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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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getting beaten up for her cell phone and cash. this happened just outside the campus at michigan avenue northeast. police say at least half a dozen girls attacked her. surae chinn joins us with the details on this. >> reporter: this woman remains in the hospital tonight. she was beaten up pretty badly. and yes, there was a place where she was parked right across the street. she walked across the street when she was attacked, just at the entrance of the school, by 6 to 8 teenage girls. >> it's crazy. especially the girls. the teenage girls. you would think that females would be more respectful. but now, it's the females who are worse than the boys. >> reporter: trinity attacked by a group of teenage girls. paris ham is a sophomore at trinity and takes metro to get
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here. she's often standing at the bus stop, where the incident happened. >> and i'm small. just imagine if something like that could have happened to me or someone else. and a lot of people here have children. and they come. sometimes, they have to bring their child. >> the student was knocked to the ground, kicked and punched repeatedly in the face. >> violence happens everywhere. on campus, we're pretty safe. but once we leave here, it's just kind of like in the hands of -- i mean, we just kind of have to be vigilant. >> it's so hard to believe. and it's scary now. you have to be cautious about your surroundings. >> the school's president alerted students and staff of the incident. and that they've stepped up security. >> it was great to know that we were all informed. and the e-mail even included taking precautions and just being safe. >> reporter: there are extra patrols at this school. and students are reminded that they can request to be skorted -- escorted by police. and the president also met mentioned if you do have to
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catch the bus, which is right across the street, to go ahead and stay on campus and behind the shrubs to wait. the victim also said that her attackers were wearing some type of school uniform. police are investigating. live in northeast, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> certainly concerning for anyone there on the campus. surae, thank you. trinity has 2,000 students enrolled who are mostly female. a vigil tonight at a school in prince george's county. after a teacher and her young daughter were shot and killed, allegedly by the 2-year-old's- year-old's -- father. >> that vigil is expected to begin here in about 30 minutes. we're seen folks begin to trickle in. family, friends, loved ones. you see the preparations for that vigil right behind me. set up to remember the life of nashanty davis, who was a teacher here at brad bury.
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as well as her daughter chloe. they were gunned down monday morning. police arrested johnson, chloe's father, after police say he confessed to the crime n. december, johnson was ordered to pay davis $600 a month in child support. the state's attorney's office said that was the motive, that the child dispute angered johnson to the point that they say he shot and killed the 26- year-old davis, as well as 2- year-old chloe. davis taught here at bradbury height. she was a second grade teacher. her family said she had her whole life ahead of her before it was all cut far too short. her funeral will be next saturday. >> an entire community grieving over this. thanks, mola. to prince george's county now. police make an arrest in temple hills. cops arresting tyon garner.
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accused of shooting randy edwards, jr. this happened this morning. franklin was rushed to the hospital. doctors aren't able to save him. police believe the shooting stemed from a drug deal. >> you can't even describe it. because when i last seen him, when he was alive, he was breathing. so it's undescribable. >> it's the county's fourth homicide of the week. we told you just a few minutes ago, about the death of nashanty davis and her daughter. police also want to know who killed 19-year-old maurice sinclaire. he was found shot to death wednesday in an apartment in suitland. a close call on a metro line this week. the agency confirmed, the train was about 150 feet from running into another one. metro says just after midnight, on wednesday, an out-of-service train slowly ran a red light, while approaching the smithsonian station where another train was stopped on the same track. the train had to be brought to a controlled stop. and no one was on board either
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train. two workers are off the job, while the agency investigates. new information right now on yesterday's shooting, involving a charles county sheriff's deputy. investigators say 23-year-old anthony taylor was trying to carjack a driver near the st. charles parkway and post office road. the sheriff's office said taylor was asked to stop and show his hands when he allegedly turned toward the deputy and reached for his wristband. officers determined he had a gun. he was shot twice. taylor now faces assault and handgun charges. one person is dead, three others injured, after a train collapsed in lower manhattan. >> dramatic video here that happened during the morning rush hour. that crane is taller than two city bloblgs -- blocks. it came crashing down and killed a man who was just walking down the sidewalk. tons of twisted metal. also crushed a car, injuring a man inside. >> i just felt it.
