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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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th defects before you even know you're pregnant. captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, february 11th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." back on dry land. passengers from the cruise ship that sailed straight into a storm are in their own beds this morning, after three days of misery at sea. southern charm. the presidential contenders head to the palmeadow state where south carolina voters could make or break their campaign. and a standoff surrounded, as the phish closes in on a wildlife refuge, armed protesters stand their ground and broadcast their demands orldwide.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning, inspectors are taking a close look at a cruise ship that had been battered by a powerful atlantic storm. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas docked in nnk last night. some of the 4,500 passengers parted the ship and several said they didn't think they would make it and now there are calls for a federal investigation. don is dockside. good morning. >> reporter: a florida senator is questioning the decision to even set sail last weekend when the ship's captain knew there was a storm brewing out at sea. last night, when the ship returned to port here, many passengers admitted they are still shaken by their experience. after a nightmare at sea, passengers of the anthem of the seas cruise ship are back on solid gr
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dream caribbean vacation gone wro wrong. >> the wind was coming through the doors. we thought it was going to break the glass. we slept on the sofa because we didn't think we was going to make it. >> reporter: the 2,000-ton liner set sails for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlanta and the vest was battered by 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds. >> i was on the deck and could see the water coming up to our balco balcony. >> reporter: dennis mars was on the cruise with his family and they spent lockdown while the captain navigated out of the storm. >> my family was pretty distraught. my mom was okay. they opened up the minibar. that was good for her. >> reporter: royal caribbean officials are viewing the storm policies to ensure something like this never happens again. >> it should never happen. we have to do better. we can't ask our guests who are coming to us for a dream vacation to experience those kind
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>> reporter: some rattled passengers say they are done. the ship heads out on its next voyage this weekend. passengers are walking away empty-handed. they are being given full refunds. and also a certificate for 50% off their next cruise. >> that will not help the gentleman who said he'll never go on a cruise again. that is a good effort. don champion, thanks a lot. most of the presidential candidates are hunting for votes in south carolina this morning. more than 700,000 people could cast a ballot in the gop primary nine days from now. for some candidates, the vote will make or break their campaign. as mark albert reports. >> reporter: donald trump said south carolina is next on his mash to the gop presidential nomination. >> if we win here, after winng
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these characters are going to give it up. we are going to run the table and we will make america great again. that, i can tell you. >> reporter: carly fiorina and chris christie dropped out on wednesday after disappointing finishes in new hampshire. christie posted a message on facebook saying the following. senator ted cruz won the iowa caucus, but came in third in new hampshire. he says he can still win the presidential nomination. >> one of the most important conclusions coming out of these first two states is that the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich finished second in new hampshire. >> everybody had counted me out and then, all of a sudden, i like rise up and, okay, so then next week, they will count me out again. >> reporter: he now becomes the leading candidate in the establishment crowd to take on trump and cruz. but that means he is a target on his back from the other mainstream hopefuls. >> i'm a big kasich fan, but i k
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take on hillary clinton. >> reporter: senator marco rubio is hoping to fix what went wrong after his fifth place finish in the granite state. mark albert for cbs news, the white house. the south carolina democratic primary will be held february 27th and it includes a large percentage of black primary voters. yesterday, bernie sanders court the black vote with a meeting with reverend al sharpton in harlem. sharpton did not endorse sanders but said hillary clinton has to earn black votes. starting next week, clinton will campaign with a black woman who has found hanged while in police custody in texas. sanders told scott pelley yesterday he'll appeal to black voters the same way he appeals to all americans. pelley also asked sanders about his tax plan. >> my tax plan is that at a time of massive wealth and inequality, the top 1% owes almost as much wealth as
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wealthiest people in this country and the largest corporations to start paying their fair share of taxes. now coming up on the "cbs this morning," we will talk with cbs news political director and anchor of "face the nation" john dickerson who will moderate saturday night's gop presidential debate from south carolina here on cbs. the last four occupiers of that national wildlife refuge in oregon say they will turn themselves in this morning. the fbi surrounded the refuge late yesterday. an armed group seizes the refuge january 2nd. last night, the remaining occupiers communicated with the fbi and a nevada lawmaker acting as an enter intermediary. >> we have agreed to meet you and reverend graham in the morning, probably 8:00, and we are going to turn ourselves in.
