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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  February 28, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> philadelphia police are looking for the man who left a woman bleeding and screaming for help at a septa station. the latest thon investigation. >> big victory until the palmetto state. candidates looking ahead as they go national for the super tuscon march 1st. >> of course by now too much salt is bad for you but there are some foods out there that have hidden sodium. coming up the six salty items you really need to watch out for. >> from the fox 29 studio. this is "good day philadelphia". weekend. and good sunday morning, thank you so much for waking up early and joining us at 7:00 a.m. it is going to be a phenominal day. good morning, bill anderson. >> good morning, karen help. good morning, dave warren. sounds like this will be spectacular wetter.
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>> beautiful weather. you like 60s? >> i like 60s. >> i got them for you. >> good plan. >> it will last for few days, so looking pretty good out there. first we want to get you outside, see what's happening right now with the weather authority. this is our live picture absecon, in urge new jersey, gorgeous start to the day there with just few clouds, and little bit of sunshine. but, hey, guys, you know what tonight is? >> tell us. >> the oscars. are you aware of the new category? >> tell us. >> best non-moving animated character in a news gathering business. >> weekends windsy? >> what do you think, sue? >> the nominee. sue? >> weekend wendy, look how beautiful she is on the red carpet with her award and her beautiful dress. she is going to celebrate at the hollywood awards party tonight at the ambler theater t starts at 6:30. and it goes until that awards show is over whenever that is. it is going to be so much fun.
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red carpet reserved seating awards, you can vote on your favorites, a great time at the ambler theater tonight. >> a lot of parties going on tonight, that's ambler right on butler pike. beautiful part of town there. so you step outside now. it is into the 30's, but it will be much warmer tonight. these temperatures will climb to up near 06 degrees, with the sunshine, so looking good there. now the ultimate doppler shows we're all clear, but this will change overnight tonight. we will see few clouds, maybe few showers, working their way through the area tonight, and that could impact the region tomorrow. we will say monday morning showers, passing shower, things are pretty clear to start, with just few high clouds coming in. this is the shower though we're talking about by tomorrow morning 9:00. it will still be warm. it is all rain. that's the one thing to watch for. there is a lot more in the seven day forecast as well as a return to some colder weather. that's coming up a little later. hey, good morning,
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everybody, some changes to the septa system today. the route ten trolley will be using shuttle buses along the route for some track work. if you are using septa's airport line today, also shuttle bussing along the portion of that route. that's a project that begins every weekend for the next month or so. and, i-95, throughout the day, watch for crews working, northbound at times down to one lane, at girard avenue. then later on tonight, it is michael flatly and lord of the dance. 6:00 in south philadelphia. ready, come on, let's get our irish dance on, ready? i'm going to keep practicing. see you tomorrow morning on good day. >> thanks so much, bob. this morning, police are investigating an overnight shooting in upper darby. officer say at around midnight someone was shot on ardly road. that person was taken to the hospital and police are still looking for the shooter. >> at about 12:30 this morning fire crews were called out to this home the 2600 block of emily street. it is in south philadelphia. firefighters say this one
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alarm fire was in the basement and was quickly put under control. there were no injuries. crews are still investigating. one person is in the hospital after a car crashed into a building in philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood. this happened around 2:30 at algon and devereaux. police say a car crashed into the j and d produce store right there. no word yet on what caused the crash. and police in kutztown have charged a 18 year old philadelphia man with stabbing a cut town university student over the weekend. the man charged is not a student. he is charged with attempted homicide. that stabbing happened last saturday on the unit block of noble street. the victim is in serious condition. >> and neighbors in grays ferry hear desperate cries for help. a man is trapped under a huge pile of debris after a building suddenly collapses. police say it happened yesterday morning, at a corner property on pat on street in grays ferry. witnesses say they heard the screams of a man trapped under
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a pile of debris. but they didn't see anyone. officials say a barber shop was on the first level, and an apartment on the second. one man looked out his window, saw the collapse, then ran outside to try and help. >> we went toward the back of the houses to try to dig him out. but the fumes from the gas is overwhelming, the electric lines was down, and we just called the fire department. >> very fortunate that the collapse happened when it did. and that the building fell in the way that it did. it didn't collapse into the other buildings that are nearby. >> the man was rescued, transported to pen presbyterian hospital nearby. officials say he's in stable condition, no one else was hurt, and at this point l & i still doesn't know how the collapse happened. >> and it is 705:67:89 is there going to be a strike in a lot of people are concerned about it, new jersey ride remembers preparing for the worst in case there is a possible strike in a couple of weeks. so, some of the almost 300,000 daily commuters who rely on new jersey transit are making some other plans.
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negotiations between the transportation company and the rail workers over wages and health insurance, they're at a stand still. some new jersey transit commuters support the rail workers. >> you know, the guys feel like their lives are being impacted by the financial situation for new jersey transit, i'll support that. >> they've had no contract for five years. so how they got to settle that. >> new jersey transit says they're actively developing other service plans for the customers in case there is a strike. >> and it continues. politics onto you decide 2016 coverage now, and another primary win for former secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> oh, gosh, she won big time last night. it was fairly decisive. all polls of hillary clinton projected to do very well. she really d it is welcome news for her campaign after losing this primary, you may remember, to barack obama back in 2,008. the clinton campaign is now looking to harden it mow men tell that started with heroin in the nevada caucuses cents
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last week. democratic challenger bernie sanders didn't focus on south carolina at all. in fact it, wasn't even in the state. instead he is looking forward to super tuesday. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your co-workers, we are going to win here in texas. >> up until last night, the campaigns could focus on individual states, but with super tuesday just two days from now, these campaigns all go truely national. >> this week on fox news sunday, marco rubio, ted cruz, team up against donald trump as we head to super tuesday. under fierce attack trump explains how he intends to stay as the frontrunner in the gop. then ted cruz who has more on super tuesday, as he defends his home state of texas. and marco rubio, as he launches an all-out attack against trump. plus hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for vote
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in south carolina. all this week on fox news sunday. >> new developments in bill cosby's sexual assault case. >> coming up what his attorneys are now asking of a state judge. >> spring is finally approaching, those people look to go buy their homes, looking to put them on the marketment the five cheap and easy things you can do to make your home more inviting. >> speaking of your houses, did you decorate at all over this weekend as we are turning the page on the calendar? maybe taking down the valentine stuff, putting up saint patrick's day things? >> taking down the christmas wreath. >> whatever it may be, if you have to put up some things, please sends us pictures every those things, fox 29 irish.
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>> median facing charges of drugging and sexual assaulting andrea con stand, continues to use all legal tools to get the charges dismissed this week montgomery county judge asked the state court to deny cosby's latest appeal after ruling that said no agreement existed, that protected him from prosecution. >> also announced i has dropped defemation john suit against beverly johnson also accused the comedian of drugging her in the 80s. >> not a loft legal victories for bill cosby, still to break
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it all down fox 29 legal analyst ken rotweiler live via skype. good morning. >> i'm good, how are you. >> good. last time we spoke we talked about bill cosby, we talked about the appeals, throw things against the wall to see if it sticks. is that the case now as basically saying, judge, come on, he is just trying to holdup the trial. >> well, he is doing that all over the country actually, like you said, a lot of legal maneuvering, as a matter of fact the week started off last monday with them trying to postpone his wife camille's deposition. so late night order on sunday night of last week where the court basically said no, we're in the going to postpone this deposition camille cosby is going to be deposed, she was in fact deposed, deposed for hours, now have been ordered to go through a second deposition, which will take place on march 14th. march 8th is a big day, his preliminary hearing is going to be followed by his wife's
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deposition on march 14th, of course, on march 8th, bill, you probably know this, already trying to postpone, you know, that hearing, saying that the appeal hasn't been heard yet, and they want to wait until the appeal is decided before the preliminary hearing that hasn't been ruled on yet but i awe assume that the march 8th preliminary hearing will go forward as of right now. >> take us behind the scenes, the legal in there with the judge, is there a point where why the will chastise attorneys for basically frivolous filings, or just trying to delay maybe not publicly but say, guys enough is enough? >> probably not, bill. you have the right to make all of these maneuvers, i think a judge is smart enough to know what bill cosby's attorneys are trying to do it, obviously trying to postpone this whole thing so he doesn't see the inside after criminal courtroom. judge o'neil what he did this week, you allude dollars to it, he wrote an opinion that basically said that the appeal is bill cosby's lawyers have filed should be washed
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therefore the case should go forward, preliminary hearing march 8th. then what happens thereafter is a trial date will be set, and we will probably be seeing a trial sometime between now and summertime if that appeal is washed. >> cosby areas attorneys also dropped the lawsuit that they filed against then super model beverly johnson. they said they wanted to focus on this criminal case. is that really the truth, or where they don't want to go forward with this, not sure i want discovery out there or knew it was a true russ suit? >> great question. bill cosby has enough money to retain many lawyers, curious to me why they dropped that lawsuit. but dropped it in a way where they could re institute that suit bill within the statute of limitations so what they said publicly is they want to concentrate on the criminal case in montgomery county and later on will re institute that suit against beverly johnson, once the criminal case has been cleared.
