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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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pretty much out of the woods. east of town, not so much. let's go to live doppler 9000 hd. we still have severe thunderstorm warnings in anne arundel county and calvert county until -- now, they've been extended until 6:30. also charles county until 6:30 as well. prince george's county until 6:30 as well. we've got lots of severe weather but again, generally east of 95. if you're in leesburg, you're ok. frederick, you're ok. if you're south and east of town, not so good. southern sections of prince george's county, northern calvert county, just getting hammered with rain and the biggest threat with the storms, we've been harping on this all day is flash flooding. baden, heavy rain. deal, heavy rain. this area of red you see is rainfall rates one to two inches per hour. flash flooding comes on quickly. people going down toward st. leonard, heavy rain. between waldorf and la plata and south on 301 getting hammered with heavy rain. good news is woodbridge, rain is lighting up. that's the light green you see.
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quantico lighting up a little bit as well. the severe thunderstorm watch continues until 9:00. it has been trimmed. essentially, if you're west of 95, you're ok. if you're east of 95, still the risk of severe weather. most of the metro area is under a flash flood watch. there are flash flood warnings out north of town. so, that means flooding is occurring. if you come across the flooded streets, do not cross it by foot or car. we'll keep you posted. >> all right, topper. already, one area has been hit really hard tonight. frederick, maryland, about half a dozen roads are currently closed because of flooding. that includes parts of market and west patrick streets, of course in the city's historic downtown. frederick's ymca has been evacuated because of flooding, too. we have a full list of road closures on our web site. today's storms have already knocked out power to thousands of people in our area. right now, pepco has about 10,455 customers in the dark.
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more than 7,000 of those are in prince george's county. bge has just over 3,000 outages. dominion, virginia, power has about 3300 customers in the dark. he survived a motorcycle crash then spent 22 hours trapped in a ditch with a broken back. from his hospital bed, justin hipple shares his story exclusively with 9news now. peggy joins us live from the fairfax hospital where justin has been recovering for about a week now. >> we all take our cell phones for granted these days. justin told me he's even gotten mad at his cell phone but now he's look at that time a little bit differently after it saved his life. >> kick my feet, wave my arms. >> because of the severe pain in his back, justin knew it was broken, that he shouldn't get up. he not only broke most of his ribs but he also broke three vertebrae when he crashed his brother's motorcycle into the woods. ez on his way -- he was on his
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way home from work about midnight. >> i don't remember it. the only thing i can think of is i fell asleep. >> he stayed in this ditch all night long. the next morning, he could see the tops of cars going by 50 feet away at the busy intersection of dumfries and bristol roads. he tried in vain to get someone's attention. >> i guess no one pays attention at intersections. >> then he remembered his cell phone was in the bike's rear compartment which he could see had a crack in it. >> find a stick that's thick enough. jam it in there. pry it just the right way. >> he got it open! >> half hour, i got all of the contents. i put the battery in. it didn't turn on. i had to take it apart, blow out all of the dirt. it sort of scared me for a second. >> 22 hours after the crash, he finally got it to work and called his brother, tony.
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>> 8:55 p.m., my phone rings. it is justin. >> tony told justin to call 911 so rescuers could locate him. they found him quickly. >> what does this phone mean to you, justin? >> my life. >> reporter: so, it has been a week and he is getting slightly better. but they still haven't allowed him to sit up. in fact, if he has to turn in any way, if the nurses need him to do something, they have to put this chest and back brace on him. he'll be here about another week. lesli, i asked him if he ever plans to ride a motorcycle again and he said yeah but not for awhile. >> i bet. i think not for awhile is the operative phrase for sure. peggy, thanks so much. an incredible story, really. we have an update on a crash with a different ending on the bw parkway. this one was fatal. u.s. park police have identified the person killed as 28-year-old sabron king from
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burtonsville. three other people were seriously hurt in the crash. this happened just after 10:00 last night. police say the car went off the road, struck several trees and they're still trying to figure out what led to that crash. the woman accused of a brutal murder that unnerved a bethesda community in march was in a montgomery county courtroom today. brittany norwood is charged with killing jayna murray, a coworker at the lululemon athletica shop. andrea mccarran attended the hearing. she has this report from the circuit courthouse in rockville. >> reporter: brittany norwood's murder trial has been set to begin october 24th. it is expected to last eight days. in a somewhat surprising statement today, her lawyer, douglas wood said his client is facing possible competency issues. she killed murray after murray found stolen merchandise in norwood's bag. norwood then tried to cover up the crime by tying herself up and concocting a story about two masked men entering the
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store after closing time. montgomery county state's attorney john mccarthy says there are more than 1100 pages of discovery in this case. including crime scene photos and dna evidence. >> i think in a serious case like this, you have to explore every possibility because as you go along, you discover certain things in a case. and our investigation is still continuing. we're looking to do our client's background. we're trying to keep that as an option. >> norwood has pleaded not guilty. when the case goes to trial in october, we can expect to hear expert testimony on the blood splatter, fingerprints and shoe prints found at the crime scene. in rockville, andrea mccarren, 9news now. congress is working through the weekend to try to reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling and house republican leaders say they're canceling a mid july week recess. the senate did the same thing to stay in session for debate. democrats and republicans need to agree on a plan by july 22nd or they could run out of time to get the debt limit
