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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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plow in the stars over at second street in olde city. that man is turning 21 years old today. >> is he celebrating by himself. >> he has some friends there, family and friend. he will get to drinking alcoholic beverage for the first time. he is new legal. >> legal. >> so we will join him over therey like his hat. >> do i too. >> by the way real quickly can i get your opinion on something. >> yes. >> elizabeth, a fashion icon in the city of philadelphia for years, she pick her top eight fashions from last night and she put my favorite at the number eight. that i like danish doughnuts girl what is the name of the film. >> danish girl. >> it is not that hard. >> a alycia. >> vikander. >> look at kevin. >> here's the funny thing, it is normally all women, kevin is the only guy in the top eight. >> because of the philly connection. >> i think he was well dressed. >> you do.
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>> with the bling. >> there was bling. >> the guys all look the same. >> yes. >> his piping was sparkling, he looked great. >> let's recap the five biggest moment of the academy awards according to us here at "good day philadelphia" a the weirdest moment for people on twitter, was when stacy dash came out. >> um-hmm. >> here's the moment here. >> it is hard to get the job. it is rough for black actors. let me tell will so good news the academy has taken steps to fix this problem. the that is why it is my honor to introduce the new director of our minority outreach program, please welcome, miss stacy dash. >> i can in the wait to help my people out, happy black history month. thank you. >> can i tell you why this went flat. >> tell us.
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>> in a comedic sense. what you do is chris rock, what is his name, stacy made that comment on "fox news" channel, about a month or so, end of january. >> a month ago. >> it went into black history month. >> so the joke has been forgotten first of all the statement she made was forgotten. what he needed to do was say her name. she comes out seriously, not giggling, that blue it. >> it is obviously a joke. >> i thought he should wait a second, pause and then say she had to go to the naacp meeting or something that would have responded to what she said. >> rounded it out. >> cut to her standing somewhere and not saying anything, and then go away. it is comedic timing. >> she's not a comedian. >> she needed to tell her to do is don't giggle on the way out. >> and, she's a mess. she's clueless.
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>> here's the thing. for her it work out because a lot of people like what was that all about. you went to her page on twitter this is why i went and this is why this happened. here's who i am. >> we don't have it. >> no. >> she doesn't want to be a cookie cut are black person. >> yes. >> she wants to be with all of her friend. >> here we go. >> cookie cutter. >> she said when they add meade to increase diversity i'm sure many people rolled their eyes. i'm not the black enough, they say. but guess what. i would rather be a free thinking black then a cookie cutter black who thinks and votes, just like all of my ends. >> she's in hollywood. she'll be on that show, what sit called out numbered. >> yes. >> on the "fox news" channel. >> when they added me, she really is part of the diversity. >> no. >> it was a joke.
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>> it is a slam on the academy award, the a academy of motion pictures arts and sciences. i'm surprised they even okayed the joke. >> cookie cutter comment. >> take the shovel out, of stacy's hand. >> yes. >> yes. >> there is her reaction to it good what was he awards show when they made a face, somewhat like that and that went viral too. >> she was at golden globe. >> very expressive. >> during those shows. >> her husband won and she's trying in the the to cry. >> john legend. >> yeah. >> that is one of the best parts of the show. >> we have a face from the golden globes. >> big face. >> yes. >> look at the that face. >> same thing. >> yes good that is her go to face, man. >> yes. >> it is a go too grimace. >> it does look painful. >> okay. so people i guess were rooting for leo dicaprio.
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>> after six shots at it you have to. >> yes. >> he won last night. >> i have to thank everyone from the on set of my career mr. jones, forecasting me in my first film, mr. score see for teaching me so much about the cinema and art form, making revenant was about man's a relationship to the natural world a world that we felt in 2015, as the hottest year in recorded history. our production is moved to the southern tip of this planet just to be able to find snow. climate change is real. it is happening right now. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. and, we need to work collectively. >> nice statements about climate change. >> yes. >> well then the means started coming out. >> i saw, we have a couple of them that we can show you. this is pretty funny. leo will be waking up tomorrow like, yeah. >> yes. >> right. >> leonardo dicaprio every day
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for the rest of his life. then another one has a tomb stone leo's nomination 1994 through 2016. >> yes. >> well, it is like how i feel, if merrill streep were to win. i would be like finally. she's always nominated for all these award. >> how many has she won. >> she has won some. >> but she has been nominated over and over. >> if merrill streep is in the movie she's nominated. >> you know oscar watch parties last night in philly. really funny. there was one at prince theater. this girl, her name is michelle. she showed up all dressed up, fancy. you can dress up like the famous actors or actresses. she showed up as the bear. people nominated the bear costume. >> that is good. >> i thought that was great. >> bear was there last night in the audience. i don't know if you watch all the way through. they took a shot of the bear there. >> i miss that had. >> right after they presented the revenant as here's one of the choices and there in the balcony was the bear.
