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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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the wusa 9 weather team called it. snow covering parts of the dmv. the snow and snow mix caused problems for commuters this morning and this evening's
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drive home could be worse. good afternoon. i'm andrea roane. allison has more on the weather. >> things are winding down in some areas. some areas are continuing. and some see nothing at all. what a wide range of activity across the area. the national weather service has changed the advisories. we still have some snow falling but a little bit lighter and accumulations are still on the road. it is warm. relatively. above freezing. and we had some trouble spots earlier this morning through damascus and frederick. with so much snow and a little bit of time. and also, it was near 32 degrees. on the untreated roads, we did see some accumulations on the side streets and residential areas. here is what we are looking at right now for first alert live doppler. the snow is falling. and in some areas, it is really falling pretty heavily. however, the roads are still okay. areas farther to the south, we are looking at just rain. later on tonight, we might see the temperatures fall around dinnertime and after the sunset. but still above freezing, so we are going to be tracking some
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wet roads. areas that have already seen some accumulations on the grassy surfaces, they will add on to those, for areas off to the north and west. but speaking of the roads, let's get a check on them with larry miller. good morning. >> good afternoon, allison. i want to let you know, things are a lot better. allison talked about the improvements that we are starting to see now and things are starting to work in our favor. we will have no issues around the beltway. 395 and 295, both on the maryland dc side. certainly good to go this morning. in prince george's county, traveling southbound on 95. and you won't find any major issues and want to let you know, 301 over the wilson bridge. free and clear of any problems. we had a huge accident that closed down the northbound lanes earlier this morning. let's give you a live look and show you how things are shaping up in the area at this point. and georgia avenue here, randolph road. you can see the snowfall coming down. and traffic moving freely. but you will need to watch out for the wet roads, and they certainly tripped a few of the drivers this morning, and a few intermittent accidents. as far as metro, trains, buses, running on schedule.
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a live look at 5eu. the southbound side, heading from newington, and making your way to areas like dale city, seeing some delays associated with some snow and even possible ice. much more coming up shortly. for now, back to you at the desk. >> thanks. the wusa 9 news teams have been covering today's snow since early this morning. we will hear from mikia turn ner a minute, live in prince george's county. but first let's go to scott broom, live in frederick county, with a look at conditions there. scott, larry said things are improving on the roadways. what are you seeing in frederick? >> reporter: you can see on the dashboard camera, and the mobile newsroom, occasionally you can see the windshield wiper goes back and forth, as we continue to get wet snow in the outer maryland suburbs. let me show you some videotape of interstate 70. the area around here, in the outer suburbs, it is now about
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ankle deep snow. about two or three inches at the most in some places. as i get myself inside the mobile newsroom, but the highways, and even most significant secondary roads, are in pretty good shape. come on back now. to the live dashboard camera. on the mobile newsroom. you can see, as i travel through a subdivision here in frederick county, maryland. these are tiny side streets, and they are mostly clear as well. montgomery county schools just over the county line, with the school two hours late, it is still snowing so there is some anxiety about whether or not the conditions degrade somewhat over time and whether or not kids are going to get home safely. but if this is an exaferl -- example of a side street in the outer area in places like damascus, things are looking pretty good even though it is still continuing with wet snow right now. >> scott, thank you. in the outer suburbs. now closer in, prince george's county, what are you seeing
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makia turner, in laurel, how are you seeing things changing all morning long? >> reporter: good morning, andrea. you can see the snow is still coming down. not many changes here. we have noticed that the snowfall has picked up, out here, a little bit. and we have seen it pick up, taper off, pick up, taper off. when it does come down, you can see the accumulation on the grassy surface area. like this one. we haven't seen too much of that at all, actually, on the roadways, as people make their way to and from their destination. this was also the case in howard county, earlier. where i stopped by and spoke with a few commuters. >> old man winter is at it again. commuters in howard county were among the first to see another round of snow. you aren't sick of this yet? >> i'm a little tired of it, yes but what can we do but bear with it, and it will be gone soon. >> reporter: not soon enough for chris helpedderson who can't get to work -- henderson who can't get to work because of wet slippery conditions.
