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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 7, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app. download it today. >> i've heard of black santas, but black elves? >> i am a hot black elf girl. >> hey, now, is this a racial story? >> might be. >> this is a leap -- >> of course it is. [laughter] ♪ ♪ >> hey, what are you doing? ♪ >> because i read. >> this is a great shot for a selfie. >> i don't agree with you on that. >> you guys are completely insane. i love it. [laughter] ♪ ♪ >> guys, before we get to our first story, we've got a guest chaser, none other than comedian and comic writer jay black.
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>> good to be here. >> good to see you. good to have you. [applause] jersey guy. >> south jersey, yeah. >> all right, jay, so first up tonight we've got a story -- >> well, i'm just going to let it speak for itself. ashley and sergio, you are north of 96. what have you got? >> mall of america in minneapolis, minnesota, the nation's largest mall, had its first black santa and, boy, did a race war erupt. it became a circus on social media and online comment sections with people posting some very hateful and racist messages and then others defending black santa, firing back. now, larry jefferson, who made history as the mall of america's first black santa -- [laughter] said he was discovered at a santa convention in minnesota and actually the mall's co-founder was looking for a diverse santa. >> i just ignored those comments because i'm a positive-thinking person. and it's the holiday season, and
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that's what i'm trying to get everyone to understand. just put all the hate aside. it's time for america to come together as one, unite and celebrate the holidays. >> so sergio and i headed north in true chaser fashion. i think we had the skin tone already down, and we recreated our own black santa experience. >> all right, guys, i'm about to transform to black santa. let's get it. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> how's that working out? >> great. we cannot stop people from taking pictures with us. >> oh, my god, i've never seen a black santa. [laughter] >> he's definitely getting some looks right now.
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>> hi. >> who's that? >> people looking at us like we're crazy. >> merry christmas! >> merry christmas to y'all. >> merry christmas. >> i'm thinking santa claus is right when in all reality, it's your mother and your father are the ones doing that. >> isn't that santa? >> get it, santa. go, santa. get it, santa. say merry christmas. [laughter] all right now. >> hey, ladies, can we talk to you? oh, you've got to move. oh, we'll move with you. you don't like our black santa? >> who want to take a picture with black santa? what about you? >> no thank you. >> it's all good. >> so that's a whole montage in and of itself. >> i think it's the beard, because i'm black and i have a white beard. >> ashley, and you're an elf? is that the get up? >> oh, yeah. i'm his happy helper. >> got it, got it. so, sergio, what's the reaction you're getting?
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are people trying to give you money thinking maybe you're, like, a street performer? what's going on? >> yeah. [laughter] >> the homle hate, man. people coming up to me and asking me for pictures. >> and so, bill, we asked the question, you know, why all the hype with black santa making christmas a little less white? and i just say that in a joking manner. people say it's really not a big deal. santa is a fictional character, and it's just about the joy and love -- >> whoa, whoa! slow down there! >> sergio, i love you dearly, but you look like a bootleg santa, and i'm going to run, not walk, run to the fancy santa at macy's in manhattan, because i'm aif i keep -- afraid if i keep staring at you -- >> this is exactly what i wanted for christmas, to be able to see this. [laughter] i mean, it's ridiculous to me. you look great, sergio. i wish i looked as great as you.
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i want to get your tricep workout so i can look like that. >> one person told me i'm too pit to be santa, all right? -- fit to be san the that. i might be the sexiest santa you've ever seen in your life. >> oh, my -- [laughter] >> thanks, guys. >> merry christmas. we liz-and-a-half dad and happy kwanzaa, happy hanukkah and happy ramadan, i guess. all right, bye-bye. >> guys, meet little gillian. >> stop, stop -- what, what happened? >> you know what [bleep] tyler? i've had about enough of your [bleep] meet little gillian, she's been battling brain cancer at the children's hospital of philadelphia. she beat the odds and is headed home for the holidays, but she's now on a mission to bring christmas to her friends and family at the hospital that won't be able to go light the tree at their own house.
