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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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up this mess? >> note no note. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. high school student in big trouble tonight after bad brownies turn up inside a local middle school. police say those brownies were laced with pot. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the teen from the bensalem school kiss trick faces a long list of charges. fox 29's chris o'connell at bensalem police headquarters. chris? >> reporter: lucy n18-year-old bensalem high school student is still in jail charged with selling pot brownies to middle school students some as young as 12 years old. jacob francisco a rested at his home earlier today after he admitted to running a pot brownie sales operation l possibly for years. investigators also found raw marijuana and brownie mix inside his home. now this all came to light when fellow student the schaeffer middle school reported six to 12
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other kids had ingested pot brownies during the school day yesterday. police say francisco sold marijuana laced brownies to shave middle school student who then sold them to his classmat classmates. >> we're not talking 20 year olds here. we're talking seventh graders. we're talking 14-year-old kids while they're in school. so how they supposed to learn when they're all stoned out op marijuana brownies? >> reporter: fran kiss cisco remains in the bucks county jail on 10% of $100,000 bail. police tell me they think the 18-year-old had been selling drugs since he was 13 years old, iain. >> just shocking. thank you chris. philadelphia police are trying to figure out what led to a shooting this afternoon in the city's grays ferry section around 1:00 o'clock authorities say an officer on patrol near the 1400 block of south etting street saw two to three men running down the street. one of them had a graze wound to the head. that man was taken to
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presbyterian hospital where he's in stable condition. the other men got away. investigators say the gunfire may have been the result of some sort of robbery. also in grays ferry tonight we now know why a building collapsed last weekend on south patton street. l and i says the sudden failure of a stone foundation wall caved in the home leaving a man trapped. contractors expect to have the property cleaned up by tomorrow. big cleanup. the man who was trapped inside the home is recovering. he's in stable condition. to story you'll see only on fox 29. residents in one south philadelphia neighborhood have a costly mess on their hands after this. it looks like some type of geyser coming out that city trash truck. what in the world was this stuff. >> the question homeowners are asking who will pay to clean it all up. bruce gordon digging for answers and joins us from south camac street. bruce? >> reporter: guys, when the trash truck comes rumbling down your break your neighborhood is
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about get neither and cleaner. that's not what happened on this block. the resulting mess will be real pain to clean up. >> it's not the fact that it happened. you know,. >> it's how it gets dealt with. >> exactly. >> reporter: shara gordon no relation knows accidents happen but this accident has left the front of her camac street home covered in a fine mist of slimy goo. >> you know, it's surprising. i mean, i guess i'm just more, you know, a little upset about how possibly the city is handling it. >> reporter: home security camera footage from two doors down shows a city of philadelphia trash truck crawling up the 1800 block of camac suddenly a malfunction in the piston like device that helps compact the trash sends a geyser of hydraulic in the air and all over homes in the middle of the block. it subsides and let's loose once again. neighbors tell me a streets
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department employee brought a drying agent back to the block to help absorb the mess but they've been spending the past several days trying without much success to wipe the gooey film off their sidewalks, steps and front doors. >> just oily. so, you know, you have to just keep cleaning it to try to get it off. >> reporter: fox 29 has confirmed that residents on camac will need to get estimates and get the mess cleaned up themselves then submit the paper work to the city for reimbursement. but getting those estimates and putting the money up front is on the homeowner. >> i think what bothers me most it's my responsibility to clean it up. it wasn't my responsible to, you know, for what happened. >> reporter: shara spent part of her monday meet wig a private cleanup firm to try and schedule the removal of the slick from her home. she wants the job done right. but she needs it done soon. >> this is a timely matter. so basically, um, we have to get it out as soon as possible. >> you want this cleaned up -- >> it needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible.
