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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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count 2 we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> a courtroom shocker. casey anthony acquitted of murder. jurors found her not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter, caylee. now this case has captivated the nation since the moment caylee was reported missing three years ago. we have team coverage on this story starting with gary in the newsroom with more on the verdict that some are calling stunning. gary. >> lesli, it took the jury less than 11 hours to decide that casey anthony is under florida law, a liar, but not a murder. she stood in a ruffled blouse holding her lawyer's hands as a court clerk announced the verdict. >> as to the charge of first- degree murder, verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> she squeezes her lawyer's hands as she awaits the child abuse verdict. >> not guilty. >> then manslaughter. >> not guilty. >> those were the big ones.
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you can see her stifle a sob, breathe deeply, she was found guilty of four counts of lying to investigators. her parents watched without apparent reaction. she hugged her lawyer, managed to laugh after fingerprinting in court. she was accused of killing her two-year-old daughter, caylee, not reporting her missing for a month while she partied her daughter rotting in a hidden grave undiscovered for months. the delay in recovering little caylee's remains worked to our considerable disadvantage. >> why did the jury say not guilty? >> the 12 jurors have declined to talk to you. >> the defense team believes casey anthony was treated unfairly. >> i hope that this is a lesson to those of you have indulged in media assassination for three years. >> their bottom line. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. i want her to be able to grieve
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and grow and somehow get her life back together. >> but first, sentencing thursday could get a year for each count of lying to investigators, but she has been in custody since charged. could be sentenced time served, could be home thursday in time for lunch and not if this had gone the other way. facing the death penalty. lesli. >> all right gary, thanks for that. a large crowd of people gathered outside the orlando courthouse today. some call this verdict oj number two. bruce leshan continues our team coverage and bruce, the thing that people seem to have a hard time wrapping their brain around is how a mother could allow 30 days to elapse from the time she went missing to the time she was reported missing. what are people saying to you? >> i would say a whole lot of surprise and then one or two people are saying hold on a minute, we weren't in the courtroom. the jurors were. they heard this whole case. it's up to them to decide if
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prosecutors left them with a reasonable doubt. >> obviously the girl had something to do with it if she's not going to say anything to the police and she didn't want to find her daughter, otherwise the first thing you would do the moment you realize your child is gone? >> i think there is the expectation that there's going to be something they could put their hands around, some real meat. it's going to take one hour, there won't be commercials and boom they're done. it really shortchanges both sides. >> that's a big failure for the justice system indeed. >> i think it's up to the jury and i'm not going to form an opinion by watching small snippets of it on the news. >> you'd want to see the whole case. >> i would. >> hundreds of people are posting their thoughts on our facebook page. the vast majority of those thoughts are very, very critical of the jury. you can go to if you want to join in the discussion. derek will have more comments coming up at 7:00. lesli.
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>> it's been a long time since there's been a case that has gotten this much emotion out of people. >> and a lot of people are saying oj number two. and then a lot of people are saying let the jury decide. >> thank you bruce for that. tonight, cbs news will air a special 48 hours mystery. casey anthony judgment day. and that airs tonight here on wusa9 at 10:00 followed by 9news now at 11:00. new at 6:00, an update on the investigation of a toddler who died after being left in a hot car. a prince william county grand jury indicted the boy's mother, karen murphy, on felony charges today. police say she left her son, ryan, in the backseat of the family's minivan for more than seven hours while she was at work. karen murphy faces charges of felony murder and felony child neglect. she's expected to appear in court tomorrow. our other big story, prince georges county council member,
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leslie johnson announced she will resign. she insists on hanging on until the end of the month. the council had another card to play taking away her staff and her car and as scott broom reports, everyone in upper marlboro is trying to sort out what happens next. >> it is likely leslie johnson will stay in office at least until the end of the month, which will allow her to collect at least another two weeks of her $96,000 a year salary. a convicted felon, but still a council member. leslie johnson showed up for work, pledged allegiance to the flag and fled out a side door, leaving an everyone pi seat and a county council that had to retreat into executive session to decide what to do. leslie johnson who pled guilty on thursday released a written statement of resignation saying she would stay in office until the end of the council summer session july 31. >> prince georges county calls for the immediate resignation
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of leslie johnson. >> not soon enough says council. >> effective immediately, district 6 employees will report directly to the council administrator. the council has a body as agreed to restrict all other funding to the district 6 office, included but not limited to the use of a county car, county council parking, cell phone usage, expenditures and discretionary funding. >> we should have the special election as quickly as possible. >> sharon baker weighed in as well. now stripped of a staff, car, and cell phone, johnson's seat stayed empty as she left the building. her lawyer says her original resignation for july 31 stood. that johnson's home, husband jack, himself awaiting sentencing for his corruption conviction said nothing and left in a mercedes. prince georges county residents were left appalled by this latest act in a long saga of corruption. >> really no reason for her to be there after what she did.