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the 4-year-old started a toy drive to give back. the original goal was 50 toys, she's already raised over 1500. if you'd like to help gillian, visit her facebook page. >> after being set up with terrible experiences at the car mechanic and just not knowing enough about her car, patrice banks left her career as an engineer to start the girls' auto clinic. it's supposed to be a safe space for women in upper darby, pennsylvania. >> incredible opportunity to create a safe space, because there was nothing out there that was saying to women we understand how you feel, we know that you feel taken advantage of, that you don't feel empowered with your car, and we're going to help you. >> she didn't just stop there. patrice, in addition to creating this auto body shop, created a hair and nail salon. it's called clutch beauty bar, you can go in and get a fabulous blowout or get your nails done. it is good for men too. they can get a pedicure or
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manicure while they're waiting for their car to be serviced. >> i really want this to be like a clubhouse for women. so we offer automotive services so if you need an oil change, maintenance or repair on your car, obviously, you can come here for that. but i also wanted to make this a beautiful lounge. >> now women can kill two or three birds with one stone. it's great. i went in, i was there for maybe an hour, my car was getting worked on, i got a mani, and i got this fabulous blowout. so after getting my hair and nails done, patrice took me into the shop to teach me a little bit about my car because, in all honesty, i had never looked under the hood before. i don't know about you guys. >> right now we're checking under the hood -- >> okay. >> and i thought i'd show you the things you can do yourself that you can learn. >> she showed me all sorts of cool things. i learned how to change my oil -- first of all, i learned where the oil was. [laughter] i learned how to change it, i learned that if your brake fluid is low, it doesn't mean you need more brake fluid, it means you
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need more brakes, and you should probably take it back to a mechanic. she was really helpful, and these are things all of you can learn if you didn't know them already about your car. are you realize to go get a treatment? >> yes, 100%. >> every time i hear about a safe space for women, i'm the least masculine man alive. i want to go there. that sounds fabulous. [laughter] curves for women, a lot of beefy guys around to make you feel intimidated, i want to go there and eat candy while someone works on my car. that sounds delightful. >> if i am on the side of the road, i need my tire change ld, i expect a guy to be over to pull over and help me out. and i don't want to get my hair done there. that's the only place you go where you're surrounded by guys, and they all want to help you out. >> i think a little bit ridiculous -- >> what, that guys should be able to change a tire for you? a girl has to do everything now! >> if you want to be able to do it yourself, you can, and she can teach you how to do it --
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>> i don't want all that equality. >> jay, any last thoughts? >> if i saw you on the side of the road, i would pull over whether or not you needed any help. [laughter] i would immediately call someone who could. that's my promise. >> well, thank you. [laughter] >> so take a look at this video of media personallingty denise albert at lax airport. denise, who is battling breast cancer, says what happened to her during a tsa search should never happen to anyone. she says sunday night tsa agents aggressively tried to do a body cavity search in public. >> and they started to reach around me, and she put her hands actually down the back of my pants. and i was sitting there like i can't believe this is happening. i knew it wasn't right, but it's a scary thing when you're at security and you don't want to be arrested and put in jail. >> so for the past three years, she's been host of a show called the moms with denise, and she's been pretty public about her battle with breast cancer. after the incident, she went to
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her facebook page and posted her experience. >> you cannot touch me. >> [inaudible] >> you can't touch me there. you can't touch me there, i'm sorry. >> what's the issue? >> i have breast cancer. >> i told them i have breast cancer, i have a port in me. you can't touch me. and they just, they just weren't having it. >> albert complied with the search and took off her shoes. she will not put her feet on the ground because she says she had open sores and rashes from the treatment, and she actually even took off her wig to help with the search. she says the whole ordeal could have been avoided. >> i've traveled three times in the last two months, actually, with the port, with the wig and with the same cream, and i've had no issues. >> the tsa released a statement monday saying we're currently looking into the specific details as to what occurred during the screening process to insure our security protocols were followed.
