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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 29, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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violent weekend in the delaware valley two teens killed in shoot-outs where those shootings happened and latest on the suspect and victims. plus local homes covered in a toxic mess, dangerous, only on fox, what sprayed this nasty liquid, and then this... well, here at the a academy awards, otherwise known as the white peoples choice a awards. >> chris rock tackled diversity, while leonardo dicaprio took on climate change in the night hollywood won't soon forget. >> good day it is monday february 29th, 2016. this this is a day a lot have people, have leap year birthdays. >> today is leap day, the 29th. we get one every four years. >> that is correct. >> this is fascinating.
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>> people will have birthdays, they are celebrating something that is not really, all that common. >> we all age four times faster then everyone else. >> very exciting, next time, next weather i will have an explanation of why the heck this happens. yes. and there will be a quiz. no, i'm kidding. we have a look what is going on right now. things are very tranquil here in the delaware valley but as you see looking to the west towards cleveland and pittsburgh, that there is some rain on the way, and it looks like it will a arrive here by end of the morning. we have got a dry couple of hours ahead and then, by the time this rain gets here we think it will just be in the form of some showers, nothing major and it will not last all day either. it is a cold front coming through, to mess up that nice mild day we had yesterday. 47 degrees. pretty nice for the last day of february. we have 6:35 for your sunrise time, and other temperatures throughout the region, 43 in
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trenton. thirty-two in allentown. we have 44 in at atlantic city. fifty right now in millville. 51 degrees in dover. so, again not really cold morning. wind are out of the southwest. that is the the reason why milder air comes out of the southwest. the as we said it is a rather tranquil start to the day but we expect showers to be around late morning, into lunchtime. skies will clear towards evening. we will get to 57 degrees, before that cold front comes through and that is your weather authority forecast, happy leap day, bob kelly. >> back at you, leaping along here, good morning, everybody. 4:02 on this monday morning. a live look at i-95 southbound lanes of i-95 right here near pendell interchange, construction crews left over here in what would be the far right lane. so look out, only one available, otherwise, kind of quiet. off to a nice start a at the vine street expressway coming in and out of the city that overnight crew pick up and gone.
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we are ready for morning rush. they are working north on 202 working your way from the bypass up into the route 401, late running crews out there until will 5:00 or 5:30 or so. the there is that new pattern coming in on the 42 freeway when you come from south jersey heading towards philadelphia, heads up working your way up toward 55, and that 295 interchange there as crews shuffled things around over the weekend. schuylkill at i-95 looking good at the moment and mass transit running with no delays, chris and lauren, back over to you. six people shot in what is being called a violent weekend in the delaware valley. >> two people shot dead. steve keeley is on this one from cherry hill. steve, good morning. >> reporter: this is a stunner, cherry hill does not got a lot of murders like we do in philadelphia a first murder here since, june 2014, and this now the second teenage boy, from camden, shot and killed already in 2016, the victim, 17 year-old,
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jadear gordon who has was at inn of the dove a hotel at cuthbert boulevard route 38 walkable and scene of past violence just a year ago but this was a again, overnight party, jadear was with another person, 20 years old from willingboro, at 2:30 in the morning after a party a saturday night into sunday and somebody shot inside of that car, killing the 17 year-old wounding the 20 year-old who is already out of the hospital. coincidently, chris, lauren a 24 year-old from willingboro shot here in the parking lot at the inn of the dove here in may of last year not even a fool year ago. second incidents of shooting here at inn of the dove. is it the a coincidence or trouble spot? one thing for sure people picked this spot the for parties and two of those parties in the past ten months have turned violent a and one turning into the murder of a 17 year-old from camden. >> seventeen. all right, thank you. now to philadelphia's
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grays ferry neighborhood where two strangers were shot, both, shooting happened just blocks apart from each other. first a 15 year-old shot twice near 31st and tasker last night at last check, he is in critical condition at chop. the second a 17 year-old also shot twice in the 1700 block of south petrona, he is in stable condition. police say both shooting is a peer to be connected no word on any suspects. some people living in south philadelphia are upset, they are still waiting for the city to clean up oily fluid that spewed from the trash truck on to several houses and streets. this happened last week. >> dave kinchen in south philadelphia with more on this for us, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are told that representatives from the city of philadelphia will be out here on camac street to see what they can do to help residents dealing with this major in mess causing major stress. this is is what left, of chem dry that was sprayed down because of the mess that leak out from a garbage truck causing major problems here in
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south philadelphia. only on fox, this is surveillance video, from last thursday's showing a city of philadelphia garbage truck leaking hydraulic fluid soaking the 1800 block of camac, covering cars, porches, doors and windows. people have taken it upon themselves to do some of the needed scrubbing but they are wondering if the city will return to clean up the rest. some residents say that they have been told that call their home owner's insurance, and they are angry. >> i thought i was going to die. i knocked on the door and aid what happened here? they are totally shock. >> i feel like it is very negligent, you know, they are making it sound like it is all of our responsibility to get it cleaned up and taken care of when they have done the damage. >> hydraulic fluid is like brake fluid. it can burn you bad. you definitely cannot ingest it. the it is really toxic. >> reporter: scary stuff indeed. fox 29 did get answers.
