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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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groups. mid-80s pushing highs in the 90 degree range. with a slight chance, 20%, 30% chance we'll see something pop up this afternoon. sun came up a little while ago. about 12 minutes ago. set at 8:37 this afternoon. check it out last night, we had showers around. heavy thunderstorms down well to the south. even to the north in parts of frederick county back through hagerstown and parts of west virginia. fireworks time. there were a few showers. overnight, the showers have pulled away from us. we're left with clearing skies north and west. still a few clouds south. we've got temperatures running around 70 to 75. we're already down to 62 in martinsburg. 68 in leesburg. it is 6:00 a.m. tuesday. no traffic. due to construction. but maybe other things. >> maybe other things. right now, no big deals because most construction has been delayed to allow people to get back to work easily today.
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the beltway is looking great. let's zoom into 270. take a live look if you're planning to head in, all the way down toward the beltway in rockville, you'll be fine. this time, zoom into the other side of town to the outer loop and take a live look as well. bit of volume at university boulevard coming around from 95 and college park. you're good to go as you head over to 270 this morning. now, a look at the travel times. if you're planning to head in on 66, 7100 to the beltway, toll road from hunter mill, only six minutes. beltway is looking good as you head up to the toll road, 13 minutes from 395. we'll take another look around town at 6:12. back to you guys. thank you, monika. at the top of the hour, let's get to some of the stories happening today. first lady michelle obama will be at tonight's nationals game. she'll join military families as they're honored. a child of a military family will throw out the first pitch. >> senator barbara mikulski
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will announce more than $1 million in federal grants to help maryland veterans get jobs. the democrat will make the announcement this morning at the weigh station in frederick. talks resume today on the debt ceiling limit. republicans want to make major spending cuts before the ceiling is raised. democrats say tax hikes are needed. the deadline to get a deal done is august 2nd. well, it was a wild night for one montgomery county family. >> they woke up to an find an suv barreling straight into their home. >> it happened after midnight at the intersection of aspen hill road and parkland drive in aspen hill. surae chinn is there live to show us the damage left behind. an unbelievable story, surae. >> reporter: this is an unbelievable story. especially when you hear how close the suf came to this woman. let me walk you through what happened. the driver was coming down aspen hill road, hit the two parked cars and there's glass everywhere. then she hit that one way sign.
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came across the aspen hill library, came quite a distance here, came across also through this fence into the avery home backyard. and into their living room. just check out all of that damage here as people shore up this home. but also check out the suv into this home around 12:20 this morning when the crash happened. three people were inside the home at the time. keith, his wife and their son sebastian, sebastian's mom had to be taken to the hospital. she was in the living room. had just turned off the tv when the suv came crashing in, stopping just three inches from her face. >> i heard my mom scream and i checked, i'm not sure. i don't really remember but there was this piece of the wall flying at me. i'm not sure if it hit me. i think i dodged it but it hit me a little bit. i'm not really hurt. but my mom was injured and she
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was bleeding. i was really worried. >> reporter: that little boy pretty worried but the mom very lucky to be alive this morning. she's a bit shaken but she's here. she's walking around, doing ok. the woman driver, 22 years old was taken into custody, arrested for driving under the influence. back to you, jessica. >> thank you, surae chinn live in aspen hill, maryland this morning. >> now to a live look from arlington, virginia, north globe road and old dominion drive right near marymount. crews are working to get power back on to about 1600 dominion customers. this follows a line of storms which moved through sunday night. dominion is waiting on vdot crews to clean up downed trees. we're told power crews cannot move in to put power lines back up until the trees are gone. crews will be back on the river in anne arundel county this morning. they're looking for the body of a 25-year-old pasadena man. he fell off a boat near dobbins
