delaware has some rain as well as part of the pennsylvania, new jersey shore, cape may county, little bit of frozen precipitation to the north but down here to the south where we are seeing most rain so far. temperatures 39 degrees in philadelphia. twenty-five in mount pocono. thirty-five in lancaster. forty-three at atlantic city and 45 in wildwood. showers around rest of the day, rain will arrive this morning on and off throughout the day-to-day, high of 45 degrease so that dry roadway is about to be no more. >> mother nature will give us a good squirt down cleaning off sidewalks, drive way and the streets. live look at the conshohocken curve, schuylkill expressway starting to see delays, brake lights heading in bound but no
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rain yet here in conshohocken n rain yet on i-95 but we are jammed from cottman avenue in if through girard. ben franklin bridge seeing a backup in the down side at eighth and vine. we are seeing wet, wet roadways, coming up from wilmington, southern delaware, heading up in toward delaware county. so again as that rain moves north that will change the road conditions. we have an accident south on 295 in florence, exit number 52. an accident in conshohocken at crawford and front street. if your train or bus wasn't late yesterday you just didn't have the right schedule. they have a new spring schedule in play here for septa abuses, subways, trolleys. i have a lincoln my facebook and twitter page so you good to go. mike and alex back to you you. >> this young mother in is trouble after leaving her four year-old daughter. that is the mom. leaving her behind at a macy a's because this woman got caught shoplifting. >> yep, she just left her
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child there. >> wow. >> in the store. dave kinchen has more on this story, dave. >> reporter: alex and mike, good morning to you this story angered a lot of parents across the delaware valley. we are here at central detectives in spring garden where investigators are waiting to process the mother accused of ditching her four year-old daughter once getting busted for alleged shoplifting. this all taking place right now. mahogany ashley terry was arrested outside of her home, you may recall, about 11 days ago, only fox 29 was there aster i's four year-old daughter left macy's in center city with the police officer after investigators say the mother left her behind. police say mahogany terry tried to leave through the exit through chestnut the street with over $1,500 worth of stolen goods but she was caught by security. she had one handcuffed to a bench at the security desk while staff removed stolen items but somehow police say she he broke free and took up with her little will girl
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behind. officers raced to the store tried to find mother, spoke with the girl, the girl was able to give her name and tell the officers where she lived, officers then gave her to the dhs organization. she was held there for a while. while police reunited her with her grandmother but cops were searching for several days for the mother. they have the mother now. now we are awaiting charges, back to you guys. >> oh, man keep us updated. 7:05. camden county is where we're going, merchantville police are investigating a homicide that just happened after 9:00 last night onerous he will avenue. >> the victim a man taken to to kennedy hospital where he later died. anyone with any information is asked to call police. i get a sense lauren johnson is next. >> i am, mike. >> fire caused damage to a home in port richmond overnight. fire fighters responded to reports of the flames coming from the second floor of the home in the 2200 block of tioga street around midnight.
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the row home was badly damage. the licenses and inspection investigators working to determine if the home is safe. there are no reports of any injuries from this fire. one people were hurt in the fire in the cities mayfair section last night, one of them, after jumping out of the third story window of the burning home. it happened on the 8200 block of frankford avenue around 9:30 last night. we are told person who jumped did suffer a broken leg, other person was treated for smoke inhalation, fire was under control in about 30 minutes. bill cosby a's wife, in the done answering questions in the the defamation lawsuit begins her husband, she will give a second deposition next movement camille cosby gave first part of her deposition at the a hotel in boston yesterday behind black curtain with very heavy security. she spoke for about two and a half hours, seven women filed a lawsuit in massachusetts claiming bill cosby defame them by calling them liars after they came forward about alleged sexual assault. camille's second deposition will be on march 14th. atlantic city officials have how much word for state's plan to take over the cities finances. mayor don guardian and other
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city leaders are promised to go fight the state's plan saying it removes power from elect city officials. guardian telling the media that the city is willing to work with the state in achieving financial recovery but he says that the state plan is a complete take over of local government. >> in the end all of over concerns felon deaf ears. the final piece of legislation that the the state presented to us was far from a partnership. it was much worse. it was absolutely a fasist dictator ship. >> mayor and a council member want a plan to set goals, bench marks for the city to get out of debt. bill to raise smoking age from 19 to 21 in new jersey has advanced in the state assembly. committee approved it yesterday. it would fine retailers if they sell to anyone 20 years or younger. the it would not punish the under age buyers. new jersey, would be the second state behind hawaii to raise the smoking age to 21
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mike and alex. >> just the second state. >> only the second. >> way to go, new jersey. 7:08. happening now police are looking for three people held up a cabdriver and then repeatedly shot him while in the car in point breeze. >> point breeze section of the city, investigators say two men and a woman got in the cab. wanting a ride to 28th and tasker on february the sixth. the suspects pulled out guns, demanded money, and then fired several shots. the cabby was hit in the forehead, and then shoulder. he tried to drive away but crashed his car. he tells us he feared for his life. >> i want to thank god that i till have my life and my family. i did in the die at this time, you know. >> as you can tell he did in the want his face shown. three suspects got out of the cab and escaped after this crash. driver survived as you can tell, that is why we got a
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interview with him and continues to recover from the gunshot wound to his right shoulder and his forehead. close call. >> 7:09. for second time in two weeks a cherry hill church says signs promoting a black lives matter forum had been destroyed. unit universallist church has a meeting planned for thursday why black lives math inner south jersey. church leaders say the meeting is a ways to discuss the impact of the movement but banners and signs they have put up on their church ground have been torn down not once but twice now. despite, the hateful act what they view as a hateful act church leaders say the forum will go on as scheduled. >> we are trying to promote discussion, and these kind of actions do the exact opposite. the fact is they cannot stop the discussion by stealing signs, by destroying property good point. >> church filed a report with the police and they say they will continue to put up those signs, promoting it. >> hopefully they catch those creeps.
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>> 7:09. >> caucus day in nevada. >> this time it is republicans making their voices heard, and yesterday was an eventful day for republicans. >> ted cruz, firing a top member of his campaign team because of a mistake, in a local college newspapers. >> he was fire. it is university of pennsylvania's newspaper. >> ohio governor john kasich making remarks that turned some heads. >> chris murphy, what did he say about the kitchen. >> he went back to the 70's and talk about women. we need to get to that in a minute. but first after being accused by donald trump, mar kentucky rubio and ben carson throughout the campaign, ted cruz was finally forced to make big change toss his campaign team. the cruz fired his communications director rick tyler for retweeting an article and video from the university of pennsylvania's newspaper the daily pennsylvanian. the story erroneously depicted marco rubio assaying they want answers to be found in the bible. tyler apologized.
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daily pennsylvanian has since fix the story. rubio says the video represented a pattern of deception in the the cruz campaign. >> who will be held accountable will for making this video? who was held for lying about ben carson who was account aable for robo calls and commercials on television that they had to pull down. again, i think it is a very disturbing pattern of deceptive campaigning and flat out just lying. >> do you think donald trump jumped on this? of course, did he. trump weighed in as well calling out cruz for quote more dirty tics. trump leads in nevada where turnout is expect to be around 10 percent of the state's republicans by the way. only governor lefties the aforementioned john kasich of ohio. so, he put really very little effort in nevada. i don't think he has been there once. he is focusing his interest in the contest in march, one of them being virginia where campaign event yesterday he raised eyebrows while
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discussing his earlier political campaigns in the 1970's and support from woman. listen to this how did i get elected? i didn't have anybody for me. we just got an army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me. >> first off i want to say your comment about earlier women came out of the kitchen to support you. i will come to support you but i won't be coming out in the kitchen. >> kasich campaign issued a statement saying they are proud of the stay at home moms that support him to twi to twist his comment into anything else is just desperate politics. after a nevada event, republicans will turn their attention to the tossens of states voting on tuesday, many of them in the south. mike and alex? >> i'm sure when he he ran for mayor and only one by nine votes. that is the election he was talking about. >> again we're talking about 30 or 40 years here. >> it was in the 70's.