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>> reporter: spokesman from the mayor' office says the city through its risk management office tries to reimburse folks as quickly as possible in these kinds of situations. especially when it's clear the city is at fault. obviously that security camera provides all the footage necessary to figure out what happened here. iain. >> all right, bruce, thank you this leap day turned out to be a great day to get outside much as temperatures soared into the 60s. any warmer people might start thinking about heading to the beach. take a live look into sea isle city, new jersey. so will this warm trend continue in march? >> chief meteorologist scott williams has that answer. all, are we waving goodbye to winter now? >> not quiet. believe it or not we actually have couple of chances for snow in that seven day forecast. but let's just focus in on how nice it was today, lucy and ia iain. the high in philadelphia made it to 64 degrees. it was 64 in wilmington. 61 in trenton. um per 50s in allentown. along with reading to close out the month of february.
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if you're stepping outdoors this evening, looking pretty good. look at temperatures. by 7:00 o'clock, 54 in philadelphia. still pitch to tee degrees by nine. by 11:00 o'clock turning a little chillier and we're looking at numbers in the upper 40s. then for the overnight 30s in the burbs, 40 degrees in the city. winds out of the west five to 10 miles an hour. so the bottom line as we move aired to tomorrow, the first day of the month of march it's going to come in like lamb. but also mild again. high temperatures tomorrow top out near 60 degrees. but coming up we'll talk about temperatures dropping along with when you'll need the rain gear for the middle of the week. back to you. >> all right. scott, thank you. virginia the family of a rocky police officer will hold her funeral. gunman killed her on her very first day on the job. >> service will be open to the public last night hundreds attend add vigil to honor 28-year-old officer ashley guindon. she was an officer for the prince william county police department in virginia. that's just outside washington,
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d.c. two other officers were also shot and injured seriously during the shooting at a home saturday night. police were responding to a domestic violence call when investigators say armed staff sergeant ronald hamilton shot and killed his wife crystal hamilton, then opened fire on the responding officers. >> we try to support our community and make it safer and in so doing, we sometimes have the unevidentable task of dealing with -- >> meanwhile police say the son of the gunman was at home at the time of the shooting. meanwhile ronald hamilton charged with the murders. >> shooting outside a cherry hill motel left a camden teenager dead and another man injured. it happened early yesterday morning at a parking lot near the inn of the dove motel investigators say someone shot the 17-year-old. the 20-year-old willingboro man also shot. they were both inside of a car. the teen died. authorities sauce this happen after some sort of altercation at a party inside that motel.
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investigators are on the hunt for the shooter. new jersey mom accused of burning her newborn alive now says she's guilty. the 23-year-old woman plead guilty to aggravated manslaughter in court today. she had previously pleaded not guilty to murder charge. prosecutors say the pemberton township woman doused her baby girl in an accelerant and set her on fire in january. the baby was just an hour old. investigators say she hit the pregnancy from her family. prosecutors are rem ago 30 year prison term during her sentenc sentencing in april. police in new castle delaware made a third arrest now in connection with a 2013 double homicide. aaron thompson charged with murder in the also say he along with two others shot and killed joseph and olga connell in powelton club condos in wilmington. >> customs eights at jfk airport stopped a man returning to united states in his tracks.