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island monday afternoon. officials say the boat made a sharp turn sending james robert cain and a female friend off the boat. she was rescued and not hurt but he vanished and is presumed dead. he was not wearing a life jacket. at 6:05, a story new this morning. promises a traffic nightmare in virginia will be avoided. "the washington examiner" reports the pentagon is assuring local governments only about 1/3 of the workers moving to the mark center there in september. that will give them more time to figure out the traffic mess the move will create. the pentagon is moving 6400 workers from crystal city to alexandria. but nothing's been done to solve the expected traffic problem. 2200 workers are expected to move in by september. the other 4200 will be in by the end of this year. general david petraeus is saying good-bye to his troops in afghanistan. he will soon be the new director of the cia. he spoke with mandy clark of
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cbs news about the president's plan to withdraw 1/3 of u.s. troops over the next year. >> it is no secret that you wanted a slower draw down. do you feel you have enough troops to do the job? >> first, it is probably time to stop second guessing the decision only the president can make. only he has the full range of issues and considerations he has to deal with. that decision has been made and it is now the job of military commanders and troopers to get on with it. >> well, in afghanistan, general petraeus led a re- enlistment ceremony for hundreds of our troops. in just a few hours, the jury in the casey anthony murder trial gets back to work. it spent the 4th of july holiday listening to closing arguments and getting deliberations underway. melissa rainey has more on the tragic murder case that has people captivated. >> after six weeks of testimony, jurors in the casey
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anthony trial went to the deliberation room monday. >> members of the jury, you may retire now to begin your deliberations. >> reporter: the jury is made up of seven women and five men of various ages and backgrounds. it will be up to them to decide whether anthony is guilty of first degree premeditated murder or they could decide on a less serious charge like second-degree murder, manslaughter or third degree felony murder. >> they're going back through those notes and they're seeing what part. the evidence lines up with what part of the charge to determine if, in fact, casey anthony is guilty of anything that was charged in the indictment. >> the whole point of being on a jury is to make these judgments, to have the common sense, to look at the evidence and to render that verdict from their own -- being conscious about it. >> jurors spent six hours behind closed doors monday but did not reach a verdict. they'll be back at it tuesday
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morning. i'm melissa rainey for 9news now. the time is 6:07. i'm watching your money. the federal aviation administration is in the process of updating how it tracks planes in the sky. the new gps system that's replacing the current radar system is called next generation or national nexgen. "the washington post" reports the passengers could see quicker departures. another possibility of benefits for nextgen, your flight could get shorter. it would reduce mileage and flight times. say good-bye to those bumpy landings. maybe? a continuous dissent from cruising altitude would allow for a smoother touchdown on the tarmac. a couple of other potential benefits for nextgen, since the airlines would be flying more direct routes, the carriers could save billions in fuel costs and minimize pollution. >> that's a good deal.
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going to dallas to get to new york has been a problem for me. >> here's a look at what's still ahead in this hour of 9news now. >> becoming a u.s. citizen on the 4th of july. hear from one new american who's already serving in the armed forces. >> buying the naming rights to animals? which national park is putting species on sale. >> after a steamy monday, what does tuesday hold? howard has our weather first up next. >> more from last night's concert on the capitol lawn. check out 78-year-old little richard still belting out the tunes and making the crowd dance! ♪ what makes the sleep number store different?
