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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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eventually succumbed to his injuries leaving behind a partner and two children. good evening, i'm lucy knoll. >> i'm iain page the search is for for that driver tonight. let's get straight out to fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose live in hoe says kin, delaware, tonight. >> that father of two trying to cross heavily trafficked road when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver and tonight police tell us they are at a dead end for any clues who may have done this and his family has an emotional plea. >> for the rest of my life, my kids aren't going to have a dad. a father ripped from his partner and two children police say by a hit-and-run driver. angel king her eight and five-year-olds are still absorbing the news that their dad is not coming home. 34-year-old jeremiah mccarthy's body found along the side of lancaster pike in hokessin, delaware, sunday night by a passerby. >> striking vehicle fled from
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the area, um, we have found very little evidence in order to help us out to identify the type of vehicle that struck the pedestrian. >> reporter: delaware state police say no witnesses have come forward. they say mccarthy was crossing the road near eighth memorial drive just before 9:30 when he was hit by somebody going north towards the pennsylvania border. he was thrown on to the shoulder of the road. authorities say the driver just left him there. mccarthy's broken hearted family putting out this plea. >> anyone who saw anything, just -- just call somebody. say something. >> reporter: family members say mccarthy was leaving the vfw post where his navy vet father is a member. when he was hit. they tell us just jester the father of two had helped angel's father put up this new mailbox family project that's now a stark reminder of how fleeting life can truly be. today a mother left struggling to explain to her kids why
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sometimes you never get to say goodbye. >> i don't know that they understand that, you know, this is forever. he's not coming back and, um, they're never going to see him again. >> and back out here live, you can see police markings still on the road here. now authorities are asking anybody who may have seen something including a car with front end damage that may not have been there yesterday to call delaware state police. lucy, back to you. >> thanks very much, sabina. the philadelphia department of health says it has a identified the first case of the zika various in a philadelphia resident. the department says 60-year-old woman with the virus recently returned from traveling to the caribbean. city health officials say she did not need to go to the hospital. she is recovering without any complications. mosquitoes most commonly spread the zika virus and health officials linked to birth defects. >> ohio, a 1484 old boy is in custody were connection way
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school shooting. the teen opened fire as students were having lunch today. two students hit survived. police say the 14-year-old shooter tried to get i was but was caught near the school in madison township about 30 miles from cincinnati. authorities say the boy had a motive for the shooting but they have not made that public. school officials say they have held drills to prepare this type of crisis and they credit the staff for helping keep students safe. we do these drills quite often. we were immediately able to lock down all the classrooms, doors be locked. exterior doors always lock. we then communicated this to the elementary as well any students who were outside we need to get inside. we did that immediately, and everyone stayed in place until we received all clear from the county. >> two other students were also hurt in the course of the shooting but not clear how they were injured. investigators are trying to piece together a shooting this afternoon in the city's grays ferry section. authorities say an officer on
