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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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oh, my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. need more bandwidth for all your devices? it's good to be back. switch to fios for 100 meg speed internet, tv and phone, now only 69.99 per month online for 1 year. switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v will the front runners stay there? as we may know who won, the first date will do so tomorrow evening, trying to fire up their supporters to convert them to vote. garrett haake is live in iowa
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joining us from the capital, garrett? the iowa voters in general take the process very seriously, even as the process has been up ended by the man changing so much about this race donald trump. tonight chris christie wrapping up his campaign here hitting small venues for upclose and personal actions for the caucus goers. we're looking forward to it tomorrow night. in favor of the big rallies and those snarky tweets, come founding everyone, but their supporters. >> the others were not, but i was there and others were a little too sensitive to get out
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on stage. >> they lag behind trump, but his campaign is featured around new hampshire. and the end of the campaign could come tomorrow. >> one of those things isn't just who wins, but who doesn't survive that it is the first test for, you know, survival and that is what we'll see the day after the caucus that they start to go out. >> reporter: some treat it like the trust. >> i feel like it will be a big thing for us to be able to do this first and set the pace for the rest of the country and so yeah we have to take it seriously. >> reporter: the others will capitalize as they sell more of their self-aware iowa shirts this week than any other. here at least they are thankful for the rides of donald trump. >> this year has been easy to come up with the content. >> reporter: and debra the solidifying feeling is that
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they are too racist to watch tomorrow. the second between marco rubio and everyone else for third, trying to put as much distance between themselves and the rest of the field. reporting live in des moines garland johnson wusa9. >> we have the democrats preparing for their iowa caucuses and the latest poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck. and crossing the eastern part of the state. they will trail sanders in new hampshire. undecided voters before their primary on february 9. meanwhile bernie sanders told volunteers in their iowa field offices that they will need every bit of support to win monday's caucuses. "everybody agrees that this is a toss up caucus."
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also today the sanders campaign announced they raised $20 million this month alone. over the past three months, sanders has raised $33 million compared to clinton's $37 million. well changing gears now if you are not sick of your commute this might do it. if you are traveling through silver springs tomorrow the water main broke shortly before 7:00 tonight on university boulevard near pine branch road. stephanie gailhard is live with what you need to know. >> reporter: debra right now crews are digging in the ground trying to reach the heights to fix it. about an hour ago they were able to shut off the water here. the water was flooding this entire area creating a real mess. >> reporter: this stretch of university boulevard looks more like a river than a road. the 12-inch water main pipe burst shortly before 7:00 tonight.
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and all lanes east and westbound are closed between piney branch and carol avenue, an inconvenience for those driving through the area tonight. i went around as soon as i could. >> frustrating for you? >> definitely. because i need to get out of here. i wanted to get home. it's not fun, sitting in traffic. >> there have been more than 300 water main breaks this month. >> we will never know the exact cause of it when it is 88 years old and breaks in the winter. you can safely assume that weather was probably a factor, but to prioritize.
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>> reporter: as you can see this road is moved up here where it will be best to avoid this area altogether tomorrow as you typically travel through this stretch of university boulevard. now to the latest murder investigation of the 13-year- old nicole level. police looking in to how two virginia tech students now charged in the death of the blacksburg, virginia teen. one is a well-known athlete and stephanie ramirez reports from howard county. john outlaw lives a few doors down. >> i don't have a reaction. i don't know how they will react to something like that.
