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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 17, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. can you feel it. the excitement philly is getting pumped. sun day it is the eagles just one win away from heading to the super bowl thanks for joining u& tonight at 11:00. i'm iain page. there's an energy in this city. something special as we're ready to take on the minnesoa vikings. we sent our chris o'connell to minnesota. chris, are they ready to take us on? >> reporter: i don't know, iain. it's like they kind of are. it's kind of that minnesota thing. i was out here all night. streets of minneapolis trying to find someone to throw the football with. but for some reason i can't find anyone to play catch with. we're up here minute miss trying to get a feel for the vikings fans been talking to them all day and if there's one thing i learned, iain, they're scared. >> if you wear your viking gear and you are going let's say you're going with your wife or something, think twice about it.
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they will beat you up. >> reporter: the talk of the town on minneapolis sports radio philly fans. you got to hear this. >> there's definitely a fear that eagles fans are going to light you on fire and slam you through a table or something. >> reporter: are you getting the feeling vikings fans may be a bit nervous about coming to lincoln financial field? to get the real pulse of the vikings fan we did the most minnesota thing you can do. ice fishing. >> here on 18-inches of ice it's a mini city of fishing shelters on white bear lake. >> what's the difference between a viking fan and eagles fan? [ laughter ] >> well, the intensity. i don't know. i might have to give it to philly. >> reporter: we couldn't find any eagles fans but we did find real eagles on the lake. feasting on prey just like sunday. >> there's an eagles nest right here on the lake and look what the eagles have been doing to the fish. they've been destroying the fi fish. we didn't catch any fish but i did learn something from our day
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with vikings fans. >> you guys talk funny up here. >> yeah? minnesota. >> how do you say it. >> minnesota. >> minnesota. >> you get betcha. >> you betcha. [ laughter ] >> reporter: iain, the assignment for me come up here and trash talk i've been trash talking a lot but these minnesota, good luck, yeah. come on have a brewski. i'm like, it's tough, they got nothing up here. but i will say both fans eagles and -- we are very nervous about sunday. >> all right. chris, thank you. good job out there. yo. >> fox 29 is where you want to be all week long leading up to the nfc championship game you've seen our coverage. let's talk about sunday. good day with mike and alex and the gang at 7:00. "game day live" at 10:00. then fox 29 news is on at four. before the fox pre-game show at 6:00 we kick off at 6:30. basically don't ever change the channel sunday. dangerous new challenge going around the internet it
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involves laundry pods and you're not going believe what kids kids are doing with them. fox 29's dave kinchen is live -- actual until langhorne witness urgent warning from school leaders to parents. >> reporter: there's always some teen challenge out there kids are involved in. you've heard of hot water challenge. the this one in particular is especially alarming to parents because it has potentially deadly consequences. >> i hope that my kids know better, you know, tell them all the time don't do any of these challenges. >> reporter: linda was knocked learn of the daring craze teens are doing these days the to do pod detergent kids chomp into detergent pods and often get seriously hurt. >> i think it's horrible. all these challenge that is the kids do. it's scary because they put them on youtube and the kid think it's fun and then, you know, they can potentially die. >> reporter: colorful pods cntain several chemicals but many teens are cooking them and eating them. we aren't going to show you that part. >> people like just think like
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by doing this they'll get more followers and be more cool and get famous from it you can like die from it so why die and like risk your life just to be famous. >> reporter: it's so bad neshaminy school administrator sent out this letter linking parents to a warning issued by the pennsylvania state police. the administrator ended the letter with a pink thee shaking my head quote. they couldn't believe it either. >> according to data from poison control centers throughout the country, there have been already 39 calls sin the beginning of the year. >> reporter: dr. mike cirigliano walk us through what the tide pods can do if eaten. >> it can burn your mouth. it can get in your eyes. and it can get down into the esophagus which is the tube here leading into the stomach and lead to problems with irritation, burns. >> i have not had this conversation with my children. my daughter is eight, and you know it hasn't really come up yet. but i mean i guess i kind of have to now that it's going around in school and social mode
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ya and stuff. >> reporter: dr. mike says if you think your child may be sick after eating one of these pods, he says that you should call poison control and also get your child to the er right away. in langhorne, dave kinchen fox 29 news. happening now, parents in south jersey are concerned after police say a suspicious man tried approaching three young boys in what he said to them is raising a red flag. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us thirty five gloucester township with more on this. dave? >> reporter: iain, parents are worried because these three young brothers ages seven through ten had just left their school. they were walking home when they were approached by a guy in car police say he told them to get in. >> that makes mow scared. it makes me nervous. >> reporter: for parents at glendora elementary's after school program there was surprise and fear wednesday as they found out that a suspicious man tried to give three young students from the school ride
