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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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avenue. add a few extra minutes to your morning commute. meantime out in manassas, keeping an eye on flooding. also blocking access to a bre station. sky 9 will make its way there shortly. should get there by 6:15. should bring it live as soon as we get it. for now, we'll send it over to you. >> 6:00 a.m., good morning, washington. >> and right now, he's accused of killing his little girl and the baby's mother. today, this prince georges county man will go before a judge. >> plus, a neighborhood gets a rude awakening with a loud bang. we're on the scene of a violent crash in northeast d.c. >> and day two in court for syed as the serial pod cast star tries to convince a judge he should get another try at justice. wakeup washington at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. >> this is wakeup washington on wusa9. >> good morning, i'm andrea roane, welcome to wakeup washington at 6:00. >> glad you're with us this thursday morning, we start this
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morning in prince georges county where man accused of killing his own two-year-old daughter and the child's mother is going to be in court today. >> darren boswell johnson has admitted to murdering davis and their daughter, chloe. the two were shot tuesday morning outside their fort washington home. chloe was strapped in her car seat when she was shot. >> a father killing a child. as the father of a daughter, it's incomprehensive to me. it's cold, it's callous. >> the shooting occurred after at two adults argued over child support. in december, johnson was ordered to pay davis $600 a month. the judge is expected to rule today that johnson will stay behind bars until his trial. and we are also following breaking news overnight. d.c. police are investigating a car crash that left several people injured. one vehicle crashed into a row of parked cars in northeast. turner is live in the district with what we know so far. is this going to make an impact on the commute, do you think,
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mikia? >> this may slow some people down who rely on 14th and c to get where they're going. but it shouldn't be too bad this morning. seeing as if the road closures that were in place earlier have been lifted. i can tell you one thing for anyone who drives down this street, please, take it easy. you can see a pile of glass and other scattered, broken pieses of glass throughout the street, could do a number on those vehicles. just a head's up. the person in this jeep, they will not be happy when they see this. apparently around 12:30 this morning, a driver slammed his or her car into the jeep. it knocked out the taillights here. you can see where other parts of the jeep have fallen also. some of the parts beneath the jeep. when i walked down the street earlier this morning, i could see where the jeep was knocked into a company van here. so, again, two drivers so far impacted by what happened.
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we're not told how many people were injured in the single vehicle crash. the extent of their injuries has not been revealed to us or the kind of injuries, we are trying to learn more about what happened here. as we do, we'll be sure to bring you details. as far as the car that slammed into the jeep that has been removed this morning. for now we are live in capitol hill, wusa9. >> d.c. police are looking for a suspect in a wednesday night shooting. four people were shot in southeast d.c. police say two juveniles and two adults were injured at last check, their injuries are not considered life threatening. in prince georges county, this woman has been arrested after police say she was involved in a drug related shooting in capital heights on saturday. 32-year-old, markenna town send has been charged with first- degree murder. you can get more on all of these stories and the latest breaking news on our wusa9 app. it is free. now to campaign 2016 this
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morning, donald trump's plane was forced to make an emergency landing in nashville on wednesday. the republican presidential candidates boeing was flying from iowa to arkansas when it experienced some sort of engine problem. the plane was eventually given the all clear and trump was able to make it to his evening speaking events. ahead of the primary elections in new hampshire, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are still voting, vying for voters attention in the granite state at a town hall last night, sanders took shots at clinton from taking donations and speaking fees from wall street. clinton fired back, said she was amused that sanders was setting himself up as saying who is more progressive. they face off again tonight in the 5th democratic debate. i'm nikki at the live desk. new information this morning out of fairfax county. police are looking for two men who held victim at knife point while they robbed a jewelry store. this happened on monday at sophia's jewelry store in the
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springfield plaza. police say these men walked into a store and pretended to look at jewelry. then one man grabbed an employee and dragged him behind a what will holding hill at knife point. the suspects got away on foot. now police say they are described as hispanic. the second suspect was shorter, wearing a black haded sweatshirt. if you recognize the men those pictures, call crime solvers. 1-866-411-tips. we have these pictures on our mobile app if you'd like to take another look. back to you. >> the story made infamous in the serial pod cast plays out now in a baltimore courtroom, he's asking for a new trial. >> plus, how did you do that? a crazy car crashes a vehicle in the most unlikely place. >> don't know if that's talent or what, fog has lifted.