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it was certainly a different times but sensitive subject as well. you will remember that the woman's movement started just a little with that. >> you cannot say that every woman was in the kitchen. >> one of whom was my mom, full-time mom and full-time worker. >> my mom too. >> okay, that was a misstep. he is normally real hi smooth john kasich. >> 7:13. this morning philadelphia mayor jim kine is taking his support behind hillary clinton endorsing her for president. >> he will make the formal announcement sometime around noon. mayor said he is backing hillary clinton because she shares his progressive vision in tearing down barriers of exclusion. right new she's slightly leading the polls over bernie sanders in the south carolina primary which is this saturday, sue. >> yes, it the is. i don't know why they have to have them separate. they have one saturday, one the other oney don't know why we all just can't get along. >> i know, something i
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wondered. >> but south caroline ace getting rain, so is north caroline, so is georgia. thinks leading edge moving from south to north. we go out toward harrisburg and see it is snow down to the south around bethenny beach, lewis, wildwood, sea isle city, raining there, raining in dover, delaware and we are seeing rain in new castle county around parkesburg out here in chester county and around lancaster. pink showing up on radar but temperatures there are a bit above freezing. the winter weather advisories to the the north of us, almost the entire state of new york. if you are traveling north you may run into winter weather. this is only in effect through the morning hours in northampton, carbon and monroe counties for possibility of some wintry weather mixed in with our rain. but for the rest of us, it looks like rain and only rain. forty-five is our high today and 57 tomorrow. warmer air moving in with that rain, clearing up on thursday, breezy, colder that temperature of 55 degrees will
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be an early high temperature, so then we are back in the seasonal 40's by friday and saturday, last weekend of february, in fact, once a year, once every four years leap day, is on monday and we should be back in the 50's by then, bob kelly, what do you got. >> got to love it. 7:15. good tuesday morning everybody. no rain here along 422 just yet but as you mentioned it is on the way creeping its way up in our viewing area here. eastbound lanes of 422 are already heavy from troop inner toward king of prussia, northeast philadelphia, southbound i-95 heavy from cot the man in through girard through that construction zone and then 295 heading southbound starting to see a little drizzle as you work your way down toward the delaware memorial bridge and then up and over delaware memorial and down in towards delaware again roads are becoming wet. look out for a new traffic pattern here a along 42 in both directions. it is coming and going mainly for morning rush hour it is more so folks coming in toward philadelphia, there is a new
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pattern set up near 295 bellmawr interchange and that is confusing to begin with with a all that construction. here's speedometer reading southbound i-95 out of the north east. schuylkill slow go from conshohocken and your curve into downtown. we will zoom in the the accident south on 295 at the florence. that is florence columbus interchange and eastbound on the the schuylkill put 23 minutes and a jelly doughnut on the clock, southbound i-95 double two's from wide have men through downtown. mike and alex, back over to you. do you want to look at the footage of jahlil okafor going 108 miles an hour. >> yes, let's see it. >> thinks when he was clocked going 100 miles an hour. >> that is the cop turning around going after him. >> they is. >> what kind of of car is that it is a mercedes mayback. >> yes, top line good about $200,000. >> nicely done jahlil. >> so we got this from tmz. >> right here he comes to the base, that is that curve and
7:17 am
then pop the lights on right there. >> they don't want you to pull you over the bridge so they wait until you get to the philly side. >> it looks like middle of the night. >> this is back in october. >> october 19th. >> so he got find. >> what are you supposed to do that bridge. >> forty-five. >> yes. >> almost three times. >> boy that is a nice car. >> it is. >> he was find $439 for this. >> wow. >> should have played basketball. >> mike. >> you say this every day when we hear how much people are making and what they are getting. >> i should have played football. >> that is because malcolm jenkins he signed a long term deal yesterday. >> signing bonus. >> yes. >> so agreed to a new contract that will keep him here through 202. remember, he had two interceptions, 120 tackles, many saw him as leader on the defense and now he is looking to spend more time in the city
7:18 am
where he has blossomed. >> ever since i got here in fill i have had two best seasons in my life personally. i have been the healthiest i have been in my career and it is really starting to, my career is really starting to take off. >> so the deal worth about 40 million-dollar. >> remember i told you before, his story, how basically, a couple years ago when he was playing for a different team, mike. he said he was almost cut. he said i will focus, stay dedicated. he made the pro bowl. the it shows the amount of progress he has had. >> i was just told that the bonus, signing bonus, that is where they give you the chunk of change. >> thanks for signing. >> 21 million. >> really. >> yes good how about that. >> everyone keeps talking about when we played panthers, the interception he got, that was a amazing. we get why philly is trying to keep him.
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>> he won't to have sell bow ties any more. >> i'm sure, rock avenue bow ties. i'm sure he will still sell them. when you go by the apple store late this afternoon you will sees a bunch of people would i think. are they protesting on apple's side or fbi's side steve keeley. >> reporter: i don't know, mike. the latest pew poll has 51 percent saying that they support the fbi's effort against april a he will in this fight. that would tell you 49 percent on apple's side. the it looks evenly divided. you see the emblem of apple there on the store there in marlton on the promenade which was closest storm where we were at the that fire down in magnolia. while the government wants to take a bigger bite out of apple and they want some information that apple does not want to give. protests are planned at apple's headquarters in san francisco and here on the east coast outside the fbi headquarters by a group supporting apple. so while this poll says everybody is evenly divided on
7:20 am
this, well, what happened is the fbi wants to unlock the iphone own by two terrorist couple in the san bernardino shooting. april he'll s. fbi wants to necessity if there is anything in that e-mail about any other possible planned terror attacks here in the u.s. but apple's boss, says this is more about then just a single phone or a single investigation. at stake he says the data, security of hundreds of millions of law abiding people and setting a a very dangerous precedent threatening everybody's civil liberties. should government be allowed to order us, he asked an employee memo to create other capabilities for surveillance purposes, recording conversations, or locations tracking. the fbi head james comby put it the very clearly. he said this is a very big tension between two things we all love in this country, safety and privacy.
7:21 am
is what more important security and privacy? that is the debate. it is likely going to be settled in court. even ted olson, lawyer for apple whose wife died in the pentagon plane crash on 9/11, he is now on apple's side on this. he knows about losing somebody to terrorism. he lost his wife. but he says this is a a clear case of privacy and he doesn't think that the government should aloud to get into that encryption of the iphone at all because he says it will just set a dangerous precedent. every time the government needs something they will ask for everybody's iphone information and he says there is the dangerous precedent right there. we will see. >> we shall see. >> country split like you said right down the middle on that. >> tough debate. >> sure is. >> 7:00 to second one. boy, scary trip home and a warning police want to you hear that is why they are showing up in our studio today. what they say happened to one man after returning from a business trip and why they want you to be on high alert right now. and replacing your pass word with your face.