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moments after they left here tuesday afternoon. >> very close to home, yes. >> reporter: holly's daughter attends cheerleading practice here. she lives a few blocks from the school. she was stunned to hear of the incident just off school property near station and ridge avenues. >> her, i can't even let her go out because it makes me nervous. there's lost sick people much it's very nerve racking p we put out a critical alert to all the local agencies. >> reporter: police say it was just after 3:00 tuesday when an older model green car approached the thee brothers ages ten, seven and seven as they left the school grounds here. >> he did role bound down this window and asked if the juveniles need add ride. they stated no. um, the driver then responded, come, get in the vehicle. >> they got a lot of guts to do that. you're in public area. >> reporter: the boys ran off and went home and reported the incident to their mother and then police. they did notice the suspicious man's four door car had an h on the back. >> we guess it's honda or hyundai. also that the driver's side
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taillight appeared to be kicked out. >> reporter: all this left holly mecca concerned for her daughter and police asking parents tore mine their children about stranger danger. >> she knows not to go near bib. she knows to scream to, to holler. >> reporter: now police are looking for surveillance cameras in the area where this happened. hoping they can get come up up with video of the car in question. iain. >> dave, thank you. a 72-year-old woman from northeast philadelphia has been missing since friday. her family says she has alzheimer's and disappeared with no phone, no wallet and was not dressed for this cold weather. fox 29's shawnette wilson has more on this story live outside police headquarters. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, this is pretty scary. we're coming up on week since she's been missing. family members hope that someone took her in or she may even be in a shelter, but they won't rest until she's back home. this is 72-year-old geneva williams mc killton missing
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since last friday. her daughter shantel is concerned. >> very worried. especially since the weather got really cold. >> reporter: police say geneva's long-time companion called them friday night saying she had walk away from the home they share on the 4,000 block of blake street in the northeast and that she has a medical condition. >> he stated that she has developed amounts heim mers over the last six years. she's in very good physical condition but obviously they can get disoriented. >> reporter: investigato investy neighbors and businesses last saw her that evening in the kfc at frankford and academy and at sunoco at frankford and knights road. her picture is also posted at businessebusinesses in holmesbug shopping center including a the this rite aid where workers told me off camera she comes in to get medicine and a newspaper. >> she's very nice person. >> this man owns liberty bell diner. >> i've been here 14 years i seen her a few times. >> reporter: because of the alzheimer's her mother doesn't
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really know her way around any more and doesn't remember basic information like her birthday. she may respond to her name, though. >> be a good samaritan and, you know, if she seems disoriented to you, then call someone, please call the police. >> reporter: and geneva genevas' daughter says she may be become combative because she hasn't come to grips with having alzheimer's. call police right away if you see her. iain. >> shawnette, thank you new details about a new jersey radio host suspected killer. prosecutors say the man hired to kill april kauffman died of a drug dose in october of 2013. officers found francis mulholland at his lower township home dead lying to syringe an packet marked pitbull that tested positive for her heroin. dr. kauffman plotted to kill his wife to protect a pill mill he was running he's facing murder
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♪ philadelphia joining dozens of communities suing the makers of opioids. the city has turn to its private legal community to wage the battle in return for a payout if they win. help for city residents. the health commissioner says 1200 people died from overdoses in 2017. so to put that in perspective that's more than the peak of the aids crisis. seeing some of the worse abuse problems in our city is kensington. >> i've been shooting heroin for their years. i sell syringes to support my
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habit. this way i don't have to rob and steal or anyting like that. >> named in the lawsuit are ten drug makers like johnson & johnson, and perdue pharmaceutical accused of deceptive marketing and sales of prescription opioids. walmart is offering new way to dispose of leftover opioid pills in a prescription anyone who fills an opioid prescription will get a packet of dispose rx which is a powder you can add the powder to bottle pills with warm water and it turn the drugs into a bio degradable gel that you can put in the trash. just riding septa took a shocking turn for several teens and by stanes only fox 29 has the video of a senseless attack yesterday but instead of charging the teens, one local chef believes he can help these young people get their acts together. our bill anderson has the story. >> reporter: it's unfortunate but most of us have seen videos like this but shocking as this video of teenagers is, the most notable part may be the response of one of the witnesses.