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so we'll see how this turns out. >> i don't know if there is ever a reason for the kind of searches that they were doing, but if there is a reason, i would think there'd be a private room before you literally grope someone in public with all eyes around you. >> well, and according accordin, she even gave them a heads up that she had a port for the treatment on her chest -- >> you see the agent actually going in and grabbing -- >> correct, right. >> it's unsettling to watch. how does somebody with a medical condition like that still have to take her shoes off? >> it's a slippery slope. we're talking about terrorism, national security issues. this is the reason why people are screened in the first place. it was a traumatic experience for her, but the goal is actually to protect everyone's life on that plane. >> while i do agree absolutely that's the goal, they did not achieve the goal the correct way. hiller college in somerset, new jersey, has just unveiled its new cable -- [inaudible] >> of the students that have come here are avid ping-pong
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players. >> it is so difficult to have fun playing ping-pong because when the ball is flying that quickly at your face --
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>> if i saw you on the side of the road, i would pull over whether or not you needed any help. [laughter] just to let you know -- >> nothing creepy about that at all. >> the new jersey area is mourning the loss of a young state trooper who was killed in the line of duty in a head-on crash. trooper frankie williams, who was 31, was heading northbound
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on route 55 in melville monday evening around 7 p.m. that's when a driver crossed the grass median and hit him head on in his patrol car. the reason the other driver crossed the median, we're not really sure. that's under investigation as of right now. trooper williams was on the force less than a year and recently married in september. he's the third south jersey state trooper to be killed on the job in the past year. >> this man and his dog zoe are reunited. daryl and zoe were hit by a semi when they were driving in their car, and zoe was thrown through the back window. daryl's nurse found zoe at a neighbor's house and brought him back home just in time for the holidays. he was exhausted and shaking, but now he's home with his papa and ready for christmas. >> he pulls crazy, various stunts while people enjoy their daily life. just in time for the holiday
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season, stuart posted this video which is hashtag light the world challenge where he paid for strangers' gas while he dressed up as an elf. originally, the drivers are obviously very suspicious, but some realize the gifts are all for the good. hashtag light the world is a movement to spread some good deeds and cheer to people throughout the holiday season. you do three good deeds to three different people and, hopefully, they'll do three deeds to three other people. and so on and so forth. for more information, google hashtag light the world to find out more. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ping-pong outfit. ping-pong. what do you wear to ping-pong? you definitely don't wear that. or that.
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why can't i find a ping-pong outfit? it's a beautiful morning to play some ping-pong. almost forgot my secret weapon. i'm getting nervous. hiller college in somerset, new jersey, has just unveiled its new table tennis team, making ping-pong its first official sport. you might see some medals coming its way soon. after all, the new head coach is a two-time olympian pan-american gold medalist. you were saying that you've been playing ping-pong -- >> since i was 7 years old. [laughter] >> i like it. [laughter] >> ping-pong, it's kind of national sport in china. kids play in elementary school, middle school, high school and everywhere. >> table tennis or ping-pong is actually the most popular racket
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sport in the world with thailand, south korea and sweden leading the way. >> sweden, huh? that's a curveball. >> many of the students that have come here in the last couple years are avid ping-pong players. and so it makes sense to be doing something that they like to do. >> but i did just come to watch -- i didn't just come to watch, i came to play. >> i'm just getting my sneakers. yeah. [laughter] >> you're prepared. >> i came very prepared. now, i didn't realize i'd have -- they actually made me play in front of the whole press conference, which was mortifying -- [laughter] but i believe i made you all very, very proud. wow! >> nicely done, diana. hey, before i get to our comments, i want to introduce our guest, jay black, comedian, comic writer, jersey guy. >> good to be here on such an
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important issue. >> this is a very important story for us. are you a ping-pong champion? >> i don't even watch ping-pong when i'm playing it myself. i think i do what everybody else does, i get drunk and just kind of swing at random and hope something happens. it's how i made my three children. [laughter] but the point is this, i admire the people who play it well just like i say to anybody, have fun to the people at pillar college. >> it is so difficult to have fun playing ping-pong because when the ball is flying that quickly at your face, your immediate reaction is to duck, not swing back. >> what type of ping-pong are you playing? >> aren't we burying the lead that this is the only official sport at this school? i mean, baseball, basketball, football -- >> i mean, the chess club was full. [laughter] >> oh, gosh, bill, you're so rude! [laughter] >> listen, you know what? i'll defend the good folks at pillar college. you've bot to start somewhere. diana, how did you do? >> i think i did pretty well. there was one moment where i
