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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00am-6:58am EST

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y. you can see traffic flowing freely, but the volume looks like it could cause problems. we'll have an update shortly. for now, over to you. >> good morning washington. >> right now, it's 6:00 a.m. the first votes are cast in the 2016 presidential race. marco rubio rises, ted cruises in for the win. >> tonight, very courageous conservatives across iowa. >> plus, the democratic contest in iowa remains unresolved with hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a draw. >> and as the candidates move on to new hampshire, it's the end of the road for martin o'malley. wakeup washington at 6:00 starts right now. this is wake up washington on wusa9. >> good morning, you are looking live this morning at punxsutawney, pennsylvania, crowds are big. they have been gathering since
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early this morning. punxsutawney phil is expected to come out this morning. if he sees his shadow, six more weeks of winter. pgh we are hoping he does not see his shadow. >> do they get rid of all the tv lights? i'm going to start with the iowa caucuses and a look at two very different front pages. the des moines register splitting the front page between ted cruz and two democratic candidates. >> while the new york daily news, which has nerves never been a fan of donald trump took pleasure in his second place in iowa. you'll read it there. dead clown walking. we are following the latest developments in the iowa votes. >> and delia goncalves is live at the museum with more. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike, andrea. love those headlines.
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we are waiting for the front pages here to change. no doubt folks will be lining up to read a lot of the headlines, which we'll talk about the iowa caucuses. the tie in a democratic race and the legal coin toss that decided hillary clinton won some of the precincts, but only by a small margin. it was her fight song and hillary clinton promised one as she stared face to face with her opponent in a tie. senator bernie sanders congratulating clinton and martin o'malley who suspended his campaign. >> i want to thank o'malley. i lost more than one campaign, but he should note that he contributed a whole lot, up to
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the dialup, that he ran for the campaign and he won the respect of the american people. >> i don't hear a lot about my kids future coming from the republican side. so, i switched to democratic -- >> the real winners were the voters who turned out in record numbers with precincting reports double, even triple what they expected. >> everyone here thanks you. >> and now, on to new hampshire. that primary just one week away. i'll have much more on the republican race coming up in the next half hour. live outside the museum, wusa9. and get the latest on election 2016 on the wusa9 app. it is free for your android and apple device. 6:03 now. here are some of the other stories, police have identified a man who was shot to death saturday in capital heights. he was 45-year-old, gilbert hall iii of northeast d.c. and his killer is still on the
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loose this morning. it took police several hours, but they were able to end a barricade situation in oakton on monday. the man surrendered peacefully after barricading himself all day long in the apartment of his estranged wife. >> also in fairfax county, police are trying to identify this man. they believe he used a counterfeit atm card to withdraw cash from a sun trust bank on richmond highway. if you can identify this man, please contact fairfax county police. police are also searching for the driver responsible for a hit-and-run in rockville. it happened around 7:30 monday morning. a 54-year-old woman was hit by an suv by the montgomery county circuit court building. she will recover. >> the date is set for the opening of smithsonian african american history museum. president obama will lead a dedication on september 24. the event will be followed by a week long celebration, including an outdoor festival and a period in which the
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museum on the national mall will be open for 24 consecutive hours. still to come, we're tracking how a water main break in silver spring is going to make an impact on your morning commute. we'll have a live report. and it's the question everyone is asking, why? why did a virginia tech student murder a teenage girl? the latest on the shocking story is ahead. alyson. >> good morning, we are starting off comfortable. watch out for areas below freezing with slick spots. i'm tracking our next chance of rain. a sustained system that is bringing a lot of system to parts of the midwest. your future cast is coming up next on wakeup washington. a live look shows how things are shaping up. making its way to rockville for a pedestrian struck. we'll bring you that shortly. in the meantime, we can show you how things are shaping up with no issues over the wilson bridge. if you're going to be traveling on the inner or outer loop.
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we are keeping a close eye on volume on 50.
