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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a blizzard watch for friday into saturday. and i don't know if they are quite as far south as cal vert and st. mary's county. and west of i-95. it is a good thing. we never technically make the criteria, but 45 mile-an-hour winds and a visible a quarter mile or under. we play or may not get that but it is good to put it up and let's talk about the storm and take it seriously and stay off the roads. >> 1-4 inches by 7:00 p.m. friday. west of 95. overnight friday, to 7:00 a.m. saturday, an additional 8-12. it just keep adding these together. you might want to sit down when you do. by saturday, 7:00 a.m., to 7:00 p.m., 8-14 additional inches. and then finish your errands by friday morning. yes, you do have until friday morning to do that. less south and east. we will say 4-12 inches there because of the mix. and the rain. and some of the sleet. so 24 inches, there is your bull's eye west of town but my goodness, in silver spring and
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northwest dc and fairfax, still looking at 18-24 inches and 12- 18 on the east side of i-95 around bowie and down toward la plated yeah. coming back and tracking a little bit of snow. and there is a winter weather advisory for the metro until midnight. >> okay. topper has been talking a lot about how the models seem to agree that we will be clobbered with snow but why do the models don't always seem to agree? >> if they don't agree, which one should you believe. bruce is at the national weather service and trying to figure that out. what did you learn, bruce? >> reporter: well, jan and bruce, the old saying garbage in, garbage out and it starts with the data collection, what the atmosphere looks like right now. and the weather service has doubled the number of weather balloons that it is launching. and they are just about to launch one right now, out here in sterling. and once you get that data, on current conditions, you have to crunch it to try and predict
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what the storm is going to look like on friday and saturday. >> this is what i do. i look at this stuff all day. >> steve zubric of the weather service. >> when is the snow going to start? >> staring at the results of all of that number crunching. >> one system shows the low pressure system, right off the north carolina/virginia boarder. >> comparing the global forecast system or the gfs system to the north american mezzo scale model. >> there is a little bit of a change in the position of where things where. >> each model uses slightly different starting data and different formulas to predict the future. >> the folks over in europe do it differently than what we do. >> three years ago, the european algorithms correctly predicted hurricane sandy would smash into the east coast. while u.s. models mistakenly had the storm headed out to sea. but noaa has now invested
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millions in new computer systems, near college park, that give it 10 times the power, up to two quadrillion instructions a second. that should help. >> where are you getting the freezing rain from? >> on the weather service conference call, forecasters and emergency managers know tiny differences in the track and temperature could make a huge difference. >> the small changes aloft will cause what we think is a great snowstorm, all of a sudden it is sleeting, and sleet doesn't accumulate like snow does. >> with better models, faster computers, and more data, forecasts should keep getting better. but then, you have to get people to pay attention. >> now our mission in the weather service, is to protect life and property. and when people die, you know, that is concerning to us. >> now, even when all of the models agree that they can still be wrong. about this time last year, they predicted up to three feet of
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snow in new york city and they ended up getting nine inches. although at that point, the american gfs model was far closer to the truth than the europeans. live in sterling, where they are preparing to launch, bruce lechan, wusa 9. >> how could they be so wrong? weather models are computer programs like microsoft word or a video game, and computer bugs, model bias, and weak computers, can all leave them less than perfect. you can see we are already though with 20 new trucks plowing streets and counting on volunteers to shovel sidewalks of elderly and disabled neighbors. 2,000 volunteers have already registered and picked up shovels. >> if you have the opportunity to help somebody, you should. >> and it is a good thing that we have this. with the handicapped people and the elderly. especially in this neighborhood. >> please talk to your neighbors if you can. the shovels by the way are city-
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owned and bar coded. so they must be returned at the end of the snow season. you can go to our wusa 9 mobile app to learn how you can volunteer. and you can also track the approaching winter storm and get closings and alerts, as soon as we do, on our wusa 9 app. download it for free on your android and apple devices. quite a dip on wall street today. stocks lost 500 points because of falling oil prices before rebounding before the closing bell. jill wagner reports from the new york stock exchange. >> the opening bell started a wild ride at the new york stock exchange. at one point, the dow sank more than 500 points. but an afternoon comeback reversed some of the damage. and the dow finished down 249 points. >> the new normal. >> falling oil prices sparked the the initial sell-off. they are now trading at 12-year lows because supply is way up. and global demand is down. >> it is great news at the gas pumps. the national average is well
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below the $2 a gallon mark. but traders say it is bad news for energy companies and the hundreds of thousands of americans in places like north dakota and texas, who work for them. >> they are either losing their job, or making less. now, the place they buy their shoes is not selling shoes, the place they buy their cars is not selling a car and the place they eat pizza is not selling pizza. >> traders are worried about the economy in china. a huge market for american goods. china's main stock mark, the shanghai composite, has dropped by more than 40% since last summer. and it it is taking the world markets down with it. >> you probably don't want to check your balances every night. it will put you in a bad mood. >> the -- volatility on wall street continues and it is not clear when it will end. jill wagner, cbs news, wall street. >> the nasdaq finished the day down 5 points and the s&p 500 lost 22 points. terrorists stormed a university in northwest pakistan today, killing at least 20 people, many of them
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students. at least one professor is also among those dead. many of the victims were reportedly shot execution- style. pakistani security forces say they killed four gunmen after a fire fight that went on for hours. a local taliban whreeder is claiming responsibility for the attacks. washington reporter jason rezaiani appeared upbeat at a german hospital today. he said he could not wait to get home. he and two other americans at the hospital were freed by iran over the weekend. and a prisoner exchange with the u.s. is pard of the iran nuclear agreement. in baltimore, major developments in the freddie gray case. >> a judge ruled that they will not force police officer william porter to testify at the trials of the other three officers and disappointed prosecutors are asking the judge to postpone the three separate trials so they can re- try porter first. officer william porter's original trial you might recall ended in a hung jury.