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most areas of the quarter mile. better visibility and overall floorks not a bad thursday. we'll talk about what is coming up for the weekend in a few minutes. >> from a live look right now, we can see how things are shaping up traveling from areas like germantown and gaithersburg, making your way toward the capital beltway and bethesda. a slowdown because of volume on the southbound side. so just be patient. but once you get closer to town, it gets better. much more news, weather, and traffic coming up
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good morning, washington. 6:08 right now. a look at the washington skyline. you see the monument on the left side of your screen.
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probably not an easy go of it earlier this morning. things are much better at reagan national. let's toss it over to howard with weather on the 9's. >> now, wakeup washington's weather and traffic on the 9's. >> yeah, mike, we are looking a lot better than we were two, three hours ago for most areas in fredericksburg, orange, a little bit of fog there. let me show you temperatures, they are dropping. still relatively mild for this time of year. we're in the mid 50s. then we drop into the upper 40s, of course, much of loudoun and montgomery counties, and 50 on the nose from arlington and college park. what we're looking at today, some sunshine returning, more clouds this afternoon, low to mid 50s should do it there. can't rule out a couple showers well south and east of us for tonight and even this afternoon. over the weekend, we're looking at, or friday, i should say, mid 40s on friday. saturday upper 40s. i think we'll be in the upper
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40s, still okay before we get issues next week. i'll have that coming up. time saver traffic. >> moderate conditions along all of our major interstates at this point. that's the beltway. for 95, that's maryland and virginia. for metro train riders, everything is running on schedule. no delays on metro, buses also running on schedule as well. a live look shows us how things are looking. the beltway here, at 201, no major issues on the inner or outer loop as we mentioned beforehand, volume starting to pick up. you might see some delays areas at college park, parts of the wilson bridge, where that stuff is typical. weather and traffic returns on the 9's. >> 6:10 now, happening today, former d.c. mayor could be announcing he is getting into politics now. he's considering a run for the d.c. council once again. nick giovanni joins us live
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from the wilson building this morning. good morning, nick. >> mike, you know, vincent gray has been flirting with this idea of a return to politics and a return to the wilson building. conversations with bruce johnson for some time now. could be a matter of hours until gray makes that decision official. sources confirming to wusa9 this morning that former d.c. mayor will in fact announce plans to run for his old ward 7 d.c. council seat. a seat held by yvette alexander. this comes more than a month after the u.s. attorney's office ended its probe of gray's 2010 campaign without filing charges and he maintained he knew nothing about the $600,000 shadow campaign. it's been a dark cloud hanging over him. now appears that he is ready to move forward. that announcement expected to come around noon today. the question is, how will people embrace that decision? we want to know what your thoughts are on gray's potential return to the wilson
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building. seeking that ward 7 seat, tweet us at wusa9 mornings and we'll be out here on the streets trying to gain some insight into what potential voters are thinking about as well. for now live outside the wilson building, wusa9. >> 6:12. still to come, a lawsuit that has some people saying, give me a break already. >> will he make an appearance?
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welcome back. 6:15. take a look at our snapshot of the day. india's new under water restaurant. it opened doors this week. >> this restaurant is e mersed in 40,000 gallons of water. it features around 4,000 fish and marine species. >> tracking news across america now, president obama has preached tolerance during his first visit to a u.s. mosque. the president was at the islamic society on wednesday, although he visited mosques overseas, the president waited until his final year in office to make such a visit here at home. : el niño could be good news for drought stricken california. orders could be dramatically scaled back or ended if el niño storms keep pummeling the state into the springtime.
