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tv   Fox 29 News Special You Decide  FOX  July 28, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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>> events of the day challenge us in our ability to hear eve other. >> she has still the best change maker i have ever known. >> i may become the first woman president. one of you is next. ♪ >> president obama addressing the dnc in the wells fargo center a recent thank you very much let's listen in life. >> we need to keep making our streets safer and our criminal justice system fair. our homeland more secure. our world more peaceful and sustainable for the next generation. chops chop. >> we're not done perfecting our union or living up to our founding creed that all of us are created equal, all of us are free in the eyes of god.
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(cheers and applause). >> and that work involves a big choice this november. i think it's fair to say this is not your typical election. it's not just a choice between parties or policies the usual debates between left and right. this more fundamental choice. about who we are as people and whether we stay true to this great american experiment in self government. look, we democrats have always had plenty of disses with the republican party and there's nothing wrong with that. it's precisely this contest of ideas that pushes our country forward. (applause). (cheers and applause). >> but what we heard in cleveland last week wasn't
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particularly republican and it sure wasn't conservative. what we heard was a deeply pessimistic vision of a country where we turn against each other and turn away from the rest of the world. there were no serious solutions to pressing problems just the fanning of resentment and blame and anger and hate, and that is not the america i know. (cheers and applause). >> the america i know is full of courage and optimism -- >> 12 years ago president barack obama burst on to the national scene during a speech that launched his presidential projectory in boston he was a keynote at the dnc. tonight he's trying to launch hillary clinton into the white house. good evening from the wells fargo center. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us for this you decide special 2016. we want to take you outside the wells fargo center now.
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and check in on protest that we have been looking at and again we've told you about this the last half hour some people have broken over the fence. we understand we have fox 29's dave schratwieser on the phone near the scene. dave, can you hear me? >> reporter: we're just off the scene right now. from what i'm being told this is around 10:30 -- 10:35 night a group of protesters in about 100 or 200 it was quite evening right up until that part and they rush the fences near the at&t station down here at broad and patison from what i'm told one person got through but there was quite a scuffle between police and protesters. i am being told that emergency response teams from the city those are officers that wear the heavier gear, the so hiv called turtle suits, shields and thing like that are on their way to the scene or already on the scene. along with some emergency response teams from the county try county area they have been staged near the park fdr where protests have been much this is
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the first real sign of any kind of violent activity the other night folks just climbed over fences and they knew they were -- it was going to happen. made the arrests much this was confrontation an rush of the fence in which at least one person got through. there are plenty of police officers on the scene writ the there. two sheriffs officers that normally hold prisoners came in behind us just now on broad street. they are proceeding directly to the park. there is lots going on there. we should be closer to the scene in the n couple of minutes or so and wool give an update. right now from what i've been told so far preliminary information one person made it through. they're still in the process of potentially make some more arrests in the situation. understand up until this point philadelphia police have detained people and issued citations. but they warned protesters this afternoon after five protesters got charged federally overnight for jumping -- trying to jump
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the fence down there they would be charged federally if that happened again. so that warning was given this afternoon and clearly here around 10:30, 10:35 tonight. we do have people who now tried breach that fence and several at least are under arrest at this point and again sheriffs officers vans were just pulling down broad street here just outside fdr park a couple of minutes ago. we should on seen in second and give update as soon as we are. >> very quickly, stratt, were these just a random group of protesters? or was this an organized protest. >> reporter: they've been protesting in and out of fdr park all night. we were down here earlier that. walk out, protest for little bit at broad and patison at the at&t station and then they walk back into the park they walk back out and they walk back in. i cannot tell you in these are bernie sanders supporter oars other protesters as you well know there are thousand of protesters and demonstrators in the city of philadelphia this week. all for this. we don't know if this is connected to any particular
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cause or anything like that. but all night long there were hundred people would come out and protest outside the at&t station and security fence go back in the park. an hour later a different group would come out. very peaceful all night. minimal amount of police officers down here, bike patrol officers enough to handle what was there. but minimal amount. not a large amount of police officers because there was literally no one on the street there. but at this point as of 10:30 that completely changed we talked to everybody at 10:00 o'clock saying how smoothly things had gone. this is a little different situation now. we'll see exactly what happened but again emergency response teams from the city and from the five county area who were staged in south philadelphia right near the scene are now on the scene with shields and i'm told some of the riot gear we were hoping we wouldn't see in philadelphia during the dnc. but i am not completely on the scene yet coming up the road to that now. as soon as we get there we'll give you an update and get back
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to you as soon as we can. >> sounds good. thank you dave. >> also we might add that we understand that some of the protesters actually had gas masks on. they were ready for something. >> we'll check in with dave when he gets set up. appreciate the insight, dave. inside was working together speakers touch on gun control, climate change and the economy along with the president and senator kaine the other headliner was vice-president joe biden. we'll hear more from all of them in just a moment. let's bring in bruce gordon on the convention floor. president obama right now holding force and his speech is resonating with this crowd. >> reporter: absolutely. of course, whatever you think of his politics, barack obama is one amazing political communicator. that is for sure. and in this audience in particular, he's got them eating out of the palm of his hand couple moments ago he pivoted from sort of a point by point take down of the republican convention last week, of course, the benefits of incumbency, the democrats in this case have their convention second, like batting last in baseball game.