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increase passed, making it possible for the nation to default on its loans. there was little comfort on wall street or in the jobs report that was released today. just 18,000 new jobs were added and the unemployment rate rose to 9.2%. now, wall street did not like this news. stocks were near the highest levels of the year until a report came out which, of course, brought the rally to a quick stop. and speaking from the rose garden, the president said there was a direct link between the dismal numbers and the debt ceiling. >> the sooner we get this done, the sooner that the markets know that the debt limit ceiling will have been raised and that we have a serious plan to deal with our debt and deficit, the sooner that we give our businesses the certainty that they will need in order to make additional investments to grow and hire. >> more than six million americans are considered long-
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term unemployed meaning they have been out of work for six months or longer. two, one, zero. and liftoff, the final liftoff of atlantis on the shoulders of the space shuttle america will continue -- >> there it is. lifting off from kennedy space center this morning for a rendezvous with the international space station. this is nasa's 135th and last shuttle mission. coming up later on 9news now, you'll see atlantis' final launch again. this time, through the eyes of a nasa astronaut watching the shuttle program begin its farewell flight. first, the dulles debate. federal officials weigh in on where the airport metro station should be built. we'll share some surprising thoughts when we return. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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supporters of the below ground metro station at dulles airport have some new opposition. the federal transit administration. the head of that agency told metro's board that the new is not an airport train and the more expensive underground station would serve only a small percentage of riders. today on wtop, the vice- chairman of the metropolitan washington airport's authority agreed. >> basically, 7% of the riders are going to the airport. that's it. and of those, less than a third are passengers going to the airport. so, basically, it is $400 million for 2% of riders. >> so far, the airport's authority has voted to go underground. federal officials want to cut the project's cost by $1.3 billion which would mean reversing the airport authority's decision. still to come on 9news now, it was the final launch for the space shuttle program. up next, a look at the historic
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moment through the eyes of an astronaut. ú
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the space shuttle "atlantis" lifted off at 11:29. it marks the start of the last mission for the ship and the entire space shuttle program. our kristin fish her a special vantage point for this morning's historic launch. she joins us live from cape canaveral. kristin? >> you know, growing up, i hardly ever missed a shuttle launch. my parents would wake me up in the middle of the night, take me out of school, whatever it took. at the time, i used to get kind of embarrassed by my mom. she would be so loud when she watched a shuttle launch. she would get so excited. but now, i love it. as you're about to see, she has still got it. >> astronaut anna fisher has earned a reputation for her
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shuttle launch ritual. this is us watching my dad's launch back in 1985. 26 years later, she didn't disappoint. [ cheering ] she started the day all prim and proper on a bus bound for the kennedy space center but even a bus full of astronauts isn't immune to traffic. up to a million people turned out to see this last shuttle launch. >> it is sad. very, very sad. but it is time to move on to the next program, i guess. but there will never be anything like the shuttle. >> this part is called banana creek where most of the astronauts and their families watch the launch. >> one good thing, getting to see old friends again. >> she was my flight director. >> reporter: the best part about watching a launch with an astronaut is you have someone to decipher the nasa acronyms. >> she just stopped talking, that's not good. >> after a brief hold, the last flight of atlantis is go for launch.
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>> feel that? incredible! oh, that's incredible. >> i feel incredibly, incredibly privileged to have been one of the few people that had that experience to fly on the space shuttle. i remember very clearly, exactly watching the first shuttle launch and it is kind of surreal. you can't believe that you're actually watching the last shuttle launch. [ cheering ] >> reporter: now, when atlantis lands on the 20th or the 21st, the luns have no vehicle ready to -- the united states will have no vehicle ready to get our astronauts up into orbit. we'll have to rely upon the russian soyuz to get our astronauts up to the space station. we do have a vehicle in development. it will be several years before we see another launch like the one we saw today here at cape canaveral. lesli? >> kristin, these have been great stories. you tell your mama she's still
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got it. you hear me? >> reporter: yeah. i will! she's standing right there filming me with a flip camera making me feel very uncomfortable. >> we'll look forward to seeing the videos you took there that you'll get to show us when you come back. >> can't wait. >> all right. how's the drive here on earth looking, heading home tonight? >> not that great. i've got the red light. that means severe traffic because of the severe weather that came through. we'll take you first over to a look at the north and southbound of route 210 which is closed in accokeek and pine lane because of an accident. i'm going to say take livingston road instead. let's take you over to 395 live which looks heavy and steady. both directions past here at duke street. heavy on 95 into triangle. now, let's go back over to the maps. expect major delays on metro because of the blue line at king street. looks like someone was struck by a train. they're single tracking basically between braddock road and van dorn street on metro. we'll keep you posted on that