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felt like a bomb. >> you heard the boom. and then you know, you run to the windows. and you see a crane, falling on the streets. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill de blasio said crews were in the process of securing the crane, and that's when it came tumbling down. he has ordered all the crane negligence the city to undergo inspections. the oil sheen on the potomacrapher is now affecting wildlife. dozens of canada geese have been found covered in the muck. and many of them have been captured for treatment. peggy facts is -- fox is live at the sanctuary where the distressed birds were found. >> near reagan national airport, and the potomac river, gravely point is across the street. and this is roach's run, water fowl sanctuary ground zero of the oil spill. authorities did not know that, until summon spotted the canadian geese, covered with oil. >> reporter: take a good look at these canadian geese. they're covered with what looks
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like a dark, oily substance. >> when we pulled over, that was like the main thing. it's a wildlife refuge. >> reporter: it's the roach's run, water fowl sanctuary, with geese and other animals are supposed to be protected. >> what do you think? >> like i was just saying, it's just sad. >> the national park service, along with wildlife specialists, began catching the affected birds this morning. surrounding groups of birds, they used big nets and blankets. picked up the birds and put them in boxes to transport them for cleaning. >> apparently, oil-covered geese. there's dead fish over here. >> the oil was first spotted, creating a sheen on the potomac river early this week. and local agencies had been responding. >> we are being told that it is possibly mineral oil from a transformer spill. somehow coming through a storm pipe that is routed into the wildlife sanctuary. sadly, you have an oil spill in a wildlife sanctuary.
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>> dean believes the likely source is dominion for virginia power. but a spokesman for virginia says there is no evidence it came from their plant. the coast guard is investigating and says they can't rule out any source. >> so we don't know if it came from dominion substation, but it could have? >> we aren't ruling anything out. we're looking at all possibilities. >> reporter: d.c. owns the river and is taking responsibility to clean it up. authorities say there is no threat to public health. >> do minnian, virginia, had a recent mineral oil spill at a substation in crystal city a few weeks ago. a spokesperson for the company says that they cleaned up 90% of that oil. and also 200 tons of dirt surrounding the site. and again, that there is no evidence that this spill came from that substation. the mystery and the investigation continues. peggy fox, reporting live, back to you. >> have some work to do there, peg. thank you. the coast guard say its is
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working to clean up the oil as quickly as possible. and by testing the oil and finding its pathway, they hope to quickly identify the source of the spill. two -- to northern virginia now, where a family is hoping someone has seen their missing loved one. sarah way was last seen wednesday afternoon in fairfax. police say the 22-year-old was driving a black toyota yarus, with virginia plates. and unlike this picture, her hair is dyed purple. way's family is concerned because she has been treated for a mental health condition. mixed bag in the labor report. the u.s. labor department said the u.s. economy added 150,000 jobs last month. that is far less than expected. but the news is not all that bad. the unemployment rate ticked down to 4.9% last month. that is the lowest lowest rate since 2008. we are just getting started here. living with rats rats and no heat. residents in a d.c. apartment complex, sounding off about these horrible conditions.
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a purse with 11 grand in tuition money, stolen from a fairfax doughnut shop. and to pperis back with next week's impending snow plus your all important weekend weekend forecast. >> and the puppy bowl. how about this. a dramatic end to the bonnie and clyde-style crime spree? as a small business owner, here's one thing you can rely on:
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score r. a missouri couple, bonnie and clyde type spree. police say blake fitzgerald and britney harper, kidnapped and stole and robbed their way from the south. the company's first alleged victim.
