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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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traveling inbound on 51, no issues this morning, and 95 on the maryland side free and clear of any issues as well. much more weather and traffic coming up on the 9s. boy it is scary cold outside! good morning, washington! >> it's wicked cold! >> wicked cold! >> 6:00 a.m., and you're getting set to head out the door. stay right there, and we have you covered on a bone-chilling day ahead. >> if we could bring you a blanket, we would. two sheriff's deputies were shot to death. we are hoping to learn more today. >> this morning we could learn about how metro wants to address a drop in ridership. what do you think the real problem is? we will hear from you, live. how far would you go to become a reality star? would you give up your freedom for it? wake up washington at 6:00 starts right now. a lot of you are gearing
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here's a live look at a frigid washington, dc. temperature the in the teens in some spots. nikki burdine is layered up, doing jumping jacks to brave the cold. is it working, nikki. >> since i stopped jumping, i realized i'm still cold. i added another layer. i have on four coats, and it's still cold. the majority of people i talked to, believe it or not, they all said it's not so bad. i like this weather. i have come to figure out that's the reason they are stopping and talking to me. everyone else who hates the weather, just like me, they keep going and say i don't have to time to talk to you. if you're out and about this morning, even if you enjoy the weather or not, make sure you bundle up. it's too cold to have exposed
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if you see someone out in the cold, a homeless person or someone who is vulnerable to the weather, call the hypothermia hot line. it's very important, and we need to look out for each other, and we will keep you updated on what we are seeing here, and i will do more jumping jacks. >> we hope to learn more about the two sheriff's deputies killed in a shootout. one deputy was shot at point- blank range as he sat next to the suspicious man in a panera restaurant. the second deputies was chased after him and was killed during a shootout. two other deputies shot and killed him. authorities are investigating the death of a 7- month-old baby found with five siblings and no
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the child was found unresponsive in northwest dc. police are questioning the child's mother and grandmother. the other children are now in protective custody. such a sad story. a maryland woman found pushing her dead toddler in a swing has a court date today. alicia sims left her 3-year-old son in the swing for 40 hours, and her family says she has mental health issues. she's facing manslaughter charges, and her trial will be later this month. for more on this news story when it breaks, download our app. ash carter just told reporters the u.s. has a plan to accelerate the fight against isis later th
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the fight against the islamic state. we will be following this to see exactly how the message is received later today. the father of a slain 1- year-old found out about his daughter's death on tv. david loveell spoke of his daughter's death on the dr. phil show seen here on wusa. david lovell questioned if the tragedy could have been avoided if he was more a part of her life. at 6:05, coming up, you have a chance to win your share of 20k in 20 days. would you go to prison to become a reality tv star? we will look at what is trending. howard? >> i left my ear muffs inside. that's a mistake.
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20s with the windchills single digits. they will not get much better this afternoon a. we will look at the forecast on the other side of the break. get ready. it looks colder by saturday. sky9 with a look at route 50 inbound for a crash from south dakota avenue to blatonsburg avenue. you can see the residual ladeys associated with the backup at this point. it looks like it will be slow going. we will have look at traffic all around town. that's after the break. stay close. we will be right back.