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she is stripped of a cell phone, but it does appear leslie johnson will be staying in office until the end of the month. scott broom, 9news now. >> dc police are launching a new website in hopes of solving a murder from 13 years ago. back in 1998, christine was found dead along canal road. police said she was sexually assaulted and killed while caulking to her home in georgetown. now investigators say her dna connects her murder to a series of rapes and assaults. they hope the website will bring tips in for all of these cases. >> we have a missing teen alert. 17-year-old micah is from bethesda. he was last seen on sunday. his family says it is simply just not like him to vanish. if you have seen michael, call police. we are monitoring the power outage situation in north arlington. ahead an update on when the
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lights will finally be back on. plus anny has your forecast. >> a nice night, but things start shifting with the winds and the humidity. first, here's your almanac. the official high 91. the average 98 degrees. i have your full forecast when i come back. >> but first, more on brazen criminals targeting churches in our area. we'll be back.
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police in vienna, virginia, are investigating the theft of purses and wallets committed during church services. the thefts took place at three different churches. police say in each case the purses and wallets are left unattended in unlocked rooms. >> you would think you would be among friends and safe in an environment like that, but
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unfortunately, a criminal will prey on that type of situation. >> and so vienna police are reminding people to secure their valuables and their belongings when they leave them unattended, even inside a church. president obama is warning lawmakers not to rely on any short-term solutions when it comes to dealing with the nation's debt. he invited lawmakers to the white house on thursday to continue negotiations on what to do about the nation's borrowing limit. the treasury department warns that if congress fails to raise the limits soon, the federal government could default on loan and that could trigger a rapid fall in the value of the american dollar. according to the food and drug administration, the number of prescription drug shortages has tripled over the last six years. it jumped from 61 drug products in 2005 to 178 in 2010. and according to a national survey, 8 out of the 10 times the shortage occurred, a patient's care was negatively affected.
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>> power outages persist in north arlington. how long will they last? we'll have some answers coming up after the break.
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hundreds of people are still without power in arlington county after sunday's severe storm knocked down trees and power lines. in north arlington, dominion power brought in heavy machinery to get the lights back on. we find peggy fox in one such neighborhood where people are waiting to get the juice back on. peg. >> that's right, lesli. we're on williamsburg boulevard and you can see just beyond those two trees is a huge crane nonon virginia power brought in. it got here at 3:00 and the whole point is to move utility poles, lift them up and over two homes. behind those homes are two utility poles that crashed to the ground in the storms. so if you can see that man working up there on that utility pole. that's a brand-new utility pole
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that brought in. he is attaching whatever apparatus needs to go on there. all the equipment that goes on that particular utility pole. he is going to attach right now and he will also put a cable on the top of the utility pole and then the crane, he'll get down at a safe distance and the crane will pick that utility up, that utility pole up and very carefully lift it up over the home. it has been quite a scene here all throughout north arlington as crews struggle to return this power after hundreds of people lost power in sunday night's storms. >> i'm not bothering to call anymore, because what they are putting on the recording doesn't seem to be accurate. >> it would have been better for them to say we don't know? >> exactly. >> we do our best to provide the best guess estimate based on the damage assessments that we do immediately following the
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storm. > dominion virginia power has a recording where you can call to find out what time your power will come back on and they try to give a good estimate. sometimes they are off because they don't know what's behind the homes and how much longer it's going to take. but they are saying that their goal now is 10:00 p.m. tonight, they are hoping to have everybody restored. i'm peggy fox reporting live, back to you, lesli. >> thanks. we are of course in the peak season for waterfront and tragedy and yesterday a six- year-old boy drowned at the sandy point state park. he was out in a secluded part of the water and could have been missing for a half hour. this turn of events happens all too often out in open waters and pools and spas every day during this time of the year. the safety commission says at least 123 children have either died or come close to drowning in pools and spas just since memorial day and they are urging parents to keep kids safe out in the water. so this campaign that they launched does not cover waters and lakes and oceans and rivers
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and of course with so many of us headed to the beach, this right here something that children need. we don't see enough of them. when you look across the beach, little ones should have a coast guard approved life jacket on. it costs about $60 and the thing to know about drownings with kids is it happens so quickly and quietly that this kind of personal flotation device at least gives them a fighting chance to survive. hopefully people will listen to that for sure. and the temperatures are going to be warm throughout the week. there are going to be more people tempted to go to the water. >> it will feel hotter compared to the last few days, but i want to mention the takoma park independence committee saying their fireworks will go off tonight. they were canceled last night because the potential for storms. 9:30 p.m. tonight at takoma park middle school. all right so firework watching weather for that. we should be nice tonight. partly cloudy skies. we do have some showers and thunderstorms real lyout to the east in the ocean, bethany