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i think that's a little bit of wishful thinking right now, but supposedly that's their thought, that they want to concentrate all of their effort on the march 8th criminal hearing in montgomery county. >> we appreciate you making it certainly, doesn't look like this trial is going away any time soon. we'll have you onto talk about it get -- again. >> great seeing you. >> 7:15, we know woman was stabbed at septa station, police looking for who ever is responsible. >> they are. the woman was left bleeding and screaming for help, fox 29's jennifer joyce is live this morning, at septa headquarters in center city, we're getting bits and pieces of information, jenny, but what do you have? >> good morning, bill and karen. pretty horrifying for this 30 year old woman, she was ambushed by a man at septa as market frankford "el" station. septa did release a surveillance image of the man who they believe is responsible, investigators say, that this man followed the victim into an elevator at
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the station, demanded money, and then stabbed her with a kitchen knife and took off. the victim crawled out of the elevator screaming for help. she was bleeding from the leg and shoulder. she was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. last night we talked to passengers who say they're going to be extra careful. >> i just think, well aware of my surroundings, and, you know, to make sure that i'm protected everywhere i go i don't carry weapons, but well aware of my surroundings, and i make sure that i travel around safe hours during the day versus the night. >> again if you have any information for police, if you think you recognize the man in the surveillance photo, urged to give police again. head to our website bill, karen? >> jenny, thank you. the time 7:16. taking live look out at allentown. you know who is coming to town already? >> tell us. >> the easter bun.
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>> i little early for that? >> just couple of weeks. the easter bunny at the lehigh county mall. >> we should go. >> i had that happen yesterday. i have the picture to prove it. >> oh, good, all right. looking forward to. that will. >> they were well behaved, no crying. so you won't cry about the weather either. live look outside shows we are looking pretty good. actually picture i should say at live view from allentown, but joey sent us this picture, beautiful sunrise in atlantic city this morning. just little cool, but be patient. these temperatures will warm up nicely up to near 06 degrees later. thirty-six right now. still the little breeze. so it could feel like it is into the upper 20's, but, that winds is now bringing in the warm air. soap, our temperatures will really jump up later this morning, could be note's, 60s, here as early as 1:00, 2:00. things are dry on ultimate doppler, but the storm that bridges in the warm air will also bring in some rain. looks like we will deal with that by tomorrow morning. here are the numbers climbing, 50's by about 3:00. and then closer to 60, say,
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4:00, 5:00 before dropping overnight tonight. now, it is very, very warm tomorrow morning. into the 50's, as this rain is coming through. so all rain, don't worry about any ice, and then with a little sunshine after that the temperature may even climb into the 60s again tomorrow. so, looking at a stretch of some warmer weather here today, look at these numbers into the 60s by tomorrow afternoon. to the south, maybe just little cooler but still well above average, which is into the upper 40's right now. so, big warm up here today, and tomorrow, the warmer breeze, coming in from the southwest, you may notice it gusting between 20, 25 miles per hour today, but that winds that's bringing in the warm air. eventually, we will talk about a cold breeze. and some colder windchills in the seven day forecast, a look at the numbers and have the timing coming up a little bit later. >> 60s in february. i love it. >> yahoo. >> i'll take it. you would like more money, yes? >> i think we all would. >> safe to say we would all like more money. basinal way that you can do it. >> i'll do this after i get off the set today.
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we need to break up with our credit cards as our dan explains in our cashing in. >> hey, was fox your first job? >> no. >> and are you living in the same house you lived in when you came out of college? >> no. >> in fact, americans change job every four and a half jobs and change houses every nine years. >> i'm behind the vote. >> this thing, 20 million americans have never changed their credit cards. have you? >> no. >> let's talk about why you might want to do that. >> okay. >> what's the big deal? aren't i supposed to be loyal to my yes it card? >> that loyalty to piece of plastic may be costing in you fact. in fact, newer cards tends to offer better reward program, to up 2% cash back on some cards, some cards even donate to your charity every time you swipe. >> i like that. >> dan, i think i'm doing okay, because most of my credit cards i'm below 20% for interest. >> that's about average. average rite now 18%. guess what? the newer cards, especially for good credit can probably cut that in half. >> in half?
7:20 am
>> if you have a $5,000 bally cut it in half, save about 500 bucks this year, big monday. >> i all right, i have to admit you have my interested in shopping around. is there like a mall where i go to find these credit cards? >> how about few tips? the first thing i want to do is call your existing card company say hey, i've been a loyal customer, i'm good customer, what can you do for me? minimum maybe your rate, or put you on a card with better rewards. >> okay. >> jen, i know you like websites. >> yes. >> how about credit cards. com. you can check out different cards, get up-to-the-minute offers, and get user reviews, as well. >> that sounds great. >> i do like the idea every getting some new credit cards. what do i do with the older ones? >> make sure that after you transfer your balances to the new card, definitely want to cancel out the old car. some will charge awe account fee if you don't use it. >> that's not good. >> you don't want to pay that. so jenny know breaking up can be authorities do. >> yes, i'm not into it. >> unless it puts monday my your pocket. we're cashing out.
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>> it's been two, three years since i cut up all of my credit cards september for one. >> good for you. >> for emergency. i don't have the cash, i can't afford it. >> i wish we all would do, that good advice. >> getting married, such a happy moment in people's lives. they tell me, but can also put a major dent in your wallet. >> but coming up why you may want to travel a bit if you were planning to tie the knot. it will be so much fun. celebrity wedding planner, live in studio. david, you know him, he's been on all of the different shows. he knows how to plan your wedding and he has excellent trends for this year. >> called the salty six. definitely the foods you want to avoid when you can. coming up the foods with hidden sodium that could be really bad for your diet. >> there are the lottery numbers. we'll be right back.
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looking at trenton, the golden dome. stuff going on in trenton today. >> yes, an art show if you want to check out the museum
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today. that would be great place to go, view some art and some kids, also a shout out to vin, from facebook, he always checks in there. you can always check in with us on facebook, twitter, we appreciate it. >> not just twitter, stain gram, as well. >> thank you. so if you are planning a wedding it comes as no surprise. where do you think it is the most expensive place to have a wedding? new york is number one. but philadelphia we're second. can you imagine? >> yes, it is crazy. the average price tag to throw a wedding here, $15,434 here's thousand breaks down. catering, $5,000. the band, $2,800. photography, videoing if i, another 2400. a thousand dollars for flowers. 275-dollar cake. hair and make up, $555. and over $600 to rent a limo. >> all of that, i mean, you know it just adds up. >> crazy. hot wings and little hotdogs and i'll drive.
