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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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i want to take you down to 210 northbound at old ford road. we have an accident blocking the right lane. traffic will get by on the left. causing residual delays as well. for commuters headed that way towards the beltway, you will see a slowdown, and go north of that, and you're good to go. a live look over the wilson bridge, doing really well on the inner and outer loop, and weather and traffic will return on the 9s, and for now, over to you. good morning, washington! >> right now at 6:00 a.m., a community is coming to terms with a tragedy as a teacher and her 2-year-old daughter are fatally shot. we are live at the prince george's county school where she shot. >> nicole touched me throughout her short life. >> heart break for a virginia mother after losing her daughter. two college students are now in jail, convicted of the murder.
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and a killer will tell a judge why he's innocent. what wakeup does the podcast star have to prove it? good morning i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. thank you for joining us. we will start with the search of a killer. neshante davis was killed along with her 2-year-old daughter. >> she taught 2nd grade, and those are young children who can probably not make sense of what is going on. >> reporter: students will arrive to school and have the grief counselors on hand to help them deal with the tragedy, and as you can challenge, class will not be
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the same this week without her. the prince george's community cool district said -- school district said they are deeply saddened by their loss here. >> reporter: she was found in the parking lot outside of her condo building, suffering from gun shot wounds, and she lived in the pinewood hills complex. close by police found her daughter, chloe, in the car, and she was shot, still strapped in her car seat. she was transported to the hospital where she later died. neighbors heard arguing going on minutes before three gun shots rang out, and they say nashante was in the middle of a custody dispute over her daughter. prince george's police are trying to identify the motive and the suspect in the case, and you can look live now at the police headquarters, and a spokesperson said no new developments are out this morning just yet, but as you can see, we have crews out for
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any new developments. police are trying to identify the suspects in the case. a vigil for neshante and her daughter was held last night as people remember body body of them. the mother of a teenager allegedly killed by a virginia tech student is now speaking out. we are starting to learn how that teenager was killed. nicole lovell's mother tried to describe the daughter she called coley, and she couldn't finish. >> she had a passion for panadas, dreamed of being on american idol, and nicole touched so many people throughout her short life. >> prosecutors have now charged 18-year-old david eisenhaurer in her murder. the preliminary cause of death
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is stabbing. natalie keepers is charged with helping him commit the crime. i'm nikki burdine at the live desk, and today the maryland governor will deliver the state of the state. lucirne baylor is calling for funding for the new university of maryland hospital. they say crime does not pay, but that may not be entirely true in the nation's capital. dc lawmakers have voted for a bill that would pay residents not to commit crimes. this is on unusual arrangement, nick. >> reporter: that's right. fighting crime with cash is essentially the new bill. it was approved unanimously yesterday. look at some more information we have on this, background for
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you, and it was introduced by council member mcduffy. it will be for 200 people who are at risk of completing nine a crime. - - completing a crime. he said he wants to create opportunities for people who are particularly at the highest risk of offending, and this morning we got reaction to this bill. >> i would be for it as long as it's something in terms of spending it on clothing or food or shelter. >> i don't like that. how do you determine who is at risk? >> reporter: and those are some of the big questions this morning, and we are working to find out where the money would in fact some from, and the a.p.
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says it could cost around $4.9 million over 4 years, and mayor bowser has yet to commit to funding it. where will the money come from? that's the question that remains. more reaction later this hour. live in dupont circle, nick giovanni. 6:06 right now. adnan syed has been charged with murder, convicted of murder, and he's about to get his best chance at a new trial. >> last year syed was granted a request to introduce evidence related to his alibi including cell phone records and a witness who says she was with syed at the library when his exgirlfriend hae min lee was killed. he was sentenced for her murder, and his hearing will last through friday. still to come, how small businesses are winning big with the super bowl. we will go live to san francisco. the dramatic emergency landing caught on camera.