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not the only one on sunday as they would announce the arrest of the second virginia tech student. who lived close in laurel, maryland, charged with helping eisenhower dispose of their body. no one would open up the door. >> if it turns out to be accurate, will i be leary? of course i will. according to family as they believe that they were acquaintances, using the relationship to abduct her. telling us he doesn't know them well. according to public records, but last year eisenhower quickly became the star here at the high school as you can see their name all over the track and field record board. >> reporter: he was so good
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they featured him in the student of the week segment that he did not work with eisenhower, but the former climate did. >> it is just a tragic. hard to understand those things. >> everybody will be affected in some way and the only thing to do is to be supportive there. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez wusa9. >> and blacksburg police gave enormous credit to those calling in with tips. as they were able to make those arrests so quickly. changing gears to the mild start of the week. will we need the umbrellas tonight? let's find out from first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> looks like we will have a little rain showers. even more so on wednesday the wet day coming up. but very comfortable tonight and still around 50. i don't know if we have the gloves around here coming in towards michigan right now and approaching ohio with some
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showers, the shower activity that we will be tracking for you tomorrow. temperature wise that they've got a couple of spots in the 30s and 51 at national. but it is still almost 60 at this hour in pittsburgh, dipping in to the 40s in the mid to upper 40s and the cold spots like you saw in the upper 30s. showers in the afternoon, but by 6:00 most of us will be over or so with the yellow weather alert. i'll be back with that seven- day forecast this time next weekend, debra? >> thank you, howard. and they were reporting delayed openings tomorrow. the schools will open one hour late and fairfax county and their schools will both open
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two hours late. administrative offices for all three will open on time. the world health organization will host an emergency meeting to discuss ways to battle the zika virus. the virus, which first appeared in the western hemisphere in may is linked to birth defects, now diagnosed in 25 countries throughout the americas. zika has been linked to babies born with small heads and incomplete brain developments, believed to be spread through mosquitoes. what would you do with a new car? meet five people that wanted a few had car so badly. we'll meet a student whose video message
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what would you do for a new car at a special contest at the washington auto show this week? it took tenacity about 117 hours of good game plan and a selfless journey. >> it may look like these five people are sitting around leaning on a car, but you're
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watching a fierce competition. to win these cars, they have to touch it for days. they have techniques. the sit, the forward lean, the grab the door handle and they are being watched to make sure they don't slip. >> we are here to support him and that it has been amazing seeing how much he has. >> reporter: these rock stars of non-stop hanging on had their fans, and the paparazzi too. this is just the first step each of these five contestant haves touched this white hyundai suv for 117 hours, more than 7,000 minutes or roughly 421,000 seconds. now each gets to grab a key and only one will start the car. the suspense. >> it's exciting. >> we're going to put that in the ignition. >> reporter: contestant mary tries her key first. and now it is contestant stan's
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turn. >> oh. >> contestant william is next. and bingo! here is where that selflessness comes in. william holmes of mitchellville, maryland didn't win this 2016 hyundai tucson sc for himself, he did it all for his mom. he's one of six kids and his mom has never had a new car. >> the car i have right now is making all these noises and stuff. >> she has done so much for everyone, a mother of six kids, and also a mother of so many others because she is the first lady of our church. >> i always raise my children to think about others before they think about themselves. >> reporter: and that's a gift that keeps on giving. >> now to enter that hyundai hands-on contest you had to write an essay. nine people were selected, but four just didn't last. now the other contestants who touched that car for 117 hours,
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they all won visa gift cards about $500. by the way contestants, they were allowed 15-minute breaks every three others, but they couldn't have a phone or a book, you know, headset, nothing. could you have done that? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] i just don't know. i don't know. but you know that's about $3 to $4 an hour. >> i knew he would be able to come up with it. it is not a great use of time. but for the big win that it could have been you and a pretty good chance. >> what that guy did for his mom that we all aspire to be that good to our mom and dads if we were given the opportunity. >> just so lovely. let's talk about weather now. what will happen to us tomorrow? >> we've got some coats. it'll be mild with some showers, the businesses to take care of and such a nice day. three-degree guarantee time. you know reagan national at this time of the year the river cold tonight. i always think that it will be subtled. you know it was 57 today.