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henderson does masonry work. >> probably won't work today because p of the weather. >> reporter: school officials made the call this morning. in prince george's county, schools opened on time. tammy wasn't too happy about that, as she watched the snow pick up. >> it is not safe for the kids to be walking in this weather. most of their parents are at work. so it is kind of hard. >> reporter: and taking a live look back at route 197 here in laurel, prince george's county, i spoke with a spokesperson with the county's public works department and they tell me that crews were deployed yesterday at 1:00 p.m. they are keeping an eye on the roads here. and no, they did not pre-treat them. because of the rain. but again, crews will be out all throughout the day, throughout the night. keeping an eye, as soon as they see this stick, they will drop the salt to treat the roadways. reporting from prince george's county, wusa 9. while the weather was relatively tame in the district, it was rough going for many earlier today, to the
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north. we sent meteorologist howard bernstein and/or storm tracker 9 to -- in our storm tracker 9 to check out northern montgomery county. >> reporter: it was a rough start in the northern suburbs. the snow came down heavily at time, making for snow-covered roads and enough to close schools in frederick and loudon county. and montgomery, they have a two hour delay. >> pulling out of my neighborhood, i would say yes we should have closed but the main roads were mainly just wet and i think if people take their time and use the two-hour delay to give themselves a few extra minutes, they will be okay. the sidewalks for kid is what i worry about. >> reporter: it is a wet clingy snow and it is beautiful and stuck to everything. but it also meant for road crews the stuff was pretty easy to get off the roads. >> you came from frederick? >> yes. >> here we are in germantown. how was it? >> not bad. with the two-hour delay in the schools in montgomery county, everybody is not on the road yet. so i get a gift this morning. >> reporter: by 8:30 though, roads were in much better shape
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and the schools were just about ready for that delayed opening. kevin, do you like the snow or sick of it? >> i love it. it is the first time i've seen snow. >> where are you from? >> california. >> i got here last year in august. >> from germantown, maryland, i'm first alert meteorologist howard bernstein, wusa 9. >> welcome to the mid atlantic. to stay on top of weather conditions, live radar, and weather-related closing and delays, download the wusa 9 news app. coming up, breast cancer or heart disease, the scary side effects of a breast cancer miracle drug in some women. but first, hear from parents who say they're not surprised about the disturbing charges against a prince george's county
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates answer the call already. gut wrenching news for any parent to hear, a volunteer oat an elementary school charged with making pornography and they have an admission. sadly, the news gets worse.
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investigators say 22-year-old deonte carraway made the videos inside sylvania woods elementary school in glennarden during the school day. we talked with a fellow school volunteer. >> reporter: the folks we spoke to at the school who knew deonte carraway say while they never had proof, they had their suspicions. >> what a scum bag. >> reporter: this dad didn't want to show his face so he has been up since 3:00 a.m., sleepless and sickened over the allegations against a school volunteer he says he never trusted. >> you know, i think that maybe i should have said something to him. and put him on the carpet. but i didn't. >> reporter: his 11-year-old son, attends the school, and the choir deonte carraway led at the nearby municipal building where detectives believe more video could have been made. he had photos on the app kik popular with pedophiles. >> he said he, speaking of beyonce, he was going to show
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me something on the phone. and i told him no. no, i don't want to see that. >> and i was wondering why he had so many young kids walking from here to home. >> reporter: karen austin volunteered with him. >> i feel bad for him. but if he did do these things, then he deserves whatever he is getting. >> reporter: wusa 9 obtained a flier listing deonte carraway as the head of youth ministries at zion praise. >> he hid behind the godly thing a lot. and singing spirituals and all of that. but it was all a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> reporter: delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> a school spokesperson says deonte carraway's background check came back clean. the 22-year-old is now being held on a million dollars bond. police say there could be more victims, so they are urging parents to talk to their children. so how will snow today affect tonight's commute? allison is tracking the storm and the first alert forecast next. >> thanks, andrea.
