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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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thank you for joining us for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck. we start with breaking news. key spend 100 years behind bars. breaking news from montgomery county courthouse in rockville tops our news today. that is where joey poindexter, the so-called beer pong rapist has just been convicted on
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eight counts of sexual assault. prosecutors successfully argue that point dex our assaulted other -- poindexter assaulted other young men he met in beer pong tournaments. some men didn't know they had been assaulted till police found evidence of it. poindexter represented himself, a move the judge called ridiculously stupid. the gaithersburg resident could be sentenced to more than 100 years behind bars when sentenced next month. now to the latest on the search who who thought two tabliers outside frederick high school. the shots rang out while a basketball game was under way in the gym last night. delia goncalves has since learned police believe this shooting could be gang related. police tell us they're looking into reports that four men dressed in black walked into the game and then quickly walked out of the gym just minutes before the shooting happened right here outside a gym. right now they're looking at
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surveillance cameras inside and outside. >> when it first happened i was a little worried it was one of my friends. >> reporter: though classes are canceled, some stiewjts couldn't stay away -- students couldn't stay away from frederick high where two students were shot. >> it kind of disappoints me. >> i never guessed it would escalate to this point. crazy. >> reporter: police say the scene was chc aoti lastnight. it i wasn e thmiddle of a heated basketball game against rival tom moose johnson high school -- thomas johnson high school. the shooting happened just outside the gym away from security officers inside. would you consider posting anyone outside considering this happened outside the building? >> i can't speculate what we might do differently moving forward. what i can confirm is the processes we had in place were followed. our staff did an excellent job. >> reporter: the high school and ayay sent middle school closed not for safety reasons we'red to but only to accommodate investigators who will search the grounds for more evidence. >> our schools are safe.
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our campuses are safe. that's something that all parents in frederick county need to know. >> that was delia goncalves reporting. classes at the high school and the middle school will resume on friday. another massive cyberbreach. this time at the nation's second largest health insurance company. anthem incorporated says up to 80 million customers have had their account information stolen, including social security numbers and employment information. they say the hackers did not get any credit card information. anthem has set up a website called where members can get more information about the breach. jordan has launched new air strikes against the islamic state group. king abdullah vowed to wage a harsh war against the militants foj the killing of the jordanian pilot who was burned to death in a cage. >> reporter: there's no body to bury of the murdered jordanian pilot but his family held a funeral for him last night.
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his father said isis militants were infidels and terrorists who know no humanity. the international committee will destroy them. jordan's king abdullah met with the family this morning. they're part of an influential tribe the king has depended on for their backing. he's vowed there would be a relentless response to the killing. government spokesman mohammad al-amani said stepped up air strikes were just the beginning. >> this is a true n eminent threat to the security of the country. >> reporter: the united emirates halted its participation in air strikes until the u.s. could come up with better contingency plans for downed pilots but a political analyst said gruesome video silenced the critics. >> many were shocked from the level of brutality. many were shocked by seeing their jordanian pilot being
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burned in this way. >> reporter: it backfired because even those who never wanted to square off against isis say it's time for jordan to exact revenge. cbs news, amman, jordan. >> cbs news has learned the option of sending ground forces in under discussion but it is most likely going to be small groups of special forces going for specific isis targets rather than a full scale invasion. the search is back on today for missing passengers who were on a plane that crashed in taiwan. it went down shortly after takeoff in taipei. some passengers actually survived by clinging to the outside of the fuselage, but at least 26 people were killed. this is the second fatal crash for this airline in less than seven months. the man wanted for killing an elderly couple in ohio is finally now in police custody. police tracked down 29-year-old robert clark all the way across
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the country in the arizona desert. he was arrested a short time ago after a high speed chase there. police say clark is also suspected in several robberies in three states. an accomplice was also arrested with clark and now authorities are still looking for a third person. hundreds of protesters showed up outside the washington hilton for the national prayer breakfast this morning. that is where both the dalai lama and president obama were in attendance. one group of protesters was there to support the dalai lama, the other to protest him. those upset with his holiness say he discriminates against specific religious groups within the buddhist community. his supporters say that is not the case. this is the first time the president and the dalai lama have been together in public in spite of china's disapproval. >> represents freedom, justice, the truth and any time the president can be with someone like the dalai lama, i think it's a good thing and it also
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shows that they're not scared of china. >> we're hoping the president will speak tom because the president is outspoken on religious rights, religious freedom and ending discrimination. we hope he'll have a word with the dalai lama saying what you're doing is undermining your cause. >> the president and dalai lama have met before but never in public. the chinese government considers the tibetan leader a dissident. what a difference a day makes. yesterday the 50s. today in the 30s feeling like the teens with the windchills. some snow in eastern new england, a coating. for us we're seeing the clouds thin. the flurries that went through are gone. we'll stay generally dry, cold and windy. gusts approaching 36 miles an hour across the metro. up to 36 in easton. they're agent lighter in the mountains. it -- a little lighter in the mountains. it will take much of the day and evening before the winds start to subside.