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fairly quiet out there. clouds south, clear skies. sunshine north. upper 70s to around 80 by 9:00. 86 by noon. small thunderstorm symbol, spotty shower or thunderstorm will be possible later on. highs potentially around 92. >> if you're planning to head into virginia, howard, we got word of a crash on the outer loop just out of this camera shot at the little river turnpike. watch out for it if you're headed there. coming up, we'll update you on this and the downed wires in arlington at 6:18. jessica, andrea, back to you. the secret service is going to investigate a hoax on twitter. cybercriminals claim president
6:13 am
obama had been killed. >> that's one of the stories making news now at 6:12. the hacked account belongs to fox news channel political team. fox alerted the secret service to the hacking early monday. obviously the claims are not true. the tweet has since been removed. the search resumes today for eight boaters miss missing off baja, california. one person died when a fishing boat capsized yesterday off the mexican coast. 27 american tourists were on board. most of them were from california. prince william showed off his helicopter pilot skills on prince edward island monday. he landed a chopper in the water during a military drill. prince william and his wife, catherine are in the middle of a north american tour. they'll be in california on friday. more than 24,000 people spent their 4th of july holiday becoming american citizens. congratulations and that included 100 people in mt. vernon, virginia. one, a mother from trinidad who served in the military. >> she shared her story with brittany morehouse and the many
6:14 am
reasons why she's now proud to be an american. >> well, i came to the united states about seven years ago. and i always wanted to serve in the u.s. military. >> reporter: patriotism was practically in her blood before she became a u.s. citizen. >> one nation, under god -- >> both of her children were born in the u.s. >> i was really glad for that because of the freedom and opportunities that is there for them. you know. and i guess now i'm a part of that. i'm very excited. >> and so are they. >> i'm impressed she's an american now. >> an american wearing a navy uniform. >> i'm a corps man. we take care of the wounded warriors, the retired veterans. we're out there on the battlefield also. >> wingate lives in leesburg but is stationed in bethesda.
6:15 am
last year, it was her one-year anniversary of joining the military. >> i enjoy serving in the military. i enjoy freedom. i enjoy knowing that i can go to bed at night and feel safe. >> appreciation and pride. she's passing on to her children. >> my 9-year-old, i think everyone in her school knows mommy is in the navy. >> she's the best mother in the whole wide world. >> wingate believes being a u.s. citizen hopes her to be that to her daughter every day. brittany morehouse, 9news now. congratulations. wingate has an identical twin sister who is also serving in the military. she's also a u.s. citizen stationed in norfolk, virginia. what a great story. >> absolutely. proud to be an american with them. they make us all proud. 6:15. we say good morning to howard bernstein on this day after a nice shortened work week for a lot of people. >> it will be a nice day.
6:16 am
there is a little bit of fog. temperatures got cooling off. there is visibilities near zero. we start with the day planner because we're expecting a good deal of sunshine out there. upper 70s by 9:00. 84 at 11:00. winds start out of the north. arrows will turn to the south by this evening. 90 degrees at 3:00 with a spotty -- spotty being the keyword, shower. thunderstorm possible with a 5:00 p.m. temperature around 89 degrees. overnight, we had the showers. really couple of heavier ones west of salisbury on the lower eastern shore. with the clear skies and the leftover moisture, look at the visibilities. 0 in hagerstown. in the next couple of hours, this will increase greatly. you head to town and our visibility sitting right at 10 miles. difference is the temperatures. low to mid-60s here.
6:17 am
it can condense out to the clouds and fog. temperatures holding in the lower to middle 70s. laytonsville at 65. fairfax, mid to upper 60s in most of fairfax county. 70 for columbia and college park and alexandria, 72 degrees. the wind, they tell the story also. they're calm now. with the light wind and the humidity or the dew point near the temperature out west, that helped the fog form. on the hour, reagan national was mostly cloudy. frontal boundary will be slightly drier today. another front in the northern plains. both of those are going to start to get closer tomorrow and thursday. so, while today only has a spotty shower chance, it does look like tomorrow, thursday, even friday, we'll have better chances for thunderstorms. looking at the future cast this afternoon, a few speckles of green here and there. that's why we're calling for a
