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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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george's county, good monday morning to you. over to you. time to get things started this monday morning. "wake up washington." >> right now at 6:00 a.m. a crash investigation continues after a violent crash up nor nationals park. three people in the hospital. >> plus the orange crush is officially back. the broncos clench the super bowl l title and head into the history books. did you watch the big game? and starting today, you could be a winner. >> we are giving away 20k in 20 days. "wake up washington" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now.
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and you are waking up this morning many bronco fans who are not still celebrating are finally going to bed. this is a look at the celebration in denver overnight. we have your super bowl l reaction covered for you. >> good morning. on this monday morning, i'm andrea roane. welcome to "wake up washington." >> i'm mike. glad you with us. capital street reopened after a violent crash. >> we are live on the scene to tell you what started the crash with a police chase? >> reporter: well, in fact we are hearing several reports that a police chase may have led to this crash. we've called police several times to confirm this information, they remain tight- lipped this morning. we reremain on top of it. now, this video of this wreck on 4:30 on sunday afternoon.
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the driver was thrown from his vehicle and suffered traumatic injuries a mom and a child in a second car were struck not seriously hurt. i should tell you and remind everyone it is against washington police policy the chase vehicles within city limits. we'll stay on top of police and bring you the latest when we get it. reporting live, wusa 9. >> thank you. man and a 2-year-old boy are recovering this morning an a weekend shooting in northwest washington, d.c. >> they were inside of a hair salon and gunfire erupted on saturday night. witnesses are saying they are surprised the shooting happened in such a busy area. >> the sounded like fire cracks. but i thought it was on illinois. i had no idea it was right here. >> all right. i hope they get them. because-- this is, this is outrages. >> it is not clear who the intended target of the shooting was. at the point no arrests have been made. this man is behind bars
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this morning accused of murder. 20-year-old tolliver is accused of fatally shooting williams during an altercation sunday in stafford. at the live desk. and montgomery county man found guilty of stabbing two people at the rockville metrosation learns his fate today. cooper is facing up to 60 years in prison for the crime. convicts of two counts of attempted second degree murder. the two men did not survive. alocal college student is out of the hospital this morning after being attacked by a gang of girls near a washington, d.c. bus stop. the trinity washington university student was on her way to class and a half-dozen girls attacked her for a cell phone and cash. no arrests have been made. back to you. the latest on these stories and other news when the breaks
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go to wusa 9 app. the denver broncos fans are still floating on cloud nine this morning after last night's win over the north carolina panthers. they were underdogs going in, but the final score, 24-10 broncos. mikea turner has been speaking to fans in the district. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of people tell me that, well for the people rooting for the panthers they are so proud of them and encourage them to keep their heads up and get back into the game next year and hopes of making it to this game again. a lot of people were surprised by the outcome. many of them would have thought the panthers came out for a win. but the 24-10 left a lot of people disappointed. some people have made their voices heard on-line. a lot of comments about last
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night's supreme court game. now, we caught up with a guy who was surprised by the outcome, and he wishes the team the best. no word of if manning will retire. but he went out with a bang last night. we are trying to track down people who are willing to speak to us on camera about last night's game. as we do, we will bring you more thoughts. reporting live, maryland mikea,
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wusa 9. all right. no snow this morning, but tomorrow a different story. today mayor bowser will deploy the washington, d.c. snow team at noon. 200 plows will hit the streets to make sure that we are ready the snow. one to three inches of snow in the immediate metro area. if you want to vote in the virginia presidential primary today is the deadline to register. you can do it at your desk. this is the first year virginia offered on-line registration. the primary is march 1st. still to come, you have your chance to win 20k. $20,000 in 20 days.
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welcome back, i'm meteorologist allyson rae. we have a good start today. but yellow weather alert for tuesday due to the snow showers coming on through. this is a selector system, not
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a lot of moisture, but some areas all snow. you don't have to go through the changeover, it is here on your futurecast. cloudy skies through the afternoon. sunshine this morning. the temperatures head to the mid-40's and cloudy for much of the day. 6:00showers arrive for your drive home. and look off to the north and west blue color indicating all snow. they don't see the changeover, that's where the snowfall totals will be higher. through the district rain and then turn to snow by tomorrow morning. that will lower the snowfall totals. more coming up in a middle low pressure larry over to you. all right. meteorologist allyson rae. thank you. all right. sky 9 is making its way to the b.w. parkway to check on an accident
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on the southbound side of route 32. weather and traffic on the 9s. over to you. >> thank you, larry. still to come today, all construction cranes in new york will be under inspection days after that deadly acntcide.