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a very cold thursday morning, and we are talking about temperatures in the teens and 20s, bundle up. i want to show you
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planner. the feels like forecast for today a lot of visibility, that's not the issue. sunshine and a few clouds, and cold over the lunch hour. 29, only up to 30 or 31 in town. as far as the windchills. this is the forecast of the feels like temperatures. 8 in the district, and this afternoon, teens to low 20s, and that's it on the windchill. that's what you will be facing as you get ready for thursday. 6:19, i will be back, and we will talk about what we are expecting for the weekend. colder air, and potentially win the year weather next week. now to larry with time saver traffic. >> howard, thank you. 6:08 is your time right now. we are keeping a close eye on this moderate volume, primarily on the virginia side. the maryland side doing quite well. 66 shaping up quite nicely as well. we are going
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correction on the issue on 90. that is still a problem this is inbound, maybing your way to south dakota. near this area t looks like sky 9 cannot get to the accident because of the no fly zone that is in place, but we can see the delay that is associated with that the delay is just 5 minutes, no major, but add in additional time. a live look from the trafficland camera shows us the wilson bridge from oxenhill to alexandria. weather and traffic will return on the 9s, but for now, back to you. a nightmare down under. how a backpacking trip turned into a dangerous encounter for two travelers. could michigan's governor find himself behind bars for his role in the fl
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crisis. new developments are ahead. a big congratulations to yesterday's winner for the k 20 in 20 days sweepstakes. janet cousins won $1,000. coming up, your chance to win
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as you look at our live weather shot, it's difficult to see the cold, but boy will you feel it when you step out the door in northeast washington. and howard has more on the deep freeze that is going lower, in just a little bit. >> parents are upset, and they want answers. how could a school volunteer possibly be able to shoot child porn at their elementary school. >> the story has gripped the entire area. makia turner has more on the story from glenarden, where the meeting will be held tonight. >> reporter: for starters, the meeting will be held at 6:30 tonight. a chance for parents to come out and air their frustrations and all concerns at this meeting. a lot as happened over the last 24 hours. some of the actions taking place here, the principal, michelle williams has been placed on administrative leave. the parent of a 4th grader
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board of education here, the principal, and deonte carraway. the investigation is far from over. it's still growing. police have now identified 11 children as victims. 7 of them were sexually abused by deonte carraway. he was hired as a teacher's aide in 2014. he forced the children to do sexual things to each other. he circulated it on the app kik. parents said they should have been notified about concerns when they were first raised. >> i think the principal definitely should have made contacted with parents, immediately. >> reporter: that's what a lot of parents are saying this morning. and now michelle williams has served here for 8 years. it's not clear yet how long she will be on
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leave. for now, reporting live, makia turner. coming up on 6:15, and everything as you have heard is bigger in texas. this is a snapshot from a mega ranch, just purchased from the owner of the rams and his wal- mart owning wife. >> it costs $17 million. >> that's kind of cheap really. looking at that what is trending this morning. doing time to be a reality tv star, cuddling pandas, and canines. >> would you go to prison for a reality tv show? >> heck no! >> i would not go to the big brother house let alone that. >> that's it! >> seven innocent civilians agree to go to an indiana jail and have their experience video taped. the identities of -- this is
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the crazy part. the identities of the fake inmates were kept from the prison guards and the criminals, the real ones. >> no one knew? >> no one knew they were reality tv seeking people. you can see the show for yourself next month no big brother house, no big house for me. >> is the self-promotion ever going to go away? >> 15 minutes of fame is one thing, but 3 weeks behind prison bars with no one knowing? >> i'm not doing it! >> are you doing it? >> this is me you're talking to. who can't get enough of bei bei? to kill time in between panda videos from the national zoo, you want to go to literally, i don't know if i could stand myself watching this all day. i have already killed -- >> better than cats. >> i killed five hours one day
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like pandas and what else did i watch? i watched kittens. >> it was crazy. >> puppies. >> check this out. these border collies are going viral this morning. they are hugging each other! they actually hug each other, showing the world the true meaning of the remark, puppy love. that's your awe moment. that may be cuter than a pan use the hash tag #wakeupwashington to share your thoughts. a case could result in criminal charges as serious as involuntary manslaughter for the flint water crisis, and the governor may be charged. russia has proposed a cease fire of march 1st in syria. the government says
