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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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march 11th, 2016. >> and it is a morning that a lot of people will remember in a dubious way when it comes to travel because of the suspended line, the septa line, and are we go to go get any resolution to this? septa is not offering any alternatives bob. >> no, right now it is still status quo, same situation from last night. we will hear more about last night's problem when we go to dave but service suspended for morning rush hour on septa's paoli thorndale regional rail line. this all started last night as a result of the a amtrak power issues, we have not heard a word from amtrak, even amtrak social media pages are dated march 1st and they are advertising deals heading out to other destinations. we are trying to get an answer on a eta time-wise here. right now if you typically use paoli thorndale line, if it was me, going alternate options.
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if you have a car that is how we will go. otherwise, you can use norristown high speed line, which stops at bryn mawr, villanova and radnor stations. those three stations you can drive to those three stations. norristown high speed line will get you to 69th street and market frankford line will bring new to center city. not everyone who uses the line comes into center city so there are alternate options on septa a's web site the depending pneumonia where you are beginning and ending your trip. and this impacts not only i am bound commuters, folks use the the train using, center sit on the the main line this morning. this is as a result of the amtrak power problems that resulted last night when thousands of folks were stranded here in center city. tax drivers did a goodbyes last night. this this also impact amtrak's keystone line, out to harrisburg. it is that same western set of tracks that leaves center city
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and head out through the main line and then out to harrisburg. septa's amtrak tote board at 30th street says the same thing, power problems and expect delays. but the paoli thorndale line service suspended for the morning rush hour, so if that is your means of transportation this morning, i would play it safe and find out alternate this morning. one thing that would be on my mind that is on a lot of folks mind is what happened last night. i took the train into work and then i was stranded and in the able to get back home when that service went down at 5:30. tacony palmyra bridge, delay in both directions, they have a bridge opening underway but hopefully we have better news in the weather department, from dave warren over there. >> yeah, things are moving, at least here and it is radar. it is picking up a line of rhawn showers here, moving through allentown, working its way south toward philadelphia. last few hours, shows it is moving through beginning to break up a a little bit but we
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will see a brief period of light rain as this moves through lehigh valley, then toward philadelphia, and delaware, south jersey this rain here in the reaching ground but few light showers already reported. this is all happening here this morning. temperatures dropped in the mid to low 60's, 50's. rain will come through this morning. we can see it bump up in the mid 60's this afternoon. that is all we're talking about a brief shower and then sunshine returns. have a great friday, chris and lauren, back to you. we have breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, scene of an apparent abduction. >> lets get to steve keeley with the very latest on this steve you are in northeast philadelphia. >> no. >> reporter: we're at bus depot where i told you i was helpedded to. here's breaking news, this is investigators with the philadelphia police. they are looking at september bus surveillance. do you see machine for, september bus has a lot of camera on it pointing inside and outside. there is one of the outside cameras and they have a computer right on the bus and
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these guys have their first look at what happens and if you are just joining us my man mike will walk around and say on this bus there was a woman 2:00 in the morning, riding on the bus and a guy wants to talk to her and get her off the bus. so what he does is when the bus stops he comes up to this window where woman is sitting and look it is smash. he smashes this window, hitting it so hard with his opened palm and punching a window, and then he smashes the window. bus driver, drives off on the boulevard at adams avenue, he takes off this guy was in the the pontiac grand am and we will describe it in a second. he gets in the pontiac, flies in front of the bus cuts off the bus and force is it the to stop on the boulevard. bus driver doesn't necessity what to do, woman in the front of the bus at that point. the she's like let me off i can handle this. she said something we don't know exactly what happened or why with us driver would even open the door because he refused to when the guy opened
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the window at first. anyway as doors opened because woman wants to get off the bus at a stop, this guy is waiting and start punching her in the head in the bus door way where we will go back on the other side. he is punching her in the face and head, drags her off the bus and in the grand prix, throws her in the back seat, throws a man in the passenger seat and then they take off. they think this is a violent domestic situation but police officially treating it as a kidnapping. in weapons ever displayed. nobody else ever hurt. who knows where with the man is right now and they are worried about this woman. they are looking to see if they can get a good look at the guy's face, maybe a better look from the front septa cameras of the guys car because there was witnesses including the bus driver. they all matched the same temporary delaware paper tag that they told police that this car had. police ran a temporary tag in