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pretty wet out here. not so much icy. temperatures are well above freezing. but that could change. overnight tonight. we will get to the details of what to expect for the next 24 hours and of course, that very cold seven-day forecast. coming up.
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kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. liand ke many of you my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks because too many kids die
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from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats as americans as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. it is a cold primary day in new hampshire. the record turnout could be in the making. voters are casting their ballots in the first primary of the election season. the tiny towns of dixville notch, and others have already
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handed victories to john kasich and bernie sanders and donald trump is ahead on the republican side. hillary clinton is trailing bernie sanders. >> we will keep working literally until the last vote is cast. and counted. >> a third of republican voters are still trying to decide who to vote for. a poll released yesterday suggested a number of people are undecided. the next democratic voting state is nevada which holds the caucus february 20. that same day, south carolina will hold the first in the south primary for republicans only. at least nine people are dead and 150 others hurt in a train crash in germany. nikki burdine is in the newsroom with the latest details. >> we are told two trains collided head-on. just as the morning rush hour was getting under way. in bavaria, in southern germany. first responders described the massive accident scene as confusing. mangled train cars.
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barely recognizable. as crews searched through the debris. more than 150 people were hurt in the crash. when investigators say both trains partially derailed, and were wedged into each other, while on a curve. the trains were going at speeds up to 660 miles an hour. and the drivers -- 60 miles an hour. and the drivers likely did not see each other before the impact. the crash happened on a single line that runs along the river on one side and a forest on the other. making rescue operations even more difficult. all survivors have been pulled from the wreckage and are being treated in the hospital. meanwhile, city blood donation centers put out urgent calls for donors after the crash. the trains involved were used by commuters who work in munich and typically school children are on board, on winter vacation. >> the transportation minister says it was fitted with a safety system designed to automatically stop trains to prevent such a crash and it is not clear why it didn't function. so black boxes have been recovered from the trains. and they will be analyzed for data. in the newsroom, i'm nikki
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burdine, wusa 9. >> again, investigators are using those black boxes to figure out exactly what caused the crash. a key tool for ending jet lag, with shorter flights. scientists found sleeping patients who were exposed to short flashes of light adjusted more quickly to sleep cycle changes. hold the criticism. one new study finds criticism from parents might play a role in producing attention-deficit disorder symptoms in children. the research comes from the american psychological association. it is tracking hundreds of families and found adhd symptoms were persistent in harshly critical and overprotective parents. on the 9th of the month, we remind women about the early detection role in the fight against breast cancer but what kills more women combined is heart disease. nancy young in her memoir writes about the miracle drug
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that stopped her cancer but tells me how it was damaging her heart. >> i knew i was going to get breast cancer. >> nancy young, the daughter, granddaughter, and niece of breast cancer survivors, believed her diagnosis was inevitable. and she was right. she would battle the disease four times. in 1991, a breast self exam led to the first diagnosis. nancy was 37. married with two young children. >> went into the hospital a week later. radical mastectomy. >> when the treatments and reconstructive surgeries were zon. life went back to normal. until cancer came knocking a decade later. >> i was loaded in my spine, in my lymph nodes, around the chest wall. >> nancy, was her-2 positive put on a new at the time drug herceptin, int intfs with cancer growth and stops the -- interferes with cancer growth and stops the spread. >> and it worked miracles for nancy. but at the same time, her miracle drug was having an
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unintended and unfortunate consequence. it was actually damaging her heart, threatening congestive heart failure. >> it is not typical, but it did create a major most public concern. >> let's put it this way. you need your heart to fight cancer. >> off herceptin and her heart on the mend, nancy was on the battle against time to stop the cancer. in need of a new miracle, she was enrolled in the safe heart trial at med star washington hospital center. >> it is a clinical trial that tests the hypotheses that two cancer drugs directed to the her-2 receptor and given to patients with her-2 positive. >> she continuing with the cancer cocktail and her heart continues to do well and the cancer is in remission. >> the safe heart trial is open for more men and women who qualify. there is a link on our web site