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should be an immediate haulting to the fighting. they will give 3 more weeks to cry to crush the moderate rebel groups. there's footage claimed to be from sunday's widespread rocket. it has led to condemnation. a man has been arrested after kidnapping and attacking two backpackers he befriended. the women in their 20s said they decided to share a campsite, and that's when things took a terrifying turn. one was hit over the head with a hammer, and another was run over. >> the conditions not life threatening, but there's obviously some serious injuries and some major trauma may have received. >> the man arrested does not have any prior convictions, and police cannot figure out why he turned on the
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>> there are very strange whackadoodle stories. >> i'm sure a movie will be made out of that. i think we have seen the show "frozen." that's how we feel. >> are you talking about the animated thing or the folks trapped on the chair lift? >> either one. it's all frozen. >> just let it go! >> you have to say that whenever you can. the bitter cold is coming friday night into saturday. saturday is going to be just a painful day to be outside. a little bit of color early. looking at sunrise, 50 minutes for now. 45 at 7:05, and we will have sunshine and a few clouds. maybe a stray shower and a lot of cold. upper 20s for most of us. that's only half of the story. the wind chills only in the teens and 20s. right now at 22 in dc, and 19 in winchester. it's 20 for fredericksburg, and 3 above 0 in oakland where the windchill is currently 15
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low. - - 15 below 0. allegheny county is delay today, i believe. dew point, 48%. cool stuff over the next few days, and it looks like saturday will be the coldest. 31 today. isolated flurry, 33 tomorrow. a few more clouds in the afternoon, and maybe late snow showers, and 22 tomorrow night with snow showers, and only 22 on saturday. temperatures steady or slowly falling on saturday with the wind chills potentially below 0 on sunday morning. sunday good snuggling weather for valentine's day, and then later monday into tuesday a wintery mess. i'm not sure if it will be snow, rain, or a mix. we have to watch that carefully. dryer and relatively mild for wednesday. good morning, larry. >> good morning it looks like the cold weather may be a good thing on sunday. keep the folks inside, and th
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>> everything is running on schedule for you this morning. vre also running on schedule this morning as well. traveling inbound on 50 to penn street northeast, you're now looking at an 18 minute commute. the delay once you get close to south dakota avenue, sky 9 has been overthe scene to show us what is associated with the accident. this delay only 5 minutes. if you add that to your morning commute, i think you will do just fine. traveling northbound on 95, working your way up to 395, now a 9-minute commute. eastbound, the volume is really kicking up, especially closer to fairfax. working your way to l. street northwest, 34 minute commute, and traveling around the inner loop of the beltway to georgia avenue, now a 13-minute commute there as well. a live look from our traffic camera, and we will show you how it's shaping up over the
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that's to alexandria. no issues there this morning the 63-mile stretch of the beltway is free and clear of any problems. no reported accidents or incidents. from the maryland camera, we see how things are shaping up here and the traffic is flowing freely in both directions. weather and traffic returning on the 9s. for now, back to the desk. >> the next best thing to having money is to be able to give it away to nice people. we are having a lot of fun this week, giving away thousands of dollars, and your chance to take home part of the prize. we are giving away $1,000 for the next 20 days to the 9th caller who answers our word of the day correctly. today's word of the day, memorial. you can win $1,000. mike is ready to start answering the phones. mike?
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welcome back to washington. we are about to give away $1,000 to the ninth call chore can answer the word of the day correctly. remember what the word is? here's mike. >> it was memorial and luverne mc
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the winner. she will pay bills with some of the money. she is excited. we had a phenomenal time. we feel like the sweepstakes giveaway here this morning, but this sweepstakes far from over. >> we have thousands of dollars to still give away. be the ninth caller tomorrow to win your share of the $20,000.
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we start this half hour with a check of weather and traffic on the 9s. >> larry miller with your commute, but first, howard bernstein, take it away. it's cold, buddy. >> i hope you're not waiting at the bus stop this morning. it's a chilly one for sure. yesterday morning, a little shower activity developed east of us. clear to partly cloudy skies with the snow showers going on. parts of upstate new york with 5 inches per hour rate. down here, temperatures in the teens to low 20s, and a few mid-
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you factor in the wind, and the windchills are the single the digits and that's about it. pretty start to the day. the sunshine and the cold, rising only to the upper 20s to low 30s, and tonight at 5:00, windchills in the single digits and teens and low 20s this afternoon. larry miller, what's cooking on the roads? we have a lot going on on the roads, but metro has a lot of problems, it seems. we have delays all over the place. the red line with delays for an earlier traffic issue, and delays to largo on the blue line, and to mont vernon square on the yellow line. the buss are running on schedule as well. around the beltway well are doing well, but inbound on 50 we are having the issue. just getting more information, and it's located between columbia park road and kenworth
