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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 29, 2016 12:00am-12:30am EST

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brought joe williams out of retirement and the first place. now some of those guys are healthy. able to spell number 28 when he needs a breath. >> gus: at the 42. mccormick remains in the game. flag on the play. >> joel: looks like it's going to be a hold. ralph has had an outstanding game tonight. 6'5" from san antonio. 300 pounder, played with energy, high motor. >> referee: holding number 75. penalty of ten yards. replace second down. >> joel: they are going to get nick nowakowski. green is trying to pull around.
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nick nowakowski is not ready so we's got to lunch. he grabs the jersey and the flag comes out. umpire has done a heck of a job. >> gus: second down and 17. joe williams backing for utah. troy williams, throw underneath. caught by raelon singleton. they get half of it back. >> joel: good throw. that's a confidence builder for troy williams late in the ball game. they might need him. huge third down. getting inside of the 2:30 mark. depending on how close they can get to the chains, this might be an opportunity for utah to go for it. >> gus: third down and seven at the 42. they need to get to the 35 for a first down. troy williams in the shotgun
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gives it to joe williams! joe williams! joe williams! what a run inside the indiana indiana 10. >> joel: what a run. balance, talent, toughness, relentlessness. everything. in some ball security. got loose and then the second hand came up with the ball. 26 carries, 222 yards rushing. touchdown for joe williams. foster farms bowl record. 1st & goal at the ten. this is mccormick. >> gus: indiana knocks it out of bounds with 1:39 to go. >> joel: going with tyler huntley at quarterback. the only reason i question that
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is because this is a management situation. this is where you tell your guys you don't want to run out of bounds. a young guy in mccormick, he runs out of bounds. you don't want the clock to stop. the last thing you want to do is get forced to kick a field goal with 1:20 left. >> gus: tyler huntley has incredible speed. 2nd & goal at the 11. hotly runs it. -- huntley, only a couple. the indiana calls a timeout with 1:34 to go. 24-23. can the hoosiers hold on? we'll see right after this. there's one of these....
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nobody comes into this house without paying the price. not here. not ever. sfx: breaking glass sfx: car alarm well did you get it? more people save money by combining their home and auto with state farm. here to help life go right. state farm. >> gus: the foster farms bowl has been a classic. indiana hoosiers out of the big ten with a one-point lead, but utah knocking on the door. joe williams back in the game. 222 yards rushing. third down, goal at the 11. huntley at quarterback. wants to run it. gains 1.5 yards, may be 2.
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>> joel: i go back to the first down play. huntley was in the game, mccormick runs out of bounds. i saved a timeout for indiana. they take another one here. get to nissan now for last minute savings on our full line. offers end january 3rd. take on any galaxy. rogue one: a star wars story. only in theaters. hurry in and save up to $10,000 on select models, or get 0% financing for up to 72 months on 11 models. >> gus: 1:28 remaining. andy phillips, who has been a
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hero tonight, 3 for 3 on field goal attempts. this one will be from 27 yards away. good snap. got it up. and he made it! andy phillips hooked that one in barely. utah takes a 26-24 advantage with 1:24 to go. >> joel: wow that was close. they call him automatic andy. just inside. >> gus: andy phillips is 4 for e whittingham. what a drive spearheaded by joe williams. sensational effort from williams. phillips has been terrific and utah with a two-point lead.