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>> what? >> how selfies may soon replace pin numbers, at check outs. >> i love that idea. just rub your face against the cash register. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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so, how many pin numbers do you have in your head right now alex. >> so many. >> at times i try to keep them in a certain section of my phone and nets so i know which one is for which because it gets confusing. >> well, just use your face those big beautiful eyes, just wink. >> talking about my eyes. >> she has giant eyes good they are pretty, but you do have to blink, alex, before you take a selfie if you want to buy something object line using your master card. >> selfie awe then case. this is what master card is working on. this summer you will see a new app by master card where you take a picture it is me, don't need a pass word. you got my face. then that purchase will go through. >> what if you have a twin? what if someone has an old photo of you and tries to pass it off. >> what if, what if. >> that is right, you have to blink before you take a
7:26 am
picture so they know it is live. >> mike loves this. >> anytime he walks in so place. perfect for him. sometimes they know to take selfies in public and i get embarrassed by to go. that it is an excuse to take those selfies. i'm just trying to buy something with my phone here, smile. >> exactly. >> that is good use. >> you never can take one. >> you know what i want to do, lauren, this is what i will do. i will grab alex and i will go to your atm and put your face,. >> yes. >> get your money. >> basically. >> get a selfie. >> robbery. >> lauren, i can't wait, how soon will this happen, real quickly. >> next couple months, maybe this summer. >> that is pretty quick. >> let's do it good thanks, lauren. >> thank you just wink. >> can you wink in a good way. >> check out wawa, you have to go. what are you doing. get winking. >> gets new trouble. a man gets home from a
7:27 am
business trip, gets off the train, and he was followed, and robbed, a local police captain joins us next, to tell us how you can avoid becoming a victim. we will take a quick break and meet that police officers next.
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local military family gets a huge surprise at carrie
7:30 am
under wood concert last night as part of their way to thank them for their service and sacrifice. the it does not end there find out is what next formatter inn family in lansdale, they are coming in. and larger than life personality to good day, we always a love to talk with him, former sixers owner and entrepreneur is here to show us how to be more mindful. is he slowing things down? trying to even out and calm down. >> can you you imagine, pat croce meditating but apparently he is into that now. this i cannot wait, to see. >> all right. rain is on the way. bus stop buddy is ready, make sure kid have waterproof jackets on and the umbrellas and rain gear and they are warm. temperatures are in the 30's and 40's. we are watching leading edge of our storm. this is storm number one of two coming our way today and tomorrow. this one is rain for most of us but as we have been saying
7:31 am
yesterday north and west of the city might be frozen precipitation, snow moving into harrisburg but for most it will remain a rain event. jersey shore getting rain, southern delaware getting rain as well. so we have 39 degrees in philadelphia, it is only 31 in allentown. once it makes it up to the poconos we will have frozen precipitation and that is why winter weather advisory in place. 45 degrees in wildwood. forty-five is our high today in philadelphia, on and off rain and windy at times with wind 15 to 20. tonight down to 38. it is on and off rain, continuing. that is your weather third forecast for tuesday but we're not finished with the rain after to today. we will talk about tomorrow, coming up, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning. 7:31. as that rain starts to move in that will be the game changer for our second half of the morning rush hour. right now we're getting out of the gate and roads are dry, live look at route 202 north bound as you jam in toward the 30 bypass and then heading up
7:32 am
in toward the 401 construction zone and backup on the bennie, nobody is going 108 miles an hour across the bend think morning. we're bumper to bumper from mid span into downtown at eighth and vine. same deal on the freeway working your way in toward the city. look out there is a new traffic pattern in play there on 42, a at 295, slow go for the gang from royersford, collegeville, heading in towards king of prussia a your normal morning tuesday crawl, and then south on 295, starting to see some rain drops on the windshield as you approach that delaware memorial bridge and so far so good on mass transit. mike, back over to you. 7:32 on this tuesday. police in bucks county are asking people to be on high alert after a scar a tack on a man returning home from a business trip. investigators in lower makefield township say victim was driving home from the hamilton, new jersey train station. this was late last thursday night. after returning from that business trip. at some point police say that two men began to follow him,
7:33 am
but had no idea until he got home that he was being followed. that is when attacker struck confronting him at gunpoint as he walked to his garage. he managed to fight them off and they got away with nothing thank goodness but they are still on the loose this morning. joining us now to talk about this is makefield lower makefield township, robert lewis. thanks for being on good day fail with me. >> good morning mike, thanks for having me i have toll the whole story, so we have nothing to say so we will see you later. >> okay. >> this was furnishes night at hamilton train station, does this guy think that they knew he was a a business guy, with maybe money on him or was this random. >> mike, everything that we know at this point it appears to be a completely random attack on this man. >> he figure out why they chose him, does he have a expensive car or something like that. >> no, no he had a very average car, he was on his way
7:34 am
home from the trenton train station, i'm sorry, hamilton train station. he returned from a business trip. it was very early in the morning three, 17:00 a.m. we believe he was just chosen at random good did they have guns. >> yes, one anchor did have a gun. >> they looking to rob hip or steel the car. >> it sound like they wanted to get into his house. >> that may be their motive or intention, mike. we're not sure. the man arrived home. he entered his garage almost immediately someone rushed in behind him and pointed a gun into his face. >> so how does he know that he was followed from the train station. >> he doesn't know specifically where he was pick up at, it was somewhere along route between hamilton station and his home. >> have you ever heard of anything like this before. >> no, this is a first, mike. we have reached out to many other agencies in the area, and in one has had any similar crimes like this recently. >> if you start noticing
7:35 am
somebody following you at 3:00 t should you you do. should you try to make it to your police station? >> absolutely, if you can make it to the police station, pick up cell even if, call the police, let them know or drive to a well lit populated area if you can find one. >> get to a wawa and use that cell phone and call 911. >> right, exactly. >> captain, thanks so much for being with us. >> my pleasure mike, thanks good be careful out there in the middle of the night. things have certainly change. 7:35. this is an escalate or ride, from you know where. man, i'll tell you you where this happened, this will drive sue serio nuts. she won't even look at this. lets go to florida.
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colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel. sue, do you mine if we put
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you on camera right now. >> no. >> sit down. >> that is sort of what i'm here for. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> what is your biggest fear. >> escalators, i have a phobia about escalators. >> all right. let's roll footage. >> yes. >> this is a long way away so i think we will be okay. this is in china. >> my gosh. >> this is why i'm's afraid of escalators because it will stop in the middle. >> it stopped and it the reversed itself and it kicked in again. they could not decide if they were going up or down so they decided to fall up and down. >> not many people were hurt. just five people had little injuries, slightly hurt. >> you know what, i'm done. >> you know where they are headed, heading down into the subway system in china. >> well, sue will in the do that. >> you see smart people on the
7:40 am
stairs. >> yes. >> better to take stairs. >> well, a lansdale family, wow, okay. >> a lansdale family will be in the the studio in a little bit. they got a huge surprise because they went to the carrie underwood conser they had special passes to go back starred but they never thought she would walk out. >> they didn't think they would talk with her and hang out with her. >> the martin family was selected to visit backstage before the show. >> they are thrilled. >> so, it was a arranged by operation home front an organization that helps military families and wounded warriors. both mom and dad in the martin family they have served. so jonathan martin is in the army and served three tours in iraq and afghanistan. his wife carols in the army and she serve as well. >> that is cara not carrie. >> because carrie is standing next to her. >> and cara is on the other side. >> yes. >> that is nice to be able to say thank you for us, really your whole family really
7:41 am
because they are your support for what you do for us. this is an incredible opportunity. we are extremely thankful. >> how cool is that? she invited them to another concert. >> they must have got along well. >> in november they will see her perform again but this time it will be on a cruise ship. >> hello. >> in the port of new york. >> that is nice. >> can't wait to meet them and talk about them. >> they will be here in a lit built. he is a military guy. i will ask him carrie underwood walks out and you just stood there. >> even cara kept their cool. >> yes. >> she's in the the military too. >> she knows. >> both of them. >> that is right. >> cara a. >> cara. >> not carrie. >> caray said cara. >> there is when carrie came out, cara kept her cool. >> cara, carrie. >> say sirra. >> if you want to be part of the fox 29 team and you want to get paid? there is a new app that lets you capture news on the the go, from your cell phone.