6:18 am
spotty shower. quiet overnight. a better chance of showers and storms tomorrow, especially south of d.c. here we are wednesday at noon. then in the afternoon, south and east. a better chance north and west. probably ok wednesday afternoon. then on thursday, we're looking at more showers and storms popping almost anywhere in the afternoon and evening hours. highs all of these days will be upper 80s to near 90. spotty shower chance. tomorrow and thursday, a few thunderstorms here and there. upper 80s to near 90. then as we dry out toward the second half of the weekend and monday, notice temperatures rising sunday, 93. monday, potentially, 95. monika, over to you. good morning, everybody. we started off with traffic looking pretty good with the exception of one incident in arlington. it has been on old dominion drive. basically blocked because of wires down. here is a live look right here. authorities are on the scene blocking it off between north
6:19 am
gleaves road -- old glebe road and old dominion. live view from sky 9 on the outer loop. authorities moved this accident to the left shoulder. that's what remains of it. it is really not causing any problems as you can see as you travel on the outer and inner loop of the beltway. let's take you over to the northbound side of i-395. that's about it. you're ok past that to the 14th street bridge. we'll take you over to the northbound side of i-95. live, a little bit of volume from the prince william parkway to route 123. newington to springfield, it has been incident free. now a look at your travel times starting off with the outer loop of the beltway. 95 to 270, it is 10 minutes. 95 from 216, 10 minutes. 295 leading the beltway. we'll take a look at the bw
6:20 am
parkway at 6:25. back to you. >> it is 6:19. next in sports, a wild 4th of july for the nationals and cubs and talks resume in the navel labor dispute. >> time for our question of the morning. the 4th of july is the biggest holiday for sales of this one item. are we talking about hot dogs? beer or crabs? >> you're leaving your guesses on our facebook page. linda writes it has to be hot dogs because i had to go to three stores to find buns. and my nephew drinks enough beer to call any day a holiday. we guess that linda says all of the above. leave your comment at we'll have the answer at 6:48. >> right now, it is more 4th of july celebrations. katy perry's song fireworks gives us a very appropriate soundtrack to the show over new
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by noon,6. spotty shower available later on. highs upper 80s to low 90s. andrea and jess, over to you. the nationals will try to get above the .500 mark as they take on the chicago cubs. >> a crowd of 32,000 saw them go to extra innings. >> jayson werth was on first base with no outs. pinch-hitter livan hernandez lace down a perfect bunt and that moves to the second. next pitch, no one is watching
6:25 am
werth. he steals third without chicago making a throw. there it is. en this on a 2-2 count, carlos throws a wild pitch. werth dashes home and the nationals win it 5-4 in ten innings. >> looking good. >> nats prospect is playing aa ball. he made his debut at the harrisburg senators last night. first at-bat, here he goes. he will single back up to middle. later, he scores. harrisburg beat them 8-1. >> today is 112 of the nfl lockout. talks will resume between owners and the player's association in new york. both sides are trying to decide how to divvy up another than $9 billion in revenue. if a deal isn't reached soon, the league may start canceling preseason games. world team tennis resumes tonight. the washington capitals host the kansas city explorers. venus williams is playing tonight for d.c. the castles
6:26 am
are opening their new stadium along the waterfront in southwest washington. >> cheerleaders and everything. >> in 20 minutes, the final countdown is ready to begin. the latest on nasa's last shuttle mission. >> also ahead, virginia's black widow wins the women's division of the annual hot dog eating contest. learn just how many calories she chowed down in ten minutes. >> monika has a quick check on our commute. >> we'll slide south on the bw parkway. all the way to greenbelt, your lanes are open. traffic is moving at a good pace. i'll have an update on an accident on the outer loop at route 236 in my next report. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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keurig. it is 6:30 on this tuesday morning. this is always the place to get your weather first. here's a live look at fairfax, virginia by the camp washington center. >> thanks for starting your day with us. mike and angie are off today. >> i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with our forecast. >> good morning. it is a very comfortable morning out here. low 70s in northwest. sunshine is out a couple of clouds.