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already, folsom lake to be depleted by california's long standing drought has now surpassed its average water level for early february. the case against bill cosby will continue. a pennsylvania judge has refused to throw out the sexual assault case against the comic in the keystone state. cosby's lawyers claim the comic had been granted immunity by another district attorney a decade ago. >> this former pharmaceutical ceo has been muzzled by his lawyer. today he will get an earful in washington. a new lawyer in the fraud case against martin says his clipt would stop speaking out in his own defense until the charges are resolved. but today, he is scheduled before a congressional committee. he gained notoriety when his company bought a life saving medicine and raised $13.50 to $750 a pill. a rare beast has been caught on camera. the only known wild jaguar in
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the u.s. is seen roaming a mountain range in southern arizona. this is the first publicly released video of this giant cat. all right, this story is kind of cool. it's hard to get your opinion on this if you think it's a good idea. a 3.9 gpa. a 39 a.c.t. an oklahoma university is fighting the freshman 15 by requiring all incoming students to wear fitness trackers. a christian university announced earlier this month that all first year must wear fitbits. track how much activity a person does. students are required to take 10,000 steps per day. florida governor, rick scott, declared zika virus a health emergency. at least nine cases of the mosquito born zika virus has been detected so far. health officials believe people contracted the disease while they were traveling overseas.
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>> well, you've heard it before, the commercial says, give me a break. >> a woman is demanding a lifetime supply of kitkats. after she bought without the signature wafer inside. the london law student says the candy bar maker, she suffered emotionally and financially. the company hasn't responded to the lawsuit. >> unbelievable. >> and the song comes, give me a break, give me a break. >> she might want some kitkats or money back, but a lifetime supply, come on. they should kick her out of law school. >> if she wins the case, they'll put her -- >> anyway, let's talk about this find, got rid of most of the fog, temperatures not too bad. they aren't going to move much. we have colder air moving in. so, balance each other out. let's show you first off, the
6:19 am
view outside and the visibility is a lot better than it was about three or four hours ago when we were making our way in toward the wusa9 studios, and this morning we're looking at sunshine. but, also some more clouds this afternoon. temperatures getting back into the low, possibly mid 50s here. breezy, too. northwest winds, gust to 20 miles an hour. with winds coming in now, visibilities for most of us aren't an issue. still half mile visibility at the eastern shore. fredericksburg and orange half to quarter mile in fredericksburg. now we do have cooler air moving in. mid 40s, low 50s in town, but still 61 at the pax river naval air station. southern maryland, cambridge 59, haven't been feeling the cooldown just yet. we're looking good. 53, clouds rolled back in. north, northwesterly winds. some of the windchills are down in the low 40s off to our north and west. rain generally offshore. although with another little
6:20 am
impulse coming up today, don't be surprised if you're in the northern neck, eastern shore, if you see a couple showers return later on this afternoon, tonight, it might be cold enough to change some of this rain shower activity into snow shower activity. could we have minor accumulations? i suppose it's not out of the question, but temperatures stay above freezing gofer night, especially south and east. 54 today. breezy and cool. 35 tonight in town. the cold spots upper 20s. seasonally cool saturday, upper 40s. low 50s sunday. monday afternoon, monday nigh, might be low snow or snow showers into tuesday. tuesday and wednesday chilly. highs only in the mid 30s by then. let's go over to larry miller who has time safer traffic. we obviously still have road closures. >> we're keeping an eye on the situation in manassas. that will be piper lane, sky 9 is making its way there. so, once we get that out, we'll
6:21 am
bring it to you. we have an accident southbound on the bw parkway. this is between 4 and 10 and 450, causing delays for folks traveling from laurel trying to make your way toward the 11th street bridge. on 295, we have another accident going on that is causing delays up to mlk. i'm sorry, malcolm x avenue. if you can, just add a few extra minutes to your commute. let's take into account all the issues. starting at powder mill, working your way into northeast. a 23 minute commute. looks like added a few extra minutes to your morning commute. starting northbound at dale boulevard, working your way into the interchange and i-395, eastbound on i-66, we certain hi had our problems with volume delays and looks like it continues. starting working your way into northwest, a 28 minute commute,
6:22 am