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we will tell you how it works and let money start pouring in. >> you will get paid to be a member of our family basically. jen, what are you sinking your teeth into. >> that is good, mike. apparently if you have good or willal health you might have good heart health. if your teeth look like that you will have trouble. mike, i will send you tour new favorite dentist, she's funny, dentist and she's afraid of the dentist. come on back. >> all of the things are true.
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♪ >> pocono mountains one of the the place that he is might see some snow on day. but for the rest of us, it looks like a rain event. we have been keeping an eye, of course, on radar all morning long at 4:00 a.m. the rain was just entering, and now, leading edge of this rain is moving into northern delaware, and chester county, and delaware county, part of lancaster county as well. this is where we might have a little bit of frozen precipitation but we're getting heavier rain down around bethenny beach, jersey shore as well. it hasn't quite reached philadelphia just yet but it is on the way. you can see areas in purple to the north of us, that is winter weather advisory in effect and for our area it includes monroe, carbon, northampton counties. to the north of us this is
7:46 am
where we expect to see wintry precipitation. that would be snow, sleet, freezing rain. but for rest of us, 45 degrees, it is well above freezing. just rainy and windy tomorrow and even milder, the mild air sticks around at least for the early part of thursday but we are also, we are also on wednesday evening going to see some thunderstorms. that is how craze think event is. then we will dry out and should be dry all the way through the weekend, bob kelly, last weekend of february coming up in our once every four years leap day on monday. >> there you go, swinging right in here. >> 7:46. good morning. live look at i-95 here out of northeast philadelphia, slow down from academy through cottman and then into girard avenue. backed up on the bennie, all four lanes up and over from south jersey into downtown at eighth and vine. the tuesday mornings is usually the busiest morning rush hour folks tend to work from home on a monday but everybody seems to hit the
7:47 am
office on a tuesday. live look good morning to the shaders route 73 just off of route 38. here's the wet road, hello, avalon watching us down the shore we are seeing rain rolling through. as roads become weddubo wet that is a game changer for rest of the morning rush hour. for the gang leaving say moorestown, new jersey heading southbound on 295, and watch for delays, as you work your way in toward i295 and freeway and a new traffic pattern here on 42, as you work your way in to 295. and count down is underway less than a month to go with st. patrick's and we are looking for your favorite spot to hit to celebrate the at establish culture where are you taking kid, your favorite irish pub and restaurant how are you getting ready, post your pictures to facebook, instagram or twitter use that hashtag fox 29 irish and it all comes down to the big prepared, right here on fox
7:48 am
29. the parade is on sunday march the 13th from 12 to 3:00. come join us live on the parkway and, of course to get in the irish spirit we will rebroadcast the parade, on st. patrick's day itself, again, from 12 to 3:00. mike and alex, back to you. >> who get to host the parade this year. >> this guy. >> did you see the outfit we picked out for you. >> no, no. >> well, wait until you see. >> i can't wait. >> it has tails, doesn't it. >> been will be there, you will be there. everybody will be there. february is heart health month. it is time to see the dentist. i know that doesn't sound right, does it. >> because is there a connection though between healthy teeth and healthy heart. >> that is true, jen explain with my new dentist. >> okay. this person will be everybody's new dentist. good morning. >> good morning. >> you are kind of fun. this is a serious topic but you understand people are nervous when they come in the
7:49 am
dentist. >> i do and i can tell you from personal experience because i don't like going to the dentist either. >> you don't. >> no. >> why did you become a dentist. >> it is a funny story. >> tell me about the the connection between oral health, your mouth and your heart. >> so, i feel like everybody has heard just in general that your oral health is related to your overall health. there is very well studied topic. a lot of evidence out there that doesn't support causation meaning if you take care of your gums it will prevent heart disease. it is more so, a lot of signs in your mouth, unhealthy gums, swollen gums, bleeding gums, gums that hurt, that could give you an indication that maybe you should check out generally the overall health of your body. >> when we look at this, this person came to you, you then. >> which they do. >> this is not uncommon. >> yes. >> so this person were to come to me, first of all, you want
7:50 am
to see all these unhealthy signs here. you see build up by the teeth. you see all these red lines kind of hugging the teeth in their this area you see swollen gums this looks like if you were to press down on those gums and they with start bleeding. >> would you say to that individual i will fix your teeth but you need to go see. >> it would be a conversation i would have with that patient because something like this indicates to me that something bigger might be goning on. this is not a sign of gum disease but something like this will tell me that you should talk about things you could do to improve your overall health and as a general health care provider i'm not just treating your teeth i'm invested in your overall health. >> is it gums or teeth when it comes to the heart/mouth connection. >> more so the gums. they say similar bacteria that is found in gum disease, and it is actually, bacteria that you can find in heart disease
7:51 am
good we have this gorgeous human sitting here. she will smile. because she's also going to be a show off and make us look bad. if you thought this human looks good. >> i do, see her every day. >> this is a great example of great teeth. >> yes, absolutely. >> take a look at her teeth and her gums. you you can see her gums are really pink. they are firm, tight autopsy begins the teeth. youe in gum disease what happens is something called plaque will gather around that gum line and it makes your gums angry and red and they start to peel away from the tooth. so, she clearly knows what she's doing and doing all of the things right. >> eating properly, running and flossing. >> all a of the things. >> and brushing every once in a while. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> i think it is great you are a dentist that you know what it feels like to be all tensed to go to the dentist. >> we all do. >> that is cool. >> mike, alex, adorable and
7:52 am
smart. and smart. >> the entire package. >> yes. >> we got it. >> you have great gums. >> thank you they are not step will bad at all. >> are you going to the dentist. >> i'm going to the dentist. i go to the guy the name of harold jafe. >> i have in the seen your gums. >> okay. >> new we are seeing them. >> wonderful. >> are they good looking. >> this guy i go to, doctor jaffee when he gives you novocaine you don't feel it. >> you don't want to feel it. >> no, nobody wants to feel that. >> he goes like this. >> yes. >> did you see this. >> i saw this before yesterday afternoon. there is a way to detect if you are going to have a stroke way before you have the stroke. you want to hear about it? doctor mike has all of the info. lottery numbers.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> this cell phonies killing my sperm. >> is it? more on that in just a second because i saw this article that said they have a way to detect if you will have a stroke before you have the stroke, thank god. >> okay, certain symptoms you need to look for doctor mike. >> well, stroke in this new study was found to be missed one out of five times. now how can that possibly happen? well, when you have a stroke in the back of your brain called a posterior stroke you can have subtle symptoms. >> i have a question. >> yes, yes. >> what is a a stroke. >> a stroke is either a bleed where you bleed into your head or you have a clot that goes up in to your head.