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we will tell you how it ended. you need your umbrellas today, and also, don't forget. you need to get your wusa9 app. we will track the heavier rain today. flood watch in place for the areas with a significant snow pack left. another additional inch of rain causing concerns near streams or creeks, especially up through martinsburg that will be something we will be watching later today, and then we will time out the rain on your futurecast, and you can pin out when you will -- point out when you will see the heaviest rain coming up. this is moderate volume approaching the 11th street bridge, but the whole stretch of 295, free and clear of any
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all right, welcome back to wake up washington. we are going to have light showers for the next few hours through the mid-morning. it's not going to rain all the time. just spotty. this afternoon we will see the heaviest rain from 1:00 to 6:00, and it's earlier around the noontime for the areas to the west. here are the light showers, all the way from upperville down through haymarket, and this is through manassas through warrenton, and this is where we are dealing with the light rain. now to the 40s, and we are going to see temperatures soar to near record highs. into the 60s this afternoon with the south westerly winds, and gusty, too. by 1:30, heavier rain to the east of 95, and by 3:00, wet for most areas, and we will time out the back edge of this
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and if it will impact your morning commute it will for some areas, and also we will look ahead to the next 7 days because winter returns. >> allyson, thank you. 6:11 right now, and moderate volume all over the place right now including the beltway on the virginia and maryland side. 66, 50, and the v.w. parkway, and the good news well don't have any accidents on the interstates, and at least that's working in your favor. metro riders watch out for delays in both directions on the orange line because of residual problems. the water main break there causing bus delays on metro. that's the 38b and the ford b, and the earlier accident on 210 causing delays on the w19 for the metro bus commuters out there. much more coming up shortly on the 9s, but for now, over to you. lawmakers are getting set to grill people involved in the
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flint, michigan, water crisis. california is going behind one environmental company behind a disaster. and one oscar winner has harsh words for you on
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thank you for waning up with us washington. 42-degrees in northwest washington, and we are in for a wet wednesday. couple that with the snow melt, and there's some flooding concerns, and allyson will have more in just a bit. zoo keepers in tokyo staged a bizarre drill to practice for an escape. >> they worked as a team to recapture this zebra on the loose. it was not the real thing. it was a staff member. it bolted from the cage after the earthquake destroyed its enclosure. it was a big drill. charges have been filed against a utility company for a massive gas leak in california. the l.a. county district attorney fired a lawsuit against the southern california gag company and the d.a. says the company needs to be hell accountable for the leak that has been out of control for 15 weeks. two sheriff's deputies have
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been convicted of trying to cover up the beating a handcuffed inmate at a los angeles county nail. the two were charged with falsifying reports, and the deputies are facing up to 20 years in prison. georgia has executed its coldest death row inmate. 72-year-old brandon aster jones was convicted in 1979 for killing a convenience store clerk during a robbery. the execution took place this morning. a plane was forced to make an emergency landing after an explosion blew a hole in the fuselage. the pilot thinks it was a bomb, and the aviation experts agree. two people were slightly injured amazingly. 74 people were on board. people are blaming amazon for putting brick and mortar stores out of business, but the
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company may be opening a store near you. the head of a u.s. major mall operator says they will be opening hundreds of bookstores, a claim the company has not yet confirmed. currently they do operate one store in seattle. yahoo is cutting 1700 workers as the company's ceo is trying to save her own job. marissa mayer has spent billions trying to revive the company has revenue continues to fall. india's biggest car maker has a rebranding problem on its hands. they recently launched a new car called zica. that's z-i-c-a, but it's too close to the zika virus. now the auto maker is working for a new name for the vehicle, sold in 50 countries worldwide. an emergency landing caught on camera in hawaii. the landing gear on the plane
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failed, and you can see the propeller is not rotating, and that's when the pilot was instructed to make a water landing, and get this, the pilot was uninjured. a small plane nose dives into the ocean, off the beach north of miami. the pilot and one passenger just got a new scrapes, and after they went into the water, they jumped out and started to swim to the shoreline. life guards got to them within second and -- seconds and helped them to the beach. >> can you imagine if you didn't know how to swim? a lot to talk about today. >> where do you want to start? >> i want to talk about temperatures because i didn't have enough time to put the graphics into my forecast it will be warm today. into the 40s, headed to the 60s for near record highs, and enjoy the spring weather. next week, not so spring-like. you will see that on the 7-day forecast. this is the rain we are expecting for today.