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>> joel: a lot of time. >> gus: indiana with one timeout remaining. lagow with the big arm. they were able to use two timeouts. hold on to one of them. 1:24 is an eternity in college football. ricky jones and aponte williams are the deep men. richard lagow. and this ball picked up at the 11. williams, and williams with a good return, gets it to the 30. timeout remaining for richard lagow and indiana. down by 2. 1:16 to play. strategywise, what do you do here if you are the indiana
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offense? >> joel: the important thing to know if you are richard lagow is the entire field is at your disposal until you don't have a timeout left. you can throw it deep over the middle. you can use the exterior outside the numbers. use what utah gives you. >> gus: 1st & 10 at the 30-yard line. lagow. and he's sacked. third of the game. wow. >> joel: they were rushing and playing deep coverage for you don't expect the sack. effort up front gets to the quarterback. >> gus: loss of 9. lagow. incomplete. westbrook got drilled. hansen just throwing his body around. >> joel: hansen and westbrook
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went up for the ball, and that's the collision. that was the same type of route they threw on the third down conversion on the last touchdown drive. hansen was ready for it this time. >> gus: chase hansen, he's one of the toughest kids we've seen in college football this year. >> joel: great athlete. came into tonight ball game with 86 tackles on the season. 216 pounder. he missed spring camp last year recovering from a season-ending injury but came in and played terrific all year long at his safety position. now he'll have to come out unlikely we will see jordan fogal, number 13, come in the ball game at safety. filled in when marcus was
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injured. the game against ucla. >> gus: that will make it a third down and 19 for indiana with 50 seconds remaining from the 21. >> joel: they have to get all of it back. this is four down territory. get whatever you can. >> gus: lagow out over the shotgun. lagow underneath. paige trying to get out of bounds, and he goes down at the 30-yard line. are you getting back to the lin line. >> joel: should have used their timeout. >> gus: fourth fourth down and. do or die for indiana.
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lagow lets it go. caught by paige for a first dow first down. now they will get back to the line of scrimmage. clock stopped while the ball is marked. >> joel: they are going to try to run another play. >> gus: lagow. throws and incomplete. >> joel: they wasted about 15 to 20 seconds in the last couple of plays and now you're sitting still with your timeout and 13 seconds to play. >> gus: 2nd & 10.
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indiana needs a miracle. lagow stepped up. in trouble, stays on his feet. in the ball is caught at the 47. what a throw. by richard lagow. ricky jones. >> joel: huge completion. that moves it into an area of the field that it's much easier. >> referee: timeout. >> joel: in range with five seconds left. you could have a second attempt. >> gus: what a huge completion completion. griffin oakes kicked a career-long and school record 58-yarder as a freshman in 2014. >> joel: i think you need
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ten yards to be comfortable, seven to try his career-long. something quick on the outside. i think you can do that in five seconds. utah has got everybody back deep. i would throw something short and to the sidelines as quick as possible. >> gus: lagow. he's got paige as the receiver at the bottom of your screen. lagow is going to throw the hail mary. >> referee: false start. 54 on the offense. 5-yard penalty. still first down. reset the game clock at five seconds. >> gus: not a runoff situation. that was a dead clock to begin with. penalty did not stop a running clock. they will have the opportunity here.
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looks like indiana is going to throw it into the end zone. lagow trying to get enough time. steps up, on loads. he's hit as he throws the football. luafatasaga with the final play. the utes win the foster farms bowl. 26-24.
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on a night where joe williams rushed for 222 yards on 26 carries and a touchdown, andy phillips, the hero. 4 for 4, including the game-winner with 1:24 to go in the football game. 26-24 the final. utah defeats indiana. joe williams says good-bye. what a way to say good-bye. let's go downstairs for the
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taste of winning sponsored by coca-cola. here is shannon spake. >> joe williams went to say hello to his fiancee. he talked to me so many times this season about coming back from retirement, how you are playing with the different fire. a kind of fire did you have on that last offensive drive? >> like jordan in '97. i've been battling a pretty bad cold. it was really just to finish off strong. being a senior and this being the last game, leaving a bit of the legacy i was trying to leav leave. give coach whitt and other bowl game win. >> what are you going to remember most? >> the love and camaraderie for my friends and fans and family. so awesome to be able to leave and come back and have that same support. i will always be grateful. forever a ute.