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the the just for state of the delaware but for new jersey, pennsylvania, and even maryland, wondering why nothing was coming up. they kept running temporary tags with that number for all states and nothing has come up. they have no way to track down where that car within but they think it is 2005 through 2008 silver or gray metallic pontiac grant preor grand am, two men, and two men and woman, last saw it at 2:00 this morning on the boulevard at adams avenue. they are looking at surveillance as you are looking at them looking at surveillance up close and live. if they get any good pictures you can bet they will put it out to the public and we can let you know and get a better look at the car, man who took this woman off or both and you can bet crime where he is beating her in that doorway is caught the on video. they are watching that as well. >> they could have gone in any direction. >> steve keeley live in northeast philadelphia a. more developing news this morning this time out of
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trenton four people shot, this happened around 2:30 on oliver avenue. >> at this point in word on the victims or shooter for that matter. we will pass on information as it comes in the news room. developing this morning septa's paoli thorndale line is still suspended. >> septa tells us it is due to the power issues with amtrak that runs the line. dave kinchen at 30th street station with the latest on this. dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, two major impacts here where we are at 30th street station, signs there amtrak saying amtrak's keystone line is delayed and they have had delays running for about an hour. also, as we just heard, from bob kelly, septa's paoli thorndale regional rail line is down for the morning rush at this time because of two sets of repairs that crews to have make. crews working harder because it is taking longer to deal with these power issues on the amtrak system there. as we go to video septa buses
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were called into get people who work in center city home during last night's evening rush. buses traveled outbound from 30th street station toward thorndale. septa officials say that system won't be in place for morning commute. those buses won't get people who traveled paoli thorndale to work, so you have to find a different way to get there. all this happening around 5:30 yesterday when those power outages and signal problems knocked out of service to the paoli thorndale line. amtrak owns the track, and septa lanes run. amtrak reported one hour delays then. amtrak had delays on the keystone line. as we say crews continue to work on all of this, definitely seek alternative routes. bob kelly will give you more information as he has been doing all morning. it could be a rough commute for people rely on the septa paoli thorndale line or else
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the keystone line with amtrak, back to you. that is a nightmare. as bob kelly has been saying there is no word on amtrak. the is there no information at all. it hasn't been updated in weeks it sound like. this happened add 12 hours ago and septa overnight didn't realize that they could not fix line and have some buses and place. everybody is left scrambling along one of the busiest routes in the area. >> reporter: yeah, big question is perhaps why not at least run that bus contingency plan for the morning like they did last night. the it seemed like a stop gap last night but as bob said amtrak hasn't updated its twitter page since march 1st he said. generally they don't update that page very frequently. this would be a critical time for people who have to get out to the harrisburg area. a lot of questions here. just a big mess. >> not just getting out to harrisburg people working in philadelphia if you are in narberth and need to get in
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philly, what will you do call a cab and uber and then that is money out of your pocket. >> reporter: that is a lot of money, especially if you take uber. >> we will have more coming up later, bobbies on this getting updates throughout the morning. special tribute in honor of the new jersey state trooper hit and killed by a driver on 295. >> hundreds paying their respects last night to trooper sean cullen. they gathered at the candle light vigil for fallen officers memorial. he is being remembered for his passion and fulfilling his life long dream of joining state police two years ago. his sister jen shared fond memories of their child hood. >> it was i am possible for him, when he was here on earth but we're so happy that we know he is watching over us and he gained super hero strength. >> it goes without saying he will be deeply, deeply missed.
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everyone he came in contact with he affected us tremendously. >> trooper cullen was fatallally injured after being hit by a car in west deptford monday night. thirty-one year-old was about to be married and had a nine month-old son. his funeral is planned for monday in cinnaminson. 5:11. still ahead. it may have been last debate, but why time is running out for front runner, donald trump and his momentum. can anyone stop his momentum. it could that be guy marco rubio. we will take a look. imagine seeing this on your flight an all out brawl erupts in the high skies what caused these two women to start throwing punches. >> wow.
