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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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hot, humid day with an isolated thunderstorm or two this afternoon. july is here. yesterday, we did, in spite of the clouds manage to get to 91 degrees. we had a few showers during the afternoon and evening hours. things are fairly quiet. here is a look at the day planner. temperatures right now at least in town at 75. some areas north and west in the 60s. another day for code orange air. unhealthy for sensitive groups. this afternoon, we do have a threat for a thunderstorm or two with a 5:00 p.m. temperature around 90. look at the showers and storms. while we had a few yesterday evening and even overnight, the heavy stuff was well off to the south. richmond got hit along with norfolk and parts of the belmar have a. the brunt of the severe storms on monday afternoon. this morning, calvert county, st. mary's county, over toward tappahannock and reedville, extending to cambridge, all
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moving quickly off to the east and the southeast. they'll be out of here in the next couple of hours. temperatures in the mid-70s here. nice, dry air. very pleasant. williamsport and areas north of there in the upper 50s right now. angie is off but that means monika is in. >> thank you so much, howard. good morning, everybody. we're starting off with the yellow light because we have an incident in arlington to tell you about. it is blocking off old dominion drive between glebe road and williamsburg road. i believe we'll have a live picture for you shortly. in the meantime, go ahead and take north rock spring and back on to old dominion. it is quiet in that area generally speaking. let's take you live outside. on 95 from dumfries to lorton and springfield, the lanes are open. we'll go over to the beltway in maryland. no problems to report. all lanes are open on the inner and outer loop to the beltway basically between springfield, tysons corner and all the way up to the american legion
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bridge. up to outer loop, same way, from 95 to 270, you're in good shape this morning. back over to the maps right now if you're heading south on 95 coming in from baltimore all the way to the beltway, everything looks clear. coming up, we'll take a look at the dulles toll road at 4:40. here's a look at some of the things that are making news today. a 23-year-old woman is in custody for allegedly driving under the influence, striking a parked vehicle and crashing her car through a house in aspen hill. around 12:20 this morning, police arrived at the intersection of parkland and aspen hill. they found a car inside a house. there were three people inside the house at the time. one of them was taken to the hospital as precaution. the 22-year-old driver has been charged with dwi. deliberations continue this morning in the murder trial of
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casey anthony. the jury failed to reach a verdict after deliberating for six hours. anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. if convicted of first-degree murder, she could get the death penalty. mexican officials say they'll expand their search for seven american tourists. the men were on a chartered fishing boat which capsized. they have recovered the body of one american. 19 others survived. mexican navy officials say since the water is warm and calm, it is possible the missing are still alive. environmental factors may play a bigger role than genetics when it comes to developing autism. researchers looked at nearly 200 pairs of twins both identical and fraternal where at least one sibling had an autism spectrum disorder. the study find genetics increased the risk of autism by 38% while environmental factors which could include parental age and low birthweight
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increased the risk by 58%. more research needs to be done into which environmental factors contributed to the risk. the debate over raising the nation's debt limit resumes today on capitol hill. senators head back to work this afternoon head of schedule. >> white house members return wednesday. joel brown has more. >> reporter: the senate may be cutting its holiday recess short but it is unclear how much work will get done. republicans and democrats remain at odds over how to raise the nation adebt limit. the biggest sticking point is taxes. >> the last thing employers need is further disincentives to not hire people. and that's what the higher taxes would mean. >> while the g.o.p. wants tax hikes off the table, democrats say they're needed to carve the $2.5 trillion out of the deficit republicans demand. >> democrats are calling for so- called revenue raisers including ending tax breaks for oil companies and corporations
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that send jobs overseas. democrats are also calling for the elimination of subsidies for corporate jet owners. congress has about four weeks before the treasury department says the government will start to default on its bills. with time running out and so much at stake, there's talk lawmakers could agree on a short term deal. a smaller compromise could keep the government running for another six to eight months and include cuts negotiators have already agreed to. >> the white house does not want to kick that can down the road. they worry they use leverage in a mini deal. they have to agree to a trillion dollars in spending cuts but they get none of the tax increases they want. >> reporter: so far, the white house hasn't scheduled any new talks with g.o.p. leaders. joel brown, cbs news, washington. the secret service says it will investigate the hacking of fox's political twitter account. someone posted a series of fake tweets saying president obama had been shot to death in iowa. >> fox news called the tweets malicious and false and the
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network is demanding a detailed investigation from twitter explaining exactly what happened. a staggered movement plan will be used as a way to delay the anticipated traffic gridlock expected with the opening of the grid sister in alexandria. the 6500 workers iset to move in september 15th will be more like 2200. the remaining 4300 will move into the building by the end of the year. local governments have expressed concern about the impact they would have on traffic along interstate 395. maryland governor martin o'malley has created a committee to draft a new redistricting plan for the state. governor o'malley says the five-member committee will develop and schedule public hearings so citizens can participate in the redistricting process. the group is scheduled to hold its first meeting tomorrow. the 4th of july, it took a deadly turn in baltimore.
