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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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at 6:00. right now at 6:00 the shore gets soaked as memorial day weekend festivities come to close the rain has been relentless putting a damper on a lot of outdoor activities an lot of memorial day parades. some places that rain is still falling tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. fox 29 weather authority has been tracking this system for days now. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams scott williams. >> hi lucy and iain. yes, we're dealing with remnant tropical moisture from bonnie that really has had the shore community socked in with the clouds along with the showers and look at what's happening on ultimate doppler. we'll zoom in a little closer and you can see places like ship bottom, atlantic city, sea isle city, avalon, wildwood, cape may down to rehoboth still dealing with the clouds and showers but the rain is start to go dissipate somewhat over the next couple of hours. a dry break for most but take a look far north and west a line of showers and thunderstorms
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moving into the pocono mountains if they hold together they'll move into sections of lehigh along with berks county non non-severe and will diminish as we move toward 9:00 o'clock north and west so that activity should fall apart before it arrives toward the philadelphia area. so for tonight, we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. it turns muggy. by tomorrow, that humidity will start to drop and also the temperatures will change. we'll spell all out for you coming up with that complete forecast. >> all right, thank you very much scott. extreme and deadly weather is still pounding texas, kansas and now south carolina. what's left tropical cal depression bonnie flooding south carolina. 8-inches of rain already hit the palmetto state and that is -- that's enough to close part of i-95 there. forecasters are warning the storm could bring self inches of rain to parts of were good and north carolina as well. so stay prepared for the weather by downloading fox 29 news app. get live radar and alerts sent right to your phone. just search for it in the apple
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or google play stores. developing news tonight out of the citi' frankford section. american legion post is damaged tonight after a four alarm fire ripped through its building. maybe's are telling us the fire broke out right after memorial day gathering. >> firefighters tamed the flames about an hour ago. let's get right straight to brad sattin live at the scene right now, brad? >> reporter: lucy, scott mention add few minutes ago, it is a humid day to be fighting fires for sure. press conference moments ago we are hearing that one firefighter slightly injured that firefighter though will be okay. they are still here on the even as i step out of the way. the scene is a lot better than it was not nearly as much smoke but firefighters still trying to put out the hot spots here of this two-story building. it is an american legion post 396. the fire starting just before 3:00 o'clock. it was under control just before 5:00 o'clock. still as you see, some smoke here. now we want to show you cell phone video taken by two women who were driving by when they spotted the fire. some of the first on the scene. we'll hear from them in a
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moment. there are some reports that this may have been electrical or started in the kitchen but no confirmation at this point as to a cause. of course, there's always suspicious though when an american legion post goes up in flames on memorial day. neighbors say there was some sort of a function inside the building earlier in the day. it appears the fire may have started when everyone had left or at least most people were gone. this is a four alarm blaze as we mentioned firefighters working in this high humidity and smokey conditions. let's hear from the two women who were first on the scene as they were driving by and saw this. the flames were big. they were coming out i mean at least 4 feet off the building. coming atom to the house. red, really red and orange. the smoke was so black and thick but the flames, you could feel the heat actually. >> you were driving by and you saw what? >> smoke and then as soon as we made the right to come into this part all you seen was flames. i got scared.