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good friday morning everybody. updating our breaking news here, serve us suspended on septa's paoli thorndale regional rail line. thinks all as a result of last night's situation that happened at 5:30 during the evening rush hour. serve us suspended because of amtrak power issues. if you typically use the paoli thorndale line for work or school go with the alternate plan. if you don't have have a car, norristown high speed line to 69th street and then market frankford line into center city where we do reverse if you you are leaving center sit and heading out to the main line. if you get to the norristown high speed line and made stops
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atville know of, radnor and bryn mawr stations. there are also other options like bus routes depending upon where you you will begin, and end your trip, and those options, alternate are available on septa's web site at again, this is all as a result of amtrak power problems, amtrak, also, listing services on keystone line, that is line that heads out west to harrisburg, uses same track as paoli line, they are running with at least a delay and maybe cancellation as well. this will cause havoc for folks on a friday morning. anyone who typically uses that line got stranded last night, here in center city when the power went down at 5:30. they had to make adjustments. the septa says they don't have have have enough buses to pull from the fleet, to run a shuttle bus service duplicate ago this train line. they have about 22,000 passengers, that use the paoli
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thorndale line, each and every day. so right now those 22,000 passengers, need to seek alternate means to get work or school and for this morning rush hour again. is there your alternate, norristown high speed line to 69th street, from there at 69th street terminal you can use the market frankford line to come into center city. are we going to have nice weather as we are standing out the there waiting for that train dave warren. >> it might be tricky because we have some rain coming through. grab umbrella, this rain impacting area now and over next few hours there. it is moving through. does not look like much. it is just light rain. the last few hours this line pushing south? this is cooler air coming from the north. as it moves through, maybe a light passing shower. it is through lehigh valley now or right in the lehigh valley over allentown, bethlehem, upper montgomery and bucks county and moving south we will see brief period of light rain, a lot of this
5:17 am
green here may in the reach the ground, could be evaporating but cannot rule out a light shower here as far south as turnpike and moving right towards philadelphia so outside this morning it is in the 60's. very mild. that wind changes, north at 20 s cooler air coming in. light passing shower and then breeze picked up and then temperatures will try to get cooler but we are looking at the more sunshine today. still fairly warm. no more record, no more 80-degree temperatures, showers clear out early and then by tonight temperatures get cold we could see numbers dropping in the 30's, but nothing like what we're seeing this morning a good 20 to 30 degrees cooler tomorrow morning. fifty's and 60's now, that is about where we will stay today, by this after noon there is no more rain and more sunshine. who about the weekend, sunday this could be tricky, it is clear tomorrow but by sunday, chance of a shower, temperatures 64 degrees, and seven day forecast shows looking at temperatures which
5:18 am
are in the 70's, but this is not a moment until wednesday and thursday. so warm weather does return, chris. >> i'm smiling over here looking at candidates of the g.o.p. field, very good body language here, shoulders back, shoulder straight, stand up, looking presidential. big debate last night for g.o.p. presidential candidates last four standing. time is running out to stop donald trump's momentum. fox's hillary vaughn reports from the debate site in miami florida. the republican candidates, squaring off in miami on thursday. >> when have you ever stood up to the lobbyist in washington. >> first of all ted was in favor of amnesty there is no favor about that. >> this is last debate before the critical primary last week in the winner take all states of florida and ohio. >> the republican establishment or whatever you want to call it, should embrace is what happening. >> reporter: heading in the match up, g.o.p. front runner,
5:19 am
donald trump was promising a softer tone. >> we're all in this together. we will come up with solutions. we will fine answers to things and so far i cannot believe how civil it has been up here. >> reporter: ted cruz trying to position himself as best trump alternative. >> the democrats support illegal immigration because they view those illegal immigrants as potential voters and far too many of the republicans are doing bidding of wall street and special interest and view it as cheap labor. >> reporter: this debate performance is crucial for marco rubio and john kasich both must win their home states in tuesday's primary to stay alive politically. >> social security will go bankrupt and it will bankrupt the country with it. >> how high should the retirement go. >> someone my age would retire at 68. we will continue to allow it to increase for future generations until it hits 70. so my children would retire at 70. >> fact is if we're going to defeat isis, we will have to have these countries, and they're wind and they are saudi arabia and they are jordan. a lot of these muslim
5:20 am