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you shortly, and we will send it back over to the desk. the big story this morning, the bitter cold, 22 degrees here in northwest washington as we see the sun come over the horizon. a beautiful weather shot there. reagan international airport coming into view, and it's only going to get colder as we head into the weekend. >> that's not comfortable. it will only get lower in temperatures. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. they want answers, and the parents of the children who attend school in glenarden are hoping to get them. >> makia turner is live from the school. the meeting happens tonight. >> reporter: the meeting starts at 6:30; just a day after the principal, michelle williams, was placed on
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administrative leave. this, too, after a lawsuit was filed by a parent who attends the school. last night county officials and authorities got the floor, and they provided updates to the public on the investigation. dr.kevin maxwell did not comment on the lawsuit that was filed, but county officials do assure everyone the investigation is far from over. we learned that 11 children have now been identified as victims. police say 7 of them were sexually abused. police uncovered 40 videos of children endangering in sexual acts with each other under the direction of carraway. photos were also uncovered that were circulated throughout the app kik. carraway used the app to get the videos out. he was hired in 2014. his background check was clean. parents say can this happen? >> are the
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at school? do we have to worry about anything? it makes me want to know more of what is going on in my daughter's school. >> reporter: and that is why the meeting is being held tonight, and certainly, again a chance for parents to learn more about what is going on here. as far as carraway, he's on a $1 million bond, facing child pornography and sexual abuse charges. from prince george's county, makia turner, wusa 9. happening today a possible end to the month-long standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge. we are following this because the remaining activists said they are turning themselves in this morning. this comes as e academy vests some of them believe the government agents have
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#oregonstandoff has been a top trending topic throughout the dc throughout the night. the man who shot himself and then fired several bullets into the hospital will be charged today. the 52-year-old is in stable condition this morning fairfax county police have not released his name however. they said once he is charged they will release more details about the suspect. mike we are tracking the metro this morning. more and more people are going off the track. metro ridership is down sharply at nearly every rail station and for all time periods. nikki burdine has more. >> reporter: the numbers are out for metro, and they are not good. metro will discuss the numbers and break them down. i have them right now this is what we know so far, the report showing more and more people are simply choosing not to ride metro. ridership is down by 6% during the 12 --
6:35 am
weekend. it's not because of any particular reason h is more concerning for the metro board members. people are not staying away for one incident. it's reliability and unpredictable travel times. riders have been forced to budget more travel time to be on time to where they are going. we asked the lieders what they thought should be done. >> some of the things that have gone wrong on some of the stations, and then not only that, but the trains are sometimes late, depending on what line you travel on, and i know people have just kind of gotten tired of that. >> reporter: i posted a question on twitter, and richard where improved dependability, improve customer service, and i do like the new chairman, though, he has good ideas. meod feedback there.
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concerns and going over the numbers in the meeting. that's the latest. i'm nikki burdine, wusa 9. a wild ride comes to an end for thousands stuck on a cruise liner. donald trump is firing back for a series of not-so- flattering front pages. teens and 20s later on this week. if you're traveling grab a few snow showers in the boston. the thursday forecast coming up on the other side of the break. sky 9 with a live look on the accident on the southbound side of the vw parkway. we have reports of
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what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch?
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you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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right now. we have cold temperatures. the windchill by the way, single digits and teens now. teens and 20s later on. snow showers for the mountains. headed to lunchtime, mid- to upper 20s, and 30 in fredericksburg this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny. a stray flurry, basically in the mountains. this evening, back in the 20s. tonight, the teens and low 20s by tomorrow morning, and another shot of arctic air will get here for friday night and saturday. maybe snow showers, and that will be saturday that is bitterly cold. the weekend forecast at 6:49. here's larry with another look at time saver traffic and new incidents to talk about. traffic troubles really all over. moderate volume on the beltway. different story on the virginia side, however. slow as you make your way into fairfax on i-66. an accident on the westbound side. once you get inside of this, causing issues on 15. we have an accident that will affect the folks now e
