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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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oprah was taughted and we love it. they showed a photo of whoopi goldberg. >> oops. >> seriously. >> how does this happen. >> sue serio, good news, there will be $10,000 to a charity of oprah and whoopi's choice. that is what they will do. >> well, at least somebody made out, who needs the money out of that epic fail. hey, yeah, we will leap into a seven out of ten even with a little will bit of rain on the way, we will still go with the seven for today, because temperatures are not going to get that much chillier. we will hang on to the mildest over the weekend but is there a cold front coming our way. it it does than the look like we will have too many have of these heavy downpours, left by the time it makes its way here. usually when these kind of front hit mountains, we will see, the weaken a bit and that is what will happen for us. the not much wind, a light breeze at 9 miles an hour. 47 degrees. 6:35 is your sunrise time. days just keep getting longer
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as we get closer to spring. we have 43 degrees in trenton. forty-eight in pottstown. we have 48 in wilmington and 51, down in dover, and as we mentioned wind calm and they are out of the south but mild air is still with us, it will start to get windy though as soon as that cold front hits. 57 degrees. those wind will kick up later this afternoon to 35 miles an hour. so you will definitely later notice wind and then 40 degrees as winds calm down tonight. that is your leap day forecast, and leap day, monday, leaping into place right now, and it is bob kelly, literally. >> i got the to stop talking coming around the curve over there. 5:01. hello king of prussia live look at route 202. no problems or delays at all, road are dry. we are off to a quiet start on this leap day live look downtown, looking good on the vine street expressway, no problems, coming in or out of the city, schuylkill eastbound we had a light, light bulk
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changing crew there near montgomery. they are gone. southbound i-95 we are looking good from woodhaven to downtown and even the burbs in good shape on 202. we will zoom into malvern right outside malvern prep a new cone zone will go in effect paoli pike at warren avenue. if you are heading to school or through that area today watch for delays, also midday work coming to the 26th and pen rose intersection which is, on the down side of the platt bridge, right at that traffic light there. look out using platt bridge as a little short cut toward south philadelphia. midday work also coming to the betsy ross bridge, anyone that coming over the betsy and tend to go south on i-95 we will find lane restrictions beginning today. at the moment, betsy, bennie, burlington bristol all looking good, good morning to wilmington a new project, beginning today adams street ramp to go north on i-95 will be closed for the next month or so. the mass transit, airport
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looking good, chris and lauren, back over to you. six people shot in a violent weekend cross the delaware valley. two of those victims died. >> steve keeley is in cherry hill where there was a double shooting earlier yesterday morning, steve, good morning. >> reporter: are rare for a murder tore happen here in cherry hill. none at all last year and the last one was back in may 2014, not rare though trouble at hotel is here on the cherry hill border. town line coming here from philadelphia down route 38 at cuthbert boulevard, and this is now the second shooting following a big party here at the inn of the dove hotel in the past nine months. victim here, the second camden boy under age 18, shot and killed, already in the first two months, of 2016. there was another party here sat the day night, into early sunday morning, cherry hill police got a call at 2:24 a.m. for the shooting, it happened when 17 year-old gordon was inside of a car park by the front entrance of the hotel.