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charles dietz said he forced him into a car. >> i was just trying to stay home. just judge -- being sarcastic and cracking jokes. >> he said about an hour later, the couple let him go. but the next day, a surveillance video shows the couple robbing another convenience store clerk. this morning, deputies in florida spotted the pair. a standoff turned into a shootout. fitzgerald died and his girlfriend is now in custody. d.c. police say they're happy to close the books on several robbery investigations this week. >> police chief kathy lanier says a small number of suspects were responsible for a large crime spree. >> overall, the work of our robbery task force, our detectives and patrol officers across the city. and this -- just this one past week, we have closed 19 robbery cases and made 13 separate arrests. >> and chief lanier says just one of the suspects in custody
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was responsible for six commercial robberies. right now in loudoun county, police are looking for the man who groped a woman on a college campus. it happened last night on the nova loudoun campus. the victim told police she was walking to her car in a parking lot, when a man walked up to her from behind, touched her inappropriately, laughed and then ran off. there is no good description of the man because his face was covered. one mom says her stolen purse has about $11,000 in it. >> yikes. most of that money, too, was for her daughter's college tuition. police say this woman stole the purse. maria esity ves and -- estevez and her daughter left it here about a month ago. they were leaving to get to penn state. estevez barely made it out of the parking lot, realized she had left it behind. but it was too late. the money and purse were gone. the suspect took off in a dark
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suv. >> a lot of people are telling me to forget about it. i am hope hoping with this interview, someone out there will know this lady and come back to the place. >> her daughter is a freshman with dreams of becoming a doctor one day. police are asking crimestoppers if they know the woman. we have the number listed on our free wusa 9 app. you probably noticed a little scenery change for our newscast, coming to you from out in the newsroom. because our studio is decked out and ready to rock. wusa 9's great day washington, they're going to be hosting a super bowl special, tonight, from 7:00 to 8:00. packed with live greats. you can win prizes. you could win an instant man cave. how would you not want that? even if you're not a man, even if you're a dog. it would be great. complete with a leather couch and a big screen tv.
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you'll see it here on wusa 9. and also, it's international weatherperson's day. we check in with topper -- i'm sorry. we didn't bring candy or flowers to celebrate the day. >> it's okay. we have a live band in here. i'm pretty happy with that. it's going to be as warm as 4 weeks in the san francisco in the bay area. 68, 5:00. 62 at 7:00. and then falling into the upper 50s by 11:00 p.m. that is just about perfect. and essentially clear with light winds. okay, our 3-degree guarantee. i think we're going to be okay today. went for a high of 45. certainly seemed reasonable. we had pretty strong winds. we talked about dressing for the 30s because of those winds am how did we do? you can find out tonight. or download our app. live look outside. we're down to 41. dew points in the teens. a much dryer air mass moved in. winds are still gusting to 25. but they will subside tonight. they will diminish. if you are headed to the
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wizards game, bundle up. cold and quiet for your friday night plans. weekend looks great. lots of sunshine. temperatures 46 to about 51. then, we are tracking the possibility of snow, monday afternoon and evening into tuesday afternoon. the critical time we feel is going to be tuesday morning's commute. so we will watch it. it's a different system. not from the south, it's from the north. has limited moisture. has a ton of air support. but limit moisture will track. let's look at the future cast for tonight. it's going to be cold and clear. 31 in manassas. 31 in gaithersburg. 32 in silver spring and rock valley. by morning, 7:00. temperatures still in the 20s. 29 in lees burg. 28 outard alleny. and a few wispy clouds will come through. by 10:00 a.m. temperatures in the upper 30s. 40 in fredericksburg. 43 in sterling. 44 in leesburg. temps a little above average now. with less winds. in fact, the winds will be more
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southwest. by 6:00 p.m., temperatures will be in the upper 30s. 38 in hagerstown. maybe 38 in martinsburg. still around 40 downtown. and we'll get get cool again. back in the 20s in the suburbs. and by 8:00, temperatures already in the mid-30s pretty much across the board. for tonight. partly cloudy and colder. 24 to 32. and by morning, sunshine, a cold start. note a bad morning, though. 24 to 45. and by afternoon, really a pretty good day, actually. we're stealing one from february. partly cloudy and pleasant. winds have turned southwesterly at 10. that's key. that will keep us a little warmer or at least mild over the weekend. day planner look like this. you'll dip below freezing. 41 at 11:00. just a few clouds at 1 and 44. next few days, pleasant on sunday, 52. and then it will be 42 monday. late snow showers develop. because of the surface temp, we're not concerned about
