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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> it has been a busy, busy night, caucus night staying open late to let in lines of people. democracy in action. i'm adam longo. >> and i'm lesli foster. here's a look at where we stand. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a virtual tie. and you don't see former
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governor martin o'malley here because tonight, he officially ended his bid for the democratic nomination. cbs news has projected ted cruz wins the iowa republican caucus and on republican side, donald trump has about 24%. marco rubio came in with about 23%. also dropping out just a short time ago, republican mark huckabee, tweeted he's officially suspending his campaign. we have a crew in des moines >> wusa 9's own garrett is in the thick of it. you just heard donald trump in des moines who said he sank iowa and said, i might even come back and buy a farm. >> reporter: i'm heard a lot of campaigns, number 1, this was so short and it was conciliatory. coming in, a surprising second place here, and just a few moments ago, coming out and
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congratulating his rival ted cruz, and promising he would win in new hampshire. take a listen to trump a few moments ago. >> i was told by everybody, do not go to iowa. you could never finish, even in the top 10. and i said, but i have friends in iowa, and i know a lot of people in iowa. i think they'll really like me. let's give it a shot. they said don't do it. i said, i have to do it. and we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. i'm really honored, and i want to congratulate ted, and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates, including mike huckabee, who's become a really good friend of mine, so congratulations to everybody. . >> reporter: that sounded like a conciliatory concession speak because it was, because the speaker who came out a few minutes before him across town, marco rubio, who came in third
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place, did about a point worse than donald trump, if you didn't know the tally, you would have u(thought rubio wa giving a victory speech. he may be the biggest winner tonight because he was such a surprise. he performed about 8 points better than the last couple of polls showed him doing in iowa and his campaign sensed the momentum, and changed it around so he could stay in iowa, do more events and pumped more energy to this bid, becoming a very close third place tonight. we talked to several supporters of rubio who told me earlier this week they were actually supporters of trump until seeing rubio, so rubio stealing that momentum coming in third place, sets him up very nicely in new hampshire where he'll be flying tomorrow morning. ted cruz is the winner tonight, and as we reported at 6:00 this afternoon, a big portion of what cruz was able to do is flood the zone in iowa. he brought hundreds of volunteers from all over the country. he set them up around des moines in and around the state.
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they were knocking on doors and making phone calls. it was one of the most sophisticated ground operations in iowa, probably since barack obama won here in 2008, and it produced a similar result. they got their people to the polls and were able to win. but for cruz, it was probably the only negative tonight, something he set expectations that he was going to do. so although it is surprising a little bit to see trump not win, the fact that cruz knocked him off by a slim margin with that superior ground game isn't a huge surprise and it will be difficult for him to duplicate in other states going forward where he doesn't have that kind of infrastructure. the worst night for any of the candidates who are staying in this race, that probably goes to ben carson who came in a distant fourth. it wasn't long ago it was considered trump's main rival in iowa, but tonight, his campaign had to issue a press release denying that ben carson was dropping out of the race,
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because he is leaving iowa early, he says, to be the blizzard that's headed in here tonight and to pick up a change of clothes in florida. so all of that brings us back to trump who as he was before tonight and as he will continue to be, is the most confounding and interesting character in all of this. because no one knows what happens next. there has been this theory among people who watch politics closely that if trump loses, it punctures this era and fuels him as an untouchable winner. tonight, he was in the a winner. a second place finish well behind ted cruz and really no one knows how he will react to that when the campaign picks up tomorrow morning in new hampshire. now, reporting live in loimz, garrett hague, wusa 9. >> he's been stealing the headlines for months. it's what everyone talked about when it comes to politics. you've been in iowa the past two days. what has been the buzz on the street? have people been talking about
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trump or have they been talking about ted cruz and marco rubio? >> it's really interesting. you never got that feeling that trump was an inevitable candidate. sometimes you can feel the buzz in a city or state when someone is gaining momentum. you didn't feel that with trump at all. you did get a sense of that with cruz and rubio. with cruz, his people were everywhere. they would wear jerseys with his name on t they were very visible present. and this was by design. cruz wanted to make it his state. and they did a good job of doing this. rubio's momentum, natural, more grass-roots driven. we were at a chris christie rally two nights ago talking to people who said they were donald trump people who had converted to rubio. they were going to kind of feel this out and listen a little bit longer but there was something about rubio's message that seemed to be this positive and uniting factor here in iowa, and that's exactly what rubio is hoping to be able to do in new hampshire starting tomorrow to say he is the guy who can win this for
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republicans. >> great perspective there, garrett. keep your ears to the ground. reporting live in des moines, iowa. . all right, that's the view from the republican caucus. now, to the democrats. at this hour, hillary clinton has just a razor thin lead over bernie sanders. that is based on cbs news' sampling of precincts and entrance pollings. the early arrivals are split amongst healthcare, income, and inequality as the top issues facing the country. with 87% of the precincts reporting, 50% are going to clinton. that's about 612 votes. there is only a seven-vote difference between clinton and bernie sanders. he's got 49% of the vote with 605 votes. turnout has been high in iowa. a development that was expected to help the sanders campaign, but a clinton aide told cbs they believe their campaign has
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won. a big loser tonight, former maryland governor martin o'malley. he is calling it quits ending his quest for the democratic nomination. this after a report in iowa showing facing weak poll numbers across the country. both parties have drawn new participants in the iowa caucuses. about four in 10 say they were caucusing for the first time, according to polling, six in 10 democrats say they wanted a continuation of obama administration policies, among republicans, half of them expressed dissatisfaction. . so take a few deep breaths, campaign 2016 is officially underway. what's the next big thing? february is a huge month. check it out. the new hampshire primary is on the way february 9th, next tuesday, followed by the nevada caucuses for democrats and the south carolina republican primary on february 20th. on february 23rd, the republicans hold their caucuses
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in nevada and then february 27th is the south carolina democratic primary. and wusa 9 will have complete coverage of campaign 2016 wherever you want it. download our free app to get breaking news, live coverage and important updates 24/7. we switch gears to focus on the forecast now. you're going to want to be careful out there tonight. skies beginning to clear but the fog moving in. >> let's get to chief meteorologist topper shut who is warning about some slick spots >> temperatures in the 30s to the north and west of town. i think we're okay downtown. 32 in frederick, 38 in hagerstown, and 47 in gaithersburg. so temperatures should get around freezing by dawn, especially north and west of town. talking about a forecast low tonight, even upper 20s in leesburg, frederick, 29 in gaithersburg, and 32 in fairfax.