7:57 am
so what we worry about is time is of the essence if you have stroke you need to be dealt with right away. this study brings up the fact that sometimes symptoms aren't very subtle. we have a list of the symptoms. everybody kind of knows this. if you have sudden weekness, numbness or sudden loss of vision, loss of balance, severe headache, you need to go to the emergency room right away. where it tricky lets say you have dizziness or nausea, do you have the flu? do you have a gi bug. do you have something the nine positional vertigo where it is just simply, something that is not going to kill you, it is not a stroke. the problem is if it is sometimes very hard to tell especially with strokes that are in the back of your head. >> so you are with a friend, family member and they start slurring their word and they cannot put a sentence together. get them to the er. >> you better believe it. it is like a heart attack of the brain. if you have someone who is
7:58 am
slurred speech or anything like that, that is out of the ordinary, or obvious like that, you need to get them to the er right away. they could be having a transient eschemic attack, tia, or a bona fide stroke. >> stroke. >> we're cooking sperm, not a cooking segment. this is apparently cell phones, almost everybody i know keeps their cell phone in the pocket right by your crouch. >> yes good that is a problem. >> well, that is, more and more research indicates that electro magnetic radiation from your cell even if does your sperm in good. what happens is what do people do they keep it down there on their waist belt and it is in close proximity to those testicles. you reduce the ability of the sperm to swim properly, they don't work right, and retuesdays your chance of having a child.
7:59 am
>> is it the warmth? >> we think it is electro magnetic radiation and the heat. remember we did this story where if you have a lap top and guys put their lap tops on their lap and increases temperatures. even wearing tight underwear like you do. >> not good. >> tighty the whitey. >> what it does is increasing the temperature of your sperm of your testicles and lead to a problem. >> well, tight underwear would be testicles up getting closer to your body. >> the heat. >> yes. >> so where should we put your phone. >> keep ate way from down there. >> put it up there. >> near my heart. >> there you go. >> what about women. >> we don't think so. >> on women put their phones in their pocketbook. >> i'm on the injured reserve list i keep it town there. >> i will get two fence, both pockets. >> in wonder mike keep his
8:00 am
phones there. >> yesterday we were outside, somehow it got lost in his pocket. >> she was so sweet she went through my pocket and found my phone. >> hey alex, i can't fine my phone. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> good day, it is tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. a new report details hollywood's diversity problem thinks as controversy is casting a shadow over the oscars. shocking findings of the report that is just days before will hollywood's big night. just fres co it, do you want to be part of the fox 29 team and get paid? there is a new way to capture news, on the go, with your phone, the app you'll want to down load right now? philadelphia a sports legend pat croce is in the studio this morning, do you have trouble relaxing.
8:01 am
>> well, simple things he does every day. >> croce calm. >> and the perfect smile, street teeth but too embarrassed to embrace it. listen to this how celebrities like kate middleton, got braces without you knowing bit. >> welcome everybody. it is 8:01. yeah pat croce will be sitting here in a little will bit. it has been way too long. >> that is right. >> good to see him. >> also, we will ask you about the sixers. >> he was running the sixers. went to the finals begins the lakers. >> it was about, i digress. >> happy memories. we have to look in the future. our weather future, it is five out of the ten today because
8:02 am
rain is on the way but you see buddy is ready for it, still cloudy here in philadelphia a. temperatures in the 30's and 40's, most of the temperatures in the upper 30's so that is why we're only looking at a rain event for most of us. make sure you have the rain gear with you. if you have not left yet. do you see rain edging out of delaware into delaware county, new castle county, delaware, of course, southern new jersey you get the idea. now it might be a little slippery in berks, lancaster counties where temperature is closer to freezing, it is 34 in lancaster, 33 in reading but it is 39 in philadelphia, that is why we will only see rain. forty-five is our high on and off windy at times and tonight we are down to 38 degrees, with more rain. guess what, tomorrow, more rain, we will have more on that, bob kelly, coming up. >> mother nature going to helps down front sidewalk there. good morning everybody. 8:02 on a tuesday, starting to see sprinkles here along the 42 freeway, headlights coming
8:03 am
will in towards philadelphia, that rain will make it a game changer for morning rush hour. first one out of the house gets the best umbrella ben franklin bridge jammo from mid span into downtown at eighth and vine. rush hour is underway here. live look to the shaders, maple shade new jersey route 73, some delays between tacony palmyra and 295. we're wet behind the ears down in avalon. this is a live look at garden state parkway just off of the avalon interchange and then south on 295, watch for delays from moorestown, as you work your way down through in toward that 42 freeway, on the bridges they are looking fine except for that ben franklin and then watch for delays starting to pop at philly international, because of the weather, mike, back over to you. >> thank you, bob kelly. well, watch for this late this afternoon protests are planned in more than 30 cities today outside apple's stores across the country, drug here
8:04 am
in philadelphia, new jersey and delaware. gatherings are in support of the tech company's refusal to unlock the san bernardino's i phone. judge has rule apple must help fbi access his phone which the feds say could contain information important to the investigation, surrounding that terror attack out there in southern california. apple says that it creates serious privacy concerns. to take's protest is being organized by a group called, fight for the future. they will reportedly beginning at 5:30 this afternoon, right during rush hour. >> and today marks 25 years since one of the worst high rise fires in philadelphia's history. on february 231,991st, 1 meridian plaza went up in flames. more than 300 fire fighters, battled this 12 alarm fire which burned for more than 19 hours. three fire fighters died, 24 more were injured.
8:05 am
a picket of the oil, soaked cleaning rags left by a contractor apparently claused that fire and fighting the flames was hampered by a complete failure of the building's electrical system and the water was in the deployed. there wasn't enough water pressure, the building was located, 15th street right across from city hall, i know a lot of you remember this. the it was torn down in 1991, replaced with an apartment building. there is also now a memorial dedicated to the fallen fire fighters, right there. >> alex? >> well, 8:05. shocking new report that came out yesterday that details hollywood's diversity problem. this just comes five days before the oscars. and we all know controversies already cast a shadow over the academy. oscar so white has been trending for the second year in a row. as you can see there are no nominees of color in any major acting categories. a report, has add sod fuel to the fire that was done by university of southern california and it looks at
8:06 am
over 100 movies and 300 broadcast table and digital series and found out that a third of speaking characters were women, less than 30 percent for minority groups and 2 percent were lesbian, gay, by sexual or transgender. about half of the time, and shows in the study lack asian characters and 20 percent had no african-american characters. so joining us now we have radio personality celebrity life coach dianne williams and ernest, and, we have philadelphia's association of black journalist president cherri gregg. thanks for being here this afternoon. >> good morning. >> first i want to ask were you surprised at all by this study that came out, first, we will start with you. >> this is a ongoing problem that reflects diversity issues across the board not just in hollywood. so, i have seen those numbers in other reports, the dj a, director guild, association, and did a similar report, and,
8:07 am
and, and, i was in, lesbian, latino, asian, african women. >> you have been monitoring this how this has come to this. it happened last year. here we are again. >> exactly. i'm in the surprised at all by the numbers. when you look at the type of rolls and story lines that are also in hollywood, look at the type of the character you see straight characters playing transgender rolls or lgbt rolls rather than hiring them. you you are seeing characters play black characters, white actors playing black charles tears and that is what led to, doing talking about monitoring hollywood and looking at lack of diversity. >> we will talk about that event in a little bit that happens this week. cherri write surprised. >> i was not surprised. i have been a movie buff my entire life a lot of times you don't see people look like me in those films. but this is in the surprising, at all, and anytime, you try to put a black actor in a
8:08 am
traditional white role, there is outrage. but, we have the new guides of egypt coming out right now, and white actors are playing, egyptians. so this is something that has been going on, for many, many years. >> now once this start trending oscars so white a lot of people saying let's change voting, lets change who is making votes and making a decision. problem is you cannot nominate someone if you are not included in some of the rolls. >> very difficult to get into the unions in hollywood. so the problem, starts with the studios, as well. the casting directors, hiring people. the other directors hiring people in key rolls. so they can get into the unions so they can get in the academy to be able to vote. it has been restrictive, prohibitive for a long time. so you don't have people in position how will they vote? so what is happening, it is statistics that show the a academy voting members are older, white males.