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a 20 year-old from willingboro was in that car with him shot, wounded, treated and released. both were driven to our lady ioffe lords hospital which is right on the other side of the cooper river and route 130. but he was pronounced dead there at 3:37 a.m. hopefully that 20 year-old is a good witness, can lead police to some clue about why somebody would shoot at them inside of that car and what was going on at that party there was another fight, at the party just like there was last may, last may, chris and lauren, that was a 200 person party in one of the rooms here. so they get big parties out here and coincidently another guy from willingboro 24 years old shot and wounded at that party. so, we will see what happens and see if in of the dove hikes up security here next time they allow people to have parties in the rooms. >> all right, steve keeley, thanks very much. coming up at 5:05. lets go to philadelphia's grays ferry neighborhood where two teens were shot. both shootings happened blocks
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from each other. >> first a 15 year-old shot shot twice near 31st and tasker last night. he is in critical condition at chop, second a 17 year-old also shot twice, a 1700 block of south, and and. >> and people living in south philadelphia are upset this morning, they are still waiting for city to clean up, oily fluid that spilled from the trash truck in several houses and streets this all happened last week. >> dave kinchen is live in south philadelphia a to explain what happened. >> reporter: yah, clean up is not done. we are on the 1800 block of camac street. this is where city officials were told will be out inspecting, after major mess caused major stress here in south philadelphia a, only fox 29 was able to obtain this video surveillance, from last thursday's showing a city of philadelphia garbage truck leaking hydraulic fluid,
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soaking the 1800 block of camac covering cars, porches, doors, windows. people have taken it upon themselves to do some of the much needed scrubbing but naturally they are wondering if the city will return to clean up the rest. the some resident say they have been told to actually call their home owner's insurance and, of course, they are angry. >> i thought i was going to go die. i knock on the door. i said what happened here. they are like, totally shocked. >> i just feel like it is very negligent, you know, they are making it sound like it is all of our responsibility to get it cleaned up and taken care of when they have done the damage. >> hydraulic fluid is like brake fluid. if you get it on your skin or anything like that it can burn you pretty bad. you cannot ingest it. that is really toxic. >> reporter: no doubt about. that residents a they got an incident report, they have not heard anything else, and some residents have said that it could cost them as much as $3,000, to do the clean up, so we did get some answers, we
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have called the city streets department, they said they will have someone, a manager, coming out to this scene at some point this morning to survey damage and see what can be done to help folks out here with the the remainder of the clean up. but as you can see from that video, just a really messy situation. never knew that could happen to a garbage truck. >> i have never seen such a thing. >> dave kinchen. >> strangest fink ever. let turn to this. in new castle county delaware authorities identified victim of the another deadly shooting this happened saturday night in the pride's court apartment complex. police say 31 year-old clifford thompson of newark died after being shot inside of that complex. authorities do not believe that the shooter are random they are still looking for the shooter. in southwest philadelphia police are on the hunt for a person who shot a 22-year old man eight times. the shooting happened at 60th and green way avenue just before 8:30. when police got there the victim was already in route to
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the university of pennsylvania hospital, by another person. he was in stable condition, when he got to the hospital, so far, lauren, no an "s" ares. this morning officials trying to figure out a massive building fire in north philadelphia last night. number of fire engines and police cars crowded the area at 29th and harold streets, crews put out fire there fire fighters were called out around 7:30, the flames were quickly brought under control, no one was inside of the building at the time and there is still no word what cause that had fire. police in toms river, new jersey want to track down the guy they say broke in the home, while a family, even young kid, were asleep inside. it happened, around 4:30 saturday morning on wyoming drive. police say the man seen in these surveillance photos went inside the home while the family sound a asleep. he got the away with two purses and left the house. if you recognize him you are asked to give police a call. another ill-fated trip for this royal caribbean cruise ship caught in the nasty storm earlier this month. anthem of the seas is once again, returning to port,