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get 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. now, wakeup washington's weather and traffic on the 9's. >> and welcome back to wakeup washington. we are starting off pretty quiet. watch out for some fog for areas off to the west and also today, we'll see sunshine. temperatures will be cooler than yesterday. but we're still headed to the upper 50s, or upper 40s, excuse me, and near 50 degrees. so pretty nice afternoon. sunshine will hold until the sunsets, then the clouds increase overnight. here come the clouds by first thing tomorrow morning. the first bit of your second yellow weather alert day of the week, some showers and heavier rain holding off to the west. this will push on through for much of the middle of the day
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on wednesday. showers, heavier rain, even some thunderstorms, gusty winds, temperatures are going to be in the 60s tomorrow. so enjoy today, it will be quiet. we'll go through the rest of your future cast for tomorrow and look ahead to the weekend coming up. larry, over to you. >> thank you. 6:09 is your time right now. and your fast five, we have moderate volume throughout much of the area. slow on 50 because of an earlier issue on the inbound lanes. that's approaching kenilworth avenue. still moderate along the beltway. 95, 66, as well as the bw parkway. we expect things to change once we get closer to 6:30. we are keeping a close eye on a report of a pedestrian struck. still limited information about this rockville area, but sky nine is making its way there. we'll bring it to you. from a look right now, looks like they are working to get sky 9. over the wilson bridge, no issues on the inner or outer loop from alexandria to oxen
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hill. do we have that shot of sky 9? we're going to get that for you on the other side, for now, over to you. >> thank you, larry, yet another look, just two days after a big one on university boulevard near piney branch road. >> crews have been on the scene. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, i am actually off of georgia avenue in the 900 block here. well, check out the scene here. this is where what we're just learning, 10-inch water main break happened. about 2:30 this morning. it took crews about 45 minutes to get the water off. we're told about 22 customers in the area has been affected. they have no water. now this hasn't been declared an emergency, so they are not going to bring anyone early to conduct these repairs right away, but you can expect work to be done as early as 8:30 this morning. now, we're just learning also
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that crews responded to the same area on sunday for a water main break, in the same exact spot. they came out yesterday, they fixed it. everything appeared to be good to go. this morning, it wasn't the case. another water main break at the same location. now, sunday also, crews are busy responding to another one in the area off of university boulevard. it was a 12-inch water main break there, it took crews 3 hours to get the water off in that area. today, some work is going to go on with the roads to fix the location where it happened. so you should expect some delays on 2 eastbound lanes beginning at 9:00 a.m. again here in silver spring. as we learn more, we'll bring it to you. but as of now, no work is being done on this. again, we should expect that to happen in just a few hours. even though we have seen a couple crews with the washington suburban sanitary commission on the scene here. reporting live, makia turner,
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wusa9. still to come, brew it like beckham. how a cup of tea earned the international soccer star to lifelong fans. >> plops, the white plus, how much they are asking for. >> leave it to seal to explain why baby making and the super bowl are correlated. we'll have it comion wakeup washington.
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a virginia man will be in a california courtroom today after a violent outburst on a jet blue plane. 36-year-old, joseph sharky was traveling from d.c. to jacksonville when he attacked a fellow passenger and two flight attendants. sharky is accused of verbally attacking -- opening an exit door in flight. that's the latest on the live desk. back to you. the biggest questions about why a virginia tech student allegedly killed an 11th grade girl are still unanswered. >> why was she killed and how did he meet the 13-year-old girl? two virginia tech students appear before a judge monday in the death of nicole madison
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lovell. 19-year-old, natalie keepers is charged with disposing lovell's body. >> shock, wondering why. it's a ball of emotions, that the family is experiencing right now and some of the friends she had. these teens are emotionally broken. >> both eisenhauer and keepers are being held without bail. the man charged in that deadly crash that left tracy morgan in a coma and his best friend killed is pleading not guilty. former wal-mart truck driver pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from that incident in june 2014 on the new jersey turnpike. it was his tractor trailer that ran into the back of morgan's limo. >> where are the children? that's the question as european police agency say they lost track of 10,000 migrant children. the news is many fearing organized crime gangs are beginning to exploit the vulnerable youngsters.
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authorities say around 88% of those who go missing are boys. >> a british mother is heading to jail for joining isis. sentenced to six years for fleeing to syria with her toddler. wearing an isis head scarf and standing next to a gun. she returned to the uk last year and was arrested. virginia has recorded its second case of the zika virus. william and mary says a student contracted the virus while traveling over winter break. the student is expected to recover. zika is a mosquito born illness that has been linked to severe birth defects. the white house is getting set to ask congress for millions in the battle to find a cure for cancer. president obama will ask congress for $755 million in his upcoming budget. if that's approved, it would bring the total price tag for joe biden's cancer program up to $1 billion.