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we called philadelphia a city streets department. they say they will have a manager out here at some point this morning to eye ball the situation and see what they can do to help the residents here, again, a lot of people saying they were told to contact their home owner's insurance. they are not happen bye that because they could be, setback, thousands of dollars, and again, people just simply cleaning themselves. we are looking to city officials to come out here to help rectify this situation. >> yeah, everyone is excite to see that. >> southwest philadelphia for this one. police are on the hunt for person who shot a 22-year old man eight times last night. shooting happened on 60th street at greenway avenue just before 8:30. when police got there the victim was already in route to university of pennsylvania hospital by another person. he is in stable condition when he got to the hospital. so far no arrests. to new castle where authorities identified victim of another deadly shooting this one happened saturday night in the court apartment complex.
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clifton thompson of newark died after being shot inside that complex. the authorities do not the belief this shooting was random but they are still looking for that shooter. man accused of shooting and killing a virginia police officer on her first day on the job is due in court today. >> police say that officer, ashley guindon, was along with one other officers that were responding to a domestic dispute saturday in woodbridge when the suspect started to shoot. all three officers were hurt. >> officer guindon died at the hospital, other two still recovering. police say the shooter was staff sergeant ronald hamilton who was assigned to the pentagon. authorities found hamilton's wife dead inside of their home. he is due in court facing several charges. now to the 88 a academy awards they officially are in the books. oscars tackled many controversial topics. >> they wasted no time, right from the start host chris rock jokingly discussed the oscars so white issue. the one of the jokes included rocky and creed movie, here it is. >> things are changing.
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things are changing. yeah, we have a black rock think year. some people called it creed, i called it black rocky. and that is the big, that is an unbelievable statement. i mean because rocky takes place in a world where white athletes are as good as black athletes. rocky is a science fiction on movie. >> stallone seemed to like that. >> yes. >> you hear that diversity was a hot butt on issue. rocky, addressed the controversy head on from boycotts to protests. what mattered, is he even had lack of of diversity throughout the show. twitter talk about this last night and this morning we want to know what you think. twitter, facebook, instagram, whatever you want to use, weigh in. >> yeah, we will discuss it throughout the show. a lot of people had lot to say. >> leo dicaprio had a lot the to say about the environment,
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listen to this i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. the let us not take this planet the for granted, i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> leonardo grabbed the oscar for best actor for his role in the revenant, as we just heard he not only thanked his parents, several cast mates but he brought up climate change issue and what it took to shoot the revenant. he is known to speak out on issue of climate change. he took home a golden globe, a sag, and other a word for that role. >> what his fifth nomination and he finally got it this is time. >> i keep hearing all these good things about this movie some people say it was good, had hard to understand, follow. >> i hear it is graphicky hear that too. very graphic. >> i want to see it? do i really want to see it? i hear about a bear. >> all right. the let's turn to this at 4:11. an 87 year-old man trapped inside this plane, hanging upside down for four hours. how crews were finally able to
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get it down.