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early. the company announced the reasons a storm on the way and then out break of noro virus. it is not clear how many on board are in fact sick. a few weeks ago ship got caught in hurricane force wind and 30-foot waves forcing to it return back to the port, in new jersey, one passenger from that cruise had filed a lawsuit claiming company ignored warnings before heading right into that storm. the eighty-eighth academy awards are officially in the books, oscars tackled so many controversial topics. >> right off the bat host chris rock jokingly discussed the oscars so white issue. >> it is not about boycotting, it is just we want opportunity. >> it is not just once. leo gets a great part every year. jamie fox was so good in ray, that they went to the hospital, and unplugged the real ray charles. >> in a year diversity was such a hot topic, rock addressed the controversy and had skits about the lack of
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diversity throughout the entire show. >> this film gave a voice to survivors, and this oscar, amplifies that voice, which we hope will be a choir that will resonate all the way to the vat can. >> big night for the movie spot the light that took home biggest award, best picture, the crime drama follows journal wrist and investigation in the child sex abuse by numerous roman catholic priest. it stars mark ruffalo, rachel mcadams, both nominated for supporting acting rolls. you know, i a saw this one, and i also saw what did i see? what is the other one i saw? the mar shan. nothing great though. you didn't see either one. >> no. >> it turns out the 66th time is a charm for leo dicaprio. after years of nominations i think he finally won the oscar. this was his fifth nomination. last night his sixth took home
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for best act a or in the revenant. he was quickly, credit incredible cast and crew. >> and bri larson won for her role in room she thanked at contacted my and everyone who worked on the film and fans, later on we will have more on their acceptance speech coming up a at 5:30. i thought, i only saw first maybe ten or 15 minutes. >> of the show. >> of the show. >> yes. >> i wanted to see how chris rock was going to dress and tackle the oscars so whitish yous. so many people he got laughs, a applause but did he go too far in certain areas. did he discuss things a little awkward, uncomfortable. >> i think bigger head line would have been if he didn't address it. >> yes. >> i knew he would. >> but then, i don't know, sometimes i think he went too far and then he brought it back in a little bit. we will see what people say. still to come a copies killed on her first day on the job, who are the once in the hospital. we will tell but what is ahead. >> we are one day a ahead from super tuesday, reality some
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g.o.p. candidates may be facing, and why hillary clinton is looking past bernie sanders at this point.
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so we got this cold front that is poised to come through our area, before the morning is through, and i don't think it will give us too much in the way of showers. we have milder air in place. we are fully expecting rain out of this. explain the cooler air, behind it, high pressure will build in for one day and then we
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will get this other cold front and that one by the time it gets here on wednesday will pack a little will bit more of the punch it looks like. the here's progress of the rain as we will continue to watch rest of the morning now reaching the central part of the pennsylvania, we will see areas of yellow which means heavier downpours, mostly out of here by the time cold front makes it here so you see it starting to rain in williamsberg not yet in harrisburg and scranton, a few more hours away. we will time it you the out, cloud role in advance of the front by 9:00 we are seeing rain north and west. by 10:00 o'clock it the is here. we have our first few rain drops before the end of good day philadelphia and then through about noon time, and then that is it. we will see the wind pick up behind that front, so, for the rest of the afternoon, after lunchtime, you will have to held on to your hat. it will get windy later on today. then next chance of rain, comes on wednesday, right now, we have 47 degrees, in philadelphia a, 48 in
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lancaster. fifty down in dover. and then look back at the weekend, what a difference, between saturday and sunday, very chilly on friday, very windy, and then saturday we only got to 44 degrees. we gained 20 degrees just in the day because yesterday's high was 64. seven day forecast, leap day we leap in the the 50's. upper 50's after that early shower. or during the early shower. and then up in the upper 50's on tuesday. rainy and windy, on wednesday, once again, and then after that we will cool it off, for the end of the workweek. we have had this habit past couple of days of rainy wednesdays and very cold friday, and heading in the weekend we do see a slight warming trend. that is your seven day forecast, leaping into, his traffic report, i was going to say leap into traffic. >> that is in the a very good idea good 5:16. good morning, everybody. monday, i hope you had a great weekend.