6:41 am
the vw parkway. sky 9 is over the scene right now. 198 and over 197. if you're traveling in, making your way into town, you will see this on your way in. this is a backup associated with it from this point. i don't think route 1 will work in your favor. traveling northbound on the virginia side. we talked about the volume being slow. you can see it on the camera. it's slow going making your way into springfield. typical rush hour stuff as they make the trek from fredericksburg. much more on the situation going on around town, and good news about metro and updates there. we will share that with you on the 9s. over to you. >> thank you, larry. another democratic debate tonight, but before they take the stage, hillary clinton
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good morning. if you're just waking up a gorgeous sunrise, albeit a very, very cold one. 22degrees here in north western washington, dc,, and it's going to dip lower as
6:45 am
weekend. howard with the details coming up. bernie sanders made the rounds in new york city. he stopped by the view and th late show here on wusa 9. want a beer? [ cheers ] >> all right! >> that is -- this is a little -- [ cheers ] >> am i on? >> yep! >> they are damp, aren't they? >> this wins me south carolina? >> if you like boiled peanuts, that certainly gives you a leg up in south carolina. >> stephen colbert is a native to south carolina. >> i forgot about that. skiers and snowborders are taking practice runs down a 145- foot snow ramp at fenway park in boston. >> check this out! it's so cool. look how big that ramp is. the ballpark is hosting the big air
6:46 am
world's best. it will be an olympic event in 2018. the anthem of the seas pulled into port late wednesday. the captain was forced to turn the ship around after it was damaged in 30-foot waves and hurricane-force winds on sunday. he claims the forecast were nowhere near what they experience in the open waters. >> we have been on the high seas, trapped in our room for 17 hours, on a roller coaster you couldn't get off of, and you were not strapped in. >> the ntsb has been called on to investigate. royal caribbean is giving them a full refund and half off a future cruise. >> a lot of people said they were done. >> the third largest company in the world. it was a huge ship. charlie rose is live now with
6:47 am
morning. >> reporter: mike and andrea, i could not decide if you said you were ready for a cruise or not. >> not on the royal caribbean. i have been on a cruise before, and i'm done. >> reporter: we will be on the campaign trail in south carolina ahead of the gop debate here on cbs this morning we talk to cosmopolitan's editor in chief and she will tell us why hillary clinton is having trouble getting the female vote. we go inside of the tsa's new academy to improve airport security, and lionel richie on the piano. his take on adele's hit song that shares a line with one of his greatest hits. >> what a nice assignment for michelle after super bowl 50. >> reporter: she seems like a very happy woman. >> she sure did. burger king is now looking for a new crown
6:48 am
king. they are going to put hot dogs on the menu nationally for the first time starting february 23rd. twitter lost 2 million users in 2015, facing mounting losses and they have been cut in half. the company is looking for ways to reinvent itself, adding longer messages is one of the ways they believe. this valentine's day, americans are getting ready to spend big, especially millennials. they plan to spend $371 from gifts to meals. half of america believes men should pay the entire bill on valentine's day. >> it's lovely. at least 66 cases of the zika virus have been reported in the u.s., five new states just reported cases. the infected cases include
6:49 am
columbia. fire lit up the night sky in green county, virginia, consuming a log cabin o. officials say the fire broke out around 5:30 last night with the family inside. at one point the flames could be seen from miles away, as you can imagine. just look at the clips. the roof eventually collapsed. the family was able to make it out safely. no word on what caused the fire just yet. that's the latest on the valentine's day forecast. what are women spending on the men in their lives? you say 0? >> maybe a card. >> all right! howard? >> she takes care of you mike! >> she does and i take care of her. >> exactly! as it should be. snuggling weather here, especially by saturday, and it's cold out there this morning. it will re
6:50 am
>> reporter: it will be bitterly cold by saturday. let's talk about what is happening this thursday. right now, looking good outside, and as mike said, he can't see the cold here. it's cold, but it's pretty with sunny skies this morning. we will see a couple of clouds here and there. windy and quite cold today. temperatures slowly climbing to 30 or 31 here by early afternoon. three o'clock or 4:00, much of the windchills will be in the teens. mid-20s by 10:00 tonight, and back to the teens and low 20s tomorrow morning, and that will be before seeing slightly warmer readings, and then a worse shot of cold on sunday. cumberland is at 18 with the naval air station. you look at the windchills, sing the digits and teens, and the wind is light in a few spots, but i expect them to be breezy much of the day. the weather camera looking
6:51 am