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all right. the classy hope you are paying a attention because thinks hourlies on on why we have a leap year. what is a leap year you ask? we will, a calendar year is 365 days, right? we all know. that one rotation of the earth, is one day. and then the earth orbits the sun exactly once and that is a year. so that is the earth around
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the sun. earth's rotation is the day, got that straight. so, we got a quarter of a day that we gain, and every four years, and that means we get that extra day and that keeps the calendar in line with the seasons. toda, leap year comes in, saves the day, gives thaws extra day because we have that quarter of a day, every year, and then well, you did the math, right in did you get it? we will have it again before the morning is through. >> i'm confused can we start from the beginning and do it one more time. >> no. but you will see it again before 6:00 o'clock i promise. >> thank you. >> we will have some showers on the way today and then more rain on wednesday. today shouldn't be that big of a deal. by end of the morning early afternoon just a few showers rolling through but some have a cold front moving through and this is the third wednesday in the row for some showers, and probably a thunderstorm because we will have a a chance to build up milder air by then. so we could get rain, again,
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on a wednesday but here's the rain that is coming our way today and it is out in pittsburgh right now. a a few heavier downpours but this will lose the strength we have by the time it makes its way here. how close? well, starting to edge into williamsport. it hasn't made it to harrisburg and scranton but we will keep an eye on that rain throughout the rest of the morning. future cast shows it rolling in maybe nine or 10:00 o'clock or through 11:00 o'clock at noon. by one or 2:00 it is out of here. it is not a big deal. it may be umbrella worthy if that is lunchtime and it is raining a little bit. that should be it for the rest of the day to day. we are starting a off with 32 degrees in allentown. forty's every where else. it is the cold spot. that may not even be correct just plan on the 40's or in the case south of philadelphia, the 50's to get started, rather mild start for the last and extra day, of february. lets look at how we jumped over the weekend.
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our saturday high temperature was 44 degrees. our sunday high was 20 degrees warmer with 64. today we will get to around 59 before temperature drops after the rain, but then we are backup in the upper 50's for first day of march. we will be able to say that march comes in like a lamb, and then, things get lion-like by the time we get to the second day of march because that is when we will get win driven rain and possibility of thunderstorms. that is the third wednesday in the row for that to happen, and then we will get a little unsettled and chillier by friday, warming up over the weekend. that is your seven day forecast, i hope you enjoyed your leap year. >> very good, we paid attention. chris in the back of the classroom there did not. and we will be road i. >> always disruptive. >> he will be ready for refresher course. 4:16 on a monday, leap day live look at the work crew is still out on i-95 on bucks county. this is southbound lanes right here near pendell, route one
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interchange, kind of quiet. only that left lane opened there rolling out of the driveway. looking good on the bennie no problems up and over into downtown philly. bridges in good shape this morning. speeds are in the 50's along the schuylkill and 422. in problems on the pennsylvania turnpike. we will zoom into a new closure, that begins this morning for the next month or so, it is construction area, down along i-95 and 202 in wilmington, the ramp from north add a apples to go north on i-95, a block for the next month. follow detour signs. it will be rough for the first day or two until we get used to that. there is a crew working eastbound on 422 as we roll from royersford into that pottstown interchange. the getting out of town, lucky you no problems a at the moment at philly international but rain rolls through that could throw some delays our way. count down is on as we have less than a months to go until the st. patrick's day parade.
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we had a big event yesterday in northeast philadelphia, a big fundraiser for the parade. we had irish dancers out there, a lot of recitals over the weekend. send us pictures, post them tour facebook, twit error instagram pages of the kid dressed up and getting ready. use that hashtag fox 29 irish so we can show pictures on tv. of course, st. patrick's day parade right here on fox 29, sunday march 13th, live on the parkway, or you can catch it here on fox and then rebroadcast it on st. patrick's day itself from 12:00 to 3:00. back over to you. police in toms river, new jersey want to track down guy they say broke in the home while a family including young kid, were sleeping inside. it happened around 4:30 saturday morning in wyoming drive. police say the man seen in these surveillance photos went in the home while the family was fast asleep. he took two purses and then left. if you recognize him you are asked to give police a call. coming up on 4:19.