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live look at bennie from the camden toll place, in problems at all coming up and over ben franklin heading toward downtown. new traffic pattern from the gang coming from south jersey, the 42 freeway, new pattern shuffles working your way in the construction zone there at 295, and work crews are still out maybe another half an hour right along 295. schuylkill eastbound about a 14 minute trip into center city. southbound i-95 wood have tone downtown a 14 minute trip there as well. we're in good shape coming in from the suburbs. slow go here through king of prussia between downingtown and valley forge on the turnpike. look out, malvern prep for gang heading through paoli pike and warren avenue. construction crew coming our way. and, got a pick from the gang, from one of the previous parade, the pope was in town. not really pope but some outfits for irish sweaters, all deck out, for st. patrick's day. if you have a picture of your family or getting held i for st. patrick's day parade send
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it to us, use the the hashtag fox 29 irish and, it is all part of the st. patrick's day parade, which is here on fox this year, march 13th, sunday afternoon from 12:00 to 3:00 and rebroadcast it on st. patrick's day itself on march 17th. chris and lauren back to you. man accused of shooting and killing a virginia police office are on her first day of the job is due in court today. police say officer ashley guindon, along with two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute the sat the day in woodbridge, virginia when the suspect started shooting. all three officers were hit. officer guindon died at the hospital. other two officers still recovering. guindon's fellow officers spoke about the type of person that she was. >> she was not only driven, passionate but exceedingly intelligent. she struck us that way as we interviewed her prior to hiring her and rehiring her, and that is always the type of officers that we're seeking that type of passion and intelligence. >> police say shooter was staff sergeant ronald hamilton
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who was assigned to the pentagon. the authorities found his wife dead inside the home. hamilton is now due in court today on several charges. 5:19. riots break out in salt lake city after police shot a 17 year-old boy. officers arrived to break up a fight saturday night near a home less shelter. whether he they got the there they say the teen was hitting someone with the broomstick. officers tried to break things up but said the teen then tried to attack one of them. they opened fire shooting him twice in the torso, that teen remains in critical condition, this morning. police say they will in the release body camera footage because the teen could face charges. meantime a pastor was shot and killed at a church pulpit, yesterday in dayton, ohio. witnesses say the choir was singing at st. peter's missionary baptist church when a man walk up, and fired a shot, killing the reverend william schooler. witnesses on the scene say pastor's brother was the shooter. family members say the brother had a history of mental illness. he is due in court later
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today. let's talk politics. we are one day away from super tuesday. tomorrow 12 states will vote in primary elections. donald trump's current lead and g.o.p. candidates talking about the possibility of him getting into office and what that would mean for this nation. >> there is no doubt that if donald steam rolls through super tuesday, wins every where with big margins that he may well be unstoppable. i don't think that will happen. >> i believe a first rate conn artist is on the verge of taking over party of lincoln and reagan. >> strong word, hillary clinton attacking g.o.p. candidates and largely ignoring rival bernie sanders. >> america has in the stopped being great. i think we have to make america hole. >> she was speaking from memphis, tennessee clinton beat sanders by 50 points in south carolina saturday. latest polling showing clinton and trump with the super tuesday lead but trump does trail texas senator ted cruz in his home state of texas,
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chris. coming up at 5:21. coming up a pizza shoppings under new ownership starting to day, changes you'lle in the very near future. it only happens once every four years we're talking about leap day, how you can cash in on some major deals today. find fantasy shows.
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let's talk money today we will get something extra. >> what is that. >> we get an extra day. it is the 29th, leap day, we get one of these every four years. but is there something more. >> for those who want to save, companies are targeting you with deal. fox's jerry willis has the details report report leap day comes every four years, day in which universe realized itself with our clocks and calendars. this year retailers are hoping the occasion hooks up with your spending dollars. >> we've got promotions, specials, special events, give a away, two for one specials, $29 special, two for $29 special, the list goes on and on. >> reporter: italian grill is offering coupons or on line
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ordering codes to save 20 percent off your entire meal through march 5th. and people who celebrate their birthday at hard rock cafe will receive a free even tray. check out things like hashtag leap year, hashtag, 29 fad or hash tall flash sales and see what you come up with, you never know you could score some hashtag coupons on the way. >> leap year babies can take advantage of the hotel deals like the forever young package at melrose georgetown hotel in washington d.c. the deal includes dinner for two complete with birthday cake and champagne toast. >> primarily it is a day about eating and drinking and special deals, special menus that revolve around leap day. >> reporter: several retailers like foot locker, aero, best buy and mens warehouse are offering leap day coupons codes. and if you have jet blue's book before you leap sale. >> it disappeared right before our very eyes. so they are extremely popular with consumers and gets them
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into there buy. >> reporter: jet blue is offering another deal, use code winter 16. it is a little gym milky the part of the retailer and businesses but it is all about keeping their existing customers happy and a attracting new ones as well. >> reporter: in new york, jerry willis, fox business news. straight ahead local homes covered in a toxic mess. is it even dangerous to touch. >> what sprayed this nasty liquid and how clean up effort is going. >> a familiar face is in the stand in clearwater, latest from florida as phillies get in their first exhibition game.