5:19 pm
monday night's commute. more snow showers, 35. maybe flurries on wednesday. and the arctic air rolls in. low 30s with sunshine. thursday and next friday. >> still got winter to deal with. top, thank you. you've heard of cam newton and peyton manning. but there is a lesser-known star you may see this weekend. >> he has cheated death, has four legs and lives in herndon, virginia. >> meet charlie. he's a 7-month-old doberman and southern hound mix. and one of 80 competitors, playing in puppy bowl 12. the game was pretaped in new york city in october. his mom tells us, he likes the star treatment. >> charlie got the chance to ride in a chauffeured car. he got to be in a five-star hotel. he learned how to use an elevator. and is that from a puppy who started out life abandoned. >> reporter: as a puppy, charlie battled with a weak
5:20 pm
immune system and had a hard time eating. he lost fur and no one want him. >> i start to get emotional. >> eventually, he soared. thanks to trips to the vet and good meals. >> our hearts were already in it. we were just in love with this dog. and we wanted to give him the best home possible. >> reporter: centers like city home rescue in d.c., bring puppies to the big game. they hope this exposure will help them find a forever home. >> little charlie, abandoned in virginia, on park avenue, literally. >> he's moving on up. >> the vet originally told doniel that charlie wouldn't live a healthy life. but now you can see he's doing well. >> i don't understand how you win the puppy bowl. or we just all win because they're cute. >> i would did with your last answer. they're cute.
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hottest story. a husband hires hitmen to kill his wife. and she's the one that ended up with the last laugh. >> this story is incredible. and next in our consumer alert. men or women? we will tell you which ones are boosting big bucks for the nfl. first, the safety step you need to take before you buy a big screen to watch the game. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great?
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tv & phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. super bowl sunday is in striking distance now. and there is a big kickoff to keep kids safe, even before the big game. tomorrow is national tv safety day. and parents, this is something you'll want to pay attention to. i've shared many stories with you about the need to anchor your televisions to ensure they don't topple over. that's because every three weeks, a child dies when this happens. now, tv sales jumped dramatically, ahead of the super bowl. so before you buy a new one, walk around your house and take some important steps. first, make sure all of your televisions are safely secured. there are cheap devices you can purchase to anchor your flat screen to the wall. don't place those older, heavier tvs on dressers or high furniture. place them on lower, stable
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pieces, designed for televisions and again, make sure you anchor them. safety advocates are urging you to recycle an old television, even as you bring in a new one. and many stores will do that for you for a fee. you can also try a site, called greener irs is processing tax returns again. after a computer caused a an outage to your system. super bowl weekend means big business. and women's merchandise is the fast growing sector for the nfl. female fans make up 43% of a valuable demographic for the league. they are not just watching games and buying jerseys and other merchandise. last year, 54 million women watched the big game. one of the most talked about stories in the world today is about a woman who crashed her own funeral. >> it's a bit complicated. stick with me here for a second. goes back to a year ago. guy in australia, named balenga
5:26 pm
callalla -- kalala. he paid a hitman to have his wife killed. hitmen kidnapped kalala. instead of killing her, they said, we're going to keep the $7,000 your husband gave us. then they set her free. meanwhile, her husband told everyone that she died in a car crash. and just after everyone had left her funeral, noela surprised her husband, saying, what's up? i'm still alive. >> can you imagine? >> he eventually confessed to the crime. what an idiot and is now serving a nine-year sentence. >> cheaper to keep her. >> yeah. worked out for her the. straight ahead, one more week of campaigning before the next primary election. will bernie sanders and donald trump be able to hold on to their leads in new hampshire? plus, a prince george's county man makes it out alive. and after the break. living in the cold with rats and mold. a landlord heads to court.
5:27 pm
and apartment complex residents tell wusa 9, the story behind these deplorable conditions. and the dui king. he's nabbed more drunk drivers than any other cop in montgomery county. watch how he get its done.