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biden is working to kick start federal engagement when it comes to curing cancer, which claimed his son's life. looks like it is safe to bite into that burrito. the outbreak of e. coli illness linked to chipotle that sickened 60 people appears to be over. investors welcome the news with chipotle's stock jumping over 4% monday. united airlines is trying to bring back a bit of the friendly skies. the airline has reversed add four-year-old policy and will now allow families with young children to board early. united had forced families to board with everybody else since it revamped its boarding process in 2012. >> and apple has been unseated as the world's most valuable company. google has now passed apple to top the list. alphabet's market value is roughly $570 billion, apple's current value is $535 billion.
6:19 am
led to investor confidence. first alert weather time, the good thing about the warm temperatures and then the rain that's coming later in the week will help the melt, but boy, the snow left is really heavy. >> yeah. >> i tried to shovel off the back deck for kids trying to clear sidewalks to go to school, it's no joke trying to move it. >> there is a lot to go as far as the melting. one thing we are a little bit concerned about if you are anemic a creek or river, we are concerned about flooding come wednesday afternoon. not so much flash flooding that you typically see in parking lots and stuff. we're talking rivers and creeks and near the potomac basin. that's something we will watch for wednesday. lots of rain to talk about for tomorrow. today, not so bad. here's what we are dealing with as you head out the door. fog and a few icy spots. most areas are okay with the icy conditions. but there are a few areas that have been below freezing for
6:20 am
several hours. bridges, overpasses, so fog, low visibility for frederic and right down that 81 corridor. as we look at temperatures coming up, you'll see who needs to watch out for slick spots. 38 degrees in the district. we should be okay. it is above freezing. it has been for awhile. especially for areas off to the south. so, frederic and martinsburg, i got my eye on you guys for those icy conditions and down through the 81 corridor as well. and manassas. watch out for the sidewalks as you head out for your work or school. okay, let's take a look at showers headed our way for tomorrow. a good bit of sunshine today. the clouds don't increase until after the sunsets. here come the showers. tracking light to moderate rain. the heavy stuff comes in the middle of the day. this is 2:30 in the afternoon. thunderstorms are possible and it will be warm until the front comes on through. then the temperatures will drop. our coolest day of the week will be on friday. 51 degrees today, 62 for
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tomorrow. 50 degrees by thursday. breezy on thursday, bringing in that cool air. friday, we'll bomb bottom out at 42. above average conditions. larry, over to you. >> looks like we had a pedestrian struck in rockville. a live look right now shows you the scene cleared up. there were a number of police as well as fire trucks there and you can see just one cop car just an indication that looks like things are getting back to normal. we are getting the all clear. i expect all road closures should ease up. back to the maps right now, or yeah, 295, showing you how things are shaping up. traveling southbound from fort mead road, now 22 minute commute. if we can give you a live look, we'll show you how things are shaping up. you saw the volume as you get closer to the 11th street bridge. you can see it here in the camera, how heavy things are going at this point.
6:22 am
no accidents or incidents, it's just volume. if you can get the door earlier, we suggest you do. traveling northbound on 95, you won't find any issues traveling from areas like gordon boulevard, making your way up to 395. the bulk of the volume will happen past the overpass. to north lee highway, now a 19 minute commute. we'll send it over to you. >> still to come, how would you like a one on one conversation with the president? where that's happening, people are getting up close and personal. >> donald trump is saying good- bye poo her music. we'll tell
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donald trump, it might be time to get the freedom girls back on stage. that's because adele is saying good-bye from the other side. adele has not given anyone permission to use her music for political campaigns and she is looking at donald trump, who has been using adele's music on the campaign trail. specifically, she indicated her politics are more left leaning. nobody we are learning can brew it like beckham. >> international soccer star gave a paramedic in london and her patient a shock. the two were waiting for an
6:26 am
ambulance when beckham grabbed them a cup of coffee and tea. london ambulance service hailed beckham saying a gesture as small as buying a cup of coffee makes our crew feel appreciated. >> and it was cold out there. >> 6:26. topping our news, a d.c. bar is under lock and key this morning after fatal stabbing. >> plus, we're tracking the latest out of iowa where hillary clinton is edging closer to claiming the win.