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>> some people were saying look them up. they're animals. i don't think so. >> reporter: you may know chef zac a chef at several local restaurants and appeared on hell's kitchen. that's him now it's his past that influenced how he handled witnessing the fight. >> 25, 30 years ago somebody could easily looked at that and said lock him up. throw away the key. but where would i be at today if that happened? >> as i spoke to chef zac he acknowledges that the fight was scary and at 1.1 of the teens allegedly waived a knife that she thankfully didn't use. he believes that the teens need consequences and guidance but he personally didn't want the police involve. >> they're the same age as my son. and if you he have seen my son doing something crazy, don't call the cops first. he come from a good home. contact me. let me know. show me what they did.
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let me know what's going on. so i can fix it and make it better. i don't want them getting record. >> reporter: look at his face. his tears show that what he witnessed clearly struck a very personal nerve that he says inspired him to reach out to the teens school to meet with their principal and offer to mentor them. >> i can maybe higher two or three of them. give them jobs. they can come work for me. >> reporter: after discussing it on social media, he said the incident reminded him to try to help more teens like someone once helped him. >> i have some friends in higher positions that think i'm crazy for believing they can get better and chef, look at them, that used to be me. i can't say look at them. that's looking at me. >> reporter: clearly chef's response is not what many felt when they saw this video. so what would you do? are you helping the proverbial village more by trying to educate and
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support out of control teens or by simply assistin assisting the in removing them and whatever your decision is, is it ultima ultimately being made out of fear, out of apogee or for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ we head down to delaware and take live look at wilmington. we are in for some milder temperatures this weekend. kathy orr is here with your forecast at 11:00. kathy. >> first we have to get through more cold, iain. i know you don't like to hear that. i don't either. one place they want the cold it's the poconos. they are grooming camelback the guns are going like crazy and why not? we have about six to s what? it's 8 degrees in the poconos. you can make a lot of snow 88 degrees. 22 degrees in philadelphia. it feels like it's 11. because that northwest wind is blowing at about 10 miles an hour. ultimate doppler it's still snowing in north carolina. can you believe it? they got more snow than we did today. right now it's eight in the poconos.