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i don't think people appreciated it either. they worked so hard on it. >> it was a tough keen. >> merrill streep has been nominated 18 times and she has won three. >> wow. >> every time i see her i'm rooting for her. >> who was the one nominated for so many people is year after year and she finally got one good that is how i feel about sylvester stallone, 1977 until now. did you think he was laughing at the jokes about creed or he did not think it was funny. chris thought it was funny. >> well, he knew, he would be considered a poor sport if he didn't giggle a a little bill, you know what i mean. >> the the shots were crucial last night. >> yes, show the crowds, what is your reaction. >> there is a new director because i thought shots were pretty cool, different. >> they came from different angles, but they showed from coming up this way and walking and it was cool. >> how about when they presented best designer they
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pushed dresses and out, did you note that is guys walking in. >> it was just different. >> i thought it was pretty good. >> all and all, it was an absolutely stinking boring show. >> that is what everyone says. >> i don't know how they can make it faster. >> when it comes to chris rock too, what did you think about how he did. i feel like, let's face it, anytime you you are hosting these things with awkward moments but sometimes it was just like. >> i think he stepped too far out and then brought it back. >> that is his job as a comedian as a host. you want to be edgey. come on be edgey. >> that makes you edgey talking about some things in an uncomfortable way. >> it gets us talking, how about lady gaga last night. i marvel at the how good her voice is. here it is. >> ♪
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>> so tell me what is going on here. >> well, this is lady gaga, this happens to you, and she brought in sexual abuse victims, survivors, and they came out and they had messages of hope on their arm and also there, messages of hope and they put their hand up in the air. >> she said been sexually abused earlier in life. >> a a lot of people were crying. >> very powerful. >> cool too that the vice-president of the united states introduced her. >> i feel like good performances she knows, of course, it business your voice and she's amazing with her voice but other things, you make a performance like meaningful and emotional. >> she knows her audience really well every time she does a show good how to make a statement. >> she knows how to do that. >> cute moment, was this cute? chris rock, he had a couple daughters, doesn't he. >> so girl scout cookies every
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year. let's see, this girl in their community. her name is linda who always beats his daughter, with the amount of cookies that she sells. >> all right. >> always acees out his daughters this girl linda last year beat him. they could only collect $600 in girl scout cookie money last year in his hometown. so he goes in the audience and does this. >> it would mean so much to my two little girls if we can beat linda. so i want you to reach into your millionaire pockets, and i want to you buy, some of my daughter's girl scout cookies. look at my babies up there. all right, tina fey, get that money, girl. make that money. >> i thought it was just going to be a joke. >> people actually donated. did you see how much they made. >> my gosh, 65,000 in cookie sales. >> i wonder if they won they
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had their cash ready. michael b jordan pulled out a couple bills. >> there is no way that was planned in advance. >> everybody had cash. >> at a big event you don't know you will be sitting for three and a half hours do they need money you are talking like a woman. >> we men don't carry cash, men always have cash. >> why do you need cash at the oscars, isn't everything handed to you. >> you have to get in there, you have to get to the party. you always want some cash with you. >> don't you think they went immediately straight so they didn't go home first. wardrobe changes and everything else before the the party he is always prepared. >> that is wonderful. >> for us ladies, not all have of us have a clutch or a purse. >> i don't know. >> not everyone is blessed like that. >> well, he donated all of the
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money, to his organization. chris rock poke fun from the very opening sentence of his mono log showing black actors in white rolls. this was a spoof. here's tracie minister again taking a white actor's place in this film. >> i'm a danish girl. >> that is good. >> it was really good. >> last night at the oscars two celebrities were mistaken for one another. lauren. >> yeah, oprah and whoopi. >> i said yikes. >> so beauty web site tweeted this picture of whoopi goalberg at the oscars and had
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captions we had no idea oprah was tattooed and we love it. that is whoop which a tat on her right shoulder. oprah saw the tweet, and then her best friend gayle posted this reaction to the mix up on instagram saying we all love whoopi goldberg but we don't all look alike. >> geese. >> geese. >> i went to their lime behind, like what are people saying, and, they are responding to everyone, everybody. you say oprah, sorry, we are donating 10,000 to their charity of choice. whoopi and oprah. why don't you donate with them. >> that is what you do. >> yes. >> donate. >> whatever they say. >> at least people will benefit from it. >> they sent in their apologies, there is no excuses, we're sorry. there was not a but, if, no excuses we apologize. >> when it first happened people were retweeting it, then i check 30 minutes later and it was still up. an her later it was still up. who is working with them.