8:09 am
>> older white males. >> and ernest, someone asked you, even in the report, author of the report said this is not a diversity problem, this is an inclusion crisis, would you agree with that. >> i don't agree with that. i have done act aing for theater rolls when iowas in high school and what i have noticed it is about equity and access. there are people basically go out of their way to discriminate, their different stereotypes. they go for certain rolls because they assume certain box office success and demographics based on race. it is in the so much about this idea of inclusion. i think everybody says they are for inclusion and then what happens when casting directors make choices of who they want to hire they think of race as a selling point. when someone like creed does really well with the black lead actor, it kind of shatters, that presumptions early on. >> on tv we are seeing shows, sandra rhymes, yes. >> yes, exactly. >> so cherri, what would you suggest, how do we fix this?
8:10 am
what is way to move for. when it comes to next year we will see this again. they have put together the movies for 2017. >> the next film will be coming out and i'm seeing that. >> yes. >> there are two others but not very much. a a lot of them do not fit in the category where you have diverse actors but i think awareness is key. the think the fact that we're talking about this, i think the fact that people can use their dollars when they choose to buy a ticket to see a movie that they support movies that have actors and actresses and writers of color, that they also choose not to support those movies that specifically could have had a actors or actresses of color and do not. >> i'm with cherri. economic boycott puts your dollars where your feelings are, if you do not like it, then just protest with your money. >> hate to say but it is a conversation that must continue, this thursday at 7:00 p.m., at temple monitoring hollywood and we
8:11 am
will talk about all this oscars so white ernestoens is leading that. thanks very much. we will move forward at 8:11. mike, over to you. >> great discussion, nicely done. just fresco it, get used to the term. do you want to be part of the fox 29 team and get paid. there is a new you way to capture news, on the go, the app, you will want to down load today. thees from co. es from co.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. as you know fox 29 is a news team a team we want you to be part of. we are always asking to send us videos, still pictures. new we are partnering with a new app to make it really easy for you. i mean really easy. all you have to do is fresco it. fox 29 a's chris o'connell shows you how it works. >> like most of you i use my
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iphone every day but in the just to make phone calls or answer e-mails, i use it to make news, i shoot video, i shoot pictures of what i see around me. if there is a story there i'm getting it and now you can do the same. >> witnesses say they heard explosion that is shook the ground someone stopped to record the cloud of smoke. >> reporter: fox 29 viewers are changing the way news is captured and reporter. we now have a app that lets you become a photo journalist part of our team. app is called fresco news with your iphone just down load the app, you are instantly connect to us. fox 29 news. you're now on our team. through the app our assignment editors will let you know when news is happening in your area and give you you a chance to cover the story for us. oh, and make money too. you have been sending us your video and pictures for years.
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fresco is making it easier. and some of you are already using it. >> check out this picture from matt. >> reporter: when high wind struck in chester county, when snow fell in bucks county. >> breaking news in philadelphia a's frankford neighborhood. >> reporter: or when a major fire broke out in northeast philadelphia. >> i was on i-95 driving north when i saw plume of smoke. i shot video. when standing there i got the alert. the as i'm shooting it and up loaded it right to the on app. >> reporter: fresco users like jar wreath there to capture it and then connect with us here in the fox 29 news room. i got notified moments later that, you know, i was kind of proud of that. >> reporter: small parade in center city philadelphia for lincoln day. >> i'm's here on my iphone. >> reporter: andrew tobin used fresco to share philadelphia history with our fox 29 viewers. >> there was a parade in town for abraham lincoln's
8:17 am
birthday. i recorded a few videos, and took a few photos of the civil war era reenactor and those were purchased by "fox news". >> reporter: easy to do, down load fresco news app, respond to an assignment, shoot, up load, get paid. >> kind of cool, especially how easy to take video of my phone and up load it. it was kind of neat. document something more worthwhile. very nice to have an outlet and content that matters to somebody to project to the larger group. >> reporter: that quickly you have become a important part of our fox 29 news team and you you can see how as you you watch your news gathering on our air and on line. we're looking for people on the ground can cameras in their pockets and making them part of our team and changing journalism. so, go fresco it. >> founder and ceo have of fresco john meyer is here.
8:18 am
john, congratulations. >> good to be your partner. >> yes, i know. >> it is calm here today you are like the new steve jobs. >> yes. >> was he an influence. >> definitely a influence growing up, type of visionary that inspired me. >> went to nyu but you have been creating apps,. >> forty-five app, i got started in 2008. really wanted to focus on fresco. it was such a need for a platform to allow anyone to be a part of news. >> everybody in the phone. >> exactly. >> so our news team has expanded from 50 to millions now. >> it really expand your coverage to be technically infinite. not only can be access photos, videos from the philadelphia area but all over the world. >> we are already using it. we will roll footage of fires and people have already shot with fresco and then sent it to us. it is a free app. >> free app, go to the app store search for fresco and
8:19 am
once you down load it make an account and anytime you have an event that happened in your area that is news worthy, you will be notified as a regular individual. you have an opportunity to go to the scene, record a photo video what is going on and get paid by fox to see your work in the news. >> so the way it used to work before fresco was you might be goning by see a fire or car accident and you whip out your phone, video tape it and get it to us somehow, e-mail or drive to it fourth and market. we have had people do that. that is all by way side now. >> what is interesting it works both ways. you can still come a across that on your own and submit something but where it becomes most powerful when we are notifying people who are nearby, to actually get to the scene and cover what is going on. >> would you give us an assignment. >> exactly. >> my gosh i'm three blocks from this i will go shoot a still or a video. >> what is great is that since it is power of citizen journalism is the fact that at
8:20 am
all these scenes and event you have multiple people shooting multiple different perspective. >> different angles. >> and that goes to really push journalism forward. >> okay. how do i get paid. >> what is great about the fresco app you get paid straight tour bank account. when you down load app we just add a debit card which connection your bank account. anytime fox 29 uses your content you will be notified and paid within about two days good boom, two days later it is in your account. >> it is kind of like how uber works and lyft, those ride sharing services. >> exactly. >> those are some people you would like to target to be users of the app. these people see so many amazing things during their day in and day out. >> man, this has expanded our coverage. >> you know what it is cool? we're cool. first station in america to do this. >> exactly. >> yes. >> real quickly why did you name it fresco like a painting. >> it stemmed from the type of water color paint.