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patrol near the 1400 block of south etting street saw two to three men running down the street. one of them had a graze wound to the head. that man was taken to presbyterian hospital where he's now in stable condition. police are searching for the other men involved. police say this may have happened during some sort of robbery. warmer than average temperatures in your fox 29 winter weather authority. not feeling very wintry like. so from old city to trenton and beyond today, no need to bundle up. rains cleared out temperatures staying mild. it's so pretty but we've got big changes ahead. meteorologist kathy orr is here now with look at everything that's in store. >> thanks very much. welcome back, lucy. >> thank you. >> lucy a little bit under the weather but this weather brought her back. take look at this. five to 10 degrees above normal, yes, for another day. these numbers much like we saw yesterday. atlantic city 65. philadelphia 64. wilmington the same, trenton 61. allentown and reading checking in the upper 50s really feeling much more like spring than late february. but as lucy alluded to that is
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definitely going to change very soon across the delaware valley. have a little bit of glitch in my computer system right here. so i'm going to make a few adjustments. i want to show you the current temperatures across the region. numbers are looking pretty good. ranging from the 50s to the 60s. we do have cooler air working back in. still having a few gremlins in that computer system. it is going get colder a lot colder over the next couple of days. you can see right now in the poconos 44. 56 degrees in philadelphia. i think it's my clicker. wilmington 56 and you can see in lancaster 50 degrees. warm air will be with us again during the day tomorrow. thank you. >> does it work? >> is it working. >> not working either. >> it will be getting warm for wednesday before the rain moves in. two chances for snow in the seven day forecast. but no big storms. more on that coming up i'm going get this picked. back to you. >> kathy, thanks. camden home damaged in a
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fire crews were called out around 7:30 this morning a woman in the house had to be taken to the shop. no word on the seriousness of the her injuries. cause of that fire is still under investigation. a new jersey mom accused of of burning her newborn alive now says she's guilty. 23-year-old high fern kimberly pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in court today. she had previously pleaded not golt murder charge. prosecutors say the pemberton township woman us doused her baby girl an accelerant and set her on fire in january. the baby was an hour old. investigators say had he hid the pregnant from her family. prosecutors will recommend a 30 year prison term during. during her sentencing in april. developing news at a virginia. army staff sergeant admitting he shot his wife and three officers who responded to his home after his wife called 911. that's according to court records. 32-year-old ronald hamilton
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appearing in court today. he's in a currently in a county jail facing several charges including capital murder and first degree murder. investigators say hamilton killed his wife after she called the police during a domestic dispute on saturday. as police responded to the scene, authorities say hamilton shot and killed officer ashley guindon shot and wounded to other officers. guindon's force day on the job. her funeral will take place tomorrow in woodbridge, have a v. only on fox tonight home then oars in south philadelphia neighborhood want answers after a hazmat incident has left them with a costly mess on their hands. check out this home security camera footage from the 1800 block of south camac street. now it look like -- looked like geyser there. what was spraying from that truck. >> who is responsible for the cleanup. for those answers we turn to bruce gordon live on south camac street. bruce, a real mess. >> reporter: it sure s iain. liquid in question turns out to be hydraulic fluid, and fully
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four days aft this accident, it's still hanging around. shara spent part of her morning with a private clean up specialist trying to figure out how best to remove the gunning that coats the front of her camac street row home. it won't be easy. >> it's not the fact that it happened. you know -- >> it's how it's dealt with. >> it's how it gets dealt with exactly. >> just afternoon last thursday when a home security camera captured the accident. a malfunction a board a city of philadelphia trash truck called hydraulic fluid from mechanism that helps compact the trash to spray into the air and on to several homes mid block. the spray stopped briefly then gushed again. >> it's just crazy. >> reporter: by sunday angela, had spent hours trying mostly in vain to soak up and scrape away the film me mess on her sidewalk, steps and front door. >> just oily. so you have to just keep cleaning to try to get off. >> reporter: self affected homeowners say they've been told by the city to get estimates.