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half an inch up to over an inch for parts of southern maryland down through the northern neck, and the areas still have a lot of snow pack left over with half an inch, up to an inch for isolated spots north and west, and that's where we have flooding concerns, and here's your snow depth. areas through martinsburg through haggerstown, through streams and creeks, that's where we will be concerned about the flooding. that's why you have a flood warning for berkeley county. everyone else for the flood watch. be cautious as the rain moves on through. the next few hours will be spotty. you may find dryer times during the morning hours, but the light rain, the spotty rain is ahead of the light stuff this afternoon. for leesburg, parts of 66 will be wet for the morning rush, and heavier rain into 81. that's not even the main event for this afternoon. heaviest rain, beside the spotty rain between 1:00 and
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6:00. here we are at 2:00, right along 95, right through washington, and look at the temperatures, into the 60s, and gusty. wind advisory on top of the blue ridge. 3:00, pushing off to the east of 95. by 7:30, the areas west of 95, dryer, and the roads will still be wet, but it's going to be a wet commute home for southern maryland, prince george's county and up through anne arundel county. 50 is wet out there as well. tonight, we will dry things out, and temperatures will peak for the midnight hour, and they will fall all night long. 44 for friday, and it's on the cool side. that's the coolest day, at least for this week, until next week, and we will change things up. nice weekend, beautiful, but next week, on tuesday, we are looking at snow showers possible. larry good morning. smart train riders, everything is on schedule for you this morning. bre is also on schedule this morning as well.
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traveling southbound making your way into town, you will see the bulk of the volume once you get into it. northbound on 95 on the virginia side, we can see the volume really picking up once you go over the overpass, up to 395, and a 15-minute commute for yourself is this morning. eastbound on i-66 doing well on the corridor, but as we said in the fast 5, moderate volume will certainly be a factor, and we are starletting to see it once you get into fairfax. that's to north lee highway, and a 26-minute commute there, and if you're traveling southbound on 270, starting at middlebrook, working your way down, now a 15 minute commute. a live look with how things are shaping up here. this is georgia avenue and randolph. free of any show or ice, and we are doing well in terms of. college park and silver spring.
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from the traffic lens camera, significant volume along 301 up to route 5. you can see how heavy it. is that's an indication of what we are in for today. the best advice we can give you for folks trying to make your way from the maryland towns south of the beltway into town, you want to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, and consider the delays we have going on this morning. remember the water main break yesterday, looking like things are beter today. things are moving smoothly in both directions. >> thank you, larry. >> jeb bush is turning tohis family for support for the super bowl. and we will go live to
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♪[music] ♪ i love that music. the super bowl is already a big win for the small businesses who are working with the nfl in the bay area. >> i am ready for football, and you can see how the business connection program has changed the life of one program in san francisco. >> reporter: for 10 years, yovanne heinz has opened her bakery to the public. >> don't act up when company is around. i'm talking to my brownies. >> reporter: that's week she
6:26 am
learned the nfl would give her the biggest order of her life. >> i said i cannot fumble this. >> reporter: 2400 baked goods for onsite meetings. the super bowl contracts are worth a lot of dough. more than $3 million went to hundreds of san francisco area businesses, and just because super bowl week has started doesn't mean more orders could not come in. >> there's businesses that this week are still sub missing advances, and i'm getting requests now, and we will tally that up. jason tribune says when the local businesses are hired, it's easy to tally how much they have earned. >> are you rooting for the panthers or the broncos? >> i'm rooting for san francisco. >> it's not just an added bonus
6:27 am
for her, but for her community. i'm rooting for yovonne. to be eligible for one of the programs, you had to be a woman- owned, minority-owned, lbgt- owned or veteran-owned business. and now they will take a class with a goggle technology class to further their advancement online. coming our news at 6:30, paying you to stay on the right side of the law. >> we will
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and we start this morning with a look at weather and traffic. >> we do in deed. larry miller, with his girlfriend with the commute, and allyson rae has the weather. >> larry keeps saying he's 26 and then 23. i don't know. we are going to say 53 until he changes that. >> reporter: we are looking at showers headed our way for the yellow weather alert. light showers for the next few hours, but the heavier stuff will be this afternoon. we are missing off with the snow to the north, and we are dealing with flooding issue, and that's our concern for the areas with the snow pack to the west this will be spotty, and