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nine in allentown. 13 in pottstown. 22 in philadelphia and 23 in millville. there's good news though. this is the coldest we will see in the next several days. so from here on in iain it's looking up. >> good. >> that's good. >> very good. look at the country. we're definitely not alone. 17 degrees in detroit. 17 in chicago. st. louis 19. 18 in atlanta. only 43 degrees in tampa so certainly not alone. jet streams lifting up over the next couple of days. that means warmer temperatures from philadelphia to the south and east. to the north and west still pretty cold in new york and new england through the great lakes. but we definitely catch a break. overnight tonight 13 in allentown. 14 in pottstown. 18 in millville. even in wildwood that reading taken a little inland in rio grand. 19 degrees at the atlantic city airport. 18 in wilmington only 18 as well. as we look ahead with the wind chills not lot of wind tomorrow. when you have temperatures in the teens those wind chills are going to go down very quickly
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even with 10 miles an hour win. so the poconos tomorrow morning it will feel like about three at 7am. 12 in allentown. pottstown nine. it will feel like eight in reading. eight in lancaster and 18 in wilmington. so very start to the day. by the afternoon, we get above freezing. but still below average. 35 degrees a chilly breeze wind out of the west and then it gets better. back to normal on friday. the high around 42. saturday this gets perfect ten. 50. not so bad. a lot of melting going on to the north and west of philadelphia. by sunday fort birds 53 for our tailgators afternoon shower monday. pleasant tuesday. and then next wednesday 41 degrees. not bad. here's your fox cast, of course, kick off at 6:40 but we know tailgators will be out there early maybe even for breakfast. by lunch, comfortable in the 50s. kickoff at 6:40. parly cloudy, 48 degrees. parly cloudy skies will continue into the evening. fourth quarter at the end of the game cool, 45 degrees. that's still above normal for this time of year.
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guess what? it's going to stay mild right through next week which is great looking really good here iain and i'll tell you southwesterly winds will keep it mild for the fans in the stands. >> all right. that is good news. >> kristen, what's coming up in sports. >> eagles are preparing themselves for a grind of a game on sunday against the vikings. minnesota is the tough defense. coming up my take on why the
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♪ in case you haven't heard viking defense is pretty good. number one in the league to be exact. so how should the eagles attack on offense? i'm saying their key to winning will be the run game. here's why. first the birds keep talking about needing to establish a rhythm early on the best way to do is to run the ball. we know ajai will come out mad. he bum fumble his first carry again the falcons after the game he says he needs to do better. angry jay train rolling through the vikings at the linc it will be hard to stop. second, if you look back at who
11:25 pm
the eagles target the against atlanta it was primarily the backs even for the passing game. corey clem meant was targeted the most in that game. using the run game is going to help control the clock for the eagle. even when they were struggling against the falcons they out possessioned them by a time of 32 minutes to 28. that gave the birds the edge they needed. finally, leaning on the run game is going to take pressure off of nick foles which can never hurt. so come sunday, expect to see a battle won on the ground. iain. >> kristen thanks. good news travelers air nbn will let you pay less up front. they introduced new feature let customers pay 50% of the cost up front and the other half before they get there but a few requirements. cost has to be at least 250 bucks and the rental has to be booked at least 14 days before you check in. and we've got a situation former jersey shore reality star mike sorrentino will plead guilty to tax related charges. his attorney says sorrentino and his brother plan to plead guilty in court in newark friday.
11:26 pm
they didn't exactly say why but the two of course previously been charged back in 2014 for filing bogus tax returns. they've been out on bail ever since. the situation of course appealed on all six seasons of the mtv reality show that aired from 2009 to 2012. good all does he is gym, tan and laundry. tax social security not on the gtl schedule. >> nope. >> you don't want to met with theism rs. >> not a good thing. >> situation in case you didn't know that. >> you're going to come out on the losing end on that. just so you know. >> all right. up next, tmz followed by page six at midnight "the q" at 12:30 followed by the simpson's. well be back at 4am with "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: awesome night last night. paul mccartney came face to face with paris jackson and he then did a little concert. ♪ >> stella mccartney had her autumn/winter clothing line show and he performed "helter skelter." harvey: interesting he sang "helter skelter" in l.a. that was the theme song for charles manson as he killed sharon tate and everyone else. >> theme song. makes the murder sound kind of fun. >> darren criss, the "gianni versace: american crime story" is about to air and he plays andrew cunanan. we say the family isn't supporting the film. do you hope they watch it? >> which members of the family? harvey: donatella's very upset. >> she's being played by penelope cruz! donatella, come on!


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