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good morning. i'm andrea roane. >> weather and traffic . allyson rae has a sunny forecast. >> lots of sunshine later on today. it will be a beautiful afternoon. a couple issues this morning, one, fog. and also just a few last spots of some icy conditions. there have been some areas below freezing for several hours. martinsburg, frederic, and through manassas. everybody else is above freezing, and look at this sunrise for michael and son camera. beautiful start to the day. lots of sunshine. we're at 38 degrees. we're going to head to the upper 40s and near 50 degrees. lower 50s for areas south of the district for this afternoon. here are the trouble spots for martinsburg and frederic, temperatures into the 20s. manassas -- prince georges
6:30 am
county, you're above freezing as far as the icy conditions are concerned. into the 40s, an easterly wind, clouds increase tonight, we'll talk about the rain and yellow alert day coming up. here is larry miller. >> 6:30 is your time right now. we want to let you know we expect all lanes of traffic to open on the eastbound side where we give you a report of a pedestrian struck. sky 9 is now over the scene of a car that spun out of control. this close to where the pedestrian struck on the westbound side of the mid county highway that is route 124 just before gotion road. if you're heading in that direction, watch out for the slick and icy conditions on the roads this morning. weather and traffic returns again on the 9's. for now, over to you. >> this is wakeup washington on
6:31 am
wusa9. hello, we are looking live this morning at punxsutawney, pennsylvania, on this ground hog day. crowds have been gathering since the wee hours of this morning. punxsutawney phil is expected to come out around 7:20 this morning. really, they will haul him out of there. superstition says if he gets his shadow, we will get six more weeks of winter weather. they are starting it up with the national anthem festival time. >> and the crowds are huge there. >> absolutely. the big story this morning in campaign 2016, the results of the iowa caucuses are in and republican senator, ted cruz, came out ahead of donald trump. >> the crowds were huge. the democratic race came down to the wire. delia goncalves is live with more on that. delia. >> reporter: we're live outside the museum this morning and many of these newspapers, this is where people come here to read the headlines across the country. they will change over a little
6:32 am
later this morning. many of the headlines will mention the winners at the iowa caucuses, including the voters. >> i want to tell you something. i'm just honored. i'm really honored. >> a gracious donald trump took number two at the iowa caucuses, losing to senator ted cruz, 24-28. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa. >> the republican party reporting record turnouts. >> i voted for hillary, because i have five granddaughters. >> i ended up voting for bernie sanders. >> i'm going to try trump. >> i went for ben carson. i like his style. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders ended up in a tie. she is ahead only by 5 people. the candidates now move on to
6:33 am
new hampshire. that primary one week away, but it is the end of the road for governor martin o'malley and mike huckabee who suspended their campaigns. we're live downtown, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> thank you, delia. a d.c. bar has been shut down after a fatal stabbing there. the nightclub called bar code at 17th and l. in northwest was closed following a fatal stabbing. two men were stabbed. one of them, 29-year-old, robinson powell died at the hospital. police have not made an arrest. the bar is going to be closed for four days. an investigation is underway after an mpd officer fatally shot a man who had a bb gun. this happened 2:00 a.m. monday in northeast d.c. the officer who shot the suspect is on administrative leave for at least 72 hours. the victim has not been identified. i'm nikki at the live desk. the third largest city recorded 292 shootings and 51 homicides in january.