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5:29 pm
breaking news right now, at a school in does. c. -- d.c., where two student were taken to want the -- to the hospital after being
5:30 pm
reported ill. >> cam thompson is standing by live with more. cam? cam, go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> all right. so he's having a little difficulty -- >> reporter: that's right. we're at 7th and edgewood streets northeast, where a block away from us, you can see the william door public charter school for performing arts, where this happened. and what we're being told is that 19 students were being looked at by d.c. fire and e ms. but two have been taken to the hospital. what they're apparently dealing with is a case of contact dermatitis, according to a letter, sent home with students here. about 30 minutes ago. the place crawling with d.c. fire and ambulances as they were responding to this. and according to the letter, saying that some students reported being ill, prompting this response, when the school talked to the department of health and some of the symptoms
5:31 pm
of contact dermatitis, including rash, hives and blisters. we tried to speak to someone with from the school. but the person answering the phone, telling us that they couldn't help us and had no comment. but again, they're looking at a potential case of contact dermatitis. 19 were looked at. and two have been transported to the hospital. reporting live at 7th and edgewood northeast. >> keep us posted if you hear anything new. rats, mold, no heat, no hot water. >> just some of what residents in three apartment buildings in southeast d.c. say they have been dealing with for two years. and now, the city is taking that landlord to court. delia gon salves -- gon calfs -- goncalves ms. -- has more. >> what's it's hard to imagine that these apartments sit on prime real estate. take a look. congress heights metro, sits right in the middle of this property. we're told that the landlord eventually wants to tear down
5:32 pm
the apartments and build high- priced condos. and that's why residents say they are being ignored and pushed out. >> and this is the way i feel, -- [ inaudible ] ruth barnwell, ready for a fight with her landlord. >> it is a gis disgrace, how they treat us. we pay rent, faithfully. >> the 71-year-old is just one of three tenants, in her apartment, overrun by rats, roaches and bedbugs. today, we saw them covered in black mold. emptying out the dozens of units. these pictures, showing just a glimpse of the filthy and dangerous conditions inside. >> you've got broken windows in the back. people go in and whatever. you know what i'm saying? just unsafe. >> the city slapped the landlord capital llc with 77 code violations and is now
5:33 pm
suing them for neglect. we found a property manager on site. but he refused to answer a question. as for barnwell. >> it is my life -- right for me to live safe and in a habitability place. >> she said her landlord tried to buy her out and she did not accept. >> he offered me $1500. i said, you can talk to my attorney. i'm not telling -- selling my people out. we're going to stick to the end. >> reporter: she is fighting for her neighbors. and get this. barnwell will be in court monday. she is testifying against her landlord. the attorney general trying to get a third party receiver to come in here, clean up these three apartment buildings at the owner's expense. by the way, i tried contacting sanford capital. they're in bethesda. we're live in congress heights, delia goncalves, wusa 9.
5:34 pm
according to d.c. law, the tenants now have a right to form a co-op and purchase their property. and they hope to do that either with the new building or a renovated one. to prince george's county now, where a family got out of their burning home safely. but tonight, they are mourning the death of their dog. firefighters responded to the home in riverdale, around midnight. and they fought flames on the first and second floors am they managed to get out. but again, their dog did not survive. there's about $1,000 in damage to the home. and not clear what caused the fire. to the campaign trail now, where bernie sanders is back on the stump in new hampshire, ahead of next week's primary election. he's hammering a familiar theme in his campaign, a day after his debate with hillary clinton. >> trillions of dollars have flown from the middle class to the top one-tenth of 1%. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i
5:35 pm
ever received. >> clinton there responding to sanders' attacks on her ties to wall street sanders still has a significant lead there in new hampshire over clinton, in the latest polls. donald trump, meantime, continue tose hold the lead on the republican side, after a stop in south carolina. trump will be back in the granite state on saturday for another gop debate. let's start our discussion there on the gop side. we welcome in john dickerson, host of face the nation. always good to see you. after iowa, it's really looking like a three-man race. so are any of the other candidates braced to position there? >> looks like a three-man race. but there are three men who would like to not have it shrink to a three-man crais. that's governor kasich, bush and casey. they would like to be the main stream rnaltee ativto trump and cruz. so they're still battling that ought. they're aching on marco rubio, quite hard in new hampshire. really going after him, all three of them.