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get the mess cleaned up themselves then submit the paper work to the office of risk management which will then reimburse them for their expenses. but finding the cleanup crew and paying the initial costs are on the homeowner and that's roughly link some feathers. >> i think what bothers me most it's my responsibility to clean it up. it wasn't my responsibility to, you know -- for what happened. >> shara gordon brick work shows significant staining from the hydraulic fluid. she's not casting blame for what was simply an accident. but she's concerned that each passing day makes a complete clean up even more difficult. >> this is a timely matter. so basically, we have to get it out as soon as possible. >> you want this cleaned up? >> it needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible. >> reporter: as spokesman from the mayor's officer says the city tries to a accommodate residents as quickly as possible. that security cameras footage would be appear the smoking begun the spraying gun that
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tells the story here. iain. >> all right. bruce, thank you. >> it won't be long now super tuesday is almost here. it's the full day of campaigning before people in 12 states vote in their presidential primaries. new polls show donald trump and hillary clinton pulling ahead and most states. they're expected to take home solid victories. tread cruz is still holding the lead in his home state of texas. no state in our area will be voting tomorrow. so you maybe asking how exactly super tuesday work? we'll break it down for you later in this newscast. in new jersey, governor chris christie has named nominee for the state supreme court trying to fill a six-year vacancy. at the state house this afternoon christie nominate superior court judge david about man. christie also nominate about man in 2012. but he never got a confirmation hearing. the governor is now urging the senate to hold hearings saying the length of the vacancy on the court is unacceptable. >> this has been absolute stone walling by the senate and it's unacceptable. and so we're putting forward judge about man whose cree
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credentials are in question by the very people he's supposed to go before. >> christie says about man would bring the make up of the court to four republicans, two dem cans one independent. two men walk into a local store and demand cash. police say they took the loot but the money wasn't the only thing they stole. and -- >> doesn't make you feel too good about your sell. >> teen's leg in very bad shape what was in his pocket that did the damage. >> you may feel the squeeze the neck time you get oh and a plane with your surroundings seeming to be closing in. what's going on here and the big name whose fighting back. >> young girl who is battling cancer made a wish that you might find surprising. what she and her friends are looking for and the nationwide movement she's gun. >> coming up at 6:00 high school student arrested after police say he was caught selling brownies to middle school students. what was in those brownies got
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him in big trouble.
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>> toms river, inform, a man is accused of of breaking into a family's home while everyone was sleeping and stealing their stuff. surveillance cameras the home along wyoming drive caught a glimpse of the accused of crook. police say the guy pictured here entered that home early saturday morning. authorities say he stole two purses and then took off. if you recognize him call poli police. >> south philadelphia police need your help tracking down these two guys. investigators say they walked into the l deli along sixth
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street. pulled a gun and demanded cash. they got away with the money and also stole 2i phones from behind the counter. if you have any information about what happened, give police a call. happening now, two people police are in the hospital another is being memorialized as suburb of washington, d.c. comes to grips with the death of a police officer killed during her first day on the job. fox's alexander limb moan in woodbridge, virginia with new information. alexandra. >> reporter: today we learned that the funeral for officer ashley guindon will happen tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at a chapel here in the city of woodbridge, virginia and while it is open to the public, they're asking that the priority of course be her family as well as members of the law enforcement community. now, last night there was a beautiful and emotional vigil for the 28-year-old officer who was killed during her first day on the job. two other officers were also shot and injured very seriously during the shooting at a home in
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woodbridge, virginia sat night. now the three prince will county police officers were respond to go domestic violence call. arm staff all right ronald hamilton allegedly shot and kill his wife crystal then allegedly opened fire on the responding officers. today i spoke to crystal hamilton's familiar who'll sadly says the couple's 11-year-old son may have witnessed the shooting before running away to save his own life. >> this is a shock. you got a man -- beautiful young lady like this. you couldn't ask for a better wife. >> ronnie seemed like an up right person. when i met him, he was just all smiles. very intelligent. very intellectual. and i felt like, okay, this is a good match for my sister. >> now here outside of the
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hamilton's home there's a growing memorial for crystal hamilton the two officers that were injured are still in the hospital and i'm told they may need additional surgeries and sergeant hamilton appeared in court today. he's facing charges for the capital murder of a police officer and first degree murder charges for the death of his wife as well as other charges. reporting live in woodbridge, alexander limon. >> all right, alex, thank you. we will of course continue to follow this story on our website at we'll put the latest updates right on the home page. undercover investigation into drug deal at electronic dance concert in monroe count tee rounded up five people. police released mug shots of four people they arrested during a bust at the tour at sherman theater in trades burg saturday. drugs at events like this are fairly common. police say these four either sold drugs to an inter of undercover officer or posed drugs at the even. authorities cite add fifth person for underaged drinking.