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>> it is not up anymore. >> yes, now they are responding to people saying we donated why don't you donate with us. >> yes. >> there is some new it people at total beauty. >> social media person. >> fired. >> here's the thing, it wasn't just up for a minor a second. it was up forever. it doesn't matter how long it was up, really. >> all right. time, ladies and gentlemen to help out prince william. he is struggling a bit as a father. he is getting adjusted to parenthood. it is more work juggling two children then just one. >> yes. >> and he is struggling a little bit with this. >> okay. >> well, duke of cambridge said to a reporter terrible two's have been good so far, him and kate middleton but he knows this behavior isn't going to last forever. george and charlotte. they have not broken any bones yet but they like to run, jump around. he knows it will get easier. he says he knows, between the age of nine and 11, it is when
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it will get tough. >> boy, that is true. >> yes. >> he is 13, to 17 is a nightmare. >> you have two girls. >> boys can be mischievous earlier then girls because they are still acting like kids, in a way. >> they have in the broken any bones yet. >> that is good. >> lots of people watching out for them. >> all right. you know that tv show gotham. >> yes. >> it starts again tonight a new episode. >> we know all you care about is jada smith. >> yes. >> jen is in langhorne. >> i'm in neshaminy now, i had to move. hey, you know, a lot of people, exactly. a lot of people are really happen that i jada smith is coming back to the show, because remember her the penguin character they had all kind of nonsense, i mean scary stuff, it looks like people were going to die but it is a
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soap opera so of course they don't die but the gentlemen who plays penguin says this year get ready for really dark moments. he takes us on a tour of the asylum. >> welcome to our asylum. what penguin experiences makes him even more ruthless and just not afraid of anybody anymore. the what he goes throughs is so intense and dramatic and destructive to him, to his soul even, that at this point i don't think he fears death. he doesn't fear anyone. >> here we go, at the lunch rhyme of the asylum. but again, you know, we have the nice, fluorescent features here. you can almost tell the salisbury stake. it seasoned everything. but it is a fun cool thing about this set and it is hard
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to tell but it is actually a swing set which means it is a set used for multiple purposes. right now it is dressed asiana sigh lum but if you look really closely and look back at... >> reporter: so one person who he does not fear anymore is, fish moody because that is jada smith's character. you will want to watch all of this that is what people love about the gotham show. it is very dark. you never necessity where it will go. other thing that is interesting is the casting, right. that guy penguin character is robin lord taylor very amazing actor. however the guy that plays his daddies paul ruben and we all remember him as peewee herman but no one asked about the peewee character until now. >> you know as we became, good friends and start sharing his story about the peewee show
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and movies and what not and then once in a he would be there as my father but just look at me a and be a little bit less peewee thing. i was just watching. i would be like no, i saw peewee. he is in it. >> that is awesome. >> yes good. >> reporter: pretty cool that they are able to joke around about it the because paul ruben, play is a a very, very scary guy on this show. so gotham is a a fan favorite to say the least. guys when i went to the set there in brooklyn i was texting and tweeting about it because this is a couple weeks ago people were very, very exciting. i think it will be must see tv on fox. >> i'll stay home tonight and watch. >> sound good. >> good. >> i have my spleen removed but i will not do that. i didn't think that gotham
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thing would be a hit but it is through the roof. >> it is. people tweet me friday night at sixers game. >> i was. >> and they were yum pink over your face. >> i know, right there they warn me before, alex holy did this but you are 5 inches taller and 5 inches shorter and you have on 3-inch heels. >> you have the white top there. >> yes. >> what are you doing with your camera. >> i had my facebook mentions going live because people are like stay on to see what it is like and are last one when you got beginning of the video. >> hold on we see your point of view. >> yes. >> yes, i walk right underneath and lean back because you think they are going to kick you in the face. >> i duck, you didn't duck at all. >> i was scared that i would slip and fall in front of the people. i a plant your feet and just lean.