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>> you have said no regrets. how does that help you at the next level playing in the nfl? >> [laughs] to always have the fire. everything happens for a reason. i have that personality, keep fighting. >> congratulations. >> thanks, shannon. >> that brings us to our progressive performance of the game. it goes to get through. -- guess who. he's no average joe. joe williams, what a night. 26 carries, 222 yards rushing. in a touchdown. our performance of the game goes to joe williams. in his final game as a member of the utah utes football team.
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>> gus: 26-24, utah defeats indiana in the foster farms bowl. let's go downstairs to joel klatt for the trophy presentation. >> joel: thank you, gus. welcome down to the field here at the foster farms bowl, site of an unbelievable matchup and a terrific game between the big ten's indiana hoosiers and the pac-12's utah utes. it's been a fantastic week here in the san francisco area, capped off by this great game. huge thanks to our title sponsor, foster farms. to help present tonight trophy for the foster farms bowl champion, the ceo of foster
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farms, laura flanagan. >> what an amazing, exciting game tonight. special thank you to the san francisco 49ers, to the fox organization, and most importantly to all the loyal fans of utah and indiana. your great spirits might not only supported your team but it helped our local communities in the fight against hunger. ticket sales from tonight's game helped provide thousands of meals to those in need. so thank you for helping in the fight against hunger. a special recognition and congratulations to the indiana team for a well played, hard-fought, heart stopping game tonight. and now for the moment we have all been waiting for, a very
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special congratulations to the utah utes for an outstanding game. [cheering] your teamwork, your dedication, and your outstanding play paid off. it is with great pride and honor that we ought at foster farms present the trophy to the utah >> joel: coach, i'm going to have you come up real quick. what an amazing game it was. your players played so hard. coach whittingham, you are 10-1 in bowl games.
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this group of seniors goes out with a hard-fought victory. >> what an amazing fourth quarter. kept hanging in there. we didn't play perfect by any stretch but joe ran hard. he was sick all last night. we were not sure he was going to play. he must've had 200 yards-plus. the offensive line continued to block bird returns the ball over too many times. didn't start the game ideally on the kickoff but found a way to win. >> joel: something would happen or go tell me coach whittingham was going to find something to complain about about this victory. your team thought extremely har hard. joe was terrific in the fourth quarter. he wanted -- won it the utah way with toughness. >> getting critical stops. came away with three takeaways. andy phillips, that was huge. that was the difference in the game. >> joel: congratulations. now we move towards the players
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of the game. defensively tonight actually in a losing effort from indiana, tegray scales is our most valuable defensive player in the foster farms bowl. outstanding effort from tegray scales. and your offensive mvp, with 222 yards rushing, a foster farms bowl record. in his last game in a utah uniform, joe williams. [cheering] joe, you guys played a
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remarkable fourth quarter. a couple long runs. we could see you were hurting a little bit. talk about your offensive line. they were sensational. >> it's what i've been saying the whole season. they do everything. they make a new note of scrimmage. it goes out to them. i love all five of them. they brought me back with open arms. they made my life a whole lot easier. >> joel: you maybe have the most interesting road of any player in college football. the retirement, then the un-retirement, and now he's back. you had a remarkable season. congratulations and best of luck in your future. congratulations again to joe williams, kyle whittingham, the utah utes. on behalf of fox sports, i want to thank the san francisco 49ers organization, the president, everything that the executive director of the foster farms bowl did to make this a
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wonderful week. foster farms for their sponsorship and hosting a wonderful bowl weekend san francisco. on behalf of fox deportes, thanks for watching and congratulations to the 2016 foster farms bowl champions utah utes. >> well done. joe, where are you going with that ball in your hand. he had 56 yards receiving. accounted for 59% of utah's scrimmage yards. it's another 9-win campaign for the utah utes. andy phillips. utah takes care of a scrappy indiana team. a team we've seen from the hoosiers all year long. plenty more from the four of us in the postgame show. utah victorious tonight. 26-24 over the hoosiers. at's whs the best deals of the year
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