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beach looking at showers and maybe some cells going through. we also saw some lightning with these storms. but again, those are isolated and really for the rest of tonight should be quiet. dc temperature 90. andrews air force base 89. leesburg at 91 degrees. now the dew points doesn't feel too bad. mid 60s for dc. but this will start to creep up tomorrow because of the wind pattern changing. the summer-like pattern though does continue over the next few days. dry and mild tonight. late afternoon showers and thunderstorms will be possible tomorrow. it will be scattered and thursday, very similar. here's your future cast. tonight, 9:00. no problems for that fireworks display at takoma park. partly cloudy conditions. it will be a nice, mild night. tomorrow morning, overall for most people that commute should be dry, but southern maryland at 7:00 in the morning, maybe some light showers going
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through. we have to watch that potential. then late afternoon, this model here picking up scattered storms throughout the entire region, including the bay and also this shore for tomorrow late afternoon and early evening. the good news though, these storms not expected to be severe. tonight though, partly cloudy and mild. lows will be 67 to 75 degrees. winds are light. so overnight around near mid 70s for downtown. 68 in leesburg. hagerstown cooling down to 68 degrees. tomorrow morning as you are heading out the door, partly to mostly cloudy conditions and mild. remember a slight chance for some showers, better chances to the south. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. now tomorrow afternoon, yes, pack the umbrella just in case because we could see some scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. highs will be near 90 and because the winds coming from the south at 5 to 10. the humidity increasing. so we are warming up to the near 90s around downtown. gaithersburg 92.
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culpeper 93 degrees. here's how your day planner breaks down. already in the 80s and then by 5:00, chance of showers and thunderstorms scattered. here's your seven-day outlook. a very typical july pattern here. temperatures around seasonal. but notice we won't warm things up. a burst of heat comes through monday and tuesday as of now and those days look storm-free except for tuesday into the mid 90s on tuesday. so the heat is back on. >> this was a normal season, the redskins would be getting ready for, you know, the hot stuff. >> training camp. i don't want to jinx it, we are starting to see signs it may actually happen. this nightmare may be over. training camp would begin in 23 days. redskins plan to start on time. we'll tell you the reason for their optimism tonight, plus talks about his itch to join the big club and a new entry in the meltdown of the year contest. this is a goody. 9sports next. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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it's time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> there's a reason the nfl lockout didn't get solved in april. nobody cares about football in april. people start to care about football in july. that's when training camps open and signs from the redskins today that the lockout may end soon. after giving assistant coaches most of june off, mike shanahan
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asked his staff to report back to work as of monday and the team set thursday, july 28 the first day of training camp. 15 days before their preseason opener against the steelers. of course all of that is contingent on the owners and players hammering out a deal. lawyers met in new york today. roger goodell and smith and the big guns will resume talks on thursday. speaking of lawyers, roger clemens and his were in u.s. district court for a pretrial hearing. seven time psi young winner is accused of lying to congress about his alleged steroid use. jury selection begins tomorrow. when you were a kid and how cool it felt, staring at that huge box under the tree, knowing the present you have been dying for is in there, but you can't open it yet? that's how national fans feel. their shiny new superstar is just down the road from d.c., but we can't have him yet.
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the team sennation was promoted last night and he went for 2 for 3, leading senators to a big win. he preferred to be in the show by now, but he is learning patience. >> i'm going to let them make that decision. i'm trying to come out here and win a championship. i love the situation i'm in right now. love the guys i'm around and i'm really excited to be here and excited to get going. >> nats and cubs again tonight. ross against ramon ortiz. there will be extra security. news from golf, tiger woods will not play the british open. woods says his leg is not fully healed and he will not play again until it is. tiger has not won a major since the '08 u.s. open. if you are a tennis fan, the only thing rarer is a william sister playing, because of injuries, venus has been limited to three tournaments. serena just two. they will both play here in dc this week.
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kick off their season tonight on the southwest waterfront. venus will play this evening. venus holding a clinic here for local kids an hour ago. their older sister, esha lives here in d.c. this is like home for the sisters. >> being back in the d.c. area is fantastic. i was here in april for the washington tennis learning center. some of those kids were here. i get to know them and i see them a few times a year and of course i'm going to try to win for washington. >> right on. finally tonight, our manager of the week goes to butch of the barnstormers. after getting tossed by the first-base umpire that he not only yanks first base out of the ground, he stops, autographs first base, hands it to the lady in the front row before saying thank you, thank you very much, and heading to the showers. if you are going to get tossed, get tossed with a little flair.
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>> baseball folks going out with a bang lately. that's it for us. have a good night. [ male announcer ] using frontline plus shows your pet you care by unleashing a complete killing force against fleas and ticks. and not just adult fleas. what makes frontline plus complete is that it breaks the flea life cycle killing adults, eggs and larvae. and it keeps killing fleas and ticks all month long.


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