7:26 am
>> seriously. bad food? >> good food. >> showing you some clips after show, because little bit later this morning, guys, we have the celebrity planner, right there, that guy, david, dropping by. he's going to show us the top wedding trends of this year. because a lot of people got engaged, between christmas and valentine's day, so maybe you're planning a wedding right now. so if anybody knows a trend it is that guy. >> something in your throat? >> you need a zip? >> do you got a girly at home? need to put a ring on it? >> worse possible things you could do in terms of me getting married is show me those statistics. >> so downing a little bit of planning. >> city hall. >> part of the fun of working on morning show, you get to wake up very early, 4:00 a.m., that alarm went off. so we're a shrill sleepy and tired. >> but there is help for all of house don't get enough shut eye. coming up the five things you can do to get a better night's sleep. even if it is only for a few hours. >> and some of the pictures are coming in right now. i don't know if it is easter
7:27 am
celebration. >> i'm saying the music doesn't necessarily match our easter bunny coming to town, oh, those are dave's three kids, are they so cute? all color coordinated. >> how about that, dave. >> fill perez, look at this, he got the sign, hanging in there, smiling, even though looks like there is a broken hand. hang in there, sarah. >> and no credit cards. pay cash for everything. i feel the same way. agree with our viewing audience. so, well done. >> and dream on.
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a live look, at center city, looks really nice, we will get you updated with all of the weather, but it will be a beautiful day. starting here, on good day. let's get you caught up on some of this morning's top stories, police officer in virginia is killed. and two others were injured in a saturday afternoon shooting. officer ashley was just sworn in on friday, and was working her first weekends on the prince william county police force when she was gunned down. police tweeted this photo from her swearing in ceremony. they do say that they have a suspect in custody. >> and in salt lake city
7:31 am
police clash with protesters, angry after police apparently shot a 16 year old boy, salt lake city police confirm there was a shooting. witnesses say two people were fighting when police ordered the teen to drop a broom stick, witnesses say they shot. we don't know that victim's condition. >> and in fact, a man is dead after being shot and killed by police. this happened in wilson county. investigators say the man stole a truck and fired a shot out of it back window, officers returned fire, so far, no word on his identity. >> winter isn't over yet. but winter fest almost is. you know the big ice skating thing they have down at penn's landing every winter, well, it is today, 11 in the morning until 11:00 p.m. a full day and night of ice skating fun and hot chocolate afterward. penn's landing last day, enjoy. >> enjoy the weather, too, you will need the coat and hat right now. maybe later today could go
7:32 am
without. that will because these temperatures will really climb. there is a bit of a breeze out there. the wind chills now are into the upper 20's, the temperatures above freezing, but his breeze makes it feel little colder. that wind is also bringing in the warmer air, so these numbers will really jump from where they are now, still chilly, down below freezing there in pottstown, but philadelphia's at 36. 32 degrees in wrightstown, millville at 32. ultimate doppler is clear it, will change, though, overnight tonight, early tomorrow. see the clouds increasing today, we could touch 06 with the warmer breeze. but then by tomorrow morning, only into the mid to 50's, dropping into the 40's there is rain coming in, and that's the first day with some rain. so we will look at that in the seven day forecast coming up of the right now here is chris. >> in your health this morning, talking about putting down the saltshaker. the problem is when you sit down to eat your food may already be loaded with salt. so, if you add even more to your diet, could you face some serious health concerns. high salt intake has been
7:33 am
linked to high blood pressure, even heart disease and stroke. so what foods in your diet are major culprits of this? let's bring our medical team, dina sent ton i in to talk about this. good morning to you. i want to begin with this fact. >> good morning. >> the american heart association recommends you aim to eat less than 1500 milligrams of sodium a day. so, what is that? what is 1500 milligrams? >> women, that's a goodwin because it seems that most of us, covered g to the american heart association, most every us are eating double that, about 3,000 milligrams a day. and the problem, chris, as you say, it is what's already in the food. it is not so much the saltshaker, i mean, that's a problem, too, but it is what's in the food that you don't know about. so i'll give you the salty six. remember, even if you don't have high blood pressure or pre hypertension, when you are taking in a loft salt it attract fluids to your blood vessels, expands them, like a hose, and too much water going through the hose races your blood pressure, create
7:34 am
bloating, which is not doesn't look good but can feel bad too on your joints. okay, so let's start with brother you don't think of bread as being a salty food. >> no. >> two slices of this bread is 500 milligrams of sodium. so that's a third of your day's sodium. right there. two slices of bread. >> so if you have three sandwiches a day you're up to urine take, six slices so you're done. >> forget about it, you haven't even put anything on the bread. >> you haven't even had any potato chips to go with it. >> right. now you put the ham, two slices of ham, this stuff is really filled with sodium. this is about 500 milligrams a slice. so we are talking a thousand here, 500 here, so this is your full day's a lot of of sodium. it is like a salty sandwich. >> ugh. >> all right, pizza is kind after triple threat because with pizza you've got your crust, which has sodium in it, ooh got cheese, which has sodium in it, and you have these little pepperoni's.
7:35 am
so when eating pepperoni, we all worry about the fat when eating pizza and the calories, but you got to pay attention to the sodium n this one little mini cute little mini pizza there is about 600 milligrams. >> so pizza does double woman i for your heart and with the blood pressure issue? >> yes, and it is so delicious, i hate to say anything bad about pizza because we love it so. but maybe if you skip the pepperoni and do you like mushroom instead, i mean, even that it makes a huge difference when it comes to sodium at least. poultry is a tough one, because this row tis are you chicken, so convenient, i love getting these for the kids, but often times it is plumped filled with, you know, saline, sodium, and the label doesn't really indicate t so do you have watch out for poultry. because this is one of those hidden sources, and it is tough to detect. you don't really taste it that much. that's the thing. our taste buds, so used to sodium, we don't really taste it. >> i tasted soup without salt, i can't eat it, it is too
7:36 am
blands. >> i know, that's the problem. and you said the perfect thing, soup. it is right here. >> oh, my goodness. >> so this bag of soup, this is two servings in this bag. >> i don't even want to know. >> do you want to guess? >> well, two servings? >> in the whole bag? >> i'm guessing there is 3,000 grams of sodium in just that one thing you're holding? >> well, you're kind of half right. it is 1500 in the whole bag. >> all right. >> so so that bag right there, done for the day. >> done. done. if you had this in your sandwich, forget about it, and speaking of sandwiches, when you go to the sub shop, you get six-inch sub there is, too, gives but a full day's allotmentment of sodium because you have your bread, cold cuts. >> so what can we do? how can we live and feast our food but not kill ourselves with too much sodium? >> couple every things. first of all you season your food with other thing. you buy garlic, i buy the
7:37 am
garlic already chopped up, dried out, in a mill, any which way you want to do it, lemon, basil, or regular know, all kinds of seasoning you can add to food to add flavor. the other thing you can do pepper, yes, especially fresh ground pepper, delicious. >> all right. >> you want to eat potassium, poe that is july helps your body balance out the sodium, drink watt for flush it out, and exercise which also helps your body metabolize the sodium little bit. >> dina about to go run for a run, have some water and eat some bananas, thank you very much. very lighten lining there. >> so karen, we send it back over to you. >> there go. all of the tips you need. no more salt. >> all right, there is a model, people are not -- what are they sailing? >> look at this. saying she is nothing special and she's fat. huh. we'll talk about it. pet moments are beautiful,
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unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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beautiful day, it will be a gorgeous day, temperatures will only be climbing all morning long. so, it may say 30's on your
7:41 am
thermometer, but don't worry, we will be climbing to almost double that. >> sound good. doesn't that get you ready for summer? that picture, looks like could you go out there right now. >> they have a vogue an event happening down the shore where you can get all bendy. >> all of the other things happening this week, are we going to be paying more for water? the philadelphia water department send couraging the public to attend three more public input hearings over rate changes that will go into effect this july. officials say over two-year period, people will see increase of about $8 per month on their bills. the next meet something coming on tuesday, you can visit for all of the times and locations throughout the sit. >> i medical professionals around the area will get a chance to learn more about drug addiction, and how it is affecting the community. the camden county board every freeholders and the county's addiction task force is hosting a forum about how to identify substance abuse and perform intervention. event will take place on wednesday march 2nd, at
7:42 am
6:00 p.m. at the collingswood community center. >> and the philadelphia pops, we love them, set to kick off its new season this many coming tuesday. the group is hosting an event to talk about some more than -- about the current season for this concert season, event will start at 10:00 will take place at the clef club on broad street fill pops in its 37th season. >> now, weaver been talking about it all morning, have been getting tweets about it, planning a wedding can be so difficult, so much to think about, the clothe, the food, the flowers. >> so we have a person that is an expert, he knows all about it, and can make it simpler. he is celebrity wedding planner david, and he's got some of this year's top wedding trends. and also, keep sending us pictures of your wedding, it is really fun, and we'll show some of them. use the #fox29goodday. >> look to go sell your home this year? we will help you get ready. coming up the the five simple
7:43 am
and cute things you can do to make your house more inviting. >> your wish, our command, you say it, it happens that fast. so, he sends us pictures every his dream wedding which by the way he did for under $5,000. >> answer didn't skimp at all, he had all of the bells and whistles. and this wedding in south jersey cost $8,000. so let us know how much you spent. >> 5,000, 8,000, we can work on that. >> oh, he put a ring on it, we'll get tips and advice for our producer, aaron for his wedding. we'll be back. >> that's mike.