5:36 pm
and so we'll have to wait to see what happens in the vote. if it's just down to 3 or if the field expands more. >> survive if they still have a poor showing, those three that you just mentioned. >> that's right. they have to do well. and doing well in new hampshire really probably means coming in second. it depends who is in first place. but if marco rubio does any of those other three, those three governors, if he does better than they, then really there will be a move among the main stream republicans, those who are concerned with electability, because they don't think senator cruz or donald trump can get elected in the general election. and they will start to coalesce around marco rubio, if he's the one to best the other three governors. >> and certainly we know in politics, outdoing expectations is basically a win, to the democratic side, we learned that bernie sanders actually raised more money than hillary clinton last month. his campaign seems to have a lot of momentum. i think we really saw that in the tone of last night's debate. >> we saw a lot of clear lines
5:37 pm
between the two democrat the running in last night's debate. and it's interesting that bernie sanders raised more money. because money is a part of conversation. he raised it through small donations. and he's, of course, making the claim that hillary clinton has -- her ties are too close to wall street. and that was a big part of the discussion last night. not just about her ties to wall street. but also the relationship between money and politics. it was a fascinating conversation. >> absolutely was. well, it's a big day for cbs on sunday. and john dickerson host of face the nation. we'll see you back here sunday morning. >> thanks, adam. well, it started as a game that didn't even sell out. >> it wasn't too much hype on it. but i love football. >> but look at whatit's become 50 years later. we'll talk to one fan who has has seen every single game up next. all right. a little colder tonight. everybody falls below freezing. here are the low temperatures overnight. 26 in gaithersburg. 27 in rockville.
5:38 pm
26 in fairfax. and 25 in sterling. we'll come back and talk about the weekend and look ahead to the prospect of more snow by the first of the week. (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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you saw it there.
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just two days from now. the panthers, the bronco, anything to kick off in super bowl 16. you know, a lot has changed since that first championship game in 1967. >> ray whole lot. >> teri okita is live in san francisco. and she talked with one man who has seen all of them. teri? >> hey, lesli and adam. there are 16 people among nfl staff and journalists and fans who have been to all, every single super bowl game. but the one fan we talked to said, it's really his claim to fame. >> 74-year-old tom hen shell is one of only three members of the exclusive, never miss a super bowl club. he's been to every game since 1967. >> first 20, i can tell you awe all the teams and the scores. but age gets to you in a while. henchle played just two games.
5:42 pm
the l.a. coliseum was just two-thirds full. and it included two college bands and a featured trumpet player. >> it wasn't too much hype on it. but i love football. the pittsburgh area native loves sees the game -- seeing the game. keith bruce has worked on 15 of these games. he said biggest changes started about 20 years ago, when the halftime show began attracting headline acts. it's evolved into much more than a game. >> it's about everything related to the celebration of the sport of nfl. >> this year, it runs a fuel nine days. and the seat in the stadium costs about $1500. it's the most expensive super bowl on record. hen shell says he will keep coming, until he can't make it anymore. >> one seat, $5700.
5:43 pm
that's a lot of money. another interesting footnote for you. we all know how much we love football in america. they have added a game in mexico city. between the raiders and the texans and i know the redskins are going to be out in the uk. it will be exciting as well. >> this is so fascinating. because the first super bowl was broadcast on three networks at the same time. we've got it this year. that's just one of the changes. millions and millions more people are watching now. >> yeah. you know that guy spending a ton of money to get to all of the super bowls as well. sorry, teri, go ahead. >> reporter: he said -- yeah, he said he spends between $5,000 and $6,000 now every time he goes to a game. and he's getting the tickets at face value. >> wow. >> that must be nice. right? >> all right, teri, thanks. always good to see you. it's the final countdown, super bowl 50, panthers and
5:44 pm
broncos, just two days away. trending now. why mcdonald's is being sued over its mozzarella sticks. plus, hashtag, cleavage gates? how susan as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. so switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios. you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. for a network that moves as fast as your business. right now, upgrade to fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone and get $250 back. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network.