8:21 am
we really wanted to put a nice highlight on the fact that you as an individual can be creative and cover kind of stuff that impacts your community. >> that is good. that is really good. >> so for a still, how much am i getting. >> you're making $20 for every photo used by the station. >> what about video. >> for videos you make $50 per video clip. >> if you use it on the air. >> if you see your name on the screen it is really exciting to actually get your content used. that is what we are starting to hear. >> how cool, especially with good day philadelphia we feel our viewers are our family. now we are co-workers. >> we are trying to bridge the gap even more between your viewers and station and have the community be a strong part of the news. >> john, look in this camera here. let's have them down load right now. so seriously get your phone, and do this right now. i get to my app store, search fresco and search fresco down load it and start making
8:22 am
money being part of the the news you could make money to day. do it now please. >> thanks very much. >> so you're smart. >> thanks. >> we have a great team. >> alex. >> mike, people are tweeting me about fresco. someone just asked what about google play, it will be available soon. >> in just a few you weeks. >> hold on. >> it is just iphone. >> and then google in a few weeks. >> sound good. >> we will be waiting. >> he's breaking his silence, speak about the serious accusation as begins him, why he says, kesha proved that he was innocent.
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ ♪ new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating.
8:25 am
it is 8:25 on this tuesday. >> doctor luke is speaking publicly for the first time since kesha a accused him. he is a music produce are. drugging and raping her ten years ago. thinks all because of the court case and verdict from friday. >> it started when she was 18. now she's 28. she's suing this guy doctor luke for sexual and emotional abuse. she's also suing sony the
8:26 am
record company for it's a alleged negligence to let it all go. she was hoping to be let out of her 6:00 d contract with sony. but on friday that new york judge denied that request. kesha claims doctor luka assaulted her after turning 18 but he was never criminally charged. there luke said i understand why people are without all of the information are speaking out. i can appreciate their compassion. but lives can get ruin when there is a rush to judgment before all of the facts come out. look at what happened at uv a, duke, et cetera. he also tweeted out new york daily news article from 2011. in the article it claims kesha denied being attack by her former producer. he tweeted out similar questions from depositions did you guys ever have sexual relations and according to the depositions she said no. >> well, she change her tune. >> or some people are saying well, she's a victim and she's
8:27 am
afraid she might say in because she's afraid what might happen afterward. >> that is basically what she's saying, yeah. >> well, he is a philadelphia sports legend and i'm looking right in his face. it is pat croce. my gosh it has been years since i have seen you. he is in studios this morning. do you have trouble relaxing? the simple thing he does every day to calm down, i have never heard the word calm in the sentence about pat croce. well, just things have changed his life. he is here. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
8:28 am
you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death. stop taking januvia and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area which may be
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8:30 am
one of the most inner get he can people i have ever met is sitting next to me. we will reveal him in a moment what a career he has had. out spoken. it the takes me back to when sixers were good. it has been years.
8:31 am
>> pat croce, listen. pat croce, got the his start as a physical therapist, eventually, owning 40 physical therapy clinics in the a area. it made him a rich man. then his love of basketball let him to be president of the philadelphia 76ers. of course, you also know him as a motivational speaker. >> we will have setbacks. you will have failures. obstacles fall right in your face and you have to clear it off and say it is a new day i will take a new way. >> pat has written numerous books over the years and has opened his own pirate museum with restaurants in south florida. he even filled in as host of this show for a in back in 2002. pat croce says there is a connection between leadership and mindfulness, and that is yes just donated $250,000 to his alma matter west chester university. he wants their center for
8:32 am
contemplate i have stud toys benefit in the just those on campus but all of us. >> thank you. >> pat, back to the anchor desk. >> great to be back. >> alex, lovely alex. >> you are so sweet. >> you luck out. >> you got bob kelly. >> yes. >> sue is still here. >> sue is still here. >> my first hug in a long time. >> so you are living back here now. >> we still have a home in villanova but i'm's in key west and st. augustine are. my as of a year ago i turn 60 in november 2014. i stepped away my son michael my son in law jeff they run the whole hospitality operation and i got the in to, slowing down. >> slowing down. >> before we get into that. >> you turned 60. >> i'm 61 now. >> we are seeing video of you lifting weights, you are you
8:33 am
still in the gym. >> thank you. i train every morning but what i have done for my whole life was train my body but i never worked on my mind. i never realized that you could have an effect and change the way you think. >> so wait a second, pat croce the most inner get he can human we have ever met. >> you have some great footage on television, bringing back memories. >> i don't believe in prolonging the past or inviting the future. it is all living in the now. that footage is fabulous. >> you telling me you slowed down enough to meditate. i do. i didn't start that way. little over a year ago i was just trying to get stillness. the great app called head space just to be still. i that you had meditation was for hip ease, and smell of insense. i didn't want anything to to with that in the 70's. once you became still, that your thoughts tend to calm down. you don't to have clear your mind but it is about calming down. >> i want to know what you are
8:34 am
talking about. i always think let's do the lights. let's cue the music. and let's get to the yoga matt. >> come on over here, matt. this is what i normally think is meditation. >> this is great. you are nuts. >> yes, nothing has change, pat. >> do we put that in the middle. >> pat should be in the middle. >> we should cross our legs. >> where are we sitting. >> nice boots by the way. >> bob kelly wants to join in. >> this is good. >> so this is what i normally see as meditation but you say you don't need all this. you don't have to sit on the ground, put your hand in home position. you can sit on the chair, back straight, back straight. shoulder blade back. pretend a string is helding your head to the ceiling. you can close your eyes, keep them opened, hand on your fees. breathe in through your nose. feel it, feel your chest.
8:35 am
slowly breathe out through your mouth. now that is one meditative prep. you are in the thinking about the the trouble of the day or thinking about the news, breathe in and breathe out. >> you are right. >> this is what people don't realize. at center for contemplate i have services in west chester thinks where we are taking students in mindfulness, yoga, and adult color books at home. that is mindfulness. how would you like to remember names better. >> yeah. >> how would you like to not worry. if your mindfully present you will not worry. it is impossible to worry and be present. you are not worrying. >> i'm worried about falling asleep. >> well, the hours you keep here i can see why. >> pat, you mentioned if you a had this course in your 20's. >> that is why i got involved west chester university. i thought what happens if i just plant the seeds of mine fullness in these eastern
8:36 am
philosophyness to young brains when i was 18 or 20. i could be a a success. >> so, ten minutes, 20 minutes. i do it 20 minutes every day. but it is in the about an hour or six hour retreat. you can do that. it is only about ten to 20 minutes, but really, sit and again it is in the about clearing your mind, it is about calming your mind. society here and when i thought comes what i want you to do just think of the word thinking and put tonight a bubble and watch it float above your head. just the word thinking and after it floats away there is nothing there to calm mind and you are very present. that is meditating, it is not that. it is as simple as that. >> real quickly here let us know what happens. your daughter in law business to give birth to twins in a matter of hours. >> my daughter in law, right now. >> yes, i will tell you, yes. >> good to see you.