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grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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we have wanda, getting homes ready to show and sell watch do we do first? >> first, clean windows, the hard wood floors glowed, the clear walkways, just the home completely inviting from the moment they stepped? >> if i walk in here clean, clean, clean, totally de cluttered. look in the kitchen, nothing on the counter topsment even if you don't live that way, when you are showing, do you have live that way. now is the time to get that storage unit. de-clutter the home the things you've been collecting the last couple of years, have
7:47 am
clear counter thomas. you want to clear your house of bookcases with extra things, extra collectables. >> flowers are nice touch. >> flowers are nice touch. cookies, if you can bake them, you walk in the door, and that smell is amazing. speaking of smell, there are certain things you don't want to smell? >> you don't want to smell cigarette smoke. you don't want to smell pet odors. >> thank you so much. love the tips. >> thank you. >> if you have any questions use the #fox29goodday. that's around the house. >> nice job, karen. with all of the tips, and actually it is a perfect day, dave, we take a look at the poconos mountains, beautiful there, as well, the perfect day to do some work around the house, get out, do little shopping. good stuff. how about some gardens? >> could you do that. you could do that. >> you can do that. you can do that. 60 degrees, is where we're headed today. so our scale, that's pretty high there. looking pretty good. and great weather today, and tonight, maybe a little drop tomorrow. as we bring in few showers,
7:48 am
but pretty good here. monday, as well. temperatures back above 60 degrees again. right now, into the mid 30's in philadelphia, and pottstown, one place where it is down below freezing, but quickly warming up. sunshine, warmer air coming in. so the breeze will pick up just a bit. that will push these temperatures up. right now, things are pretty cool across the area. but just to the southwest, that is where we will see the big warm up from. ultimate doppler 7:00 this morning, all clear, but by tomorrow morning, about this time, we will be talking about few showers, monday morning showers, tracking this moving through the area. and one or two showers coming in to about 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow. just passing shower. light rain shower moving through. it is clear by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are still pretty warm, though, with that bright sunshine. the seven day forecast, will have more 60 degrees temperatures hereby tuesday, but by wednesday, and thursday, here's where things start to change just a little bit. have a storm coming in, that will bring in some rain, maybe
7:49 am
a mix of rain or snow, as it moves out, and want to keep an eye just off the coast thereby friday, because there could be a few snowflakes coming down. we will watch the storm closely. a lot colder, no more 06 degrees temperatures, our lows into the 20's, and highs, just about 40 degrees. so, get ready, bill, that cold air is coming back, that's with gusty wind. >> not ready for more snow, dave, no. >> little more snow. >> i'm ready for swimsuit weather. tell me about this story, bill. >> another sports illustrated model we were talking about it earlier. let's get to t sport illustrated model besides ashley gram is being criticized for having -- take a look at the picture, 22 year old rookie model barbara, in this year's issue. she has actually been called fat by body shame ersment people saying her figure is nothing special, on instagram, she decided to respond to her haters on twitter, saying, quote, i'm not as skinny as i was when i was 18. minds you she is 22.
7:50 am
but i don't kerr myself fat. >> i think swimsuit models, it is cents different kind of model when you are in the fashion magazines, they want the skinny mini coat hanger. but for skinny, you want cur recalls, you want a body. >> that's raked lust, she is getting shamed on instagram, that's normal people like us who are criticizing her. she is a model in -- i don't get it. >> why do people tear people down? men i think love curves, women, well, she has a little bit of here, here and you just try to tear them down. creepy. >> what, don't like the can you snuffs. >> um, maybe i'm overtired. i chalk it up to being over tired. we don't always get to sleep well when you work these kind of hours. >> the fun of working the morning show, you get to wake up really early, but we're often sleep deprived. so we need some help. >> we got some help. we have tips to help you sleep better. and here is the great thing about it, there are five things you can do tonight to have a better night's rest.
7:51 am
>> and birthdays, happy birthday comedian, bill bert gottfried, celebrate his 61st birthday today. and that's captain from love boat. oh, i love that show. oh, mary from -- murray from mary tyler moore. >> and there is alley, from cherry hill, actually, actress alley celebrates her 40th birthday. she was in varsity blues. >> oh, let's know if you have a birthday in your house, as well. >> we got you. >> ♪
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
already coming up on the 8:00. 7:54, let us know what you are doing on this day, continue to have our conversation together. >> hey, al next. >> you're made new years resolution to get fit. be honest with yourself, because we want to help up get back on the wagon, with some new technology.
7:55 am
so check it out. >> ♪ >> i'm anthony, this is your tech tank. getting fit from your new years resolution, i'll show you how today how heart rate monitor and smart phone can help you continue on the path of health for 2016. >> every morning, it takes a two and a half minute reading of your heart rate, and the variability, and what it does is based on what you did the night before, sleep wise, food wise, anything like that, it will then gave you a rating, okay, moses, i got of what should we do today? >> don't do anything too heavy. work on aerobics. so do little tempo run. >> you say get to nine or ten, can i go heavier? >> you would be perfect. >> it will track mylar rate, put it up on the screen, not i could actually see it on my phone. i'm going to know how many
7:56 am
calories i burned, how hardy worked out, my maximum heart rate, and i'm going to have a daily log that i can compare with to see what i'm at in the future. >> then in my log. >> now back to the tech taj, back to the work out. >> this app will motivate us, drive us to compete against our number one competitor, ourselves, isn't technology great? even whether it makes you sweat. you want to talk more about mobile apps technology anything to keep you feet, reach out to us, hashtag tech tank, we continue the conversation on line. >> time to roll out the red carpeted, oscar night, but not everyone will be watching. coming up we will tell you about the anti-oscar party that one group is throwing tonight. >> ever have one of those moments when you swear you heard your phone ring, but it was nothing? scientists have been looking into it, and they think they have a reason why this happens.
7:57 am
how you may be able to stop that phantom ringing. pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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7:59 am
potential problems for commuters. could we have aspheric? new jersey transit talking about it, what it could mean for all every how rely on mass transit. >> why you may want to look at a calendar before decide to go visit a disney park. >> plus, victory in the palmetto state for hillary clinton. big time. now, the candidate look ahead, and they're going nationwide for super tuscon march 1st. >> goods morning, everyone, good day philadelphia. >> dave it, looks like it has been cold this morning. very cold start in fact.