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the problem was his sneakers. customs agents noticed something about those shoes in his bag. they were a little too heavy. so the agents checked further discovered a tan powdery substance inside those sneakers that turned out to be heroin and we're talking 3 pounds of it. street value, $90,000. beltran faces several drug smuggling charges. >> three people are arrested in connection with a shooting in attempted robbery of a cab driver in philadelphia. 19-year-old skier ton carol and shy he'd wilson and michael jones all charged tonight. cops say they tried three -- tried to rob a cab driver at 28th and tasker in point breeze and two of the three fired at the cabby hitting him in the arm. that cab driver is still recovering from his injuries but is now out of the hospital. >> to developing story now. today health officials confirm the first case of zika virus in philadelphia. the philadelphia department of public health says 60-year-old woman who just returned from the caribbean has the virus. she did not have to go to the
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hospital and health officials say she's recovering without any complications. mosquitoes typically spread zi zika. recover takes about a week. symptoms can include a fever, rash and joint pain. on this final day of black history month, students at a local university are demanding unity on campus. what they say led to today's protests. >> family desperate to fine the person that hit a man and left him for dead along a busy road. their heart wrenching plea to find his killer coming up. >> the nhl trade deadline come and gone. i was ned in sports what do the flyers do and yet another injury that will hurt this team as they continue that push for the playoffs. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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>> students at lasalle university holding demonstration to bring attention to diversity issues. organizers from the university's african-american student league say their concerned about a number of issues including police brutality. issues of racial intolerance. they see on campus. they hope their voices can help encourage more diversity. >> the search is on for a hit-and-run driver who killed a father of two. someone hit 34 year old injury micah mccarthy along road in delaware raft night. >> sabina kuriakose following this story for us tonight live in hokessin, delaware. is a bone in a. >> reporter: iain and lucy, police are dealing with a mystery. they don't have any surveillance video. they don't have any witnesses. and they don't even know the make and model of the car that may have struck this father of two. so tonight, they are resting their hope on one thing. >> this is real bad thing. >> that bad thing broken navy
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jeremiah mccarthy's beyond repair. the only thing he can ask for justice for his son. >> 34-year-old jeremiah mccart mccarthy's body found sunday on lancaster pike in owes hen kess sin delaware. the he was the victim avenue hit-and-run driver. >> he was kind and good and he just... >> reporter: authorities say mccarthy was crossing the pike near eighth memorial drive when he was hit by a vehicle headed north towards pennsylvania. investigators say that driver never stopped to call police. they have few clues not even the make or model of the car. only hope whoever did this has a conscience. >> do the right thing. yes, let's guinness family closure. let them know, hey, this was an accident and let them be able to put this behind them. >> reporter: mccarthy's home his partner angel and two small children are deep in grief. >> for the rest of my life my kids aren't going to have a dad.
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>> loved ones taking comfort remembering the carpenter who nipped houses and held real estate license. the father who held his little girl's hand at her first holy communion who never missed a chance to play legos with his son. >> he just love his family. he really loved his family. that's what made him happy. >> reporter: and police are looking for a car with front end damage right now that is all they have to go on, iain? >> sabina, thank you. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. monday turn out to be pretty nice day. what's ahead for tuesday. >> scott william has your weather in 15 seconds. >> beautiful monday across our area. 64 degrees was the high
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temperature. take a live look right now at the philadelphia international airport. directed right towards center city. beautiful conditions. if you're stepping outdoors temperatures still in the 50s. well above the average high for this time of year. now, take a look as we look ahead springford. that's sunday march 13th. the sun will be setting after 7:00 o'clock then. then spring officially arrives sunday march 20th. and the average high temperature that will be above 60 degrees will take place april the fifth. we have a lot to lock forward to over the neck month or so. look at ultimate doppler. first thing this morning we were looking at a couple of showers that rapidly moved out. dry, quiet conditions right now. temperatures will eventually drop into the chilly category and then our next storm system really not until overnight tuesday into early wednesday. taking shape right now through sections of the plains and the upper midwest. so we'll go hour by hour. it's dry, it's quiet for tonig
