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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> donald trump's private jet, we learned, the plane trump force one had to make an emergency landing in nashville, after the pilot reported engine problems. the plane, it's a boeing 757, did land safely, trump then continued on to a speaking engagement in little rock, arkansas, arriving late, and saying it was rough getting there. >> in dc, police are investigating who shot four people in the 1500 block of
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butler street southeast, two men, and two juveniles, one man, and one girl all had gunshot wounds, conscious and breathing. police described the injuries as non-life threatening, and no word on who did it or why. prince george county, police are investigating an accident that killed a pedestrian ain clinton. the victim is an adult male, fire and police officials are on the scene. no word yet on who the victim is. or whether the driver who hit him will be charged. tonight, a yellow weather alert. again. >> a dense fog advisory has been issued. so let's get to topper shutt on what it meanings for the morning good. >> just expanded the advisory to cover the entire metro area. visibility down to a quarter mile in dc gaithersburg, and zero in fredricksburg.
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the i fog advisory covering -- the fog advisory covers everybody. use low beams. you see less when you use the high beams, in terms of the futurecast, temperatures by morning, back in the 40s. i think once the northwesterly winds kick in, the fog will get out of here. right now, we have a more south early moist notice -- southerly flow, so would plan for extra time, if you're coming down 70, or i-70 early, or i66, those are going to be bad tomorrow. we will come back, and talk about the 3-degree guarantee, and explain why we have snow flakes on the 7-day. >> see you then. the man who confessed to shooting and killing his 2-year-old daughter and mother, a 26-year-old school teach certificate behind bars! police arrested daron boswell-johnson, charging the 25-year-old with murder.
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mola? >> reporter: this it's murder with the young mother and child were shot dead in front of their home yesterday, it was all over a $600 a month child support payment. >> why did you kill your daughter. >> reporter: they made an arrest, and application got a confession, but this is just a good chapter in a bad story. the circumstances, do not lend us to celebrate. >> how can you celebrate when a 26-year-old mother and school teacher and her 2-year-old daughter are dead. >> whoever did it, they should pay for it. >> reporter: police say johnson did it, shooting and killing neshante alesha davis, and their daughter, chloe, after confronting davis in the parking lot, angry over child support n december, he was ordered to pay $600 a month in support. bishop pith is the pass -- pit is the pastor at her churn. >> i never knew him, and never
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met him, but i heard about him. i think that probably set him off, because he had to pay child support. >> reporter: anne has a child at the school in fort washington. that's where davis taught second grade. >> she was scared to go -- [ strong accent ] >> she was scared, you know. that's all. >> reporter: sad is just a start. a father killing a child. as the father of a daughter, it's incomprehensible to me, it's cold. >> reporter: this is not johnson's first run in with the law, he has had several gun related offense, but this is the most serious. live in fort washington. >> also in prince george county, police made an arrest in a deadly shooting in capital heights.
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townsend is now charged with murder. police say he killed gilbert hall last sass day afternoon near the -- saturday afternoon near addison road. they say it was drug related. a private funeral will be held for nicole lovell. today, family and friends came by the funeral home in blacksburg to pay respects: 18-year-old david eisenhauer is he charged with murdering nicole, natalie keepers is charged at an accessory. both attend virginia tech. keepers is due in court tomorrow for a bond hearing. tomorrow morning, a frederick county delegate plans to introduce legislation that could strip mosques with ties to terrorism of their tax exempt status. >> that proposal has raise some questions on the very day president obama made his first ever visit to an american mosque. >> reporter: david's bill, which
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he will file tomorrow, dons mention mad cow diseases, but the -- mosques, but the press release links it directly to the mosque that president obama visited today. >> we're one american family, and when any part of the family starts to feel separate, or targeted, it tears at the fabric of our nation. >> reporter: david vote was putting the finishing touches on a bill meant to strip that very mosque of its tax exempt status as a house of worship. >> i find out the president's coming to baltimore to visit this mosque, and that was, that was enough for me to say, somebody needs to make a statement. >> reporter: the bill calls for the maryland comp troll letter to work with the department of homeland security. if they link a house of worship or nonprofit to terrorism, they could revoke the attempt exempt status. >> the first -- the tax exempt
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status. >> the first amendment does not protect anyone having affiliation with or supporting any form of terrorism. >> reporter: it echoes the language of the candidates who propose monitoring or shuttle -- shutting down mosques linked to terror. >> they blow people up. >> reporter: and vote is a candidate, running for congress in maryland 6th district. there have been critics so say this is -- who is a think is an attempt to draw attention to a congressional campaign. >> that's absurd. this is more of a sense of feeling like i have a duty and an obligation as an elected official to protect the people that elected me. >> reporter: he says 24 reps will cosponsor is -- republicans will cosponsor it tomorrow.
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one week ago until the new hampshire primary. and the war of words is heating up. donald trump and bernie sanders have huge leads the democrats are arguing over he turf, while the republicans are exchanging insults. the gloves are coming up as the republican candidates are hitting it up. >> cruz goes out, you talk about liars. >> reporter: trump went on a twitter ramp, accusing ted cruz of cheating to win the iowa caucus. cruz says trump is throwing a trump-er tantrum. >> he is more and more hysterical. >> reporter: rubio is positions himself as the main stream gop choice. >> we must nominate someone that can your few the party quickly if we have a chance -- that can unify the party quickly if we have a chance to unify. >> it's just pet tissue child
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issue things. >> reporter: while trump and cruz are locked the worry of wards, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are turning up their attacks on each other. sanders leads clinton 2-1 in the latest poll. clinton says despite the home court advantage, she is not giving up on new hampshire. >> new hampshire favors neighbors, which i think is neighborly. >> i think that argument is the only reason we're doing well hopefully in new hampshire, because we're from a neighboring state. that's not totally true. >> reporter: an iowa gop spokesman said no fraud was committed and the results are final. rand paul and rick santorum dropped out, santorum endorsed rubio. ben carson was here talking about the monday iowa caucus. he said the cruz campaign cost him votes by telling caucus voters that carson ended his
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campaign. >> it's clear people tried to take advantage of a situation, who tried to distort information, no question about that. he senator cruz told me he was not aware of that when i talked to him. and that he did not agree with that kind of thing. and we're waiting to see what he does to demonstrate that. >> carson came in fourth in iowa. we've learned vincent gray will announce plans to run for dc council. sources confirm he will enter the democratic primary for the 7th seat which is currently held by yvette alexander. that primary is in june. new information in fairfax county about a deadly hit-and-run. police have released this picture from the crash. take a look. investigators believe the white vehicle you see there may have been involved. the accident took place back in november, a 69-year-old was kill while
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>> milestone them separate, so d
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them. >> reporter: peanut was taken to the emergency room immediately after the incident occurred, and i'm told that the owner of life of riley contacted the police and asked them to do the investigation. at the end of it, police determined that this was a civil and not a criminal case. reporting live, wusa9. >> the family filed a lawsuit monday morning. the amount they are asking for is the cost incurred when they cut their trip to paris short. the today, a judge ruled that a sexual assault case against bill cosby will be allowed to proceed. his attorneys had argued that the previous da had granted immunity, in exchange for cosby's testimony in a civil case. the prosecution has to prove there is enough evidence to go to trial. a patient who has been in a san diego hospital for 16
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