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but they're bringing in much colder air. we're down to 34. we were actually 35 earlier this morning. it's 25 in hagerstown and cumberland. windchills dropping in some cases single digits for the afternoon. so you've got to be outside, layers, layers, layers. seven-day forecast in a few. mike? >> thanks, howard. still ahead on wusa9, the trial gets under way for a man accused of murdering navy seal chris kyle. he of course is the subject of the hit american movie "american sniper." >> plus, david letterman sent two gazebos to a small illinois town nearly 20 years ago but the residents there want him to
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problems urinating or eye problems including vision changes or eye pain while taking anoro. nothing can reverse copd. the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at . please welcome from super bowl -- please welcome super bowl champions the new england patriots. >> new england patriots tour continues. they were honored during the first quart he of the celtics game last night. the entire team was honored and
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they had their parade through boston yesterday. jury selection is under way in the trial of a man accused of killing navy seal chris kyle. kyle's life of course is the subject of the popular hollywood movie "american sniper." lawyers for the defendant say the film is so popular there is no way that their client can get a fair trial in texas. >> i have a military age male. >> reporter: american sniper -- in "american sniper," chris kyle is -- [indiscernible] that man is 27-year-old eddie ray ralph. ralph's sister and her husband made the 911 call two years ago, the day kyle and his friend chad littlefield were murdered. >> my brother just came by here. he says that he killed two guys. they went to a shooting range. he's all crazy. >> he was recently diagnosed with ptsb. >> post-traumatic stress disorder. >> the likely defense strategy
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i think would be post-traumatic stress disorder caused this person to act in a way that he temporarily was insane. >> reporter: chris kyle was a hero in texas long before the film "american sniper" made him world famous. >> the thing -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott declared this past month chris kyle day. >> chris kyle, as you know, is a legend. >> reporter: kyle's legendary status in texas is one reason the defendant has asked for a change of venue in this case, a request the judge has so far denied. but given kyle's newly iconic hollywood image, some wonder if there's any town in america where potential jurors haven't formed an opinion about him his accused killer. >> that was mark strawsman reporting. jury selection is expected to be quit with the trial beginning as early as next week. residents of an illinois town are trying to get even with david letterman. 16 years ago kanacki, illinois
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was named by him the worst place to live in the nation. so letterman sent two gazebos there as a gag gift to try to beautify the town. well, the next generation says things have improved now and they don't want his gifts anymore. some high school students in fact offered to use the wood from those gazebos to make a rocking chair for dave's retirement this year. letterman declined on that but he did invite some of the elated residents to appear on the late show. >> it's something we've been waiting for. >> as an english teacher we talk about symbolism and telling a good story. that's what we've driven home. the gazebos a symbol of a past we want to forget. we want to tell a new
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the cost of prescription drugs really can put a strain on any household budget. so in many cases, now, people are turning to the internet to feel their prescriptions online to try to get an affordable cost. but wusa9 call for action director shirley rooker is here. she says you need to make sure the money you save won't be costly to your health in the long run. welcome. first and foremost, how can consumers protect themselves? >> it can be difficult. you do have to do a lot of checking. we're not talking about legitimate websites. we're talking about the rogue websites that sell you counterfeit medicines take don't require you to have a prescription to fill fill the medicine. the national board of pharmacies has a website. it's called pp -- [ stand by
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for captions ] there's legit script and that looks at tens of thousands of websites. surprisingly enough only 2000 of the 40 something thousand they looked at turned out to be legit. just be careful. remember, you don't know where that organization, that company is located. >> good advice, shirley. nice to meet you. all the information from those links are on the wusa9 call for action papering. there you can also -- page. there you can also volunteer or file a complaint. it's all available on wusa9 call for action. first alert weather time. you called it this morning. we started in the 40s. the temperature took a nose- dive. then you add wind in. >> i don't like telling people what to do. i think they're big enough to do that themselves but on days like today where it's upside down with the 40s in the morning and windchills in the teens, you probably want to dress like it's in the teens today even though it's 45. we hit 45 this morning. right now that's a far cry.