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you know exactly what you have to work with and what you need to do following that take down point by point of the republican convention last week, he pivoted to his battle with hillary clinton back in 2008. described how tough she was as a competitor. used the old ginger rogers line that she was doing everything i was doing except backwards and in heels got a big laugh from this crowd. and has now begun to describe her toughness and the values that she brings as she pivots from his own administration into what these folks need to work toward in terms of bringing hillary clinton into office come january. >> you know bruce vice-president joe biden did not mince words tonight and we'll hear from him shortly but the reaction was rather intense. >> reporter: yeah, joe biden is no stranger to a equip. biden did his own take down of donald trump more by name than some of the other speakers. talked about the cynicism as he described it of donald trump, basically said look this guy
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favorite phrase is you're fired. is that what you want in political leader in a national leader? said he does not have clue about the middle class. in fact he doesn't have a clue period. so harsh words from joe biden. nothing surprising there. again, the crowd was eating it up. >> bruce, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg was on stage watch was his focus. >> reporter: this was more interesting than the usual sort of speech in the sense that bloomberg as you may know is the former three-term mayor of new york city, democrat turned republican turned independent. he made very clear at the beginning of his speech i am not here to offer full throated endorsement of hillary clinton. she and i disagree on major issues. this was more of a warning that you cannot let donald trump within the white house. he said among other of his quips he called donald trump a dangerous demi god, talk about the idea of clinton versus trump saying we need a problem solver
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and not a bomb 34. and in a line that brought this house down he said, look, i'm a new yorker, i know a con when i see one. (laughter). >> that was great line. bruce, vice-presidential nominee tim kaine got his biggest audience yet tonight. how did he do? >> reporter: well, look, i got to be honest, when you're co speakers for the evening are michael bloomberg,? biden, barack obama, it is tough not to be overshadowed. i have to say that i guess i'm reminded of the doctor's motto first do no harm. i don't know that tim kaine did any harm. he got a chance to kind of explain his resume to the folks in this audience. i thought his strongest point was the idea that hey, i've done some work teaching kids in honduras. he then proceeded to deliver some of his speech some of his remarks in spanish that got a huge ovation from this crowd again the latino voting block so important in this race. >> all right. bruce gordon, appreciate the insight as always you're live with us for the rest of the we
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week. appreciate it, bruce. >> bruce is talking you can hear the crowd roaring behind us. president obama is still talking. let's listen in a little with. >> -- he will make hillary clinton a better president just like my dear friend and brother joe biden has made me a better president. (cheers and applause). >> now, hillary has real plans to address the concerns she's herd from you on the campaign trail.
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♪ you decide 2016 the 44th president of the united states trying to make the case for hillary clinton to be the 45t 45th. let's listen in. >> the temperment to meet the threat from terrorists. it's not new to her. our troops have pounded isil without mercy taking out their leaders talking bacter to and i know hillary clinton won't relent until isil is destroyed. she will finish the job. (cheers and applause). >> and she will do it without resorting to torture or banning entire religions from entering our country. (cheers and applause). >> she is fit and she is ready to be the next commander in
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chief. (cheers and applause). >> meanwhile, donald trump calls our military a disaster. boo! >> apparently, he doesn't know the men and women who make up the strongest fighting force the world has ever known. (cheers and applause). >> he suggests america is weak. he must not hear the billions of men and women and children from balance ticks to burr ma who still look to america to be the light of freedom and dignity and human rights. (cheers and applause). >> praises saddam hussein tells our native allies that stood by our side after 9/11 they have to pay up if they want our protect.