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developing now the catholic church sex abuse scandal thrown back into the spotlight with vatican officials speaking out and movie on the subject winning big at last night's academy awards. fox's amy kell slog in rome with the story. >> reporter: big admission from top vatican official in australian cardinal says the catholic church made errors concerning its sex abuse scandal. telling a government commit anything commission investigating the priest al abuse of children he was not testifying to quote defend the indefensible. >> the church has made enormous mistakes and is working to remedy those. the church is in many places australian messed things up. >> reporter: abuse victims gatheringathering in roam tomoro watch the testimony. >> a lot of words we wanted to hear but it's only the start of the process. the hearings here we'll see what happens. >> church me the -- >> scandal highlighted by the film spotlight which details a
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boston globe investigation into the sexual abuse of children by priests. spotlight winning two oscars at the academy awards including best picture. >> vatican today is still dragging its feet on making any real reform. >> reporter: pope francis not remained silent on the issue pontiff meeting with sex abuse victims on his trip to the us last fall and promising to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. >> god weeps. the sexual abuse of children. >> reporter: pope francis set up commission on sex abuse in 2014 that commission had a private screening of spotlight earlier this month. in rome, amy kellogg, fox news. >> a big day for very deserving philadelphia students. not only did they get to hang out at city hall today, city officials recognized them for their excellence in academics and community service part of
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46th annual pal day response poured by lockheed mav tin. they fifty five of strive to help city youth by having philadelphia police officers offer educational and rec programs and some of the city's highest crime neighborhoods. well today 25 pal participants showed actually shadowed city officials to see what a day in the life of city government is like. mayor kenney says the program highlights the good police officers do every sin dell day. >> this is what policing is. it's not just locking people up when they need to be locked up. it's what they do every day that changed the lives of young people so they don't have to come in contact negatively with the criminal justice system. >> students went through vick russ interview selection process to take part in the big day. a rash of break ins in one neighborhood but the thief in stealing anything. what the home invader is doing instead. >> liver transplant from a live donor helped save a dad's life just amazing. bujust half the story watch else
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is happening here that's putting this procedure into the record books. >> subway settles a big lawsuit swearing it will make good on sizeable promise. the classroom tool you'll see in the fast foot restaurant.
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>> north korea present addy taped american student to the media for the first time today. 21-year-old of university of virginia student apologized for attempting to steal a political banner. he was arrested in january north korea accuses him of him committing anti state crime with the support of the u.s. but it's not clear exactly what he's being charged with. >> i understand the seventy three rest my crime and i have no idea what sort of penalty i may face i'm begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness. and i am praying to the heavens so that i may be returned home to my family. >> u.s. state department says it is common for north korea to hold people on trumped up charges for proper began at a
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purposes but the agency would not comment on his case. back in the us hundreds came together to remember the victims killed in a church shooting in kansas. they gathered at a vigil last night at a gym in heston. police say last week cedric ford killed three people at a rampage at a plant and injured 14 others. an officer ended up shooting and killing ford hours before the shooting. authorities had served him with a protection order to stay away from his ex girl friend. home openers in one column yous, ohio neighborhood are definitely not sleeping very easily. authorities believe a serial intruder is on the loose. >> cops say whoever it is is not taking anything from homes he enters. stephanie russell says someone has broken into her house three times in the past week. the latest friday night. she's not alone. russell says an intruder has made their way into nine nearby homes in the last six months opening doors and turning on lights but one thing that was moved in her house surprised her the most. >> i noticed right away in the
5:26 pm
bathroom that the toilet seat was up and no men live here. someone had urinated in the toilet with the toilet seat up. >> police say they're stepping up patrols in the area especially at nighttime when it's believed the intruder strikes. >> messy yard full of trash eye sorry sore in one neighbor. people who lived nearby couldn't take it any longer. the amazing thing they did about it. and -- seeing your lights punched out and all black doesn't make you feel good about yourself. >> teen's leg in bad shape. the item he was carrying in his pocket that did the damage. kathy. >> in weather we're talking about a mild end to the month of february and watching another storm move our way for wednesday. as march begins. how long will the mild weather stick around? we'll take a look at that with two chances of snow in the seven day when we come back.