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just turning ourselves in. >> no! >> the nevada legislator tried to keep the occupier calm. she is expected there this morning to negotiate a peaceful resolution. breaking overnight, at least 69 people were injured when a train derailed in southern egypt. egypt state-run news agency said the train hit a cement wall. two cars overturned. the train was enrount to cairo and it's reported a train conductor was arrested. two maryland sheriff's deputies were shot and killed by a gunman. one was killed inside a restaurant about 20 miles northeast of baltimore. the deputy was talking to the suspect when he pulled out a gun and shot the deputy in the head. the other deputy and the gunman died in a shoot-out near the restaurant. a standoff between ferguson, missouri, and the federal government is headed to court. attorney general loretta lynch says the justice department is filing a
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and courts. the suit is in response to a vote by city leaders to revise an agreement with the government they say is not affordable. >> what we did last night was take out some things that we felt were immaterial to constitutional policing. >> ferguson is already millions of dollars in debt. the attorney general says the vote delays justice for residents. coming up on the "morning news." against the odds. a little dog is rescued from a collapsed building days after a deadly earthquake. and, later, fiery demonstration. we will show you what happens when a hoverboard battery overheats. this is the "cbs morning news." [000:08:39;00] for super saturday... and save on great early bird gifts 'till 1pm... like 70% off fine jewelry. 45-55% off colorful new dress shirt for him... or sleepwear, loungewear and robes for her. for the kids - find jumping beans tops and bottoms for only $7.49 each.
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proven to help the majority of people while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have crohn's disease, tell your doctor as symptoms can worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me on my way. find clear skin and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. a hopeful moment amidst the devastating earthquake that killed dozens in taiwan. emergency workers pulled a white
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maltese from the rubble four days after the quake building collapse. the dog will be reunited with its owner who was rescued earlier. more than 90 people are still thought to be trapped. a hiker missing for three days in washington is found. and deadly attacks at a refuge camp in nigeria. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the guardian" reports two suicide bombers killed 56 people at a camp escaping a jihadist group boca haron. a camp is home to 50,000 revend refuges. a third bomber did not detonate her vest and was arrested. a live news broadcast on the trial of a police officer. michael george was reporting outside a brooklyn courthouse yesterday. a man behind him displayed what appeared to be a silver pistol. police are searching for that man. "the new york times" reports indian american actor is back
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home in aeromexico denied him boarding on monday. he posted this image of new york city on instagram yesterday ride writing in the caption, home sweet home. honolulu advertiser reports 18 abandoned ship after a ship caught fire. the crew escaped the life rafts -- escaped rather in life rafts. work boats and on a skiff. a coast guard airplane flew from oahu to organize the takeover. the rest reboarded the ship. the olympian in washington state reports search teams found a missing hiker alive days after he van issued. wallace took off on a hike on saturday and reported missing
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monday when he didn't show up for work. him tuesday. >> they found him! he is safe. and this many organizations involved today and last night means a lot! >> no word on what happened to wallace during his disappearance. still ahead, streaming with your significant other. how sharing your netflix password marks a relationship >>lestone. > and, later, a father takes his son on a joy ride in a skate park. and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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i lost 26 pounds and i have eaten bread every single day. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a hoverboard pops and begins to smoke before exploding into flames. moments later, the fire is a demonstration by a company called ul that puts its safety stamp on products. the company heated the battery to show firefighters how fires begin. ul said it's now testing and certifying the self-balancing scooters for safety. on the cbs "moneywatch," new hints from the federal reserve and how making it netflix official is the next big steps in a serious relationship. modern love. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more.
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good morning, jill. new worries aboutlo banks sent asian song again. hang sang dropped 4% and shanghai kcomposite are closed. s&p slipped less than a point but the nasdaq did gain 14. fed chair janet yellen wraps up two days of testimony before congress today. she expressed confidence in the economy's continued growth but warned weakness in the global economy, tackle china and falling financial markets, could slow the fed's plan to raise interest rates. sears holdings, a corporate parent of sears and kmart stores are speeding up plans to close 50 stores nationwide. most are kmart and they are expected to close the next few months.