9:20 am
>> i can't wait any longer for your pov. >> go on the facebook paining. >> is what it, lauren dawn johnson fox 29. >> see a runner right at your face. >> wasn't it cool. >> yes. >> hi, guys. >> so talented. >> they can do cool stuff. >> yes. >> we did. >> i like ben. >> by the way trade chile at race street cafe, so good. let's eat sushi. >> okay. >> here's the thing we will go to chinatown to yakitori boy, they have sue chicago on the ground floor, karaoke on the top floor and they have something i have never tried in my life and that is, shoe she will i lobster. >> that is a surprise. sushi.
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all right. this time you've got to try this mike goes to a japanese restaurant in chinatown. it is a restaurant, in the bottom, karaoke upstairs where you never know what can happen. lets take a look. >> i am in chinatown, basically at 11th and race. but not a chinese restaurant japanese restaurant and karaoke bar that i love, it is yakitori boy and look who is hearsay hi tina. >> hi. >> in this segment i always try something i have never had before. and here we go. look at this platter. i know that is a lobster but you say you have on the menu lobster sue she will i.
9:25 am
>> that is raw. >> yes, it is you are telling me i will eat what the tail. >> yes. >> and it is raw. >> yes. >> not put into boiling water or anything like that. >> no, it is not. that is a more crazy part that you're looking for you make soup out of the claws and head. >> look at that. >> so this has been bowled. >> yes. >> that is cook. >> that is cooked. >> wait a minute. >> yes. >> what is in this. >> he is singing again. >> i never ate a lobster raw. should i put lemon it first. >> it is in the served with lemon it is saved with wasabi, it has a different texture. >> i am going to the wasabi and put it in my soy sauce is that right.
9:26 am
>> yeah, sure. >> it has in the been cook. >> no, it has not. >> it is sushimi. >> you need something to wash it down, let me know. >> it taste good, it is in the bad at all. the it almost taste like tuna to me. i like it. >> yes. >> this is really good. >> now you what is that. >> ♪ >> i know. >> let's get back to the lobster. >> like you said, it is a secret menu. >> yes.
9:27 am
>> we want to keep an eye on it. >> we just did it, we launched it on this segment called ya gotta try it. get over here, chinatown. >> check it the out. it is week night and magical in one local hot spot marks gigs to the stars are here, we are getting to see to fool mike and alex up next.
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february 29th, that's leap day, so people have birthdays today. see, there is a man out thereby the name of jesse, not sure which one is jesse.
9:31 am
>> that's jesse. >> he's seven years olds today. awe, a door be? >> and ingrid is ten. >> oh, hi, ingrid. headed toward your teenage years. what's it like to have a birthday on february 29th, leap day? >> they look excited finally it is their day. >> in honor of leap day -- >> the bakery? >> oh, made cupcakes for them, also, our sponsor, thank up, rita's water ice, by tomorrow, all of the rita's will be open. it is that time of year. >> they're here forgot amph course because mr. freeze is coming tonight. >> so, in honor of leap year, or leap night, vest per lounge is hosting a secrets of the speak easy. it will be a weird and magical night. we're all for it. >> vestper lounge. >> mike, that's every night for you, weird and magical. >> it is it has secret basement, no cells phones allowed. >> this man is the man of the
9:32 am
hour, francis, and he is native of state college. he moved to fill any 2,000, so he is a philly guy now. so to jump into the magic scene is the reason he moved here, has been on the popular show pen and tell us, he was able to fool a veteran magician, pen and teller. been with president obama twice and magic coach to actor jeremy renner. >> i love that show, fool me, or fool us, whatever it is. welcome to "good day" philadelphia. >> thank you, pleasure. >> morning. >> thanks for having me. >> now, the event at vestper tonight? >> happy hour show, about an hour long show, magic and mentalism, that sort of thing, reading people's minds. >> you can get particular nets advance at the door? >> you can actually my website , you can get them there or at the door. >> it is inbetween 15th and 16th off of locust street. >> yes. >> between locust and walnut. speak easy, it is so cool. you think you're in the 20's. anyway, what are you going to do for us today?