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♪ live look at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera. isn't that pretty, ooh january. >> that is beautiful. >> skiing down the slopes perfect day for it. we've had above average temperatures this year we're cruising towards big changes. moi meteorologist kathy orr will have those dough tails coming up in your fox 29 winter wither authority. the man accused of of killing another in camden counsel tie appearing in court today. isaia pasquale charged with
5:30 pm
first degree murder in the death of 21-year-old joshua simmons. prosecutors say pasquale shot and killed simmons after some kind of altercation a week ago in merchantville. his arraignment today judge ruling pasquale's bail will stand at $750,000. authorities are after the people who fought two dogs and ditched the loser when a good share tan broke up that dog fight. the good news, the pup that lost is now in loving hands. we want you to know we're blurring the photos because they are graphic. the mean saved the dog took it to delaware humane association in wilmington ton night the pu pup's recovering from horrific injuries. at the brandywine valley spca. rescuer said he saw a group forcing this dog now clancy to fight another dog. the people behind it all ran off with the other dog. the vets at the spca say they're working very hard to nurse clancy back to health. brandywine valley spca is offering $500 reward leading to an arrest in this case.
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parents listen up your kids could be carrying something around in their pocket that could hurt them. >> that's right. a teen in confidential learned about the dangers first hasn't. we warn you this is graphic. here's fox's mcgrady. >> lying in hospital bed 17-year-old marcus is doing his best to remain positive. >> seeing your whole leg all black doesn't make you feel too good about yourself. >> covered in bandages. >> it still kind of burns. >> marcus is recovering from second and third degree burns. >> whole left side of my thigh all wait down to like about halfway down the calf. >> this is what his injuries looked like thursday after he says a vaporizer battery exploded in his pocket while at school. >> bell rang. got up to get my jacket. five steps within that sparks startestarted flying out out ofy pants. it felt like someone was welding in my pocket. >> he was taken to swedish medical center burn center to recover.
5:32 pm
>> he suffered -- >> plastic and reconstructive surgeon tells us marcus is not alone in his injuries. >> in the past six months, we've seen an increase in a number of burn patient as as well traumatic injury patients in relation to electronic cigarettes and battery operated vapor devices. >> information marcus' father says people and specifically teenagers need to know. >> you see these kids and you're going there's a ticking time bomb. is that one going to blow up? is that one going to catch this kid on fire? you don't know. >> the high school senior is hoping his message will be heard by his peers and prevent others from having to lie in the same bed he's now in. >> i just feel they know how tragic it is might actually might get rid of it or something. >> he has undergone one surgery and could need at least two mo more. >> all right. back to your fox 29 winter weather authority now. after a nice day what's in store for tuesday? >> kathy orr has your forecast and 15 seconds.
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>> definitely thinking of spring with this beautiful weather at the philadelphia international airport. still looking at sunset here sun getting lower in the sky with temperatures in the 50s and 60 today's really feeling comfortable as we go hour by hour, through the evening, it is going to be dry with clear skies tonight and some cooler temperatures. the clouds begin to thicken during the afternoon into the nighttime hours on tuesday. then we watch showers moving in tuesday night into wednesday. the heaviest rain moves through wednesday morning and there could be a line of heavier showers by six, 7:00 a.m. when the front actually moves through and then we dry it out but cool it down as we work our way through wednesday afternoon. tomorrow's high temperature around 60 degrees. mostly sunny. a very mild start to march.