now a minute commute. let's give you a live look and show you how things are shaping up. this is the beltway. you can see traffic flowing froly. weather and traffic will return on the 9 9's. >> as funeral services are held for one young virginia girl, one arrested is going to court. >> plus, did cruz steal the iowa caucus from trump? the gop battle that has some calling for a retake. >> and it was the subject of a popular song, now the car brand is driving off the showroom floor. why? toyota is saying so long to scion. >> a young boy with a past live. the eerie story of the life some think he lived decades. he was born. so can science prove
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the pod cast is now playing out in a baltimore courtroom. >> once again, on wednesday, syed's lawyer started presenting their case for a new trial. first on the stand, mcclane who testified that a former baltimore prosecutor misled her about the importance of her testimony. syed was convicted in 2000 for murdering his girlfriend. >> and we have all been captivated by his story, now there's news that could be comforting to him as he tries to prove his innocence. in 2015, a record number of
6:26 am
people convicted of a crime saw their names cleared because of better dna evidence. at least 149 people were exonerated. those released in 2015 spent an average of 15 years behind bars. over 70% of those freed had been convicted of murders. >> topping our news ahead at 6:30, as family and friends get ready to say good-bye to virginia murder victims. one of those involved in her killing is heading to court. >> plus, vincent gray could be set to make his political comeback. we'll hear what you have to say about the former mayor's new politi oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. we start this morning with a check on weather and traffic. >> glued glad you're with us. howard bernstein has the forecast. take it away howard. >> and we're in much better shape than we were a couple hours ago. most of us are having good visibility. the rain from yesterday, which caused some problems with high water, snow melts, we have that this morning. most of that rain offshore had a thin little line of showers come through just in the last couple of hours. you can see it reforming in
6:30 am
southern maryland, lower eastern shore. that's a front. that front is enough to mix up the winds and get rid of the fog, except for easten at a half mile visibility and look at fredericksburg, you're done with the fog. same in orange. much, much better shape. visibility here looks good. we'll have sunshine, clouds returning, temperatures back into the low to mid 50s with a little bit of a breeze kicking up later this morning and into the afternoon. let's send it over to larry now with time saver traffic. >> we have several issues going on now. on the outer loop, between coalsville road and georgia avenue. we understand we have three vehicles involved in an accident causing delays on the outer loop, all the way to the 95 interchange. now here's a live look from our traffic cam. you can see just how significant the volume is here. so you'll have to watch out for that. you may, in fact, want to stay off the beltway. meantime, sky 9 is giving us a live look at i-66, making your
6:31 am
way eastbound. we had an earlier issue blocking the shoulder. we're back on the 9's. for now, over to you. this is wakeup washington on wusa9. >> another warm day as we look at the d.c. skyline. 53 degrees here in northwest d.c. the melt will continue. >> good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> glad you're with us, our top story, justice delayed is justice denied. that was a phrase often used by former d.c. mayor, vincent gray, until the federal probe on his campaign ended last december. >> now that's behind him, gray is reportedly eyeing a return to politics. nick giovanni has the latest from the wilson building. >> andrea, mike, some supporters have been calling this restitution time for former mayor, vincent gray. now that the probe is in the rear-view mirror for him.
6:32 am
sources confirming to wusa9 this morning that mayor gray will in fact announce plans to run for his d.c. council seat. the seat held by yvette alexander. he had been mulling over really whether or not to run for that seat or an at large seat based on conversations he's been having with bruce johnson here over the last couple of months. the question is, can he shake that controversy that surrounded him for so long with the u.s. attorney's office finally ending the probe of the mayoral campaign. one that he maintained all along that he knew nothing about. the off the books shadow campaign. whether he will complete his political comeback, that is to be determined. he does have until mid march to decide whether or not he will enter the democratic primary. that announcement could come around noon today. we'll be standing by for that. for now, nick giovanni, wusa9.
6:33 am
>> thank you. to the murder of a 13-year-old virginia girl now. >> today, nicole lovell will be layed to rest. family and friends joined together to pay their respects during the calling hours for the blacksburg, virginia, girl. nicole's body was found last weekend south of the virginia state line. virginia tech students, david eisenhauer, is charged with her murder. natalie keepers is charged as an accessory. many unanswered questions linger about lovell's killing. natalie keepers is expected to make her second court appearance today. she's charged, as we said, with being an accessory. prosecutors say she played a role before and after lovell's death, including disposing of her body. >> d.c.police are investigating a car crash that left several people injured. one vehicle crashed into several parked cars in northeast. mikea turner is live in the district with the latest.