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plus, some areas resident are upset this morning, toxic liquid covering their homes, cars, sidewalks, only on fox, we will tell you how it all got there. this is the first oscar of six nominations for leonardo dicaprio. >> big night for leo, finally picking up an award for best actor, after being nominated six times. >> sixth time is the charm. >> february 29th, 2016.
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>> there was confusion because this day only happens once every four years. >> right. >> we are trying to figure out who it days, who is celebrate to go day or tomorrow or do they celebrate yesterday, because this day won't be here. >> what do you do i guess you are a leap birthday, born on the 29th of february and you only get 29th every four years, when is your birthday. >> harry bellafonte, technically tomorrow maybe. i don't know. maybe it is today but he celebrates tomorrow. i don't know. >> because if it is a big birthday tomorrow. >> march will come in like a who. >> who. >> lion, lamb, whatever. >> but we will talk about that in the seven day forecast. the right new we have an umbrella with bus stop buddy to let you know there are a couple showers ahead before the end of the morning. clear skies right now, temperatures are on the mild side, for february, and it is last day of the month. last, last day of the month. we have seven, out of ten, even with the showers in the
5:31 am
forecast, and, here they come, clouds ahead of the showers and it looks like they are already weakening. there may not be much to this system by the time it gets here but you may see rain drops and we wanted to let you in he about that. little breeze. 47 degrees. that rhymed. we will get started this morning. 6:35 is your sunrise time, and other temperatures, are in the 40's, and to the north and south of us. we have 50's in millville, and dover, delaware. we will get to a high, early high, in the mid 50's. we will have some showers around early for lunchtime, not much but they will be there. and then skies will clear toward evening, and we will see wind pick up this afternoon as well. is there your sunrise time at 5:52 p.m. is there your monday, leap day, how are you doing, bob kelly. >> i'm doing good on this leap day. we are looking good on the roosevelt boulevard. live look at broad street no problems or delays a at all. off to a quiet start after a good weekend. live look here at i-95 southbound hello northeast
5:32 am
philadelphia rolling out of the great northeast heading south down towards center city. starting to see brake lights, but nothing out of the ordinary. gang in new jersey from the delaware memorial bridge up in to bellmawr looking good, in problems on 295, and for the gang coming back from the poconos after the weekend looking good from lansdale, on down to mid county. however, new project that begins this morning for the next month or so, the adams street ramp to go north on i-95 here in the heart of the wilmington closed here. we will follow detour signs and go into effect this morning. they are still working on 202 north bound, the stretch from the bypass, heading in to route 401. they should be out of there any minas we get ready for beginning of the rush hour. if you are out and about during the day using the platt bridge from the airport, in towards southwest philadelphia, they will be working right there at the traffic light, at 26th and pen rose during the day, and then they will work on the betsy ross bridge, today, ramps from the bet thecy to south i-95. otherwise mass transit looking
5:33 am
g chris and lauren, back over to you. 5:33. six people shot in a violent weekend in the delaware valley. >> two victims died, steve keeley, in cherry hill, where there was a double shooting yesterday, hi, steve. >> reporter: yes, on your side of the river not so surprising but it really is in cherry hill. it is rare to have anybody killed here. they have not had a murder since may of 2014. so the first murder in cherry hill in two years but sadly the second teenager under 18 from camden, shot and killed already in just the first two months, of 2016. the second shooting since last may, right here at the same place, the inn of the dove hotel here on cuthbert boulevard in route 38. just at the start of the cherry hill town line there was a party here saturday night that went into sunday morning. a fight broke out during that party. after the the party, after the fight 17 year-old jadear gordon was shot and killed while indeed a parked vehicle right by the front entrance. there was another guy in that car, shot and wounded, he was