countries are they just can't believe the stuff they see out of people hoff distorted their faith. >> this may have been the last g.o.p. primary debate of 2016, if donald trump takes most delegates tuesday he may decide his debating days are over until the general election. in miami, hillary vaughn, "fox news". a private funeral services will be held for former first lady nancy reagan. yesterday american 3,000 people, filed past mrs. reagan's casket during a viewing at her husband's presidential library any simi valley, california. the relatives of presidents dating back to john f. kennedy are expect to attend the service. reagan died sunday at 49 there conn guesstive heart failure. president barack obama and first lady michelle hosted a state dinner for canadian prime minister and his wife. his visit to the the white house is first by fade yen leader in 20 years and big stars with ties to canada were
5:21 am
invited. michael j. fox, mike myers and ryan reynolds and blake lively. >> it was interesting with the news conference with the prime minister and barack obama. each calling the first name. it is interesting sight up there. let's talk about the biggest news, nationally to come out of pennsylvania. it is the deadly attacks in the pennsylvania backyard cook out. it has allegheny county dea calling it a calculated and brutal attack. death toll now stand at six, all members of one family. investigators say two gunman worked as a team. one hearding victims toward the other while he used a high power rifle to shoot them. victims include a man and four women. one of those woman was eight months pregnant. d.a. has ruled the death of her unborn child as a homicide. police are searching for both gunman right now and they are not the sure of the motive. a brawl breaks out between passengers inside of an airplane in an all over,
5:22 am
blaring music, imagine seeing this on your plane? according to reports, two women on this spirit airlines plane heading from baltimore to los angeles were listening to a boom box. when a passenger asked them to turn it down, they turned it up, fists started flying, police escorted five women off that plane once it landed. they were questioned and then released. up next they say time is money, it turns out sleep is too. why untreated insomnia is costing americans billions of dollars. and still ahead there are hidden calories all over the place, new study that shows us what foods we should be avoiding. but first your winning lottery numbers, lauren. want a different way to cleanse?
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the economic costs, found in insomnia range from 28 to $216 billion a year. that number, includes factors such as poor work place performance, higher accident risk, and greater use of health care services. researchers say even though there are highly effective treatments most people with sleep problems, never get treated. still ahead, flames continue to erupt from a wild fire in new jersey, the warning authorities are now issuing. plus a spectacular natural phenomenon out of argentina what caused this event to happen every few years.
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this morning a terrifying situation on a septa bus, woman abduct, search is on right now. back on track,. good day everybody it is friday march 11th, 2016. >> that paoli thorndale line shut down as of about 5:30 last night. bob kelly, do you have a positive update for us. >> positive news, i just got off the phone with septa, heather redfern trains will start to roll and service will be restored on the paoli thorndale line. here's how it will work. first i am in bound train will be malvern at 5:44. first inbound train leaving thorndale will be leaving
5:30 am
5:50. so in the next half an hour, we will have at least two trains starting to come inbound. there could be some delays because again with all of the trains, being stuck in the yard they have to get placed, properly here. so expect delays, for the morning rush hour but the at least first two trains, leaving malvern at 5:44, thorndale at 5:50 a.m. the first outbound train will be leaving temple at 5:32, heading out to the suburbs, and then again, rest of the schedule will follow as listed as normal, but, expect delays. but at least the trains are starting to roll. this all as a result of amtrak power problems. so expect delays on amtrak's keystone line, had that is line that uses the same set of tracks and heads out towards harrisburg. outside we have a live look at ben franklin bridge we're moving here and we just had a bridge opening at a tacony palmyra, traffic moving across the span there. so we have some good news coming from september, lets
5:31 am
get good news on that weekend forecast and dave warren in for sue. >> not the best news here. this rain is moving through. it vice light. a lot of it not reaching the ground but it is there so watch for a few light showers especially new moving through the lehigh valley this line falling apart but darker shade of green here along 78, indicates that rain reaching the ground just seeing reports of the light rain, this will continue to move south toward philadelphia a, and then moving out by 8:00 o'clock this morning. so next few hours a passing shower likely. the wind will pick up north 20 . then with some sunshine, maybe climbing backup, into the mid 60's but it won't get much warmer then it is right now. certainly record today 50's and 60's new dropping a bit and then we will get sunshine and warming things up a bit. 6:00 o'clock in through philadelphia, and two or 3:00 o'clock, cooler breeze, coming from the north and that will keep temperatures down a bit and really dropping numbers overnight tonight.