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a man was stabbed in the neck around 10:00 last night as he was leaving the fireworks show. he later died of shock trauma. a 4-year-old boy was shot in the leg as he and his family were walking away from the show at the inner harbor. he was taken to johns hopkins children's center and is expected to make a full recovery. >> things were much calmer in the district. thousands gathered on the mall to watch the annual fireworks display you see there on your screen. earlier in the day, independence day revellers watched the 4th of july parade travel down constitution avenue. it was full of colorful marching bands, military- related floats and enormous inflated marionettes such as fred flintstone and uncle sam. the first family celebrated the 4th with a barbecue and concert for more than 1200 troops and their families. president obama thanked the men and women for their service and sacrifice. he told the troops the country is proud of each and every one
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of them. afterwards, there was a concert by the rock group train and the marine band. coming up at 4:41, a key federal contractor announces another round of layoffs. >> despite popular belief, more products are now made in america than in previous years. we're back with your weather first in two minutes. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try.
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what's your story? citi can help you write it. it is 4:40 on this tuesday morning. a few sprinkles left over in southern maryland and parts of the northern neck. by midday, mid-80s. winds will be light at about 5 miles per hour. by 5:00, may be an isolated storm or two. temperatures running around
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that 90 degree mark. i'll be back with the seven-day forecast in about 4 minutes. here's monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >> we'll fly the dulles toll road right now coming from herndon through reston and tyson. it is moving at a good speed. in my next report, we'll talk about downed wires in arlington at 4:48. jessica, back to you. it is time for the first "your money" report of the morning. wall street gets back to work just like everybody else this morning. investors will look at the latest report on how america's factories are doing. new numbers that showed improvement in manufacturing helped wall street rally last friday. checking the numbers, the dow finished the day up 168 points to close at 12,582. the s&p 500 was higher by 19 points. defense contractor lockheed martin plans to cut 1500 jobs. the layoffs will be at the company's airplane making facilities. just two weeks ago, lockheed announced 1200 job cuts in its
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space division. layoffs comes. whole foods is coming to prince george's county. the high end supermarket is planning to store in riverdale park. its first location in the county. whole foods has agreed to be one of the anchors in a proposed village of shops, residences and five acre park. "the washington examiner" reports the store could be open as early as fall 2014. big dogs. nasa begins final preparation for the last shuttle mission. a local champion takes home the top prize as the most famous eating competition in the world.
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good morning! welcome back to 9news now. 4:44 on this tuesday morning. howard bernstein is here right in the d.c. area, it turned out to be a lovely night for the fireworks. they went off without rain spoiling. >> that's what we were hoping for. northern neck, up toward hagerstown, those showers were a little bit more than i thought. i thought everything would be south and east. they still got hit the hardest. places down toward richmond williamsburg and norfolk got hammered yesterday afternoon. where it was more hit-or-miss. this morning, we're starting out fairly quiet.