6:31 am
it may not rain the entire morning, but it will be very wet with the rain. right along 15, 66, and through parts of martinsburg through hagertown, and they are seeing the rain fall. we will have the futurecast, and we need to see that in a bit. larry, good morning. >> good morning. funny story, i found a gray hair in my hair this morning, and i put it in a box. i will keep that with me. oh, it gets better. >> it was lint! >> hopefully it's called lint. we have a water main break for roslyn this morning that has wilson boulevard westbound from north pierce to north quinn street blocked. you to watch out for that this morning. i will just see light delays in the area, and of course, once you get around it, you're good to go. we are also keeping a close eye on 210. the northbound side on old fort road. causing residual delays s it's
6:32 am
also impacting the metro bus as well. speaking of metro, delays on the orange line this morning, in both directions because of earlier issues, and also accidents on 210 as well as that water main break in roslyn, causing detours and delays associated with metro bus. give yourself plenty of time this morning, checking with metro before you head out the doors. we will send it over to you. good morning, washington. it's 6:32 now. a live look at the dc skyline as the sun is gently creeping over the horizon it will be a soggy day as we head through the afternoon. good morning. i'm andrea roane. >> thank you for joining us, i'm mike hydeck. our top stories, students and teachers are mourning one of their own this morning. a mother and her 2-year-old daughter were killed. >> the woman was a teacher in capital heights, and that's where we find makia turner this
6:33 am
morning. >> reporter: good morning to both of you guys. this is the second day that students in nashante's class will be without their teacher and another day her colleagues will be without their colleague and friend. this is really hard for people to cope with. that's why the county school system will have a crisis team on hand here again today to help students, staff, and their families deal with the loss here. last night a vigil was held in remembrance of neshante and her 2-year-old daughter chloe. those who knew her said she was a lovely young lady trying to get her life together. yesterday she and her daughter were shot to death outside of their condo building. police found neshante suffering from a gun shot wound. she was declared dead at the scene. chloe was found in a car nearby. she was shot and transfer toad
6:34 am
the hospital. little chloe was still strapped in her car seat. both will be truly missed. >> i can tell you that she was absolutely beloved by students and staff alike, and it's very sad, and it's a tragic loss. >> a tragic loss in deed. now a live look at the prince george's county police headquarters. no one has been arrested yet. police are trying to identify the suspects and a motive in the case, and again, they ask anyone with information about the homicide that happened in fort washington yesterday, they are asking you please contact them. reporting live this morning out of capital heights, makia turner, wusa 9. if you're in southwest dc this morning and see a lot of emergency vehicles don't be alarmed. there's an active shooter exercise on the base. they are testing emergency response forces, and the drill will start at 10:00 a.m. an educational technology
6:35 am
firm is promising to bring hundreds of new jobs called 2u, located in new carrollton. they will move to a bigger site, doubling its work force to more than 1300 employees. they work with schools like the university of georgetown to provide online showerses. they say crime doesn't pay, but in the district it sure could. >> dc lawmakers approved a bill to pay residents to not commit crimes. nick giovanni has more. who will be paid? >> reporter: that's the big question, andrea. they have yet to identify how they will go about the process of finding the people to put in the programs they will talking about. the number right now is about 200 at risk of violent crimes, and look at the background of where it's coming from. it's based from a program in richmond, california it commits
6:36 am
people at risk of being involved in a violent crime. they will pay up to $9,000 a year in stipends in they go through the scram stay out of trouble. it was unanimously approved by the dc council as part of a bill discussed and approved yesterday. here's reaction to the bill this morning. >> they are getting paid? they wouldn't do it i guess it will be less crime, but that's our taxes! >> i would be for it as long as it's for something in terms of not just cash or a card to spend on food, clothing, or shelter. >> reporter: again, still a lot of questions of how the numbers would work in dc. we can tell you the results in richmond, california, 79% of participants have not been suspected in any crime. they are chalking it up as a
6:37 am
success at this point. dupont circle, nick giovanni. >> thank you, nick. a congressional hear willing be held today on the flint, michigan, water crisis. >> they will be calling on governor schneider to resign. it will be held outside of today's hearing at the rayburn house. and tommy mcfly checks out helen's super bowl ad. >> it's a good one. have drones finally found their match? we are getting a grip on this one just ahead. we are seeing light showers work their way in for areas west of the 95 and moderate rain from haggerstown to winchester. i will time it out for you on