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i'm on the phone with my mom and i'm like, oh, my god, mom! oh my god, it's a big fire. i had to stop. >> reporter: certainly was a big fire. you can see for the most part just some hot spots still burning. firefighters remain on the scene. one man telling us he's been coming to this american legion post 396 since the 1960s. so he's been a member for many years. this was also a vot voting prect we're hearing right now obviously trying to put out the hot spots this building sustaining serious damage. we certainly hope to get closer when firefighters allow us to kind of get better pictures and see for ourselves. iain. >> brad, thank you. more developing news now out of the city's fox chase section that's where authorities say a man has died after trying to rescue his dog from the pennypack creek. police say around 10:00 this morning someone called 911 reporting a body floating in the creek. investigators say the sketch-year-old man had jumped into the water to get his dog when he was swept away by the current. the man was pronounced dead at
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the scene and investigators later found the dog uninjured at the man's car. police have not released that man's identity. >> memorial day ceremonies graced our area. new castle vice-president joe biden attended one that could not be any closer to his heart. delaware national guard renamed one of its head quarters to honor his son former attorney general and major in the national guard buy biden. fox 29's chris o'connell was there for the unveiling and joins us now live from new castle. chris? >> reporter: well, lucy, building itself brand new building is only two years old. but tonight, it has a new name. a year after his death, beau biden is being honored tonight the delaware national guard reserve center now dedicated in his name. vice-president joe biden and the rest of beau biden's family coming to new castle to visit the building that now bears beau biden's name.
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>> beau loved the guard. beau loved serving with his brothers and sisters. >> reporter: biden who died of brain cancer one year ago today will be remembered as the citizen soldier who enlisted in the delaware national guard when he was 35 years old. serving in iraq, he was awarded the bronze star in the legion of merit not to mention serving as delaware's attorney general. >> you'll never find anyone to say anything bad it about he beau biden. owe loved him. he was the most morally up right person. >> reporter: state of the art building is call the major joe sr. beau biden the third national guard reserve center. the biden children should be very proud every time they drive by. >> they'll see beau's name and look to his example of thou live live the life of purpose, service and inspiration. >> reporter: those who served along biden says his commitment to family and country is how he will be remembered not as the
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vice-president's son. >> authentic, genuine, caring, loving, compassionate, patient. >> he was great guy. he just loved being a soldier. he just loved it. he like coming here, relaxing, being one of us. >> reporter: military officials say they hope the dedication will be a reminder of what biden did and what he meant to the state of delaware. >> may all of us who will occupy this building reflect the courage and the valor of this special man. >> reporter: earlier the family held a private ceremony at the wilmington church where beau biden is buried before air force two took the biden family back to washington, d.c. live in new castle delaware, chris o'connell fox 29 news. >> ♪ bancroft high school marching
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down state street in media delaware county the rain stopped today just in time for the animal memorial day parade. little ones lined the stree str. flags in happened to honor the brave men and women who gave all to protect our nation. this memorial day weekend those beaches in wildwood were not pristine. this video on the facebook page of watch the tram car shows the shore it willed with trash and residents there say those were partying this holiday weekend did not respect the beach. >> clearly not now they're calling for action. our bill anderson just came back from wildwood live in the newsroom. bill? >> reporter: for years one of the more appealing aspects of wildwood beaches is that they're free. free access draws crowds both locals and day trippers but now a video showing the aftermath of partying beach goers has some asking is it time to charging to use that beach. viral facebook video posted by watch the tram car has both short and long-term
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residents of wildwoods wondering what's wrong with visitors to their beach community. >> it's a shame because we got up. we had to clean up a mess for 20 other kids that didn't even care. just got up and walk away. >> video shows a beach covered in cups, food wrappers and cans and sparked angry responses. it also reignited the debate over whether wildwood beaches should remain free to the publ public. >> look at the towns that do have beach fees. avalon, stone harbor, margate, see i'll, their beaches are beautiful. they're clean. the unfortunate part when we have a weekend like this. the city has to clean up what these people have done to our beautiful beach. >> reporter: free beaches have long been a wildwood attraction but behavior of what residents describe as mostly young day trippers has made residents consider the possible benefits of paid beach access. >> i think if people actually respect themselves and each other i don't think it's necessary to have beach tags
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right now. however, it would help with the local tax base. >> reporter: it's unlikely any changes to fees would take place this summer but the complete disregard for their community shown in the video has created a debate that's unlike toll end quickly. >> they think it's a beach the. a party. i can do whatever i want. unfortunately it's not. this is our home. keep the clean for us. >> reporter: this is just weekend one for the beach season it's just starting and the video continues to spread so this debate will go on. paying to use the beach improve behavior is? you can tweet us at fox 29 philly or go to our fox 29 facebook page. lucy, we'll hear thoughts. >> watching the road tonight as people head home from the long holiday weekend much this is u.s. route 30 at i-295 in haddon heights. man, free and clear there in jersey depending on your route you can hit backups. the end rain -- rain ends. coverage of as specs of the
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memorial day holidays continues on look for a link on our home page. coming up new at 6:00 hiker takes wrong step and goes plunging down waterfall after waterfall for five minutes. what he says he remembers during the fall. >> as our nation honors men's of the military, those who gave all, some local veterans are about get a gift they can hardly believe. how this all became possible. howard? and what can the phillies manager do with ryan howard who appears to be at the end of his career. pete mackanin talks about why he's putting him in the phillies lineup and memorial day has a very historical moment years ago for the phils. all that coming up in sports.