5:32 am
with that sunshine though 60's, no more rain though just what we have here over the next few hours, calling it an early shower, chris and lauren, back over to you. we have breaking news, a woman was abducted. >> taken right off septa bus. steve keeley has very latest on this, steve. >> reporter: you say abduction and police treating it officially as a kidnapping but the veteran detectives here handling this case are really thinking it is annie shouldn't say just the word just, but a violent domestic situation, real violent, and, let me show you what happened here, now they have moved the bus here to the frankford septa depot here, and you can see it parked, and they left the lights on for us, like motel six but mike will go up and see middle passenger window smashed. i man went up there and with that woman sitting inside and he smash window because he wanted to get to her. bus driver wouldn't open the door to the bus. he smashed window and they
5:33 am
think he smashed it with his opened palm. these are strong, thick windows. then the guy goes to the other side of the bus and bus driver takes off. he follows the bus and silver pontiac grand am or grand prix where he gets in front of the bus, cuts bus off forcing the bus to stop on roosevelt boulevard at 2:00 in the morning near adams avenue. 2:00 in the morning. these are outer loop lanes where buses go and stop and not a lot of traffic. bus driver doesn't want to open up the door and says let me off indicating to the bus driver and to the detective that the with man knew the the guy. as bus driver opened up the doors, at a stop or corner, the guy jumps on doesn't let woman jump off before he punches her in the face and head. he drags her into this grand am, throws her in the back seat and takes off. all witnesses watching this because there were people on the bus at that corner and that stop, people elsewhere on the bus waiting to get off, so
5:34 am
a lot of people saw this and a lot of people got the temporary delaware paper tag on the grand am and grand prix and they all matched same numbers. here is detective and chief inspector scott small, describing that car, to you viewers in case you may have known this car or seen it. >> right now we are looking for a silver, darker silver, pontiac grand am or a pontiac grand prix, year 2005/20084 door. >> reporter: delaware temporary plates. >> from the witnesses and bus driver they believe it is a delaware temporary paper tag. >> reporter: you have run that tag and nothing has come up. >> nothing comes back when we run the tag and we ran it the in the only in delaware, maryland, new jersey, new york, and pennsylvania, and due to the fact that it is a temporary tag that may be reason we are not getting any registration information but we have state police helping us and we are trying to run it through many different sources
5:35 am
but we're pretty confident, according to our witnesses, it is right tag number but it the is a temporary tag. >> reporter: we're back her live on the other side of the bus, doors are opened and you can see that is one of the many surveillance camera do you see that white case, that one pointing at doors here so when guys punching her in the head they have video of that for proof later and they have a good picture of this guy and they also have other cameras, that show car and detective if you weren't watching us a half an hour ago we were showing you live that cabinet holds computers and monitors for surveillance. they have surveillance and they will probably put that out to the public asap a picture of the man, a picture of the car, and a picture of where scott small described it you will be able to see it. chris and lauren, believe it or not he didn't shatter window he just smash it and still together. he got a palm print, and, and he hit it, and, they are also,
5:36 am
and the system and get a match on the fingerprints and palm print, specifically. he left a big firm palm print, and, and, real worried that this woman, for her safety, and they are hoping she's okay and they need to find this guy quick. >> he must have been in quite a rage to be able to use your palm to smash a window like that, that is a lot of force. my goodness. >> my goodness. >> new details this morning about the the case against bill cosby. former prosecutor, who declined to charge cosby wants access to the files. >> a accuser andrea constand sued bruce castor over his comments that she changed her story about her 2004 even counter with cosby. the current prosecutor kevin steele says bruce, is no loaning entitled to those files. castor insists that he has
5:37 am
promised, that cosby would never be charged in that case. meanwhile, camille cosby, will now answer more questions surrounding her husband's case on a. she answered questions on february 22nd and had to rescheduled to be depose todd answer more questions the following week. but that was pushed back after a lawyers for camille asked for more time. seven women claim cosby defamed them by branding them as liars when they went public with that allegation that he sexually assaulted them decades ago. 5:37. right now authorities are working to put out a brush fire in burlington county. take a look at a these flames. sky fox over the scene as they burned in wood land. authorities say they started around 5:00 last night, 350 acres have burned so far, authorities have warned drivers they may run into smoke on route 72 in that area. however authorities say they do not expect any evacuations. next up in sports, doug pederson clearing up some rumors about the quarterback
5:38 am
position, who he says is the number one guy, straight ahead.