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we'll have sunshine moving in. temperatures in the upper 70s. mid-80s by noon. maybe you won't notice the winds today. they'll be rather light. they'll be turning from the north to the south during the afternoon. by 4:00, around 90. isolated storm or two can't be ruled out. coverage looks sparse. by 8:00, middle 80s as the winds will be southerly at 5 miles per hour. look at our doppler radar is in motion. you can see the activity pulling quickly away from near the metro near quantico and areas down in fauquier and prince william county, about 1:30, 2:00 this morning. now, all of it moving over toward calvert, st. mary over to the eastern shore. here's live doppler 9000 hd. some very light sprinkles from dahlgren over to around swan point there and then toward -- across the patuxent river between calvert and st. mary's county. way down in the northern neck along the eastern shore.
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this stuff is really, really light. we're down to 63 in winchester and cumberland. drier air trying to filter in behind a weak boundary. low 70s in fredericksburg. 74 pax river. we still have some mid-70s in town. sterling is 69. haymarket 66 with slightly milder temperatures from andrews, college park and alexandria at 73. here in washington, 75 on the potomac river at reagan national with a north- northwesterly wind. boundary has sagged just a little bit south of us. the dew points in the mid-60s as opposed to the upper 60s. slightly less humid air. we've got big storms going on across parts of the dakotas and into minnesota with severe thunderstorm watches have been canceled. they were up a little bit earlier. the other disturbance that pushed through here. look how quickly this thing is moving out into the atlantic.
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behind it, things should be relatively quiet. future cast through midday. isolated shower down toward charlottesville and cumberland. during the afternoon, we'll have hit and miss showers popping up here and there. not expecting a lot of activity. that boundary still to the south tomorrow, we'll try to inch back toward the north. in the afternoon, we'll see a scattering of showers and storms especially from baltimore, washington south and east. south of that line. north and west of town, tomorrow, not much expected. even on thursday, we'll bubble up to more showers and storms. could be more widespread as the boundary gets back in the neighborhood. for the next three days, today headed back to work or whatever your plans are, it is going to be hot and humid. isolated storm or two. 91. tomorrow, upper 80s. any thunderstorms south of town, north and west, lesser chances. thursday, more widespread thunderstorms again in the
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upper 80s. friday, more storms. 88. over the weekend, we'll dry out some. saturday, 91. slim shower chance. sunday and monday, hotter. highs in the lower to middle 90s. it is time for a look at traffic. with more, here's monika. >> good morning. i'm starting out with the yellow light. we have a problem in arlington. we'll take you to a live picture right now where authorities go -- we'll go to at map. if you're planning to head over into arlington, downed wires on old dominion drive between north glebe road and williamsburg boulevard. you can take glebe road to rock spring road and back over to old dominion around that, it should be quiet right now. let's take you over to a live picture on 395 at the 14th street bridge. it is fine from 95, 395 across the potomac river. you're good to go. let's take a look at northeast. throughout the district, things are quiet and calm right now. that will take you over to another map.
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this time in prince george's county where if you're coming up through accokeek, brandywine, bowie, everything looks fine right up to the beltway and down to the wilson bridge as well on 495. a last look southbound on 270, nice and quiet at route 109 headed down toward germantown and rockville. you're good to go early this morning. coming up, we'll take a look at route 50 in maryland at 4:56. thanks, monika. the holiday almost turned deadly for one man. the 38-year-old man was playing with a toy boat on the water. the toy stalled and when he tried to swim out to get it, he went under the water. when rescuers finally pulled him out, he was unresponsive. he was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. one water incident did turn deadly for a young boy in anne arundel county. the 6-year-old drown at sandy point state park. he may have been underwater in an unguarded section of the beach for up to half an hour. the boy was pulled from the
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bay. cpr was given, he did not survive. the woman accused killing a coworker inside the lululemon athletic-a store is due in court friday. brittany norwood is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly stabbing and beating jayna murray in march. police say after the murder, norwood concocted a story both women were sexually attacked by masked robbers. is there another woman and a different set of charges facing dominique strauss-kahn? a lawyer says she will file a criminal complaint today accusing the former imf chief of attempted rape. tristan came for forward with the claim after charges he tried to rape a maid at a new york city hotel. just friday, he was released without bail after questions emerged about the maid's credibility. today, maryland senator barbara mikulski will announce a $117 million grant to help veterans in frederick and