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trending now. we told you last week about fast food fits. angry with mickey d's over the lack of cheese in the mozzarella sticks. there was none. >> now, the company is being sued that the $1.39 is not made with 100% cheese as it claims. the man leading the charge contains the cheese contains starch fillers, which constitutes false advertising. the fast food giant stands by its claim that it has all cheese. at least when it's in there. cleavage gate. >> this all happened when piers morgan blasted susan sarandon for wearing a blazer and bra outity at the -- outfit at the sag awards. except he said she presented it
5:48 pm
to the memorial. the actress tweeted out this picture. and one more tweet for morgan. not one was taken at a funeral or memorial service, which kind of proves my point. we've all seen this before. you see a mother and daughter and call them sisters. >> but check this out. a young lady tweeted this picture of her and her twin sister and her mother. the internet can't tell them apart. after the tweet was liked and retweeted, 50,000 combined times, the ladies posted another picture on instagram. and people still can't figure out which one is the mother. i think i know, though. >> on the first picture, she was on the left. >> that's what i was thinking. in this picture, i think she's on the right. top, what do you think? >> tough call. that's a tough call. another tough call is this
5:49 pm
system on monday and tuesday. but a much different system than what we had with the big snow. not coming from the south. we will watch it very carefully. live look outside. it's down to 41. winds are still gusting to 25. but they will settle down tonight. that said, if you're going out, it will be cold but quiet for your friday night plans. weekend looks great. lots of sunshine. 46 to 51. both days. and some snow is possible monday evening into tuesday. and we're most concerned about the morning commute on tuesday. because when the precip arrives monday evening, i think temps are going to be above freezing. temperatures above freezing just make the roads wet. tonight, 10:00. here we go. future cast. 31, manasa. 30 in hagerstown. we'll advance it to 7:00 in the morning. and still in the 20s in the suburbs. 29, leesburg. 27 in fairfax. 28 in fairfax. and 28 also in dun frees. we'll have a few high and midlevel clouds tonight and
5:50 pm
tomorrow morning. not a huge deal. that's why we're saying partly sunny. these temps are still nice enough. still nice enough weekend to do stuff outside. walk along the canal. take a bike ride. really not bad at all. and 44 for our friends in fredics rugger -- fredericksburg. it will be cold again with 20s returning to the suburbs. but really, all in all, we're kind of stealing one from february. >> day planner. below freezing even downtown. 31 to start. 44 with partly cloudy skies. at 1:00 p.m. still pleasant sunday. 50 degrees. then monday, here comes the next system. again, much different than our big storm. late snow showers are possible. but surface temperatures above freezing. not really concerned about the monday evening commute. next 7 days, much more concerned about the tuesday morning commute. snow showers continue, 35. flurries still wednesday. and arctic air rolls in
5:51 pm
thursday and friday. high temperatures will struggle to get to the freezing mark. well, 1982 was a strange year in the nfl. the season was shorten from 16 games to 9. because of a player strike which resulted in a 16- team play-off. however, the redskins were just beginning their ascension to nfl supremacy. just kept on trudging along. this being super bowl week. we sat down with dexter manly with a look at that run to becoming world champion. >> january 22. thanks to a 31-17 victory inside a rocking rfk stadium. washington punched their ticket back to the super bowl.
5:52 pm
>> electrifying just the fact that we beat dallas in a championship. knowing that we had such great fan bases around here. >> reporter: for former defensive end, dexter manly, it was an awe-inspiring time. in just his second year in the league, the secretary of defense had made it to the big stage. >> what an experience. i would see people like walter payton. i saw joe namath. all of these guys were doing segments with different stations. and i just find that it was such a rewarding -- to be in costa mesa, california. >> reporter: super bowl 17 was a rematch from 10 years earlier. in the fourth quarter, the mvp running back, john riggins busts open to give washington the lead for good. it was the first super bowl in franchise history. >> it was a great experience.