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♪[ music ] or the land of the free. [ applause ] and the home of the brave. [ applause ] >> just that last bit of emotion really catches you, doesn't it? she nailed it, the buzz on-line as lady gaga sang the national anthem before super bowl l.
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>> you never think of the me report on her clothe -- meat on her clothing again. what did you think? >> she hit it out of the park. the halftime show, featuring coldplay, bruno mars and beyonce, that was pretty good, too. >> you take, guys. >> code play did good. he had so much fun dancing around. and beyonce is beyonce. >> -- to be honest with you, it was beyonce and bruno mars featuring coldplay. >> and bruno mars could do the whole show by himself every year. >> i could not understand what beyonce was singing. i didn't know. >> it doesn't matter. she just throws her hair around. >> yeah. >> and --
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>> a lot of that. >> you have to give braun or mars for a -- bruno mars for the '90s hip-hop. i appreciate that as a child from the '90s. thith is bizarre, moments after the show was over, cbs entertainment. >> the game was on cbs, right? >> yes. >> the entertainment division is saying the halftime performance by coldplay was on their worst list. thope pehole w put on the show tweeted they didn't like the show. all right. was the account was hacked? i don't know. we'll see. the halftime show had 3.9 million tweets here is some of what you had to say.
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>> people have so much humor. what happened in flint, michigan, is immoral. the children of flint are just as precious as the children of any other part of america. [ applause ] >> hillary clinton's campaign taking detour on sunday leaving new hampshire for flint, michigan. the secretary was there at the request of the city's mayor to show support as they deal with the continuing water crisis. hillary clinton stopped by a church and held a meeting with community leaders. crews are this morning
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continuing to clear debris from a crane collapse in manhattan. and they are working to find out what caused the crane the collapse and killing one man. they will look at similar cranes around the city. on sunday family and friends of the train victim, david wicks, came together to say good-bye. his windshielded by a hat and sunglasses arrived at the summer east side service and she courageously spoke about the love of her life. >> david, i am devastated that i have to live my life without you. it was such a true honor and a privilege to be your wife. >> well. >> so sad. >> so very sad. okay. 6:19. has the snowman been found.
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>> this has captured in spain. ski resort searched the tourist spot after the picture was posted and they came up empty handed. so do we such for bigfoot and the snowman? >> i don't know. i can't keep up. >> okay. search fors -- searching for answers. how much and when does it start? >> this is an interesting system. one we are limited with moisture, some areas not below freezing. so when does the temperature drop and how much rain at that point. the accumulations are very different. hagerstown and the mason-dixon line you will not see much rain, you will see a lot of snow. your snowfall totals will add up, six inches and maybe a little bit more by the time everything is said and done. but areas to the south a change
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over, a lot of warm roads and temperatures for today and tomorrow. and tomorrow afternoon above freezing. so only a couple of hours to see things accumulate. amess tomorrow. atrace to up to two and three inches for parts of the district. two to four to the north and west. and a lot more to farther north you go. the colder the air the more snow you will feel. boston is getting that one today. we will actually see sunshine before the clouds returned to. much of the day today is actually fine. it is later on tonight we will see the showers arrive, but areas north and west not showers, but snow showers so a mix is going on. this pulls away, sunshine and turning to cloudy skies. this is along 77 as well near predrix pred-- fredrick so the rain-snow line is shard to determine. we will see rain and snow
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showers. so something to track. here is the story. it's a nuance tomorrow. it will be not good to be on the roads and we'll see that weather alert day for tuesday. highs today 45 degrees. 37 for tomorrow and 34 for wednesday. and lingering flurries. temperatures plummet and we see another quick disturbance on friday night and could bring more flurries just a reinforcing shot of cold air, and quite uncomfortable over the weekend. larry. sky 9 over the bw parkway. this is the southbound side close to 32. you can see the delays. traveling from annapolis road to the northeast. a 39-minute commute this morning. going over the road an 18- minute commute. we continue to do well, you
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will see volume in spurts. you're looking at a 15-minute commute. and the bulk of the volume of i- 270, so you'll have to watch out for that this morning. just typicall for your monday morning commute this morning. give you a quick update, route 1 northbound between 95 remains close as a result of a disabled tractor-trailer. so as soon as that is cleared, of course, that will open that stretch of route 1 up. much more coming up shortly. over to you. >> thank you, larry. so 20k in 20 days. what's that all about? have you ever wanted to see your name on one of the big checks like this? you can. now is your chance, we are giving away $1,000 to next 20 days to the 9th caller who
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now, this is exciting. welcome back. we are about to give away $1,000 to the ninth caller who can answer our word of the day correctly. andrea take it away. >> hi there, i'm on the line with the 9th caller, i'm going to mispronounce her name. she got the correct word of the day, which was "capital." she lives in virginia and says that she is well over the age of 18. so she is going to get the first thousand of the 20k we're giving away in 20 days. so we've got a lot more money to give away. >> that's right, the sweepstakes is not over yet. watch tomorrow morning for the word of the day and be the ninth caller.