9:33 am
>> i'll do sort of condensed version what i did on the pen and teller show. attributing i used to fool pen and tell, which was casino of fun watch will happen, scrabble times becomes 100 letter tiles as you would in the normal game. you will take we'll have seven people take some tiles. i'll have one of you select a word. >> i need five people. >> there go. >> would you take the bag, mix them, shake the bag little, grab a tile. keep it to yourself. most importantly don't show anyone the tile, just keep the letter to yourself, remember it, and pass the bag along. we'll collect them down here on the table, you can actually put them on the table face down. >> face down. >> so no one else can see them. you have one tile each. what we do, we will collect seven letter tiles, remember yours. >> you remember it. >> oh, miss philadelphia is here, oh, hi, congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> look, magical more in seconds. what we do, say stop for me as we go through the dictionary please. >> stop. >> and i'll have you select, take the pencil, circle word
9:34 am
somewhere on the page there where ever you like. >> okay. >> you got it. >> hold onto that. >> all right. >> now let me explain what's going on here, i'll try, collect all of these tiles put together a word but i feel like we get into the mood of scrabble. if i use these words like i could have said take the pencil, instead he could have said graph aisle stein inscribe small circle approximately the area of the desomated dollar -- >> i understand? >> same thing, just different words, right? >> yes. >> the language is casino of beautiful. so what we do, go ahead, open the book to the page. >> okay? >> take the tile that you have here. >> and we want to see if you can figure out what word i can get -- do you have a selected word? don't say what it is yet. >> i do have a selected word. >> so put the word -- can you see it over there as well? >> let's see what we have, good, let me see, who had the letter p? >> i think i had a p. >> did you? i'll actually put you -- do you have wait for the other
9:35 am
segment. letter p, i'll put you right here, so for the first time, fervent hope, demonstration of frivolous call successfully renner my intention whenever possible seal off this. >> ya? makes sense? >> what was the wore you ended up selecting. >> for me. >> t -- >> , no not the letter. >> okay. >> the snored. >> present. >> the word you circled is present? >> uh-huh. >> word. >> that's ridiculous. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know, right? freaking me out. >> like magic. >> you are a weird owe. >> i'll take that as a compliment. >> it is. >> that's pretty cool. >> i love majolica lot of fun. >> you're little different, don't you tell like a story while you are doing it? >> i usually focus more on the theatrics. this is condensed version, see longer version of this tricky used to fool pen and teller at the show, but the focus not just on the magic truck but the actual words, and i think the words are beautiful so my show is full after lot of long theatrical scripted stories. >> we should go. >> i think you should.
9:36 am
>> sounds like fun. you have to have a password to get down below? >> oh, okay. >> and no cell phone. >> the password is secret. don't tell everyone out there. >> good to meet you. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. >> as i mentioned, miss philadelphia is here. so let's get to know her after the break. >> but let's get to bob because he's at very special birthday party. >> guy turning 21. >> yes. >> he turned 21, we're live at the plow and the stars where paul from rhawnhurst is going to attempt to show his id for the first time and get a drink, he's 21 today. cocktails for everybody when we come right back.
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it is 9:40. >> look at rita's out there, you know our sponsor rita's, they have the strawberry flavor now, it is more natural, i've been trying it, it is really good t does taste like, well, strawberry's. >> but it is really good, really good. >> you were talking to miss philadelphia. we have something else first. >> what? >> jennifer garner, she is opening up about her split from husband, ben after flex. >> what do you mean? >> let me tell you what she said, in vanity fair, still calls him the love of her life. sweet and sad. told the magazine quote i didn't marry the big fat movie star. i married him add that she would go back and re-do that decision, she also added that he's a complicated guy. she says this, though, when his sun shines on you, you feel it, but when the sun shines elsewhere, it is cold and casts quite a shadow. >> i bet my fiancee would say
9:41 am
the same thing about me. >> really? >> people quizzed her about that over the weekend? what did they ask her? >> is he always funny? >> no, at home, i'm quiet. >> you are? >> because you know why, you have been on and animated all day once you are home you are tired annex house dollars and don't want to be bothered. >> i have nothing left. >> then she feels like hello. i haven't seen you all day, you've been with everyone else all excited. and you are the love of your life and that's how you treat her. >> hi, how are you? >> she is probably watching right now. >> oh, i have to suck it up. >> see this guy's name? what's had guy's name? >> frank crossing, here is a perfect example, he is actually 68 years old, he works i think for the courtesies tell here if philadelphia. >> so he is celebrating his 17th birthday. >> seventeen? >> casino of funny, isn't it? >> it is. bus getting gipped. so three different years, you get gipped. >> diana is like you're born