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might have screamed because it came quite fast at my face. >> see? [laughter] >> but other than that, she said i was great, and she also said that they always are looking for girls to join the sport. it's mostly dominated by men. >> it's a male-dominated sport, huh? >> if i come back a few more times, i might make the team. [laughter] >> hello. >> [bleep] >> this officer was charged with simple assault on friday. >> nothing justifies putting their hands on somebody under those circumstances, and the officer technically committed a crime. >> that officer had not slapped the -- [inaudible] out of him, i think i might have volunteered to chase that story just to catch up with him
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>> our guest, jay black. >> i don't even watch ping-pong when i'm playing it myself. i get drunk, and i just kind of swing at random and hope something happens. it's how i made my three children. it's how i made my three children. [laughter]
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so, mr. harris, it's how i made my three we have your fingerprints [laughter]on the safe. a photo of you opening the safe. a post using the hashtag "#justrobbedthesafe" so, what are we supposed to think? switching to geico could save you a bunch of money excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance woo! because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance because saving fifteen percent always a great answer.rance >> secondly, as a comedian, i'm offended at the of -- that this person has. [laughter] this is not funny even a small
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a who convinced her husband that she had let in a cute little puppy into their house, but instead of sending a picture of a cute little puppy, sent a picture to their kid, and we had an interesting exchange. i can't say these words on inally told him aut 10,000 it's not -- bleeping hate you. that was actually unrelated -- [laughter] that was a said. he ends every text that way. this has gone viral on facebook, andese and repeats on that, so that's nice. >> monday night i went philadelphia to check out nate grant who's a hip-hop artist and alsoepsented by trying to get pn tune with what i'm doing. >> before h is released,
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fans got a private viewing. >> tomorrow he will be ifonr and his album, return of the cool, will be released on january 13th. >> we have a huge event coming up, great event at t i going tou all about it tomorrow. ming in. he was performing at the stress factory with us. you can also see him in always, santa -- >> a hallmark movie, that's why i'm wearing my sweater or,r. yeah, on the hallmark network. >> who do you play? >> the not as good looking person. we have a good looking guy -- [laughter] i stand next to him and go, wow, really goodking is this guy? looking. [background sounds]
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>> this isn't as fun as i thought it'd be. >> more fun when the cops come. >> i am bringing a story reported just a week before thanksiv of kevin hemrick turning himself into police on an outstanding warrant. he's dressed up in a bunny suit, and he's blowing an air horn. hello! sorry.ghter] >> so as you can see, the video which was recorded, brought his brother and posted to facebook live. you can see kevin in the police lobby blowing the air horn, all of a sudden -- >> who's blowing the [bleep] air horn? > why are you doing that?
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>> two police officers come out, one actually slaps him with an open hand. the officer was charged with simple assault on friday, and according to the sussex county prosecutor's office, his first court appearance is 28th, and hn placed on desk duty until that time. bge over brother says he'd like the incident, although he doesn't really think that's going to happen. but here for some more perspec former morris county prosecutor, bob bianci, from station, how about that, buddy? >> bob, i thought you were just a huge o'reilly -- >> nothing justifies putting their hands on somebody during those circumstances, and the officer crime. in my view. an offense said, you don't go ia bunny suit into a police station with an air horn -- >> hello! >> looking like a main yak, taunting the police and notome f repercussion. >> that guy is a textbook
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spoiled brat, and if that officer had not slapped the silliness out of him, i might have volunteered to chase that story just to catch up with comd at the lack of humor this person has. [laughter] this is not funny even in a small amount. and he deserves everything he gets. and i understand he shouldn't have hit him, i get it, but he should have hit him. [laughter] >> that's part of the story, his lawyer, the cop's lawyer, said that he was following procedure, so i can't wait to fincedure is. >> jay, it was great having you on the show. you did a great job of both being here for our show and at the stress factory tonight. >> it was a lot of fun. >> joe piscopo fundraising extravaganza. you are going to b factory all . >> thursrsday through saturday. come see me. maybe i'll have this sweater on, maybe i won't. you'll have to come see to find out. you'll have to come see to find out.>[a5df]www.evertz]
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