6:34 am
good morning. >> good morning, andrea. you know this crash happened a few hours ago. it happened a little of 2:30. it looks like it just happened. still, a lot of debris. a lot of glass. none of it has been cleaned up. you can see some cars slowing down, others speeding up while they go over it. definitely a head's up between 13 and the 100 and 1400 block. i want you to check out this video. can this was the scene last night. the crash happened around 12:30 this morning. we don't know why the driver of a gray vehicle slammed into a jeep. but police say that multiple people were injured. we don't know the extent of their injuries. typically respond to fa toll or
6:35 am
potentially fatal crashes. they came out because they received word there may have been a life threatening injury. apparently conditions have improved because major crash is assisting with the investigation. back live on the scene here, we don't know the owner of this jeep. we will try to track him or her down once the sun comes up and people come out. i can tell you this person is not going to be happy. the person knocked it over the cur b and caused a lot more damage here. for now, wusa9. one firefighter was injured while responding to a blaze in northwest. this was the scene last night at the intersection of 12th and m streets. the fire was quickly knocked down. the injured firefighter is expected to be okay. if you plan on filing your tax returns electronically today, you might want to wait until tomorrow. we'll explain. >> and your adorable dose of cuteness. we have it for you to start your thursday. take a look. pay by panda reach ago new
6:36 am
milestone. howard. >> the fog is gone for most of us, now we're waiting for cooler air to move in. i-95, warmer in providence, but to the west now, this is where we are seeing temperatures cooler. we will cool down a little bit as we head toward your thursday. we'll have details in a couple of minutes. >> sky 9 is rushing to the scene on the outer loop of the beltway between georgia avenue. causing delays to the 95 interchange. this is a live look from our camera. yon u casee how heavier those are r. w e we have a
6:37 am
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now, wakeup washington's weather and traffic on the 9's. >> 6:39. i want to show you future cast. a couple things are going on today. one, we got rid of the fog in most areas and we'll see sunshine here through the morning. a few clouds linger south and east. you may have a tough time
6:40 am
seeing sun today. southern calvert, northern neck. by lunchtime, a few more clouds, we'll see temperatures around 50, give or take, and not going to move too much. low, mid 50s. notice a few showers returning well south and east later this afternoon. and might get cold enough tonight to see a little bit of that range change over to wet snow. we'll be watching that carefully. watching your commute very carefully. larry miller. >> howard, thank you for that introduction. all right, i want to let you know, we have slow traffic on the beltway, topside, where we have a three vehicle accident on the outer loop affecting traffic from georgia avenue. causing really delays all the way to the 95 interchange. again, moderate volume on the maryland and virginia side for 95. slow on i-66 because of earlier issues in manassas. also pretty moderate on 50 this morning and slow on the bw parkway because of two issues. let's talk about the issue on the bw parkway.
6:41 am
southbound at 50 and 295 where the off ramp is closed because of an accident there. really, it's slow going throughout the entire corridor for the most part, which is going to have an impact on commuters traveling from laurel trying to make your way into town. route 1 is an option. i suggest you take it. in the meantime, south of the beltway, out in maryland, no issues out in brandy wine, oxen hill, you are certainly good to go. we'll have much more coming up shortly, we'll send it over to you. >> could the wahlbergs be coming to washington? a look at the business made famous by the brothers and it might be coming here to the district. >> plus, what started out as a typical car ride takes a terrifying turn. we'll show you what happens moments after this dash cam video starts recording.
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a live look at the skyline of washington, d.c. it is 53 degrees. it's going to be a warm one. the fog is gone, should be a great day. almost friday. >> almost friday, that's a big key. baebae, he is growing up quickly. the cub is eating solid food. >> you remember what a big deal that was. his favorite food is sweet potato. he will occasionally eat bamboo leaves. >> donald trump is asking for a do over in iowa.