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michigan's embattled governor is asking barack obama to reconsider and declare a federal disaster declaration in flint michigan. the lead levels in the city's water supply rose to dangerous levels after the state decided to supply flint with water from a nearby river. rather than pay from the city of detroit. that river it turns out is stripping the lead from water pipes and making scores of people sick. >> president obama did not declare it a disaster which means it would have been loads of federal assistance. >> and the mayor of flint has not called for the governor of michigan to resign. ms. weaver is focused on revolving the crisis and her remarks are interrupted by the calling of the resignation of chicago mayor rahm emanuel in the aftermath of the laquan mc
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down exactly what caused that fire. a man found guilty in last year's deadly baltimore washington parkway hit-and-run was sentenced today to four years probation. >> 73-year-old earl peter from hyattsville was driving northbound on the parkway the night of february 1, 2015 when he struck and killed 38-year- old rick warick who pulled over on the shoulder to change a flat tire. and peter thought it was a fender-bender when he called the insurance company and police later that night. >> it could have been different, and his wife has been taken away, so there are no more accidents on the road. >> i just can't believe it. sorry. >> an attorney said had this been on a state highway or interstate, peter could have been sentenced to five years in prison for each of the two charges but because it was a u.s. parkland, the jail time was six months for each charge. a fire truck crashed into a dire dir dairy queen in
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farmville texas. and the driver somehow lost control and slammed into the side of the restaurant. the customer and an employee inside were injured. none of the firefighters in the truck got hurt. coming up, former alaska governor sarah palin becomes a star attraction on the presidential campaign trail. >> up next, the former defense secretary analyzes the 7í
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trending on facebook right now, former defense secretary bill gates is criticizing the republican presidential candidate's strategy to defeat isis. >> front-runner donald trump has said that he would like to bomb the expletive out of the islamic state and ted cruz goes on to suggest that carpet bombing is the solution. do you see either of those a solution? >> those are completely unrealistic options. that is not the way the american military conducts warfare. certainly in the modern era. with total disregard for civilian casualties. for innocent people. >> gates is out with a new book, called leadership based on the a years in public service, under -- 50 years in public service, under eight presidents both democrats and republicans. sarah palin hit the road today, the g.o.p.
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front-runner donald trump, but the front page of the new york daily news getting a lot of talk on facebook. >> pictures of trump and pail within the headline, i'm -- palin with the headline, i'm with stupid, and the caption hate minds think alike. the paper calls the endorsement an snl skit waiting to happen. craig bosswell has the latest from the campaign trail. >> donald trump and sarah palin rallied together for the first time since her endorsement of the g.o.p. front-runner tuesday. >> are you ready to stump for trump? i'm here to support the next presiden t ofthe united states of america. >> everybody wanted her endorsement. she said what you are doing, donald, is amazing. it is a movement. and it is a movement. >> trump's stop in oklahoma is the first time he campaigned in the city of tulsa. >> great people. >> he began the day in iowa, where there was another first. trump supporters disappointed to see only trump, not palin. >> it was advised that we have a special guest so we were
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surprised that, my friends and i were surprised that she wasn't here. >> trump and ted cruz are running neck and neck in iowa. where cruz also took a lit when the state's republican governor came out against the texas senator over ethanol subsidies. >> cruz campaigning in new hampshire turned it into an attack line. >> donald trump promised not only to protect the ethanol mandate, but to expand it. >> on the democratic side, bill clinton stumped for his wife in new hampshire. >> it got a little -- we got a little lead that i think is solidifying and going forward. >> hillary clinton leads nationally but in new hampshire, the latest cnn poll shows bernie sanders ahead of clinton by 27 points. craig bosswell, cbs news, washington. a letter obtained by cbs news, says hillary clinton's private e-mail server contained information classified at a level higher than top secret. according to the inspector general, of the federal intelligence community, while clinton was secretary of state, some of her e-mails contained
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information under a classification that covers some of the government's most closely-guarded seeks. today, clinton maintained that she would never send or receive any material marked classified while with the state department. scientists have developed a blood test to determine if a patient's illness is viral, bacterial or neither and the ability to distinguish respiratory -- can change the necessity of antibiotics. and the test is 70% accurate and can take up to 10 years. scientists are working to create a faster version. we have tipped the scales. we brought the meter out and everything. it will be fun. hit on friday. well forecasted. and you can stay at home. and tweet us your pictures. we would like for you to do that. >> let's start with some things that you can do before the storm. get prescriptions filled.