5:39 am
5:40 am
eagles had their free agent in town yesterday, new players, they all say right thing but social media and bloggers always try to create issues and there was one addressed yesterday at eagles facility right from the start. quarterback chase daniel, a free agent in town coming from kansas city. he has been a career backup but between twitter, sports
5:41 am
talk radio and other outlets argument a arose there would be a good chance he would be a starter for eagles. doug pederson cleared that up quickly. >> sam bradford is number one, chase daniel is number two and we're working on the number three. i just want to put that out there right now. >> villanova wins opening game in the big east tournament, they trailed in the second half to georgetown by six points but on a 14-one run josh hart with the score and foul, 81-67. nova wins, and plays providence tonight. fill that is famous, spring training, tied in clearwater, aaron nola here, two runs, four hits and two and 23rd inning. phillies and detroit six hit and they didn't even have a shoot-out. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. put something products on the recall list, the potential danger a affecting the food in your freeze on. digio rn o. digiorno.
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good friday morning everybody and we have some good news from septa, let's bring in heather redfern from septa headquarters. header good morning. >> good morning, bobby know it has been a rough night but good news for septa paoli thorndale line users. go ahead and tell gust news. >> yes, much better, we have restored service on the pay yell i thorndale line. first train is leaving malvern as we speak. second train will leave thorndale in five to ten minutes.
5:45 am
and then first train heading outbound is already on its way. >> now heather what will this mean for obviously the trains had to get into place and it is a good bet to expect delays, pack your patients for morning rush hour. >> absolutely we're asking people to expect some delays this morning add a little bit of extra time, listen to the traffic, listen to you, we will send out tweets and updates, if anything changes with the service but when they go to the station this is morning, just realize that they will have some delays. >> well, septa, thank you so much heather redfern checking in. good news for paoli thorndale line commuters, services restored as heather mentioned the first inbound train any minute new leaving malvern station coming into center city. 55:02:45 train will leave thorndale coming inbound and other trains will soon follow but just like anything where there has been in trains outside on the tracks overnight those trains have to
5:46 am
get out to the suburbs in order to come back in and vice verse a the out bound train, first one will be the temple station 59:32, heading out toward malvern. again, expect some delays, pack your patients, but at least there is train service, far better situation then we had 12 hours ago when the power went down. this all happened because of amtrak power problems that occurred last night, at around 5:30 when around 22,000 commute their typically use the paoli line stranded all over the place mainly here in center city, septa used shuttle buses to get everybody out of town and back home safely and it would have been a hot mess if we didn't have these trains again this morning. the trains are starting to roll role, safe bet we will see delays the on the the keystone line and obviously paoli thorndale line as we move through the weekend. with the weekend we have borgata weekend they will be rowing on the river here to
5:47 am
close kelly drive to vehicle traffic, martin luther king drive closed on the weekend and big st. patrick's day parade here in philadelphia on the ben franklin parkway, we kick it off sunday at 12:00 noon we will go up parkway and toward art museum. we will have our viewing stand. we invite you to come join as you along the par ride route live in person or you can sit home and watch it right the here on fox 29. we kick it off at 2:00 o'clock. myself is, mike kathy will be there and rest of the fox gang will be in the parade. come on by say hi, shall irish on sunday and we will rebroadcast parade next thursday on saint patrick's day itself. we are counting, on dave warren to deliver a good forecast for that parade. >> liquid sunshine or sunshine. >> yes. >> this parade does not get canceled. rule number one. it the is on the web page. i read it. radar has some green on it this morning and ultimate doppler, well, we will keep a
5:48 am
close eye on this just a few light showers. some of it is rain in the reaching the ground but maybe a passing shower especially with it band here moving go through lehigh valley. it is moving south. we are looking at bright sunshine this afternoon. just between about now and say 8:00 o'clock next two hours, and light passing shower, it is possible. temperatures 50's and 60's, dropping a bit. then with that sunshine it will push numbers backup only in the mid 60's, no record today, no 80-degree temperatures but still fairly warm highs only in the mid 60's. pretty warm now and where it will stay. sixty-five this afternoon, in the the quite as warm and then, wind ten to 20 miles an hour, you might notice higher gusts to 30 miles an hour. this is what we have to talk about this weekend, it is sunday, bus stop buddy touring week, we have weekend wendy dressed for parade but look for the light shower developing toward