6:45 am
trump, the humble one, accused ted cruz of stealing monday's kickoff race. trump referring to an incident monday night where the cruz campaign incorrectly told caucus goers that rival, ben carson, was dropping out of the race and they should throw their support to cruz. cruz apologized to carson for a mistake. sure it was. republican presidential candidate, ben carson was here in d.c. wednesday and he was talking about monday's iowa caucus. >> it's clear there were people that tried to take advantage of a situation. who tried to distort information. there's no question about that. senator cruz told me he was not aware of that when i talked to him. and he did not agree with that kind of thing. we'll wait and see what he does to demonstrate that. >> ben carson came in fourth in iowa. >> and there are two less candidates in the race to be the republican nominee for
6:46 am
president. right-hand lane rand paul and rick santorum. santorum has thrown his support behind marco rubio. now here's the real head scratcher. how do you land the car on the roof of a house? >> that's what happened in california wednesday. this four-door lexus appears to have driven, hit a vehicle, and somehow landed on the roof. a crane had to be moved in to move the car and amazingly, the driver suffered minor injuries. and that's it. wow. time now to check with our partners at cbs this morning. >> charlie rose is in new york. he has this morning's preview. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, andrea and mike. donald trump takes to twitter for new attacks as more republicans drop out of the race. recovering that and all the major news of the day, plus this on the new zika health emergency in florida and some fears the virus will spread. and this, we visit denver and
6:47 am
charlotte in the battle of the super cities, from barbecue to beer in the grout outdoors, we look at what each city has to offer, and stephen will join us, the news is back in the morning and we'll see you at 7:00. >> we'll be watching. i'm nikki at the live desk. the irs is working to fix a computer problem that forced them to stop accepting electronic tax returns. that's a problem. a hardware failure forced the shutdown of several tax processing systems, including e file. the website remains available, but the outage could affect refunds. we'll keep you updated on this. for now, back to you. >> end the civil war in syria has been suspended. >> the envoy announces a temporary pause in the peace talks. just two days after they officially started, both sides
6:48 am
blamed each other for the collapse. they will try again coming up later this month. >> toyota is killing the scion brand. the youth oriented car brand never gained any traction at the brand's height in 2006. americans bought just over 123,000scions. turns out, the young buyers matured and they wanted a toyota instead. could the wahlbergs be coming to d.c. with their burger joint? former new kid on the block, donnie wahlberg said his brother, mark, and their chef brother, paul, are looking for a restaurant space here in the dmv. the restaurant has the same name as their a and e reality show. the wahlbergers focuses on the family dynamics. uber changed its logo. >> why? >> the u has been replaced with a backwards c. the company's cofounder said uber needed to
6:49 am
have a new look to go along with its changing mission. >> what is that? >> i don't know. they drive people around. >> puppies every now and then. >> helicopters and all the things they are trying to move to. >> i don't know. uber. is it supposed to look like a usb plug? i would be afraid to get into a car with that symbol. i wouldn't know what it is. think about it. >> why change? >> it hasn't been around that long. get people used to it. >> okay. we have a decent day coming up here. i want to tell you right now. if you're no st. maries, some of that rain could change to snow. we may get a slushy inch or so down there. for us, i'm not worried about it. lots of clouds out there, sunrise coming up at 7:15, 7:20
6:50 am
across the region. there it is, it's at 7:12. some days, the memory doesn't want to work for you. sunset at 5:33. we'll see sunshine this morning. a few more clouds during the midday. low to mid 50s. temperatures mild now. we'll drop off a little bit. a lot of physician, right now, a little bit of fog left over. a half mize visibility, and that's it. everybody is looking so much better. that front bringing chillier temperatures into the mid 40s north and west of town. still in the low 50s, except in way southern st. mary's, holding on to a couple low 60s. at reagan national, cloudy, north, northwesterly winds at 13. current temperatures 53 degrees, and as we look at the future cast, i want to point out all the rain along the coastal areas. clouds are going to thicken up again this afternoon with another surge of moisture. and tonight, with this
6:51 am