5:34 pm
really cupping in like a lamb. but once this system moves through, on wednesday, it's going to change everything. we have rain, we have a little wind, and behind this, we've a colder or of high pressure that will be changing the temperatures. so for wednesday we do expect a brief period of heavy rain. especially in the morning with a half an inch to an inch of rain expected the heaviest that 1 inch as you head toward the poconos closer to half an inch in philadelphia. in the wake of that front, winds in the afternoon gusting to 35 miles an hour. so the big weather day this week will be wednesday. and then after that, cooler temperatures. now here's the temperature at midnight on wednesday. 55 degrees. we actually rise a few degrees in the early morning hours. the front comes through. and by wednesday evening, it's at 43 degrees. so temperatures really tumbling behind that front tonight mainly clear, chilly overnight. 40 degrees. 34 degrees in the suburbs. as we begin the month of march, take look at this march outlook. above average where you see the
5:35 pm
orange color. where you see this red, well above average or much better chance of seeing above normal temperatures and then average high is around 53. so right now looks like we could get lucky for the month of march. in the seven day forecast, we have some rain and some wind on wednesday. thursday cooler behind the front, friday a chance of a few snow showers in the morning. not a lot. but enough that could slow things down for the commute. saturday is quiet then another small fast-moving system could bring some morning snow showers for sunday. see you can see this active weather pattern every other day something going on. but there you have it by monday 47 degrees. and partly sunny. want to show you this quick picture from social media and andrew sends this in from moorestown today. >> i saw that. >> better known as mo new jersey a beautiful leap day. >> it was a beautiful leap day. >> how pretty. i love it. >> tomorrow will be a first great day of spring. >> it is. >> 60 degrees. beautiful.
5:36 pm
we're hoping that means good things for st. patrick's day parade there. can't wait. >> 12 days from now. >> a week from sunday. all right, kathy, thank you. >> you bet. >> liver transplant from a live donor helps save a dad's life. it's really incredible but that's half the story. what else is happening here that's putting this procedure into the record books. >> and subway settles a big lawsuit promising it will make good on a sizeable promise. the classroom tool you'll see in the fast food restaurant. >> coming up at 6:00 on this final day of black history month students at a local university are demanding unity on campus. what they say led to today's protest.
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♪ liver transplant from life donor helps his dad's live save his dad's live in i was t fairly rare operation under 4% of hall liver transplants in america are performed this way but jason clark found out he could possibly save his father's live, it was an easy dig much the
5:40 pm
procedure can be a game changer for patients. >> the big factor is that we -- we have created an environment where patients who would otherwise not get a liver in time are able to get a life-saving organ much faster than they would by normal means. >> 90% of what is removed from the donor will regenerate in to 322 to three months and transplanted partial liver will regenerate as well. >> i find so amazing. new set back for private aero space company space x. they canceled plans to launch a falcon nine rocket last night. announcement came less than two minutes before the scheduled launch. this is just the latest delay in the company's plan to send a satellite into orbit then land the vehicle's first stage intact on a platform in the ocean. now remember it's done that on solid ground. space x scrubbed this mission because of issues keeping the rocket's fuel at the right temperature. when it comes to sandwich apparently -- apparently size
5:41 pm
does matter. subway customers can soon be sure their foot long sandwich is as advertised. a judge has granted final approval to class action lawsuit settlement. the suit stems from 2013 facebook post from australian teenager it showed a picture of his sandwich. the foot long was only 11-inc 11-inches. the image garnered international attention. subway is now agreed to ensure its bread is at least 12-inches long including requiring franchisees to use a tool much like a ruler for measuring their bread. so that big controversy is over. thank goodness. >> hey you my may feel the squeeze the neck time you get on a plane with your surroundings seeping to close inform what's going on and the big nape that's fighting. >> how do you get a leopard out of a well. very very carefully. we'll should you the rescue operation and how this guy got down there in the first place. tom? >> lucy the nhl trade deadline has come and gone. what the flyers did improve their play off push and
5:42 pm
villanova lost to xavier last week cost them in the latest ap college basketball poll. how far the cats slid is coming up later. vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time.
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>> you may have felt a squeeze if you flown recently. all because airline have been slowly cutting down on leg room and seat widths the changes aren't sitting well with everyone including a senator fighting against the cuts. liza evers has the story.