great. 22. the air is dry. humidity, 48%. inside, probably running 5% if you don't have the humidifier. cold continuing to come in. another shot of cold air i'm tracking, moving in later friday, and we may get a couple of snow showers here late friday afternoon and friday night with the arctic air coming in, and it's really cold here, saturday, some of you will stay in the teens for air temperatures. 31 today. tomorrow, 33. and that's after the cold start, saturday, 22. it's going to hurt to be outside on saturday with the windchills, single digits maybe we low 0. sunday, as we said, nice snuggling weather, and next week, monday and tuesday, looking messy, but it will be all snow or snow to rain, but it looks messy. larry? >> look, there will be no snuggling going on if you're not spending money to wow. >> are you that shallow and materialistic is this. >> yes! [ laughter ] time to look down on 50 this morning. still, delays associated with an earlier crash, close to south dakota avenue from mlk highway, making your way to
6:52 am
minute commute this morning. northbound on 95, slow going, especially making your way out. prince william parkway to i- 395, 12 minute commute this morning. eastbound, you can see its fair share of pain. primarily from fairfax county parkway to 27th street northwest, and now a 28-minute commute, and traveling on the beltway, to new hampshire avenue, now a 12-minute commute this morning with no major delays on the inner or outer loop. a live look from our traffic cam or sky 9 here. the v.w. parkway, again, southbound from 198 to 197. i think they will wrap this situation up soon. they working to get information on the overturned vehicle. again, delays northbound on 95 here, route 7100, making your way into springfield, and you will have to be patient. it's slow gog
6:53 am
your way to town. we send it over to you. one of dc's most iconic landmarks is getting its own show. >> how does a landmark get its own show? tommy mcfly with the show. >> reporter: you're the epicenter of dc cool, that's how you get your own show. they just announced the live at 930 club. they dive into the fun, nitty- gritty, and the coolness of the 930 club often named the best concert venue of its size by rolling stone magazine this is their 35th anniversary, and they will have everything from garbage to jess flynn in the 930 club. everyone has their own story, whether it be brad and angelina making out for the first time there, and the 930 club is super cool, and now the whole country will get a taste of it. how awesome is that, guys?
6:54 am
>> it has a big history. it's impressive. >> do we know when it will hair again? did you say that? >> pbs coming up. we are vague on the announcement. >> thank you, tommy. campaign 2016 now. the congressional black caucus is going to announce they are endorsing hillary clinton for her bid to be president obama. tonight hillary and bernie sanders will meet in their first democratic debate since the new hampshire primary at the university of wisconsin in milwaukee, and it will air at 9:00 p.m. donald trump has pushed back at the nydia i will news' latest attack, telling fox news the newspaper would be closing sooner and the publisher is "jealous as hell of him" wednesday the newspaper touted his win in the new hampshire primary as the dawn of the braindead.
6:55 am
i'm nikki burdine live at the metro plaza metro station, and a new report shows metro ridership is down by 6% across the board. that's not good news. today metro will hold a board meeting to talk about why this is about why the ridership is so low. the numbers are down to where they were in 2004. back to you. it's very cold out there with the windchill in the single digits and teens. teens to lower 20s this afternoon, with the high of 31 in town. i don't think a lot of areas will get out of the 20s today those flurries mostly in the mountains. tomorrow a little break a few more clouds in the afternoon, and we will get to 33. i will say that's a break because with the arctic front coming tomorrow night into saturday morning, snow showers, and saturday, bitterly cold. 22, and some staying in the teens. we will probably hav
6:56 am
saturday morning, and then next week going through the later monday, tuesday, and wednesday time, we have a threat for wintery weather, but that's up in the air, exactly what we will do. >> the ski resorts have to be thrilled. they can make snow the next several days in a row, and then presidents' day is huge. when it's that cold a lot of people don't even like it. >> on monday you said 34, right? >> yeah, monday is looking good, and the kids are off school. >> trafficwise? >> we are still dealing with delays on the yellow line. we can expect delays on the red line this morning. sky9 with a live look at the vw parkway southbound between 198 and 197, and we have the overturned vehicle. it's on the left-hand side of your screen. you are seeing traffic starting to get by on the left, and you're looking a th
6:57 am
crash. once you get past that or south of it rather, you will be good to go. cbs this morning is next with the new tsa training academy. >> and they speak to lionel richie about his tribute at the grammies next week. i wonder if he's out of sorts about the new adult singer. >> i'm a fan of his. we will be back in 25 minutes with more news, weather, and traffic. i hope you stick around. >> and remember to download the latest wusa
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, february 11th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." republicans republican candidates slug it out in south carolina. a shrieking field battles to be the alternative to donald trump and ted cruz. passengers on a damaged cruise ship take their first step to shore and demand answers that terrifying voyage. >> did a priest murder a beauty queen? a cold case that is more than 50 years old. the case with a twist. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i don't want your money! i want up vote. you vote fortrump, we win here, al are going to run the table.


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