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tonight. tomorrow beautiful conditions. sunshine giving way to late day clouds and then watch the clock. after midnight, we'll watch our next chance for rainfall move through parts of the area. it's going to be a quick window because take a look at wednesday morning. we're looking at the showers, maybe a rumble of thunder but it's pretty much out of here by 10:00 a.m. then we dry out, clear out and temperatures drop behind that system on wednesday. so once again you'll need the umbrellas for wednesday after we watch that area of low pressure with the cold front moving through. then behind that system, we'll watch those temperatures drop. so what to expect? a brief period of heavy rain primarily the first half of the day on wednesday. maybe a half an inch. heaviest up to an inch as you move toward the lehigh valley and pocono mountains. gusty conditions in the wake of that front. gusts up to 35 miles per hour. dropping those temperatures really throughout the day on your wednesday. so we'll likely hit our high temperature around midnight in
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the mid to upper 50s. watch what happens to the numbers throughout the day. by wednesday afternoon and evening commute temperatures dropping into the 30s north and west. low 40s as you move into south jersey and along the i-95 corridor. so for tonight it's mostly clear, chilly for the overnight. 30s in the suburb right around 40 degrees in the city. and then 60 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. so a mild start to march will be coming in like a lamb. as we preview the month of march, pretty much above average temperatures for the northern tear and even higher above average temperatures for our area. the monthly average for march is 53 degrees. we'll probably have an average high for the month of march around the upper 50s to near 60 in the philadelphia area. 60 degrees tomorrow. early rain wednesday. dropping temperatures. look at friday morning. a chance of snow. so that could impact the friday morning rush with temperatures at or slightly above freezing just a bit. and then another chance maybe
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for early snow showers on sund sunday. so, yeah, march is going to be a little bit of roller coaster ride at least to start. >> okay. >> apparently temperatures not the on things dropping. >> basketball best part about the month of march the inform caa tournament you're right, lucy villanova does drop in the latest ap college basketball pole. ahead in sports why checked ego could help this team before the month of march begins and fliers will be without jake vorachek for awhile. how long he's out is coming up in sports.
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♪ the 3:00 o'clock nhl trade deadline come and gone and flyers fans what you see is what you got for the rest of the season. flyers made no trades. general manager ron hextall said none of the offers to him made any sense. flyers 21 games left in the regular season and are three points out of a play off spot. they'll have -- they've been offensively challenged all season long now they'll play the next two week without jake vorachek. he has that always popular lower body injury. ron hextall made the announcement on vorachek before tonight's game with the calgary flame. we found a way to kind of band together at times this year when a guy is out, so we did it when g was out. now we got to do it when jake is out. we got, you know, sam is kind of stepped up offensive role and helped out but i think everybody
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has got to add a little bit mo more. >> villanova loss to xavier last wednesday cost the wildcats two spots in the latest ap basketball poll. villanova falls from one to three. kansas new number one followed by number two michigan state. part of what's makes this nova team so good and will help them in march selfless play. eighths team that starts two seniors works juniors, one freshman and no egos. >> upper classmen always, they always check the egos at the door and they always, you know, go in playing villanova basketball doing everything, do all the little things. >> one thing that stuck out to me this year how humble everybody is and how hungry they just want to keep getting better and they want to be lead. it's hard to lead people who, you know, who are kind of butting heads with you. but it's easy to be the guy wants to be lead. >> tonight the strangest way to lose a puck in a national hockey
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league game. it happened saturday night in dallas. i want to watch closely. dallas is going to force the puck into the rangers. watch rangers defenseman. the puck is lost. is it in his jersey it's stuck underneath of his visor. >> oh, my goodness. >> if you did this a hundred times he don this again. you wear the visor to protect your eyes. ironically look at that. the puck stuck underneath his eye he was okay and fortunately for all of us so is the puck. >> do it 100 more times you couldn't do it again. >> unbelieve al. >> that it was just a flick and it wasn't something really bad. >> thank goodness. >> protect your eyes. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] >> deborah: the most controversial oscar night ever. >> this is the wildest, craziest oscars. >> what you didn't see on tv. >> j law's mad dash. the show's starting in 60 seconds. and happiest night of her life. >> oh, my god. >> and inside the biggest oscar party. and the final word on fashion. jen, sophia, reese. the best and worst dressed. inside the oscars. with deborah norville, jim moret, and victoria recano. then, erin andrews showdown. >> we're finally hearing from the creepy peeping tom who shot the video. >> plus. >>


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