8:00 am
you won't believe it is going up to the 60s, but you say it will happen? >> big 20, 25 degrees jump. it will happen. so tacking about the warmer weather, but hey, we have to get through the coal morning, right? here is the sunshine, wind will help little bit, too, here is wilmington, picture, nice looking shot this morning, so we step outside, grab the coat before you head out, still cold right now. but, eventually these numbers will shoot into the ooh -- note's, 60s, right now in the 30's, but talking about the 50's, 60s, that's big warm up. but we still have to watch out for little east, weekend wendy does. >> and that ice is still there >> bran new ice skating rink this year in front every city hall. if you haven't taken a look yet, this is your last chance city hall 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. bring your own skates, rent them there, and don't forget about the hot chocolate
8:01 am
afterward. >> you might want to have the hot chocolate now. don't worry about any rain either. ultimate doppler clear. but as these temperatures warm up, it will start to bring in little bit every rain, overnight, tonight. clear now, but by tomorrow morning, thin little line every showers moving through. >> this will be right about the rush hour tomorrow. 8:00, 9:00 tail ends of the rush hour, all rain, because we're into the six 60s today, and we will stay into the 50's and upper four's, overnight tonight. so, get ready for the warmer weather, it is here for awhile, look at that in the seven day forecast coming up. >> we've been following this story throughout the morning, police looking foreman who stabbed a woman at septa station, and let the -- left the woman bleeding and screaming for help. >> the latest from jenny joyce, details that we have learned. >> stabbed at the market frankford e el station, and police have released a surveillance image of the person that they believe was
8:02 am
responsible for this. investigators say that a man followed the victim into an elevator at the station, demanded money and then stabbed her with a kitchen knife and took off. the victim crawled out of the elevator screaming for help, bleeding from the leg and shoulder, she was rushed to the hospital in stable condition last night. we talked to septa riders who say they're going to be extra careful. >> to make sure that i'm protected everywhere i go, i don't carry weapons or anything like, that but just well aware of my surroundings, and i make sure that i travel around safe hours during the day versus the night. >> the suspect is still out there. if you happen to recognize in the image, or have any additional, head to our website karen, and bill? >> thanks so much, and that's one of the great things about
8:03 am
septa, they have such good surveillance, generally will catch the individual. police are investigating a overnight shooting in upper darby. officers say at around midnight someone was shot on ardly road, that person was taken to the hospital. police still looking for the shooter. >> fire crews were called out to this scene, this is a home on the 2600 block of emily street. it is in south philly. firefighters say this was a one alarm fire, it was in the basement, they got there fast, and they got it under control, knocking it down, there were no injuries, crews are still investigating. one person in the hospital, philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood. >> this happened around 2:30 at algon and devereaux. and police say a car crashed into the j and d produce store there. no word yet on what caused the crash. >> police in kutztown have charged a 18 year old philadelphia man, with stabbing a kutztown university student last week, the man charged is not a student. more details on that one,
8:04 am
charged with attempted homicide. happened last saturday the unit block of noble street. the victim is in serious condition. neighbors hear dress pratt cries for help, huge pile of debris after building suddenly collapsed. it happened yesterday morning at corner property on patent street in grays ferry, witnesses say they heard the screams of a man trapped under that pile of debris. but they didn't see anything say barber shop was on the first level and apartment on the second, one man look out his window, saw the collapse, then ran outside to try and help. >> the electric lines were down, we just called the fire department. >> very fortunate that the collapse happened whether it did. and that the building fell in the way that it did. it didn't collapse into the other buildings that are nearby. the man was rescued and transported to pen
8:05 am
presbyterian hospital. no one else was hurt. at this point l & i still doesn't know how the collapse happened. >> so the big question is there going to be a strike for new jersey transit? a lot of people making plans. we've got about 300,000 commuters to take it daily, relying on new jersey transit. >> now may be time to look at other plans, the negotiations between the transportation company and the rail workers over wages and health insurance, at a stand still, doesn't look too encourage being, so a loft people right now are take that into consideration. >> i'll support that. >> they've had in contract for five years, so how they have to set that many. >> new jersey transit says, it is actively developing other service plans for customers in case there is a strike. >> 8: 05, time to roll out the red carpet. oscar night. >> it is, but not everyone celebrating, not everyone will be watching.
8:06 am
coming up anti-oscar party that one group is throwing, also tonight. >> ♪ >> reach for your pocket, you hear your phone buzz, but it was nothing. coming up what scientists cents say may be going on in your head when that happens. >> and let's take a look at some of your pictures, so many different celebrations, shear wedding pick from 1979 carb's bakery. >> and still more, this one, coming from eric, a wedding was march 29th, 2015, had some very special guests, guest who? >> right there. >> our own sue serio was there. >> good morning, sue-be, good morning to all of you waking up with us. sends us your wedding pictures, tell us how much you paid, and make if you decorated, send us the at fox 29 irish. we'll be right back.
8:07 am
8:08 am
when you're told you have cancer start with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now.
8:09 am
>> we take a look, all of the shots look great. go out, there enjoy a good day at see view new jersey. >> many may be having oscar watch parties, celebrations, but a loft push back this year. >> a lot of controversy. so along with the glitz, glimmer of the owes cars, also the ongoing discussion about
8:10 am
lack of diversity among the nominees. now, according to new study diversity isn't just social cause it, also impact the bottom line. you ucla bunch center for african-american studies found movies featuring differs casts actually generate more money. >> how about that? >> so of the top eight cast members the studies show equally split cast of four white, and four non-white generates the most box office sales want people to see those movies and diversity should also be considered. >> our junior reporter, talented team of college student bringing important stories to us, this morning villanova university student lauren dugan, and you have a very timely story to tell us about. >> not too many people are, after asked for boycott, hosting philadelphia's oscar boycott. >> i can understand oscars and actresses, you know, boycotting because they want
8:11 am
to see a change. but also we're the ones that ultimately, you know, consume the product. >> called for audience boycott of the 2016 oscar awards show. >> i think it is really important that we choose not only what films we're going to see, but what films, which films we applause. >> tonight indeed pen death film group will host city boycott inspired by director spike lee. >> posted of his instagram, spike lee wrote i will not be attending the oscar ceremony and cannot support it. >> all 20 contenders under the actor category are white. >> i thought it was appropriate, empowering. >> founder says spike lee's protest calls for change in the industry. >> beginning of a conversation for activism to happen. >> since diversity every cinema actors, but also the cinema space for hosting tonight's oscar boycott. and then the ban donned candy
8:12 am
shop. >> glass factory, sarah's place bar,. >> and now candy shop since changing the cinema experience. >> doing something different and alternative. >> the once young candy shop will transform into neighborhood theater. >> when spike lee's film she's got to have it. >> measley lead the discussion and says it is not just a boycott, it is a celebration. >> to celebrate black cinema, choosing to be critical of it, unique ways. choosing the per spiff tiff. >> interesting for that event happening tonight. >> yes, ticket can still be purchased on line, this event start at 7:00 p.m. and tickets can be purchased on facebook page. >> perfect lauren thank you so much. >> we want to know do you plan to watch the oscars tonight? that's the subject of our instant reaction pole, so you can vote two ways, right on the good day weekend section of followed. com or just vote on twitter
8:13 am
use the hashtag fox 29 yes if you will watching the oscars or fox 29 no if you will not. we'll have the result in a few minute. >> we take a look at the weather, good day, that's the wilmington waterfront. actually a lot to do with the wilmington waterfront. if you haven't checked it out you absolutely should. dave, i love your forecast. >> forecast looks good. and today is not the only day where we are at 60 degrees, but today might be the only dry day where we're seeing the 06 degrees temperatures. look at malvern this morning, great looking shot here, this sent from pat, sunshine out, temperatures warm willing zero g up, home of the flying pig there right from malvern, pennsylvania, so great little downtown stretch, and should be nice day today as these temperatures climb to the upper 50s, and may be even touching 60 degrees. so upper 30's now. look at pottstown, finally climbed above freezing, almost up to 40 already, we were at 44 yesterday, and easily be above that, maybe even before
8:14 am
noon. fifty's, 60s later. will be a breeze, wind picking up gusting 20, 25 miles an hour, but not chilly breeze, actually warmer breeze, bridges in the warmer air, all to the southwest. that wind picks up later today. might notice it being just little bit breezy. ultimate doppler you might notice it being dry, lack thereof of the rain, but it changes overnight tonight. storm which bridges in this warmer air will also bring in few showers by tomorrow morning. temperatures into the 50th's, close to 60, this by about four, 5:00. then we get little cooler tomorrow. here is a little line of blue i shall here. front coming through, that will be the focus of the rain tomorrow morning, by about 8:00, 9:00. but it doesn't drop our temperatures much. with a little sunshine behind it little breeze out the west, temperatures may be warmer tomorrow mid to low 60s by tomorrow afternoon to the south, mid to up ear's north, and just touch cooler there, in mount pocono by about 49 degrees. that warmer breeze, setting up today, there is the storm, the winds picks up by about 20,
8:15 am
25 miles an hour, but that front will move through. and this is what gives us the showers here. right along this front, just ahead of it, and this will be by tomorrow morning. by tomorrow night, it is clear, and things get nice and comfortable. so 06 degrees today, right along i95, north and west maybe just little bit cooler, 57 degrees. there will be a few more clouds and specially along the coast it will be a lot cooler, temperature of 56 degrees, say that south and east with just a few more clouds. >> dave, thank you. so here an is a question. are you a good sleeper? >> i am sometimes. when the kids are asleep, i'm sleep. >> do you have any problems falling asleep. >> i don't sleep well at all. >> i think you are either in those two cams, fall asleep at the drop after hat or have problems. if you want to sleep better we have good tips. really serious, science behind them. number one thing redecorate. because the colors and light sources in your room can hurt your sleep. let's give you some examples. >> all right, five tips.