6:31 am
it will be another good day. like yesterday we had all of the clouds. unlike yesterday, we'll have sunshine, a lot more today and temperatures again near that 90 degree mark. the day planner is calling for the sunshine. by noon, weather graphics, we'll get temperatures up toward the middle 80s with 90 degrees with a chance of that thunderstorm unhealthy for sensitive air. the air quality, it is code orange. sun setting at 8:37. showers last night, a couple of storms especially south down toward richmond, the northern neck got hit much harder than around here. few showers overnight which have left through fog. i'll be back in a few. we'll talk seven-day forecast. right now, 6:31. monika has your timesaver traffic. >> we're starting off with the yellow light because we did have an accident on the beltway. we'll take a live look from sky 9 on the outer loop of the beltway at route 236. it has been cleared. your lane is open and traffic is moving well in the area. let's take a tour of the
6:32 am
district. we'll start off with the southeast corridor. here's what it looks like at m street and south capital street right across from the southwest waterfront on m street where there is that new castle stadium. i'll be there. my son is a ball boy. come and say hi if you see me. let's take you over to the other side of the district on new york avenue on the inbound side. no big problems from the times building over to bladensburg road in northeast. canal road at fox hall road heading into georgetown, you'll be ok as well. let's take a look at your trains. metro's running on-time although the escalators are out at foggy bottom and on vre, train 304, expect about a 10- minute delay. coming up, another look around the area in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. >> dominion power says electricity should be back on by 6:00 tonight. >> about 1500 customers remain without power. dominion says it needs vdot to
6:33 am
clear trees from the roads before it can begin putting fallen power lines back up. >> all of this is a result of sunday evening's storms. some people watched 4th of july fireworks while some got the juice back on. for others, they tried to keep a sense of humor as survival supplies ran low. >> i have another couple of bottles of porter and i'm going to stay -- what am i going to do about it? >> that's right. immediately after the storm, dominion had nearly 15,000 outages. some roads in north arlington may be closed as crews work to restore power. the same storms which knocked out power in northern virginia killed a man in montgomery county. the storms knock over tree right on top of a cyclist along the cno toe path. stopped along the path near white ferry to put on rain gear. that's when a tree fell on top of him. we spoke with others caught in the same storms.
6:34 am
>> we were lucky to stay in the building and have shelter and kind of rode out the storm. >> rescue teams riding atvs had to chainsaw their way in but they were not able to save him. reich had been cycling with a friend on a trip that would have taken them from harper's ferry into georgetown. you think it is bad when your barking dog or alarm clock wakes you up? >> how about being woken up to an suv crashing into your house? >> that's what happened to a family on aspen hill road. surae chinn is there live surveying the damage. >> reporter: can you believe it? i want to show you the house here. it is boarded up now. crews have been working overnight into the morning. i want to retrace the steps. it came across the avery family
6:35 am
backyard through this fence and it also went through the property. this is the aspen hill library. it hit that one way sign and the two parked cars on aspen hill road before -- that's how it all started. here's what sebastian had to say. >> i haven't seen anything this scary in my life. hard to believe. >> i'm glad mom is ok. >> yeah. >> there was all of this stuff flying on her. >> the washing machine almost went on her and the car was only a few inches away. i'm glad she's alive. >> well, sebastian's mom is lucky to be alive. the car coming three inches from her face. the suv, just three feet from the gas line. the suv completely inside the family living room there at 12:20 this morning. the 22-year-old driver was taken into custody. she was talking with police and moments later, she was
6:36 am
handcuffed, visibly upset and crying. think about the family who was at home when this suv came barreling into their home. andrea, jessica? >> surae, you're reporting a miracle in aspen. >> no kidding. >> thank you, surae chinn, reporting live from aspen hill, maryland. >> we're four weeks away from the august 2nd deadline to raise the federal cret ceiling. the government might not be able to pay its bills. senators canceled their 4th of july recess to tackle the issue. they want to tackle cuts but republicans call tax breaks a nonstarter. the u.s. economy is pretty soft. that's something consumers are feeling. it is something they're feeling when they try to buy a house or get a raise at work but the wall street judicial reports the economy looks strong for
6:37 am
companies. corporations are expected to hand in higher profits over the next few weeks. earnings at s&p 500 companies are projected to rise almost 14% compared to the same time last year. it looks like whole foods is coming to prince george's county. the high end supermarket is planning to build a store in riverdale park. first location in the county. whole foods has agreed to be one of the anchors in a proposed village of shops. "the washington examiner" reports the store could be open as early as fall 2014. species for sale. our partners at "usa today" report the group discover life in america will pet you put a name on a scientific discovery for a great price. for a $2500 donation, you can name the new creatures the group finds. it sold six naming rights so far.