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it was a nice, nice day. not just 57 here, but got to 60 at dulles. look at the highs to the west today with 63 in manassas and fredericksburg. cumberland, the cool spots in the mid-60s, well above average. from some 30s up north in cumberland, scattered out and about and lots of areas still in the 50s, the upper 50s there. 59 degrees right now in washington. the comfortable night. a little breezy. they were not that strong on the weather terrace just a few minutes ago at 59%. the weather headlines, it will be a mild start to the week with a few showers. the better chance in the afternoon. i did not raise that weather
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alert and sort of borderline as they may do that tomorrow morning. a little colder tomorrow or tuesday and then the weather alert will be in effect on wednesday, warm, windy, wet, maybe some thunderstorms there. it is really going on for wednesday. sitting in the southwest with rain and mountain snow, some of these areas might see two to three feet of snow out of these with showers out across ohio and the tennessee valley. tomorrow morning the showers may be sneaking in towards
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maryland. isolated showers being aggressive. a little bit of the northeast flow on tuesday and then we look west, these are the showers and rain you might be dealing with. but really wednesday, 9:30 with all the rain and some of it will be heavy, but by wednesday evening it has passed us. overnight the lows in the upper 40s in a few spots. tomorrow morning you could see the late shower, the cold spot in the upper 30s to the 50s. then the afternoon will be in the 50s with those passing showers at 5 to 10 miles an hour. tuesday the cold front will be
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dry. again some sunday and then we'll cool down to seasonable levels for the second half of the week. >> even though it will be a little warm tomorrow, we will need all the snow. >> the sloppiness. >> yes. >> the snow and the sloppiness. we have breaking news in there and important information for some of our people in spotsylvania because of the power outage. if you live there it is important to know. >> another day off. oh my goodness. well it's a viral video making the rounds tonight. a syracuse university student shares why she felt she had to leave her sorority. in the video alex purdy says instead of the friendship and empowerment she was seeking she was told to focus on her looks. she heard others talking about other sisters weights. hoping that her message will lead to change using the
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hashtag #revamp. michigan's restaurant tour is feeding the world one cheeseburger at a time. he recently opened his feed the world cafe in kalamazoo, michigan and get this for every $1 spent this restaurant provides six additional meals to the local food banks. feed the world cafe has provided 24,000 meals to the needy. >> bringing attention to the domestic hunger, how everybody will be a part of the solution, that's the key. >> and so what exactly was that? up on the sky last
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take a look at this. alexander salvador captured these images of the fire ball in the sky over the skyline area of falls church last night. it's pretty cool. hundreds of people across the eastern united states reported seeing the fireball also known as just a very bright meteor.
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well an electrical problem is blamed for sparking a house fire in takoma park, maryland costing more than $250,000 worth of damage. the fire started just after 9:00 last night. flames quickly engulfed the basement and the first floor. no one was hurt. the two-story cape cod was undergoing renovation in the time of the fire. and the area gearing up for a $1 million visitors a day during the upcoming super bowl festivities. with all the excitement and enthusiasm, there is also an increased security risk. homeland security coordinating the herculean effort with dozens of federal state and local agencies from the police department and the fbi to avert the terrorist attack. >> there will be officers in plain clothes, high ground. a lot of it will be on the scene to the regular person that will just come and have a great time in san francisco. >> and really what this facility is for is to collect
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information. >> that it is all about identifying the lone wolf before they act that it will be hard to find, no doubt about it. >> including thousands of the surveillance cameras that could read the license plates, also cameras that will track their facial and body movements. of course seven days and counting -- and counting until super bowl 50. the game on overtime is getting ready ♪
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maryland basketball is looking pretty good these days.
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terps on the road facing revenge. they met just two weeks ago up by 35. with the buckeyes as they are looking for another win in conference play and in a place where they have struggled with up in ohio state. plenty more on maryland and ohio state coming up in game on overtime. plus our guy right here. he'll join me to break down the local college scene. yes, we will talk about their basketball as well check out his pants. those are like $850 pants. >> very good debra. they are versace. >> come on you doubt me? >> all right, we've got a
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little wrinkle there in the nhl all-star format, playing for the metropolitan division down to nashville and hoping to get in on the festivities, including this man as we will talk about that coming up very shortly. yes, he's taking classes. the school of arts, we'll show you how he has been up there off the court coming up next. >> i cannot wait to see that. that's awesome. >> it is very good to see the other interest and very nicely done. >> i cannot afford those kinds of pants. >> i got it. >> giving you more information than what you need. >> i like that completely different. real mild tonight. maybe a few upper 30s. tomorrow back on the 50s with a
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couple of showers on the afternoon. you'll probably see the shadow as they usually do with some sun and clouds. wednesday we might get them moving up. the record is 65 and then we'll cool it off back to more february-like levels for the weekend. >> your pants might get wet tomorrow. you can get updates. guess what is next. game on overtime. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna.
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we fear the turtles here on overtime, seeking revenge. could they keep them at bay? the revolutionary rivalry, in the field for g dub still very much alive. touchdown in san francisco. denver, carolina arriving ahead of the big game, super bowl 50 next sunday. always smooth here as it is go time for game on overtime. >> yes, buckle up. welcome to game on overtime i'm frank kratovil. we are almost in february in


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