moisture, places like southern st. mary's county, down toward solomon, easten and cambridge, it could be cold enough tonight that i think some of this is going to be in the form of wet snow, not just rain. does it get into far eastern charles? maybe. but even there, just some wet snow would be expected. here in the metro, don't see it happening. right now, looking at today at 54. breezy and cool. upper 20s, but you should stay dry. it will be blustery as sun returns. a seasonally chilly, but not bad at all saturday. upper 40s, pleasant for super bowl 40. low 50s, monday, another system brings a chance for afternoon evening snow. doesn't look too big right now, but a little can be a problem. snow showers tuesday and the colder highs in the mid 30s. >> we start out in brandy wine, we have a fresh accident reported there. this is on 301 northbound
6:52 am
causing some delays. just about a five minute delay, you add that to your morning commute, you'll be good to go. sky 9 made it to the outer loop, this is the outer loop between coalsville road and georgia avenue. again, really just onlooker delays at this point. i'm going to say it's okay to get on the outer loop, just watch out for that accident. it will be on your right shoulder. you'll get by on the left hand side. from a look at our traffic cam, no major issues, you co can see that heavy volume. again, just the typical morning rush. thankfully no accidents and or incidents. for those traveling southbound, starting at fort mead road working your way southeast, you're looking at a 45 minute commute. that has a lot to do with residual problems. northbound on 95 on the virginia side, starting at the prince william parkway working your way up to 395. a 13 minute commute this morning and eastbound on i-66,
6:53 am
starting at fairfax county parkway, working your way into northwest. now a 30 minute commute there. southbound on i-270, we've been doing pretty well. traveling sp, now a 31 minute commute. we'll see you in a bit, for now, we'll send it over to you. check this out, this is the shocking moment a car flipped on to a roof. the family and four month old baby who were traveling inside the vehicle escaped unhurt. >> it shows you that cars are made much better. the sparks are coming out, so much could have happened and didn't, wow. 6:53 in the mcfly report today, we're talking about lulu's leap of faith. >> an 11-year-old is going through her bucket list before she goes blind. this sounds like a good story.
6:54 am
>> so, lulu is not a typical 11- year-old and jumping out of a plane is not a typical request. as you can see, she is kicking off her bucket list one at a time. and it's wild to see her taking advantage. because she is about to go blind. >> also on her bucket list is to see paris and see paris twist. >> and the way taylor swift is, chances are, she'll end up meeting her, which is a special event. thanks a lot, tommy. have you heard the super bowl is coming. three days away right here on wusa9. and while his teammates will be having beer and wings, redskins quarterback will be celebrating the super bowl with tea and condiments. >> of course, he'll be helping our friends get in the spirit of the big game. top by the uk sports.
6:55 am
did you see the target? >> he's good. i'm makia turner reporting live on capitol hill at 14th and see where police are investigating a single vehicle crash. let me tell you what happened. around 12:30 this morning, a car slammed into this jeep here. several people were injured, we're not sure about the kind of injuries here. how many people were injureas police still investigating. when they slam into this truck, it rear ended another van in front of it. again, police still investigating calls in this accident. nick. >> he left the office, now his former d.c. mayor eyeing a potential return to the wilson building. sources confirming that gray doesn't seek to seek his old d.c. council seat. yvette alexander this june. nothing official just yet, but we are expecting an announcement sometime today
6:56 am
around noon. we will be standing by for it. for now, live outside the wilson building, nick giovanni. wusa9. >> the fog is gone, we'll deal with a mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures won't be moving too much from where they are now. might see a shower well south and east and tonight some of that rain could be in the form of wet snow. southern maryland to the eastern shore and the northern neck. a little bit of accumulation. seasonal saturday, nice sunday, and later monday. monday night might see light snow as well. went ser far from over. >> new problems on the northbound side of the bw parkway as you approach 202. looks like we have a new accident there, not much in terms of details. if you're going to head out, watch out, we are starting to see some delays in that area. >> cbs this morning is next looking at the dangers for children on social media. especially when children don't know whas happening. >> and they have software. plus a wenter does step
6:57 am
forward, just before that lottery ticket expires in california. however, officials are not buying it. >> should be interesting. we'll be back in 25 minutes with more local news and weather and traffic. >> you can join us on the new wusa app to get news updates any time, anywhere. >> it's free, too. have a great morning. >> take care, everybody.
6:58 am
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