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epi-pen. tylenol. advil. and regular stuff in case a kid spikes a fever. >> and for flights. it will affect the entire i-95 corridor. keep your devices charged. power outages are still possible. although it looks more like a fierce snow west of i-95. that is a good thing. tweet or facebook us before and after pictures. we love before and after pictures. here is our potential. snowfall potential. leesburg, 24 inches. winchester, 24 inches. culpepper, 23, 24 inches. gaithersburg, frederick, 18-24. rockville, 18-24. american university park, 18- 24. you jump 95, you still got 12- 18 from bowie, and lanham down to la pla. it a but farther south, a little more rain, a little more sleet, and less in the patuxent river. and the northern neck, 4-6. this is going to be a big storm. not quite as easy as '96 or '03 to draw the bands because they were much more uniform.
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but because we have a little bit of a mix and barely enough cold air, that's where we have the discrepancy. so a live look outside. on the weather cam. light snow reported now. 28 degrees at national. and winds out of the west at 9. this is snot not the storm and don't freak out and say it will snow now through sunday. no, this will move out pretty fast. a coating is possible. yes. but it is so dry and cold, that i think it is going to be not a huge problem. just kind of conversational. but nonetheless, fairfax, and rockville and silver spring, a little bit of snow. and tyson's corner and reston. and i-66, heading out that way, a little built of light snow tonight. but nothing crazy. dean wood and reston, also some light snow showers. okay, so heaviest snow back to the blizzard. and 10:00 p.m. on friday to 3:00 p.m. on saturday, and tweet and facebook us pictures, if you would, and totals west of i-95, 16 to 30 inches. stay off the roads after 2:00
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p.m. on friday, please. less amounts south and east of town. so tomorrow is the day to make hay. sunshine. temperatures to start, 30s to start. and red alert friday and saturday. 4-10 inches of snow by midnight on friday and 8-18 by midnight saturday. temperatures 31. and next seven day, by the way, hammer time on saturday. and back in the 40s on sunday, monday, tuesday. a cold rain
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last month, the washington nationals reached deep into their pocks to sign former new york mets infielder daniel murphy to a $37.5 million a year deal. now it appears they are eyeing
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another big outfielder from the big apple. the nationals are one of three teams reportedly interested in cespedes. 35 homeruns and 135 rbis. but demanding big money. some year in the six-year $150 miion range. the gnats were looking at upton but looked at cespedes when upton signed with detroit. four teams remaining in the super bowl championship playoff. and two great quarterback matchups this sunday, cam newton and carson palmer. and the afc title game, two future hall of famers against each other. for what could be the last time. this will be the 17th time brady and manning have met. tom brady holds an 11-5 record against paten manning and brady looks to win the fifth super bowl tightle with the patriots and the manning looking for the
6:26 pm
second in the career. and carson palmer may be playing better calmer but the brady manning matchup is more sentimental in value. >> the peyton manning d le teams, you know you got to play 60 minutes and you will be in for a tough game. >> a lot of different players that have played in all all 16 of those games, and so as the quarterback, it has been a great honor and privilege to have competed against him, and that many times, over the course of e thpast 16, 17 years. >> of course, manning was on the bench earlier this season when the two teams met. and you can see the afc title game between new england and denver right here on wusa 9. this sunday, kickoff is 3:05. while, some may be sick of the 2015 redskins team rally cry, you like it, some are embracing it and showing their
6:27 pm
support for the burlingdy and gold. national star bryce harper has this picture on instagram. you like that t-shirt with the hash tag dc family am and harper, the all-star, has not been shy for his love for the dallas cowboys in the past and maybe switching his allegiance now. we will see. at least nice to see the other team showing their support for the burgundy and gold. >> we should apologize, about robert gates and bill gates. and apology to both men. >> and real quick, it is snowing outside. >> and a winter weather are advisory until midnight. less than an inch. and it is not part of the storm that is coming friday evening. >> okay. get ready, folks. it is coming. you heard it here. many times. all right. >> "cbs evening news" is next. >> we will be back with your
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>> pelley: misery in michigan. detroit teachers stage a massive walkout, and lead poisoning flint. we have the governor. is the water in flint safe today? and the president. >> that shouldn't happen anywhere. >> pelley: also tonight, this weather system threatens to turn into a monster storm. palin stumps for trump. >> he is perfectly positioned to make america great again. >> pelley: stocks take a dive in an ocean of cheap oil. and the reviews are in on jamie foxx's turn as a real-life hero. >> the idea that someone would do that is so much more than i can fathom. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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