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you can wim your their of $20,000 in our 20k in 20 days sweepstakes. our news at 6:30. blurry eyed first base fans are heading to work this morning.
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we start this morning with a check on weather and
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traffic. >> larry miller has your morning coute. and meteorologist allyson rae has the details on snow coming. >> yeah. take it easy this morning. no worries. an okay morning commute. and this evening showers will push on through. the farther north and west you go that will turn to snow pretty fast. chilly for the start. into the 40s this afternoon with clouds quickly increasing. awinter weather watch is in place for areas in yellow. you will see a lot more ow than areas to the south. here is the system, we will start off with rain a mess. ayellow weather alert day for tomorrow. not a lot of snow, but some areas the farther north you go, you will need the shovels. larry to you. good morning to you. sky 9 has made it over the westbound. the southbound side of the b.w. parkway. here is a live look. you can see the a little bit closed right. there so traffic gets by on the
6:31 am
right. police have been there for 20 or 30 minutes at this point. and we can see the car involved in the accident. delays are starting to get worse to the height of rush hour. and meantime, no issues on 50 or 95. route one is alternate that you can take to make your way into town. over to you. good morning. it you're just waking up a beautiful sunrise will greet you. look at it sunrise over the district. no snow this morning. it will be a different story come together. we are tracking wintery weather. allyson will be back. welcome back to "wake up washington." i'm andrea roane. >> happy super bowl monday. i'm mike hydeck. the celebration continues for broncos fans, they took the big
6:32 am
welcomer from super bowl l. and beat the panthers 24-10. >> they were an underdog and defense wins championships. no doubt about it. they looked fantastic. mikea turner has been out there morning talking to fans in the district to see what they think about the game last night. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. broncos fans all smiles and panthers' fans a little disappointed as expected because of the outcome of last night's game, but they are still supporting they team, that's what it is about. check the video from the super bowl game here. it was a big night. and santa clara all eyes on newton and manning. the broncos started off strong and came out on top. the second super bowl victory for man who wons had first with
6:33 am
the colts in 2007. and newton, 18-41 passes for 265 yards. and people were really surprised by the outcome. >> i thought it was a great game. enjoyed watching it. i was a little bit surprised at the outcome. i really expected more out of the panthers was. i think it is time. he has been a fantastic quarterback, but he's getting old and -- he's probably time for him to leave. like you said, go out as a winner. >> reporter: and that certainly what she did. bottom line, guys, many people are saying you win some, you lose some. reporting live, mikea turner, wusa 9. i'm at the live desk. the mother of a virginia boy found dead in a septic tank will go on time this morning. ashley white is facing abuse and neglect charges in the death of their 5-year-old boy noah. white and the child's father are accused of leaving noah and
6:34 am
their baby girl home alone. the body was found near a septic tank. and the death of drowning. and his father is also charged in the case. back to you. >> all right. thank you. we are helping to find out soon what is up with the oil sheen on the potomac river. it was attic govern near the sanctuary. crews setup an additional boom to catch it from spreading. the first showed up on thursday on the potomac. and the coastguard is saying it is mostly contained. and we're still trying to get answers this morning about a violent crash in the district they may have started with the police chief. that shutdown south capital street for 10 hours. we are live on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: south capital street is now reopened it
6:35 am
traffic. opened just a short time ago. police were on-the-scene investigating for 10 whole hours. now, you mentioned it may have started with -- a chase. and, of course, we are trying to confirm that with police. we called several times but they are not talking this morning. the wreck happened around 4:30 on sunday afternoon. the driver was thrown from his vehicle and suffered injuries a mom i child were struck, but not seriously hurt. they will be okay. now, again it is against -- washington, d.c. piece policy to chase victims within the city limits. we will stay on top of police and try to get you were -- answers. coming up more amazing rescues in taiwan.
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and welcome back. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. we are starting off pretty nice. sunshine out there.
6:40 am
but not the case this afternoon and definitely not the case tomorrow morning. so here we are with sunshine, temperatures in the 40s today. cloud cover quickly increases this afternoon. we will see showers. this a brand new updated futurecast. and showers are slow to arrive on this one. this is a better idea of the snow. so showers through washington. and look through fredricks and westminster snow. you don't see that change over to rain. so your snowfall totals will be six inches and lower through the district. this is 7:30 tomorrow morning and we have the yellow weather alert. the rest of this futurecast is coming up on weather and traffic on the 9s. larry to you. thanks, 6:30 is your time right now. and we have mounting volume and delays and accidents causing a little of a slow down on i-66 and the b.w. parkway. this is close to 32 on the southbound side.