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would you believe it? another ill-fated trip for this royal caribbean caught in the nasty storm earlier this month. you know the name of the ship, anthem of the seas. the it the is once again returning to port early. company announced the reasons a storm on the way and out break of the noro virus. it is not clear how many people on board are, in fact, sick. do you remember a few weeks ago the ship got caught in hurricane force wind, 30-foot waves that forced that ship to go back to port in new jersey. one passenger from that cruise has filed a lawsuit claiming company ignored warning signs before heading right into that storm. a driver loses control of her car and smashes into a dell any oxford circle. the crash leaving a hole on the outside of the building. police were called to j and d produce and deli on al-zawahiri gone avenue around 2:30 yesterday morning. they say the driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the cause of the accident is under investigation. all right. an 87 year-old pilot is stuck in this, what is this? this is his plane, hanging
4:20 am
upside down this pilot was there for hours. you can see, the white, single engine plane, hanging in the the trees at gettysburg. the pilot is an adams county man that crashed in the row of trees sat the day afternoon. he took off from the gettysburg regional airport to clear view to fuel up where he ran into some trouble. >> he was in very good spirits the whole time there. he was not the just alert and oriented during the whole incident which lasted almost four hours. i think by the end he was anxious to get the out, as we all were to get him out of the situation that he was in. >> a little anxious to get out, after four hours. fire fighters used lad tours get up there and get him down. elderly pilot was able to walkway from that crash without any injuries, lauren. the size of the buildings, atlantic city taj mahal has a new billion air owner. the the casino came out of bankruptcy on friday and karl icon has taken it over. donald trump has not owned or anything to do with the trouble casino company since
4:21 am
2009. aside from the 10 percent stake in returns that he use of his name. icon owns atlantic city's tropicana casino. in the word of charles barkley the sixers are terrible. >> ahh. >> last night things got worse. >> howard eskin breaks down, sports in one minute. he will in the break down but he will break it down. but first here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck to you.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. sixers were a terrible basketball team and hard to believe they are now worse after the all-star break. the losing all six games giving up an average of 120 points per game. their effort piss pathetic. to orlando, last night, all right, they give up 77 points in the first half. new to the third quarter they make a little run, the steel, the score, but it was just really just camouflaging how bad it was. nick views vitch drives from out near half court to the basket. he had 28 this game. thirty-five last game. most against okafor. sixers lose 130-116. two man tournament in the final round to the palm gardens, florida. that is an ad am scott. that is adam, out of the fair
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way bunker at 1t look at how close he got. he gets birdie there. he just needs this to win. only by one stroke over sergio gar see a adam scott winner of the honda classic. sergio second at minus eight. scott at minus nine. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. you have a crash are crush on me. >> you have
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hunt is on for people responsible for shooting six people including two teens over the weekend. who police are looking for and latest on the victims. plus local homes covered in the toxic mess? dangerous to touch. only on fox, what sprayed this nasty, liquid. and a big change happening today at a popular pizza shop in mayfair. what the change could mean for you you if you liked tomato pie. >> tomato pie. >> good day, it is monday, february 29th, yeah, the 29th, usually it end 28th. this this is leap year. we will talk about leap day. >> aim people who celebrate birthdays in our studio will be in the studio today. >> born on 29, fox 29, sue, hopefully it is warmer than 29 . >> right, we love that number, because that one is the temperature or the miles per