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we'll be okay the next couple of days but today will be the rough one. a little more sunshine. had a lot of clouds this morning, even a stray flurry or two. we'll be dry for the afternoon and just chilly with temperatures climbing into the -- well, they're there already. they're actually steady and slowly falling off for the afternoon. i want to show you the wind gusts right now. we're gusting 36 miles an hour. a lot of gusts over 30 here. 37 in easton. highest on the board. so that's going to be the case for the afternoon. gusting to 30 to 35-degree range with a big, big change in the temperatures from earlier. they're down 10 to 15 degrees. we're sitting at 28 in gaithersburg. still 34. tappahannock is 35. it's painful out there. windchills approaching single digits in higgerstown. just about -- hagerstown. just about everybody else in the teens to 20s. the winds won't die down till
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later tonight. temperatures will really go down. so really a nice looking day on our michael & son weather camera but doesn't feel it with a w. of 22 and the gusts still to 36 miles an hour. and the humidity 32%. so if you are going across the carpet, you grab the doorknob, you're going to get that shock if you're not using the hugh bid fire inside -- humidifier in control. these winds will die down. with the cold air, it will be in the teens. fupt cast, best -- futurecast, windy, breezy. the conditions subside somewhat tonight. tomorrow not a bad day. just about 40 or so with a few more clouds. over the weekend saturday, our temperatures are going to shoot back into the low 50s by saturday afternoon. so 35 and falling slowly. flurries are gone, windy and colder. 40 degrees for tomorrow after the really cold start in the teens. we'll be in the low 50s on saturday. cold spots stay in the upper
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40s. sunday still about 50. could be a shower late in the day, especially if you're going to be north of us up toward the mason-dixon mind. as we head into mind, a weak system brings light rain or rain-snow mix. tuesday and wednesday, still dry and seasonably chilly with temperatures in the 40s. it is thursday at noon. that means it's petline 9 time. this is christy curtis from the briggs animal adoption center. they're out of charles town, west virginia on 340. i adopted my dog from them. i like to give that full disclosure. what a beautiful puppy. everyone in the newsroom went nuts for this guy. >> he's a jack russell terrier mix, a wonderful puppy. he's 12 weeks old, roughly eight pounds and he's very intel jenlts, very active boy. >> he looks like the little rascals dog almost, buzz mckenzie you will. jack russells, they're really need dogs. i have a jack russell mix. what are you doing? you biting my suit?
12:21 pm
he's mouthing at this point because -- he's teething so he's mouthy at this point. >> he knows how to sit already. >> that's 12 weeks. >> he knows several of his commands whenever you're talking top. he is a very active boy so he would need someone who is active and play with him and keep him socialized. >> this dog will get maybe 25, 30 pounds. we're running out of time. you can always contact the briggs. >> call us at 304-724-6558. >> i don't think we'll have any problem getting wilson a forever home. we'll be back with more wusa9 ne
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♪>> that is called right here from dj young music. he's a local triple threat dj, producer, songwriter. he has a whole lot more going for him. thanks for coming in. first and foremost you have a new company. it's right here. a big distribution deal. >> yes, yes. >> you're excited about that. >> the deal was wonderful. i actually -- i'm the youngest to ever own a label under e1. >> you're 18 years old and still in high school. you have a song on the radio. you can download it on itunes. you got your start with genuine. tell us about that. >> he gave me my first shot, you know. that's my uncle. he always said he believes in
12:26 pm
me. therefore he gave me my first shot. he put me on stage. i didn't know what to do but he gave me the shot. i proved him right. >> you were how old back then? >> i was 12. 12 when he first threw me on the stage. said go get it. >> now you're 18. you had a terrific experience this year at the super bowl. tell us about that. >> the super bowl. i got to dj the exclusive mickey menage party. it was crazy. i never expected to get that job to dj for him. that's one of those things, when you get that call, you have to say let's go, let's get it. >> you met some interesting people, too. that can help your business not only a chance to entertain people but wow, this guy knows what he's doing? >> after i dj'ed that night, i got backed so many times after that they wanted me to stay in arizona. i had to go but they wanted me to stay so long. >> that's a good problem to have. let's talk about the other thing you're working on, this high school tour. you're about to finish high school where? >> glen park high school,
12:27 pm
brandywine. >> one of the things you wanted to do was spread a message on, one, you can be an entrepreneur just like you and two, making choices. tell us about the high school tour you're doing. >> i'm on the should, could, dream high school tour. basically it's telling kids, you know, you could have did this or should have did this in order to be better in life or succeed in life. and it all comes down, you've got your music. he's 18. he did this. you can look at me and you can be what i became. >> so there's going -- you're actually going to dj for the kids when you go to each high school? >> dj, talking to kids. they have groups coming to perform. it's a wonderful experience. and it gives the kids, you know, not just the regular concert mindset but it expands and it has education. i mean, it's wonderful. you have to see it yourself. it's amazing. >> he's also a 4.0 student which is amazing. who is your inspiration? >> diddy, of course. >> nice to meet you.
12:28 pm
good luck in your career. we appreciate your time. that will do it for the news. we're back on tv at 5:00 and of course 24/7. have a grea
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>> sharon: nick, i am begging you. don't let them take my daughter away from me. she needs me! i need her! >> judge ramsey: i am not going to tell you to sit down again, ms. newman. >> david: sharon, sharon, do as the judge says, okay? >> sharon: no! >> david: you've got -- >> sharon: no! >> david: sharon -- >> noah: mom, please. >> sharon: noah, i can't! i won't listen to any more of this. >> david: uh, your honor request a recess. >> judge ramsey: you've got 10 minutes to get your client under control, mr. sherman. >> dylan: sharon, just -- just wait. >> sharon: they've all turned against me -- mariah, noah, and nicholas. the man that i have loved my whole life is trying to take my daughter away from me. >> victor: anything about


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