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surrounding communities. the grant will enable the weigh station of frederick to help veterans find jobs and provide them with services such as job training, mentoring and mental health services. made in america, the slogan has historical meaning for many companies yet there is a growing belief that american manufacturing is dead. >> but despite that belief, the u.s. actually produces twice as many products here on american soil as it did 50 years ago. lesli foster has more. >> reporter: americans may feel everything is made in china but that's actually far from true. the u.s. remains the largest manufacturing country, outpacing even china. companies that keep production stateside have lower transportation costs, shorter supply chain and fewer problems launching new products. they have an advantage over firms that export their manufacturing. >> they look at new opportunities, they may say there are some advantages to being in the u.s., too. >> you may see more
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manufacturing jobs in the u.s. in the months and years ahead. >> l.l. bean's true hunting shoes are true to their name. they vowed to continue production out of the recently upgraded new england factory for the next century. tesla motors is the first auto maker to go public since 1956. its all electric roadster hits 60 miles per hour in three seconds winning over the tree huggers and the speed addicts. tesla will roll out its sedan in mid 2012. for fly-fishing enthusiasts, tibor has to be your choice. the florida-based company holds a unique honor. more records have been set using its reels than any other brand. chances are you grilled on a weber. this made in illinois cookout classic still earns high marks from "consumer reports" and good housekeeping. lesli foster, 9news now. kitchenaid mixers, green
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toys and jeans are some of the homegrown products that carry the made in america label. we have a list of products that carry the u.s.a. label on our web site at it sure is pretty. >> that's a sweet car for $100,000. before we take a break, time to look at the question of the morning. >> the 4th of july is the biggest holiday for sales of this one item. what is it? hot dogs? beer or crabs? >> you can give us your answer on our facebook fan page. we'll have the answer coming up. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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some clouds which will be pulling away with the showers. by 9:00, we should be looking at sunshine. upper 70s to near 80. we're still looking pretty good through midday. you notice toward luray. a little bit of green there. a couple of pop-up showers. highs around 90. pop-up shower, isolated thunderstorm is about all we're going to see. the highs, 90, 91. we'll be back with another look at live doppler 9000 hd. monika is in with timesaver traffic. >> good morning, everybody. we're going to fly westbound on route 50 right now coming in from the bay bridge through annapolis, bowie, mitchellville
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and all the way to the beltway. your lanes are open. in my next report, we'll take a look at virginia roads at 5:00, back to you. the four astronauts who will close a chapter in american space travel history are in florida. on friday morning, the space shuttle "atlantis" will blast off making it the last ever space shuttle launch. be sure to check with channel 9 for all of the action from cape canaveral. our own kristin fisher is travelling to the cape and will cover all of the action for us live. now, on the day when americans situate their independence from england, the british paid tribute to one of our leaders. a statue of ronald reagan was unveiled in london. british foreign secretary william hague called him one of the truest friends britain has ever had. >> what would the 4th of july be without the nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island. >> there were two champions
4:58 am
left standing. as randall pinkston reports, one of them barely weighs 100 pounds. >> it is a 4th of july tradition. who can eat the most hot dogs and buns in ten minutes at the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> it is joey chester. ajoey chestnut downed 62 hot dogs, chewing his way to the top for the fifth time in a row. for the first time ever, nathan's held a separate mens and women's event. 100 pound sonya thomas sucked down 40 hot dogs to win the inaugural women's competition. thomas is known in the competitive eating world as the black widow. she took part in the contest when it was co-ed. she supports the separation. >> one of the greatest all-time hot dog eating champions here on coney island did not compete this year. he has a contract dispute but
4:59 am
some spectators suspect something else was keeping him away. >> i think he's afraid to lose. >> i think he knows chestnut has his number. >> kobayashi held his own contest on a rooftop in manhattan. >> it is his choice. it is sad he thinks he's kobe bryant. >> kobayashi's team claimed he ate 69 at the unofficial event. organizers say this competition is evolving and they will continue to have a men's and women's event so the female eaters get the attention they deserve. randall pinkston, cbs news, coney island, brooklyn, new york. good morning, thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m., get giving us the attention we think we deserve, andrea roane. >> i'm jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. monika is in for angie. she'll have traffic in a moment. howard bernstein starts us


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