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♪ all he wanted to get a drink of water, fresh river water. 30-year-old washington man recovering after he says he fell into a river then was swept down waterfall after waterfall. it happened last week inside
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thes have and glorious olympic national park. he says he could have died obviously but incredibly he did not. he was hypo they remember mick is now recovering from shattered heel, injured toe and bumps and bruises. >> so i got really scared. i was like oh, boy, cause i couldn't back. i don't think i can get back. i'm on surface i realized, god, i finally made it. >> he says he'll never do anything like that again. which obviously is a good call he hopes the dangerous river ride down the river reminds others about the power of national wouldn'ts. how we honor the men and women who died serving our nation camden is national liesing new people joining us occur tree. it took place on the battleship new jersey. 38 people naturalized during this special memorial day ceremony. congratulations.
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>> absolutely. many ceremony moved indoors because of the wet including this one in gloucester township, new jersey. the veterans park event moved to the gloucester township council room. more than 100 people turned out for the tribute to the township fallen heroes. to montgomery county and a exciting announce many for local veterans on this yell day. >> multi million dollars project is in the works to help military members transitioning back to civilian life. american legion post number 10 and power home remodeling group joined forces to build eight new homes for vets. military leaders and lawmakers attended today's sr. moan in fort washington. who say what better way to commemorate memorial day than help veterans adjust to civilian life. >> today is lot more than just hotdogs and hamburgers and today even for five minutes think about those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. think about the tens of thousands of our sons and daughters right now who are in
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harm's way in iraq, afghanistan, south korea. and just give thanks that we have a great country. >> the eight new homes will go up on the same grounds where general george washington camped with the continue nem army nearly 250 years ago. >> that is so cool. all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority. man do we have weather to talk about. >> we got some relentless rain. and -- >> humidity. >> yeah. >> it was me talk to go. that's so cool. >> i'm in the other box. i kind of like that for second. >> we certainly do have a lot to talk about lucy iain on this memorial day. temperature made it up to 79 degrees. humidity it was very humid. 79% right now. the temperature currently at 75 degrees. after a high temperature of 79 degrees. if you're in the backyard later on this evening it will stay mild and muggy there could be one or two scattered showers otherwise look at those temperatures holding pretty steady in the low to mid 70s. it's going to be muggy but the humidity will take a break as we
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move toward tomorrow all thanks to cold front that will push all of this tropical moisture out of here. here's what is left from bonnie and that moisture has been just kind of inundating part parts oe injuries jersey shore along with delaware today. we're still looking at the clouds and showers over the next couple of hours. but we will get a break and we will dry out there. but look upstream. that's the cold front that could bring some thunderstorms to the pocono mountains along with the lehigh valley and also as we move into berks county. but look at the temperatures there in the low 80s. we have 75 philadelphia. it's been cooler down the shore. thanks to the clouds and showe showers. only 63 in beach haven right now. 68 in avalon. 65 degrees as we move toward cape may over the next couple of hours, down the shore the rain pulls away. north and west a broken line of some thunderstorms but once we lose that daytime heating all of that activity will diminish so we're just left with mostly cloudy skies tonight. maybe a little bit of patchy fog but watch what happens tomorrow.