6:38 am
what if they find bugs or something that you don't want your name on? >> eww! >> it has been 20 years since any of washington's four major sports teams has won a title but we're still home to the black widow. >> that would be sonya thomas of alexandria, virginia, the inaugural winner of the women's division at the nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> the 98 pound thomas crushed the competition. she downed 40 hot dogs, over 12 thousands calories. she did get 320% of the calcium she needs in the day. >> tiny lady. >> it is 6:38. howard is calling for sunny skies this afternoon with a high around 90. up next, a look ahead to the rest of this short work week. >> here is a look at the beltway. traffic is starting to stack up
6:39 am
there. monika's next timesaver traffic report is 7 minutes away. >> more from the independence day celebration on the national mall. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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>> say good morning to mary and her mother who watch 9news now on a regular basis. >> good morning to mary and mary's mom. >> west of the blue ridge, pretty dense fog even through the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. ta will be around through the 8:00 hour. it will burn off quickly because the sun angle is high this time of year.
6:44 am
fog unlike when we get into october, can't survive nearly as long. i'm expecting a good deal of sunshine here in town. 75 by 8:00. by noon, 86. we'll warm up pretty quickly. be in the 90 degree rake by 4:00. you can see the symbol at 4:00. spotty showers and an isolated thunderstorm today. 20%, 30% coverage. most of us will be dry. the vast majority of us will be dry. this morning, the showers were down in southern maryland toward the eastern shore. a zone well up south and east of washington. with the rains last night, the lighter wind. we've got visibilities in many areas like culpepper and cumberland. quarter mile up and down the shenandoah valley to stanton. on the eastern shore, easton at 3/4 of a mile. a little haze in hagerstown. spotty, especially west. with temperatures down in the low to mid-60s.
6:45 am
we're sitting at 75 here in washington. dew points are in the mid-60s. calm winds at reagan national. on the hour, they reported mostly cloudy skies. there is a good deal of sunshine at the moment. storms up in the upper midwest. this is ahead of a front that will be getting closer to us tomorrow and friday. off to the south, another boundary. with the two of them coming north. today, spotty storms pop up. tonight, relatively quiet. any action, southeastern virginia might sneak over. then on wednesday, south of washington, north of town. fewer showers and storms. scattered showers and storms areawide. today, 91. tomorrow, 89 with the showers
6:46 am
and storms mainly south and then scattered showers and storms thursday. 89 degrees. friday, 88 with scattered showers and storms. a drier pattern toward the weekend. more of a temperature, sunday, 93. potentially 95 on monday. monika, it is tuesday. back to work. how is it looking out there? >> things aren't been bad with the exception of one issue in arlington. therefore, the yellow light. downed wires in arlington blocking off old dominion drive between north glebe row and williamsburg boulevard. follow direction to get around that. here's what it looks like on the inbound side of 66. here's northbound 25 up into springfield, that's about it. once you're on 395, a couple of slowdowns in landmarks. up north on the outer loop of the beltway, got a bit of sun glare slowing things down from 95 into silver spring.
6:47 am
no big deals as you head over to 270. here is the sun glare at colesville road. 270, where you've got the slowdowns basically from montgomery village avenue to 370. all of the lanes are open. now, let's take a look at the travel times. 66, just the slow traffic. >> in ply next report, tale take a look at the big issues. >> this morning, the top movie in america, it is trand formers earning $116 million. worldwide it hauled in more than $400 million. >> whoa! >> cars 2 was number two. bad teacher fell to number three. >> in just a few hours, the official countdown to the final shuttle mission begins at the kennedy space center in florida. >> where three days and about five hours away from the launch of atlantis.