8:16 am
adjust the lighting, lower the wattage in your bulbs, get a dimmer, get black out curtains, make sure it is dark before go to sleep. choose colors wisely, put colors in your room, looking at before you. not off. some of the sleepy colors, examples like peach and green and blue. >> how about scents like lavender, vanilla, jasmine? >> i'll make a note that far. >> also, this is one that i do not do enough of. pick a comfortable mattress in the first place, then make sure you try to turn it every month. so either flipping it, or turning it over. >> you don't flip your mattress? >> in years. i didn't know you're supposed to. >> you flip your mattress? >> it will bear better, so your springs don't get, you know -- >> i have one of those mattresses where you push the button and it adjusts to the -- >> oh, sleep number? >> yes, i don't have springs. but i'm still not flipping the mattress. that's sill. >> i another, do you have a tv
8:17 am
in your bedroom. >> of course. >> exactly. >> they say take the tv out. because you won't get any love that way in the first place, but also, you're better not to have it there and have a bookcase. >> not a chance you're taking it out? >> why take the tv out of my bedroom? any can't sleep, it gives me something to do. >> but that's the root of all of your sleep problems. >> crazy new invention, it is called remote, boom, it the. v goes off. it is amazing how technology evolves. watch text tech. >> and aaron our producer says he falls asleep with the tv on, but i am trying to help you. >> they have timers. i didn't know peach was a sleepy color. >> all right. >> so soothing. >> paint my bedroom, go buy some candles, throw out my tv. not going to happen. >> darken the room, that's the science. >> i can do that. >> turn the lights off go, to sleep. >> oh, wait, noise machines. >> more silly science for you. >> ♪
8:18 am
>> hello? no one is there. >> this week we have the silliest study we've seen in some time. it begs the question, do you have ringanxiety in your life? plane english how often do you think your phone is ringing when it is really not? believe it or not, researchers at the university of michigan say if you think you hear your phone blowing up, but there is no one on the line, that may indicate that you have ring-san tie at this, or plane english, you're feeling anxiety about your relationships. some of those in the study report, they actually heard ringing, or felt their phones buzzing, when they were really silent. and those people were the ones who reported more concerns about abandonment. or attachment in their relationships. if you can relate, the researchers say, practice putting your phones down for awhile. and relaxing. even if this ringsan tie at this sounds like a lot of silly science.
8:19 am
>> ♪ >> we've been talking about it, actually went out in the hall and saw the set up. wedding planning segment. it will be great. but it is a daunting task. our producer -- >> to the control room, there he is. what's the date? >> the planning is starting to drive him crazy we have tips, advice to calm his nerves and to help you. you know the trends are always changing. so we had that picture that far guy a minute ago. that will woman taking a drink. but celebrity wedding center, live, with some of the top trends for this year. >> this will be good. plus, getting into the happiest place on earth, is just got little bit more expensive. why you may want to look at your calendar before you plan a trip to a disney park. >> let's take a look, oh, wedding pictures, thank you for accepted g them in.
8:20 am
marybeth my sister's wedding was perfect. avalon in october. i don't know how much it was. but it was beautiful. >> and good morning, philadelphia. this was from the just great shot in philadelphia. enjoying the sunrise. enjoying the day.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> welcome back, still 38 degrees. dave is promising us it will get warmer, a lot warmer. he is looking at me, giving me the look, the eyes. you're giving me the business. >> you talk about weather and rick ashley playing in the back. >> all right, here is the trends. good morning, everybody, i'm mike jerrick. >> i'm alex holley. you agree this is? >> the trends. >> oh, no! >> oh!
8:24 am
>> this is virginia, and she got the chance to visit the white house if for the first time during black history month. released this video chatting it up with the obama's, she is so excited born in 1909 in south carolina she said she had long dreamed of visiting the white house, she started dancing. >> this next one, i must ask you a question. >> okay, what are you going to ask me? >> do you want to see a cat that has a mustache? >> okay, let's see it. well, mike, meet mustache kitten, the cast was found abandoned in a donation bin at fresno salvation army. see the cat, perfect outline every mustache. the must tab cat already ready for adoption in a couple of days, i'm sure you'll sign right up. >> per neglect. >> it is perfect. i think you should adopt it. >> maybe i'll just grow one. you know i gave my cat a bath
8:25 am
last night. >> did you? >> yes. >> i know how this joke goes. seriously? that's a look at trends this week. >> i got to -- i got to fin english no. >> still picking the fur off my tongue. >> back to you guys.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> welcome back, live look in old city. have we pick up a degree. >> we saw 38 degrees. dave thomas promises it will be going up. in the headlines? >> top stories, delaware, police say they've caught couple behind a spree of armed robberies all mindy part. george hamilton and his girlfriends jessica august now face numerous charges. delaware state police say on thursday hamilton ran into three gas stations cents, flashed a gun at the clerks, and stole money from the cash register. the robberies all happened within about 12 minutes in bear and new castle, delaware. police say august waited in the van as hamilton hit the stations, short time after the robberies, troopers say they spotted the van connected to it all, pulled it over, and arrested the couple. >> do you feel squeezed when you get on an airplane, guy next to you leaning over into your seat? you're not alone, and it is not in your head. space has become more limited
8:29 am
now one of the senators up there from new york, chuck schumer, he wants to require the faa to require minimum seat size requirements, so they don't keep squeezing us. he says, commercial airlines have been shrinking the size of seats and reducing leg room on board, he's expected to announce his former proposal sometime today. and they say it is the happiest place on earth, but get ready to pay more if you want to see mickey mouse. the walt disney company announcing ticket prices to their us theme parks will be increasing, beginning today. now, disney world and disneyland will move to a seasonal tiered pricing system on one day tickets, affixed calendar set ahead will allow guests to see which days are considered value, regular, or peak, with customers paying more during the busiest times of the year. peak season will include spring break, much of december and late december, pretty much when everybody's trying to go. they'll charge you more money to the not so happiest place on earth.