6:34 am
that's in chicago. that's an increase of more than 75% from last year. in january of 2015, there were 29 murders in the city of chicago. the murder rate is the highest for the month since at least the year 2000. police say gang conflicts drove the quote, unacceptable increase in homicides. the rate increase also comes as chicago police are being investigated after a white police officer fatally shooting a black teenager 16 times. that's the latest from the live desk. now back to you. >> thank you. expect delays if you travel through silver spring this morning. >> as crews work to repair a roadway from one water main break, they are dealing with a second one. turner is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. just a few moments ago before i get into the situation here. i notice one worker on the scene here using the spray gun to mark the underground utilities here where the 10- inch water main break happened. as it was explained to me, this
6:35 am
is used to make sure that crews don't hit power lines or gas lines. to make sure everyone here in this area has their power. take a look at the scene. the soggy aftermath of the water main break. it happened just before 2:30 this morning. crews were able to shut the water off about 3:15. we're told about 22 customers in this area do not have water right now. but, they can expect crews to get out here in a couple hours to begin repairs, to get their water service back. what's really interesting about this situation here, is that there was a water main break in the same exact spot on sunday. and crews were out here yesterday for hours fixing it and then this morning, it burst again. so, definitely a trouble spot in the area, which intersects with georgia avenue. so keep that in mind as you head out for your commute. reporting live this morning from silver spring, wusa9. >> all right, thanks, still to come, the late show helps cold
6:36 am
play find their way to super bowl 50. tommy mcfly has the details. >> plus, a no holds bar with their prime minister. >> and, use your wusa9 app. you can see what the temperature is for your neighborhood. we have a wide range of temperatures. some areas into the 40s. and those areas into the 20s, of course, you'll see some slick spots. this afternoon into the upper 40s and low 50s. another gorgeous day. no rain in the forecast today, but tomorrow, yellow weather alert day. i'll let you know what you need to know coming up. sky 9 right now over the scene of icy conditions on the 19,000 block of watkins mill road. you can see one car spinning, spun out of control as a result of the road conditions out there this morning. also an alert for o metr commuters. because of a switch malfunction. we'll talk about that shortly. stay with us, we'll skincare now becomes skinactive.
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now, wake up washington's weather and traffic on the 9's. >> and welcome back. i'm allyson rae. we are starting off okay. a little cold for some areas, martinsburg and frederic, i'm concerned about icing on bridges and sidewalks. temperatures have been in the 20s for a few hours. everybody else is above freezing. here's a look at first alert live doppler. look at the rain moving through missouri and the snow in iowa moving through. we are going to be on the warm side of this. this is the same front headed our way for tomorrow. we are just expecting rain. areas in the mountains could get a little bit of snow, but not for us. we're looking at fog this morning. watch out for that as you head through the 81 corridor. look at that nice sunrise coming our way for your tuesday. it will be beautiful. 38 degrees, headed to the upper 40s and into the lower 50s.
6:41 am
above average for another day. tomorrow, no different. we'll track the showers on your future cast coming up. larry, over to you. >> 6:41 is your time right now. it's shaping up to be a normal rush hour commute with a few issues here and there. no major meltdowns. again, moderate on the beltway, 95, 66 as well as 50. slow on the bw parkway once you get closer toward the 11 street bridge. let's give you a live look from our traffic cam. this is 295 here at kenilworth and eastern. you can see how significant the traffic is there. again, no accidents or incidents on this stretch of 295. this is just volume. everything is running on schedule. vre is running on schedule as well. we do have several issues going on on metro, on the orange, blue, and silver lines. delays in both directions. back on the 9s. for now, over to you. >> thanks, larry, coming up before 7:00. a maryland judge accused of shocking a defendant enters a
6:42 am
plea. >> plus, the donald sweetens the deal for a trump presidency. we'll tell you what he billed and -- build and we're not talking about that wall.
6:43 am
ur drive home. a strong line of showers,
6:44 am
thunderstorms, even some good gusty winds. we'll be tracking that for tomorrow, yellow weather alert day. icy conditions go away, 51. 62 for tomorrow, 50 for thursday. breezy, those winds out of the northwest will set us up for a chilly day on friday, but back up to the upper 40s by the weekend. larry, over to you. >> thanks, 6:51 is your time right now. metro riders want to let you know we have a delay on the orange, blue, and silver line in both directions because of a switch issue outside of mcpherson square. buses continue to run on schedule. take you to watkins mill road between smooth stone way where we have icy conditions. sky 9 has been over the scene for the past 15 minutes. you can see police cornered this area off. we did have a car that spun out of the control. looks like that car now clear from the scene. but, police have closed the road because of those conditions so watch out for that. the bw parkway toward the 11th street bridge.
6:45 am
heavy volume all day. looks like it will be a big problem for folks. >> cbs this morning is up next. bob shaefer is analyzing the iowa caucuses and what that means for new hampshire coming up next week. strategies and budgeting tips for potential home buyers. >> plus, we are back with weather and traffic. >> plus, get the app with traffic and weather updates all throughout the day. >> groundhog town in punxsutawney.


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