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drier air moves in. more sunshine. but it is going to stay warm but the humidity won't be as high tomorrow thanks to that cold front moving out to sea and high pressure building in behind it. so the high temperature tomorrow i didn't 86 degrees well above the average for this time of year which is in the upper 70s. temperatures tonight in the 60s. staying mild and muggy but tomorrow the humidity drops. 86 degrees. the seven day forecast shows 82 by wednesday. 78 on thursday. as we move toward the upcoming weekend a little unsettled but not a washout. seasonal temperatures. 79 degrees on saturday. and 78 on sunday. so no more heat waves with that seven day forecast just yet. >> all right. >> well, you know, it's been so cloudy out. howard thank you so much for brighten up our day. >> the unofficial start of summer. >> there you go. >> on memorial day, 27 years ago, it was a memorable day in phillies history. i'll take look back and how long
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will ryan howard be in the starting lineup of playing for the phillies? the manager pete mackanin talks about his play all coming up in sports.
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♪ phillies are back home after a road trip that was not very nice to them. they lost five out of six games and got swept this weekend by the cubs. phillies averaged less than two
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runs a game in three game series again the cubs. ryan howard played only one of those games in the cubs series zero-four with a strikeout. he is in the starting lineup tonight batting fourth but many fans believe ryan howard will play his last game for the phillies. hitting .154 for the season and in may he's batting 097. >> this is the hardest thing i have to do. you know i think about it -- i've been thinking about it all year. hopinhoping that howard is goino have a good year and come out of this fun he's in. he had had bad month of may and he admitted as much he's playing tonight every i put him in the lineup i'm hoping he's going to get three or four hits and get on track and gain confidence back, because when you're in that kind of a slump, all you need is a couple hits here and there to get your -- bring you out of it. >> three or four hits in a month. i mean it's not a funk. it's 213 over the last three years. that's not a funk. mets playing well but there was
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concern about their opening day pitcher matt harvey. after many poor outing. not today. let's go to new york. matt harvey had really good game. seven innings, shout out baseball one of his six strikeouts was here. watch the batter. he actually swung so the swing takes precedent over the hit by pitch that's a strike out. and the mets needed one run with the way matt harvey pitched then got it in the seventh in inning that's neal walker the homerun mets win it one to zero over the white sox. 27 years ago back in 1989, the best player in phillies history third baseman in baseball mike schmidt suddenly decided he could not play at the major league level. figured it out over few days and announced his retirement at the memorial day news conference. >> 18 years ago i left dayton, ohio, with two very bad knees and a dream to become a major
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league baseball player. i thank god the dream came true. >> it was tough for everybody. it was tough for him because over that weekend he realized the game in san francisco he couldn't get the balls. he couldn't swing the way he used to. kind of border what is ryan -- happening to ryan out ward. when it's over, you should know it's over. did he and give him credit. he said that's it. >> all right. >> thanks howard. join us back here tonight for more on fox 29 news. last year's shoplifting cost retailers more than $30 billion and that means you pay higher prices. how researchers at one university are working to curb the growing problem. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a good night. inside edition is up next.
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oh my god! >> on this memorial day -- >> your son, home from afghanistan. >> the most heart warming homecomings caught on video. >> welcome home! then, tips you never thought of to have a great holiday at the beach. >> that's genius. >> the secret use for baby powder. >> you rub it on your feet and it gets the sand to come right off. >> monster. is this the largest gator ever captured? then, stolen valor? >> that's my uniform! >> is he being a bully or fighting for justice? >> take off my uniform! >> and they sing, they dance. they even cook. >> wow, wow, wow. >> kid tv. how these little guys became the hottest trend on


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