9:42 am
in 29th, you celebrate the 28th because you want a february birthday. bob says no celebrate march 1st because there is no february 29th. >> well, you have the power to choose. >> how about you born afternoon go for march 1st, before noon go for the 28th? >> also this, what's the woman miss philadelphia's woman? >> holly herr. >> we want to say good luck, for the love of god. we want to say good luck to her in the miss pennsylvania pageant, and then go all the way to miss america. she really helps a lot of people with disabilities. >> yes. >> i don't know why she is on her stomach here, maybe it is part of the talent routine or something? who knows. >> okay, let's talk the glitz and the glamour. >> from the 88th academy awards. >> rent cart looks. >> let's bring if fox panel panel. hot or not? blank ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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♪ okay, well, we're having little technical difficult which is our birthday happening, but we'll keep you updated but now time to talk fashion, we'll talk the hits and misses at the oscars, i've been waiting to talk about this, so excited. so we have our fashion expert, celebrity stylist, weaver around any henderson, our style expert, and tori williams who does tori's take here on fox. good morning, everybody. are you ready to go? let's g we have so many people to cover. first start with shower least.
9:46 am
what do we think? hot or not? >> hot of course, i'm dior girl. loved it. she did similar shoulder-less thing, black, gorgeous, as well, loved the pendant. >> yes, i love it, it is definitely a wonderful red dress. it is hard to pull off red. but she pulls it off well. i love it. >> definitely hot, too and her necklace, talk about it, beautiful, 50 karats, people. >> that's right. >> yes. >> and that is a plunging neck line. oh, yes, honey. >> yes. >> that stomach line, it goes all the way down. >> she pick a perfect everything and nailed it. >> kerry washington, this was little much? >> not. >> absolutely, she is wearing versace. i think this was good maybe if she wore this to the grammys. she never gets it right to me. but the hair definitely on point. black and white, almost like likes a stunning, i think she should stick to -- >> gladiator way too far. did i not lick this at all.
9:47 am
i disagree like forward to her on the red carpet, i think she looks great on the red carpet most of the time, usually get a stand out. but this was an absolute no. she actually looked better at the vanity fair party than here. >> yes. >> at love people look better at the party versus the oscars, is that's just my opinion. >> not. you guys covered all every it. >> ya. >> let's start with you on olivia, hot or not? >> i loved olivia, hand down she was beautiful. she had a vintage choker, everyone wearing the choker now. it was gorgeous. i mean we thought charlesise had it. >> there was no neck line basically. >> or sides to the dress. >> hot or not? >> definitely hot. she was bunch my favorites. valentine owe, i thought she look gorgeous, lover the winter white. beautiful. loved the hair, the greeshan look. she sold it. >> anthony back was a little weird to me? >> it was, but i love it. if a girl can pull on please and not look like she is going to church, but to the oscars, killed it.
9:48 am
>> you're seeing please everywhere. i saw it. huge for fashion week. >> pull off white, on a red carpet, as well. >> white is hot. >> heidi klume? hot or not, tori, we start with you this time? >> not. >> heidi klume, i do not know what this is. the flower, it was horrible. and i think maybe -- no. >> the hair and the make up was good, i was going to say something nice about the dress but i can't. hair and make up. >> do you have anything nice to say? >> i don't think she had anything nice to say. i think she pulled it from project runway, somebody that didn't win? >> what about you? >> i agree, i agree, the blogs are going crazy comparing her to my little pope. >> i oh, wow. >> she looked like a garden, over sized garden at that. >> okay, so all agreeing not. speaking of flowers cate blanchett, i thought this was too much. what did you think? >> i loved it. ainge nel my eyes.
9:49 am
>> ainge snell. >> that waistline could not have been more tiny. >> the flowers, it was just too much. >> no. i loved it. >> i loved it too. >> i thought she like like fairytale. not everyone can pull this off, but kate wants to stand out, armon i, they pulled it off, see foam color, beautiful. >> absolutely was beautiful k do no wrong with me, killed it. >> tori you're next actress, her name? >> don't even know. >> there go. >> beautiful. >> this is tribute of course because she is from ireland. >> yes. >> she wore the green. >> special made for her. >> by call vine kline, beautiful, buy full. beautiful look. emerald green ear continuation with it, i loved it. one of my favorites. >> did you notice she had mismatched -- >> that's right. >> yes, that was done on purpose. she really looks good. love it. >> not by accident? >> right.