8:30 am
>> when the kids are off school that's the peak. >> there you go. temperatures this morning, rather at the bottom of the peak, on their way up. we'll see the numbers climbing. this is windchill. so it is g just little bit. wind already three it, windchill. so still bit chilly. numbers starting to climb closer to 40 degrees here. that's what it looks like here in philadelphia. 38 degrees, so our numbers are slowly climbing. ultimate doppler, clear, now, but that will be changing. because area of showers is coming in overnight tonight, and early tomorrow. look at these numbers. doesn't feel like it right now, but would be will there, as quickly as noon, bringing warm up, dropping to 55, still fairly mild, overnight tonight. we will say it is a warmer breeze, because that wind will be about ten to 20 miles an hour, maybe a higher gust, but it is brinking in some warmer air. not that colder windchill we are talking about. that's in the seven day forecast, a look at those numbers coming up a little bit
8:31 am
later. guys? >> all right, thank you, so much. let's take a look at this guy,'s start, david, he's been name for himself doing all kind of celebrity party planning for ages. putting together amazing weddings, and event, for the big stars, hollywood's rich and famous. today you can see him, your own self, because he will be having wedding ideas right at our pennsylvania convention center or just sit on your couch and watch them right now on good day. so here he is live in our studios. thanks you for joining us, also going behind the vale. aaron our producer we love does our show, he's getting married. i want to show you a picture of the -- did we get jeff? awe. >> so, they are getting married this july. and so, aaron, you have big questions about the flowers? >> flowers and cake. >> all right. >> what are you thinking? >> we know -- so flowers, we
8:32 am
know there are roses, we know tulips, we know there are daisy. we know they exist in nature. >> yes? >> i'm done. >> that's it? >> that's all i know. >> well, flowers are incredibly important. so i want to make sure when thinking about the accessories, wigs not just jewelry but it can be the bouquet for the bridesmaids, most importantly the bride, if you tell the story, ambience of the walk down the aisle with the flowers, the flowers really can add that extra punch of color but don't make the flowers too over bearing for your butte inch ear for the guys butte inch ear as well as bo case for the girls. >> show you what you have done here y are they special? >> very soft. still going to get the choral, peach, soft whites, and the ivory as one look, but looking at berries here which add texture, bouquets to the front have suck ooh lens, which is real interesting way to add -- >> oh, it sounds sex. >> i really? >> let's do it. >> yes, call a lilly's, tulips, my tip for everyone when they go to the show today, all about finding what is affordable, what's in season. these flowers will be in season for you, for your
8:33 am
wedding, you want to make sure check what's available, what's affordable. which is very important. and carl, the floral designs, created? for us, they'll be at the show today. >> this is one of my favorite parts, cake, get to eat it, try t what are s new trends this year? something i know aaron specifically looking for today? >> yes, we're starting, in a couple of weeks we have some cake. >> today? >> yes, really want to have fun, but what are people looking for? i mean, brides, regular cake, glued end cake, is that a big trends? >> sort of trends fallen short. >> okay? >> i would say take the monday any your budget, create wonderful cake for the two of you, as opposed to groom and bride cake. this is where you can have fun. don't make it be something that's at the end, each of these cake designs has a unique ness to them. layers in each of the cakes could be different flavor, so people can really enjoy a cake buffet, as opposed to just serving at the at the very end. >> how do you do that? >> aaron mentioned, that wanted to do different flavor per layer. well then do you have to take the guest order, do you want
8:34 am
the chocolate chip or you want the strawberry what do you do? >> great question. once it is cut, you have it served, and the slices go out to food station. >> okay? >> it almost becomes like wedding cake experience. so guest cz go to the table and experience different types of flavors. topping, ice cream, make it little more fun, little more environmental. enjoy that moment. >> i love that one. the other thing were you thinking of doing, aaron, was actually not even serving the cake. explain that one? >> right. possibly thinking is serving a different dessert, then doing cake, casino of a party favor type thing. >> very cute. you do it, package it, because that becomes a favorite. as you just said. what he is wonderful, that's the end of your story so the lasts thing they've searing is sweet taken home from you. >> sweet dreams tell them. >> exactly. one looks like a dressy see a lot with cakes, but let's get to the dresses, i'm blown away, you designed these dresses? >> i have. >> fabulous. >> thank you so much. my line called david -- they're available l and h bridal here if philadelphia, also, they will be at the show, as well as dessert by
8:35 am
dane a they will be there experiencing the runway, amazing catwalk, talking like high end cue tore new york where we can see many different due signs, and these are two of my collection, which i've had for couple of years. >> i love them. one, some brides like to be, you know, very narrow slim dress, some want the whole ball gown experience, want to be the princess bride. >> let me tell you where you can see them, over at the convention center going on all day long, ten to 4:00 and you can buy the ticket right there at the door. go there. be blown away. >> i'll be there. come see me. >> all right, what are we doing next? >> let's eat! >> in malvern location once again. how are you? >> good to see you. nice pink shirt. >> thank you very much. >> your gift. >> now, before we made several things, people keep asking about this, dipping saws you created? >> couple of cups of ranch dressing, you can use your
8:36 am
favorite, i like butter milk. >> put it in. scrape it out. >> good. >> nothing like a small businessman. >> that's right. >> okay. plane and sex. >> i sauce? >> quarter that far. >> all in. >> no, no, no, about a quarter of it. that's actually cup. so about quarter cup. >> good. >> all right? >> okay? >> just take pinch of salt. >> there. >> excellent. dark chilly powder. >> okay. >> about half of that. that's about tablespoon. three quarters after tablespoon. you're good. >> little more. >> give it a little kick. >> that's good. and then this is mccormick cajun seasoning. >> okay? >> tablespoon and a half. about three quarters of the cup. >> okay? >> keep going. >> you're good. >> little bit more. >> you're good. now, take your wire whip. mix it up. you're very neat. >> trying to be, man. >> i taught you well. >> respecting your place of the. >> i taught you well.
8:37 am
>> blends it all in really good. you can see all of the seasoning all in there. >> that's how you know it is done right. all of the spices, sees knowledge, and listen so you know, want it more spicey? add more hot saws, seasoning, or pinch of kian pepper if you want to. >> this can be used with what? >> fried pickles, zucchini,. >> this is actually great salad dressing. >> oh,. >> when we do salad on the menu for special, i offer this as a salad dressing. out standing. >> you're good. >> ready to start eating? >> let's do it. >> fried pickle and a french friday. all right. nice. there go. ready? >> dig it out. >> boom. >> ♪ >> you made that really good. >> that's good. >> on anything. >> i know, you scare yourself, don't you? >> i'm very talented. >> you can wow your friends with this. always a pleasure. >> so easy to make. serious, cheers. >> thank you. >> fox food bite.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ >> boyz ii men, i knew this wasn't boyz ii men. >> everyone's a little irish on saint patrick's day, and we are getting into the spirit with the help after fabulous celtic band, jamison. >> they'll be performing at big parade fundraiser today in the northeast on friday we actually got sneak peak of what was going on, what they're all becomes during good day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so they will be performing during a fundraiser. you know who is going tonight? >> who? >> michael eugene jerrick. he will be there, bob kelly will be there, in fact, they told bob all about it. >> there is a ton of musical acts that will be playing. it is us, bogside rones, john
8:42 am
burn, birmingham six, irish dancers, very family friendly, tickets can be purchased at the door. >> you know what i love about this, you are, you are able to take the kids where the adults can have some fun, listen to the irish music, there will be things for the kids to do, all up in northeast philadelphia, the f.o.p. hall. >> i bring my kids every year and they have a ball. >> the fundraiser is taking place today from 3:00 in the 7:00 at hero's hall at the f.o.p. lodge 5:00 in northeast philadelphia. tickets $30 for adult, and as they said, you can bring the kids, tickets just $15 for the kids. lots every fun. how are you getting ready for saint patrick's day? i hung up my decorations, got all organized, maybe were you doing that as well. use the hashtag fox 29 irish. and don't forget of course saint patrick's day parade will be right here on fox 29. and you can watch with us, and you can join us, will all happen sunday, march 13th, and we will air it again on saint patrick's day, march 17th. and the whole gang will be
8:43 am
there. so we'll have a lot of fun. >> ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> ♪ >> 90s flash band. what was yours? >> sport i spice. let's talk about what you want what you really really want. >> another primary win for former secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> all the polls had her well ahead. and she exceeded those expectations, welcome news for her campaign after losing this primary, you may remember, back to barack obama, in 2008. she really thought important to win this time around and she d her campaign now looking to harness some of this momentum, that started with win of the caucuses in nevada last week, democratic challenger bernie sanders did not focus on south carolina at all. wasn't even in the state. instead looking forward to super tuesday. >> if all of you come out to vote, and you bring your friends, and your neighbors, and your co-workers, we are going to win here in texas. >> up until last night, the campaign's could focus on individual states, but now, with super tuesday, just two
8:47 am
days from now, the campaign it, goes national. >> how much of the attention was focused on democratic primary? fierce competition among the republicans, somebody trying to close that gap. that lead with donald trump ahead of super tuesday. >> so fox's john robert breaks it all down. >> that guy with the worse spray tan in america is attacking me. >> in sharp departure, marco rubio has decided to meet fire with fire in dealing with donald trump. >> i'm just responding to his rad i can just less. he was attacking me because i was wearing make up at the debate. heist terrible spray tan. it is perhaps the worse i've ever seen. this is a guy who can afford to get better spray tan. and he needs to sue who ever did that to his face. >> this guy has a fresh mouth. he is a very nasty guy. and i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar, but rubio is worse. i mean, he is worse. thank god he has really large ears, the biggest ears i've ever seen.