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so those areas getting to around freezing, we'll have a few slick spots, especially walking on the roads. talking about fog, it's not as bad as it was. but earlier, we had dense fog east of 270 in montgomery county. in addition to black ice, a little bit of fog is possible tomorrow morning. we'll come back and talk about our yellow weather alert for wednesday the smithsonian's newest addition on the national mall will open on the 24th of this year. on the national museum of african-american history and culture, president obama will open it. the museum documents the journey of african-americans in this country and includes artifacts featuring two documents signed by president abraham lincoln, and the emancipation proclamation. we are waiting to learn the identity of a man shot and killed by a d.c. police officer.
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>> police say the officer thought the man had a gun. turns out it was a bee bee gun. mola lenghi is telling us this is far from the first incident in this neighborhood. >> reporter: d.c. police are still investigating the shooting. the officer who's been on the force for about two years we're told has been placed on a 72- hour administrative leave in the overnight shooting that happened in what has become a very troubled neighborhood. this has proven a dangerous place. since may of 2015, five people have been shot, two killed >> walking around the neighborhood fearing that your kids are going to get shot or you're going to get shot or you're not involved in anything. >> reporter: this clay terrace resident did not want to be identified. she spoke to wusa 9 after the latest death, a man shot and killed by a d.c. police officer after authorities say he was acting strangely and began to run but fell >> as the suspect fell to the
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ground, a gun dislodged from somewhere in the suspect's clothing. >> reporter: police say the man grabbed for the supposed gun and that's when the officers shot him. investigators learned the man was grabbing for a neighborhood. d.c. says the neighborhood has become so dangerous with violence and drugs they papatrol is 24/7. this web site maps all the crime in d.c. and this cluster illustrates crime around clay terrace over the last year, shootings, homicides, arson and sexual assaults to name a few, happen regularly. these are just the reported incidents. in august, police shot what they described as a knife- wielding 22-year-old woman at the scene of a house fire. authorities later charged that woman with assault and arson for allegedly starting a fire. in may, another man was shot in the lower body >> it's just sad that our community has resulted in death every time you turn around, death is at the door.
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>> reporter: we're told the officer involved in the shooting was not wearing a body camera. there are about 400 d.c. police officers who are equipped with body cameras in support of the d.c. pilot police program currently under way. just last month, mayor mario bowser signed a measure approving 2800 officers being outfitted with body cameras by the end of the year. live in the district, i'm mola lenghi for wusa 9 >> mola, thank you. all that snow a week ago, a welcome site for this man, how he shovelled up a way to help refugees settle in our area. and find out what happens when a florida woman chases down a speeding cop and pulls him over.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. two virginia tech engineering stuns who face the judge now in connection with a bizarre crime in the murder of a 13-year-old girl. >> we're learning about the young victim and the man and woman accused in her death.
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let's go to alison for the new developments >> both are facing felony charges, one for their involvement after the fact. tonight, this is a case that has shocked many, but there are still more questions than answers. . >> if you're out there, you can come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried about you. >> reporter: 13-year-old nicole lovell disappeared last week, when police found her body along route 89, few expected to see these teens arrested. david eisenhower and natalie keepers are freshmen at virginia tech. both study engineering. he is from columbia, maryland, and graduated from wildlake high school. >> very pleasant young man, very goal-driven. >> reporter: she graduated from hammond high school and lived down the road in laurel, maryland >> a very valuable member of our school community, very strong academic student. >> reporter: eisenhower ran track >> i will personally not stop until i reach my peak performance. >> reporter: the keepers performed on stage, but police
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say both of those people carried out heinous crimes. eisenhower abducting and kill killing lovell and keepers helping dispose of the body >> they were acquainted prior to the disappearance. eisenhower used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and kill her. >> reporter: police aren't saying how they knew each other but in an interview with the washington post, lovell's mother said police told her the two met on social media. lovell was a member of at least one dating group on facebook. but for the people who knew nicole lovell, none of that lessens their pain >> nicole just jumped in. >> reporter: and none of it explains why a 13-year-old lost her life >> it's a ball of emotions. these teens are just emotionally broken. so it's just something you don't expect. >> reporter: eisenhower and keepers are set to appear before
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rain showers and thunderstorms and nice on thursday, 53. >> there needs to be a grace period before we can say darn it, no snow. >> we don't want that. good night. you go
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