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her usually means a bad hair day but we do have, leap day, today. we will have our explanation coming up, again, before the quiz. now, a cold front is heading our way. it is not a real strong cold front. air behind it is not too, too cold. we are saving that for wednesday. we are seeing rain moving towards central part of pennsylvania because we were mild yesterday high of 64, it is only rain we're talking about because all temperatures are a above freezing right now. 47 degrees in the city, 8 miles an hour breeze, sunrise time is 6:35 which is awesome. we do have 32-degree temperature in allentown but everybody else, it looks to be in the the 40's. forty-six in wilmington. fifty-one in dover. fifty in millville. so, a as we said, it is a mild morning, not too much wind to speak of unless you are down in dover where it is windy down there, but, here's what we're expecting. we are dry to start. this rain comes toward the end of the morning into the early
4:30 am
part of the afternoon, maybe through beginning of the lunchtime. we will be in the upper 50's for our early high temperature as skies clear and temperatures dropped throughout the rest of the day. as soon as that rain is over your sunset time is 5:52. so we will tell you what is going on with leap day and also, for the third week in a row we will get showers and thunderstorms, smack in the middle of the week on wednesday. we will talk about that coming up as well. bob kelly, he is leaping into the leap year. >> isn't leap day, the day woman can propose to men. >> it is, according to foulke, lure. >> here we go. >> 4:30. good morning everybody. live look at the schuylkill expressway, eastbound we have a lighting crew here working near montgomery drive. how many penndot trucks does it take to change a light bulb? four or five there on that eastbound side. forty-two coming in towards philadelphia, light volume, today, so far as you work your way in towards the city. but leaving south jersey watch for that new traffic pattern
4:31 am
here along 42 heading in towards about that walt whitman bridge. light volume coming in from new jersey. actually we are good to go on the i-95, blue route, schuylkill. we will zoom into a new ramp closure that begins for the next month or so, northbound adams street ramp to head north on i-95, a block today. that will throw folks for a detour. you have to go around the block to get out of wilmington there coming from pottstown and royersford, just watch for construction here on 422 for another half an hour or so on the eastbound side. chris and lauren, back over to you. >> six people shot are being called a violent weekend in the delaware valley. >> two of those victims died. steve keeley in cherry hill where there was a double shooting yesterday, steve, hi. >> we will start with three disturbing statistics. first of all this is second shooting here, just since last may, and at the inn of the dove on cuthbert boulevard at the route 38, just at the start of the cherry hill town line. second stat is the staggering
4:32 am
one, you mentioned i'm in cherry hill for a murder. that doesn't happen a whole lot. this is first murder here in cherry hill in two years and now second teenager, under age 18, from camden, shot and killed in just the first two months of 2016. pretty awful statistics. there was a party here saturday night into early sunday. a fight broke out. seventeen year-old jadear gordon was the shot and killed inside a vehicle in the parking lot, by the front entrance after the party was over. it was another guy in the car with him that was wounded. both were driven to our lady of lords hospital in camden which is on the other side of the cooper river and route 130 but the 17 year-old was pronounced dead a at 3:37 a.m. that 20 year-old was treated and released there was another man from willingboro, 24, shot and treated and released after a party and a shooting back here, last may. so, the inn of the dove the is now a very busy spot, for
4:33 am
shooting investigators here with the cherry hill police department. hopefully that 20 year-old treated and released will be cooperating about what he saw, what he knew and what the motive could have been for somebody coming out of the party where there was a fight, with words, maybe fists, and then somebody had to use a gun and turn it into a murder. >> okay. steve keeley, thanks very much. 4:33. the philadelphia streets department says that they will be out to assess the big mess in south philadelphia. >> yeah, trash truck spewed oil fluid on cars, sidewalks, streets, homes. dave kinchen is live in south philadelphia to explain why people are so upset. >> reporter: good morning to you. it is an issue that residents here, in the 1800 block of camac street are really hoping city officials can answer. we will show you why, chemical leakage from a garbage truck. you are looking at chem dry placed down here several days ago, and that is to help deal with this situation. it is causing major stress here in south philadelphia a. only on fox, this is surveillance from last thursday showing the city of