5:34 am
zero years old from willingboro. he is now out of the hospital. both driven to our lady of lords in camden on the other side of the cooper river and route 130. the 17 year-old pronounced dead at 3:37 a.m. yesterday, again, hopefully the 20 year-old now that he is out of the hospital can help police will solve this. at least tell them motive, and tell them who was involved in that fight because certainly sound like whoever was doing the losing end of that fight whether it was words orifice decided to take a gun and try to become on the winning end and, of course, not a winning move by shooting somebody to death especially a young 17 year-old here in cherry hill. >> poor kid and his family, steve, thank you. people who live in south philadelphia they are upset this morning. they are still waiting for the city to clean up some oily fluid that spewed from the trash truck on to houses and several streets. >> all this happened last week. the reports say city of fill garbage truck was picking up trash when a piston on the back of the truck exploded and
5:35 am
started to spew hydraulic fluid way up in the air this covered cars, homes. this is on the 1800 block of the street. days later, the block is still a mess. philadelphia streets department filed an incident report according to the city, claim form, people affect may be responsible for any home owner insurance deductibles now. >> i feel like it is very negligent. they are making it sound like it the is all of our responsibility to get it cleaned up and taken care of when they have done the damage. >> reporter: thinks camac street. on the people have appointments scheduled with cleaning crews this week. damage could cost them thousands of dollars. side of the building still says trump but taj mahal has a new billion air owner. the casino came out of the bankruptcy on friday and karl icon has taken it over. donald trump has not owned or anything to do with the troubled casinos since 2009, but for that 10 percent stake in return for the use of of his name.
5:36 am
icon also owns atlantic city's tropicana casino. popular pizza shop in may fire is getting ready to change hand after 46 years, tony's place gets new owners to day. former owner retired, sold the business to three businessman from bucks county. tony's which is on frankford avenue has been in business for 64 years. and it is famous for tomato pie. they will continue with no menu changes but they will be doing some renovations. next up in sports, things get worse, for the sixers. we're going to break down, well, we will break down their performance after the all-star break, straight ahead.
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i'm howard eskin. sixers are a terrible team. it is hard believe they are now worse after the all-star break. they have lost all six games, they gave up an average, 120 points a game. their effort is pathetic to orlando, another bad one last night. sixers gave up 77 points in the first half to orlando. they make a run just kind of of camouflage how bad they were. they started to get it close but look at nick vukovitch, he scored 28, scored 35 last time against sixers. mostly begins okafor. sixers lose 130-116. in golf it was a two man tournament in the final round of palm garden, florida. that is adam scott, out of the fair ways, on number 126789 my gosh how good a shot the that was. he gets a birdie on that hole.
5:40 am
he needed it. he needed this short i to win it because at nine under he was only one stroke better than sergio garcia. he wins the honda classic. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. spring training in full swing down in clearwater, florida. yesterday phillies got in their first full exhibition game. >> so what is a phillies game without the fanatic. team took on the university of tampa. phillies beat the spartans eight-three. so we now know, the the phillies can beat a college team. their next game is tomorrow against blue jays. so toronto and philadelphia share the same team for spring training which is clearwater so they play each other lieutenant down there. >> you and i went to opening day yesterday. >> last year we went to opening day. >> will we return today i mean this year. >> i don't know, we might be a jinks.