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the electronic automaker tesla says in the fourth quarter. so that is more than double the same quarter a year ago in tesla's 11th straight quarterly loss. but tesla stock rose 9% in after-hours trading. on news that production on of its lower priced model 3 sedan remains on schedule. youtube unveiledts i first round of original programming to be seen on youtube red. members pay a month subscription for the monthly program and it skips ads and comes with a streaming music service. it includes a feature length movie starring littlesy sing and cutie pie and two other movies. a survey from netflix on sharing and relationships. netflix questioned 18 to 39-year-olds. 1% said sharing netflix account with their partners was a very big step twars a serious relationship. more than half say they bond with their partners over netflix
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and nearly a compatibility was important in a relationship. couple that bingev together, stays together. >> on the flip side, suddenly the password gets updated and nobody told you, you might want to grab your toothbrush and go home. >> truth be told, that happened to me after a breakup! >> we have to talk! jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. coming up on "cbs this morning," burger king adding grilled hot dogs to the menu. we will talk to financial contributor mellody hobson. a new study tells you whether it's a good idea to allow your pet to on sleep with
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you in your bed! here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around
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the country. a sacramento father proved some dads will do anything for their kids. his 8-year-old son has cerebral palsy but has always wanted to spend time with the other kids at the skate park, so dad made it happen and running behind his son's wheelchair up every ramp and around every curb. you can see from the kid's smile, it just made his day. the massive snowboarding ramp at boston's fenway park is just about ready to go. wednesday, skiers and snowboarders went for a test run and soaring high above the historic ballpark. fenway will host its first-ever big air competition over the next two days. you can blame it on the boss. an albany dad wrote an epic note for his daughter this week when she was late for class. the reason? blue springsteen's concert the night before. the show was late so isabel was late for school the next morning
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and with being a face-to-face with god. fans of "harry potter" can begin a countdown to a new book. the author j.k. rowling will release "harry potter and the cursed child" for a play in london. animals in the bedroom are disruptive for sleep, a survey of sleep patients by the mayo clinic finds 41% say sharing their bed with pets is beneficial. >> if having a pet nearby helps them feel relaxed and gives them a sense of security, which permits them to fall asleep with less difficulty, then i think that is something that does deserve attention. >> bottom line -- make sure it doesn't have fleas. johnny depp is known for his gak performanc dynamic performances and his
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(team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ happening today, we expect to learn more about the two maryland sheriff's deputies who were gunned down on wednesday afternoon. and five children are in
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protective custody of they were found alone and th was dead. no matter what your thermometer says, you want to dress for warmer temperatures. let's check in with howard bernstein. >> reporter: yesterday we had little flurries and shower activities moving across. and now the winds are picking up, the cold air is moving in. gusts at 20 miles an hour. that's colder air. fredericksburg, 23. leesburg, 21. look at the mountains for the high country. either side of zero with the windchills below 0. it feels like 12 right now in washington. and despite the sunshine, the temperatures struggle. 29 by noon, and we will move to the upper 20s to low 30s in town.
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and mid-20s north very cold ahead. larry? right now we are dealing with road construction right here on seminary road, and it's trafficking through single file, but around the beltway, we are free and clear, and no issue there this morning. much more coming up shortly. an all-night negotiating session with the fbi and a nevada state representative could pay off in a few hours to end the standoff in the oregon national refuge. >> the activists said are turning themselveses in this morning. the fbi sour round --
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surrounded the four left. loretta lynch said the federal department had no choice but to take over at ferguson, missouri. they have been under scruny since the shooting of michael brown. you're superstitious you will probably not book a trip on this replica of the titanic it will launch in 2018. the firstage will be to dubai. like the original titanic, travelers can purchase first, second, or third-class tickets.
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this ship will have technology and ships for everyone. proponents of eliminating the tampon tax in utah say women are punished for their biology. now doing away with taxes on tampons is an international thing, a movement that has been going on for years. >> who knew! >> canada and five u.s. states have already gotten rid of the tampon tax. if you enjoy watching a thunderstorm on your porch in the summer, imagine this shot from the international space station this was the storm traveling over north africa, turkey, and towards russia. the video already has 7,000
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retweets. >> you're watching us on air, following us on twitter. >> this is wake up washington! don't say you weren't warned. you will need an extra layer or two or three when you head outside this morning. you will feel it. >> reporter: it's the teeth chattering tuesday. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. we will start with first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> the weather guy! [ laughter ] >> take away. >> it's true that mike's teeth are chattering already, inside here. we are at the tip of the proverbial iceburg, and i -- iceberg, and i just want to show you it's colder with the windchills in the mountains, well below 0. our windchill


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