4:34 am
philadelphia garbage truck leaking hydraulic fluid soaking 800 block of camac covers cars, porches, doors, windows. people have have taken it the upon themselves to do some of the cleaning but naturally they are wondering if the city will help clean up the rest. some residents say they have been told to call their home owner's insurance, and they are pretty angry. >> it is my responsibility to clean it up. it it wasn't my responsibility, you know, for what happened. honestly i don't know if i will get reimbursed for it the or not. >> it is just oily. you have to just keep cleaning it the to just try to get it off. i have been using kitty litter making like a mud, you know, let it soak in a little bit and wash it. >> reporter: so, again, a a lot of people doing their own part, using kitty litter or other items to try to clean
4:35 am
all of this up. we did get some answer as. we called philadelphia city streets department. they said they will have a manager coming out here and work on this, take a look, to see what they can do to help residents. we will stay on top of that and make sure that this gets cleaned up, once and for all. back to you. dave kinchen live for news south philadelphia, back to you. a popular pizza shop in mayfair getting ready to change hand after 46 years, tony's place gets new owners today. former owner retired and sold it the to three businessman from bucks county. tony's on frankford avenue has been in business for 64 years and famous for its tomato pie. tony a's will continue with no menu changes. new owners say they will, do some remodeling inside. it all tastes the same. >> all right. controversial endorsement for donald trump just ahead of super tuesday, why some are saying trump didn't do enough, to distance himself
4:36 am
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4:38. man accused of shooting and killing a virginia police officer on her first day on the job is due in court today. police say officer ashley guindon with two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute sat the day in woodbridge, virginia. when the suspect started shooting, all three officers were hit. officer guindon died at the hospital. other two are still recovering. witness tell officers about the type of person that she was. >> she was not only driven, passionate but exceedingly
4:39 am
intelligent. she struck us that way as we interviewed her prior to hiring her and rehiring her and it is always type of officer we are seeking with that type of passion and intelligence. >> police say that the shooter was staff sergeant ronald hamilton who was a assigned to the pentagon. authorities found hamilton's wife dead inside of the home. he is due in court today on several charges. in california police are trying to determine if anyone involve in the violent fight at a kkk rally had has the right to claim, self-defense. three people were stabbed and in fatal condition after being stabbed when violence erupted at a rally planned on saturday. more than two dozen people showed up to confront kkk. five klansman and seven counter protesters were arrested as part of the assault investigation. police say some people under investigation, could have a self-defense claim but it is not clear if it is the klansman or the other protesters. we will keep an eye on that. pastor was shot and killed in the church pulpit yesterday in dayton, ohio. witnesses say choir was inning
4:40 am
ising at st. peters's missionary baptist church yesterday when a man walk up firing a shot killing reverend william schooler. witnesses is a i pass for's brother was a shooting. the brother does have a history of mental illness. he is due in court later today. >> bizarre story there. super tuesday is tomorrow and republican front runner donald trump is coming under fire for his response to a controversial endorsement. former kkk leader david duke voiced support for trump. back in the year 2,000 trump mentioned duke's name and he wrote calling duke part of the quote fringe elements but now trump had this some say. >> honestly i don't know david duke. i don't believe i have ever met him. i am sure. i just don't necessity anything about him. >> trump later tweeted about duke saying i disa vow but critics say he has not strongly, denounced duke. latest poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump with the super tuesday lead but trump does tail ted cruz in
4:41 am
the lone star state with 155 delegates up for grabs. super tuesday, means that 11 states will go to the polls, tomorrow. already happens, once every four years we're talking about leap day. how we can really cash in today. speaking of cash he has lots of it, justin beiber, today is his 22nd birthday. >> he is 22. >> yes. >> wow.