6:38 am
the futurecast, next. i-66, heavy volume on the right side of your screen. we have heavy volume all over the place as the rush hour will start to kick into high gear. the good news, we don't have any accidents or incidents that will slow you down. it's really going to be the volume. that's the biggest culprit this morning. we will update metro on the
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all right, welcome back to wake up washington. we have a lot of wet weather to go through today. that's why we have the flood watch in place for the areas north and west of the district, even including washington. we are going to see a lot of rain, the snow melts and streams will be of most concern. looking back to west virginia. more rain headed our way. spotty showers, and light showers, and the heavy stuff is after 12:00. this is through culpepper, and
6:42 am
1:00 to 2:00, right on top of washington to the beltway. this will continue for your drive home. this is areas through prince george's county and southern maryland. you can see a wet drive home. areas to the west it will be dry as far as rain falling, but the roads will be wet. we will track the rest of the forecast and the 7-day forecast is coming up. larry, over to you. >> thank you. we have heavy volume, and there's certain sections of the metro at this point, primarily on 95 on the virginia side, still doing well on the maryland side, and it's slow going on 66 as you make your way into the capital beltway that point, moderate on 50 and the v.w. parkway, but it will get slow once you're closer to the 11th street bridge. watch out for that this morning. for the metro riders you're nursing lanes on the orange
6:43 am
line. residual issues, and 38b. and the 4b. will see delays in terms of metro on the bus. the w.b. will see some delays in fort washington because of the accident own 210. much more coming up on the 9s. for now, sending it over to you. before 7:00 a.m., find out how you can order up an uber full of cuteness. [ laughter ] some hungry students have a new obstacle in their way between them and a big mac. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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last night's democratic caucus was super close. hillary won by 3/10s of one percent or as it is known in iowa, carl. >> carl did it! [ laughter ] hillary edged out bernie sanders in the race called the close nest caucus history. in new hampshire, a different story. the latest poll has bernie
6:47 am
sanders leading 57-37%. he's expect to do well on his home turf. jeb bush is turning to mom. former first lady will be joining her son in new hampshire. the former first lady will be at two events. there's also a rich history in maine and new england. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are doing. >> norah o'donnell is live with our preview. >> reporter: good morning to you mike and andrea. we will talk to bernie sanders about his close finish in iowa and what's ahead for new hampshire. a cbs news investigation has congress asking why six veterans can't get a life- saving drug that the v.a. may have helped to develop, and we go to the land and the air to get a closer look at super
6:48 am
bowl 50. how this single mother of three became a business pioneer. >> i didn't buy that, but i have her hangers, and they really do work! she's amazing. >> you can a seen her star in "joy" with jennifer lawrence playing her. 6:48 now. a prince george's county woman woman who is the director of the white house switch board operators has pled guilty to stealing $5,000. andrea turk of upper marlboro will be charged. she altered time sheets and added hours for another employee who was not working. that person is not facing charges. concern is mounting over the zika virus. a patient in texas got it through sexual contact. on tuesday the world health organization said it it was a global health emergency.
6:49 am
it's link to a serious birth defect that leads to babies being born with abnormally small heads. a morning about a fetal alcohol poisoning. 3million women expose their babies to alcohol because they don't know they are pregnant. the cdc is urging women of childbearing age to avoid alcohol consumption unless they are using contraception. >> i think one of my neighbors got a new car, and i felt glad because he department get the shiny car feeling because there was so much snow on the roads. we will see an inch for areas, and look at your suspected rain fall. areas farther south through southern maryland, you can see an inch. half an inch to an inch, and
6:50 am
add that to the snow pack, and it has to melt and go into the streams, and that's why there's flooding concerns for the areas that have significant snow pack tote north and west, and the flood watch does concern washington, and up here, that's where we will be watching. the areas up there, okay, look at first alert live doppler. heavier rain moving into 81, but the light rain will continue for the next few hours. the heavier stuff arriving this afternoon. it may not rain the entire avenue, spotty. the better chance is west of 95 for the next few hours. after lunchtime, make sure you have your umbrella with you. down to frederick this line of rain could have thunderstorms shorted with it. we will have gusts as high as 20 or 25. the temperatures are near record highs today. definitely feeling like springtime. we will head through the
6:51 am