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>> you're listening to president barack obama just told the crowd large applause hillary clinton is ready to be the next commander in chief. >> after a day of relatively calm protests things are getting lot more tense outside the wells fargo center. >> absolutely. tell you about those protests. we want to bring in rick leventhal in the miffled it all. rick, what's the latest out there? >> reporter: we're outside the security fence in the corner and broad patison couple hundred, 300 demonstrators here. things have heated up and then escalated back down again. you can see some people peacefully demonstrating here. they got drums and they're chanting. a lot of people with sig signs. there was a line of police officers that had moved in between these demonstrates and that fence and there were a lot of police officers on the other side of the fence. they have since scaled back because things are no longer as heated as they were. there were a group of demonstrators clad in all black that went running through the
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crowd and whether someone through something or not isn't clear but we did see one of them being detained by police and taken away from the scene. there are others who are out here right now, give them look over there, rich, just to show the scene there that was -- earlier were burning a flag an american flag. it was actually a black and red american flag, and then there were other people in the crowd who apparently didn't want them to burn that flag. throwing water on the fire. so that happened two or three times where they started to burn it and people through water on it and put it out. it seems to be a continuing saga over there, guys. >> all right. rick, it doesn't seem like anybody is injured, i'm hoping. >> reporter: no. we don't think so. we haven't seen anyone hurt. there was a large crowd and there were people running back and forth but thing have cal a anded down considerably. last night, there was a much larger crowd than this out here. hundreds and hundreds perhaps well over thousand people and many of them were shaking that
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security fence and yelling at the delegates as they were coming in and out shame, shame! we vladimir putin scene that today. the crowds are much smaller. it's been very hot out here. so we haven't seen the same numbers but we have seen forceful protests and certainly within the last hour or so things were heated but have called back a bit now. >> fox's rick leventhal we appreciate the insight from there the oh ground. >> president obama is on stage right now. also delivering one of the knit's beg guest speeches vice-president nominee tim kai kaine. >> the us senator from virginia took the stage a few hours after getting his party's official nomination. kaine has been campaigning hard for the democratic ticket in the week after his announcement as clinton's vp pick and tonight he explains why he thinks democrats should get another term in the white house. >> do all the good you can and serve one another. pretty simple. (cheers and applause). >> pretty simple. that's what i'm about. that's what you're about.
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that's what bernie sanders is about. that's what joe and jill biden are about. that's what barrack and michelle obama are about and that's what hillary clinton is about! (cheers and applause). >> senator kaine talked about his record on gun control, education and the economy. >> joe biden got the crowd definitely riled up here tonig tonight. >> his entrance was, well, let's just say it was real philly. >> yes, it was. >> ♪ rocky theme song >> vice-president by didn't coming out on stage to the theme from rocky he went into in talking about he personally notice hillary clinton and how she's ready to take the white house. then he turned to attacking donald trump taking a jab at the gop nominee's catch phrase. >> how can there be pleasure in saying you're fire! >> he's trying to tell us he
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carries about the middle class. give me a break. that's a bunch of mullarkey. (cheers and applause). >> vice-president warned the audience in his opinion no major party nominee has ever been less prepared for the presidency than donald trump. another live look right now at the floor of the wells fargo sent the stage of course president obama. we are back in a moment.
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♪ you decide 2016. let's get the latest the developing situation outside. >> that's where some protesters broke through a barricade at broad and patison and our dave schratwieser standing by with police commissioner ross. dave? >> reporter: iain, police commissioner richard ross in the middle of this whole thing. agreed to come over here and talk to us. commissioner around 10:30 some folks tried to breach the fence even though you warned protesters this afternoon that they were going to face federal
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charge if's they did that. can you tell us exactly what happened? >> unfortunately, that's exactly what some of them did. i don't have an exact number right now. they were on the other side. we took them into custody immediately. might be six to a dozen give or take. they did that. despite the warnings that were issued by me on tv and all the officers this afternoon. in addition to which unfortuna unfortunately they were burning something on the ground here female was probably trying to pitt out. that's all we can surmise and she took a pretty nasty burn to her leg. >> reporter: commissioner it was quite all night across the city right up until around 10:30. office still on high alert still doing their job tonight and all of a sudden this breaks out. >> yeah. but what's important to point out is that most of the people down there are still very mess full. this is about a dozen or so possible who were acting like this. a lot of the people in that group were actually trying to get them to stop acting like that. they were actually comin comingp letting us know they had nothing
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to do with it and want to do part about it. >> your thoughts about folks doing stuff locate that. they know that's a secure perimeter much they know federal charges are coming. they're serious charges. >> i can't comprehend it. to me, if you know that serious charges -- federal charges i moon you were warned. why you would do that and subject yourself to that i have absolutely no idea. >> commissioner, thank you for joining us. we appreciate that. we know you're in the middle of stuff here. thank you very much. >> the latest from commissioner ross at this hour. wanted to give you quick update half a dozen to a dozen protesters taking into custody. we'll get back to you later if we have more information. back to you guys. >> thanks dave. thank you for joining us for this you decide we believe. we'll bring you special extended coverage for the rest of the week.
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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. >> there has never been a men or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody, more qualified than hillary clinton. >> reporter: democratic nominee hillary clinton makes a surprise appearance on the stage at the democrats i shall national convention as the arena goes wild following a powerfully optimistic speech by the president. >> no major party nominee in the history of this nation has ever known less. >> joe biden slam being donald trump during his speech white l vice president is rejecting trump's tv catch phrase, you're fired, kane guessing his message directly to voters after the party officially nominates him to run with hillary clinton. and all


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