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today we are always doing something extra everybody gets a leap day. >> so, for those looking to save, companies are trying to deal with a pretty beg deal. self retailers and other restaurant are everything promotion and special events and coupon codes on get to you buy something. if you are planning a trip, you want to check across all of the airlines. or offering pretty big deals, lauren, you like to head out of town, from here and there. >> that is true. >> so here's a tip from the consumer expert about how to find these deals. >> okay. >> before you head out, check out things like hashtag leap year, hashtag 29 fad or hashtag flash sales and see what you come up w you could score some hashtag coupons, on your way. >> hashtag, continue reading. if you have a leap day birthday, companies have something for you. for example melrose georgetown hotel in washington d.c. has a forever young package. it includes, dinner for two, complete with birthday cake,
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and a champagne toast. >> yes, really. >> you know what i need to buy today. >> a knew keurig, sue serio. my brother managed to break my keurig over the weekend. >> your brother, how does he break the keurig. >> does he slam the arm down. >> there is an investigation underway. >> it is dark outside. >> it is. >> we are out in space, act a you'll i, explaining why we have a leap year. what is a leap year, class? well, you know calendar year is 365 days and it takes the earth one day to row take on its axis, okay. and then we have the earth orbiting the sun, exactly once and that takes one year. and a quarter of a day, okay. 365 and a quarter days, each year. so, you add those up, and, times four years, equals one day. so we have leap day coming to the rescue, to make sure that our calendar, stays in line
4:46 am
with the seasons. because if we didn't have leap day, we would have winter in the summer and it would be all crazy. so that is why. we have leap year, class. once every four years. new we have this cold front coming through today, it is not a real strong cold front. mild era head of it the but we will just see showers from that. cooler, slightly cooler air behind it. it is secondary cold front that will come through on wednesday that will probably give us, more rain, then what we will get to day but here comes the rain, out of the pittsburgh area, toward the central part of the state and we will see that, roll in probably around nine or 10:00 o'clock this morning maybe just before being finished with good day philadelphia nothing right now but williamsport probably starting to get those showers at the moment. future cast, shows, arrival time is like we said around one or 10:00 o'clock. by that time it is light showers, it is not as intense a as that storm system is out to the west, and then we have a few left overs by noon and then you may even get your
4:47 am
lunchtime in and not get wet. so that is how minor these showers are but they will be there, don't be surprised, and in the morning and into the first part of the afternoon. 47 degrees right now as we walk out the door, not excessively cold at all. 51 degrees in dover. fifty in millville, new jersey. wilmington has 46 in, wildwood we have 48 degrees right the now. over the weekend with our average high being 47 degrees, we were below average on saturday, and then we will gain 20 degrees, on sunday, we went up to 64. today, for leap day, we will be leaping in the 50's once again, and then tomorrow as well. tomorrow, it looks like an excellent day before we get more rain, on wednesday. this is third week in the the row that rain, and the wind, and possible thunderstorms comes right from the middle of the week and then we will cool off for the end of the workweek, and then start to warm up over the first week end of march. yes, march comes in like a lamb tomorrow, bob kelly. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> good morning, everybody.
4:48 am
4:48 we will call it on a monday morning. a live look at the blue route, coming out of the mid county heading down toward ridge pike and schuylkill. we're in good shape. quiet on a monday morning. we will take it. good morning to northeast philadelphia a, i-95 southbound looking good here at cottman. crews were working throughout the weekend at girard. anyone coming from say center city heading north bound, you you probably are adding another 20 minutes tour trip, on the overnight. the crews are coming back today, yo, south philadelphia, working at 26th and pen rose, right on the southwest philadelphia side of the platt bridge. so keep that in mind if you typically use the platt bridge heading in towards the neighborhood and then also midday work coming to the betsy ross bridge, and anyone coming over the betsy the the ramps to i-95 south will have a work crew beginning at 9:00 o'clock. otherwise bridges are fine and mass transit off to a good start. the chris and lauren, back over to you. today is last day of black history month. >> and, two actors are making news this morning in the
4:49 am