5:41 am
>> you think, because rest of the season was a little rough. >> you you will remember they got crushed on opening day last year. >> oh, please. maybe we should stay home and cheer from home. >> right. they do take on, in july, the fourth of july week, the world champion royals, they will play. maybe we will put that on the calendar this year with the royals. >> fun thing to do. >> yes. >> the awards, they weren't the only thing that had people talking, still ahead lady gaga's touching tribute to sexual assault victims.
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♪ >> the rapper turns 40 years old. he is best men for his diet in the early 2,000. that is how you would know it. like he is very like that. >> what was that. >> yes. >> do it again. >> he is always like very, you know. >> it is racepy. >> yes. >> sue, take it away. >> it is fun watching the two of you, it is hilarious. >> all right. everybody is all confused
5:45 am
about leap year what is going on. let me try to make this as simple as possible. it is what is a a leap year. class, calendar year is 365 days. that is on the calendar. here's is what happening on the calendar with the earth. it takes a day for the earth to rotate and make a day and it takes the earth compactly one year, 365 and a quarter days to make it around the sun. and that is the key, that .25 is the key right there because it adds up, over the place have of four years. that makes one day. four quarters is a day. so when we put that on a calendar every four years that means that our year, stays in line with the seasons. because if we didn't do that and we never had a february 29th ever, then it would whack everything out and we would have spring in summer and all messed up. so, that is what keeps things straight, and unfortunate thely for folks born on that
5:46 am
date they only get an actual birthday once every four years but you can have a party anytime you want. our first cold front which is a weaker cold front. back to weather. mild air in place. we're only talking about rain. and then a second one coming through on wednesday this one we're watching the rain, moving from west to east getting closer but this system is definitely weakening, as it moves towards the east. we don't expect much rain out of this when does it arrive? i'm thinking between eight, nine, 10:00 o'clock this morning only lasting an hour or two, very light rain but it will be there out and about you'll get wet, a little bit but it is a minor system moving through but be prepared for the wind to pick up after the rain is over, so, we will feel difference in the afternoon. we are on the tranquil side upper 40's in philadelphia, around 50 at the shore. we're heading to a high of 57 degrees today before the the cold front comes through. fifty-eight tomorrow and then no rain until wednesday.
5:47 am
probably in the morning, this rain, arrives with some wind and maybe even a thunderstorm because this is a stronger cold front coming through on wednesday. this will be the third week in a a row that we will get rain, on a wednesday, and colder temperatures right after that. there is your beginning of the march forecast, bob kill. >> good morning, everybody. 5:47 on this monday. off to a nice quiet start looking live, this is the schuykill expressway coming in between city line and montgomery avenue, no problems, or delays, at least at the moment. same deal on the new jersey side looking good curb side here on the 42 freeway, starting to see pockets and bright lights heading towards the city. is there a new pattern here coming from atlantic city expressway heading up toward walt whitman bridge, just a heads up there is a shuffling of the lanes there accident in the northeast roosevelt boulevard at harbison avenue there. just to look out for delays. also in media delaware county
5:48 am
an accident new middletown road at high meadow road, not that far from linvilla orchard there in the home of the sue serio. cone zone coming to malvern right here near malvern prep, paoli pipe and warren avenue. the guys out there through one lane throughout the day and that will add time tour trip. north on 295 coming up from the delaware memorial bridge looking good and in problems for gang coming back from the poconos. the mass transit looking good with to delays. >> well, i'm's here at the academy awards otherwise known as the white peoples choice awards. i'm sure that there were no black nominee, some of those yeast, six 263 and black people did not the protest. because we had real things to protest at the time. >> comedian chris rock hosting the oscars and boy did he come out swinging tackling hollywood's lack of diversity, head on. >> hashtag so white gained momentum two years in a row
5:49 am