5:46 pm
>> airline passengers often complain about shrinking seats and leg room. in many figure not much can be done about it except to pay for upgrade. but now act of congress could change all of that. >> average leg room in most airlines has declined by nearly 4-inches. the width of the seats asnar road by 2-inches passengers are feeling the pain. and so is new york senior senator who wants to change that with an add on to a mandatory faa funding bill. >> i will be introducing an amendment to require the airli airlines to go back to the old system, 35-inches, 18-inches. 35-inches for leg room, 18-inches the width of the seat. >> shoe schumer believes it should be done without a fair increase since airlines are making record high profits. $9 billion last quarter alone. while they welcome the idea, passengers we spoke to are skeptical it can be done without raising fares. >> i'm over 6-foot i would think that would be perfect but money
5:47 pm
wise for the airlines it's not i doubt they'll comply. >> we think that would be great. but i don't see it happening. absolutely not. >> they're talking about bench seats. >> it's always nice to get more room but then you wonder how much it will change the price as well so it's compromise you got to make. >> reporter: this family sports schumer's proposal. leg room is a key issue for th them. kimber system 6 feet tall and her brother kenneth is 6 feet 10-inch. >> it's horrible. i mean for someone like me whose 6-foot i want to relax. i can't. i'm cramped up the whole entire flight. i paid all this money for and the fares keep going up and up i have to sit uncomfortable the next two or three hours. >> no one has the money toughly first class. a regular guy like my i need the extra room. it's a great idea it's being offed and should be passed. >> reporter: industry trade organization called airlines for america says government regulations should be limited to seating safety not seat size. senator schumer if all goes as planned this could pass by the end of march.
5:48 pm
i'm lisa evers, fox news. >> see what happens. >> lease see what happens. exactly. north carolina woman has her neighbors to thank for avoiding a heff fee fine. >> they came to the rescue of that elderly woman and cleaned up her yard. but the homeowner says all of this trash tv's micro waves even a couch none of it, none of it is hers. she said someone has been dumping all of this stuff into what used to be a scenic creek in back of her charlotte home. she call the city asking for help. the city said the trash is on her property so sorry, it's up to you to clean it up. on a fixed income and running out of options neighbors stepped up to help the woman get back her yard. >> our elders don't deserve this, you know, it seemed unfair that this woman did everything that i probably would have done if someone was dumping things on my property i probably would have called 311 and asked for help. >> now things are clean thanks caring community the city tells our fox station in charlotte that homeowners are responsible
5:49 pm
for their property no matter what. >> turning back to you decide tomorrow we've already told you about the last day of campaigning before round of decisive contests for presidential candidates vying for the party's nomination. so what makes super tuesday so super? let's break it down. ♪ >> what makes super tuesday so super? well, to start, 12 states and one u.s. territory will be deciding who they want to run for president and more delegates are at stake on march 1st than any other day of the primary election season. you may have heard people call super tuesday the sec primary and here's why. alabama, arkansas and texas join super tuesday this year which already included georgia and tennessee. fans of college sports will no doubt see the pattern in these southern states both democrats and republicans will vote. also, holding primaries for both parties massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, vermont and virginia.
5:50 pm
alaska will hold its republican caucus while democrats caucus in american sim mow ya. colorado is unique. caucusing for both parties but republican delegates won't decide until the national convention. now, about those delegates. on super tuesday, 595 republican delegates are at stake. almost half of what winner needs to clinch the nomination. democrats will split 1,004 delegates again about half of what's needed to secure the nomination. >> democrat hillary clinton does not sweep the south it will be major upset and on the republican side if front runner donald trump does as well, his lead will grow quickly. we're following breaking news for you right now. sportscaster erin andrews on the stand in nashville tennessee as part of her $75 million against a nash recall marriott and the man who recorded video of her ba in a hotel room in 2,008.
5:51 pm
>> so did something happen to you physically during the interview? >> i was really nervous. i didn't want to talk about it. my mom and dad are in the front row. i fell bad they were crying the whole time and all of a sudden she stopped taping and is it okay? you're fine, you're fine. such a pro. so comforting. i didn't even know what was going on. you're good. just going to give you a second. and i was like for what? what happened? all of a sudden, make up lady came with a cold press and put it all over my naked i had broken out in a huge rash and i didn't even know. she felt so bad and they were trying to like cool me off and put make up on because i look like i had been in fire. and i never seen my neck or body do that before.