5:53 pm
and what i liked most about that, it was a team effort. of course, john riggins had a big part of it. i will never forget that moment. >> this was the first of two super bowl rings for dexter. >> the ring means a lot. because there's a lot of blood, sweat and tears. redskins have a great history. they went to super bowl, didn't win. and we came back and won a super bowl in the 1983 season. so it's very meaningful. >> gotta love dexter and the ring. someday soon, the redskins will get their fourth. the big game is upon us. just a couple more days away. we hope you join us tomorrow night for a special super bowl edition of game on, starting at 7:00. we will be joined by redskins hall-of-famer, darrell greene. always love having him. >> we'll see you soon. andingand coming up at
5:54 pm
6:00, with bruce and jan, the presidential candidates begin their weekend push to sway undecided new hampshire voters before next week's primary. also ahead at 6:00, how twitter is cracking down on accounts that promote isis or other terrorist activities. up next, a local teen gets to live out his dream before a rare disease takes his life.
5:55 pm
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this has been the toughest
5:57 pm
year of michael oliver's like. the 16-year-old is battling a disease so rare only 30 other teens in this country have it. >> but today might have been his brightest day so far. debra alfarone has the story of a group of generous people who helped to make his dream come true. >> ladies and gentlemen, we're ready for taxi. >> he has been making the announcement -- >> it's going to be you next time. >> reporter: 16-year-old michael oliver's daily life is usually chemo and treatment. not flight suits and takeoff. >> i was on steroids, on and off. i was on chemo, on and off. it kind of felt like i didn't have any hope. >> reporter: enter this man, air national guard pilot, rob balz balzano. he let sick kids and teens know, he's got their back. michael is their 17th pilot for a day. >> it's become addictive. you do it one time and see the smiles on the faces. families come out here.
5:58 pm
they forget about all the worries and problems they have for a day. >> and mom jessica cologne's worries are even graver than michael's illness. >> the single mom of four can't work and take care of michael. >> sometimes you want to give up. >> reporter: but it's about to get a tiny bit easier. >> on behalf of anyone who has ever donated here, we have a check for $5,000 w:> overwhelmed. in shock. amazing. the things that people can do for somebody. and just everything today just shows that there are people out there that really care. >> angels. >> yes. >> there are so many prizes -- surprises, we couldn't possibly fit them in this story. michael was diagnosed with birdheim chester sediase. and sadly, there is no cure. debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> if you'd like to donate to the check 6 foundation and to
5:59 pm
michael and his family, we have a link set up now on our free wusa 9 app. now alt 6:00, presidential candidates, canceling campaign performances just days before the new hampshire primary. and wikileaks founder, julian assange thinks he should be ae to walk free, after a u.n. panel conclusion. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson. some are -- they are jockeying for position. danielle nottingham is in manchester tonight. >> reporter: 21-year-old joe alexander, still hasn't decided which republican candidate he'll back on tuesday. >> what does a candidate have to do to get your vote? >> i think a candidate needs to do a lot of retail politics. >> reporter: voters say facetime is important in new hampshire and every minute counts. >> my mind isn't going to be
6:00 pm
made up until i sit in that booth. >> rebecca rand is even further behind in her process. >> i'm kind of stuck. like i haven't declared a party yet. >> i'm going to keep fighting until the last vote is counted on tuesday. >> reporter: candidates on both sides are working their ground game hard, with barbara bush, hitting the campaign trail for her son. >> i'd love to have your support. >> reporter: they can't take voters for granted here. a new poll shows a third of likely republican voters are undecided. almost twice the amount of democratic voters who still haven't picked a candidate. >> professor dale keen says new hampshire voters are weighing their options this election cycle. >> i think the voters are trying to decide, am i more angry? and do i want to register my discontent to the parties? or do i want to step back and say, who do i want to be president? >> keen says things can change in the last 24 to 48 hours leading up to


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