5:49 am
3:00 o'clock, temperatures in the upper 50's. now the seven day forecast has had 58 degrees saturday, maybe topping out at 60 on sunday with a chance of the shower. better chance of rain on monday, mix of sun and clouds there on tuesday and we are milder on wednesday, up to 70 degrees. it does president last because we get cooler. that wind picks up thursday. we will drop town to 66. chris and lauren. of course, we're all excited for sunday's festivities. join us, weather permitting. today marks five years since the massive earthquake and tsunami rocked japan have after 2011 killed nearly 16,000 people, more than 2,000 others are still missing today. much of the tsunami devastated coastline remains empty except for dirt being used to minute might risk, future tsunamis. tourist can be seen offering prayers in the alter in the small town with dozens of workers died. part of the argentina's
5:50 am
glazer, collapsed in to lake argentina. the glacier known as white giant is one of the biggest attractes. tourist come from all over the world to watch this. it shed its ice every few years as it makes its way over the lake. the last time, big ice chunks fell was back in 2012. you know slogan it is not delivery it is dell journal owe. now the popular pizza is under recall after several people reported finding glass. can still investigating this originated but it believes the common ingredient is spinach. recall including digiorno piss, lean cuisine, pizza and lasagna, and nestle, they say, so far there has been in report of any injuries, this includes their suffilets with stovers. if you want to check out which foods might ab expected by this go to our web site at fox on the home page. 250 retail stores are set
5:51 am
the to close because of the declining sales, taylor brand known as mens warehouse, until last in said it will close 80 to 90, josa bank stores, 50 outlet stores are expect to close. the sales fell 32 percent last quarter, no mens warehouse stores will close given the strong performance of that chain, however. not only is kevin havert funny, but this guy is pretty fast too. >> yes, he challenge jada martin to a foot race and he won. now he has more bragging rights. he was in birmingham filming a comedy festival but, he bumped in to martin during the ncaa championship. he is super excited. a college all american. there is some dispute over whether he got an early start on the race though. >> he is also a great basketball player. >> we saw that in the all-star fame good he he was hitting
5:52 am
three pointers. >> he is way more athletic then people already knew. >> funny, athletic and smart. >> and rich. >> that is true. >> so is adam le vine. >> ♪ >> she will be loved. it is a girl. >> if she's a girl she will be loved. adam le vine can sing this song. >> yes. >> front man and super model wife is expecting their first child. it is report that had she's still in her first trimester. victoria secret angel model married le vine in july of 2014. >> we understand that this off spring will be the prettiest human being ever created, by god. still to come, one mom ace live today because of another mom's devastating loss, incredible moment when one woman is able to say thank to you her new heart. this is a story that will truly bring tears. also we will head up to
5:53 am
the poconos mountains for a beautiful look at shawne mountain for you on this friday.
5:54 am
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live look at olde city for you at the 5:55.
5:56 am
listen to this, really heart warming story. >> hi. >> oh, my god. >> that is carol wright, in the white, hugging lauren dawkins in the green shirt. carol nearly died two years ago in desperate need of a new heart. then dawkins daughter 19 year-old brook, died after a driver hit and killed her. her heart, saved carol's life and brook's parents and siblings heard her heartbeating for the first time since losing their carol. >> so that is their daughter's heartbeat nothing carol, incredibly touching moment. both called the meeting an honor and said it shows how important it is to be a organ
5:57 am
donor. >> time it 5:56. next up, back on track, update we are following right new for septa line, paoli thorndale line that was shut down for 12 hours. we have good news from bob kelly. we will continue to follow terrifying situation on a september bus woman abduct, search right now you to find her and the abductor.
5:58 am
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okay. where is she. taken by force a woman abducted and then drag off of a septa bus. the lead philadelphia police are working on right now to find her. plus, back on track, the update right now, in the morning commute. if you take septa's paoli thorndale line. and then this... >> so far i cannot believe how civil it has been up here. >> donald, ted, marco and john, abandoning the nasty insults of the past, at the university of miami, the unusually calm highlights, well, from the 12th republican debate. they all got civil. >> they are trying to be presidential now in the final days. >> good toe sue you. >> we're all green up. >> bob kelly missed the memo. >> and green screen. >> you get a


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