5:52 pm
so -- >> this was how far how short of a time after the incident. >> we will continue to follow this story and keep you updated. >> fan favorite returns to fox 29 tonight. gotham all of your favorite villians are returning and mr. freeze has come to town as welch to the penguin's chagrin. jenn frederick toured the set with robin lord taylor who plays the penguin and he says this year his character is even darker. >> welcome to asylum. the trials that penguin experiences makes him even more ruthless and just -- ooh not afraid of anybody any more. what he goes through is so intense and traumatic and destructive to him, to his soul even. that at this point he doesn't fear death. he doesn't fear anyone. >> gotham spring premier kicks off a jam pack line up starting at 8:00 tonight. followed by lucifer at 9:00.
5:53 pm
full wrap up of your nace weather and sports on fox 29 news at 10:00. >> young girl battling cancer makes a we shall you might find surprising what she and her friends are looking for in the nationwide movement she started. >> coming up at 6:00 high school student is in hot water for some bad brownies watch police say was in those brownies he was handing out to middle school students. ♪
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♪ forest workers in india come to the rescue of a leopard cub
5:57 pm
after it fell into a well. the young leopard finding itself in precarious position after he wanted nearby village residents saw the animal. called police and forest crew was able to save the cub. the leopard was released back into the wild after medical examination. >> the cub hopefully was able to fine its mom. in kansas folks are picking up trash to make a young girl's dream come true. i know it doesn't seem like -- separate things right. >> but the eight-year-old is a cancer patient who made in selfless wish to clean up the environment through the make a wish foundation. >> hundreds in the community heard her wish then went to work on fulfilling little amelia's dream. fox's meghan dillard has the inspiring story. >> reporter: running across a field, playing with friends and enjoying rare february sunshine, for amelia meyer it's just another day in the park. >> she's always been that kid i cannot get inside. >> reporter: what you can't see under the pink hat and bright blue eyes eight-year-old
5:58 pm
girl fighting brain cancer. >> there were in kids might want to go to disneyworld and stuff or meet people but i really feel like i pick the write wish. >> last night i asked her, are you excited about tomorrow? and she said i'm so excited. i said, why? >> she said because i get to pick up trash. >> reporter: make a wish gave her the chance to wish for anything. all she wanted was to pick up trash. >> well it doesn't look nice and another reason because it can stay dirty and it doesn't look nice and get animals sick. >> reporter: while she pulled up site at kansas city park fit for a queen -- >> i thought there were going to be some people. not this much. >> you ready to pick up trash? >> yes. >> let's go! >> reporter: see seemed most comfortable in her own elements surround beside her best friend. >> i've known her since pre-school and she's just been my very best friend.
5:59 pm
she's been really nice to me really supportive of me when i have rough times. >> reporter: selfless friend, wise beyond her years her wish come true. eight-year-old girl giving back to the outdoors she loved so much. >> that's what i wanted for her. i want her to be a kid. >> there's poop over here. >> eww. >> people in cities across the country and the world picked up trash in their hometown in honor of oh melia followers on social media joined in. by tagging posts and photos with hash tag amelia's wish. ♪ high school student arrested after police say he was distributing brownies to be sold inside a local middle school. what police say was inside those brownies that has this teenager in big trouble. >> only on fox, surveillance video captures a garbage truck spewing hazardous chemicals all over a city street leaving some people's homes and cars covered in the oily substance. how does the city plan to clean up this mess?
6:00 pm
>> note no note. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. high school student in big trouble tonight after bad brownies turn up inside a local middle school. police say those brownies were laced with pot. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the teen from the bensalem school kiss trick faces a long list of charges. fox 29's chris o'connell at bensalem police headquarters. chris? >> reporter: lucy n18-year-old bensalem high school student is still in jail charged with selling pot brownies to middle school students some as young as 12 years old. jacob francisco a rested at his home earlier today after he admitted to running a pot brownie sales operation l possibly for years. investigators also found raw marijuana and brownie mix inside his home. now this all came to light when fellow student the schaeffer middle school reported six to


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