for having all white nominees, leading to a backlash against the academy. >> it turns out sixth time was a charm for actor leonardo dicaprio after years of nominations he finally wins his oscar. >> last night he took home at ward important best actor for his role in the revenant. he was quick to credit the incredible cast and crew that he got to work with. >> first off to my brother in this endeavor mr. tom hardy. tom, your fierce talent on the the screen can only be surpassed by your friendship off screen. to the director, as a history of cinema unfolds you have forged your way in to history these past two years. what an unbelievable talent good besides thanking cast and crew leo shed some light, on a major political issue, one that he is very akin to. tweets bit all the time, globe aal warming. >> making the revenant was about man's relationship to the natural world, the world that we collectively felt in
5:50 am
2015 as the hottest year in recorded history. our production, had to move to the southern tip of this planet just to be able to find snow. climate change is real, it is happening right now. it is the the most urgent threat facing our entire species. and we... >> dicaprio says we shouldn't take this planet for granite. do i not take this for granted. global warming was not the only issue tackled at the award show. >> tackling issue of sexual abuse, lady gaga performed until it happens to you a nominated song about sexual assault. >> ♪
5:51 am
>> sexual assault survivors surrounded gaga with the word not your fault lynn on their arms. until it happens to you was nominated but didn't get oscar for best original song. it was featured in the documentary on campus rape the hunting ground. >> didn't joe biden introduce lady gaga before she came out as well. >> i don't know. >> and in the best actress category bri larson took home the academy award for her role movie the room. >> it was one of the more foreseeable wins. larson picked up honors for her performance at golden globes and sag, awards. >> i want to start big because the thing that i love about movie making is how much people it takes to make it, so i want to start first with the toronto film festival, and gave us a a chance and a platform first. would i like to thank 824 for taking this move any to their hand and sharing it with the world. >> well, accepting her first academy award she took a moment to thank her nine year-old co-star jake, calling
5:52 am
him my partner through this in every way possible. larson beat out kate blanchett and jennifer lawrence. the little kid, he was on the red carpet, right. well, who are you wearing. >> this is armani. nine year-old wearing armani suit. >> that is right, they will ask you what you are wearing. you got to answer. >> yes, those weren't only big winners from hollywood's biggest night. spotlight grabbed the oscar in the best picture category, it followed a team of journalist and investigation into cases of child sex abuse by numerous roman catholic priest. >> i saw this one. neither one of us, were blown away by the film, really. it was good. we thought it was a lot like all of the presidents men from back in the 70's with dustin hoffman and robert red forward but not as good as that original film. but idea is the same, right, investigating a huge issue, and how that all comes
5:53 am
together. >> best supporting a actor went to mark rylance for his role in bridge of spies. best supporting actress won't alycia vikander for her role in the danish girl. we will honor the first african-american to win an oscar in the final black history month spotlight for you, coming up in a minute. but first here is your poconos. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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good morning, welcome back is the last day of black history month and famous actor is making this morning's spotlight. >> no, you ain't. you cannot show them through a top. >> if you say one word about us, i will... >> day after academy awards we honor first african-american to win an oscar, on day in 1940 haddie mcdaniel won for his role in the movie gone with the wind. not only was she the first african-american to receive this award but was the only woman to have received it until whoopi goldberg received the same award for her role in the movie ghost in the year
5:57 am
1990. we are one day away from super tuesday. reality some g.o.p. candidates may be facing and why hillary clinton is looking past bernie sanders at this point.
5:58 am
5:59 am
another violent weekend in the delaware veil, where shootings happened and latest on the suspect, and the victims.
6:00 am
plus an argument without a prescription why it soon be easier to it your good hand on a drug used to reverse overdoses. >> if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job. >> a lot of people thought he rocked as host of the 80th annual academy awards addressing the racial controversy surrounding the show but did chris rock go too far ? the jokes that hit and some that missed, and then there is, stacy dash. hi good day to you. it is a most special day, every four years we do this. it is leap day. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> and that is y-a-s-s-s. >> yes,. >> february 29th. we only say that every four years. is it your birthday? i know, people go, oh i wish my birthday was the 29th. but you will be a guy who has


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