6:41 am
the traffic gets by on the left for our train riders everything is on schedule. it has been so all morning long. a live look shows you how things are shaping up. this is the beltway here south of 50. no issues. much more coming up shortly. now over to you. if you haven't heard, the denver broncos world champions. >> they were underdogs coming in, but boy did they came to play. and jamie is live in santa clara. it is very early in the morning. you have to be exhausted. >> you have not been the bed yet. >> i tried to take a 20 minute nap in the car, i don't know? i succeeded. it was so much fun out here the energy was so great, no time for sleeping. and cleanup crews are in the works right now. i don't know if you can hear,
6:42 am
but street sweepers going through the parking lot. the broncos won it all. but the panthers were taking in the stride. >> and the denver broncos are taking super bowl l. >> reporter: manning and the broncos defeated the north carolina panthers to will their third super bowl. linebacker von miller was named mvp. >> was for coach philips. >> manning is the first starting quarterback to win with two different teams, but he would not say if this was his last rodeo. >> i want to hug my family. >> the broncos was exploded heal and fumbles plagued the panthers. >> the ticket a golden one, people spent thousands of dollars to get in, but the party was worth it. >> it is about the broncos and manning. that guy is an awesome man. >> reporter: crowd enjoyed the
6:43 am
biggest names in pop music. lady gaga sang the national anthem. and coldplay scored at halftime with an assist from beyonce and bruno mars. 70,000 fans celebrating super bowl l. >> reporter: by the way, i want to show you what they wanted out in the stands. every one in the stands got a colored plackerred so during the halftime show they could hold it up you cunev missed a moment of the action because there were eyeholes in it. if you were watching it spelled out believe and love. so nice message in santa clara. >> thank you, jamie. hope you can get rest soon. i hope you enjoyed your trip out west. thank you. coming up on wusa 9 -- ♪
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time now to see what our partners at "cbs this morning" are covering. >> and charlie rose is live from new york. sorry about your panthers.
6:47 am
>> well, good morning. what a big night, though, for -- peyton manning and it is a big morning. we have all of your super bowl coverage, and gayle's interview with president barack obama. he responds to the north korea rocket launch and the zika virus threat. and presidential candidate donald trump and macro rubio will be with us. and we go behind the scene to n.a.s.a.'s mission from mars. that and more, we will see you at 7:00. >> i bet you stayed up for the home game, by listening to your voice. >> and did stay up for the whole game. i thought it was a great football game. i love to see a great defense, and the denver broncos they have done it game after game with tom brady and now, with cam newton, they show how fast and quick they are. >> like the 1970s, the orange crush defense is back for
6:48 am
denver. >> you bet. >> thank you. >> everyone is pleased for manning. we were saying that with the patriots. whatever you feel, if you have a strong feeling that peyton manning had a remarkable career, it is nice to see him go out on top. >> i have interviewed him, he is a class act. >> thanks, charlie. so a bus explosion in london has alarmed onlookers. >> look at that. it looks real, right? it was just a hollywood film stunt. it was part of a scene for the new jackie chance movie the foreigner. that is one thing, but they didn't tell anyone it is happening. >> they didn't tell the public. you cannot find an open chipotle for lunch today. they are closed for a national team meeting as the company works to bat al string of high-
6:49 am
profile foodborne illness outbreaks. that is a major concern for them. we are preparing for snow. the nationals are packing up their equipment and heading to florida for spring training. it is truck day, the vehicles plan to load and transfer hundreds of pounds of equipment, 16,000 baseballs and 600 bats, the will arrive in florida on wednesday. wish we were there. >> certainly, we could do spring training from the site. >> we are big fans of the nats. >> you will be talking about florida this weekend. it is man, so, i just -- >> that's right. it is not just snow, but cold. bitter cold by the end of the week. >> so bitterly cold. not just cold the temperatures in the upper 20s, that does not sound bad, but the winds as high as they are, jaw, a lot of places at the went to be in
6:50 am
florida. >> lot of cuddling on valentine's day. okay. abrand new futurecast. my notes are not changing, but the future cast is more in line. so snowfall totals we had to bump it up for areas in blue. all snow, not going to see the change over from rain to snow. the problem is for washington and farther south, we have to go through a transition from rain to sleet to snow and then maybe a little bit more back for tomorrow. so we have the winter weather watch and areas in yellow that will see a lot of snow tomorrow. your snowfall totals near six inches. so we're seeing sunshine out there. no problems getting on the roads this morning. now, this evening the clouds roll in pretty fast through crunch time. still dry for your lunch hour. few hours arrive. we will see more showers in this for your drive home.