9:50 am
>> lightning round, bri larson, hot or not? quickly the next ones. >> i'm in the middle of with bri. i thought she looked pretty. i don't think she dressed for the occasion, for big night should have done it better but looked prep any gucci. i loved the blue. big color on the red carpet. >> not. i'm not a big fan of gucci, really too casual, just too casual. >> i did not like any gucci red carpet. >> not for. >> this then go to kate wins let. >> hot or not? >> not. >> anthony? >> not. >> really? >> ralph lauren. >> like a liquid -- >> yes? >> the whole look, her hair is just -- >> but together with leonardo. >> anyone. >> could have dressed better for it. >> name owe i, hot or not? start with you. >> naomi, yes, love, love, love, hot, holt. >> hot. >> hot. >> everyone loved it. and john legend and christie teeing and? >> absolutely, the best couple. i mean, she is having a baby,
9:51 am
she is pregnant, i have never seen anyone pull off evening gown as she has been doing on the red carpet season. oh, my gosh. >> you didn't like it tory? >> i didn't like it. >> i thought it was amazing. >> i thought olivia nailed pregnancy on the red carpet. >> this was not my favorite of hers at all. i mean -- >> she can do no wrong. >> i love this? ugh. >> that was my thing, just so good. >> and heidi klume -- >> look at that. >> thank you so much, to our fox family here. >> something else, guys, kevin heart looked great. >> he did. >> huge, huge. >> looking great, shining of course. can't forget, we love kevin hart here in philly. 9:51. oh, there he was, he was shining. new miss philadelphia, and we will have her in our studio. you saw her earlier with our
9:52 am
magic trick, well, we will introduce you to her and talk to our new beauty queen.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> five minute from wendy william, new philadelphia -- new miss philadelphia crown over the weekend. >> thank you for having me. >> listen to this: >> miss philadelphia 2016 is holly! >> (cheers). >> oh, you were excited there? >> i was, very excited. >> hi, holly, welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> holly. >> from pottstown. >> from pottstown. pottstown proud this morning.
9:56 am
>> yes, sir. >> what's your platform? >> my platform is called inclusion starts with i. it is a disability advocacy program. just getting people in philadelphia to know more about our disability community and ways that we can inch include them more in our every day. >> why is that important to you? >> when i was 11 year old, i had a cousin who passed away from complication was her medicine, for juvenile rheumatoid art right. and she developed a cold one day, and passed away due to complications. >> good for you. >> yes, i was very young, so it was a learning experience for me for sure. >> look into that camera, camera three. isn't she preppy? >> she is. >> very smart. where go to high school? >> pottsgrove high school. >> you're a senior. >> and you want to be a broadcast journalist. >> oh, look at you. >> yes, dow. >> here you are. >> and here i am, yes. >> i'm an anchor at school for our station su tv. >> you have a voice already to spread your message. >> i do. very thankful for that. >> what happened here? did you fall?
9:57 am
>> i'm actually on top of a couch. >> oh? >> at the logan hotel. >> oh,. >> lounging? >> i was lounging around getting my picture taken. >> by the way, have you seen the new logan hotel? was that beautiful the other night? >> beautiful. we had great brunch there yesterday morning. just as a celebratory kicking off the year. >> next step is? >> next step is pennsylvania end of june. so i'm very excited about that, i received a $10,000 scholarship this weekend. >> congratulates. >> so great scholarship. >> were you real that i surprised? >> i mean, ya. >> that's a genuine reaction. >> i would say. >> those girls on that stage were extremely talented, great singers, dancers, all very passionate young women who have zero have done a great job, but they chose me so i'm very excited. >> we're so happy for you. we have these cupcakes here, from tastykake. can you eat them? >> i can. i don't deprive myself of anything. >> you can have the whole tray. >> oh, my gosh. >> and thank you. >> thank you so much.
9:58 am
thank tastycakes for providing all of the cupcakes. >> have a great day. mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty
9:59 am
treatment for radiant skin.
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i am about to tell you. >> wendy: my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now, here's wendy. [ music playing [ music playing ] . >> wendy: hi, welcome to the show.


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