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situation. lesli, back to you. of course, when you're out there driving tonight, there is a concern about flooding. we've already reported on some things already happening. >> it comes up quickly. it will go away quickly but in the next hour or so, i would take it easy. especially if you're going to go knot of town. we'll start with that because we're looking at flood warnings in effect north of town. this is good news. this is what we talked about about 15 minutes ago, actually about a half hour ago. severe thunderstorm watch has been trimmed. it is essentially east of i-95. there are a few warnings still for places like calvert county and extreme southern sections of anne arundel county. that's the only warnings we have going on for severe thunderstorms. again, if you're in gaithersburg, manassas, leesburg, fairfax, the threat of severe weather is pretty much over. we went ahead and put on the flood warning. these are flash flood warnings that include the district until 8:00. prince george's county, howard county, montgomery county and frederick county as well as carroll county. this is what lesli was talking about. you're driving up in these areas, especially to frederick
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county, big-time flooding going on. don't cross a flooded street by car or by foot. the good news is this activity has now pushed a little further east over toward mcdaniel and it is going to continue to roll to the east at a pretty good clip. severe thunderstorm warnings again in calvert county. pretty good rain still around shadyside. that's yellow indicating rainfall rates about half an inch an hour. the red is one to two inches an hour. waldorf, you've cleared out a little bit. the heaviest rain down toward hughesville and benedict. it will push across the bay in the next hour. we'll widen out. we're going to look at where the activity will go. it will essentially slide eastward across the bay into eastern maryland and the delmarva. it is going to hold together. st in the reds hold together through leonard town. you're not out of the woods just yet. another 30 minutes to an hour of heavy rainfall. the good news is though look what happens in an hour. we clear out a little bit in alexandria, around national and clinton and around 301, things will improve very quickly. so, here is the deal.
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flooding safety. we talk about it all the time. never cross a flooded street by car or by foot. check your sump pump, if you had any rain today and check your flashlights and batteries in case you lose power. severe weather is possible east of 95 now. the watch goes until 9:00. flash flood watch goes until midnight. storms ending long before midnight. again, don't cross flooded streets. for tonight then, we're looking at showers and storms, some heavy, some severe early but tapering off well before midnight. low of 66 to 72. now, the next seven days, we'll salvage a nice weekend in the wake of this front. upper 80s tomorrow. maybe residual clouds in the morning. primarily south of town. pretty nice back half of the day. nice on sunday. 90, yes. not that humid. pretty hot and toasty on monday. we're back in the mid-90s. cold front approaches. showers and storms possible. but in the week of that front, it should hold in the mid-80s which will seem refreshing. >> absolutely. especially after this for sure.
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>> it will. >> we're going to have sports coming up on the other side.
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as day 115 of the nfl lockout winds down, you can put a actually in the owner's victory column. the eighth u.s. circuit court of appeals threw out the order to lift the nfl lockout saying nelson ignored federal law in reaching her decision. so, lockout continues and as all of this was going on, the
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league and the players continued discussions in new york city and as long as the two sides continue to make some sort of progress, this ruling may not have very much effect. only if the negotiations break down, will it come into play. the good news is the negotiations seem to be chugging right along. >> we still have work to do. we're going to continue to work hard to make sure that a deal is fair. we're going to continue to work and our hope is we can get this thing done sooner rather than later. >> our own 9 sports analyst brian mitchell seems to think it will be done sooner than later. in a posted tweet today, he says some very reliable sources indicate the lockout is near end but when it is still remains a mystery to all of us. a true athlete learns to have a very short memory. harping on a loss for a couple of hours and going to bed and forgetting well, that it ever happened. that may be hard though when
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the loss gives. >> punch in the gut and leaves a big mark to remember it by. the nationals turned in their largest-blown lead last night up by eight runs in their final game against the cubs. but there is also something to be said about finishing strong and that seems to be the focus now as they turn their attention to colorado. the final three games before the all-star break. so, did the nats wake up this morning with a massive loss hangover? skipper davey johnson didn't think that would be the case. >> no, the only thing i worry about is their bullpen was just as beat up as ours. and you know, i was trying to save some guys just like he was. >> but the bad news continues for the nats catcher pudge rodriguez has been placed on the 15-day dl retroactive to july 7th with a right oblique strain. hey, there is always a silver lining, right? that comes in the form of four days of no games for the all- star break. so, tonight's game is still a go right now.
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john takes the mound going for his fourth straight win. colorado on the other hand trying to break a five-game losing streak. that's their longest this season for the rockies. jason hammel gets the start. the capitals have remained quite busy since the opening of free agency signing tomas, jeff and several other veterans bringing in more experience to their young locker room. but today, they made another move. the capitals sent right wing eric fehr to winnipeg for another fourth-round pick and right wing paquette. it does free up a lot of space. around $2.2 million and it helps them out by adding another draft pick. finally tonight, $7 million has been raised by this bobby mitchell golf tournament. they were in town today in lands down. the rain did hold off for a great day of golf. it benefits the lymphoma leukemia society. >> that's it. the "cbs evening news" is next.
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