afternoon into the evening, this is 7:00 for southern maryland, prince george's county. parts of the area will have a wet drive home. we will have a midnight high temperature on thursday, and then the falling temperatures with the breezy north westerly wind. 53 for tomorrow, and our coolest day of this week will be on friday, and sunshine. pretty nice, seasonal. 44degrees. over the weekend, 50 degrees, and awesome over the weekend. winter weather will sneak back in on tuesday with snow showers possible. larry, over to you. >> thank you. 6:51 is your time. smart train riders we are doing already on the rails this is southbound on 295 there, and you can see how significant the delay is and how slow it is witness you get past these areas. working northeast into east capital street. 30 minute commute there. northbound on 95 on the
6:52 am
virginia side, the volume will really starlet to get heavy once you get past warton. working your way up to 395, and eastbound on i-66 from fairfax to competition avenue northwest, 29 minute commute there, and on i-270, once we get the clicker rolling here, and there, there we go. all right, from i-27 down to the capital beltway. here's the community. let's show you 270. we talked about the heavy traffic, and you can see on the southbound side, the good news well have incident and accident free, but the volume will pick up as you make your way closer to bethesda. i would say you can add 5-10 minutes to your morning commute, and that will be in your favor. want to take stress out of
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your day? spend the day cuddling with a puppy. >> uber has teamed up with animal planet to deliver puppies across the area to promote this weekend's puppy bowl. you can have a puppy delivered with your uber app, and it will cost you $30 for a little cuddle time. >> awe! drones are a problem and danger in some cases, but now the dutch have come up with a way toe deal with them. the police in the netherlands say birds of praise could be used to prevent unwanted drone use. the eagles are being trained to take the drones out of the sky. the police said the safety of the birds will be investigated as they continue thest its. an australian school is working to keep kids out of the classroom and out of nearby food restaurants. >> how they are doing it, it's interesting. the school has built a heavy duty fence to come them from
6:54 am
breaking out. students were actually cutting the holes in the wire fence to get to a nearby mcdonald's and kfc. i mean 24-hour breakfast has to be that tempting. >> mcdonald's is probably mad you are cutting off their customer base. the super bowl week send here this weekend. have you heard? >> sean mcfly had the ads you will probably be talking about and winding. >> good morning. leave it to a sassy have british lady to drive home without drinking and driven. helen miran has choice words. >> if you drive drunk, you are a short sited, oxygen wasting
6:55 am
human solution, and selfish coward. if your brain was to be donated to science, science would deny it. >> that's the point, being responsible when you're watching the commercials or the game this weekend. >> she is great. >> it sounds so much better with a british accent. don't drink and drive. >> thank you. yesterday morning, -- >> still no suspect and still no people or motive as i mentioned, identifying 26-year- old neshante davis and her 2- year-old daughter chloe. both of them were shot yesterday outside of their condo building in fort washington. the community held a vigil last night. makia, fighting crime with cash. that's the basis of the bill unanimously approved by the dc council. we know under this bill, the city officials identify up to 200 people a year considered at risk of committing or at risk
6:56 am
of being a victim of crime. they put them through the behavioral therapy programs, and if they stay out of trouble, they are be paid a stipend. we are not sure how much or where the money will come from, but a lot of questions we are working to get answers on. nick giovanni, wusa 9. have your umbrella with you. it will be warm today. near record highs into the 60s, and showers for the first half of the day, and the heavier rain, the gusty wind is coming this afternoon, and it will get out of here overnight, and then look ahead all the way to next tuesday. winter will try to sneak back in. a couple of snow showers headed your way, but we have a beautiful, beautiful weekend in store. a water main break in roslyn, and wilson boulevard westbound is blocked from north pearson to clemson street, and now the shoulder is blocked over wilson bridge. now the heavy volume we are seeing, and again this is
6:57 am
southbound 295 here at kenworth avenue and eastern avenue, approaching the 11th street bridge, and if you request addics to time to your morning commute that will be the best advice. congress is picking up a cbs investigation into why a cure for hep c is not getting to the veterans who need. >> we will be back in 25 minutes with the check on
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, february 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." tornadoes rip across the south and blizzards bury the midwest. a mid-air explosion blows a hole in this jet. a passenger got sucked out of the plane! was it a bomb? >> donald trump says he may have made a mistake skipping that last gop pledebate. stavert we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. tornadoes on the ougrnd. tornadoes on the ground. >> house is gone. >> tornadoes tear across the


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