6:48 am
>> the four person crew arrived at the space center monday. they'll take atlantis on a 12- day mission to the international space station. the crew will bring supplies and spare parts to the station. astronauts will spend the next few days training and spending time with family before friday's launch. our kristin fisher is heading to the kennedy space center for this launch. she'll have reports later this week. it all leads up to the final blastoff. >> then is done with space travel, atlantis will be put on display in florida. here in our region, we'll be getting "discovery." that shuttle will go to the smithsonian's center near dulles airport. it took its final flight this past february and it is the first shuttle to be retired. nasa is making sure "discovery" is ready for museum life. >> we do think of "discovery" as a family member. we've taken care of her for all of these years. it is going to be hard to know
6:49 am
someone else is responsible. >> the shuttle will be free of any classified equipment. no time on when it will make its smithsonian debut. >> we have 75 degrees here in northwest washington. a check of the news before you go is up next. >> first, time to answer the question of the morning. >> the 4th of july is the biggest sale of what one item? >> if you were with us this time yesterday, you know the answer is b, beer! the second busiest beer selling holiday is labor day followed by memorial day. >> right now, another great 4th of july fireworks display. this is what it looked like last night after studio city just outside of los angeles. a great show over at the cbs studios there. time for a look at the united airlines travel cast. looking good at dulls they
6:50 am
morning. 67. the sun is shining. light westerly winds and visibility, just a touch of haze at 9 miles. we've got the fog out west of the blue ridge burning off. going up toward chicago, lots of sunshine. very warm. chicago, 89 degrees. liking that. now in denver, not as hot as yesterday. a threat of thunderstorms later on. over toward vegas, they also have a threat of thunderstorms. that won't help much. highs around 100. l.a., sunny and gorgeous at 77. san francisco, the same. in seattle, sunny, temperatures near 80. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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[ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. >> dense fog west of the blue ridge. highs today upper 80s to low 90s. andrea and jessica, over to you. thank you, howard. today is tuesday, july 5th. here is a check on the news before you go. more than 1400 dominion customers are still without power this morning. most are in arlington. dominion hope.s to get everyone back online. about 48 hours after the storms which knocked out the power. >> a virginia roller coaster involved in a weekend crash should reopen today. six people were hurt when two cars of the riptide coaster collided in salem. police blame an unrhuli rider
6:54 am
for the -- an unruly rider for the incident. >> a vehicle crashing into a home in aspen hill. you can see structural damage but the driver and everyone inside the home escaped unharmed. it is 6:54. >> one more traffic and weather check when 9news now returns.
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up normally. they found that while late talkers have increased levels of behavioral and emotional problems around the 2 years of age, those problems tend not to continue so parents, don't worry. >> this is very good news. i was the parent of a late talker. my baby girl didn't talk until she was about 3 1/2. there was a lot of angst that this could mean bad things down the road but she's perfectly normal. in fac, we can't get her to shut up. >> i had three kids. they started talking early and they still haven't talked. >> once our daughter was reaming out her dad. it was all baby talk but she knew -- it didn't mean as much as having her daddy close by. you don't have to worry one way or the other. you won't want to hear what they have to say. >> that's right. >> howard? >> we're looking warm again today. hot 91 degrees. spotty shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow, thunderstorms are
6:59 am
turning south. areawide thursday and friday, upper 80s. look at the heat toward the weekend. monday right now, if all holds together, we could be back in the mid-90s. >> we'll take a look at i-395, volume from edsel road up to seminary road. virginia, not looking too bad between the american legion bridge. and it is sunshine delays on the northside of town, outer loop from 95 to georgia avenue. about a 15 minute drive. >> "the early show" is next and they're going to have more on talks to raise the debt limit plus why america has mobsters. >> we'll be back with a live update on traffic and weather. a. >> if you can't join us, have a great day and you can get your news, weather and traffic by visiting >> howard and i will see you at noon today. we'll see you tomorrow at 4:25. until then, have a great


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