8:48 am
because they were protecting him of what's going -- i have never seen any human being sweat like this guy. >> with 595 delegates, 25% of the total up for grabs on super tuesday, the top republican candidate are battling hard to gain advantage. ted cruz, mark trump's criticism of vincent fox, for using profanity when talking about trump proposed border wall. >> this man fro a man over and over again has stood up, used profanity, as used vulgar insults. and i got to say, i don't think it is a good thing to see presidential candidates just behaving like school children bickering. i think differences should be on substance. >> crews keeping the political discourse, ohio governor john kasich was laying claim to being the adult in the room. participant in nashville. >> when did we get to the point in this country where we can call these kind of names and have people actually
8:49 am
represent themselves as leaders in this country. >> how do you feel about this? enough of this trash. >> the name calling aside, trump opponent are digging into handful of new attacks they're hoping to make stick. his problem with illegal workers in new york three decades ago, hiring workers, in florida, and the lawsuit he's facing over trump university. all issues that are taking trump off messages in campaign events. >> if i didn't have a hostile judge in california, this case would have ended years ago. i believe he happens to be spanish, which is fine. he hispanic. which is fine. >> the rubio campaign is hinting it will soon be hearing from some of the student at trump university saying since rubio brought it up, houston debate thursday, they've been getting a lot of phonecalls. in atlanta, john robert, fox news. this week on fox news sunday marco rubio and ted cruz team up against donald trump as we head to super tuesday. under fierce attack, trump
8:50 am
explains how he intends to stay as the frontrunner in the gop. then, ted cruz, who has more rotting on super tuesday than any other candidate, as he defends his home state of texas. >> and marco rubio as he launches an all-out attack against trump. plus hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for vote in south carolina. all this week on fox news sunday. >> we have an interesting social experiment, this is actually done by one of the airlines jet blue. >> it gave 150 passengers a free flight. sound good. but there was a catch. >> it was all part of their reach across the aisle campaign, now, here is how it works. 150 passengers on the plane would get travel certificate to one of 20 destinations but they could only get them if they all agreed on one single location before their six-hour flight from boston to phoenix, landed.
8:51 am
>> turks and caikos. >> common, everybody, i know you can do this. we need to make some compromises here, we need to make some sacrifices. >> a lot more hands up for costa rica. >> turks and caikos, but costa rica surfing. turks and caikos had a lot of hands up. let's just pick it. >> for the greater good. >> our last and final moment. >> has to be an unanimous decision. >> sound like vacation. >> raise your hand. if you have chosen turks and caikos. no hands in the air. >> must be only one thing. 150 random strangers have chosen unanimously to go to costa rica? (cheers). >> i love it. so, you know, there are a moral to this story, compromise, come together,
8:52 am
everybody can win. i think it is fun we only heard about two fabulous locations, nobody talking about going to teen ya. >> cleveland? no votes? i didn't think it would be that hard. you think about it it is down to do you want one free excellent beach vacation or another free excellent vacation. >> turks and caikos or costa rica. >> whatever you. >> i right. >> awe. >> guys, hey, we don't care. >> so you make the choice, we're on board. it is free? >> both are nice. >> i think you're right. both totally good calls. coy certainly go either way. >> see how easy that was? >> getting our temperatures up right now? still 38 degrees. >> it is, five minutes. >> i didn't know that. >> updated every minute. >> no. >> no? >> are you kidding me? >> unless there is like a massive change. >> no, it should change all the time. >> it should be instant. >> no. >> call the engineer. >> all right. e-mail the weather service for me.
8:53 am
they haven't replied to my emails yet. >> what's the weather what are we going to get today? >> up to about 60 today. so, that looks pretty good. we will say that good on our scale and a great day today, because it is nice and comfortable, just light breeze it, will drop down to okay on the scale by tomorrow morning, because there will be some rain moving in. thirty-eight right now, been this way, for the past hour, new numbers come in, shortly, they should be easily climbing into the 40's, then we will see 50's, 60s, later, warmer air comes in from the south. now ultimate doppler is all clear. watching this area closely not really today but overnight tonight, and tomorrow, we will say monday morning showers, passing shower, maybe the tail end of your rush hour tomorrow. here it comes. one or two raindrops coming down between about 8:00 and 9:00. it will be moving through, we will get some sunshine, so the line coming through, the winds will pick up behind this. and it is not real a cold front. because as the wind comes in from the west, get the sunshine, temperatures could still climb to the 60s again tomorrow. a warmer breeze today.
8:54 am
and there it is, the storm coming up, it is right over the great lakes, that's where you want it, if you want to see the temperatures climb. and then as it moves through it will bring in some cooler air, another storm comes in tuesday, and wednesday, then we tap into that cold arctic air thursday, friday, saturday. so, a big change in temperatures by the end of the week. showers, ahead of the storm for monday, then another storm comes in tuesday, and wednesday, and that's better chance to give us more rain, mild rain, 54 degrees, could see little mixing here, as the cold air comes in, and the storm moves out. and then by friday, just off the coast, we will keep close eye on this, because there could be chance of snow here, storm off to the southeast, with high pressure to the north, there is the cold winds, coming in, not warm breeze today, cold breeze, 29 friday morning, 26 saturday morning, so different feel next weekend. we will be right back. the centers for medicare and medicaid
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. >> we are getting ready to get out of here, first we tell you about our poll results for the day. we took a pole, here are the result, do you plant to watch the oscars? no. nobody cares about the oscars. >> two things. our producer cheryle, it is her, there it is, erica, it is her 60 birthday, happy birthday. and go st. joe's.
8:58 am
>> there you go. go hawks. thank you for starting your day with us, have an amazing sunday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace, as we head to super tuesday, the biggest day of the republican campaign, we'll sit down with donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio on fox news sunday. >> trump gets a big endorsement. >> the best foern beat hillary clinton is donald trump. >> donald trump joins us tloif explain how he intends to cement his standing as the front-runner. marco rubio and ted cruz finally team up. >> donald, relax. relax. >> i'm relaxed. >> you're a basket case. >> there's a statute of limitation onz lies. >> we'll talk live with senator cruz who has more riding on super tuesday than any other candidate as he defends his home state of texas. and marco rubio as he la


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