6:51 am
it is just rain for areas to the south. so this is where you will see a big travel concern for first thing tomorrow morning. snow arrives into the overnight hours. the key time frame from midnight to 10:00 a.m. so a lot of delays tomorrow and cancellations. through the afternoon more snow, it will impact the evening commute. so a lot of people staying off the roads. much befar the road crews. not aten of snow for washington and areas to the south. but what an inch of snow is do it the roads. so here comes the showers they arrive and that it is out of here for wednesday and then still flurries for wednesday and a reinforcing shot of cold air for wednesday and into the weekend. the 37 for tomorrow with the snow showers coming on through. and keep up to date with our wusa 9 app. as we get new model runs in we
6:52 am
will update the maps. the temperatures will take a drive for thursday and friday and the teens through the days. larry over to you. still low going on the b.w. parkway as you approach 32. now, a 40-minute commute. and scry 9 is giving also live look of the accident, not much progress is being made as we have to lane blocked at this point. so traffic is able to get by on one lane that is trinube uting to delays. 10 to 15-minute delay at this point. you can take route one. that is an alternate, but inside it sees its fair share of traffic as well. back to the maps here. we're starting to see heavy volume east of independent avenue -- new hampshire avenue on the inner and outer loop. traveling northbound on 95, no major issues and into
6:53 am
springfield, eastbound on i-66 we're doing well. southbound on i-270, again the bulk of the volume further north, but from the orchard road to the capital beltway, a 14-minute commute. much more coming up shortly. back to the desk. last night during the super bowl, one of the biggest shows on tv is calling it quits. and who won the twitter war. >> tommy is joining us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. did that just happen to alicia fork. i couldn't believe it last not a lot of action off the field. we found out after the constipation commercial that the good wife is going away. >> the biggest good wife surprise yet. this is the final season. >> the internet freaked out. we were like wait a minute, nine more episodes left of the
6:54 am
good wife. and the twitter war, lady gaga versus beyonce, gaga with the national anthem, and ebeyonce did the halftime tour. so who got the most tweets? lady gaga did it bigger last night on-line. >> she just had a richness about it. >> knocked it out of the park. >> absolutely. >> thanks. and a peaceful demonstration vigil planned for today to remember a woman who died in police custody. mckenna died after sustained with handcuffs and leg shackled and shocked four times. her death is ruled an accident. the demonstration is at noon and the individual some at 7:00 this evening at allstates. there will be a memorial service today in honor of the
6:55 am
victims of domestic violence in maryland. 42 people died in maryland tonight july 2014 and june 2015 as a result of demusting violence, that includes a case in washington last week. 28 people killed by partners as well. most were killed by gunfire. the service, 7:00 p.m. at the legislative services building in app. now a look at the top stories, we start with mikea turner. >> reporter: good morning guys. i'm reporting live this morning from the district. from the metro station here. speaking with football fans all morning long. many of them expressing disappointment for the panthers loss last night. and? rejoicing that the broncos took him the w. 24-10. we have seen the tweets. nonetheless, many of the
6:56 am
panthers' fans still supporting them and encouraging them to keep their heads up and push. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. but the fans of both teams are proud again for the broncos and just telling the panthers to stay encouraged. reporting live, mikea turner, wusa 9. all right. we are tracking that snow to arrive tomorrow. so what will happen? today? not too bad to see sunshine. cloudy skies by noon and then showers arriver -- arrive between 6:00 and 8:00. everywhere turns to snow overnight, that will be a big problem for the morning commute tomorrow and then the snowfall totals will add up. slow on the b.w. parkway for an accident that is causing major delays at this point. a mile and a half back up associated with the crash. this is southbound on the b.w. parkway at 32 this morning. a look at the traffic cam,
6:57 am
stich heavy volume along the beltway. "cbs this morning" is next. jb with last words on the broncos win last night. >> we want to congratulate our first 20k in 20 days winner. she won $1,000 this morning after calling us. >> we will be back in 25 minutes for more local news, weather, and traffic. captions provided by: caption colorado, llc. 1-800-775-7838.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the denver broncos are super bowl champions. will peyton manning decide to go out on top? >> donald trump tries to hold off marco rubio ahead of tomorrow's high stakes primary. we will talk to them both from new hampshire. nasa is going back to mars. only on cbs, a look at the red planet. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> this one is for pat!


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