8:37 am
>> mike, thank you. >> come back real soon. >> come on. we have to help sue. >> the artist has more number one hits, then michael jackson. >> someone has top the king of pop. >> who is that at the this point. >> is it... >> don't say it yet.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
she is all about work, work, work, work. >> that is true. >> so, this is her new single, of course, music video and drake is in it. >> that is your boy. >> you love drake. >> yes. >> so this is one of the two videos released with the song, yesterday and yes, i watched
8:41 am
both. it is part of the highly anticipated, eighth album that has been out. i was listening to her album yesterday, there is good songs. >> love on the brain, desperate owe, they are all good ones. >> do you think she will still be successful. >> i think she's good. >> a apparently she's the top in one category. >> the song hit number one billboard charts making it 14th song of hers to climb to that position. >> yes. >> so she's third artist in music history with the most number one singles. that is more than michael jackson. only artist are beatles, and mariah carry both with 18. >> i will tell you what that is such a tragedy that michael died. >> that is true. >> because wow out do awe of them if he had lived a normal life span. >> we miss michael good congratulations to rihanna. >> rihanna. >> she's coming here. i don't know if she postponed
8:42 am
her philly dates but she's postponing some dates. >> i will check on that. i will have information in minutes. >> there are people walk ago monk us right out there on market street right new who have braces on and you do not even know it. >> you don't know it. >> on their teeth. >> that is right, secret braces. >> they are called secret braces. >> good doctor has a better name but secret braces and one of the the people rumored to have used them is kate middleton. what are we talk about. we will tell but secret braces. you have another name for it.
8:43 am
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here's a look at folks, already taking advantage of the snowy slopes at the blue mountain ski area in the pocono mountains and that is where they will get more snow today. for most of us it the is a rain event we're talking about. this is right now at ultimate doppler radar but it is trick any parts of the berks, lancaster and chester counties, with some sleet, and we have some reports on twitter of some sleet in west chester this morning. the bethenny beach, lewis, wildwood, sea isle city, it is all rain and rain here in philadelphia a, now that it is up in the neighborhood as well. one heavy downpour on i-95
8:46 am
north of the wilmington. we have northampton, monroe, carbon counties under the official winter weather advisory but we may see winter weather in other places where temperatures are very close to freezing like here in reading where it the is 33. thirty-four in lancaster. twenty-seven in mount pocono. the high temperature for today for us will be 45, that is a rain event. even warmer tomorrow with a high of 57. this is with heavy downpours and possible thunderstorms. then it the clears out on thursday. temperatures drop from that high of 55 on thursday. looking good all the way through to the weekend, mike jerrick. >> sue serio. >> yes. >> how do you like these purple glasses you are styling. >> it goes with my tie. >> you are on fleek. >> we will talk about something called secret braces for your teeth, okay. is there plenty of speculation that kate middleton used them before her royal wedding, and is there a south jersey doctor who has been making them for
8:47 am
years. did you want to meet her? there she is. hi there, jen. >> this is doctor addie james. a a lot of people know your haddon feel practice. but are here in center city as well, right. >> yes. >> so, friday in this idea of having sequel braces. >> link what will is latin word for tongue. these are on the tongue side of the teeth and they are, currently the most cosmetic orthodontic system we have. they are completely invisible because everything is on the inside of your mouth. >> when you hear a princess like kate middleton is rumored to have them that does not surprise you. >> not at all. >> there are regular people, non-royalty folks, all over the area, they are access them because of you. >> absolutely. >> so why would someone want this. you are an orthodontist. you do all kind of braces. you do invisible line. why would someone want these braces instead of inn vision
8:48 am
line. >> it is very popular. it is widely known in the mark. but it is removable. and many patients don't want something that they are taking in and out of their mouth all day long, every time they eat, they have to remove it. they might be in social situations where it is not easy to remove it. sometimes people don't want to be compliant and think about where my line is, i have to put tonight. link what will braces are a fix appliance system just like they are been todd your teeth. they do in the come in and out. because they are more of a conventional appliance system, there are things we're able to do with these brace that he is we cap in the do with the other products. >> what you are doing with these invisible braces is doing bigger cases in some instances. >> some instances very simple cases where we might be just doing one section of the mouth, we can isolate that area because it is such a
8:49 am
highly costumized system we can avoid unwanted movements on the teeth that needed to be moved and just move the teeth that are targeted. >> you say highly customized, one thing people, we have figure out their secret behind our teeth the but other thing is, you literally make each one of these brackets individually. >> we do. we do three dimensional scan of the teeth. essentially thinks a computer aided design product. we do a 3-d scan and create a model which i can manipulate the teeth and then i delegate to my lab fabricate those brackets. they will make bracket customized for this specific tooth. >> it looks cool. >> it is cool. >> who are your patientness south jersey and here. >> i have everybody from a young adults who didn't have the opportunity to have braces when they were young teens when their peers were getting them. now they are in college or job market and they don't want people to necessity they are in braces. i have men and women where they are teaching or conducting meetings and they don't want to have braces
8:50 am
visible on their teeth. then i have patients who would otherwise choose this but don't want something removable. >> it sound cool. you made it sound interesting. i know braces are not a super sexy topic. >> they are now. >> so pretty interesting, guys. so there may be people walking around with braces on and no clue. >> we don't even know it. >> yes, that is pretty cool. >> yes, why didn't i think of that. >> yes. >> instead of out here, put them behind. >> thanks, jen. >> my fiance is using invisaline so when we get romantic some else too. >> yeah. >> she goes, so we're, hold on a second. >> does that kill the mood. >> a little bit. >> undo the strands. >> probably bet their way. >> cools things down. >> do you need a job. first you need to pass a test, right. unusual way that one ceo puts
8:51 am
applicants in the hot seat. i don't think would i pass. lottery numbers. inn vice line.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:54. there you go rain moving in. this is a live look the at i-95 near naamans road. i-95, blue route, bridges, speed starting to get knock down because of the weather. count down is on less than a month way until st. pat trick's day and we are looking for your favorite irish pub,
8:55 am
your favorite irish restaurant where you like to take the kid. getting ready for dance class send us pictures post to it facebook, twitter, instagram but use that hashtag fox 29 irish. you know where we will be sunday march 13th right here live from the parkway for big st. patrick's day parade here on fox sunday the 13th from noon to 3:00. myself, mike, kathy, alex, the whole gang, down there the on the parkway. we will rebroadcast it on st. patrick's day itself beginning at noon as well. mike, are you ready. >> i'm ready. >> i'm not ready but i will be. >> you will get ready. >> i'm excited. >> yes good that is first step. >> alex, i have a question here. >> yes, mike. >> how would you react if you were on a job interview over a meal because a lot of times i will take to you lunch or whatever and restaurant messed up your order. >> um, i probably wouldn't say anything good you would be very pleasant and calm. >> yes.
8:56 am
>> listen to this, the ceo of charles swab, you know, money people, revealed he takes candidates to breakfast and asked restaurant to mess up the order, on purpose, so potential employee, who doesn't know about this and watches the reaction of that applicant. his name is walter bettinger. he said it is a good way to see how prospective employees would handle adversity. do they get angry, frustrated or are they understanding of the wait staff. great idea it is a great idea. >> kind of like dates good you and i talk about one way, one way to measure how they react to bad service a at the a restaurant. >> so true you. >> on a interview too, i like that. >> you should on your dates call ahead and say please screw up the order. >> the dates that i go on. >> if it ever happens. >> thanks, mike. >> get you much faster if you
8:57 am
quit saying it. >> never say never. chloe, what. >> oh, she said she would love to remarry lemar odom, why she said building a good friendship is more important. what do you think? is it ever a good idea to get back with the x. >> sure it is, i think.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ >> it feels like jail sometimes. >> does it. >> yes. >> sometimes. >> do you feel trapped. >> hi lauren. >> hi alex. >> hi everybody. >> good day, it is tuesday february 23rd, 2016. all right, ladies, next time your elbow deep in dishes. >> yes. >> blame your husband. >> i don't have a husband. >> no sometimes husband are elbow deep in dishes too but this time


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