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at if you would like to volunteer. we get through this, whatever it is, and then we have freezing cold weather coming. >> man, it is going to be the coldest air of the season. we will see a string of days, with temperatures in the 20s. and the winds howling. out of the north and west. it is not going to be comfortable. the winds are the worst part. let's get through the rest of today. the worst is really behind us. so what we are going to see is that rain and snow linger for the rest of the afternoon. and we will even taper off. but we are seeing kind of a burst of here or there of some heavier snow, still not accumulating on the roads, and temperatures are above freezing. for almost everywhere. but what we are going to see is the accumulation, already on the grass, and anything on your car, or the deck. it will add on to that but the roads should be okay. especially the treated ones. some of those residential ones, near clarksburg, i think howard
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has some good twitter video of some of the roads that weren't plowed too well. and those would see maybe an additional dusting or so. but really the worst of it is starting to go off to the north and through pennsylvania. and now, for your drive home, we are just going to see wet roads. temperatures staying above freezing. and it is tonight, that if we don't see any of that really dry up really well, that's where we could see black ice develop on the roads and the temperatures won't drop below freezing until after midnight. so that's where we are going to be a little bit more concerned, by first thing tomorrow morning. so we will keep a close eye on that for you. the bull's eye was really near damascus and frederick and along 70 and to the north. a couple of inches up there. here is the latest on first alert live doppler and as it starts to wind down, you can see it on the app as well. we have a lot of rain, farther south and it is a light rain here in northwest, it is still snowing and it will snow at times, pretty good. but still not accumulating at all on the roads. that's good for your travel concerns. and we do see some areas in blue, in the bright whites, that's going to be that heavier snow, at times, and then it starts to let up a little bit.
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and in the meantime, we are staying in the 30s. a little bit of rain here in dc, and cloudy skies, and the temperatures will stay in the upper 30s, pretty steady across the board for the daylight hours and dropping down to 36 and drier by 00. after midnight, we will start drop down to near freezing if not below and the suburbs were going to plummet into the 20s. the winds won't pick up just yet. that will allow the temperatures to drop a little bit more. the winds start to pick up tomorrow. the future cast, notice how it all starts to lift off to the north, through pennsylvania, and north of baltimore, and they are really seeing a lot of snow there as well. where the temperatures are a little bit colder. so spotty showers, spotty snow showers for your late afternoon drive home. still above freezing. even for 95. by 6: 30, we are looking at the rain/snow mix. the slush and wet snow. still no problems on the roads. watch what happens with the temperatures though. later tonight, midnight, we are getting below freezing. and another dose of light snow. this is a lot lighter than what we saw this morning.
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however, the temperatures are below freezing. so that is where we are going to be watching for some slick spots or icy conditions for first thing tomorrow morning. 4:30 on wednesday, the temperatures are into the 20s. and near 30 in frederick. where they did see a lot of that snow earlier this morning. it will start to kick out of here by tomorrow. but what is left over, for wednesday and thursday, windy conditions, and a few flurries, and partly sunny skies. the temperatures will plummet. this weekend is valentine's day weekend. so it is going to be pretty cold. i think the fireplace will be going for a lot of homes. 38 degrees, for tuesday. for today. 38 for tomorrow. flurries hanging around. blustery on thursday. 28 on thursday. and 25 for friday. only 22 for saturday. with the winds factored in. and it is not going to feel much above 10 degrees. we'll be right back after this.
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that's it for wusa 9. we will have more news at
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>> dylan: hey, i'm home! sharon? hello? >> nick: you didn't need to come, sharon. >> sharon: well, the sitter was close and the kids are safe. and besides, i need answers from sandra allen myself. >> nick: okay, just let me talk to her first, all right? >> sharon: [ gasps ] >> nick: sandy? >> sharon: oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> nick: just wait, wait, wait wait. >> sharon: nick? is she -- we got to call the police. we need to get help. >> nick: don't. no, no, no. just -- just stop. just -- just wait a second.


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