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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:26pm EST

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right now at 7:00, emotions overcome a mother as she talks. >> nicole touched many people. >> new details about the virginia tech students accused of killing the teenager. 50 -- first tonight at 7:00, loved ones are remembering to pray for two lives cut short. thank you for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. police say they are looking for who shot and killed nashante davis and her
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daughter, chloe, still strap ped in her car seat. >> reporter: that vigil is set to begin here in about 30 minutes at the bible church and folks are trickling in here in prince george's county to remember a mother and daughter, lives cut short. as the vigil is going on, police will continue to investigate and search for the killer as no arrests have been made. davis and her daughter were found shot and killed in an apartment complex in a parking lot in fort washington. a neighbor tells us before the double murder, davis was heard arguing with a man followed by three gunshots. davis was said to be a devoted mother to her daughter and her career, a secondary teacher at
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bradbury heights. >> a beautiful little girl. she was running around church, a beautiful baby. >> her mother was trying to get her life together, really nice. report we'll hear from her loved ones tonight. and if you have any information, you are asked to contact the prince georgeee police department. >> do we have any idea who might have been targeting her? >> reporter: we don't have information, and we know she was in a custody battle but police are not pointing fingers, not tell us would they are looking at. >> all right. thank you.
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and there was a group that has said they will be looking to start a stop the violence campaign. the mother of a 13-year-old girl killed in virginia brock down in tears today. police reveal that does nicole lovell died of stab wounds. natalie keepers is already facing charges of helping david eisenauer after the slaying, and today, we learned she may have been more involved. >> reporter: it was said that natalie keeper was was in on this, and that was it was planned. >> there is no mistaking what this family had gone through. >> reporter: police charged natalie keepers as accessory before the act to murder 13- year-old nicole lovell. >> nicole touched many people
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throughout her short life. >> reporter: clutching her daughter's favorite animal, a panda, her mother walked away shaking but not before telling reporters more about her daughter. she fought non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >> she had a passion for music, dancing, dreamed of being on american idol someday. >> reporter: police are not release anything more information. but this accuses keepers of being an accessory around the time of january 4 through january 27 the day police believe that lovell was killed. >> and 18-year-old david eisenhauer still facing murder
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charges. a former fairfax county teacher is behind bars charged with child pornography involving a student. police say that 44-year-old ronald sweeney took photos of a student. he was found with the girl in a parked car along richmond highway. she is now 16 years old. as the investigation continues, police discovered more evidence on his cell phone. >> we don't believe there is a necessaryity for the community to be worried but if anyone says they have had a relationship with mr. sweeney, we would love to hear about it. >> officials say that parents need to pay attention to their child's interaction with
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adults. and a white house opator will be sentenced for using her -- allegedly using her supervisory position to alter time sheets to reflect overtime hours that were not actually worked. that employee was paid $13,000 that was eventually split with her. the employee is not facing charges. and topper tracking storms that could affect both communities tomorrow. not looking good. in the morning, light shower, jan, and in the afternoon, big time thunderstorms. here's a flood watch north of town, and our friends in jefferson county, hagerstown, frederick, and again, the main concern, heavy downpour, snow melt and ice on the rivers also which will affect the river flooding. okay. here is the futurecast in the morning, 6:00 a.m.
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temperature above freezing. no slick spots like this morning. 42 in manassas at 6:00 and 42 in gaithersburg, and these are all light showers for the time being. 9:00, temperatures in the 50s to the south. 53 in fredericksburg, and clouds and showers and 48 in gaithersburg and 37 in silver spring. by lunchtime, showers and thunderstorms. see the yellow and orange? we'll hear a rumble of thunder tomorrow between noon and 5:00. look at that, 60 degrees at 12:30. we'll come back and track the evening commute and how cold tell get behind this front. d.c. police are searching for three people wanted in connection with a fight. this was posted on the police department's youtube page, taken inside a restaurant last week. three men were seen attacking a victim. one man threw a chair at him and another man threw it right back. the victim has minor injuries.
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if you know anything about this fight, please call d.c. police. you won't see pot clubs in d.c. any time soon. there is a ban on smoking marijuana in public places for 225 days. right now, people can only smoke in their homes unless they ran to live in public outsiding with an all-out ban there. the pot clubs, some say, would shield children from secondhand smoke but the mayor said this would only lead to a msterdam- style clubs, and she has congress's support. >> this is good news. what we've seen is that the ban on this activity permanently has been lifted. and now, the council is giving themselves more time to look at the issue. >> even if you have an outdoor desk, you are in public space and therefore, your smoke
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befores like, you know, impacts the people around you. and you don't have a right to smoke pot in public. >> the council chairman said that residents who supported legalizerid majuana only endorsed private use and did not envision pot clubs. iowa is in their rear view mirror, but what happened last night at the caucus could be a bad sign for a candidate. that's next. >> and bill cosby's lawyers i that assault charges against him should be drop. >> and you have a camera? in a potato? you could be frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working?
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it's on to the next for the presidential candidates. the first primary is a week
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from today. ted cruz greeted an enthusiastic crowd for a second win. marco rubio is using his third- place finish to position himself as the pain stream candidate and best able to clinch the election. donald trump edged out a second place finish by one point, and we just heard from former massachusetts senator scott brown who has thrown his support behind him. the latest poll has him favored with 38% of the republican primary vote. cruz is a distant second at 13%. on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton weaforted edda-wasted no times rallying the crowd in new hampshire. in the end, clinton narrowly
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beat sanders with 23 delegates and sanders, 21. cbs's cbs said this shows that there are campaign problems. >> bernie sanders gave her a real run, not a victory for hillary clinton. >> the results in iowa led to martin o'malley and republican mike huckabee to drop out of the race. the candidates move out and the snow moves in. this is a look at des moines today where a snow storm covered everything in sight. at least it was snow in iowa. in south dakota, a blizzard warning is in effect until tomorrow morning. it could dump 14" of snow in the area. take a look at a hot potato. >> a german businessman paid $1 million for the photo that was taken by an artist.
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supposedly when the artist is not shooting edible potatoes, he photographs the hollywood celebrities and rich and powerful in the silicone valley. >> what's the deal with the potato? >> i need to start photographing fruit and vegetables; right? potatoes? [laughter] the prediction is in from punxsutawney phil. is spring just around the corner? >> good news tonight at least temperature wise. no one will fall below freezing. lows in the 40s and a couple of 30s in martinsburg and hagerstown and frederick. 41 in fairfax and we'll come back and track the showers and thunderstorms hour by hour for you. and trending on facebook, the 100 most romantic restaurants in america based on reviews from the app open table. congrats our local restaurants.
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a woman who claimed bill cosby drugged and sexually abused her at the playboy plangz in 2008 20 -- ma
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