spotlight. >> no, you ain't. you can't show your self. >> if you say one word about us. >> day after the academy award, we honor first african-american to win a oscar, on this day in 1940, haddie mcdonnell won for gone with the wind. she was first african-american to receive this award but was only woman to have received it until whoopi goldberg received the same award for her role, in the movie ghost, in 1990. >> ♪ >> happy birthday to singer/song writer and actor, activist as well harry bellafonte, he is 89 years
4:50 am
old. born in 1927, and he grew up in poverty and had a very tough upbringing. his career took off with the film carbon jones. you may know some have of his big lets like banana boat, and farewell. he looks like your dad. >> do you think so. >> yes. >> can you tweet out a picture of your father and put it on facebook. >> people always say. that i never saw it. do you think so. >> yes, yes. >> can he sing. >> no, no. >> speaking of race, climate change the a academy award, we don't have numbers back but i'm sure it will be one of the most popular and most watched academy awards in recent history. hollywood's big night is what everybody is talking about this morning. the highs and lows from the oscars straight a ahead for you.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
it is the eighty-eighth academy awards. the eighty-eighth a academy awards. which means this whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. you got to figure: >> chris rock hosting last night and boy did he come out swinging tackling hollywood's lack of diversity head on from jokes about rocky, to why will smith and his wife, decided to boycott the this years awards show. what was really left out of
4:54 am
the opening mono log. >> after big winners of the show didn't disappoint many fans, fox's michael has all of the highlights. >> spotlight. >> big winner at the 80th a academy awards was spot light picking up best picture oscar surprising many. >> the eighty-eighth a academy award which means this whole no black nominees thing has happened at least 71 other times. >> there wasn't a big surprise that help chris rock, hit diversity issue out of the gate spending first ten minutes of his opening mono log on the topic using humor and frankness to make his point, show continued to punch subject with skits and other funny serious moments, throughout three and a half hour plus tell cast. >> thank you to the academy, thank you to all in the room. i believe acting category i believe leonardo dicaprio won for revenant and bri larson
4:55 am
took one home for her role in the room. >> i'm in love with my life, by phases. easy. i'm in love with my life. >> what about it? >> for your oscar. >> it feels amazing. >> yes. >> thank you. thank you so much. the academy for this incredible recognition. >> reporter: supporting acting category danish girl, but bridge of spies rye hans snagged a away from sly stallone. >> and mad mixture i rode was big winner taking home '60's cars. >> and the oscar goes to. >> inside out. >> pixar characters buzz and woody presented with black buster inside out for best animated feature. performing her oscar many in nateed something. >> vice-president joe biden, introduced ane motional performance from lady gaga until it happens to you. sam smith double 07 title will
4:56 am
song, writing on the wall, grabbed oscar gold. >> say good tonight, and to the most amazing experience. >> reporter: in hollywood, michael, "fox news". spring training in full swing down in clearwater, florida. yesterday the phillies got the in their full exhibition game and the team got a little help, ah from the special fans. >> what a shot of clearwater right now. >> it felt like clearwater yesterday. did you go out the side. >> oh, yeah, all day. but i want to be in clearwater, okay. oh, baseball. we will be right back.
4:57 am
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a violent weekend in the delaware valley, a among violence two teens kill in the shoot-outs. where shootings happened and where latest on the suspect and victims. area residents upset this morning, toxic liquid is covering their homes. only on fox we will tell you how it got there. well, i'm here at the academy awards. otherwise known as the white peoples choice awards. >> and after a year filled of criticism chris rock tackled diversity at the a academy awards. we will look at at top awards and moments. all right. >> kind of worst moment, had to be this total beauty, right, this advice for beauty. >> expert advice. >> yes, so they tweet out did you see this, we had no idea,
5:00 am
oprah was taughted and we love it. they showed a photo of whoopi goldberg. >> oops. >> seriously. >> how does this happen. >> sue serio, good news, there will be $10,000 to a charity of oprah and whoopi's choice. that is what they will do. >> well, at least somebody made out, who needs the money out of that epic fail. hey, yeah, we will leap into a seven out of ten even with a little will bit of rain on the way, we will still go with the seven for today, because temperatures are not going to get that much chillier. we will hang on to the mildest over the weekend but is there a cold front coming our way. it it does than the look like we will have too many have of these heavy downpours, left by the time it makes its way here. usually when these kind of front hit mountains, we will see, the weaken a bit and that is what will happen for us. the not much wind, a light breeze at 9 miles an hour. 47 degrees. 6:35 is your sunrise


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